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Why did you join Tumblr? Like did anyone introduce you to it? Or did you jump in?

Ah! Well, little anon, I actually used Facebook before I got on this here site ’^^
I’d heard a few people mention Tumblr as a better place to post art, and I’d also been following a lot of UT pages, and often followed the links to check up on various Tumblrs of artists that I liked.
Blame it on undertale XD
I ended up getting a Tumblr after awhile cuz I didn’t wanna just follow links anymore. It miiiight have been @doodles23 who helped the process along…?
In any case, I like this platform better than Facebook. Less formal, more chill, and I can do this ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ without anyone asking what kind of face it’s supposed to be XD


I found this sketchbook in a restaurant and It may be impossible but I want to find the author.

The sketchbook was found in El Albaicín, Granada, Spain and I think the artist isn’t Spanish, maybe a Chinese tourist or someone who are learning Chinese but who knows u_u

In the drawings you can see some monuments of differents sites of Spain, that’s why I think she/he could be a tourist D:

I already tweeted it and a lot of people are sharing (all my love for you guys<3) but I want to try to find him/her here too


Did you ask the restaurant staff if they know it?: I’m the restaurant staff, I work there and we can’t remember who is the owner, sorry

- Did you use the reverse image search in Google?: Yes, I do and got nothing u_u

- Can you check the CCTV?: Em… no…  We don’t have it in the terrace and my boss would never let me see them

What you could do is put a note at the door of the restaurant saying ‘have you lost…?’ : I’m the only one in the restautrant who cares about this and again my boss would never let me do that.

If they are a tourist and you just found it recently, they are probably still travelling and might not check their social media as often: Yes, I know, but maybe someone can recognize his/her style or something 

Please, just share and help me to find him/her ;_;

Thank you!

It’s pretty fucking telling that people in this hell site were perfectly willing to uncritically reblog posts that falsely labelled Gal Gadot as an bloodthirsty sniper-assassin who ate the bones of gentile children, but when major news outlets report that neo-Nazis are marching in Virginia chanting “Jews will not replace us,” y'all suddenly become CSI detectives trying to isolate audio clips in an effort to prove they were only saying “You will not replace us,” and that we’re not being targeted.

Some of y'all need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourselves why you’re willing to believe the worst about Jewish people without question from unsourced shitposts but not reports of virulent anti-Semitism coming from reputable news sources.

A lot of bi women are trapped in the mindset that it’s futile to pursue attraction to women. Their attraction to women is discouraged - by homophobia, bullying, heteronormativity, and even intracommunity biphobia (whether anyone wants to admit to that or not) - and most of them are closeted and isolated from other women who love women to begin with. So they shrug and think that it’s just easier and safer for them to pursue men and only men, to believe that their future will involve a man and that’s how it will be for the rest of their life. It’s a “why bother?” sentiment. Why bother, they ask themselves, when they’re at risk for bullying or abuse? Why bother when people see them as fake or lusty or sites of sexual objectification? Why bother when people externally impose the “you’ll end up with a man” ideal? Why bother when their bisexuality is invalidated no matter who they’re with or what they do? 

Why bother indeed. 

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I'm a beginner in Chinese and having a hard time finding out where to start. What would you recommend?

@defendthechibi: mmmmdamn. ok, so Chinese is not a lang I approached on my own, I started in a class, but with that said here’s some combination of how that went down and what I would suggest (if you are a self-learner of Chinese pls do add):

1. Get a fucking fantastic foundation in pinyin and tones. I cannot emphasize this enough—start good habits now or it’ll be really terrible to find out no one understands you because you were like “tone, I’ll come back to that!” Here is a very nice pinyin chart with literally every syllable combination recorded with every tone. Here’s a pinyin practice game. If you can get someone who already speaks Mandarin to help that’s of course ideal, especially for the retroflex sounds, but not essential. Either way make sure you practice speaking aloud. Here’s a funny tone explanation that’s secretly great.

2. Pick a book and stick with it. So this is not Mandarin-specific, but I find that self-learners (myself included) have a habit of starting like three different texts for one language and it’s a mess. Decide if you wanna start with traditional or simplified characters, then pick a textbook, it wont be perfect because nothing is, and maybe just a grammar book for reference. We used Integrated Chinese in class, but I don’t know that I’d recommended it for soloing, Practice Makes Perfect has great other books I’ve used and seems like a better choice. This series is good grammar help, and so is Modern Mandarin Chinese grammar (pdf). When looking for textbooks I recommend reading reviews and also taking into consideration the time/pace you want to work at. Learning a language is a lifetime thing so really you just gotta start somewhere and plow ahead. (also check what the library has!)

2.5 Don’t buy those damn books of character lists. I’m sure you’ve seen them, “memorizing hanzi!” “500 common characters!” whaaaatever. Whatever textbook yr using will tell you what characters you need right then, and if that’s not enough there are plenty of frequency lists online. More importantly, do learn the radicals When it comes to actually getting characters into your brain it’s some combination of mnemonic device (which works better if you make it up, not if some rando writer does anyway) and rote muscle memory—so all you need is paper. Get square/grid paper and pay attention to proportions or if you must get a book, get one that has practice space. Skritter is amazing and wonderful and I cannot praise it enough but also it is not free. But like if yr really serious you’ll probably have to put some money down somewhere. Whatever you do, do not buy Chineasy it is a plague upon our language learning household. (note: some people suggest not learning characters until after awhile of studying spoken. That sounds sort of terrible to me, and it also means you won’t be able to engage with anything Chinese online. But it is a thing, and sites like YablaFluentU, and ChinesePod could be a way to go [and are good anyway])

3. Practice, practice, practice! Ok cool you started doing some stuff! Check you out! If you want to get feedback start posting snippets on Lang-8, you can even meet people to skype with. Or if you want (and have a smart phone) you can get a chat buddy on hellotalk. Maybe there’s a meetup group in your area who knows. Make yourself/download an Anki deck, etc. etc. Just try to always do a little something everyday. I think because of characters Chinese has a particularly steep learning curve—I still can’t open a webpage and just like read it—so it might be better to focus on practicing what you know rather than trying to engage too much with “actual” Chinese. That said….

4. Don’t loose hope, find fun things in Chinese. Even if it’s not actively practicing your language skills, find ways to enjoy Chinese that don’t drain you like too much studying will. Listen to music,  read about idiomswatch movies, or if you’re a nerd like me, read about Chinese linguistics! If you have a hobby, you can find stuff on your hobby in Chinese. e.g. here is a whole cooking channel that is also subbed in English.  DramaFever has, duh, lots of dramas, but is not free. 

I hope that sounds like a setup for success! Here’s some dictionaries: MDGB, HanziCraft, lineDict (let’s you draw characters). If you have a smartphone get Pleco. Here’s a thing that annotates text & has rollover translation: MandarinSpot (maybe get a plug-in if yr into those). Here are general help sites: SayJACK  & Chinese Grammar Wiki. There are so so so many other resources out there, but rather than stockpile them all right now I think it’s better to focus on whatever textbook/system you chose and just start moving. Once you have a little more of a base then look for cool blogs or whatever works well for YOU. 

If there was something more specific you wanted just throw that @ me. If people have suggestions you can send them in and I’ll compile them so we don’t have to reblog this massive thing  くコ:彡  くコ:彡  くコ:彡 


The episode ended a few minutes ago so this is what I remember from the conversation.

Basically Master Fu explained what happen when ladybug’s earrings and chat noir’s ring are used together. It gave absolute power who can grant a wish.

Marinette then ask why they don’t used them to stop war or eradicate poverty.

So listen master fu explain that when we make a wish something in return is taken. He gives the example of Markov who wanted to become human. If markov had realize his vow to become human then someone else would have lost his humanity.

Edit: The episode is already on tf1 site so I rewatched the scene and master fu also talk about a special invocation. You need to know the invocation to be able to use the power of the miraculouses. He also talk about how the power shapes the reality and the universe must keep its balance.

When an ugly old man asks why your pretty young self is interested in him, you can say something like this. It works for regular dating sites, where you can’t say outright that you’re a sugar baby. It’s also good for men who say they aren’t interested in a “gold digger”. Obviously don’t use this exactly, we don’t want to all be out there saying the exact same thing, but it’s very effective. Good luck out there sugar sisters!!

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen on this site for women in a new relationship with a man was talking about your period in a super casual way. I really do think it’s a great indicator of who they are.

Mine for instance, when asking me why I was getting up to pause my show and hearing my response of:

“Going to boil the cup that goes in my vagina because my period started.”

Then proceed to take it from me and did it himself so I could finish my show.

Like, media tells us to want flowers and grand romantic gestures but I want a dude who will hold a Diva Cup in his hand and sanitize it without a thought so I can watch a BBC drama.

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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

Star Light, Star Bright

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Star Light, Star Bright
Ship: Shooting Star/ Guardian Angel!Jimin | Reader
Description: When you wish upon a star, you never really think he’d come to visit.
Warnings: Fluff, Intercourse, Fingering, Slight Cum Play, Slight Dirty Talk, ANGST
Word Count: 7,595
A/N: Fluffier (sorta) than my other writings, and maybe not as dirty. It’s still there though. I was starting to think I’d never get around to writing this but I’m so glad I finally finished!

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{Special} College!AU Taeyong
  • major: medical laboratory science 
  • minor:  mathematics 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: was a part of math club and won a regional competition when he was only a freshman,,,,the math dept begged him to switch majors but he said he wouldn’t be able to handle a degree that made him a teacher,,,,,because schools can be,,,,,,,a mess  
  • taeyong is like the model student and everyone in his major thinks he’s a genius,,,,,,,,,,,,but in reality he just stays up three nights in a row neurotically drinking coffee and listening to edm remixes of like jazz songs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like that is the Truth of his college life
  • was originally going to go into pre-med,,,,but when an emt came to visit and was like “sometimes blood just gets everywhere! and i mean EVERYWHERE” taeyong was like,,,,,,,,,,well he first got out his hand sanitizer and decided then and there that working with machines and in a lab was his aesthetic instead
  • having random people cough on you in the ER is not
  • like blood is cool in the study of hematology and taeyong will get enthusiastic over working with new specimens in his microbiology lab
  • but ,,,,,,, he’s a theory person,,,,,,he wants to help doctors figure out why someone is sick and then the doctors can treat them
  • taeyong is a-ok being behind the studying and lab work,,,,not on the front lines
  • which is baffling to most people because taeyong puts effort into going unnoticed but,,,,it’s Impossible to not notice him
  • even in his lab coat, thick framed glasses, and the usual perfectly bland outfit of black jeans and a button down,,,,,,someone might be like haha what nerd
  • but,,,,,,,one look at his face and it’s like WOAH WHAT 
  • and countless times on his way to his internship or when he’s out getting lunch wtih jaehyun and ten people will be like excuse me,,,are you a model? a site model? a idol? are u on some tv show?
  • and taeyong seriously doesn’t get why he gets asked this so many times,,,,every time humbly apologizing that he’s not the person they’re looking for and getting a little anxious when people are obviously taking photos of him
  • like the amount of times jaehyun has literally had to get up and sit in front of taeyong so people wouldn’t be noisy is insane
  • and the amount of times ten has started an argument on taeyong’s behave is even more because ten is always like taEYONG YOU HANDSOME FRIEND OF MINE I GeT THAT u R BEAUTiFUL but WhY DO peOPLE JusT DISREGARD UR prIVAC-
  • and taeyong always has to calm ten down but all of their friends agree that it’s super weird and gets out of hand
  • but taeyong is too nice to shut it down himself,,,,,so most of the time he slips on those glasses and a hat when he goes out and avoids looking people in the eyes
  • johnny once came over to his dorm and was like “bro i got you this wig. wear it if things get too creepy.” unfortunately the wig was the bright color red and mark was like hey johnny i know ur a senior and all but,,,,,,is ur head in the game,,,bro,,,please,,,
  • is the designated mom of his dorm’s floor because he has evERYTHING on hand from extra chargers, to a first aid kit, to pain killers
  • and every time someone comes into his room (taeyong begged for a single bed,,,,roommates can get a Bit) they’re always amazed at how a boy in college keeps his room sparkling clean
  • and i literally mean sparkling his bed sheets are white, his desk is completely free of everything except his laptop and a cup to hold pens in,,,,,his closet is organized by color: white, black, grey, and brown
  • and he has a little whiteboard where he writes due dates and everyone is like ur seriously a star student why cant i be clean and organized like u
  • except they don’t understand,,,anytime before finals the clean room turns into disarray,,,,,like taeyong literally pulls all his covers off the bed and takes power naps at his desk only to wake up with post-it notes stuck to his face
  • and when finals are over he goes on a cleaning spree in which he offers to do the laundry for everyone on his floor because it calms his nerves
  • he’s a sweet, polite, hard-working kid tbh with the face of an actual god which makes some people think he’s stuck up when he’s the absolute least from it
  • like taeyong is that kid that tutors his seniors for FREE in subjects they should be tutoring him in like what an angel?????/
  • anyway you’re taking organic chemistry with him this semester but the only problem is ,,,,,,you transferred in the middle of the year and therefore are completely falling behind
  • to the point where you don’t even care about saving your grade because no one wants to help and the teacher is super like “well,,,,,,,,,,do it urself im not doing it for u” kinda stick up their butt situation
  • so u start skipping class
  • because everything else ur doing fine in,,,,u have people sharing notes and teachers who get ur situation but organic chem????? the Devil
  • until one day as ur standing in line at the school cafe and u feel a tap on ur shoulder 
  • and u turn around to see this guy,,,,,who u know but ur not sure from where until he’s like “taeyong,,,,im in your organic chem class.” and you roll your eyes at the name of that class but then ur like sORRy,,,,,it’s just that class is so,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ive noticed you’ve stopped coming,,,,,is the material too hard?”
  • and you kind of are taken aback because this chem class isn’t ,,,,,,small it’s a lecture hall full of like 150 people and he noticed,,,,,,you?
  • but you shrug not wanting to come off like ,,,,, obvious and ur like “i transferred and a lot of things didn’t make sense,,,,so i gave up? ill just retake the class next semester.”
  • but taeyong frowns and for a moment you think to yourself: how does someone still look so attractive frowning wth
  • but ur like “it’s whatever, it can’t be helped.” but taeyong is like ,,,,,,,if,,,,if you still want help,,,,,,i can help you
  • and for a moment you’re gonna laugh because there’s like four weeks left of classes,,,,,,the only way to save your grade is to ace the big course final
  • but taeyong seems to fidget a bit when u don’t answer and he goes “b-but if it’s weird,,,,if i seem we,,weird,,,,,,im sor-”
  • and you’re like no no it’s not you,,,it’s just,,,how can u teach me so much in so little time ?? it’d be a lot of work on ur part and we don’t even know each other?
  • but taeyong seems unfazed by the amount of work,,,,tbh he smiles a little when u mention how it’ll take hard work and u dont know because ur new to the school but it’s because every1 always tells taeyong he does too much and works too hard,,,,,but to him it’s all fun like he has fun in his major
  • and he shakes his head and looks at you and again u catch urself sinking a little into his dark,,,pretty eyes and he’s like “im in ,,, if you’re in.”
  • and the line has moved up and the bored looking girl behind the register asks what you’d like to order and ur like ,,,,, one sec- and she’s like i don’t have time tell me so you say ur order,,,turn back to taeyong and ur like “ok,,,,let’s try.” and he’s like “meet me in the library at 8.”
  • and you watch him give a little bow and turn around and for a moment u cant be really sure that just happened,,,,,,,most people in college dont waltz up to others to offer to tutor them,,,,,
  • but as u pay the girl for ur coffee she goes “don’t try asking taeyong out. he never dates.” and ur like ????? what a guy like him definitely has a significant other????? right?????
  • so 8pm comes around and u bring a fresh notebook and the textbook u bought for the class and find that u dont even have to look for a seat because u can see taeyong already at one of the tables
  • and he’s got his lab coat over his chair,,,,his laptop open with some charts up and a heavy looking medical dictionary ,,,, he looks like a straight up doctor tbh 
  • and u sit down,,,startling taeyong who’s glasses slip down his nose just a bit until he’s chuckling and closing his laptop 
  • and u think how good of a tutor can he be to help someone as hopelessly lost as u,,,,,,,,,,,,but the minute taeyong begins to explain it’s like,,,,it’s like everything makes /sense/
  • nothing is complicated or abstract,,,,and u can’t help but be entranced by his smooth, slightly deep voice and the way he points out keywords and writes down formulas in near perfect handwriting 
  • like everything about him is so Professional he’s like,,,he’s like a professor,,,,
  • and it’s kind of super cute how when u ask him to repeat something he doesn’t get ticked off,,,no he gets excited because it’s obvious,,,,this is something taeyong loves
  • and at the end of ur first study session u feel so much better about everything
  • to the point that u even show up to ur class the next day and taeyong doesn’t look up from his notes,,,,,so u cant say hi but,,,,,suddenly it’s not like the teacher is talking nonsense
  • and every other day taeyong comes to the library to teach u,,,although he moves the time up to 10pm and ur not sure,,,maybe classes or clubs
  • and by the sixth time as ur packing up to leave taeyong goes “i see ur coming to class, that makes me happy.” and u don’t know why but,,,,,,,
  • just saying that,,,,,,,,it,,,,,it makes ur heart skip a beat
  • but u remember the words of the girl from the cafe about taeyong never dating and u itch to ask him,,,,but u don’t want to make this relationship more awkward
  • which is why the only time u do ask is when u end up in another class of urs partnered up with yuta and taeil,,,,two boys who immediately go “you’re the one taeyong is tutoring right?” and you’re like,,,yes??? and yuta scratches his head and is like “for organic chem or for immunology? or wait,,,,he’s giving someone tennis lessons too right taeil??” and ur like wow,,,taeyong sure helps a lot of people
  • and taeil nudges yuta but nods and is like “taeyong is really too nice for his own good,,,,,,,,,,” and u nod and try to focus on the project,,,but taeil gives u this like ???? knowing smile
  • and ur like ,,,, w-whats up and taeil is like “u want to know if taeyong is seeing someone?” and u straighten up because ur like ,,,,, UM,,, no-
  • and yuta laughs into his palm and is like “it’s ok,,,i know taeyong as a fellow pretty boy everyone always asks us that” and taeil rolls his eyes but he’s like “he’s not, he hasn’t dated anyone in college.” and from the shock on ur face yuta can only nod his head and go “i know,,,it shocks all of us,,,,,,hot girls and hot guys and everyone else all the hot people on campus have made moves on him but he just,,,,,,”
  • and yuta throws up his hands in defeat and taeil shrugs and for a second u think,,,,,,,,well what kind of chance to i stand,,,,,,,but u shake it off and ur like “maybe he’s just waiting!! he’s really nice i hope he finds someone.” 
  • and with that u leave after class,,,realizing that taeyong is helping u from the goodness of his heart,,,,,not because he might harbor something towards u,,,,and u need to accept that
  • but what u dont realize is that as u head toward ur dorm,,,,,taeyong is waiting in the library and when u don’t show up,,,,he goes into a panic
  • and the next day in organic chem he comes rushing up to
  • and for the first time his perfect face is scarred with worry and his hair is a mess and he looks like he hasn’t slept and he’s like,,,,,a,,,,are you ok?? and ur like yes wh- and he seems to calm down and even get embarrassed a bit as he steps back and is like “wi-will you come to the library tomorrow??” and ur like ofc omg 
  • and as ur trying to concentrate,,,u look over to see taeyong dozing off,,,,something he never does,,,,and u wonder why he didn’t sleep
