why are they all men

Why are all young romantic lead men in old movies from the 60′s to the 90′s so fuck ugly but all the women are so gorgeous

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The "send me photos meme" where Skyhold quietly fills up with sexy ladies and men all saying "Why Hello Commander" in their sultriest voices. ;)

(HAHAHHA no kidding. It’s amazing. I’m dying. Lowkey imagining people just removing their robes at Cullen’s every turn as he becomes perpetually more red and flustered)

Lets replace the english alphabet with the names of famous people who are constantly on my mind for one reason or another
a: todd howard
b: danny devito
c: steve buscemi
d: bernie sanders
f: adam sandler
wait why are they all men. where are the legendary women

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Thts how it is now too

Yeah that’s true but i’m thinking like this specific and extremely disgusting monotone grimy white that i see a lot in this era

Like how am i gonna support a romance between a girl like this 

and CHEVY CHASE… Stop it’s unbelievable and they really act like he’s a stud or something get out of here

One of my favorite scenes from the series. Andrew strangling Kevin when he finds out where Neil is. 

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic