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“You're Not Even Blinking.” Peter Parker X Reader

Part two of “Just Kiss Me” where Ned is wondering why Peter is staring at the reader waaay more than usual during class. I just really wanted to do a thing where Peter gushed over and over about the kiss and he just seems so excited and happy about it and Ned’s all like OMG DUDE. Again, I really do hope you guys enjoy this even though it’s kinda short.

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 Part 1 

Spanish class was going faster than normal. Peter assumed it was because of the view that had already been great previous, but was now 10x better thanks to last night. He just couldn’t stop staring at how gorgeous Y/N was. He couldn’t see her face from the back of the class, but he thought any side of her was pretty to look at, especially when she turned her head briefly to look at him, and realized he was watching her for who knows how long. He looked away and blushed immediately, and Y/N did the same soon after. They probably looked so sappy and stupid, but neither really cared. Peter was so caught up, he didn’t even notice Ned saw the whole exchange. Confused, Ned wrote a note down and passed it to Peter that said, “Dude, you’re not even blinking. What is up with you?” Peter held back a laugh and replied on the back, “I’ll explain at lunch, just not right now.” Ned nodded to his friend and crumbled the note. Then at lunch, Peter and Ned sat down, separated from everyone else, as usual, and Ned popped the question as soon as they sat down, “So, what’s going on?” Peter rubbed his hands together and maybe got a little bit too excited about sharing the news. “Alright, so I’m just gonna tell you the whole story ok?” “Shoot.” “So, I was out about last night, you know, and there was that storm and the power went out. I couldn’t see anything, and Y/N’s house was nearby, so…” And Peter explained everything that happened, enthusiasm growing with each sentence he spoke till he reached he very end. “And then I was like, ‘I’m not thinking about that stuff now’ and she’s like, ‘Then what are you thinking about’ and I said with zero thought, 'How badly I wanna kiss you right now’” Ned’s eyes widened. “DUDE!” “I know it seemed so stupid at the tim-” “-No that’s awesome. Keep going.” Peter laughed and continued quickly. “Okay, then she was like, 'What?’ and we kept on going on just saying, 'What’ until I started stuttering and freaking out, thinking like 'Oh crap, what do I do?’. Then Y/N turned the light off and I was like 'woah it’s dark’ and then…” Peter’s long smile grew into a laugh. He couldn’t finish. “Then what! Cmon man!” Ned nearly yelled at him. After another couple seconds of giggling like a schoolgirl, Peter said, “Finally she’s like, 'Just kiss me’” “YES!” Ned did yell that time, and some of the other tables looked at him funny, but he didn’t care. He and Peter high-fived. “I’m guessing you did kiss her, right?” “Well, first I was in shock just like, 'Are you sure’, just to make sure I was hearing her right, which I was was cause then she said 'Yeah’ and so…” “You did it?” “I did it.” “Niiiccce.” Then Peter and Ned had to do their awesome totally-not-too-long secret handshake. Peter felt a lot of pride in this moment, until Ned announced to himself, “Now Spider-Man’s had his first kiss.” Peter looked at him weird. “Who told you that was my first kiss?” “Uh…You did. It was last year you said you’d never kissed anyone before.” Peter was now embarrassed. “Oh.” “But still! I’m proud of you!” “Proud of what?” another voice suddenly chimed in. It was Y/N. Peter froze. Ned did too. Neither of them knew what to do. Y/N looked at the two boys, waiting for an answer. “Peter?” “Huh?” “What is Ned proud of you for?” Peter had to come up with an excuse in 2.27 seconds or else this was gonna be way too awkward, but just as he was about to speak, Ned did it for him. “Making out for the first time.” “NED!” Peter snapped at him, standing up. “What…I wasn’t gonna lie like you would’ve.” Meanwhile, Y/N was very, very perplexed. “Did you-” “Tell me about your makeout session, yes.” Peter was about ready to slap this person. Y/N was laughing now and Peter just stood in place, unsure of whether he should leave or… nah, he’s just gonna leave. Before he could however, to his surprise, Y/N said, “You’re so cute,” before giving him a long and sweet kiss on his cheek. “I’ll see you guys later.” she told Peter and Ned before leaving them alone again, and Peter sat back down, slightly mad and slightly flattered. “What is wrong with you!” “Like I said, I was gonna tell the truth before you lied.” “But now she probably thinks I’m some weird…nerd or something.” Ned looked at him like, really? “Dude…you are a weird nerd. I am a weird nerd. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WEIRD NERDS.” Peter sighed, “But-” “This won’t change a thing. You worry so much. I mean, she obviously still thinks you’re cute so…” Peter gave up because Ned was probably right. He was already a nerd, yet Y/N still fell for him. Though Peter came to this conclusion, the thought of that embarrassing situation still bothered him for the rest of the day, and when he went to bed that night. He wasn’t going to admit that though.

The stupidest little things make Cas ridiculously happy.

The first time they see a hot air balloon, floating over a small town for no apparent reason. The first time they strip down to their underwear in the middle of summer and jump into a lake. The first time Cas plays a video game. No matter how mundane or normal it seems to Dean, Cas smiles like it’s the most amazing, impossibly wonderful thing that’s ever happened.

Dean finds himself pointing out the little things, finding small ways for them to enjoy life and enjoy each other, just so he can see that smile.

And though he loves it, he can’t help but ask Cas about it one day. They’re driving, and Cas is staring at a faint rainbow in the sky like it’s the first one to ever happen.

“It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?”

“Sure, Cas. But, uh. Why are you so into all this stuff?”

“All what stuff, Dean?”

Dean can feel those blue eyes on him without even looking, probably scrunched up, with his head tilted in that way that Dean has grown to love. “All this normal, human stuff. You’ve been around long enough to have seen and done all this before.”

“Yes, but I haven’t seen or done any of it with you before.”

Dean understands instantly. Cas’ words open up something in him, and when he looks from the road up to the rainbow, it’s a little brighter, a little more colorful than it seemed two minutes ago.

He should probably say something, but he’s never been very good at that.

So he just reaches out and holds Cas’ hand.

And that feels like the most amazing thing of all.

Double Take | Part 2 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: After Peter realizes that he likes the reader, Ned tells him that the only way for him to start acting normal around her again is for him to tell her. This is proven to be difficult because Peter being, well Peter, is unable to muster up the courage to do so. Instead, the reader’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman pays her a visit.

Author’s Note: So I was lying earlier when I said that part 2 would be the last part. I’m notoriously bad at wrapping up stories though so this shouldn’t be surprising to me really. Anyways I’d like to give a special thanks to @lunastarwatcher​ for bouncing ideas with me and as always I hope you enjoy this fic.

Word Count: 2263

Part 1

“So (Y/N),” Ned drawled out as he sat down across from his friends at their lunch table. “Peter tells me that there’s a boy you’re trying to impress.”

(Y/N) put her water bottle down and looked at Peter, who was sitting to the right of Ned. “And you wonder why I refused to tell you his name,” she said with a smug smile.

“That among other reasons,” Michelle mumbled under her breath, but not quiet enough that (Y/N) couldn’t hear her.

