why are they so cute though


♤ yoda
♤ big eared elf that everyone loves
♤ yeolllieeeee
♤ gets lost because he depends on gps
♤ causes baekhyun to get lost too
♤ fucking clumsy af
♤ hair color changes almost at the same speed as sehun’s
♤ tallest in exo’s ot9
♤ tallest in exo-k
♤ fucking tall

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occasionally most frequently harassing kyungsoo
♤ likes to get bullied by kyungsoo
♤ likes to harass kyungsoo
♤ ends up getting harassed by baek and ksoo
♤ always worth it
♤ also tries to harass ksoo but it comes back at him
♤ remember that time he touched ksoo’s water and got water spat onto his face
♤ and it’s so cute because he’s so tall aaaa
♤ also he’s just cute in general
♤ but his aegyo makes us want to cry because we can see that effort 

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♤ forgets what he’s going to say 
♤ sometimes it’s just an empty “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
♤ cute nonetheless
♤ he could literally breathe and he’d be cute
♤ also fashion icon much
♤ also he looks out of place in edgy mvs like monster n lotto bc i spot a baby
♤ literally a beagle
♤ should battle baekhyun and jongdae for the title of “cutest beagle”
♤ that babyface makes me just wanna like do you know what i mean
♤ honestly he’d be cuter than his own baby

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♤ chanyeol + glasses = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + black hair = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + cute hats = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + stuffed toys = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + exo = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + breathing = my ovaries
♤ honestly he could do anything and i’d think i’m pregnant
♤ how could you ignore this child though like

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♤ look at his legs
♤ if you look at them for a while you’ll just 
♤ also i feel like he just wants exo to baby him
♤ but he’s so precious so why not
♤ also don’t say bad things abt him because he’s a precious baby okay
♤ chanyeol stans be like “come at me i’m ready because fuck you love you <3″
♤ honestly he could be sexy and would ruin the vibe by being chanyeol
♤ example one: the eve dance practice
♤ example two: every time he laughed and/or smiled in the eve dance practice
♤ example three: all of the above

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♤ honestly if chanyeol is happy the fandom is happy
♤ it’s hard for him to be happy all the time so no pressure babe
♤ but seeing him happy just makes the world a bit brighter okay
♤ also him standing behind ksoo and baek and minseok is just the cutest
♤ he looks like a tree lmao
♤ a sexy tree
♤ a sexy tree i can’t take seriously until i have to
♤ just look at all the chanyeol moments compilations on the internet
♤ his laugh just 
♤ can i set it as my alarm because if it was i’d never miss school

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♤ everything he does is just cute
♤ you could spam my dash with cute chanyeol pics and i’d be happy
♤ literal puppy right there
♤ cuter than any puppy i’d get
♤ says he’s bad at aegyo but is secretly the best
♤ same with dancing
♤ chanyeol + jongdae + junmyeon = dance line
♤ also when he jumps it’s so cool bc he’s so tall like woah
♤ also “nice skirt” and “chogiwa” and you know what makes me cry
♤ he’s so cute and precious and amazing and talented i swear

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♤ his deep voice is so sexy and omg
♤ but then his amazing babyface omg
♤ t o r n
♤ also when he worships the rest of exo i just
♤ and when he was being interviewed by iheartradio 
♤ i think i died a little inside
♤ watching him be a little kid like 
♤ also watching him trying to be serious but failing
♤ and him trying to find his way around nyc
♤ and spilling so much cheese on his pizza lmAO

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♤ also all the chansoo chanbaek and other chanyeol pairings are just
♤ and chanyeol swearing is just
♤ like his reaction after is just the most wholesome and pure thing i’ve ever seen
♤ also him being shocked is like woAH
♤ his face was just saying “i found the answer to life”
♤ highkey looked like a philosopher of some sort
♤ “i found the path to sehun’s dick”
♤ not saying it’d happen but he’d get lost and end up in junmyeon’s dick
♤ also him ordering for him and baek is just
♤ can you order for me too

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♤ chanyeol in bed with sehun is literally just i love him so much
♤ and them learning english and reciting letters omg
♤ and him playing with his toys omg
♤ and him breathing omg
♤ just know you’re breathing the same air as exo apparently
♤ shocking right
♤ maybe you’ll be as tall as chanyeol
♤ also his hands compared to exo’s baby hands omg
♤ all chanyeol derps like why is he like this
♤ just love chanyeol like he’s an angel


(Lmao here’s my weird but cute(?) ship. I love the idea of these two being in love, okay? Also, I headcanon that Yandere is mostly genderfluid but is usually female so um… yea. Female pronouns lmao)

(Also, warning for blood. Then again, duh, it’s Yandereplier lol):

Just like normal, she was bored.

