why are there so many!

((hey y’all! we hit 1,000 followers last night! which is…super unexpected!

i started this blog off just cause i wanted something to do, and i thought i would just share this dumb au with a few of you, but i never expected there to be 1,000 of you.

i’m gonna cut this off before it becomes sappy, but thanks to all of y’all for following!))

Why did Pearl throw butter out the window? To see a butterfly! Jokes aside, I’ve never drawn her before so I wanted to make this drawing special, but it kinda ended up looking like a scene from a Disney movie

you ever just, think about how soft and loving jongin is and like… sigh a lot

he’s really out there just.. so freely giving love, warm embraces and genuine smiles and affectionate looks and not giving much of a damn about how it looks to anyone else, like… he expresses his emotions so visibly, whether everyone or no one is watching..

it must be so overwhelming, to be loved by someone like that. someone so honest, someone that loves you so much, he can barely keep his emotions held in.

he is the purest human :(

anonymous asked:

oh thats easy actually. you got so many followers because you post good meta and get reblogged by already popular vld blogs ;/

I haven’t posted meta in…… months I think………….. at least not serious analysis meta I just throw some screenshots together and cry about Keith…… but you’re definitely right, the already popular blogs probably play a huge role in how my posts get notes :’D

Self care is getting called out and then making 100 guilt trippy tweets in less than a day

╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚  BLIND BAG LYRIC CALL

lms and i’ll shuffle up my music and give you a starter based on my favorite lyrics from the song that comes up!  no matter what it is.  might be long, might be short, might be serious, might be cracky.  there are no rules.  ┐/ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\┌

anyway, hit that ♡ for a thing in your tag !!

perfumeofsighs  asked:

Just curious, how did you get into SoA? (I watched Luke Cage first so I was going into it for Theo but I'm always interested in how and why people watch what they watch. )

same. i love hearing about this kinda shit lol. 

My sister had actually started watching it first, and she thought I’d enjoy it, and I was a little iffy at the beginning because I wasn’t really into bikes or anything like that so I was a bit eh. 

AND THEN I started it, and I saw Juice, and I flipped my shit. I was like “holy shit please tell me that is not the guy from The Challenge” ( the 2003 Mary-Kate and Ashley movie) and I went and looked it up, and it certainly was. I had the biggest crush on him when I first watched that movie back in the day, and I was so fucking excited that I saw him in Sons, so I kept watching just for him, and eventually I liked the show too. 

(in case anyone didn’t know here’s Theo in The Challenge)

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What's your favorite kind of cookie moma? And do you have any head cannons of what cookies Takumi and Leo like?

this question somehow reminds me of a dream i had, it’s about takumi having an awful habit of munching on flower petals and his siblings had to monitor him all the time cause he always mindlessly pick on flowers that his suitors gave him and… consume them. that stuck with me, i can never imagine takumi snacking on anything else besides rose petals. 👅🌹(it’s like hanahaki disease, but in reverse!)
as for leo, i believe he would only eat 1 (one) small cookie and it has to be served with a cup of double espressos! ☕️

i myself make my own!! and i bake all kinds of cookies so i refuse to have a favorite! thanks for the question, love!

Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.