“Michelle,” (Y/N) said in a warning tone.

She waved her hand dismissively. “Yea, Yea, I’m not going to say anything.”

Peter looked at Michelle with a raised eyebrow “Wait, you know who he is?” She nodded absentmindedly, turning the page of her book. “You told her and not me?” Peter asked (Y/N) shocked.

(Y/N) snorted. “Are you really surprised Pete? I already told you that you can’t keep a secret so…”

“I too can keep a secret,” Peter retorted in a small voice, not looking (Y/N) in the eye.

Ned raised his hand and patted Peter on the back. “I can vouch for him (Nickname). He can keep secrets. You’d be surprised.”

Peter sat up straight and looked over at Ned with a smile. “That’s literally exactly what I said,” he said, raising his hand enthusiastically for a high-five.

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Stay With Me // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Fluff, slight angst, mentions of smut.

Summary//Request: Based on Jay Park’s lyrics from his song ‘Stay With Me’. Jay thinks you deserve more than him after he’s forced to cancel spending time with you on your birthday. But, you show him that none of that matters to you - that you’ll always stay with him, no matter what.

Note; not rated M for mature, but includes some suggestive scenes.

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🌈 emoji reviews


BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! the best rainbow ive ever seen!!!


its ok. they could have shown the clouds cuz now it looks WEIRD…!! the colours look funny


small cloud try harder! nice bright colours though


so beautiful i might cry :’) so pretty. gorgeous. well done samsung


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thats all thank u

There’s Nothing Holding Us Back (Part. 1/?) | Jeff Atkins

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Pairing : Jeff Atkins x Reader

Words : 1532

A/N: This is my first imagine ever so please be gentle, i’m french so excuse me if i made some mistakes i tried my best :) I decided to pick Jeff because i clearly had a crush on him since the first time i saw him in 13RW and we all agree HE DESERVED BETTER. I will try to write other imagine about him and the rest of the cast so send me some requests if you want. And for this one, there will be probably 4 parts I guess :)

Enjoy and spread love

- Mathilde :) xx

You’ve been watching every details of your reflection in the mirror since ten minutes, just to find something that you could change. Something you could improve. If your shirt was good enough, even though it probably is the seventh that you tried. You know Jeff will arrive in about thirty minutes but you didn’t even decided about what you will wear tonight. There are must be fifteen different outfits scattered in your room, proving your indecision.

“Whatever you’re wearing, he will like you.” You can’t help but jump when you hear your best friend’s voice, Clay. He’s leaning on the door, still wearing his favorite hoodie. You didn’t even hear the doorbell or Clay climbing the stairs because you were too focused on your flaws. You smile at him while he’s sitting on the edge of you bed, where luckily there weren’t any clothes. “I’m sorry, Clay. I didn’t notice you were here.” His lips stretch in a mocking smile. “That’s what I’ve seen.”

You let yourself fall beside him, completly desesperate. You known him since seven months but he has quickly become someone very important for you. It was him who’s been charged to show you the Liberty High the day you arrived. You just couldn’t be far from each other since that day. All of your afternoons spent together in the library allowed you two to found out common grounds. Especially Comics. Being a big fan of Marvel, particurlarly the Winter Soldier, you just couldn’t let him criticise Bucky Barnes - who clearly deserved better. And the bound become wider.

He can do something for you. He can help you with Jeff. He knows him, right ? Plus, Clay has been talking with him about Hannah. You were hoping that the baseball player could have told him what he likes in girls. “I just can’t make a choice. It’s like I can’t get dressed anymore.” He giggles at what you said and you let your head laid on his shoulder. A bra suddenly appears in front of your face and Clay shakes it. “You really want to get it on with him, huh ?” You try to push him on the floor than laugh with him. “Fuck off, Jensen.”

“I just can’t understand why you’re so scared about this date. He has seen you without makeup, all sweaty and with your awful morning face.” You stick out your tongue at him. He’s not wrong but he just can not understand. Even though all of your gym class didn’t scare Jeff, you still wanted to be the prettiest girl in his eyes. “Look Clay, boys can only wear a jean and they still appear to be handsome. But girls need to feel beautiful, desired by guys. Get it ?” 

“Yes, but…” He’s been shutted by the ringbell. Of course, it’s Hannah who goes into your room, smiling. “Hello, Y/N. Hi, Helmet.” You give her a smile while Clay was just blushing. He blushed even more when she sat next to him. He can make fun of your sexy underwear but his reaction everytime Hannah is around him is a lot more funny. The poor guy loses confidence and becomes all nervous. You really have to do something to help these lovebirds. “You both wanted to stress me even more, don’t you ?” 

“Helmet called me. And the situation is worst than I expected.” You turn to Clay who is smart enough to understand your question. “Your brother. He saw how much you seemed to be lost and since your parents aren’t home, he called me.” It’s as if you didn’t have anyone but Clay as a friend. Although, this is not totally false. But there are also Tony and Skye with whom you get on well.

And there’s Hannah. A new student like you with whom you created a true friendship since you helped each other in physics class. You tried to talk with other students like the famous groupe friends of Justin Foley but you didn’t appreciate the way they treated Hannah. So you prefered hang out with the “biggest ass” of the school instead of completly douchebags.

“What Jeff told you about your date ?” Clay is trying to reassure you making conversation with you while Hannah has her head in your closet. She really wants to help you. “Barely nothing.” you respond. She hands you a navy blue blouse that goes up to your neck, one of your favorite shirt. “Wear this one. It suits you well and I’m sure, he’ll fall for you.” Just before putting it on, you turn to Clay so that he looks somewhere else. Of course, he has seen you in swimsuit at Bryce’s parties — where you forced him to go with you — but it wasn’t the same thing as underwear. Hannah is helping you to zip up in the back and as she said, you looked pretty cute wearing this shirt.

Jeff has to pick you up at 7, you only have 8 minutes to finish preparing you — you still have to do your makeup and put on some perfume then pick out you shoes. “Don’t you have work tonight ?” You didn’t pay attention until now but they are helping you instead of working at Cresmont. “There are two new and young employees who wanted to prove they can handle the job.“ Perfect. They can see each other anywhere else than the Cresmont or the school. 

You know how to do your makeup so it only takes you 5 minutes to do it. Of course, even a date won’t separate you from your eternal pairs of Nike. All covered with little drawings from Clay, Hannah and even Jeff. There’s also a little smiley with cross eyes from Justin Foley — he made it at the first party you came at the start of the year. Your favorite one will always be the one from Tony, two little laurel leaving on each side of your shoes.* But above all, you take his letterman jacket that he gave you after one of his baseball games. From this moment, you’ve had a big sign above your head saying “Taken by Jeff Atkins. Don’t touch”. And you kind of liked that. Getting you rid of assholes like Monty de le Cruz. And you were considered being more than just a friend to him.

“What are you going to do after I go ?” You give Clay a chance to propose her to do something together. “Maybe watch a movie ?” You were praying that Clay make the first step but Jeff decided to distract you from your goal. He has the chance you like him a lot because you totally could ask him to come back later.

You froze in the middle of your room while it feels like your heart will come out of your chest. “Shit. I wasn’t ready. I’m not ready. I can’t…” Okay, you’re gonna pee on yourself in about two seconds. “Shut up, Y/N. Everything will be alright. Just take a breath and calm down.” Clay wasn’t the type of guy to swear. But you knew that when he does it, it was because something particularly affected him. He was the calm one between you two. “C'mon, Y/N. It’s not as if it was Sebastian Stan** who was here to pick you up. It’s just Jeff Atkins. But for fuck’s sake, it’s still Jeff Atkins.”

“Now, stand up and join your boy.” he pursued. You give them a quick hug. “Thank you, guys.” Just before you step out of the room, Hannah took your hand, looking deep in yours eyes. “Please. Do not miss this chance.” You smile at her, thinking of all the times she pushed you and Jeff to recognize your feelings. Jeff was having a chat with your brother about the next baseball game. They were in the same team and you were relieved to know that they get along well. Your brother knew how kind and gentle was Jeff so there was no problem with you two hanging out.

They stop their conversation as you make your way to them. He’s wearing a white t-shirt highlighting his suntanned skin. God, he’s beautiful. “You ready to go ?” You can’t help but feel a little hurt because he didn’t say anything. Even if you’re just wearing a shirt with a pair of pants and you had his jacket, you were still hoping he would say something. “Yep. We can go.” You give a kiss to your brother just before leaving and following Jeff to his car.

“I didn’t want to make you feel unconfortable by making this in front of your little brother and Clay and Hannah who were clearly spying us but…” He’s looking at you with his beautiful smile. His legendary smile that makes all the girls fall in love with him. He’s running his hand across your face to your lips, caressing it with his thumb. Then presses it while your heart is beating more and more.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous.” He kisses you a few millimeters next to your lips, just where his thumb was. Even though he didn’t kiss you, the contact of his lips on your cheek totally electrified your all body. Jeff then took your hand and didn’t let it go until you arrived. 

*so I was thinking about harry styles’ tattoo for this drawing.

**he’s the one who plays Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) in Captain America.

The one where it’s too late.

The fourth addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

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on jakku giving people food freely (i.e. as a gift with no expectation of return) and saying its a gift is how they propose marriage. Giving different food back is how you accept. Rey in the resistance is SO CONFUSED. Why are you all into polygamy resistance people. Everyone is proposing to me. Im flattered general but really jfc where did this come from. I don't even know you random mechanic #6! Oh.... poe/finn... thank you for the apple. Would you like a space potato?


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Seventeen’s Reaction to Their Innocent Boyfriend Wearing Lingerie

 this descended into a memey shit post. im sorry                    (no i’m not)

 for anon  ♡


“Wow, you look gorgeous…did you get all dressed up just for me, baby boy?”

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“What is this? Where did you buy all of this…What kind of store sells these things?!” 

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Junhui.exe has stopped working. Try closing the programme while Windows checks for an appropriate solution to the problem.

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“We just finished recording the last song on the new album and now I come home to this. My life is truly amazing.”

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“You look amazing, kitten. Though it’s a shame that you won’t be wearing it for much longer...”

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He’d straight up laugh. 


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*confused laughter*

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“Are you trying to kill me?”

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He’d be totally clueless and not understand why you were wearing what you were.

“Why exactly are you dressed like that?”

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“This isn’t fair! You know how much I love this shit! YOU’RE ONLY DOING THIS BECAUSE YOU KNOW I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO!”

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*dying because of how good you look*

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

A little sentence goes a long way

A/N: I’m sorry if you guys don’t like what’s behind this but I just thought of something and I hope you guys don’t mind
~> Everyone makes fics of Anxiety being transgender and that’s why there’s no name
~> honestly though, I love the idea I had of Prince being the transgender one.
@the-prince-and-the-emo @analogically-prinxiety @princeyandanxiety @softlogic ________

Princess Allouette was the most gorgeous princess in all the land… or at least that’s what legend told. Then why did she suddenly go missing, her dresses crown and all left behind. No sign of struggle, so why was she gone? Why was Allouette gone leaving her father in true despair and her mother in a knowing suffer.

It was simple really, Princess wasn’t the right title for Allouette. So after a fight with her mother about not being a princess, Allouette saddled up her noble, cream coloured, stead and rode off in the night never to return to the Kingdom of Far away.

It wasn’t long before the Princess came to a stop, a fassionary in the kingdom of Way Far away. Having a peasant purchase her a princely outfit with money she handed him, she was satisfied with the purchase and gave the peasant boy enough money to feed him and his family for years to come.

Allouette changed into the outfit behind a barn, admiring the beauty of the outfit and how the jacket covered the feminine parts. Prince Roman was the title that had been decided upon for 10 years since a 6 year old realized they weren’t who people said they were.

Roman smiled at himself and got back on his horse before riding quickly, the dress in a bag to he burned at tonight’s fire. The fire never came though, Roman had found a door in the middle of a field that stop on its own. The world continues all around it. More field behind it and more field to the sides. It was a peculiar thing. A shaky hand touched the door knob and then opened the door, a room formed before his eyes. Allowing the Steed to do as it may, he entered the room and looked around. The room was how he had imagined his royal room would look had he been born a boy.

“Oh hi kiddo” A man was at the door on the other side of the room now, Roman froze next to the red bed with gold painted frame.

“Oh, my apologies, am I trespassing? It’s just the door..” Roman spoke urgently, not wanting to be beheaded just as he became who he wanted to be.

“No don’t worry kiddo, this door just showed up for us as well, it was a blank wall and then a door formed. I believe this room was waiting for you…” The man trailed off. They spoke for a few minutes, Roman mentioned nothing of his previous life.

“You said others…” Roman finally spoke up and the introduced Morality smiled.

“Yes others! Come with me” He takes Roman’s hand commenting on his it’s very soft and then dragging him to meet logan and Anxiety. After introducing the pair Roman waved hello.

“Patton? Who is this?"Logan questioned and nodded heating that Roman was the new rooms occupant. He wasn’t so confused now.

"He looks like a more stuck up Princess Allouette… but.. a dude.” Anxiety observes aloud. Roman blushed, already hating his old identity. The topic of The Disappearance of Princess Allouette spread like wildfire everywhere.

13 years later Roman had successfully hidden his past all these years, he owned many royal outfits, a few crowns, the room changed as he grew up and he gained quite the connection with Patton, though it was quiet right now. Nobody was awake,these times were when Roman judged his body in the mirror, how feminine it was and how much he hated it. He had found a binder and it worked wonders for his self esteem but when it was off, that’s when the dysphoria kicked in.

that’s when Roman started to feel like he’d never truly be a boy, never truly pass, no one ever would view him as a him, his body suck,  his face sucked,  he sucked. Roman’s mind would race with self depreciating remarks and comments. His mind would go like this until he fell asleep and then continued in small bits for the whole next day. Though one sentence always made him feel better.

They rarely ever said it, but there was those moments when he’d receive the simple phrase, no matter it’s form, of “You look handsome” it always brought him confidence.

Roman looked away from the mirror at last when when there was a knock on the door and Roman instantly wrapped a towel around his body, he was always used to know one being up he didn’t realize that his youngest brother was still awake

“Hey” Anxiety spoke as he opened the door and slipped in, noticing Prince’s demeanor instantly, the towel position next, and then the high bumps afterwards. “Uh, should I slip out while you uh” He clears his throat awkwardly. Roman sighed, he couldn’t keep his body hidden forever, his past hidden forever.

Roman shook his head but kept the towel on, Anxiety covered his eyes while Roman dressed. “Sorry for intruding,  I uh, just had a nightmare” Anxiety spoke and Roman smiled gently pulling Anxiety on to his bed.

“would hearing a story help?” Roman received a nod “once upon a time, in the land of Far Away. There lived a princess and her parents. Ever since the Princess was very young she never loved being called a Princess. The Princess known as Allouette despised her title, name, and who she was. When Allouette was 15 she took her horse in the middle of the night and ran away, leaving everything but some money behind. When she reached the kingdom of Way Far Away she gave a little peasant boy enough money to purchase her a prince outfit, when he returned with the outfit she gave him the rest of the money she owned and rode off once more. Allouette changed out of her dress and into the suit, before taking a chard of glass and chopping off her hair-”

“Like Flynn does to Rapunzel in tangled?” Anxiety interrupts and Roman nods smiling.

“-they chopped it shorter and shorter until they thought it looked proper like a prince and continued on their way. One day the new prince came across a field, the field was long and wide but right in the middle was a wooden door that you could walk all around but seemed to lead to no where at all until opened. The door lead to a room which lead to a house owned by the parts of a human. The prince soon took the name as Prince Roman Sanders, and he had three amazing brothers.  Patton, Logan, and his favourite was the youngest, Anxiety” Roman finished the story and Anxiety was smiling widely, the first time in a while.

Anxiety was the first to know and the only to know of Roman’s past. Everyday since then Anxiety would find a way to help Roman’s self esteem quietly. Calling him handsome, or telling him on their lonesome that Prince was really passing that day.

The moral of the story is: Tell a transboy he’s Handsome or how much he’s passing, it really help with their self esteem.

pretty boy

Every single time he ever attempted to speak to someone he found remotely attractive, he would stutter. Or ramble, or trip over his shoelaces even when they’re tied. Either that, or he just didn’t speak at all. He got pretty good at following around the friend group she was in, just so he could be around her even if he didn’t talk at all. He was lucky, that one of his friends happened to be her friend, making it easier for him to follow that group around. He had talked to her a couple times, but the last time he did, he ended up trying to be funny by talking loudly and pretty much just making a fool of himself. She was sweet, and she would never hurt anyone’s feelings, so of course she still laughed at his awkwardness, just so he wouldn’t feel bad.

Tonight was different though. Normally, she’d walk around with her group of friends, all of them following her like lost puppies. She was literally the queen, not only of Shawn’s world, but of everyone else’s too. And that was just another reason why he thought she’d never even look at him. But she was kind, so she always acknowledged his existence which was nice but of course it was never enough for Shawn. He wanted more than that. Tonight, felt like maybe, he might be getting more. Shawn liked to dance, and he loved being with his friends, but parties weren’t always his thing. Lately the only reasons he’d go to these parties was to see her. He lived for moments like now, sitting in a circle of people he enjoyed being around, people who made him laugh so hard his stomach hurt. And of course it was all 100 times better when she was in that circle too. And it was even more exciting when she was sitting right next to him.

The music was loud and he could barely make out what she was saying but he didn’t care. She kept looking at him, straight in the eye, and touching his shoulder every time he nodded and pretended to understand what she said. Her hair was curled, and it framed her face perfectly. She was soft, and smooth all over, and he only figured that, because each time she touched his shoulder, her hand would slide down his arm past his sleeve, skimming across his skin before snapping her fingers away and putting her hand back into her lap as she started a conversation with someone else. So, if her hand was smooth, why wouldn’t the rest of her be? She looked smooth. She looked stunning. She had big jewelry, around her neck and on her wrists, and sometimes Shawn would notice the bracelets get stuck on her sleeve. Each time, he’d tap her wrist and she’d quickly look down, only to laugh and say thank you, and then fix them.

Shawn tried his hardest not to stare, and he tried so hard to talk to someone else but every time he did, he would find himself ignoring them just to look over at her. Some of his friends even snapped at him saying, “Dude, I’m over here. If she’s that great to you, then talk to her.”

Shawn simply apologized for not listening to his friend, and then just shook his head.

Just as Shawn’s stomach stopped flipping, and he turned his head to say something to her, she got up. She got up and left the room, alone. Maybe she was going to the bathroom? No, usually girls go to the bathroom together right? Where would she be going by herself? And why was no one following her? Questions flooded his mind, and he got up too to follow her. He carefully walked behind her, hoping she wouldn’t exactly notice. After walking past several people making out against the wall, and drunk girls on the floor, Shawn was outside. And she was sitting on the curb of the road, looking at her phone. Was she okay? Shawn wasn’t sure if he should tell her he was following her, or if he should just leave. Maybe she wanted to be alone.

“Come sit.” She put her phone in her back pocket, and her head spun around and she looked straight at him, patting the curb, motioning for him to sit next to her. She knew he was following her. Crap. That’s embarrassing. Shawn walked over though, sitting right next to her, his face bright red.

“Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” Shawn spit out the words fast and awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“I knew you’d follow me. That’s why I came out here.” She smiled at him, her head titled. She was so freaking perfect, yet not perfect at all. Her teeth were crooked and not the brightest white either, but she was still gorgeous. How is it possible for someone to make you feel this way? Shawn thought to himself as he stared at her.


“Look, I know you like me. Word gets around you know? So, you see this curb we’re on? I hate it, with everything in me. But I don’t wanna hate it. So I thought I’d try to fix my anger toward it, by bringing someone cool out here. Someone I don’t hate.” The words came out of her mouth fast, and her cheeks were flushed. Her eyes were glossy, like she was going to cry and it looked like she was nervous. Was she nervous? About talking to me? And why does she hate the curb? Shawn had millions of questions, but he only got a few things out.

“Sorry if I made things awkward by liking you. But thanks for not hating me. Anyway, why do you hate the curb?”

She threw her head back as she laughed, and her hair went in all kinds of directions from the wind.

“A couple years ago, there was another party here. And I was with this guy. And.. I was crazy about him. And I thought he was crazy about me. That’s what he said to me at least. He told me, on this curb. He told me he loved me. Sad story short, this curb brings back horrible memories. And each time I sit here with someone else, and try to make new memories, I still feel pain. And I don’t wannaaaa! I don’t wanna be that girl that’s still sad about her ex, telling other pretty boys, stuff like oh listen to me tell you about my sad story! Make new memories with me! Even though that’s exactly what I’m doing. Sorry.”

She was right. She was sad, and she was trying to fill herself with other people to not be sad anymore. But Shawn didn’t know if he should feel upset, or flattered about the fact that she chose him to try and make new memories. He didn’t care that she was rambling about her past, he liked it. He wanted to know everything about her, and now he wanted to know who her ex was so he could kill him.

“Don’t be sorry.” Was all Shawn could say.

“You don’t talk much.” She giggled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“That’s okay though. It’s nice to have someone that will listen.” She said, and looked up at him. His heart was beating ten times faster than normal and he hoped she could hear it. Maybe then she’d know how just how crazy for her he was, and he could be more than just a pretty boy she told her sob stories to.

“So thank you. For listening.” She lifted her head from his shoulder, and leaned into him close, their noses almost touching. Before Shawn could even say you’re welcome, her mouth found his and that was it.

There was an alarm in the back of Shawn’s head going off, telling him to pull away. She’s using you dude!! She’s using you as a replacement for her ex!! She doesn’t even like you!!

But the part of him that was in love with her, the part that had wanted this moment since he first saw her, said otherwise. And so, his hands found the back of her head, and he deepened the kiss. The air was cold, but it felt nice. Both their bodies were warm with excitement, and infatuation.

Her lips slowly detached from his but their foreheads were touching.

“I promise I’m not using you. I won’t do to others what he did to me. You’re different than other pretty boys.” She laughed a little, as she spoke under her breath. It’s like she read his mind.

Shawn placed his hand on her cheek, and kissed her again. Slower this time, more meaningful. He wanted to make sure this memory they were making, could fix her anger toward the curb, and he wanted to make sure she felt safe. The type of safe that he felt now, after she promised she wasn’t using him. Could she be lying though? Maybe. But Shawn didn’t care either way, because he cared about her, and even if she was using him, at least he was being put to a good use. At least he was helping to make her less sad.

Beautiful (M)

Request- Hi can I request a scenario where you came from the US and went to a fan meet in Korea but didn’t know how to speak Korean and when you get there everyone in the fan meet was surprised but namjoon just goes up to you and have a thoughtful conversation! Thanks. 

A/N- OMG! This is way later then I said it would be… I’m so so sorry, love. I hope you like it x  

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

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You were finally in Korea. You had come such a long way from how to go to a fan meet. Some said you were crazy, wasting money, but why would that matter to them. It was your not there’s. You had always wanted to meet BTS. Their songs always spoke to you. They were so full of passion and meaning. Capturing your attention. So when the opportunity presented itself, you took it. 

Yeah, you didn’t know the language, or know anyone in Korea. But that meant nothing, You were here to see seven sexy as fuck men, and get there new light stick.. that vibrates. You were making your way to the venue, you left early so you could walk around the city, taking in its beauty. You dressed to impress for the occasion. 

Sitting in your appointed seat, you couldn’t understand anyone around you. No one being able to understand you either. You felt lonely, almost regret your decision. Until the seven men walked on stage. You were waiting for your turn to go up, quietly, as you couldn’t talk to anyone. You felt a little stupid for coming. You were only going to meet them for two minutes and that was it. 

It was finally your turn. Walking up to the first member, Jimin. Then V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and J-hope. Each one of them had made an effort to talk to you, but it was mostly hand holding and smiles. Not that you minded though.. On to the last member, Rap Monster. 

“Hey, it’s so nice to meet you.” You say, looking up at him. He has a smirk on his face. 

“I was watching you today.” He states. 

“Oh, really?” You ask. Out of all the beautiful girls here today, why would he be watching you? 

“Yeah. Well, for starters..” He takes your hand in his, his thumb smoothing over the skin on your hand. “You’re probably the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. NO, sorry, the most beautiful. And you looked sad. A girl as pretty as you shouldn’t be sad.” You blush at his words. He’s leaning in closer to you. “You can’t speak Korean, right?” He asks. 

“No.” You managed to say. 

“That must be lonely. Are you here by yourself?” He asks, smiling down at you. You just nod your head. “Well, that’s good, cause that means your free tonight.” Namjoon lets go of your hand and takes your phone out of your other hand. He types something into and then you see his phone light up. 

“I spent your number to me and you have mine. We can meet up tonight, I have a day off tomorrow.” He winks at you. Your hearts racing. Namjoon touch was intoxicating. You didn’t feel this with any of the other members, just him. His gaze was filling you up with excitement and lust. It was a holiday after all and he could speak English. 

Namjoon leans down to whisper in your ear, “I’ll see you later, beautiful.” And with at you leave and head back to your hotel to freshen up for tonight. You felt like you were dreaming, or crazy. How was it possible that the Kim Namjoon, rap God want to hang out with you. And he called you beautiful, like what? 

It was eleven. You thought Namjoon wouldn’t want to come now. He just isn’t. You wonder why did he gave you his number. To be nice? But he could have just left it at Beautiful. Your getting ready for bed when your phone goes off. You jump over your suitcase to get your phone, on the bed side locker. A message, from my lover. Who the fuck was that? 

My lover- Hey baby, I’m sorry I took so long to text you, I was working. But if you give me your hotel name, I’ll be there in five ;) 

Your heart begins to race, Its Namjoon. 

You- Okay, (hotel name and all that jazz) 

My lover- See you soon :) 

You try to fix your self as much as you can. Rushing around your room to clean it. You were a mess on holidays. You hear a loud knock at your door, shit. You smooth down your hair and walk to the door. Taking in a deep breath and you open it. 

“Hey, baby.” Namjoon greets you. He’s wearing a black adidas track suit and a black cap on backwards. He was stunning, you swear you were dripping at the sight. He raises his hand up, holding a bag. “ I brought the best food in Seoul.” He smiles, showing you his adorable, yet sexy dimples. You smile and step a side letting him in. 

“Thank you.” You take the food from him, as he makes himself comfortable of the sofa. You sit a bit away from, nervous. Opening the food he had got for you. You both dig into the food and chat, about random things. 

“So.. back home, do you have a boyfriend?” Namjoon casually slips into the conversation. You both are laying on your bed recovering from your moutain of food. 

“No, I don’t.” You giggle, you look over to him and he’s smiling like a school boy. He looks back at you, his smile gone his face gone serious. 

“I’m glad.” You smirk. 

“And why would that be?” You ask. 

“Because if you did, I couldn’t do this.” Namjoon leans over and cups your face, smashing his lips onto yours. Your eyes flutter closed, staring to move your lips against his. Namjoon brings you closer so your straddling his hips. His hands are on your thighs, digging his fingers into the skin. Your hands are on his neck and in his hair. You pull away breathlessly. His forehead is on your, gazing into one another’s eyes. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Namjoon asks, his eyes full of lust and content. 

“Yes.” You whisper against his lips before reconnecting them. This kiss is passionate and full of new love. Namjoon was like a drug you didn’t want to let go of. How could someone you just met be so controlling of your body. He’s making you roll your hips onto his hardening bulge. Your grinding down on his, his hands are playing with them hem of your shirt. And it’s off. Namjoon moans. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful. Since I seen you walking through the park this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And then you were at the fan meet, it’s just my luck.” He flips you over, unbuttoning your shorts peeling your shorts from your body and throwing them away. Namjoon stops when he looks down at you. 