Yandere doesn’t know why she keeps coming to these annoying meetings. They never accomplish anything and she always sits through them uninterested. Then again, nothing does ever make her too interested.

Though something that slightly spikes her interest is the fact that today the Jack personas were coming in. Something about a new persona called “Magnificent” or something ridiculous. She didn’t really care, though.

But then he entered and Yandere couldn’t look away.

Sure he was wearing something ridiculously red, but Yandere loves the color red. It looked almost like a costume with a mask and everything. Somehow, the whole thing was… appealing to Yandere. How had she not yet met this dashing man in costume?

Then again, this is her first meeting with the Jack personas. So of course she’s going to meet all of them.

She shakes hands with the others, not really paying attention to even the other demon. But then as soon as her hands touch with the red one her heart seems to unlock and she’s entranced, a strange hypnotic haze falling over his body.

“Hello!” The persona greeted with a large grin. His loud  voice is a sweet sweet melody to Yandere’s ears. “I’m Jackaboy Man! But you can call me Jackaboy!”

“I-I’m Yandere…” she replied, trying to keep her voice from shaking but this man is so beautiful and she’s melting under his gaze. She’s never felt this way before.

She’s never felt anything.

She needs this man to himself.

No one else can have him.

“Nice to meet you, Yandere!” Jackaboy exclaimed and Yandere only melts even more when he says her name. Then she realizes she must be keeping a hold on the other hand too long and regretfully releases.

“You… you too,” Yandere whispered, watching him bound to the other side of the table.

And then she makes her mind up.

He will be her’s.

He doesn’t have a choice.


Jackieboy watches as Yandere basically skips off and he can’t help but smile. She is a fully grown adult yet she continues to have quirks of a five year old. He’s about to return home when a hand grabs his shoulder and he’s turned to face Anti. His eyes narrow as he stares at the demon’s face.

“You do know who that is, don’t ya?” Anti asked and Jackieboy can guess he’s referring to Yandere. He has a knife in his hand and is twirling it mindlessly, keeping his eyes on Jackieboy’s face.

“Yes,” he snapped. He’s never had too much patience with the demon because he’s so evil. “She told me her name is Yandere.”

“And you know what that means, right?” Anti prodded, poking Jackieboy with the tip of his knife. Jackieboy slaps at the hand holding the knife, glaring deeper at the demon.

“Isn’t it just a name?” He questioned and the demon laughs loudly.

“Idiot,” Anti stated, laugh cutting off abruptly. “You shouldn’t talk to him. You wouldn’t like how he really is.”

The demon then walks away, leaving no room for more conversation. Jackieboy watches him go, unsure of what to think of this warning. The demon sounds wary of this person but, he’s lying, isn’t he?

Perhaps he should stay wary around Yandere as well.


They had been about to fire. She was sure she was a dead man. But then there was crashing, a flash of light, and then she was being carried away by a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist. She slowly opens her eyes and nearly faints at the sight of Jackieboy’s face just above hers. His face is focused as he carries her and she feels so special because he’s saving her.

They land on a roof a few minutes later and Jackieboy slowly places her feet on the roof and removes his hands from her side. She already misses his touch.

“Are you okay, Yandere?” Jackieboy asked her, looking her up and down. She can’t help but blush even though she knows he’s only checking for wounds and such. “Did they hurt you?”

His attention is completely focused on her and she can hardly handle it. He’s worried about her. He’s looking at her. “I- I’m okay,” she stuttered even though she is not because he is right there. But then again that is also the most amazing thing. And she has to check. “Are- are you okay?”

“Of course I am,” Jackieboy said with a grin, crossing his arms over his chest triumphantly. She wets her lips as she watches his movements, memorizing his patterns. He’s so beautiful. “Would you like me to take you home? You maybe afraid, still.”

She doesn’t even care if that would take him from his job. “Yes please!” She exclaimed even though she’s still so afraid to be right beside him. He smiles at her and it’s so beautiful her breath catches in her throat. He reaches a hand out and she’s so afraid to touch him but she takes it anyway and his touch is amazing on her skin. It spreads through her and it’s just amazing. He lifts back into the air and she’s floating now, too. Her eyes widen and she looks down before grinning.

