why are they see through!

I’m so proud of Ben for this. Coming from someone who’s mother died as a result of alcohol and drug addiction, it’s so refreshing seeing someone being able to seek treatment not only for themselves but for their own family. Because nothing hurts more than seeing someone struggle through addiction and not want to get better. Trust me I know how that feels. We stand with you Ben! We’re all happy to see you taking the steps to get better.

Backstory- this was my first time playing, and I’m playing a tank with a party of me, a cleric, and a rouge. We’re all approximately level two. My character happens to speak draconic (you’ll see why that’s relevant) and we’re all trekking through a dungeon

Cleric (ooc): *explaining how dungeon crawling works*
Cleric (ooc): *mentions dragons*
Rogue (ooc): okay, but we’re level two, we won’t run into a dragon for a really long time.
Party: *goes into a new room*
DM: the door closes behind you
Rogue: heck
DM: the room begins to get very cold
Rogue: heck heck heck
DM: you have the feeling something very big is watching you
DM: a giant ice dragon is sitting in the corner of this room, atop a pile of gold and strange, glowing stones.
Cleric and me: *both shoot pointed looks at the dwarf*

And that’s how I ended up negotiating with a dragon before I figured out how to talk to people without offending them 👍


finally found a use for this outfit lol. i call it the “summery orlais look”, as in. to be worn in orlais only because the colors go. but looky how nice he looks surrounded by flowers. lmao mahalen, why do u love orlesian trends

A very bizarre attitude has emerged within the asexual community over the years, and that is that somehow asexual representation divorced from aromantic representation is more authentic to asexuality than asexual representation linked with aromantic representation. This suggests that asexuality sans aromanticism is normal or the default asexual experience. 

It also implies that asexuality “by itself” is really about romantic asexuality. Perhaps what people do not understand is that in presenting asexuality to other people whether through fictional media or real life experience, the question of romantic attraction and availability still lingers. That is a question that is almost always explicitly or implicitly answered somewhere. 

…but if its explicitly or implicitly shown that an asexual person is aromantic, there are some who counter that with explicit or implicit statements that suggest that aromanticism was brought into it instead of aromanticism being considered a natural inextricable part of an asexual person’s identity. Thus, it is also often seen as a removable piece to an asexual person’s identity. 

That is why we often see aromantic asexual characters lose their aromanticism through various means. It may be due to the incompetence of the writers. It may be due to fans urging them to do so. It may be due to the fact that romance is viewed as a vital component to human experience. Whatever the case, aromanticism loses its importance to asexuality. 

Yet, I often see asexuality revealed within the context of romantic relationships where romantic attraction is mutual. It is here that some suggest that asexuality can be better understood. It is here that some suggest that asexuality stands out, and that asexuality can be better explored. Asexuality linked to romance takes on positive connotations. Why? 

I want to say that this is an effect of amatonormativity. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying and celebrating romantic asexuality, and romantic asexuality is a very important experience. However, I think it’s critical that we look at amatonormativity as something that is inherently harmful to aromantic people, and that we need to actively combat arophobic attitudes. 

There’s no reason why aromanticism should be seen as an “other” within a community where aromanticism largely emerged in the face of the “Do asexuals still experience romance?” question. That is a question that is ultimately posed and valued outside of our community to test our humanity, and we need to recognize that as we address said question. 

Aromantic asexual representation is just as valuable to the asexual community and just as revealing of asexuality as romantic asexual representation.   


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hinny or romione

So now that Regina has dealt with her darkness, isn’t it time she dealt with her crimes?

They bring back someone from Hook’s past every season for him to face, it’s time for Regina to do the same.

Let’s start with the truth about Graham’s death, then move onto Belle’s heart, Percival’s village, the father she killed when SB was founded, then move on to random day players….

Trump built a business and a company exactly like a whole bunch of other ones. Heck, he didn’t even really build it; he mostly inherited it. Like most rich, white, unethical, racist millionaire dudes, Trump’s dad was a rich, white, unethical, racist millionaire dude who helped his son become a rich, white, unethical, racist millionaire/billionaire dude through that famously “modest” loan of somewhere between a million and fourteen million dollars.

Trump ran for president less as a real estate developer and reality show host than as a billionaire. His whole spiel was essentially, “I’m rich as fuck and if you elect me president, I’ll use my magical wealth-generating powers to make our country rich and great” (which in Trump’s mind are the same thing). His entire campaign was built on the idea that he was a money-shitting Gandalf.