“You’re not wearing panties. Y/N, you’re not wearing panties.” Namjoon stares at your dripping heat. You sit up pressing your lips to his. 

“I know, now fuck me.” You are shocked at how bold you have gotten. Namjoon smirks and grabs your legs and pulls your heat to his face. He licks up and down your slit, kitten licking you. Your a moaning mess, with his skillful tongue in between your thighs. “Fuck, Namjoon!” You moan loudly. 

“That’s right, baby. Let the hotel now whop is making you scream.” He smirks at you. He starts to lick you again, putting two fingers into you at once, stretching you out. You moan louder. Just as your about to come he pulls away. 

“Hey! What are you doing?” You whine. Namjoon chuckles, taking his jumper off to show off his toned torso and then his pants. He wasn’t wearing boxers. “Namjoon, you’re not wearing panties.” You giggle, Namjoon jumps back on the bed beside you and pulls you on top of him. 

“Ahh, yeah this really sexy girl gave me a boner earlier and it was just to uncomfortable to wear any panties.” 

“Ahh, that happened to me. I met this really hot guy and He made me so wet, I couldn’t wear my panties, because I’d ruin them.” You smirk down at him. You reach behind and unclasp your bra. Setting your breasts free. Namjoon started to play with your hardening hips. He smiles. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He places a strand of hair behind your ear, he keeps his hand to your face, bringing you down to connect your lips. You ease yourself down on his shaft, both of your moaning. He sure is big, stretching you out. 

“Fuck, Namjoon you’re huge.” He smirks and starts to fuck up into you, making your place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself. You start to bounce on his dick. Moaning so loud the whole hotel could probably hear the both of you. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight. God, you’re amazing.” Namjoon pants out before flipping you both over. He’s on top now, fucking into your hard and deep, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. He grabs your hands and licks them with his holding them above your head. He leans down and kisses up and down your collarbones and your neck, leaving purple and blue bites up and down your neck and chest. 

“This feels…. amazing.” Your eyes are rolling back in your head, arching into Namjoon. You could feel yourself beginning to cum. “N-Namjoon, I-I’m cumming.” Namjoon brings his mouth to yours. 

“Cum for me baby.” And you do, clenching around his hard member. He lets out a string of curses and empty’s his seed into you. He rides out both your highs, before collapsing on top of you. Both of you are panting and chest to chest, your erect nipples on Namjoon. He pulls out of you and cleans you up. He pulls the covers over the both of you and the pulls you into him. He kisses the top of your head. 

“That was the best sex I have ever had.” You giggle. 

“Me too, baby.” You look up at him, his eyes are sad. Hes tracing circles on your back with his fingers. “I don’t want you to go.” 

“I don’t want to go.” 

-Admin Abe x

Episode of the Week - 9x23: The Drama in the Queen

Seeley Booth is madly and irrevocably in love with ALL of Temperance Brennan. Physical attraction tends to come first with most couples. After all, outward appearance is what one initially notices in another. It was no different in their own story (see 5x16 for details). But getting to know this woman in a way that no one else ever has, that’s when Booth completely fell for Brennan. Her brain, her heart, her determination, and capacity to and for love are essential components which comprise her very (extraordinary) being. And Booth is attracted to every last attribute. Though both of them have harbored insecurities relative to their own intelligence or social skills in the past, Booth is certainly not intimidated by Brennan’s intelligence like many other men would be. On the contrary, he is in complete awe of her. He is more than proud to be associated with this remarkable woman. “She’s amazing!” He celebrates her, day in and day out. And it goes both ways. Because Brennan knows that Booth possesses another type of impressive acumen. It’s an intelligence which has taught her so much over the years, And an intelligence which has aided them in catching many a murderer. Of course these two are very physically attracted to each other. If only tubs could talk…When Booth and Brennan gaze at one another, they are so obviously mesmerized. You can see it emanating from their eyes. It’s quite evident that they are dazzled. But it’s far more than that. There is also an immense mutual respect and adoration for all that lies beneath (not literally…well). That is what sets them apart. This couple has incredible depth. And this particular morning when Brennan asks why Booth neglected to wake her, he does not mention how gorgeous and peaceful she looked while sleeping. But only that he wanted her big brilliant beautiful brain to continue to rest. Perhaps there was a touch of humor in his words. However, the sentiment is there. Like every other piece of her, Booth finds Brennan’s brain- her intellect- nothing short of astounding. And it’s a fundamental part of her. Though it needs to be said that it is not all that she is, nor all that Booth loves about her. Brennan is so much more than just her brain. She is more than just her beauty. She is more than JUST anything. Each characteristic is a vital part of the “whole” that is Brennan. Booth knows that. Brainy and beautiful, yes. But also caring, compassionate, empathetic, giving, selfless, fierce, loving, generous, decisive, literal, persistent, courageous, charming, captivating, dedicated, devoted, and vivacious. For Booth, there is no single trait which can define Brennan. There is no one reason why he loves her. ”I don’t have reasons.” And if you don’t believe me…

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All Stars ?

These are the queens that I want to see on any AS season…Obv not all on one season because I listed like 30 queens lmao 

From oldest to newest seasons 

Willam ( even though he said he wouldn’t do it :/ )

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Honey Mahogany ( fucking gorgeous!)

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Adore Delano ( listen she was in a bad place when filming as2 and she couldn’t handle the pressure but i think she’s doing better now, and she did say she regretted tapping out sooooo)

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Courtney Act ( Apprently Ru “dislikes” her but I think she deserves to come back)

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BenDeLaCreme ( Do I really need to say why ??)

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Trinity K. Bonet ( Such talent <3 Such Beauty <3!!) 

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Milk ( I’m a slut for artsy queens <3333 )

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Gia Gunn ( So talented and beyond this planet beautiful <3 We need more trans women on the show because they are magical!!! )

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April Carrión ( the most underrated queen to ever be on the show!!!)

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Kennedy Davenport ( you know she deserves it)

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Trixie Mattel ( One of the most successful queens that didn’t even make top 4)

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Jaidynn Diore Fierce ( BAE AF!!! and also like super fucking talented and *fierce*)

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Max ( such a genuine lovely person and also amazing talent and aesthetics she knows who she is and I love her)

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Tempest DuJour ( I feel like she honestly has a lot to offer to these kids! ) 

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Jasmine Masters ( A hilarious queen and originator of so many memes and catch phrases i just really need more of her tbh even though she probably won’t be back because she talked too much shit about the show lmao)

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Kim Chi ( duuuuuuh)

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Chi Chi DeVayne ( we shouldaa had a top four last year as well)

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Robbie Turner ( Am I the only one who thinks she was actually funny on the show?? I also really love her old hollywood aesthetics)  

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Acid Betty ( One of my favourite queens EVER <3 I only met like three queens irl and she is one of them. She was so sweet and literally one of the nicest people I eve talked to <3 So fucking creative and genius and her drag is nonconforming which i love )

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Thorgy Thor ( Such a stupid clown but i fucking love her okay)

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Laila McQueen ( My favourite goth babyyyyy who also happens to be so hilarious and relatable) 

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Dax ExclamationPoint ( I feel like she also couldn’t really show any of her talents so I want her to have that chance again)

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Peppermint !!!!! (She deserves a crown baby <3 )

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Shea Coulee!! ( this is a motherfucking fact !! If she isn’t on AS3 I’m suing Ru) 

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Aja ( sis listen she has to okay )

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Trinity Taylor ( Another one who deserves a crown <3 Defnitely one of my favourites ) 

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Nina Bo'nina Brown ( So fucking dramatic and messy and also undeniably  talented )

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And finally Jaymes Mansfield ( I love her YouTube channel and that snatch game video had me in tears! She honestly just needs to be more confident on TV and she’ll defnitely have a chance!)

