why are they see through!

so, i was like, “i would love to read some more grace and frankie meta about s4! there haven’t really been any reviews that i’ve found and i’ve read everything on tumblr! maybe i’ll just check reddit!”

… which was, i found, full of people loving on nick and nick/grace because “he keeps her young”

and so i baaaaacked on out of there, feeling one hundred percent alone in the universe

it’s sad I had to make this

@the guy that made that jerk off/orgasm to Marina thing: Don’t be what you technically didn’t draw

@the people who are thinking about posting anything explicit in any way: If you don’t care about children’s “innocence” because they’re gonna see/already know about swears and sex, care about the fact that they may have strict parents that could take Splatoon 2 away because of something you post. You wouldn’t have wanted your parents to take a game away from you when you were a kid, don’t be the reason why a kid now would go through that.

@everyone else: If you see any explicit posts in Splatoon 2, report them so no mommy blogger gives the game the wrong kind of publicity. Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to report usernames. I’ve seen someone with the name HIV+Semen and a friend said they saw someone with their name being the n word. Those usernames use alternate characters that look like the letters to spell those words so they can get away with it.

We’re all (young) adults on here, let’s act like it.

EDIT: @circulargoat made a good post showing how to report people’s usernames. It requires the official Switch app, but is otherwise pretty simple. Check it out!

The Signs as Richie being an iconic little shit in the movie

Taurus: Who invited Molly Ringwald into the group?

Aries: Go blow your dad, you mullet wearing asshole!

Gemini: Can only virgins see this? Is that why I’m not seeing this shit?

Cancer: you punched me , made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crack house, and now…I’m gonna have to kill this clown. Welcome to the Losers Club, Asshole!

Leo: I’ll show you a staff infection!

Virgo: *yelling WHAT THE FUCK off screen*

Libra: This motherfucker is leaking hamburger helper!

Scorpio: I can’t believe I drew the short straw. You guys are lucky we’re not measuring dicks

Sagittarius: *to Stan* was she hot?

Capricorn: do you use the same bathroom as your mother? Then you probably have crabs

Aquarius: *to Beverly* more than what you showed us yesterday at the quarry?

Pisces: No, nothing cool about this at all…Oh, this is cool! Wait, no, no it’s not

Can we please destroy the extremely toxic idea that you have to do something huge with your life- like become a multi-billionaire or internet famous or whatever- in order for it to mean something/be fulfilling? Because that’s the literally the biggest load of crap ever.

Right here, right now, you already matter. Even if you’re dead broke and struggling to make ends meet; even if no one outside your circle of friends and loved ones recognizes your name.

You know why? Because you exist. Because you see the world through your own unique set of eyes, love others in your own individual way, and create memories that only you can call your own. You have your very own sense of humor, your very own taste in music and books, ticks and annoyances.

You’re a walking universe in itself. You don’t need to be the center of anyone else’s.


Did you talk to Javier after the competition?
Translation credit (a-m-n-o-s) 

Listen Close (Smut)

Request from anon: A bossy Draco smut where the reader and him kind of hated each other at first, so when they “do it” it’s a very dominant Draco please?

Thanks for requesting, I’ve only done ’smut’ once before so sorry if this is really awkward and a bit bad 😂 plus, I really hope this uploads on tuesday.

Originally posted by nellaey

You’d somehow ended up at yet another Slytherin party. Your friend had convinced your sorry arse to get dressed and go with them to this party that you didn’t really want to go to. You’d lost the match against Slytherin today and you weren’t too keen on showing your face at their victory party, especially considering Draco Malfoy would particularly enjoy mocking you the whole night. Either way, you’d found yourself sat in an overly large leather armchair, throwing  every drink anyone gave you down your neck. If there was anything you were good at, it was partying; you could hold your drinks fairly well and you were usually up for almost anything after you’d had a few. 

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content (g.d.)

~HEY Y’ALL it’s ya girl back at it again with some more Grayson fluff. This one is kinda inspired by Ethan’s tweet about sleepy and delirious Gray. I’m hoping to write more often, it just takes a lil more for me to get inspired. OH and thank you guys so, SO much for all the positive feedback on my first Gray imagine, “take me there”. I’m so proud of it and I’m so happy you guys seem to enjoy it as well. :)

**No warnings (unless you wanna count Ethan’s dirty joke in the beginning)**

He was up pretty late last night, probably beating it to a picture of you or something, I dunno,” Ethan teased after letting you inside the apartment.