So it’s understandable why pop culture writers have a tendency to see all fictional billionaires through the prism of Trump. Hell, in a three-week period I watched Rat Race, Batman Returns and even the little-loved Kevin Spacey-as-sassy-cat flop Nine Lives and was struck by how much the billionaire characters reminded me of Trump. I should not have been. The billionaire characters in those films do what billionaires in movies and in life always do. They meddle in politics, participate in flashy publicity stunts, callously manipulate the public to their own financial advantage and generally do the kind of nasty, amoral stuff that allows billionaires to stay billionaires rather than being reduced to the sad state of mere millionaires.

Let’s Stop Viewing Donald Trump Through Pop Culture Lenses


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Slytherin and Hufflepuff

I think one of the reasons why Slytherins like Hufflepuffs so much is because they seem to see straight through prejudices and stereotypes, especially the negative ones. I’d like to think that Hufflepuffs are the kind of people who would accept the flaws of others and help them to be better people regardless of what they’ve done. As a Slytherin sometimes I feel like a bad person or damaged goods or whatever and it’s really nice when there are Hufflepuff types around you who bring the light back to your dark world. When someone accepts you for who you are good and bad it really makes you strive to be more good than bad. Slytherins (if they’re anything like me) just want to be understood and seen for all they are and accepted for just being themselves. Sometimes Hufflepuffs accept Slytherins even more than Slytherins accept Slytherins.

I don’t know if this even makes sense but oh well.

((And suddenly my art block is semi-gone.)) Another fanart of Witchcraft by @vonseal ☺️ This time of baby Myungjun qwq

Snake’s Skin

Here’s the first bit of the ritshou fic that Ao3 really doesnt seem to like, for some reason :/. I know why….

It’s finally on Ao3!!

Shou was happier, lately.

Of course, he had always been a cheery person on the surface, with large smiles, bright laughter, a sort of constant excitement that could make anyone dizzy.

But it seemed more genuine lately, less forced. His grins weren’t made from plastic, cracking and stretching almost unnaturally. His laughter didn’t grate through his throat, from the back of his chest, like the sound of scraping metal. His eyes shone more, much more than before.

It wasn’t obvious to most, but at the same time, everyone could see why; when Shou would walk through the streets, his fingers entangled with Ritsu, it was no wonder why.

Ritsu saw it clear as day, how happy he was.

And as long as Shou was happy, he was too.

Ritsu was doing what was right.

Letters to Home

Summary: SasuSaku, 699-700. Continuation of All I Ask. 

A/N: Sorry that this took so long to complete, and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. I’m still a novice at writing so I hope it’s not too terrible! Thanks for reading.


I can’t say for sure when I’ll return, and I don’t know where exactly this journey will take me. I don’t know what realization I’ll come to by the end of this or if I’ll even be left with one. I’m unsure of a lot, which is why I’ve left in the first place. I need to see life through this new lens I’ve been given. The one thing I seem to be certain of though, is that you will always be there. Where I used to see that as an obstacle to overcome, I now find it a source of comfort. I’m grateful for that.


Sakura sits in her office the same day that Sasuke left to continue his journey of redemption. The surgery she’d performed that morning had gone well. The renowned medic knew that her emotions would have to be pushed aside while she was at work, yet still, Sasuke’s letter remained at the back of her mind throughout the entire procedure. In the three hours after she’d finished stitching the last suture, she’s read his letter to her over and over and over; it’s been burned into her memory at this point and she’s not sure what to make of it.

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Drawn to you

Request: Can I request an ivar x reader imagine in where reader is Athelstan’s daughter and when him and Ragnar went to England met and was like love at first sight and Ragnar is really happy. Hope it makes sense. And I absolutely adore your imagines, they’re awesome!! Xx

Note: Since this got longer and longer while I was writing it, there will be a second part.


The sound of the horns distracted you from your studies. There were loud noises in the yard and you could see people hurry past your window. Curious about what was going on you got up and went outside. The yard was crowded with people and you jostled through them to see why everyone had gathered here. The people around you were tense, some even scared, whispering to one another. As you passed a group of man you could hear the word “Vikings”. Could it be? Were they really here? You knew you should have been terrified but all you could feel was a wave of excitement shooting through you. You had heard so many stories about them, some praising their skill and fearlessness in battle but most stressing their roughness and brutality. Although these stories had been told to scare you, they had mainly made you curious. You had always wanted to see a real Viking, see for yourself if all these appalling stories were true.