“We- we’re flying!” She exclaimed excitedly and she here’s him laugh and the noise is wonderfully beautiful.  

“That’s one of my perks,” Jackieboy pointed with a soft chuckle. She looks up, watches his beautiful face with beautiful lighting along framing it. Her breath catches and she can only watch, hypnotized by the beauty carrying her.

They reach her house not much later, much to Yandere’s disappointment. She’s set back down and she watches Jackieboy nervously. She doesn’t know what to say. Her throat is tight, words stuck formed in her throat.

“It was nice seeing you again,” Jackieboy beat her to speaking, giving her a smile and a wink. “We should hang out some more.”

“Y-yeah!” she quickly agreed, nodding. His smile grows to a grin and he nods.

“See you again soon,” he said and leaps off.

“Yeah…” She whispered to herself, heart still beating quickly.


It had been in a flash of blank thoughts and anger filled emotions. She hadn’t been expecting that. She hadn’t really felt anything before and now already in one day she’s felt three new emotions. Love and happiness, because of Jackieboy, and now… what other people call anger because of the person Jackieboy had saved.

How dare she be saved by him. How dare she touch him.

He belongs to Yandere. No one else.

She had followed the lady home with ease, sticking to the shadows and slowly following. And then she got in even easier: the lady left her window open. She crawled inside and as she passed through the kitchen she grabbed a knife. She hadn’t known what she was doing at the time. She had just been lead by her emotions- something she was not used to.

And then she was looming over the lady’s bed, the knife gleaming in the moonlight pouring through the window.

In one swift motion she stabbed the lady repeatedly through the chest, ignoring the way she screamed. Finally she stopped moving and screaming and Yandere could stop stabbing. She tilted her head and stared at the dead woman now, reaching down and poking her pale face. Is she… dead? She must be.

Yandere looks down at the knife in her hand, the blood dripping from it and to the floor. Then she looks at the bits of black hair falling into her eyes. She has always thought her hair is quite dull the way it is. Maybe she could use the blood…

She grabs a jar and collects as much blood as she can in it and then leaves the body where it is. No one would probably notice. She returns home and walks to her bathroom, ignoring the sounds of Wilford and Dark fighting in the background. They do that all the time. They don’t gen notice her, of course. She heads to the sink and begins the process of dying her hair. She knows how to do because she’s seen not only Mark but also Wilford do it so many times.

She finds that blood makes really good dye. Her hair is a vibrant red. She loves it.

The next day she sees Jackieboy again, of course. This time he sees her as well and smiles to her. Her heart flutters at the beautiful smile directed her way. He walks to her, eyes locked on her hair.

“Your hair looks nice,” he said and her eyes widen because he likes it. She unconsciously twirls a strand of hair with a finger nervously, smiling up at him. “It really suits you, Yandy. You should keep it.”

She would. He likes it.


“Yandere, I came to tell you-” he had been so excited to see the Markiplier ego, the one he maybe developing a crush on, too. He had been excited to tell her the news of his new job, that they could go to a fancy restaurant together. But all words died in his throat as his eyes land on the sight before him.

Yandere is bent over the man he’d saved earlier that night, a long and thin sword in her hand and sticking through the skin of his neck. Blood covers her hands, her shirt, the man’s neck and the floor around them. Blood is everywhere and Yandere’s eyes widen as they land on Jackieboy, a strange fear he had never seen in them. But… also an anger. A hatred. A terrifying hatred.

She drops the body and sword and straightens up and his breath catches as the still body hits the floor with a low and squelchy thump. Her hands fly up and he can see from here she’s stiff, breathing quick.

“J- Jackie!” she exclaimed with the familiar stutter she always has in her voice when she speaks to him. Her eyes dart to the body and she kicks it, as though she’s trying to hide it. Bile rises in Jackieboy’s throat and he wants to throw up. Not because of the gore. He’s used to that. But the fact that the blood is staining Yandere’s hands… “I- I didn’t kn-know you were- were coming. Wha- what are y- you do- doing here?”

He can’t talk. He’s too shocked by the sight before him still. He never would have thought that Yandere…. But why? Finally he clears his throat and shakes his head, trying to clear the shock from his system. “Yandere…” he spoke and he can see Yandere physically flinch at his tone of voice. He’s keeping it flat, cold. She shouldn’t have… why would she…? “What the hell are you doing?”

