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To the Haven of Blooms in Yearning

Dear Jack Morrison,

I have received your memories, without all forms of recreation, facial expression, and it gave me a sullen in my face, hovering in my reflection. I didn’t receive it as a bundle, it’s separated as I replied to your inconsequential letter. Yes, and this one is one thing that against my liking – my wanting directly. It only applies to you about getting stoned and trying to feel one stale relationship we had right now. And I don’t enjoy it at all, knobhead. This letter just arrived five years past your delivery date, why didn’t use something quicker than one postman who wondered the same as you? The feeling, the facial expressions, the recreation… it’s all now soften, and it doesn’t even reflect our relationship. One ripe tomato can beat your spiced-up love letter a lot better.

The postman is naughty enough to read this as I wondered you began to think when will I reply this message, nasty enough to see what’s inside our relationship – what it’s like to be something bound together by similar likings but ended up sparking a forest fire of feelings, instead of a warm campfire. In the middle of the woods of love, that no one could escape from that as they entered its majestic tree canopy – as they meet their own doom – in their own territory once they knew.

At this moment, let my little cardboard box floats through the Sea of Names to see if that will find a way to you, find a way to restore something big – something we once knew, we stood for. My dearest Jack, the Winter of your appearance, the blizzard of our relationship, doesn’t reach the Summer sooner as I thought. Word doesn’t change a thing. No matter what I’ve said, nothing could repair our relationship per I wrote this letter that I shouldn’t write.

Jack Morrison the dumb,

You are wasting your time overthinking about your little sea of memories, your little ocean of wild imagination. I wondered the postman who sent this to me is already married, have a child, and live happily ever after – or he just sitting down by himself in sun-washed sands, with a bottle of coconut water accompanying him to watch the sun sets over the horizon. Buried in forgotten memories, embedded in the sense of loss as he watched the golden red skies turned into the blueish, mournful, darkened sky.

Frankly, I feel sorry for you, Jack Morrison,

Loving me so much that it blinds you from the reality that I don’t love you the same as you do to me, I’m a right partner for you not because “good” is in my nature – I just feel sorry for you, Jack. How do I know the envelope I receive five years after you wrote it contains memories, feelings, recreation, and facial expression? I am not as imaginative as you are, Jack. My life is full of calculations that suit me best, and yes, I don’t want to meet you after the incident. I will put the vase as the way it is, not even a chance I bring it up to the local sculptor and fix it to perfection. It’s beyond repairable, Jack.

Whenever I looked up to the rainy skies, I feel there’s a promising tearful goodbye.


Angela Ziegler.

Here it is! The reply from Angela… five years after Jack sent the letter! A companion letter to “From Stelvio Pass with Memories.”

Hope you guys like it!

Director Ritesh Batra being interviewed at the San Francisco premier of The Sense of an Ending, February 21st.

This British-American drama is an adaptation of the Man Booker winning novel by Julian Barnes. I’m not going to summarize the plot since you can easily find superior reviews online. I will say the director told us Barnes gave him total artistic freedom and told him to “go ahead and betray me”. It turned out most of the audience were Barnes fans and the consensus seemed to be that the film adaptation was overall better than the book.

Of course having not read the book myself I can only say it is a wonderful movie about the unknowability of the past. We can investigate the events in our past that made us who we are, without ever fully understanding exactly what happened and why people did what they did. Appropriately, the movie left a lot of its reveals open to interpretation.

As a small example, it’s strongly implied that the main character Tony Webster’s pregnant daughter Susie, played by Michelle Dockery is a lesbian who had undergone artificial insemination procedure. However that is also not spelled out and intentionally vague according to the director in the post show interview.

Being a Michelle Dockery fan I observed with satisfaction the audience started murmuring with recognition when she appeared on screen, and I watched the interview marveling that this director has worked with her.

There was a moment when he was asked about the acting methods of the cast and Batra drew a contrast between Charlotte Rampling and Dockery. He said Rampling is extremely meticulous in preparation. She would go over everything her character does with the director. In one scene she put a lot of thought into how she would sit down to read a letter.

With Dockery, the director said she was incredibly intuitive. Somehow she forms an emotional connection with the character and immediately understands who she is. Batra was amazed how she would then “reach into something deep down, and project it on the screen” fully realized. He credits this to how Dockery had been doing TV for seven years at that point and used to shooting 9 pages of script a day, whereas they only film 3 pages a day in film.

For me it was nice to see Michelle performing in her native middle class London accent for once. In America, The Sense of an Ending will be released nationwide March 10.

anonymous asked:

How often do you talk with your brothers? Are y'all close. Did you guys fight growing up? Why don't they smash in the YT like you?

I talk with them on email every week or so. They watch my shit now and then.

We get along better than ever now.

I used to have full on brawls with Julian when we were teenagers and living together for a short time. I remember in 94 he wore my brand new air 180′s on his motorbike and got them a bit dirty. I was furious (back then I cared about meaningless shit like clean Nikes) and I started punching him, then he kicked me in the mouth and I chipped a few teeth. I didnt fuck with him after that and he also didnt wear my stuff without asking me first.

Most people find they get on better with their family after they move out haha. I do.

300 Reasons why you should subscribe to AmazingPhil

1.       He’s been on youtube for over 10 years

2.       The Adventures of Lion was better than a soap opera

3.       PINOF

4.       He started making videos because he won a camera in a cereal box

5.       He is a self-confessed cereal thief

6.       People drew him naked; he used it as an opportunity to showcase their art

7.       He is a ball of sunshine that can brighten the bleakest of days

8.       He doesn’t complain about much

9.       His eyes are gorgeous

10.   He likes to put stickers on expensive things

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: chris carter has even said that the x-files was really scully's story, not mulder's. the pilot episode opens with scully, a young fbi agent, being assigned to the x-files in order to debunk the work of fox mulder — we are to assume because of her background in "hard science", and when we first meet her she's a 29-year-old phd/md with a specialization in forensics, who has been through the fbi academy, and considering how much she'd achieved before the age of 30, you have to kind of wonder: why didn't she get a better offer than debunking the x-files? why did the fbi pick her to work with mulder when the fbi could have really gotten their money's worth by using her in a more serious capacity? was it because she was a woman? did they think mulder would be more likely to cave if he was partnered with a woman? did they think that she was too smart for her own good — or not smart enough? what did the fbi see — or fail to see — in scully that landed her in fox mulder's basement office? if the fbi had really appreciated, or understood, just how brilliant and capable scully was, why would they have ever knowingly partnered her with mulder? it seems like they completely underestimated her, because she went on to become not just mulder's greatest ally, but an enormous threat to those the fbi thought she would blindly protect. scully's story began the way many a woman's has: not being taken seriously by powerful men, while at the same time being expected to serve the goals and interests of those men. scully's story, ultimately, is not about a young fbi agent who stumbles into a government conspiracy-laden basement and falls in love with her spaceship-chasing partner. it's about a woman who spent her entire life trying to prove herself, and when she finally did, she was so powerful that it didn't protect her — it endangered her. scully's story is the story of all women who have to fight to prove that they are strong, and when they do, people just wait for them to be broken by their own strength. the threats against scully were often overt and specific, but not always. in so many ways the more subtle and pernicious attacks on scully's sense of self, of her perception of truth, the shaking of her foundation of justice, were the real threats all along. the cat-and-mouse game between mulder & scully and the government was always this: they wanted to make sure mulder stopped asking questions and ensure that scully was always questioning. what they really wanted her to do, constantly, was question her own perceptions and undermine her own beliefs. from the beginning of the x-files to the most recent iteration, the only thing that ever really stood between scully and the truth was herself.
You know what I’m so sick of the LGBTQ+ community doing this whole gays vs straights fuckery in the YOI fandom.

I’m a lesbian (who happens to like yaoi/BL.. don’t worry it confuses me too) and I’m so so so sick and tired (in the YOI fandom specifically) of people being like “straight people ruin everything” or “You’re just fetishizing them” or whatever other BULLSHIT spills out of your brains through your keyboards. Why are you so against straight people supporting us and enjoying this show with us? I’ve been watching this show with 4 VERY VERY straight women and a straight man and they’ve shown nothing but love and support for these characters and their relationships. The LGBTQ community is so ass backwards because you want people to love and support us but then you make straight people feel like they aren’t wanted or that it makes you uncomfortable to be around them. To be honest you’re not much better than the homophobes out there. Get off your high horses you’re not special snowflakes because you’re gay or lesbian or pan or WHATEVER. So this is my post saying to all straight people PLEASE ENJOY YURI ON ICE HOWEVER YOU LIKE. If you want to scream at your TV for them to fuck then do it, if you want to tear up because you love their pure relationship then do it. Don’t let anyone feel like you are not allowed to enjoy this show just because you aren’t apart of the LGBT community 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Once again, Hunk was delegated to the role of comedy relief in the season 2 trailer. Hunk is so much more than this. He deserves better. But no. The only glimpse we even really get of him is when he's snoozing and then Keith wakes him up. That and like one glimpse of him dropping down some tunnel thing with Keith and Lance. He should be kicking ass and taking names. He should be shown doing cool maneuvers in his lion like how Pidge, Lance, and Shiro are. Hunk is so smart, so helpful, and so vital to the team. Why does he not get more screen time. Wake up, Dreamworks. Give us more Hunk.


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Just dating Gladiolus Amicitia things:

  • Hoo boy. So you ended up falling for the buff, charismatic shield of the royal family, huh? No one can blame you, a lot of people do like him. They like talking to him, they like looking at him. Basically, just be prepared for that. He knows a lot of people and he has to help keep good relationships with them. Don’t get jealous! It’s just work, he has to do this, it’s part of the duty of family. Don’t keep Gladio from something that’s so important to him. There are some people who will try and maybe sway his affections away from you, but he can handle himself. He’s not only physically stalwart, but emotionally too. Gladio’s got you, anyone else is a gross downgrade.

  • Iris, Gladio’s sister, is a bit of a problem initially in your relationship. Not that she’s actively making trouble, but she doesn’t make much effort to be friendly. It might seem like Gladio takes her side most of the time and he does, but remember he loves his sister a lot. Be understanding of where Iris is coming from; she’s already lost a lot of time with her brother since he’s part of Noctis’ entourage, but its not so bad because they’re Gladio’s friends. You’re his significant other. It’s different to being a friend. Iris suddenly feels like she’s gonna be ousted from her brother’s heart. Don’t be too worried, Iris’ indifferent attitude towards you doesn’t stay for too long. She warms up when she sees how important you really are to Gladio. It’s hard not to see how much he loves you.

  • Gladio has had a lot of practice babysitting a certain prince and looking after a younger sister, so he is really good at looking after you. When you’re sick, expect him to do all the right things to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re on the road to recovery. If you’re working too hard and not really looking after yourself, he’s the one who’ll help you stay hydrated and bring you food and snacks to keep you going. One of your fondest memories is eating Cup Noodle with him in a dimly lit office. You were starving and he brought you the best late night dinner food ever! That evening, when you were way too tired to walk the rest of the way home, Gladio was more than happy to give you a piggy-back ride.

  • So your boyfriend has to keep his body in peak condition because of his work and you’re either impressed by his physique or you’re lying through your teeth. Gladio isn’t as vain as say maybe Noctis or Prompto, but he does keep himself groomed to maintain his rugged good looks. He also likes to tease you because he knows you like looking. It’s hard not to look okay, he goes open shirt/shirtless a lot. Gladio has really nice… everything. Arms, body, everything. He finds the fact that he can easily fluster you with his body hilarious. “C’mon. I know you wanna.” He’ll grab your hand and place your palm flat on his abs so you can have your fill. While he’s shameless about it, you might be dying from embarrassment.

  • “Hey you know what these are made of?” He grins.
    Boyfriend material.”
    “Gladio—no—why am I dating you?!”
    (bless @c-qcatwrites for this one lmao)

  • Before you guys dated, his flirting was relentless and he used everything he had to charm you. He’ll maintain a physical distance when he’s buttering up people for work; arms crossed, kind of closed off body language, but still friendly. When he flirts with you, its up close when he’s looking and smelling good. He’ll touch you, a hand on the shoulder, brush his hand against yours, maybe give you a hug. Closer to the time you were about to become official, if he was really daring he would give you a kiss goodbye on the cheek. It doesn’t go unnoticed that his kisses get closer to your lips each time he does it. Your lips finally meet when you become his though.

I don’t think a lot of people understand the Aquarius archetype or just like…. the sign of Aquarius…. at all. People think they’re not “supposed to” understand them because they are Aquarius; they’re weird, ruled by uranus, offbeat and eccentric. But the archetype itself is the water bearer: they are an air sign. The last air sign. They are here for the conscious collective mind; they rule the 11th house of social networking and friends, hopes & dreams/aspirations. They are the water bearer because they are here to nourish and use their knowledge to aid and help others. They want to shower the world with their knowledge and guidance. Uranus is the higher octave of mercury; it’s genius. Aquarius is the mastery level of thinking. He uses his knowledge to help and look out for others rather than themselves; they use what they know to better the world they live in. Which is why they are associated with rebellion and being advocates, they fight against the social norm of the blatant negativity we see everyday and use what they know to go against it to make it better for all. They represent the conscious collective all in one. They are the 11th sign, the sign before pisces. Pisces, being the last sign, rules the unconscious collective, everything we cannot see. Pisces rules every universal being, visual or not.

