why are they so cute and perfect

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Kinda random but ?? Misha has the prettiest mouth. Like I swear I have a misha Collins mouth fetish. I just love watching him form words. And he has such perfect top teeth. And such a long tongue. Like ?!?!?! And his lips are so unique. Idk why I'm telling you this. Just had to express my misha mouth love to someone!

I’m still laughing at the fact that you specified the “perfect TOP teeth” because you’re right

^ pretty! (x)

^ crooked (x)

I personally love Misha’s janky bottom teefs. I think they’re cute. I have a similarly crooked bottom tooth in the same spot and it makes me happy. <3


BACK TO THE POINT THOUGH yes, Misha’s mouth is truly amazing. That top lip in particular is incredible.

so shapely! and his mouth moves in some truly weird ways. it’s fascinating to watch.

please stop.

sometimes misha makes some funny sounds with how his mouth moves, too! my favorite is the way he does an “s” sound, which a few other people have noticed too. it’s not quite a lisp, but it comes close. the word “hummingbirds” in this video is a good example!

this would be another:

why you gotta make that shape for a “th” sound. who are you. relax.


jesus christ i mean

your mouth love is not random it is in fact incredibly justified

Ok, finally time to share! :D I lucked into winning a spot in dalishious’ art giveaway and she drew Mir for me. Doesn’t he look just amazing!! I just love his little smile, it’s seriously killing me every time I look at it. x)!! Thank you so much!! You seriously made my week, @dalishious ❤️

Monsta X Reaction #25 - You’re self conscious around them

anon asked: Hi! Could you do a BTS and Monsta X reaction to you being self councious around them?

Hyunwoo: he doesn’t understand why you’re self conscious around him though? Like he thinks you’re so beautiful and funny and so perfect and always looks at you like *gif*

He starts to wonder if it’s because he stares too much honestly so he ends up trying to explain why he’s staring at you whenever you catch him.

“Jagi you’re just so cute when your nose scrunches up like that. I couldn’t help it…”

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Hoseok: He would try to talk to you about it and get emotional about it.

“I just want you to be comfortable around me and I just… I try to make you comfortable, I really do. Babe just please tell me what I need to do so you stop feeling like that with me.”

He would do anything you told him to do to. He just wants you to feel safe, loved, and never judged when you’re with him.

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Minhyuk: This boy looks at you like he looks at this pizza. He’s usually good at telling when you start to feel self conscious though and uses that opportunity to compliment you or to avoid looking at you for a while until he senses that you feel comfortable again.

eventually you relax around him because he’s jusyt so good at reading people that he always knows what you need him to do.

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the rest of the members below the cut~

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This is a silly ask, buuuut, why don't we have a scene with Michonne wearing Rick's denim shirt yet?! Like, I really need this to happen next season, lol.

Listen. This is an important question, and I wish I knew the answer. I would even settle for (and would actually really like) seeing her wearing Rick’s murder coat. It would be so cute! But I think 7x08 was a perfect opportunity for a denim shirt moment. After the sex they undoubtedly had in the jail cell, they could’ve had a nice morning after scene before going to Hilltop. Ugh, I really wish one of us wrote this show sometimes. 

#i would bother gimple about this on twitter but after 7x12 i said i was gonna chill #i’m still not sure how i didn’t get blocked after the way i talked to him in season 6 lmao #so yeah i’m just gonna pray

7 times Victor Nikiforov was extremely gay for his fiance and it showed on his face

7. The “my boyfriend just made puppy eyes at me so I decided to give him my soul, my body, and the whole world” look.

6. The “this boy is so cute and perfect I want to squeeze his cute little body and kiss his face but since I can’t kiss his face I’m going to settle with squeezing his perfect body everytime I get while I scream internally” look.


4. The “I’m at the point of no return nobody save me i’ll die happily in the arms of this wonderful boy” look. 

3. This one needs a gif. The “somebody hold me right now this boy is too cute for this world too beautiful omg what’s happening what is this feeling inside of me ***It Must Be Love playing in the background***” look. 

2. The “I saw him already this morning we woke up in the same bed and everything but oh my god Yuuri there you are why did you took so long nevermind I’m so glad you are here I’m so happy to see you again run to my arms my beautiful fiance” look. 

1. The “literally dying from proud I am, how much I love this wonderful, perfect boy, how happy I am to see him triumph and how unbelievably lucky I am to be engaged to him” look. 