  • and when u go for tutoring taeyong seems a little more reserved,,,,like usually if u make a joke he’ll laugh or if ur fingers brush it’s nothing
  • but now it seems like he’s keeping his distance,,,,,a bit more than usual and u want to ask if something is wrong,,,,,
  • so when ur done with the problem set he has and he gets up almost as if he’s in a hurry,,,,ur reach out and ask him if he’s ok and taeyong,,,looking down at your hand on his wrist ,,,, mumbles that u didn’t show up to tutoring so he thought he’d messed up but u explain that it just slipped ur mind,,,,,,taeyong could never do something wrong
  • and taeyong,,,,looks up at you and smiles just a bit and he’s like “if i do do something wrong,,,please tell me and ill fix it.”
  • and,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,the pureness of his voice,,,,the way he’d gotten so worried over you,,,,,it makes your heart burst because where else could someone find such a damn near perfect boy
  • and before you can think and stop yourself from speaking you ask; “the final is in a week,,,,,after,,,,,would you want to go out?”
  • taeyong seems to need a moment to register what u mean,,,,but when he does,,,,it’s like all the heat in his body has rushed up into his face and he stutters over an answer until he just goes “im sorry,,,,,,,” and that’s enough for you to get the hint
  • you apologize at least ten times and ur like thIS is awkward,,,ill go and make a dash for the door as quickly as possible
  • because everything is so damn EMBARRASSING and ur like WHAT WERE U THINKING @ yourself the whole time u go to your dorm
  • and for a good hour u just lay down with ur head in ur pillow like gkhdlfjssdf whY DID I OPEN MY MOUTH
  • but taeyong,,,,,who also gets to his dorm just sets down his laptop and tries to think himself,,,why,,,,,,,why did he say im sorry?? when he wanted to say yes,,,,,
  • and the week goes by and the final comes and goes and at the end u want to ball ur eyes out because well one that final was hARD AS HELL but thanks to taeyongs help u feel like u did decently,,,,,but also the whole time u couldn’t help but look over at taeyong and not once,,,,,,did u guys cross eyes
  • and ur convincing urself that he’s forgotten about it,,,,,about you and helping you,,,and every night u spent in the library getting closer and god dammit if u hadnt gotten all worked up over him saying he was worried thiS wouldnt have happened
  • until you walk right into someone and they’re like “woah! watch yourself” and you look up to see the familiar face of taeil and ur like oh right whoops we got an A on our project did u get the email? and taeil nods but he’s like “more importantly,,,,,,,,hows taeyong?”
  • and ur like ?????????/ idk im not his frie-
  • and taeil is like ur not??? taeyong literally tutored u right after his internship for four weeks straight sacrificing his time for u and ur not even friends? doubt it
  • and ur like wait what
  • and taeyong is like yEAH why do u think u had to meet so damn late the poor guy had a class load + an internship in a lab + tutoring and believe me as kind as he is,,,,,,he wouldn’t go to such lengths for a stranger
  • and u can’t believe it,,,,like at all,,,,,,but u feel like such an asshole and ur like “do u know where-” and taeil is like “bus stop near the gym. he should be going there n-” and ur like thANKS SEE U LATER TELL YUTA WE GOT AN A BECAUSE HE NEVER CHECKS HIS EMAIL
  • and as u run u can see taeyong,,,holding his lab coat and his shoulder bag at the stop and u don’t know how much time u have till the bus comes
  • but when u show up in front of him,,,huffing and puffing taeyong immediately worries and tries to offer u his water and ur like no no listen to me 
  • and he’s lie ???? with wide eyes and ur like “im sorry. i never thanked u for tutoring me and we left of on an awkward note and it was sUPER embarrassing but if we could push it aside like i really like u,,,,,,,,but like i want to be ur friend first and foremost because i think ur great and u helped me pass that satanic class and i just didnt know u were staying up so late to tutor me and i just i have a lot more to say but most of all thank you so much taeyong. i appreciate what you did for me.”
  • and u cant believe u had enough breath for all that but taeyong,,,,taeyong is smiling,,,,,,,and it’s the smile that makes his usually stoic, handsome face turn somewhat childish and warm
  • and he puts his hand out to carefully take yours and he’s like 
  • “im happy i could help, but also i,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you think he’s holding ur hand in like ???A friendly way??? but taeyong is literally also shaking??? and ur like is he nervous???
  • but taeyong finally swallows the lump in his throat and goes “but also i don’t want to push what you asked me aside. i,,,,,,,i want to take you on a date,,,,,,,can i?”
  • and you can hear the bus approaching and you can see taeyong’s eyes flash between yours and the road and you know you need to answer
  • but ur like stuck and the bus doors open and taeyong is like “i need to let go but tell me-”
  • and he’s halfway up the steps when you get up into the bus with him and the driver is like ? and you lean up to kiss his cheek and you’re like 
  • “yes,,,,,,,please take me on a date. it would make me really happy.”
  • and the bus driver is like hello are u also getting on and taeyong turns cherry red but he tells u he’ll call - but wait ur number - and ur like oh !! message taeil he has it we were partners and taeyong is like ok!!
  • and the driver is like AHEM but this nice old lady is like “don’t ruin their moment”
  • and basically,,,,you get off the bus and wave to taeyong in the window as it leaves and practically skip back to school because oh my god the undateable taeyong,,,,,,just asked you on a dATE
  • and the date,,,,,,is so simple and sweet 
  • everyone thinks taeyong is some stuck up snob with high taste but nooooope in reality u two go to a cafe that specialize in board games and u guys play monoply on ur first damn date and then some connect four and when u beat him at jenga ur pretty sure he might cry
  • but ur like “taeyong,,,,,,top of ur major and yet,,,,,,,bad at jenga?” and he’s like !!!!!!!! im not rematch!!!!11
  • but u win again and poor taeyong has his head in his hands but he’s having fun and gladly does the penalty (which is buying u guys two more drinks)
  • and it’s like afterwords u learn that taeyong is not flashy,,,,,he takes so much happiness in just walking u to ur dorm afterwords and when u tease him about jenga he just bites his lip and mumbles that it just wasn’t his night tonight,,,,,,
  • and when you lean up to kiss him gently taeyong mumbles against your skin if it’s alright to take u out on a second date and u think how cute,,,,but completely agree
  • and two dates turn into more dates and before u know it u and taeyong are dating with matching couple rings to prove it 
  • which yuta thinks is cheesy but taeil just tells him to shut it and be happy for taeyong 
  • but on a real note taeyong takes dating as seriously as his studies,,,he puts his efforts into making you happy and learning more about you
  • and it’s so adorable when he’ll point something out and be like “it reminds me of you!” and,,,,it’s like,,,,,,,what an observant, caring boyfriend 
  • you tell taeyong once you don’t like this specific kind of fruit so when u guys get a fruit salad he asks if u want him to pick out the ones u dont like and u just laugh and go i can just not eat them!!! and he gets red,,,,but like it’s the sentiment that counts
  • taeyong works most of his week and studies super hard so u don’t get to go out a lot and taeyong apologizes for that
  • but you just hold his face in your hands and tell him that no. his studies come first because it’s his future
  • and once taeyong mumbled that he hopes ur his future too and it made ur heart,,,,,,,,,it literally made ur heart burst and you were like taeyong don’t say things like that and he was like im sorry,,,but why not
  • and u were like because it makes me want to kiss u and u have calculus homework right 
  • people that took pics of taeyong when u go out always just get super long glares from u and at one point u were like “that’s illegal i can sue on behave of my boyfriend”
  • and taeyong was like ,,,,angel it’s ok,,,,,,,but u were like anyone who wants to disrespect him come @ me i will prote-
  • u and ten get along really well just fyi
  • taeyong introduces u to mark and ur just like !!!!!! wow!!!!! so adorable and taeyong is like rIGHT he’s so cute he’s my son and mark is like ??? but both u and taeyong dote on him and sometimes he’s like guys,,,,please,,,,
  • but most of the time he likes it because u and taeyong will cook for him if he asks LOL
  • for someone who hides behind his glasses taeyong sends u selfies whenever he’s with mark because he’s like !!!!!! look how cute
  • but also sometimes he sends some of himself and he’s like ‘i look so bad ive been studying for 4 hours’ but in reality. he doesn’t look bad. he looks like a model. what the heck. what the actual heck
  • taeyong keeps his desk super clean but he’s recently let u put up some photos in frames,,,one of them is his sister ,,, another his parents,,, then one of him and his friends ,,,,,,,and then one of u guys,,,,shyly holding hands under fireworks and it’s cute
  • because before he used to keep everything completely in check but when u doodle a heart on his whiteboard he can’t erase it,,,,he just thinks of u and smiles
  • doesn’t share his hoodies but it’s ok because when u hug him his smell gets stuck in ur clothes and u love it
  • u taught taeyong how to use emojis the right way because when u sent him a bunch of hearts he was like ‘isn’t one enough’ and u were like taeyong no i love u much more than one heart emoji and he was like oh! i should sent more too because i love u so much and it was cORNY but so damn cute
  • his pda is kept to a minimum because taeyong sees intimacy as something very special and he always wants to make sure it’s shared between you and him 
  • and he’ll like it when u take control because taeyong wants to do anything to please u and sometimes u have to remind him that it’s ok for him to indulge
  • and he’ll just shyly hide into ur neck but it’s ok because when u run ur hands down his spine u can hear a low sound from him and it’s,,,,,,hot
  • also loves being kissed on the back of his neck like the nape it always makes him really soft and if he’s overworking himself 
  • ull like come up from behind while he’s hunched over a book and kiss his nape and he’ll completely kind of loosen up and let u drag him out for a snack so he doesn’t die in all his class notes
  • and taeyong tells u after sometime that dating,,,,,and being close to people always worried him because he didn’t know if he could make someone happy
  • but you tell him that he makes u the most happy,,,,even if he has quirks about him and gets excited over math,,,,,that’s so adorable to you
  • like you’re the one person that taeyong should never be scared of hurting,,,,,,because you know how much effort he puts into his work and u know he’d never do anything to harm u or his friends
  • and it’s cute,,,,,,u wait for him to get back to campus after his internship and taeyong is always like !!!!! it’s cold and dark dont 
  • but ur always there and when he gets off the bus he makes u wait till it leaves but then u guys kiss and it’s cute and u laugh against each others lips
  • and although taeyong doesnt like to share his clothes he’ll pull his lab coat over the two of u and be like “kiss me again” and ur like ooo someone is actually more into pda than we thought?? and he’s like shy,,,but also u do kiss him and it’s soft
  • my conclusion is college!taeyong is soft ok everyone please be nice to him