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Hancock reacts to finding out Sole adopted two baby girls when he’s about to confess his love for Sole

SO THESE GOT OUT OF HAND. They’re all pretty much small oneshots. Cause I presume nobody wants to reblog a MASSIVE block of text which is essentially just a collection of small oneshots I decided to do it like this for those which got particularly long. 

This ask was sent to me as a personal message, the person asking chose to remain anonymous. Thank you for the ask! 

Sole is a very reserved and reticent woman who, instead of losing her child to the Institute, lost her younger sibling who was her only family. She never had children and never showed audible interest in having children. Anyway, *insert companion* loves her very much, but hasn’t told her yet. After a long separation from the Sole, they’ve decided they can no longer keep their feeling to themselves and go to tell her. When they visit Sole though, they find out that she’s adopted children. Two adorable one year old girls that she intends to raise as her own. She clearly love these girls very much too. How do the companions react? Are they deterred at all? (You can add gifs if you want.)

Sole opened the door, to find a very familiar face standing in the doorway. Their eyes widened, not sure how to handle the situation at all. They’d thought about finding them again… but it wasn’t that easy. Not considering the state the Commonwealth was in, not considering the little ones and not considering all that was left unsaid.
“ It’s been a while. What brings you here? ” Hancock breathed in, a smile set on his face, time to finally get it all out  “I…”
A baby started crying inside the house, Sole’s eyes widened. “ Damnit, I have to go back, feel free to come in though.” Hancock walked into the house, a little bit dazed. He saw Sole standing there, baby in arms, trying to soothe the child. It seemed to work when another one started crying in unison, awoken and spurred on by the cries. Sole seemed to be rather experienced at it as the child in her arms already seemed calmer, clinging onto Sole’s shirt.  

Sole scraped her throat. “ So… I guess I’ll be the first one to get you caught up on what happened. These two… they’re my children. Not biologically of course but they’re my children in every other way. I adopted them about a month ago.” She kissed the top of the child in their arms’ head while looking lovingly in at the child in the arms of their old companion. “ So… guess I’m a parent now. Surprise! Now I presume you have some news of your own?”

Hancock smiled, looking at Sole who seemed both beaming and grounded somehow. Like they found a home with those babies. He leaned against the doorpost, arms folded but head tilted. He never picture them as a parent, but it seemed natural to them somehow. Sole looked exhausted but… happy.

“ You came to find me just to keep staring at me?”
“ Admiring the view. You look happy.”
“ I am. In a way. The world’s still messed up and I now have two kids to safeguard from whatever’s coming for us next but… there’s this whole parenthood thing. I wasn’t sure I wanted it at first. It’s hard work, sleepless nights, but it feels right.”
“ Congrats.. I’ve been chasing that feeling for my entire life and the closest thing I got to it was through jet and shootin’ up the commonwealth with you.”
Sole laughed, rocking her baby. “It’s hardly shooting it up at random, you’re too moral for that.”
“ Auch, morals? Don’t let the rest of Goodneighbour hear ya. They’ll depose me.” She laughed and walked over to Hancock.
 “You’re a big softy beaf jerky. Although I never saw you as a family man. More the handsome rogue.” Her baby reached out to his face, seemingly fascinated. He reached with a finger for her tiny hand.
“ She takes after you already, not running away screaming from the rotting man in the period clothing. That, or she’s got one hell of a fashion sense already.”
“ Babies like interesting faces, not beautiful ones.”
“ Watch it, second insult.”
“ They do though. Do you want to hold her?”  He looked at the child.
“ She’ll wake up the other one, start to cry her lungs out when the zombie man is holding her. Nighmares for days. You don’t wanna do that.” She handed the child over to him regardless, intending to show him how to hold her but that appeared unnecessary. “I’m a mayor, Sole.”
He held her perfectly, supporting her little head. She reached for his face, eyes wide open.
“ She still likes ya. “ The other baby started to make noises, Sole walked back over to the crib and picked up her second daughter. She, in turn, also stared at Hancock. “Damn Hancock, you sure have an effect on my girls. Last time they look at something this fascinated it was a jangles the moon monkey.”
“ Well that shit’s about as terrifying as it gets. “ Sole nodded. “ Fair point.”

Hancock started making some noises at the baby when Sole scraped their throat. “Hancock… “ he looked up.
“ I was wondering what brought you here? I presume you didn’t come here for a baby visit? ”
“ I didn’t, ya never seize to surprise gorgeous.”
“ So why did you come here? Demon spawn terrorising Goodneighbour? ”
“ Because I want to spend a lifetime with you. This lifetime. “ The little girl started to make a noise. “Didn’t forget about ya, there’s enough room in my life for all three of ya. But it’s your mom/dad that I want to date though if that’s cool with you.“ Sole looked at him with a hint of sadness, for the first time.
“ Not the hoped for reply, forget I said that. It’s fine if you don’t feel the same. We can just continue where we left off.”
“ No… no it’s not that I don’t feel the same. Fucking hell I did. I do. But I’m not sure if murder central is the right place to raise these two.”
“ No questions about my parenting skills?”
“ No. About the jet, yes.”
“ I’ll quit it, I’ve got a new high. Seeing you like this. Damnit, it does something with me. “
“ Cheesy.” He shrugged.
“ I’m a lotta things but not an idiot. I know a good thing when I see it and I want in, if you’ll have me. “
“ Doesn’t make goodneigbour any safer.”
“ I’ll guard these kids with my life, they’ll treated like royalty. Guard at every corner. Me to wake up in the middle of the night when they decide it’s time to test whether they have rock star potential by having a good cry.”
“ That does sound tempting.”
“ Bonus; I’ll be happy to guard your body personally. Day and night.” He winked at Sole. “What do you say?”
Sole laughed. “ I suppose we can give it a go.” He high fived the baby very lightly by pressing his hand against the kid’s palm and started speaking to her. “ Hey kiddo, I’m your daddy now!”

Friend asked me why I was so salty today. Of which I replied:

Naruto. Naruto is why I’m so salty.  This show has a FUCKTON of characters, which I imagine it would with 600+ episodes. I was forced to start watching in exchange for my brother reading my favorite book.