Aquarius watches over all of us, as we are all friends to aquarius. It’s like they know everyone somewhat personally, every time they greet someone it’s like they’ve met them in the past and they’re finally seeing them again after years. They are so friendly even if they cannot see it in themselves, and teach others how to be a friend. How to lean on them to help. How to help. It’s very easy to laugh and be yourself around them, they believe individuality is the best quality a person can have. They want to teach everyone most of all that being yourself, free and independent, against what others want you to be, is who you should be and deserve to be.

Why Do You Not Want to Represent Us?

A Discussion on Culture and Erasure

WWC frequently receives asks wondering if it’s alright to have PoC distant from their culture, outright not having one— or even if it’s okay to make something up to fit what the person wants to write about. And we feel the need to ask: why? Why do you only want our looks, our cultural trappings, without ever having a culture? Why do you want to perpetuate the pain of assimilation, of abuse, of violence? Why do you wish to create something “better” for your own gains, instead of taking us as we are?

That is what you are doing, every time you do not put in all of us, or create something to fit your own whims over our reality. We are more than our skin and outward appearance of difference. We are more than a collection of traits. We are more than stereotypes of what you think we are. Our ethnicities colour every aspect of our lives and, while we aren’t thinking about it all the time, we are aware of it. We were built by it. We live it every day. 

Representation is more than simply “I have brown people.” It is “I have this segment of culture respected in my story.” It means “this character is me”, which means this character must be built by the same factors that built us— our culture. Our real culture, not modified with “artistic licence” to make a “better” plot.

By stripping us of our ethnicities, you are stripping away our hearts. You are stripping away our homes. You are writing stories that simply remind us the world sees our bodies and cultures as playthings. As if our souls can be fragmented and split apart so you can tell yourself “I’m being diverse.” How can you say that when we do not see ourselves in your work? You are not doing anyone any justice. You have failed to understand the concept of what representation even is: a person’s life in media.

While we are no different from the majority in terms of our minds, our passions, our ideas, we are different in where we come from. Our experience was shaped by our culture and in order to show us as true characters, you must give your own characters our ethnicity’s history. Our comforts will be different from yours because we grew up being comforted by different things. Our favourites will be different because we hold different things at higher value.

Assimilating us with your actions— refusing to do the proper work involved to truly build a character of Color with as rich a background as white characters— simply perpetuates the pain of being marginalized. It’s lazy. 

That also isn’t to say that people without complex relationships to their ethnicities exist, but ask yourself: are you the person to tell this story? Chances are, you are not. Leave narratives of pain to the people who’ve lived it, where they belong. We are not your stock plots. 

Respect us enough to take all of us, not just the parts you want. To do anything else would be an injustice.


k but charmer where chowder and farmer get married young. like. before graduating samwell young.

farmer isn’t all for the “love at first sight then” and then this kid literally crashes into her life and she’s like, forever wouldn’t be so bad with you!!! and then she’s like, oh shit

so like, farmer proposes after briefly bringing it up to chowder who was like?? i’d do anything to be a great husband!!! i wanna make my wife happy as much as i possibly can!!!!!! and like farmer’s like ok i love u even more and so she buys some nice looking, kind of worn, gold bands from a thrift store and is like “marry me, right now, i’m not shitting yOU CHOW”

so, duh, chowder cries a bit and then!!!! WEDDING PLANNING!!!!

chowder can’t decide who his best man will be and so nursey and dex are both his best man. (………………………ofc they’re gonna hook up at the wedding ok) and farmer brings along march and april for her maid of honors.

headcanon that farmer was one of those girls who were like “i don’t like princesses!!!!” but secretly wanted to wear a tiara like all the time so!!!!! at her wedding she gets to be a goddamn princess ok. she doesn’t wear a tiara down the aisle but she does at the reception!!!! chowder cries again and can’t stop crying. 


speaking of which: jack brings along some hockey friends, who proceed to bring along their own hockey friends, and suddenly half of the sharks team is there and chowder faints and farmer begins to fan herself “oh lord”

f u ck m e  u p if they dance to any song from beauty and the beast i’ll start crying

like. imagine them being like thirty and the amount of people whose eyes will bug out their head when they say that they’re celebrating their TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR MARRIAGE FUCK IT UPPPPPPPPP

remember how trump supporters/third-party voters loved to bring up trump’s isolationist foreign “policy” as a reason why he would be the a better president than mean old “killary”?

well, in a speech he held at CIA’s headquarters on jan. 21, your new orange fascist president openly informed the CIA, in front of several TV cameras, that he may start another iraq war just to steal their oil

and no, i’m not exaggerating, that’s literally what he said:

Trump also asserted his oft-stated belief that the United States bungled its exit from the country by not taking Iraq’s oil. “If we kept the oil, we wouldn’t have had ISIS in the first place,” Trump reasoned, saying that was how the Islamic State terrorist group made its money.