college vixx (here) / college bts (here) / college seventeen (here)
college monsta x (here) / college got7 + amber + kard (here)


doddleoddle: It’s sort of trendy to be a little bit sassy online nowadays. Add a frog and tea emoji. You’re being salty, it’s banter, and you feel included, you feel part of something and a little bit naughty. But please please please take a step back. Say the words you type out loud, and imagine how it would sound and feel to the person you’re directing it at in real life. Would it be funny? Or would it sound cutting? Would it hurt you, to see or hear the same thing?

If something’s happening online,


(Hear me out; it’s a catchy hashtag to help you remember.)

STOP: take a moment. Assess the situation. Be objective, and try to see all sides. Check the community guidelines of the site your on.

SPEAK: with kindness. If someone’s being targeted, talk to the people who are targeting. Reach out to ask why, suggest that it’s not right. This can be difficult and scary to start; but you can do it in a way that is kind, and will help everyone, I know you can.

SUPPORT: the victim. Show them they’re not alone, that you’re there to listen, that you’re stepping in between the lines to help out. And also to everyone else involved, too. Usually there is a reason behind being mean.

Today was an incredible day, and I’m so incredibly humbled but honoured to be a part of this new campaign! I feel so inspired; and truly hopeful that this will help. Let’s start a movement please. It’s time to be kinder online :)


anonymous asked:

Could you write about after sex with shawn? I always see about sex itself but no one ever writes about after and if they write it never seems real. From his point of view, you know ?! I know you're not accepting prompt but I decided to try because you're the best writer of this site and why not try ask. have a nice day, lots of love <3

A/N: I hope this is a little bit like what you might’ve wanted!! but it’s something and I haven’t posted in a while so hopefully it’ll fill the void for a little

He comes into the condom only slightly sooner than he would’ve liked. But he’s only 19 and she’s so fucking tight around his cock, you can’t blame him for not quite lasting through her entire orgasm before spilling himself.

He’d wanted to aim for enough stamina to maybe get her coming a second time around him. He’s thought about all five times they’ve had sex now, and each time he can’t get through her clenching around his dick and biting his throat, or his shoulder, or his forearm, or whatever part of him she could reach.

Now it’s his jaw she’s biting as she presses her chest to his and rides out her orgasm from her perch atop him, her hips rocking tightly back and forth. He grips her ass tightly as her cunt milks his cock and he wishes he could last just a bit longer, curses himself for not masturbating more or something.

It’s good anyway, still feels fucking incredible to come while she does, with her writhing desperately against him. He’s becoming addicted to it, he thinks.

He lets her ride out her orgasm with his cock still inside of her, even after he’s spent and can’t bring himself to keep bucking into her. He drops his head back, collapsing down into the bed as his hips rock slowly, a residual motion that’s careful to ease her through the come down.

She’s not biting or kissing at his jaw anymore, just nuzzling her face into his neck as she pants heavily, finally sagging against him. Her small hands find his head, fingers threading through his brown curls and tugging a little as she lets out a satisfied mewl against his skin.

He’s got his hands on her back, on her hips, on her ass - any part of her he can find, he wants to touch. He loves the way her sweat-slick skin feels beneath his calloused fingers as she clings to him, trying to catch her breath.

“So,” he starts, a chuckle bubbling in his throat despite his voice already being so gruff from grunting and groaning, “I guess that was pretty okay, yeah?”

He feels her smile into his neck, then huff a bit as she lifts her head to look down at him. There’s a smirk tugging at her lips when she says, “I don’t know. I think ‘okay’ is too generous.”

“Hey…” he whines a bit, pouting as his hands find purchase on her waist, long fingers wrapping around her small frame.

She laughs, a beautiful sound that he knows she thinks is annoying but he loves more each time he gets to hear it. It takes some effort to keep up his pout when she’s laughing like that.

She kisses his nose, then his cheeks, then his pouting lips until she comes to his ear.  She nips at his earlobe before murmuring, “You always make me come so good, baby.”

Her voice in his ear and the praise in her words give him the burst of energy he needs to flip them over, their bodies still connected intimately as he pins her hands above her head. Her back arches as she looks up at him, wide-eyed and curious as to what his next move will be. He’s wondering the same while he’s distracted by the flush of her skin and the swell of her breasts as her chest heaves beneath his.

He drags his gaze to her full, swollen lips and finally hangs his head for a bruising kiss, his teeth nipping at her lower lip as he growls, “Now I wanna make you come again. See if I can go from good to great.”

The whine that spills past her lips is music to his ears and the only cue he needs to start rolling his hips again. He knows he can’t fuck her like this, needs to pull out and get the condom off then finish her with his lips, but there’s no harm in teasing her like this first.

“Shawn,” she murmurs against his jaw once his lips have found her earlobe. “Dunno if I can come again.”

He doesn’t falter, just licks at the shell of her ear slowly before he pulls away from her completely. He collapses to the side of her, despite her grunt of protest, and yanks the condom off himself so he can toss it in the bin next to the nightstand. She’s sitting up and looking at him when he settles back into the bed with his arms folded behind his head, her brow furrowed in confusion. Normally he’s one to convince her like, ‘yeah, baby, you can come again,’ as he teases her clit or sucks at her neck.

Today, though, he simply wets his lips as he looks up at her and says, “Rest if you need to babe. Then come straddle my face when you’re ready.” He yawns, eyes fluttering closed, snuffling a bit before he mutters, “You know I love it when you ride my tongue,” in a tone way too casual for his words.

She bites her lip and presses her thighs together, her pussy pulsing again already just from his suggestion. He’s so fucking obnoxious in that way. But it’s better than the other ways he could be obnoxious, so she’s not about to complain.