She shifts on her feet and only now does Jackieboy see the way her normally docile and shy filled red eyes are glowing dangerously. She’s so opposite of how Jackieboy has always seen her, thought of her. She fidgets with her still blood soaked hands, fingers sliding over one another and he has to do his best to keep the stern look from breaking off his face at the sound of blood squelching on her skin.

“We- well,” she began and her voice is shaking even more and he can tell that she’s terrified of him. That’s good after she did this.. What the hell… “Y- you s-see,” she pauses to clear her throat because her voice had sounded dry. Her illness must be getting worse. He’d be worried if they weren’t in this situation, “he- he ye-yelled at- at you. He- he told- told you he- he loved- you.” Her eye twitches and she gestures to the still bleeding body behind her. A twisted grin is spreading across her face and she looks fully insane. “So- so I had- had to cut- cut out his vo-vocal cords!”

And then she pulls something from her pocket, holds up two white muscles and Jackieboy gags at the sight. She’s holding his fucking-

“Yandere…” he whispered because he doesn’t know what to do or say. He can only stare at her, feeling fear creeping into his stomach. She tilts her head and drops the vocal cords, grin faltering. “You killed a man…?”

She’s shaking terribly and he can see her swallow as she shakily steps forwards. “N- not just- just one,” she stammered and Jackieboy’s heart stops. Her pupils are too small, that grin is returning. “I- I’ve killed ev- veryone who- who tried to- to take you away from - from me!” Her hands clench at her sides and her entire head twitches, almost like Anti’s does when he’s glitching.

“What the hell does that mean?” Jackieboy demanded and grabs her shoulder when she’s close enough. He feels her wince beneath his tight grip, can feel each wave of trembling pass through her entire body. She slowly meets his gaze and he can hardly return the look. “How many people have you killed?!”

“I- I’-m not sure any- anymore,” she replied with a shrug despite his tight hold. He can feel the bile returning to his throat and he has to swallow heavily to keep it down. This is not good. “I- I lost count- count after te- ten.”

He slowly lets her go, straightens up as he processes this. “Yandere…” he said, voice hardly above a whisper. He stares down at her and he can tell that she’s intimidated. “You know that’s a crime. You know that I have to take you to justice.”

Her eyes widen and her hands fly up, grabbing his shoulders now. He doesn’t flinch, keeps his gaze down upon her scared face. His heart aches for saying this but it’s true. “N- no!” she yelled and his ears ache at the volume her voice has raised to. His heart breaks at the panic in her tone. “I- I killed them for- for you! Because they- they were trying to take- take you aw-way!”

He shakes her head and she bites her lip, draws away. “No, Yandere,” he said and tears are in her eyes. The red glow is dimming now and returning to the usual amber hue. “You killed them because you wanted to, didn’t you? Because you’re a murderer.”

She flinches once more and she’s shaking her head frantically, grabbing at his hands. But she avoids her touch, not wanting the blood on his skin. She sobs and the sounds tears at him. “Th- that’s not tr- true!” she screamed and her voice is so shrill, high pitched and it nearly gives him a headache. “They try- try to- to take you- you away!” She pauses as another sob tears through her throat, interrupting her. Jackieboy watches her struggle to speak, keeping his stern face. “I- I love you, Ja- Jackie! I… I’ve never- never loved anyone be-before! Except- except for you… You- you make- make me feel-!” she cuts off again and angrily rubs at the tears and snot pouring down her face. “I kn- know there’s- there’s something wrong- wrong with- with me. But- but I- I don’t feel unless- unless it’s my- my love for- for you!”

The explanation makes his heart crack even further. He can tell she’s telling the truth in the way she stands, in the way she cries and speaks and it hurts him to no end. But it’s still hard to wrap his head around this new and confusing information. “So… you can’t feel unless it’s your love for me?” He clarified and she quickly nods, hands clasped together. There’s some hope in her eyes and he doesn’t want to crush it. “Then why do you kill?”

“B- because!” She screams once more and her hands go to her hair, taking her fingers through and tearing at it. “I- I am so- so afraid that- that they’re going- to - to take you from me!” She cuts off, stares at him with tear filled eyes. “That’s another emotion I feel now: fear.”

He swallows heavily and he doesn’t know what to do. What do you do in this situation? She’s obviously mentally disturbed. Why else would she not feel unless it’s for him? Why else would she kill over this fact? She needs some kind of help… he needs to help her, doesn’t he? She needs his help to become somewhat “normal” again.

Jackieboy slowly reaches up and gently grabs her wrists now, coaxing them open and away from her hair. She draws in a shaky breath, watches through puffy eyes. She sniffles, snot pouring from her nose.

“I believe you,” he informed softly and her breath catches and she sobs once more. She starts to hiccup because of her strong emotions in this moment. “But you can’t kill people, Yandere. Because I wouldn’t want anyone else except for..” he trails off. Would this help her or make her stronger in her jealousy of others? He decides. “I wouldn’t want anyone except for you.”

Her eyes widen and he thinks for a second that her eyeballs are going to pop out they’re so wide. She breathes shakily for a full five seconds before she fully bursts into tears, flinging herself at him. He hardly catches her, hardly wraps his arms around her.

“I- I’m s- sorry!” She cried into his shoulder and he swallows heavily, eyes landing on he person she had just killed. They’d have to hide the body… he feels terrible. He couldn’t believe that he was helping with this murder. That is very unjustly. But, Yandere needs his help now. He straightens a little, bringing her up further and he hugs her tightly. “I’m sorry!!”

He doesn’t say it’s okay. Because it’s not okay. “I will help you,” he whispered to her instead, licking his lips because he already knows this is going to be very difficult.

He has to reform a psychotic murderer. This is going to be fun.


Yandere runs up the flight of stairs she had seen Jackieboy Man land on the top, wanting to meet him up there so that they fly home like they’d been doing. She’s so happy that they’ve been together like they have been for a while now and she loves it so much. She pushes the door to the balcony open and rushes inside. She’s about to call out to her senpai but-

She skids to a halt, heart stuttering to a complete stop. She can already feel her world shattering around her as she stares at the scene before her: Jackieboy holding the woman close, her lips pressing against his- they’re kissing kissingkissingkissing senPAI IS KISSING SOMEONE ELSE-

Her eye twitches and she can already feel the uncontrollable anger heating her face, her lungs and chest. She growls softly and this seems to catch Jackieboy’s attention because he pushes the woman away and throws his hands up in the air.

“No, wait, Yandere!” He exclaimed and he can hear the desperation in his voice. “It’s not what you think- she-”

“Why are you apologizing to that bitch?” The woman asked, draping her arm around Jackieboy’s shoulder. There goes another tick. Her head snaps back and forth and her hands curl and unfurl at her sides, imagining the skinny woman’s thin neck between her fingers. “I’m obviously the better choice, Jackie.”

She can’t stand it anymore, the anger, the hate, the urge. But she also doesn’t want Jackieboy to see her kill again. He’d hate her. She claws at her face and then turns and runs away, all noise fading except for her cracking heart.

She would hunt down that bitch later and make her pay.

It was late that night when Yandere knew Jackieboy Man would be asleep that she went to the bitch’s home, stalking silently through the night. She easily picks the lock to the house and slides in, quietly shutting the door behind her. She pulls her katana from its sheathe and lets it drag across the floor, the sound of it scraping along the tiles reaching her ears. It’s the only noise she makes.

She easily finds the bitch’s room and opens the door, stepping inside. The time is currently 4 AM so of course she’s tucked in bed, sound asleep.

She wouldn’t be much longer.

Yandere walks to the edge of the bitch’s bed and grabs her shoulder, yanking her from the bed. The bitch lets out a noise of surprise as she falls to the floor, blankets tangling around her legs. She groans softly and then looks up, eyes widening at the sight before her. Yandere continues to hold the katana by her side, the tip of the blade resting on the floor.

The bitch chuckles, oddly finding this situation hilarious even though she’s about to die. “Oh, look, you’ve come to kill me, haven’t you?” She asked with a loud laugh. “As if you have the balls to-”

Yandere cuts her off by grabbing her around the neck and slamming her to the wall, pressing the sharp edge of her katana to her leg. The bitch cuts off abruptly, breathes turning to deep shutters now.

“You kissed my senpai,” Yandere whispered, pressing the blade in further. The bitch hisses through her teeth, one of her eyes closing. “That is not allowed. He’s mine.”

She drops the katana. She had brought it more for show then anything. What she planned to do to the bitch required a smaller and more precise choice of weapon. Not the long and shrewd abilities of the katana. She grabs a smaller knife and raises it to the bitch’s lips, digging the point just beneath the skin there.