So at first I was all like “meh, whatever, I guess the show is aight.” But then, out of all the main characters, I was introduced to this side character:

The cutest little fucker I ever did fuck with. I sat up at this point. The character was awesome. I got to see him grow into this:

He was a no nonsense mean little shit head who beat the asses of his peers (not to mention he handed Hinata–his own cousin–her backside) and openly called them weak. But after some development, we saw him grow into a humble, respectable young man who fought for his clan:

And then, the show FUCKED ME OVER COMPLETELY. Like, BOI, I done sat here for 600 episodes, of which I only watched to see my baby boy’s gorgeous visage, for Kishimoto to just drive a stake through my heart with this:

This is the death that’s had me in limbo for weeks. I mean, out of like 50 something characters, they chose this precious boy to kill off? No one CARES about Naruto. Every time he came on the screen, I could just… spit. Not to mention, we all know why Neji died. To make Hinata and Naruto’s overplayed, crappy bond have some depth. 

So, though it’s hurting absolutely no one but me, I won’t be continuing after episode 364. Unless they give me some hot neji-like characters in Boruto. (I mean, come on, they didn’t even give my boy a romance or child.)

Smh. Shame. SHAME. 

MC Drawing When Missing RFA

Anonymous said:
how would the rfa react to mc being a really good drawer? Like they find drawings of them in her book, but it turns out, she drew them when she really missed them, and there are alot of drawings. like over 50 or something.

(I was supposed to write this ten years ago WHOOPS -L)

He would have found all of these drawings on accident. He was just going through the things in the shared bedroom, when he saw their sketchbook. He knew better than to pry and start going through it when you weren’t even home but the one piece of paper that fell out of it caught his interest. He put down the sketchbook, eyes scanning over the paper until he realized it was a drawing of him. Glancing back at the book, he saw the other loose sheets of paper and curiosity finally overtook him. 

Within the sketchbook were drawings of plants, and objects but one thing that really stood out to him was the fact that there were so, so many different drawings of him. Some photos were taped in as a reference, and some had short little captions. Upon closer inspection, he saw that there was a bit of water damage, the stained spots reminiscent of tears. Instantly, he felt his eyes water and he thought back to the past couple of weeks. He had become so overwhelmed with rehearsals and he was barely home. The only times he was, he just ate, showered, then went to sleep. 

When you came home that night, he’d tell them what he found, asking them if you had missed him that much. When you reluctantly answered yes, he’d hold them close to him, apologizing profusely. He’d try his best to get more time off, or find some way to spend time with them, whether it be sending them texts all throughout the day, or telling them to come visit him on set.

She found out when one day she had asked to see your sketchbook. You had forgotten that you had a whole bunch of drawings of her from the times when she had to stay late and work for Jumin. You had just been reading a book silently beside her as she flipped through the pages. Each drawing of her was amazing, and she felt as though you had exaggerated her features a bit, making her look more beautiful than she was (okay lets be honest Jaehee’s really pretty). When she finished flipping through everything, she turned to you.

“Are these…of me?” At that your wide eyes as you made haste to grab the book back from her, she realized that it was. She’d ask you why you were drawing so many pictures of her and once you admitted that it was because you had missed her so much, she’d instantly feel even worse. She knew that she spent a lot of time working because of Jumin, but she didn’t know just how lonely you felt. She’d hug you, a rare initiation of affection on her part and apologize, beginning to try and plan a way to spend more time with you, and convince Jumin to get her some time off.

He found your drawings after mistaking it for one of his assignments (he’s sleep deprived and unfocused as all hell okay). Once he realized that that drawing wasn’t the photo he was supposed to be analyzing, he’d head off to return it to you, recognizing your art style when he realized that it was a drawing of him. He grinned, thinking that you had just gotten bored one day and made a one-off doodle of him. He had to admit, that was a pretty intense doodle though, you had obviously put in a lot of effort. 

Once he found you and gave it to you, he headed back to his desk, ready to work when you walked in behind him. He wasn’t really expecting you, but he considered your presence to be a pleasant surprise, so he didn’t mind it. Unlike the others, he didn’t find out about your multitude of drawings so you had decided to come clean (because come on, wouldn’t you feel a bit awkward drawing a whole bunch of pictures of someone without telling them) and told him that you wanted to speak with him. 

The moment you told him that you felt as though he he was neglecting you for his games some nights, he felt his heart break. Sure, he knew that his obsession with LOLOL had become really bad recently, but he thought he was just having a little relapse and that it would be fine in a couple of days. He didn’t really think that he was ignoring you that much. Instantly, he’d begin to try and lessen his habit, wanting to make sure that you didn’t feel that lonely anymore. However, he does enjoy looking at the drawings from time to time. Ask him to pose for you and he gets SO flustered and shy about it though!

He found the drawings after he mistakenly took a folder of your drawings along with his paperwork. He had pulled out said folder, intending to review some of the numbers when he saw the drawings. The second his eyes were laid on them, he paused. He didn’t know how to feel. On one hand, the drawings were all gorgeous in his opinion. One the other, there must have been a reason as to why you drew him. He wanted to know exactly what that was. 

Once he walked through the door of your shared home, he went to find you. He sat beside you, drawing your attention in a subtle manner. He’d give you back the folder, prompting you to explain. When he heard your reasoning, he’d apologize for being so busy, and swear to make it up for you, booking a vacation for you as soon as he could, for as long as he could. He did end up making it up to you ;)))))

He was trying to find something to do to pass the time while he waited for some things to load when he spotted your sketchbook out of the corner of his eye. He decided that a quick flip through it wouldn’t hurt, so he began to quickly skim the drawings until he realized that a lot of them were of him. He opened the book fully, entranced by the way your pencil captured his likeness. He didn’t know what to make of it, and so he just kinda…sat there…shocked for a while until he decided to go bug you about it. 

Hearing you tell him that it was because you missed him and drawing him made the loneliness ebb away a bit made him emotional. He hugged you tightly, apologizing and telling you that he’d ditch his work, just for you. You ended up talking him out of skipping work and convinced him to just go cuddle with you after he finished doing whatever he did. He managed to break a personal record of his because he just really wanted to hold you close and apologize.

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Logic excelled in both art and math. He could make any picture appealing just using math. Why did he turn to tattoos? He thought permanent art on humans were gorgeous. He didn't have any himself though. Morality just enjoyed the look of flowers. He can't quite remember all the meanings so he has post it notes everywhere. He's found a nice little shop across the road from a tattoo parlour. After a gift of flowers, Logic and Morality learn a whole lot more about themselves and each other.

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The dazzling shine of the car is what first catches your attention, but it’s your curiosity that draws you to it. You feel almost compelled to approach the silent, sleek sports car that rests along the side of the steet, illuminated by the nearby streetlights. You’re certain that you’ve never seen this car before, and that puzzles you to no end. You live on this street, after all, and to your knowledge none of your neighbors had gotten a new car. You didn’t recognize it from anywhere else in town either, and with how small a place Jasper is, you’re sure you’d remember a car as nice as this one if you had ever seen it around.

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