why are they all so gorgeous though

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Stanley definitely takes Lefou with him to go dress shopping though,, He asks for opinions on every single one he's like "What do you think? Is it too poofy? Too frilly?" and he gets a lil frustrated bc Lefou thinks they all look gorgeous and he's like "I cant possibly look good in EVERY dress" and Lefou is just like "I respectfully disagree~"

I have no idea why but I just got the strangest image of Lefou banging pots and pans shouting “YOU ARE GORGEOUS!”

Anyway! Yes omg. And Stanley, while of course he’s flattered, he just gets so fondly frustrated, like “yes I know you think I look nice in everything, thank you but I need a legitimate opinion here”



“I think you look gorgeous in anything” (cheeky grin)

“goddammit lefou”

In My Dreams It’s You

author: buckysbackpackbuckle
Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count:

So you’re at a wedding, because doesn’t it always start that way? It’s one of those vacation weddings – a long weekend at a resort, a ceremony on the beach. There’s another guest there, a man named Bucky, and he is absolutely gorgeous, but wow is he a dick about it.

But still… there’s something about him. He’s outgoing, too, and funny, and confident (and at first you thought it was in an annoying, cocky kind of way, but you realize that no, it’s in a grab-life-by-the-balls way). And after the welcome dinner party that first night, you start to warm up to him.

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friendly reminder you look like an absolute ANGEL and 🌸 for the pink asks!

🌸: what is your favorite type of flower? why?

My favorite kind of flower is probably rose lilies?? morning glories?? or forget me nots?? I love rose lilies cuz they have a really personal meaning to me, morning glories cuz they’re gorgeous, and forget me nots are just so cure?? like?? I love flowers though. All flowers are beautiful.

GOT7 in Miami Recap


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Why do you ship your Shepard (who is gorgeous btw) with Merit? I think they're pretty cute, but what made you ship them?

first af all thank you! i try to explain the best i can though honestly i have difficulties explaining this stuff even in my native language, all the more so in english

under the cut because while i appreciate the interest it’s still a little.. unorthodox that someone is interested in my weird crossover ship hahha hh

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What it would be like to date Jeon Jungkook;

** i know this is late but i was sorting ot my university application and it is finally done so FEEL FREE TO SED ANYTHING NOW BECAUSE I AM FREE!”

• When he hugs you, you hanging at least a foot or two off the ground so you have to hold on for dear life.
• Beanies
• Dubsmash
• Sings ‘beautiful’ to you
“So, I can call you shesus”
• He’s quiet majority of the time because he’s shy around you even though hes been in the same room as you pee.
• Gazes at you while you are concentrating. His floppy hair over his eyes while he does the lil kookie smile.
“Y/N? Why is jimin so obsessed with me?”
“Because you’re a gorgeous piece of ass kookie”
• When you two are out in public, he holds your wrist instead of your hand.
• Cuddling, arms wrapped tightly around each other. He grasps your back, squishing you against him and he’d holding on to you like he will never see you again.
• When he is sad, he will lay his head in your lap and press his face into your abdomen with his shoulders shaking.
• Foetus Kookie pictures
“But baby, you look so cute ;)”
• When he first stayed over, he wore cute flannel pyjamas.
• Eventually getting matching flannel pyjamas but being sworn to secrecy to not tell the boys.
• When you leave your phone with him, he changes your lock screen to a picture of him.
• Adds Snapchats of you two onto your story so that all the males you have as friends will know that jungkook is yours.
• Late night swimming or skinny dipping.
• Kissing his nose.
• Running your hands through his hair.
• Collarbone goals.
• Gets jimin to help him pick out lingerie but then makes him swear to never picture you in it.
• You sleeping in his bright yellow donut hoodie.
• Jawline
• Kissing his jawline down to his collarbones then his mouth.
• ^^ blushing jungkook
• Then ^^ Dominant jungkook
“You’ll have to pay for that”
• He gets you singled roses
• Hair up
• Sings to you softly but passionately
• Dance parties
• Game nights
• Sulking kookie when you beat him
• When kookie is asleep, he fold you into himself and wraps his arms around you to feel your warmth. You rest your head on his chest and he sighs with content with a small on his face.
• He loves it when you wear dark red lipstick (Major turn on for him)
• Date nights, both inside and out.
So things like, fancy restaurants or rock climbing for when you go out but when staying inside, its movie/ program marathons like American horror story or once upon a time.
• Flowers, it’s rare for him to buy you flowers but when he does! It’s a complete surprise.
• Incredibly hot sexy time
• He likes to run his hands down your bare back, around your waist and up between your breasts and then settling on your shoulders to pull you in for a deep kiss.
• Showering together in the most innocent of ways and then not.
• When you’re stressed and angry, jungkook will calm you down by holding you and singing softly till he hears your even breaths indicating that you’re asleep
• He begs his managers to take you on tour with him so he wouldn’t miss as you much as would have done.
• Lap dancing.
• BJ
• Running your hands through his soft hair.
• He plays with your hair, like plaits it and stuff.
• Let’s you take countless selfies on his phone but he never deletes them because he treasures them.
• He sends you messages when you are asleep because he is on the other side of the world promoting.
• He gets extremely jealous when another guys tries to talk to you.
• He loves your body.
• Your plump lips always welcomes his.
• He loves you
• And your cute little tush
• You always touch his butt
• You like his butt
• Kookie has butt goals

