why are them so perfect

Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…


everyone’s in love and happy and everything


my two most favorite people in the world


I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart
But you came around
And you knocked me off the ground from the start

Structure, expectations, and patterns are the unseen clockwork of Libra’s graceful connectivity. As the sign that exalts Saturn, Libra can sometimes experience its crushing weight in the form of social anxiety or unpreparedness hidden beneath their charming exterior. A lot of that charm comes from knowing what is “proper” and “correct.” Libra always knows the right thing to say, but sometimes there isn’t a “right thing” to say or do, and that’s when the buried nervousness begins to surface. Libra knows it’s normal to flatter, to be polite, have manners, seem respectful; they know what to wear; they know where to put their hands and what facial expressions to make; they know how to flirt, how to be professional, how to be funny. But when they encounter situations that don’t have a textbook response stored somewhere in their mind, they panic. They can lose their composure, get defensive, retreat, shut down. That’s when they begin to observe and study and let others take the wheel, so they can learn how to deal with such things in the future. They’re constantly polishing themselves. That’s a big reason why Saturn does so well in Libra; it’s natural for them to seem perfect, because their life is one long process of self-perfection. What else would you expect from the sign that succeeds Virgo? Venus, the epitome of ease and elegance, rules Libra, but Venus can be superficial – beauty is only skin deep. Beneath Libra’s beauty is gnarled fear.

struggling w/ wanting to plan an animation project but not having a good song to go with it @-@

riddlesfromtheunderworld  asked:

Hey, I just went through your February playlist on Spotify, and it's not what I usually listen to, but I really like it so far ! Even your tastes in music are great, ugh, why must you be so perfect?

Ahhh I love that you love them!! I really try to switch up the selection! I’m finding some fun songs I had never heard before either! You’re very sweet!