why are their outfits so dumb

El Ángel is the shit and here’s why...

When we heard about sexy female characters in fighting games, we often think of


Mai Shiranui

or Ivy Valentine

These characters are amazing to play, but there are others that are just as awesome. like Rainbow Mika, or the most underrated character of them all,; Ángel.

I baffles me how this character’s been overlooked for so long; she’s not exactly subtle.

She’s a Mexican POC enjoys partying, soccer and have a good time, so it was easy to see why many latinos relate to her

But she can also show her more sadistic and ruthless nature when she fights

Her outfit shows her flirtatious and playful nature (i know it looks kinda dumb but I still love it).

Gameplay-wise she uses wrestling and muay thai to rush down her opponents to finishing’em of with a sick grab

With the new King of Fighters XIV coming out and the return of this wonderful character, I hope she gets even more popular 


Plushie update ( ´▽`)

Why no skit you ask my friends~? Sorry cuz I’m doing Pluhsie Shu’s new outfit _(:з」∠)_ (my back tho it hurts like bitch chan…) I’m almost finish!!! Like you guys say, if you practice more your speed goes fast!!!!! I only spent two days!!!

And thank you so much @fyeahdialovers she gave me new idea of plushie skit~~ going to roast those dumb anon people and their harsh comments!!! LOL by the way I love all my sweet anon chans~~please keep sending the cute comments in my ask box!!!( ´▽`)


Ok, I know we all make fun of Keith’s dumb little fingerless motorcycle gloves, but SHIRO WHAT IS THAT WHY DO YOU WEAR 1 FINGERLESS TACTICAL SPARING/HUNTING GLOVE AT ALL TIMES? 

Also…do your leggings have knee pads built into them? And maybe if your pants weren’t so tight you could put some pockets in them and you won’t need to wear two excessive hip pouches everywhere. 

Ihateyou. My saving grace of this outfit is that aside from the Galra arm and boots, this entire thing can be put together from my boxing clothes, so A+ at not having to buy things and A+ because everyone always looks really sexy in compression gear. 

Alright so I’ve only seen the first three episodes of bnha, but I’ve seen pics of this one dude, I think his name is Aoyama.

This is really dumb and I’m pretty sure they’re nothing alike as far personality goes, but his hair and his frilly collar made me think of Xander.  Later I found out his super hero outfit is like knight armor and he speaks french (I think the Nohrians are suppose to based on the French, or European at least), which doesn’t help my situation.  I dunno it’s probably just me being weird, but I think it would be funny if it was like one of those things where its like Freshman year vs Senior Year pics.