“Good lord, E,” you groaned with a scrunched face. You followed him past the kitchen and into the living room.

“I’m kidding loser,” he chuckled, plopping down on the couch and pressing play on the game he had paused to answer the door. “He was just up editing his part of the video for a long ass time last night. Although he probably did do the other thing. Wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Ethan!” You scolded, soliciting a laugh from your boyfriend’s brother.

“Just being truthful, cupcake,” he shrugged, not taking his eyes off his game. You scoffed and jokingly shoved his head as you walked past him (ignoring his whines that you made him mess up his game or whatever) and made your way to Grayson’s room, quietly opening and closing the door behind you. You leaned against the door and sighed in sympathy and love as you laid eyes on his sleeping figure.

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Galra Keith Headcanons
  • Keith has extra sharp canines. Dentists hate him! Also has a few extra teeth compared to the human mouth.
    • Was born with teeth. Was a biter and they weren’t nibbles.
  • A hairy boy. It’s thick and coarse and sometimes fluffy. 
  • Enhanced Senses:
    • Can see in the dark. Explains why he was able to navigate through the canyon in episode 1 without goggles. 
      • Also sensitive eyes in general. Really bright lights give him a headache.
    • Enhanced hearing. Gets annoyed at water dripping from another room. 
    • Sensitive nose.
      • When Lance farted his eyes were watering and he knew what death felt like.
  • Enhanced senses allowed him to ‘feel’ the energy of the blue lion even though he couldn’t get past the barrier. 
    • Would probably allow him to feel ley lines and residual spirit energy from those departed. 
  • Has a higher pain tolerance/endurance than the average human. 
    • Keith, age 12: Ow! Shiro I fell.
      Shiro, age 20, who is supposed to be watching him: Oh my God! Keith! You broke your arm! 
      Keith, shrugging: It’s not that bad.
      Shiro: Mom’s going to kill me.
  • Pretty strong for a 17 year old sort of human boy. 
    • Keith and Shiro used to wrestle and rough house and Keith beat Shiro once and then Shiro decided it was time to Beef Up at the gym. 
    • Keith can keep up with Shiro but still ends up losing, especially during their sparring matches after they head into space.
  • Growls. Doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, but he has some intrinsic Galra communication. 
    • Also can probably recognize the language the Galra uses. Possibly from being spoken to as a baby/toddler by his mother. 
Hydra Boyfriend

@kungphooey wanted a dragon so I suggested a Hydra! I know it’s been requested quite a bit so I really hope this hits the spot. It features characters from my Changeling story as well!

   A few years ago, your brothers had been hired for a hunting job near the Deploris Cliffs by the sea. The man who has hired them has promised them a lot of money should they kill the creature that was living there, but only if they killed it. That was ages ago. Your brothers never returned home and you never saw the man or his money again.

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My bias towards Izuku being #1 son is showing, but Todoroki really needs some positive reinforcement.


Beverly Hills || Richie Tozier


+could i get a uHhhh richie tozier x reader bc the tag is so dry and i need my drug

Characters: Reader x Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Bill Denbrough (mentioned)

Word count: 2545 (holy fuck I thought this was going to be 600 words tops)

Warning: swearing

a/n: my favorite thing I’ve ever done! please let me know what you think! let me know if you want to be added to any tag lists!

also a huge thank you to @obscureinfinities and @andshescrazyy for helping me piece together the end. you lifesavers 

Originally posted by anatakesilver

You and Richie were best friends from the start of the losers club back when you were all pre puberty and senseless, the same summer when the whole pennywise situation went down.

Just like you knew would happen the club broke apart little by little as its members moved away or outgrew what made them outsiders to the rest of society. All but you and Rich. You didn’t know if it was fate or by dumb luck but you never seemed to be far away from each other that long. The longest you hadn’t talked to him in the last 4 years was 3 days and that was because the power was out and you were sick.

Even now with college and jobs and all that close one your heels at the end of senior year it didn’t seem to rattle your friendship. You’d still pass by Big Bill on the way to your 5th hour or sometimes sneak a peek at Eddie in the drugstore but  other than that Richie was the only one you still had left.

You stood at your locker, Your books were stacked against each other at odd angles. Sharpie marks you’d been working on for the last 4 years of your life were already started to fade and chip away. You paused for a moment to run a finger carefully where Richie had taken his pocket knife and carved the both of your initials into the thin metal. You’d doubt he’d remember.