“Because you kissed him with these lips, I will remove and burn them,” Yandere continues to whisper, keeping her red and glowing eyes locked with the bitch’s dull and trembling brown. The bitch’s breathing had quickened and she’s trying to struggle but Yandere is using her unnatural strength. Luckily for her being a made up character gives you this kind of strength. “And then, I’ll cut your heart out and feed it to my wolves.”

She’s just beginning to cut into the top lip when she hears: “Yandere, stop.” Her entire body stiffens and she can’t move. Why was Jackieboy here? Her body begins to tremble because no he’s not supposed to see her she had been doing so well with her jealousy he couldn’t know she was slipping up again- “Release her, please.”

Yandere looks over her shoulder, breathing quickening when she sees Jackieboy. She looks much like the bitch she holds now- terrified. “B- but she- she-” she stammered but Jackieboy cuts her off:

“I know, Yandere,” he said with a sigh, shaking his head and she can basically sense his disappointment from where she stands. His eyes narrow and he crosses his arms. “But that doesn’t call for this. Now put the knife down, or I’ll make you,” he pauses and his expression softens in the slightest, in apology, “you know I will.”

She swallows heavily because yes he would. He had when she was first trying to get over her jealousy and she’s sure he would now. She looks to the knife in her hand and forces her fingers to uncurl, watches as the knife falls through the air and hits the floor beside her foot. The bitch is still shaking and all she wants to do is strangle her.

“Good, that was good,” Jackieboy said form behind gently and his voice is music to her ears. “Now, let her go.”

Yandere looks back to the terrified bitch, arm holding her up now trembling terribly as well. She wants to let go, she wants to so she could please Jackieboy. But her hand won’t release. “I- I c- can’t,” she stammered and she can already feel a tear rolling down her cheek. “I- I don- don’t want t- to.”

“I know,” Jackieboy continued in that gentle tone and she’s being lulled by it, soothed. He’s still so far away, though. “But let her go. Do it for me, Yandy.”

And that nickname gets through to her. Yandere rips her hand away and the bitch falls to her knees. She steps away and Jackieboy rushes forward and quickly drags her out of Yandere’s reach. Smart, really.

“Y- you saw that!” The bitch yelled and Yandere’s eye twitches and she’s having a hard time controlling herself again. “H- he tried to- to kill me!”

“Please, be quiet,” Jackieboy stated none too gently and she can hear him walking towards her. “I’m trying to help her.” She can her the emphasis on the last word and it fills her with joy, tears her thoughts from her tearing the bitch’s heart out.

Jackieboy is behind her now and grabbing her shoulders gently, running his hands up and down her arms. She leans back into him, craving his touch. “You did good,” he whispered to her, resting his chin on her shoulder. She shakes her head.

“N- no- I sti- still tr- tried to ki- kill her!” Yandere cried out and she doesn’t remember starting to cry.

Jackieboy’s arms wrap around her stomach and she loves him so much. “But you didn’t,” he points out lightly and kisses her cheek. Her heart flutters and love fills her from toe to her nose. “And I’m proud of you.”

Her heart swells with her own pride now.

He’s proud of her.


Okay, so these are sort of random each. And experimental writings. I wanted to see how it was to write in the POV of a yandere and I think I did good. Let me know if it’s good and if ya’ll want more!

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Okay- *he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a scruffy, scrappy, skinny little dog, which immediately wriggles out of his hands and roams around the room* Tadahh-? *he looks at Books, a little anxiously* -Jojo

*gasps happily* I knew you was hidin a dog. aw, he’s cute. Did you ever find him food? Why’s we gotta hide him though?

(I wasn’t sure how to have him react, sorry this ones so bad!)

x by 무구포
Permission to repost was granted by the artist.


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


haechan’s winks (?)


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚

What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!

(Context: Jun asked The8 if he could freestyle)

T8: Every Carat in the audience
You are unique in my heart
Yo, thank you guys for coming to our world tour
Junhui, this challenge is a piece of cake for me
(audience cheers)
J: Huh?
T8: Think that was okay?
J: I think so.
T8: You should freestyle, too.

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You guys are lucky I have like, a mega list of these lol.