Instead she watches him for a moment, his eyes closed, cheeks flushed, chest heaving. He’s beautiful, and she also wouldn’t mind shutting him up for a bit.

She smiles to herself, then shuffles forward until she can hoist herself over him, straddling his chest as she reaches down to cup his cheeks, leaning over him with her hair hanging around them like a curtain. His eyes blink open and now it’s his turn to give her an wide-eyed look.

“Don’t need to rest?” He asks.

She smirks, shakes her head, then nips at the tip of his nose before murmuring, “Open up, Mendes. I heard you have a tongue worth riding.”

He swears he falls more in love with her with each word and decides he’ll tell her so after she comes again. Right now, though, he simply does as he’s told.

Everything Wrong with Netflix's version of Death Note

(This will be step by step while I watch it)

OBVIOUSLY IT CONTAINS SPOILERS This also does not cover the white washing or anything beyond the story/plot of the movie. Obviously the white washing was reason enough to not watch this disaster but my curiosity got the best of me.

1) who is that girl with dark hair? Is that supposed to be misa..:? If so, why does she seem to have no interest in light at the beginning?
2) Light is a little wuss; normally he would be able to talk himself out of every situation or not be involved with the bullying at all.
3) this principle is a huge dick + why the fuck doesn’t he go after the dude that knocked Light’s lights out?
4) holy shit, lights little bitch scream + freak out in detention
5) why are you hitting yourself?
6) ryuk is the green fucking goblin apparently
7) I personally don’t think light would kill a bully, he tends to go after people who are real criminals, not emotionally compromised teens
8) why the fuck would he go right for decapitation?
9) who is going to clean up that classroom?
10) why didn’t he get in trouble if it was that much of a mess?
11) light’s relationship with his dad is bad. In the anime all he cared about besides becoming the world’s new god + getting rid of baddies was his family.
12) Light’s still afraid of Ryuk after the first meeting… even though an apple rolled out of the opposite side of the room he showed up in to make sure that he was introduced (again).
13) Light doesn’t seem to have a sister so far, and his mom is dead. Sure, it gives him motivation to use the Death Note but they haven’t touched upon the real reason (he was bored) which makes him seem more justified. Which isn’t the point of Death Note. Light’s supposed to be morally compromised.
14) his last name is Turner instead of Yagami
15) he fucking had the death note when “Mia” comes to talk to him and he friggin shows her it. What the fuck, why would he do it? He even showed her that he killed that bully. Light never would have done that. Ever.
16) he shows her how it works + fucking kills in front of her!!!!!
17) he actually likes misa instead of being a bag of dicks and showing everyone that he’s a manipulative asshole like he’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to like this jerk. Although I think I liked him better in the anime compared to this little bitch
18) he hasn’t used the heart attack Death yet, he’s mostly done accidents, which doesn’t fit his MO
19) he fucking outs himself for recognition by making people write in Japanese instead of just keeping quiet and going about his business. Sure, Light has an ego but he wouldn’t want to have people investigating him.
20) L actually goes to a crime scene. He wouldn’t risk that, even if he was wearing a mask.
21) the fuck are those light up sun glasses and why does he ask people to sing a weird ass song for him?
22) Light is out as pro Kira immediately to his dad, making him suspicious. I recall him playing devils advocate and saying that Kira has a point, but that Kira needed to be stopped in the anime.
23) L doesn’t mask his voice on video chat
24) the justice for the wicked website looks like Reddit or four chat. Some shitty, non gothic or scary looking site
25) Light is too emotionally compromised by “Mia”, why the hell is he so enthralled with her?
26) the police chief immediately meets with L in person
27) “please James, have a seat. Rest your glutes.”
29) Light is being creepy with his dad. Immediately asks about L. Tries to spin it light L is Kira instead. Then proceeds to ask what would happen if Kira was caught.
30) Light wears sunglasses at dusk/night
31) “it’s my book” says light, who suddenly turned into a 4-year-old
32) Ryuk kills all the FBI agents. He wouldn’t interfere with Light’s plans or help in any way usually. That, and he keeps telling Light to give the notebook up.
33) Light’s dad went on tv with his name + face. Light basically gives himself away by not killing him. I don’t recall that happening in the anime at all, if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me.
34) idk why but Ryuk’s head looks huge compared to his body.
35) pulling a fork out of a holder makes the same sound as a knife apparently
36) Light had a temper tantrum in front of L for a few seconds and then gives him a creepy face. He basically tells L he’s Kira by submitting to playing “the game”.
37) Watari goes missing to go get L’s name for Light. It tips L off big time.
38) L gets over emotional, goes after Light. light’s dad threatens to kill L. What the fuck?
39) Ryuk isn’t interested in light’s game at all. He just wants to give the notebook to someone else or kill Light.
40) no mention thus far of shinigami eyes
41) Light wears a fucking top hat at one point
42) the Wammy house is abandoned, leaving me to believe that there will be no Near later on in this shit show
43) the homecoming picture scene. Seriously. What the fuck was Light doing?
44) Light leaves his locker open, another dumb picture inside
45) Watari is found in Wammy house, doesn’t tell Light L’s name + is shot by people looking for him (deployed by L) because “Mia” wrote it in the death note. Upside is that she calls Light a pussy.
46) “Mia” reveals that she killed all the FBI agents + is way smarter than Light. She even tries to kill him so she can have the Note book. The reason that I put this on the list is because there’s no way the normal misa was this smart + a bad ass. As far as this Netflix series goes, I’m all for her killing pussy-light.
47) really bad remix of L’s original theme
48) despite trying to kill Light, Mia still warns him about the cops.
49) L can’t drive for shit and almost hits innocent people on the sidewalk while screaming.
50) wow that’s a lot of trash bags in that one ally way
51) L said he didn’t carry guns earlier because they’re distracting. L later points a gun while yelling “Light”.
52) Light isn’t at all like his character in the anime. He never manipulates people to the extent that he was previously able to. He also never befriends L, which probably turned out to be the worst thing for him.
53) Light fucking decides to explain the notebook to L before some dude in an apron beats L with a wooden beam. Said man then says “Lord Kira” and let’s Light go.
54) Light’s last stand is in a Farris wheel
55) Light thinks he can somehow run away from everything when he’s literally stuck in Farris wheel surrounded by cops
56) Light put Mia’s name in the book that said she’ll die if she takes it from him; wrongly predicts that he can convince her not to take it. Ends up being some fucked up farris wheel Romeo and Juliet ending with bad music.
57) mia lands in fucking flowers while Light lands in water even though they fell from the same point
58) L is perfectly fine even though he had his head smacked with a beam hard enough to knock him out
59) the Note that says that Light will die conveniently lands in a burning trash can + that means he still lives. L gets fired or something.
60) Light is in a coma but doesn’t seem to be guarded by police even though it was pretty clear he was Kira. Someone sneaks in and gives him the death note back
61) dad knows he was Kira but doesn’t really do anything
62) inappropriate theme music and inappropriate time
63) some of the above comments are solved through a really shitty explanatory Death Note entry
64) L’s laugh and then immediately sad look
65) it ends with so many questions + really sucky and inappropriate song still playing.

66) neither L or Light really win- Light doesn’t die/ get thrown in jail on screen and L doesn’t die/ catch Light.
Revenge on a horrible boss that cost me 10K + a lot of self confidence.