“Hey! (y/n), guess what?!” Richie yelled over the heads of obviously pissed off students. You shut your locker and smiled at him. “What?” He snaked his way through the crowd and stopped in front of you with a letter. “What’s that?” His grin widened ear to ear. “I️ got the letter. The letter that tells me if I️ fucking got that shitty ass radio job.” You took the letter from his hand trying to see through the paper.

“Why haven’t you opened it?!” You laughed handing it back to him. “Cause I️ was waiting for you dumbass.” He smiled again and you latched yourself onto his arm. “Are you gonna open it now?” “Well, I️ mean I️ could. I’m just… nervous.” You squeezed his arm a bit as you walk. “It’ll be fine, either way. I️ promise.” He smiled down on you and took a deep breath, “Yeah. Okay.” He dramatically started to rip it open slowly earning a eye-roll from you.

He slid out the paper and started to read it, his pace quickened and his eye grew wide before he let out a hearty yell. “I️ fucking got it! Holy shit!” You yelled and jumped up and down. “You and I️ are getting out of this shit hole called Derry sweetheart, and I️ have a good money maker to pay all those sweet, sweet bills with.” He gave you a kiss on the cheek before running off to his locker to grab his stuff so you could go home for the day.

You placed a hand over where his lips had just been and sighed. You and I️. We’re getting out. Together. You had told Richie when he started bringing up the future that you wanted out of Derry but what really mattered with staying with him. You assumed he didn’t care or wouldn’t remember. But he did, he always did.

You remembered one day freshman year he joked about how he ‘didn’t know where he’d be without you’ and kissed your cheek and you pushed him away laughing “gross Rich! Cut that out!” He just smirked and leaned in close to your ear “one day, you’re going to marry me and then we’ll see how gross that is.” A blush flew to your cheeks. You were thankful the rest of the losers couldn’t hear what he had said.

Sure enough you and Richie had always had a thing, unspoken and forgotten but nevertheless growing, like a tumor waiting to kill you, nice and slow like that boys smile. You guys had cuddled up, shared tight hugs and even a few kisses but those were pushed aside, by you at least, as just bumps in the road.

Sometimes people had mistaken you for a couple, neither of you bothered to correct it. 

“Dinner with my parents right?” Richie asked, wrapping a arm around your shoulders and breaking your train of thought. “Yeah, I️ already told mine I️ wasn’t going to be home tonight.” “Sleepover?” He raised his eyebrows and smiled. You nodded, “sleepover.”

The walk to his house was pleasant. You stopped by the drugstore to buy some smokes and grab some candy for later. You looked through the selves with a sucker playing at your lips. You wanted to find a funny for later and you knew Richie would spot you the cents, he always did.

“Hey (y/n/n)!” You looked up to see Richie grinning ear to ear waving you over. You quickly grabbed a 5 cent deal and went over to Rich. Eddie was behind the cash register, he was decked out in a white apron. You couldn’t help but let out a small giggle, “Seems our boys got himself a job, isn’t that right Eddie spaghetti.” You could see a small flash of a smile find itself on Eddie’s face with the old nickname. “Yeah, mister Keene gave it to me, said after helping me for so many years he trusted me.” Eddie smiled, proud.

As he rang the two of you up Richie noticed the sucker now caught between your lips. “What flavor?” He asked. You shrugged, “cherry I️ think?” You took it out of you mouth and put it up in the light, he took it and gave it a quick taste, then handed it back to you. He nodded, “definitely.” You looked back at Ed’s to find him watching the two of you with disgust and admiration. “Are you guys…  together now?” Eddie asked. He pointed at the arm draped across your waist and the sucker now in your hand. Richie laughed, “physically, yes”. You laughed and turned away waving a quick goodbye to Eddie as the two of you left the store.

As soon as walked in the door You spread yourself out on Richie’s bed. You always loved the smell of his room. Cigarette smoke and old paper with a bit of something you never quit could describe. Richie pulled off his tee shirt and switched it out for a neat button up you’d normally see on Stanley. You moved to lean your head on your hands and look up at him from the end of the bed. “My parents said they’d be home in like a hour and they expect me to have it on the table. And me as in you and me.” You groaned but still pushed yourself up and followed him down to the kitchen.

By the time an hour passed you and Richie had completed the task. A full meal was out on the table, and more importantly it was good. Mr. and Mrs. Tozier came home and sat down opposite the two of you. You had known them for as long as you had known Richie. They were very nice to you. They were simple and kind to most everyone. Sometimes they didn’t understand Richie but they still supported him and you had to appreciate them for that.