Let’s meet the BTS PETS:


Jin tweeting “Jjanggu who’s ugly but cute” (Savage dad)


Suga tweeted “Holly only likes the people who give him food” (savage dog)


Jhope tweeted “ Don’t you think you’re too cute? Why are you so cute?” (Indeed a cutie)


Namjoon tweeted “I want you Monie Monie“ (Like the chorus in BS&T)

JIMIN: DOSUN (RIP the cutie passed away T^T and so far Jimin didn’t get another pet)

When asked about his dog he said “I don’t have him anymore. Dosun are you doing well?”


When Tae tweeted “i miss soonshimie..” He really adores animals and babies!


When asked about his dog Jk said “I have a Maltese at home. It’s name is Geureum (cloud) and I miss him/her a lot.” (Awwww)

BTS are perfect as they are, but knowing that they love animals just make me adore them moooore. 
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Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…

S3 & S4 Parallels so far

Okay so I just wanted to keep a track record on how many damn parallels Julie is giving us this season with Isaks…because this isn’t her being lazy and doing what makes people happy….noooo this is her setting us up for something we will not be ready for. So for us to work out what that is going to be, it might be easier if we look at what exactly has been paralleled so far with Isak’s season. 

1. The Intro

Season 3 and season 4 are the only two seasons to start out by using the same powerful concept of introducing our mains current world with flashes of images of things that are happening everywhere that are connected and actually have an impact on the mains story very much. It shows how important everything that happened around us can be to our own personal small individual worlds. That just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, that is doesn’t effect you or have a connection to who you are and what you’re going through. And Both Isak and Sana’s seasons show us this in the first minutes of their story. 

2. Group Dynamics

In both seasons we have gotten a similar scene with Sana/Isak, eating lunch while their friends discuss sex which makes both mains feel alienated and uncomfortable within the group. We see how different they both feel within their group dynamics and this feeling of never being able to “fit in”. This parallel almost sets up that Isak and Sana are both in a similar mind set. The feeling of not being able to connect with the people close to them. 

3. The heartbreak party scene

This parallel was way too similar. The mains both see their love interest with someone else which both hurts and prompts them to question everything they have felt and seen so far. 

4. The Crush Stalking in Biology

I don’t think I need to say much on this one because oh my god this whole clip was a repeat of Isak’s biology clip. Even from the title we go from ‘Even’ to ‘Yousef’, the setting, Mikael, even Isak interrupts Sana just like Sana interrupted Isak. This was a very blatant parallel and I feel like this is Julie’s way of making sure that we know these parallels and repeats are in no way a ‘coincidence’ there’s a purpose and I am so keen to see what it is. 

5. “I’ll fix it” 

So when we go back to Isak’s season the drama all starts with Isak losing Mahdi’s weed. we get this conflict when Mahdi tells him it’s 1000 kroner and Isak tries to calm him by affirming to him that he well “fix it” and thus this is how he ends up getting blackmailed by Sana to go to the kosegruppa where he meets and Even and boom all the drama plays out. This then parallels Sana who says the exact same thing to the girls when they tell her they cannot afford the bus. So just like Isak’s season it seems like this is where all the drama is going to start. With Sana determined to do anything to ‘fix’ this. 

6. The cute kitchen bonding

I loooooved this new clip so much it was so fluffy and cute and it gave me the feels but guys…..it also made me feel incredibly suspicious…why? This is another blatant parallel of the iconic evak bonding domestic kitchen scene from episode 2 of season 3. Even the positioning of Isak/Sana and Even/Yousef is eerily similar. We also have the love interests preparing food for the main as they give them the hearteyes (same) and then they laugh and giggle over cute things and it’s all so perfect. 

Too perfect

Too similar

this is the 6th parallel and I feel like there are more but these ones are the most obvious to me. Clear easter eggs Julie is giving us to freak out over (which I am) she wants us to see this parallel. To notice the Evak reference just like we did with the R+J reference in s3. 

she wants us to see it, so when she pulls back the curtain and reveals the true reference we will once again be thrown off our feet. 

ahhh I am so nervous. 

Feel free to add on any other parallels you guys have seen <3 

Real fucking talk, I kept hearing about that “let me have this” Shada moment but I hadn’t seen it until now and I’m not the biggest fan of altean!Lance happening in canon bUT HE WAS SO HAPPY, SO HYPED ABOUT IT I’M LITERALLY JUST SCREAMING, LET HIM HAVE IT, HE WANTS IT, GIVE IT TO HIM, MAKE IT HAPPEN SOME H O W