“The old expression, to the victor belong the spoils,” Trump said. He added, “We should’ve kept the oil. But, okay, maybe we’ll have another chance.” -  source [x]

so great job guys!

clearly trump was the lesser of two evils

Klaus ‘’crazy or not that kind of love never dies.’’ Mikaelson

Klaus ‘’and that’s why you’re her better option. i personally think she’s wasting her time with Damon.’’ Mikaelson

Klaus ‘’personally i don’t see a fairytale ending for you. all i see is Stefan and Elena. I think you see the same thing.’’ Mikaelson

Klaus ‘’must be hard trying to live up to Stefan. I remember when I compelled him to feed off Elena. He fought it so hard he actually managed to resist. now that’s love.’’ Mikaelson

Klaus ‘’this is fascinating i’ve never seen this before. the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.’’ Mikaelson

homeboy is one of us, it’s obvious. 

To all young sapphics out there, I just wanted to let you know that you’re real and valid and you will find love with a woman someday.

I’m a lesbian and I used to be terrified that I would never find a girl who loved me, which is part of why I tried to convince myself that I liked boys. I thought it would be easier. But I did, I have a girlfriend now and being with a girl who loves me is a thousand times better than trying to convince myself that I like boys. No matter whether you’re bi or pan or gay you are capable of finding love with a woman, it just takes us a bit longer to find that, which is totally okay.


Ma'am, you say you don’t have what it takes to do battle with these people. You do. You were drilled for years in the finer points of our Constitution. You know it better than me, better than all of us. You have the only education that matters. So what would you have me do? Summon them and give them a good dressing down like children. Why would they stand for that? Because they’re English, male and upper class. A good dressing down from Nanny is what they most want in life.

Scientia Potentia Est

What I love most about Finn continuing to wear Poes jacket is imagining it still has a gaping slash from the lightsaber wound but it doesn’t matter because like hell is he ever letting go of the jacket.

Everyone at the Resistance Base knows better than to comment on it, but one day a new recruit makes the mistake of asking why Finn wears such a ratty old jacket. Everyone in the mess hall silently groans as Finn launches into his classic speech yet again.

“You don’t know a thing about me. Where I’ve been. What I’ve seen. How amazing my boyfriend is. Kyle Ron tried to separate us once and I stabbed him in the fucking shoulder.”

I really do believe that at least part of the problem of people distrusting science has to do with how we as scientists portray ourselves.

We have actively created a system where we derive authority from being seen as better/smarter/more competent than everyone else and then when people ask why they should trust us we respond with a very condescending version of ‘because SCIENCE IS FACT’ or something along those lines.

Like, consider how that would feel from the outside? Here are a small group of people who you have never met/interacted with who sequester themselves in impenetrable ~elite institutions that you can’t access and don’t feel party to who then tell you that what they say is fact because they’re smarter and better educated than you. And if you ever try to question them (no matter how reasonable your objections may be/seem to you) they condescendingly pat you on the head and say something like ‘don’t worry we know better. you can’t possibly understand what we do.’

Why the hell would you trust them? 

No one likes being told that they’re not smart enough to understand something, and no one likes feeling excluded from something they’ve essentially been asked to accept sight unseen. 

I don’t really have a solution to this, except some vague notion about working harder to portray scientists as people working a job, rather than geniuses who are above it all. 

And like trying harder to understand where people are coming from when they question science. And remembering that being better educated than most doesn’t make us smarter than most. It just makes us better trained in certain types of thinking.

I just think we need to keep in mind what we are asking of people. Which is to put a whole hell of a lot of faith in us.

I finished this a couple of days ago, but I’ve been too anxious to submit it. ._ .”
I do sometimes draw transformers but it takes srsly 20 sketches to draw one better than the others. But more human anatomy and robots overall isn’t really my strong point in drawing.Which is why I don’t show them. :I

Anyway! Here we have tha bird Starscream! Used a ton of references but was really fun. OwO