After all of the small pleasantries were exchanged Richie shot you a excited and nervous glacé before clearing his throat to get his parents attention. “Guess what came in the mail this morning.” His dad looked up and his mom nodded, “What is it honey?” Richie gave you a final look before grabbing your hand under the table and continuing, “That job I️ applied for, the radio one. I️ got it! I️ start right after graduation.” His mom cheered and clapped happily and his dad grinned ear to ear, “I’m real proud of you son.” he squeezed your hand a little tighter. “Yeah, Me and (y/n) are moving all the way to Beverly Hills, we’re gonna be in the big time.”

His mom and dad were so proud of him. The rest of dinner was upbeat, his mom asked about what your plans were, you said you’d figure it out when you get there. His dad asked if you were going to live together, Richie answered yes before you had the chance to inject, not that you would have.

You didn’t know Richie had planned this from the start. You didn’t know Richie thought about the future as much as you did. And you definitely didn’t know he was already planning on how to get you to fall in love with him. He didn’t know you already had.  

That night, in his dimly lit room, you sat on his bed cross legged as he showed you a new character he had been working on. “So, what did you think?” he asked and you smiled, “amazing Richie, just like always.” he gleamed at you and sat down across from you. “I can’t believe we did it.” “you did it.” “you think I’d be here without you?” you blushed and looked away, “yeah, it’s all you Rich.” he huffed, “without you I don’t even know if I’d be here.” “Richie you kn-” “No seriously, I mean yeah, I have my parents and they’re great and all but your my best friend. If you had left me like everyone else I don’t know what I would have done.” you laughed a little as the memory from freshman year ran back through your mind.

Richie looked at you funny, “What?” you chuckled again, “I was just remembering the first time you told me that.” he smiled again “When was that?” you glanced back up to him to make sure he wasn’t in the crude joke kind of mood. “Freshman year, you told me that and then kissed my cheek and said we were going to get married.” He laughed, “I meant it too.” “Richie-” you stopped yourself, you knew he was joking, after all that what he does, make jokes. You felt yourself lean away from him, it wasn’t a conscious choice but he definitely noticed. 

“Richie what?” you shook your head. “It was nothing.” “no it wasn’t.” you frowned, “let’s just forget it.” Richie looked worried, he shook his head. “You know I can’t forget it.” you gave him a meek smile, “It was just a stupid idea, okay?” he shook his head again, “No, tell me what you were going to say.” “No,” “Yes.” “Richi-” “(y/n)” “Richie sto-” “(y/n), (y/n), (y/n), (y/n), (y/n), (y/n), (y/n)!” Fuck he knew how to crack you. “Fine! Okay just- wait.” You tried to think about something, anything you could lie well enough about to cover your sorry ass. If you told him, what you really did want to say, he meant just leave. There was nothing to stop him from walking out of your life just like everyone else.

“(y/n), come on I’m your best friend you can tel-” “exactly! Best friend.” you quickly turned away. “What?” you cracked, “I just- I know you think of me as your best friend or whatever but I can’t help but think of you as more and I just wanted to keep my big fat mouth shut so that you wouldn’t fucking leave me just like everyone else, you’re all i have left Richie, I don’t want to lose you over loving you.” you let a few tears drop, you sniffed and he started to panic. He made you cry because you thought he didn’t love you. That’s the only thing he did do. Fuck homework and fuck chores, he was too busy, too busy loving you. “(y/n), I- I couldn’t leave you.” you let out a breathy laugh, “why not? Now it’s just going to be awkward.”  “But, I love you too, I- I think I always have… I just thought you wanted friends with benefits or something… I mean I told you I was going to marry you, friends don’t do that.” you smiled slightly, “I thought you were joking.” “well I wasn’t. Your all I have, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.” you threw yourself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

5 years since you had moved to Beverly Hills with Richie, he was a huge hit. He even got T.V. gigs sometimes, and was invited to all of these events that most people from Derry could only dream of. He bought a real house (with a pool and huge backyard) as soon as he had the money. You said he was spoiling you and he said so what? He took you out everywhere with him too. He’d bring you out to dinner or a movie at least three times a week when he was in town. He had found this spot the first week you got there, a small park off of a big highway. There was a retaining wall to block the noise of the cars and lets of trees and flowers everywhere. He said it was beautiful like you, you said bullshit. He brought you back there every Sunday night, without fail. Even if he had a booking he’d rush home late or bring you early, he said it was your spot.

