why are they in australia and not in paris

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Happy Independence Day! What region did Unova break away from?

((Hi! Mun here. I have no idea really. I don’t really have any headcanons for that. But all My headcanons for everything are based on bits and pieces of things I have picked up here and there from different people and also from an old Pokemon Deviant Art Group I was involved in 6 years ago. And since there’s Paris France(Kalos), and New York(Unova) why shouldn’t there also be an England somewhere? I see Sinnoh as sort of a blanket realm for Russia, Ukraine, China, Mongolia. The Orange Islands as Australia and New Zealand and that area. This all coming from that group 6 years ago and the people I interacted with. Johto and Kanto are obviously Japan. And Alola is Obviously the Hawaiian islands. I am not quite sure about where that puts Hoenn though.))

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Style Five and Sousuke and places they'd want to visit for vacation!

Makoto: He’s always thought it would be nice to visit someplace in Europe, Italy specifically. The style of the town and the gondolas in particular are charming to him.

Haruka: Some might think he’d want to visit someplace vast and full of water, but he’d actually love to visit the Bolivian salt flat; also known as the biggest mirror on Earth. 

Nagisa: Australia! He’s always heard Rin talk so much about it that it got him curious as to what it was like there ever since he was young. Plus it’s warm and has lots of animals and wildlife, so why not? (He just wants to see a koala.)

Rei: Paris. As cliche as it sounds, the lifestyle and architecture are incredibly beautiful and fascinating. There are many landmarks he’d like to cover, like the wall of locks, the Eiffel Tower, and all the gorgeous gardens.

Rin: There’s a number of things and places that Rin wants to see, but Alaska is definitely one of the tops on his list. Glowing ice caves and the aurora borealis, what’s not to love? It’d make him feel like the earth is so endlessly vast.

Sousuke: Greece. The shape of the buildings were always funny to him, and he’s a pretty big fan of the cuisine, too. The beaches look gorgeous and it’s warm; he’d love to travel there someday with a partner or his friends. 

Islamist extremists behead Western journalists in Syria, massacre thousands of Iraqis, murder 132 Pakistani schoolchildren, kill a Canadian soldier and take hostage cafe patrons in Australia. Now, two gunmen have massacred a dozen people in the office of a Paris newspaper.

The rash of horrific attacks in the name of Islam is spurring an anguished debate among Muslims here in the heart of the Islamic world about why their religion appears cited so often as a cause for violence and bloodshed.

The majority of scholars and the faithful say Islam is no more inherently violent than other religions. But some Muslims — most notably the president of Egypt — argue that the contemporary understanding of their religion is infected with justifications for violence, requiring the government and its official clerics to correct the teaching of Islam.

“It is unbelievable that the thought we hold holy pushes the Muslim community to be a source of worry, fear, danger, murder and destruction to all the world,” President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt lamented last week in a speech to the clerics of the official religious establishment. “You need to stand sternly,” he told them, calling for no less than “a religious revolution.”

Others, though, insist that the sources of the violence are alienation and resentment, not theology. They argue that the authoritarian rulers of Arab states — who have tried for decades to control Muslim teaching and the application of Islamic law — have set off a violent backlash expressed in religious ideas and language. Promoted by groups like the Islamic State or Al Qaeda, that discourse echoes through Muslim communities as far away as New York or Paris, whose influence and culture still loom over much of the Muslim world.

“Some people who feel crushed or ignored will go toward extremism, and they use religion because that is what they have at hand,” said Said Ferjani, an official of Tunisia’s mainstream Islamist party, Ennahda, speaking about the broader phenomenon of violence in the name of Islam. “If you are attacked and you have a fork in your hand, you will fight back with a fork.”

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