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

Here I was, bright eyed and bushy tailed having just graduated college, looking for my first “professional” job. I took the first reasonable offer. It was a 3 month contract to hire position as an analyst.

How they said it would work: 3 months as a contractor no benefits at $15.5 an hour; I live in MD so we have a high cost of living, once the contract period ended I would get full benefits and a raise to $21 per hour. Ill spare you the details on the benefits, but basically an extra $500 per month in value.

The job started off awesome, worked daily with 10 other kids my age. My boss at the time was a hellva human being, the pinnacle of a boss. 1 month into my residency he left for greener pastures, leaving a void in the power structure, the “team lead” got promoted to manager, she was not the pinnacle of bosses or even a nice human being.

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The History of Tumblr

Okay, so let’s get this out of the way first. Nobody knows when Tumblr was first invented. Don’t ask me why, just nobody ever bothered to record that it seems. Tumblr wasn’t invented by David Karp. Karp just happened to be some hapless twenty something that became irrevocably attached to it at some point in time. For the longest time, Karp was the only staff member at Tumblr HQ where he was commanded by what he described as a “formless and faceless entity” to do a number of trivial programming tasks in order to maintain the site which, in its earliest known form, was a social Networking website for priests but was actually primarily used by the Russian Mafia in order to deal drugs.

The Russian Mafia became more involved in the inner workings of the website, demanding that Karp - who, at the time, regularly dressed like this:

make major changes to the website in order for it to be more encrypted. Karp, lacking the coding prowess to do this, and perhaps intimidated by the formless and faceless entity that shouted orders at him, in a voice that was both oddly alien but uncomfortably familiar, from the dirty, unused, rat-infested bedroom of Tumblr HQ, which Karp began living at full time, completely failed to do this which lead to the Russian Mafia unleashing a costly, unceasing DDOS attack on the website for two years. During this time David Karp, believing he had escaped the formless and faceless entity that lived in the unused bedroom in Tumblr HQ, began to travel the world and thought that he might settle down with a pretty Scandinavian lady named Gennifer. This would not be, as Karp was still at Tumblr HQ but hallucinating the entirety of his freedom.

After the DDOS - which in reality was miserable failure - ended, the formless and faceless entity that lived in the unused bedroom in Tumblr HQ, attacked Karp, putting him into a deep coma, a state in which he still remains to this day.

It was during this time that Tumblr purchased Yahoo. That’s right TUMBLR purchased YAHOO. Tumblr, now free of any governing force, to the extent that Karp could be considered a governing force, began to run itself autonomously - perhaps due to its nature of being a sort of extension of the formless and faceless entity that lived in the unused bedroom in Tumblr HQ - an HQ, mind you, that is located in the basement of an abandoned Sheetz. Visiting this Sheetz, which some Tumblrinas wish to do, is highly unrecommended. This Tumblr Sheetz is superficially like any other Sheetz, it doesn’t even appear to be abandoned even though it actually is. Going to this seemingly normal Sheetz, located where one would expect the ritzy Silicon Valley offices of Tumblr HQ to be, is an incredibly bad idea. It’s not because of the “employees” that inhabit it and act much like you would expect employees of Sheetz to act. It’s also not because of the digital menus they provided there where you can customize any meal to your heart’s content and is very much like your regular Sheetz’s menu, though perhaps a bit more diverse. No, it’s because of the overwhelming urge you, as a Tumblr user yourself, may get to travel into that basement where, penetrating the space between the surface and subsurface of the building, you’ll the notice the building has been entirely abandoned with the exception of the basement where you’ll see the faint Tumblr Blue glow emanating from deep within. And you’ll be drawn ever closer to the source of that light to meet Tumblr Staff. The same staff, mind you, that never does their job or out right maligns their userbase. You’ll want to meet them, perhaps shake hands with the tie belt guy, and you’ll meet them. You’ll walk into that dirty, unused, rat-infested bedroom and you’ll never come back out again.

Yes Captain (Steve Rogers x Reader One-Shot)

Summary: You sass Captain Steve Rogers, your boyfriend, on a mission and he’s not too happy about it.  You know your favorite punishment awaits you when you get back.

Words: 2,260 (I need to learn to narrow it down!)

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Ok, this is probably not the greatest for two reasons. One, I typed this quickly.  Two, I’ve never wrote full on smut before.  I’m still practicing so I hope to get better in the future.  I hope you enjoy!

You had been working as an Avenger for the past few years now, and you loved every minute of it.  You weren’t a superhero, or a rage monster, or a God, but you were a master assassin and a master hacker.  You were orphaned at age 15, after both your parents were killed in a small plane accident.  Being in foster care wasn’t for you, and you soon ditched that and ran away, but not before learning a few hacking skills from your foster siblings.  You’re parents left you money in their will, but you weren’t allowed to get into that account until you turned 18.  As you became more educated in the hacking world, you were able to hack into the account with ease; and from there, you were able to live off that money.  

One day while searching the deep web, you came across a company that would train you as a master assassin, for the right price.  Seeing as you got bored easily, you decided to give it a go and spent the next four years training with them.  You soon became their best trainee they ever had; you were always a fast learner which made it easy.  You thought you were good enough to stay off the radar, but alas, S.H.E.I.L.D found you, well, more like Nick Fury.  He cornered you on the street one day while you were getting groceries and he gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse.  You usually liked to work alone, but being in a team setting intrigued you and peeked your interest.

Next thing you knew, you were moving into the Avengers Tower and you found yourself a whole new family. You were closest with Clint and Natasha seeing as you three had the most in common with being trained as assassins. Usually you always sparred with one of them, until one day, you were to spar with the Captain himself, Steve Rogers. You had to admit, you did have a crush on him.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t?  That all American boy next door face and those huge shoulders and arms; arms strong enough to pin you down as he slammed into you.  Okay, yes, those first few months you fantasized about him, a lot.  

One day while on a mission, you had sassed back to him.  You were sarcastic, you couldn’t help it!  Turns out, Steve does not like being sassed to while on a mission as he takes them very seriously.  After the debriefing of the mission, you made your way back to your room where he followed you.  An argument ensued, clothes were ripped off, and that was how you found out Captain America himself loved being dominant in the bedroom.  He loved taking you to the edge, just to pull back in order to punish you for sassing him.  

You were able to keep your relationship purely physical for a little bit, but soon, both of your emotions got caught in the middle.  You had a serious talk about what you both wanted out of it, and it turned out, you both wanted it to be a real relationship.  You were ecstatic for two reasons; one, Steve in public and around others was the sweet, gentle, perfect boyfriend; two, in the bedroom, Steve was dominant and demanding, just the way you loved it.  The two of you did make love every once and awhile, but that was usually reserved for special occasions or when either of you got hurt on a mission.

It was early in the morning as you were putting on your suit and getting ready for a mission; Steve already getting things prepared on the Quinjet.  Your suit was almost identical to Natasha’s, but you had a few more hidden compartments for your knives.  You were great with a gun, but you were perfection with knives; your specialty. Clint and Bucky were the only other ones accompany you and Steve on the mission.  Natasha was supposed to go but ended up getting injured on her last mission and she wasn’t clear for battle yet.  It was a simple mission; go in, hack into the mainframe, get out.  Tony was throwing a party tonight.  You had no idea why, the man was always throwing parties, but you didn’t mind; always willing to let loose after a mission.