“Y/N, only you can have my butt, my butt belongs to you, i belong to you”

why i loved TLD
  • gorgeous cinematography 
  • mrs. h being badass af 
  • Conversation was had
  • Touching happened
  • The Hug in all its tenderness exists 
  • repressed emotions were dealt with 
  • it was a love story at its heart 
  • dead-and-in-john’s-head!mary was nicer than real!mary 
  • we got to see stuff from john’s pov through dead!mary 
  • the sister reveal was brillaint and even though i had read theories about it it still sent chills down my spine 
  • ben’s acting was beyond brilliant. so was martin’s. 
  • The Hug. need i say more?

okay so. I follow Meg on Facebook, and honestly, I see the most digusting comments. And the funny thing is? Most of those guys have profile pictures with their kids, or wedding photos. AND THEY ARE SAYING “Oh Meg, you make me want to cheat. “can i rape you” “god damn your gorgeous, i would just love to fuck you.” etc, etc. And you know what? its fucken gross. So she may post pictures up in her underwear, or revealing clothing. That doesn’t mean “she wants to fuck!” No. 
OH, and the best of it all, she took a selfie, with little to no make up, and all those guys started commenting “I didn’t know your grandma was a model.” “Ew no you look so old.” “Why do you look 50.” “dont ever do this again.” “I would still fuck you even though you look like an old grandma.”
so gross. ugh.

Book 1 Korra: I really like Mako but he’s with that other girl Asami. I can see why though. She’s beautiful.

Book 2 Korra: I guess things just didn’t work out with me and Mako. I’m glad we’re still friends. And me and Asami too.

Book 3 Korra: Wow. Asami’s just so beautiful I - woah! almost crashed a car there. Ha ha. Gotta be more careful. But I’m really glad after all that love triangle mess, me and the gorgeous Asami Sato can still be friends. Best Friends

Korra during the 3 year time gap: I don’t know where to go from here. I just feel so broken. What if I can never be the same Avatar again? But Asami cared for me. She’s always been there for me. She said she missed me and if I wanted to talk…She might be the only one I feel comfortable opening up to, the only one who would understand…

Book 4 Korra: After taking big steps of improvement with my depression and PTSD as well as talking down the latest world threat, I have come to the realization that I am in love with you Asami Sato. Please elope with me to the Spirit World.

Three years ago at my graduation ceremony. The best day of my life because I finally got my diploma and because my Maa turned up in her Saree. She was deciding what to wear and when I told her to wear something elegant and impressive, she asked doubtfully, “Hmm.. Saree? Will that be okay? No one will laugh or think I’m old fashioned right?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or to get upset with her, but I hugged her all the same and told her yes please, deck yourself out in an elegant evening Saree and come traditional.

Even though I come from a multiracial nation, it’s not common to see brown women stepping out to functions in their traditional attire. Why not? It’s beautiful and elegant, and very classy. Why do we have to worry about the views of others when we were blessed with such gorgeous and colourful traditional dresses? Do they have to be confined only to weddings and rituals? I don’t think so. We should be proud to show off our beautiful culture and heritage, and also because, if we don’t, who else will? I was beyond proud when all eyes were on my Maa that night. I was even prouder when she told me that I was right in saying that we should be proud to work our traditional attire. I really don’t care if other people look at me weird because I seem too “old fashioned”. I’m proud of my culture and my roots and yes, we are both featuring our Bindis.

reclaimthebindi browngirlsgang

The Signs According to my Friends

Aries: V secretive, and please chill why you always mad?

Taurus: Aggressive BUT ONLY when they want to be. Okay no you’re too sweet omg thanks for taking my jokes

Gemini: Haha amazing! but really though, stop changing I can’t keep up

Cancer: Um they’re always warm? even though idk why but you scare me

Leo: Y’all are creative and super chill keep being gorgeous muffins

Virgo: A little bit of everything…but do I even have to tell you you’re precious angels. You just gotta stop being so critical and negative w ow

Libra: Soft af? You’re sweet and beautiful you just have to speak up more

Scorpio: Afraid of mistakes…I don’t really know what to tell you- but if I did you probably wouldn’t listen to me anyway

Sagittarius: Always surprised and surprising also please chill go follow your dreams

Capricorn: Imaginative but really. Mind your own business gosh dangit.

Aquarius: Fearless…who knows? You’re allowed to be sad omg just don’t hide it okay you beautiful

Pisces: Quiet…UNTIL YOU KNOW THEM !! But y’all are gorgeous cinnamon rolls everyone loves you I promise

Thanks to all of you, I have reached 2100+ followers. So this is long overdue. 

You are all my favorites (even those not on this list). That’s why no one on the list is bolded.

There are a few special people I want to mention, though.

First, my BFF boreussin. The person responsible for me being here and having this blog. What can I say about her? She’s sweet, kind, and just an all around amazing person. Go follow her.

Next is lovejn29. My little sister. Gorgeous and so kind. Unconditionally Madridista. Follow her.

One of the first friends I made here seththehipporollins. I love them so much. They are my platonic love. Someone I hope to meet in person one day.

Now for the rest of my lovelies:

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Honestly though, let’s just talk about Sarah for a sec. 

She brings queer representation, is basically the human version of the best things about tumblr, is gorgeous and hilarious, is so freaking smart, aligns only with the people that we all love as well, calls people out on their bullshit, occasionally does things that make us go “ugh, why?” when she talks a bit too much but then we all go right back to being 100% Sarah stans as soon as she has one of her many amazing moments, constantly talks to us, is the only thing remotely trying to keep the women together and, as problematic as it may be on Willow’s end, she’s part of what is easily the most tolerable/hilarious showmance of the season.

She’s basically the perfect houseguest.

Bonnie and Clyde  (Part 2)

Note: I know this is moving hella slow, but like, I suck at writing so yea. Theres probably gonna be a buttload of parts for this though. Also, SDCC is blowing my mind with all these trailers and interviews. 

Part 1


“You’re finally here. Clyde, meet Bonnie.” Tony says, nonchalantly.

Peter has no words. Why would he? He just locked eyes with the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen.

“Peter, this is the new recruit I told you about… Hello, earth to spiderling.” Tony waves his arm in Peter’s face.

“S-sorry. Uh, hi. I’m Peter Parker. I’m Spiderman.”

The girl flashes a blinding smile, “I’m (Y/N). Great to finally meet you.” She stretches out a delicate arm to shake his. Peter, raises his arm, clearly shaking with nervousness.

“Ok, Parker. You’re making this weird. You two, follow me please.” Tony observes. Peter steps aside to let her through, following closely behind her. Damnit, he thinks to himself, she’s hot too. The teenagers follow Tony into the elevator and down to the training floor.


“Through here.” Tony leads. Standing in the middle of the room is a glass case, fluorescent lights line the bottom. A red and yellow suit sits inside the case. “Dr Banner and I designed your suit. It allows for maximum flexibility, wind resistance is off the charts and its practically bulletproof. All in all, it should hold up just fine for when you’re ‘spidering’ around town on patrol together.”

“I’m sorry, Spidering? Together?” Peter asks in confusion.

“Crap, did I forget to mention that? She’s Spiderwoman. Your new partner in crime, or not crime. (Y/N), go throw it on, I want to see the suit in action.”

Peter’s mouth drops open as you grab the suit and run the get changed. The suit fits like a glove, it hugs your curves and you can definitely move in it. Your legs and arms are covered in red and your torso is a warm yellow.  As you walk out, Tony’s face lights up.

“The work of a genius” He congratulates himself.  “Oh, wait. There’s one more thing.” He grabs a small container, reaching in. Tony pulls out and hands to you a small piece of red and white fabric. “Your mask, you’re going to need it if you want to keep your low profile.” Slipping it on, your eyes adjust to the large white patches immediately. Stopping at your hairline, your (H/C) hair falls out and onto your shoulders.

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It’s my first Team Fortress Anniversary today! Eeeeeee!
So here are my OC’s! From left to right, Green Engie, Peacock Sniper(he’s gonna explode soon. Gosh, Engies are his weakness. >xD), Goldfishineer or Finny, Little Kettle, Dilan Adams, and George(from Gorge. xD Though haven’t introduced him that much yet, me and my lil sis’ Medic OC, which is George’s twin, are so special to me. We can just talk about them all day. ;u;)

Aaah, it’s been a very fun TF year! Thank you for all of the support and love! ;///; Why is it so hard putting my feelings to words?! Ugh… TT0TT But anyway, aaaah! QUQ You’re all so lovely and gorgeous! Thank you so much for everything, everyone! ;///; I promise to give all of what I can for all of ya! >u< Y'all deserve it! ;u; Thank you! ( >////</\)
Since it’s my fist anniv, it’s terrible nice going back to see what my very first art was! >xD So here it is! See how much I grew! It is all coz of  you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ;u;<333 This is getting long, sorry! <x’Dc

I was just thinking about the things that I would like to see Shandy do a.k.a. Shandy dream scenarios or plots. These may have happened already in some fanfic— but we’re currently in hiatus, so we let our imaginations run wild!

I asked around and so far this is what I got:

  1. Jealous Andy or jealous Sharon - I would like to see the jealous Sharon more though because imagine a gorgeous, smoking-hot woman walking across the murder room then suddenly Andy’s eyes go heart heart? Yeah, you’re toast Lieutenant Flynn. Ye gods.
  2. Undercover Shandy - because it’s gonna be so freaking awesome. Well, Sharon did go undercover, so why not both of them? How about policeparents going undercover as a cutesy married couple? Yes please!
  3. Andy gets into an accident, or gets shot, or whatever, as long as he gets hurt - Sharon will be worried sick and freaking out. Y’all know it’s gonna be glorious for our emotional hearts.
  4. Domestic Shandy - let’s say Andy gets hurt, and then Sharon comes over to his house then suddenly washes the dishes. Then Andy just stares at her, smiling. Le sigh. Idiots.
  5. Elevator scene - anything that will happen in the elevator, as long as it involves Shandy, I’ll take it.
  6. Cuddling on a couch - the image of Shandy peacefully cuddling and sleeping asdagsfjafsjgfshad puddle of feels you guys.
  7. Shandy in the firing range - then they place bets on each other. Winner goes on top. ‘Nuff said.