  • Lance sleeps like a corpse.
    • It was something he sort of trained himself to do, mostly because the first time he tried using a face mask at night it got everywhere and his mother nearly skinned him alive
    • so yeah, he’s a log, and will tend to stay in one place on the bed from dusk to dawn
    • Keith on the other hand, tosses and turns like the rugrat he is
    • He’ll wake up with his sheets halfway off the bed and his pillows thrown across the room wondering why he has a huge kink in his neck.
      • oh yeah, because he slept with it hanging over the edge of the bed (-_-)
    • Needless to say their first night sleeping in the same bed starts off great, with Lance relishing in having Keith curl up into his side like a little koala, and they both fall asleep fairly easily
    • but then Keith happens.
      • Lance wakes up in the middle of the night wondering groggily why Keith’s fucking foot is on the pillow and where the hell is his other half?!
      • And, Oh there it is. On the floor. 
      • Like seriously Keith how is that even comfortable you human slinky.
    • so Lance hoists him back up, shifts so that Keith is on the inside of the bed facing the wall, and wraps his limbs around the boy to keep him secure
    • It works, for the most part, but Lance wakes up the next morning without any feeling whatsoever in his arms and legs
      • he doesn’t mind too much though, because goddamn Keith is really cute in the morning
        • Plus Keith feels super bad about waking Lance up and sort of..coddles Lance all day afterwards.
      • so yeah, Lance doesn’t mind at all.
  • Keith is really good a naming smells
    • Like…scary good
    • The team will be walking around on some weird ass planet and Keith will just, without batting an eye, drop a line like:
      • the air smells like wet cotton candy mixed with spit.
      • And the others can’t even be mad because what the fuck it actually does?! 
    • It’s like his superpower or something, and there has yet to be an odour Keith can’t name, or at least relate to something else
      • K: Lance your hair smells like pine tree sap and wet dirt
      • L: …is that a good thing?
      • K: yeah.
      • L: Oh! Okay then!
    • Shiro is actually the one that asks him to stop the most
    • mostly because he grew up with this shit and so many things have been ruined for him
    • like, one time Keith said his hair gel smelled like freshly opened packaged meat, and he’s never recovered
  • Keith is also hella good with kids
    • No one really knows why, but youngsters just flock towards him
    • Hunk calls him the Pied Piper of Children and it would be cute if it wasn’t so goddamn true
    • Every planet they visit that has kids on it immediately run up to Keith, or else hold his hand or cling to his legs.
    • he’s just as confused as the others because I’m not even fun! I just stand here!
      • Lance was super jealous at first, because I have the siblings, so I should be the one who these children worship. and I’m more experienced, why do they love Keith?!
        • It must be the mullet.
      • But after they start dating Lance just finds it adorable, and has to stifle a part of him that really wants kids of his own one day each time he sees Keith bend to pick up a young’un
    • The others tease him relentlessly whenever they see him watching Keith interact with babies. 
      • Lance you’re making the face again
      • L: What face?
      • The ‘I’m so madly in love with Keith’ face
      • L: I’m not!
        • He is.
  • Lance speaks Spanish around the castle
    • At first it was just for fun, singing lyrics and what not
    • but after having a reoccurring nightmare about never seeing his family again, he sort of does it now to try and keep his language alive
      • The other’s don’t really know why Lance has suddenly started speaking strictly in Spanish to Blue, but don’t question it
      • Keith does, because he’s curious, and Lance tells him the reason behind it
        • After that Keith makes an effort to learn some Spanish phrases that he surprises Lance 
        • Lance cries.
          • He denies it, but he did.
        • Keith comforted him, and there was a lot of cuddling involved.
  • Lance’s favourite colour, despite popular belief, is not actually blue
    • It’s grey
      • Like the colour of thunderstorms and rain
      • Or waves as they lap the beach when it’s overcast out
        • Or Keith’s eyes in certain lighting…
      • Not many people know this, except Hunk and Keith, simply because it’s not something he tends to share
      • But Keith makes a point of beginning to collect pictures of storms and oceans from Earth specialty shops whenever they visit alien malls 
        • Lance keeps them all pinned up by his headboard, where he’ll sit and stare at them on days when he’s feeling extra gloomy about missing Earth
        • And if Keith’s with him, he’ll turn off the light and just gaze into his eyes, watching as they shift from a dark indigo to a heavy grey as the shadows play with his irises
      • That usually doesn’t last long though, since they end up making out, both thinking god why is he so attractive! as they let their lips do the talking

Again, stopping myself here. Some of these made their way into one of my fics….