This Sunday was a bit chilly, you had grabbed a sweater from the house and he had bought you a coffee on the way to your spot. It wasn’t too late yet, only around 9ish. You sat down on the grass and set the coffee next to you. He seemed stressed tonight, you didn’t push though, he never was one to talk about his problems. He sat down next to you and took your hand. “Do you remember high school at all?” you shrugged, he never brought it up. “some, why?” “I was just wondering.” you squeezed his hand a bit, “Are you okay Rich?” he nodded, “Are you sure? we can go home if you want.” a sly grin found its way to his lips. “As long as I’m with you, I am home.” you laughed at his pickup line, he gave you a gentle kiss on the cheek. You brought your hand up to touch the warmth.

He barely ever kissed your cheek, he normally went for your lips or jaw or sometimes your neck. In fact he hadn’t kissed you right there since high school. you zoned out a little thinking about it, “I remember some.” you repeated, he turned you to focus back on him.  “Can I ask you something?” you nodded. “You love me right?” you let out a small laugh, “of course.” “okay, cool. Because I love you too, and I think we should let the world know. So what I want to ask is,” He took a deep breath, “Will you marry me?” you almost screamed, almost. “Y-yes, yes!” you kissed him so hard he feel back onto the grass behind him. You laughed and even cried a bit, talk about being overwhelmed by happiness. He sat up still holding you to him with a arm tightly around your waist. He moved his head to be next to your ear and whispered: “I told you.”


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Why S4 (including TFP) might be a continuation of TAB

  • TAB doesn’t end on the tarmac - it ends with Victorian Holmes looking through the window at modern Baker Street. It seems like a perfect bridge between TAB and S4. He says he’s a man out of this time, then the next thing we see is modern Sherlock tweeting and still being a bit out of character. 
  • All the ‘’fuckiness’’ started in TAB, not in T6T. Like this scene
  • Their sudden change in appearance. 
  • Sherlock didn’t really solve the case in TAB because that wasn’t the point. Same pattern in S4.
  • The abominable bride is an old case, so are the S4 ones. If you watch HLV and then TLD  you’ll notice they’re almost the same story. 
  • ‘’You’ve been reading John’s blog’’ that’s why he imagines T6T.
  • ‘’It helps me if I see myself through his eyes sometimes’’ explains why TFP is like a Bond/horror film.
  • He tells Ella he needs to know what to do about John, then we get a retelling of HLV with broken John and Sherlock trying to save him. I hate this show?
  • Being on a plane is literally being high (on drugs). If you watch S4 with this mindset EMP becomes even more obvious. T6T - planes, TLD - drugs, TFP - planes. Same thing. They told us
  • He’s literally shown sleeping on a plane in T6T.
  • Moriarty telling Sherlock it’s not the fall that kills him. It’s the landing. And it’s unresolved because Sherlock still hasn’t woken up/hasn’t landed. We don’t even know how Sherlock survived tha fall in TRF.
  • ‘’You’re in deep Sherlock, deeper than you ever intented to be’’ hence all the plot holes. Of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s not real.
  • The girl on a plane is Sherlock. She doesn’t know how to land, the plane is going to crash. Sherlock probably can’t wake up, again, ‘’he’s deeper than he ever intended to be’’. 
  • TAB flash back in TFP which ties everything up for me. Curious thing is that he’s alone there, as if he took a step back since TAB. It doesnt matter who you really are, Sherrinford, etc. Which leads us to

The virus in the data: TAB - Moriarty, S4 - Mary.

AGRA = Mary = memory stick. She’s literally stepping out of a hacker’s house. It can’t get any more obvious, can it? Well…

She infected the story, the redemption arc is just a facade and Sherlock has finally realised she’s the real virus. Miss me? That’s why the fourth season is so wrong.

It’s time to wake up, Sherlock.

ghostly sentence starters

  • “ Y… You’re supposed to be dead! “
  • “ How… How are you floating? “
  • “ Is it just me, or did it suddenly get really cold in here? “
  • “ Miss me? “
  • “ Are you kidding? Ghosts don’t exist. “
  • “ Ghosts aren’t real… Right? “
  • “ Hate to break it to you, but ghosts exist. I’m living proof. Well… Not exactly ‘living,’ but still. “ 
  • “ This has to be some sort of illusion, some sort of trick. There’s no way I’m really seeing this right now. “
  • “ I’m… I’m dreaming right now, right? I have to be! “
  • “ I came back… to warn you… “
  • “ LEAVE… RIGHT NOW… “ 
  • “ Is… Is that blood coming from the walls?! “
  • “ I’m only coming on your stupid ghost hunt because you promised me snacks. “
  • “ Can we leave yet? We’ve been here for hours, and there’s no sign of any ghosts. “ 
  • “ Did you just touch my shoulder? “
  • “ Was that a scream just now?! “ 
  • “ Are you seeing this? “
  • “ Why are you… see through? “
  • “ Hey there demons, it’s me, ya boy. “
  • “ I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. “
  • “ Boo. “
  • “ I think we ghosts get a bad rep. We’re not all about shrieking and flickering lights, you know. “
  • “ Sorry if this is a rude question, but… How did you die? “
  • “ Are you… Are you really a… “ 
  • “ G-G-G-G-G-GHOST!! “
  • “ I came all this way to see a ghost. I’m not leaving until we find one! “
  • “ Why is that lamp floating? “
  • “ Nope, nope, nope. Not today, ghosts. I’m out of here. “ 
  • “ Ghosts are nothing but pure evil. “ 
  • “ What’s it like? You know… Being a ghost. “ 

pls continue to consider a p5 office au this time w/ yusuke

Listen up new SBs


If you feel like you’re about to settle, ASK for what you want or drop that cheap piece of shit!!!!

I am tired of these girls who are too afraid to speak up for themselves and get stuck in $200 PPM overnights for months and then ask for help on how to get more from their “SD.”


I was new once. I was afraid to ask for money. But guess who wasn’t afraid to ask for my time and my body? LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE MEN. Whether they could pay or not.

So I started asking for compensation. The ones who never wanted to pay disappeared. The ones who were willing, paid.

Stop fucking playing yourself! These men can tell you that you’re beautiful and smart and not like those other greedy girls but do you really want to fuck somebody too old or too gross to be seen with in public FOR FREE because YOU don’t want to be MISTAKEN FOR AN ESCORT?

Well consider yourself conned because you have fallen for a common trap these ugly fools will play on everyone but only the girls who care about the reason why they got in the bowl in the first place will see right through.

I don’t care WHAT these guys call me, as long as I get my money. And if I don’t get my goddamn money, then that guy can bite the curb. He means nothing to me.

This is the attitude you need if you want to get half a stack for coming to breakfast with no makeup.

Fuck all that being charming and coy shit, you will actually lose money wasting gas driving to these meet ups without speaking up for yourself.

Seriously, speak up or leave. Because you are giving the impression that 45-65 year old men that they can manipulate a college girl into sucking their shriveled dicks dry by promising imaginary money.

And making it harder for the rest of us who have goals to achieve.

anonymous asked:

Yuri having a crush on you? (If you're feeling really nice maybe a short scenario with it)

i totally would write you a scenario anon but i’m just not really sure how to do it??? but i will give you hella headcanons, i hope it’s close to what you wanted ♡

{ yuri }

  • seriously this boy ain’t telling a soul
  • excluding his cat of course
  • yuri’s one of those people that is content to quietly torture himself over his crush on you 
  • he is pretty much convinced you’ll never feel the same help him
  • he comes off even worse than he did before
  • t s u n d e r e
  • you give him butterflies all the time and he h atesit
  • his teasing will get so much worse omg
  • like imagine how extra it already is times 1000 and you might come close
  • the BLUSHING
  • HOLY LORD this boy is gonna blush at everything you do smh
  • everyone will call him out on it but he’ll always deny it like the tsundere he is
  • “yuri is there something on your face-?”
  • “c-check your own face, baka!!
  • if you go to watch him skate he’s gonna try to show off what a little shit
  • his dads yuuri and victor will tease him constantly about it
  • in front of you too
  • “oh, y/n! so nice to finally meet you, yuri never stops talking about you~! i’d say he’s in lo-”
  • DO YOU EVER SHUT UP VITYA?????you already know he’s blushing again
  • he’d come clean about it eventually, but it’d be so pent up that he’d probably just yell it at you randomly while you’re having a casual conversation
  • are you really this fucking stupid, y/n? why can everyone see how much i like you EXCEPT you?? get it through your head!!
  • lil baby is not good at talking about his feelings help him
  • ofc you like him back????
  • he’s s h o o k
  • pls take care of your new tsundere boyfriend