A few hours later the four of you were airborne, heading towards your site.  

“Everyone got their earpiece in?” Steve asked with his Captain voice.  The voice you loved.

“Yep” Clint and Bucky said in unison.

“Aye aye el Capitan!” you said with a smirk on your face.  Steve gave you a look which you knew too well.  While he was always professional when he was leading a mission, he couldn’t help but worry because you were his girl.  You always tried to lighten the mood, to get him to smile, but it wasn’t working today.  

“Alright, Bucky and I will clear the outside of guards, and then move in to take out anybody inside.   Y/N, Clint, find the mainframe, get the data we need, and get out.  Are you clear?” Steve asked as everybody nodded.

The Quinjet lands as Steve takes your hand to lead you to the back.  “You be careful in there Y/N.  This should be an easy mission.  In and Out.  Got it?”

Being the sarcastic ass you were, you couldn’t help what came out of your mouth, “That’s what she said.”

Steve let out a frustrated sigh at your words as he tilted his head back.  “Really Y/N?”

“I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help it!  You walked right into that one!!” you giggle as you stand on your tip toes to give him a kiss, his lips perfectly melting into yours.  “I’ll behave, I promise.”

“You better”, he says as he grips your ass, “or there will be punishments involved.”  He gives you one more swift kiss before he joins Bucky up front, then rush outside.  

After a few moments you heard Steve over your comms, “First and second floors clear.  Clint, Y/N, go straight ahead to the stairs when you come in.”

“Our turn” Clint said as he gripped his bow.

The two of you came barreling out of the Quinjet, running straight inside the warehouse and up the stairs.  Quickly scanning the rooms of the long hallway, you finally reached your destination. Just as you were about to kick open the door to the mainframe, you heard footsteps nearing you and soon enough, there were a half dozen guards.  

“Go, I got this” Clint said as he raised his bow.

You kicked open the door, gun aimed in front as you surveyed the room.  No guards.  “Mainframe is clear.  Clint’s outside the door taking care of guards.  This doesn’t look difficult so I should be-ungf” you cut off as one guard shoved you into the desk.  He used one arm to pin your arms behind your back as his other smashed your head into the tablet. “Mother fucker!” you yelled.

“Y/N what’s going on?” you heard Steve over your comms, concern lacing his voice.

The more you tried to wiggle out of his grasp, the harder he gripped your arms and slammed your head into the desk.  You could taste the blood from your lip busting open as your cheek throbbed in pain.

“Agent Y/L/N!!” Steve said with more authority, “What’s happening!  Are you okay?  Barton, can you get to Y/N?”

“A little tied up at the moment Cap” Clint stated as he will still fighting off the guards outside the door.

“I’m FINE!” you snap back, finally finding your voice.  In that moment, you were able to finally able to get into a position to fight back.  You kicked your leg back and shattered the guards kneecap as he fell with a thud.  Turning around, you threw a small circular Taser at him; he convulsed and then passed out.  You plugged in your USB and got to work.  

You heard shuffling right outside the door before it burst open.  Turning your head, you saw three worried men staring at you.  “Hello boys” you say coyly, “just about finished.”

Once you were finished, the four of you rushed to the Quinjet and took off, heading straight back to the Avengers Tower to get ready for the party.  Steve wouldn’t even look at you and you know you pissed him off. You had been sarcastic, sassed back, and got yourself injured.  That was the one thing Steve hated about missions with you.  Even if the injuries were miniscule, it always put him in a sour mood.  

There wouldn’t be time for debriefing tonight because of the party; that would have to wait until the morning.  You made your way to your room; Steve nowhere in sight.  You stripped off your suit and headed into your shower, washing the grime away.  You winced as the water hit your face; your cheek already bruising and your lip slightly swollen from it being cut open.  You heard your bathroom door slam and you knew it was Steve immediately. He opened your shower door and he stood there naked, naked and perfect.  You saw Steve naked too many times to count, but he always took your breath away.  

He backed you up against the wall as he took your wrists and raised them above your head, pinning you there. His eyes were full of lust, and his breathing was deep.  He looked like a wild animal; about to devour you.

“Do you know why I’m angry?” he asked as his eyes bore into yours.

Your eyes closed as you let out a soft sigh.  “Because I sassed you sir.”

“Good girl” he growled before his lips were on your neck; sucking and biting your milky skin.  You let out a moan, cherishing the way his lips felt.  He bit down a bit harshly and you noisily cried out.  He grabbed under your thighs to lift you up and you readily wrapped your legs around him as you needed to put pressure on your aching clit.  He walked out of your shower, lips still attached to your neck as he made his way to your bedroom; you a moaning mess in his arms.  His lips found the trail to yours and he kissed you gently, not to disturb your cut lip.

“I love you” he whispered to you quietly, “but you were naughty today” he said as he dropped you to the bed.  You peered up at him through your long lashes as you licked your lips; knowing what would happen next.  “You know what happens when you sass me, don’t you” Steve rasped out.

“Yes Captain” you purred.

Steve sunk to his knees as he lifted your legs over his shoulders.  You leaned up on your elbows to keep your eyes on him.  He spread your lips, and a smile appeared on his face, loving the way your pussy glistened with your wetness.  His tongue darted out to wet his lips before he flicked his tongue over your sensitive nub.  

“Fuuuuuck Captain!” you screeched out as your legs tightened around his head.  He moved his hands to grip your thighs, holding you still as you wiggled around.  His tongue swirled around your clit mercilessly, leaving you right on the edge.

“Fuck Captain…don’t st-stop. Right there sir!” you breathily cooed. As you said that, he removed his tongue. “You don’t get to come until I let you”.

You throw your head back to the bed with a groan as his tongue started at your clit again.  He entered a finger inside you this time, crooking it just the way you liked it.  The profanities left your lips as your walls started tightening around his finger. Steve noticed and pulled back yet again.

“Please Captain” you whimpered out.  “I’ll-I’ll be good next mission” you begged.

You heard a low chuckle from him as he inserted two fingers, hitting your sweet spot instantly.  He attached his mouth over your pearl one last time and you were a withering mess in seconds; Steve finally letting you cum. Your orgasm rippled through your body as Steve kept his fingers inside you, coaxing you down from your high.  When you were finally sated, he removed his fingers and flipped you over so you were bent over the bed.  

Steve slapped your ass once before moving to your ear.  “Hang on tight baby girl, this will be quick” he rasped out as he sunk into you from behind; both of you moaning together.  He gave you a minute to adjust to his size before he started thrusting deep inside of you.  The only noise in the room was the skin on skin from him pounding into you and your loud moans.  You felt his strokes become sloppy as his hand reached to massage your already sensitive bud.  Both of you came together as you simultaneously cried out; his hot seed spurting inside you.

You laid there, bent over the bed as he slowly left you.  Steve went to the bathroom to get a washcloth and came back to clean you up.  The two of you got dressed in a hurry, already late for the party.  Before opening the door Steve leaned down to give you a tender kiss on your lips.  “I love you” he said in a soft gentle voice.

“I love you too Steve” you smiled up at him.

He opened the door for you, and the two of you walked down the hallway towards the party, hand in hand.

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