When you had pushed through the crowd, the first thing you saw was a tall man entering the yard. He was surrounded by cautious looking soldiers and didn’t look too scary at first sight. His head was bold and tattooed and his long beard was turning gray. He was dressed in ragged clothes and you would have been disappointed if there hadn’t been a certain grace to him. It was something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. The way he carried himself and totally poised walked into this hostile environment showed you that he was used to being in control.

You saw prince Athelwulf, your step-father, approach. His face turned into a wolfish smile as he saw the viking.

“For the love of god, you have no idea who this is?” He asked the soldiers. “It’s Ragnar Lothbrok, the king of the norsemen.”

You could feel your mouth fall open. This was the legendary viking leader? All the stories you had heard were about him.

“Seize him!” Athelwulf yelled and for a couple of moments nothing happened. The soldiers seemed frozen, too scared to attack the unarmed man. Then the first soldier was brave enough to make a move, hitting the viking’s head from behind, sending him to the ground. Now all the others followed, kicking and punching the man on the ground. You noticed that the viking wasn’t fighting back at all. He seemed focused on something else than the soldiers beating him. You followed his gaze and it was only then you noticed that he hadn’t come alone. As you set your eyes on the king’s companion, you let out an unintentional gasp. Never in your life had you seen such a handsome man. Although his face was twisted with anger and hatred, it was still beautiful and you could see that his shirt was hiding broad shoulders and strong arms. But what amazed you the most were his eyes, while they were so full of anger, they still shined in the bluest blue you had ever seen. There was an inner strength in them you had never seen on any man before. They were very similar to the king’s and you wondered if that younger man maybe was his son. The next thing you noticed was that he was lying on this belly across a horse, but you thought maybe he was wounded or something.

For a moment your attention shifted back to the viking king, who was now almost unconscious from the beating. Some of the soldiers pulled him up and dragged him away, probably to the dungeon. Two of them came to get the younger viking. They pulled him off the horse and dragged him the same direction. They were holding him up by his arms from both sides, his legs seeming not to function at all. As they came past you his gaze fell upon you. He stared at you for a few seconds and your eyes met. You felt a shiver go down your spine as you were mesmerized by the intensity in his gaze. But the soldiers kept dragging him forward and the moment was gone so fast that you almost thought you had just dreamed it.

This night your dreams were haunted by the imposing young viking.

For two days you tried to distract your thoughts from the two vikings, who were no longer in the dungeon but in locked rooms inside the king’s residence. There was no use to it, you had to give in to your fascinated curiosity. You felt like you had to go to the king first, you knew it was stupid, they were prisoners after all, but everything else would have felt like you were disrespecting him.

There was only one guard in front of the heavy door.

“I want to see the prisoner.” You demanded.

The guard looked strangely at you for a second but then stepped aside. “Yes, mylady.” He unlocked and opened the door for you. 

The viking king was sitting on the floor, legs crossed, back lent against the wall. As he saw you approach he stood up. You realized that you were alone in a room with the most feared man in the world. He could easily kill you. If yoü had any common sense you should have left immediately. But something made you stay. He took two steps towards you and as his face left the shadows you were surprised to see that it was full of amazement.

“You are Athelstan’s daughter, aren’t you?”

You slowly nodded. How can he know that? Of course you knew that Athelwulf wasn’t your real father but you weren’t allowed to talk about it and now you met a complete stranger who knew about it.

The king took two more steps and stood right in front of you. As he looked down on you his eyes were full of warmth but there was also some sadness in them. He put his hand on your shoulder.

“I am very happy to meet you.”

You just smiled at him. Maybe it was foolish of you but you felt completely safe in his presence.

“Why have you come here?” He asked.

“I wanted to meet the famous king Ragnar Lothbrok.” You admitted.

He took a step backwards and turned around until he was facing you again. “And do I live up to your expectations?” A small grin played around his mouth.

“I don’t know yet.” You said honestly.

He raised an eyebrow at you, clearly amused. Then he got serious again. “Do you know where my son is?” He asked, his voice full worry.

You nodded.

“Would you bring him a message?”


Part 2: http://pagan-raider.tumblr.com/post/156547584333/drawn-to-you-part-ii