why are tests more important than knowledge we might actually use

“The Basics”

The basic structure of the sortinghatchats system is that you aren’t just sorted into one House, but into two tiers of Houses: Primary and Secondary. Your Primary House defines WHY you do things. Your Secondary defines HOW. To build this system, we’ve drawn on the Sorting Hat’s songs, general HP canon, extracanonical data (ex. interviews with JKR)… and then extrapolated.

People are complex– for joy or for utility, due to social pressure or careless recreation, people often use the reasoning or methods of Houses that aren’t their Primary or Secondary. We call this “modelling” or “performing” a house and we will explain it in greater detail later. These additional layers help us capture some complexities in characters that we couldn’t get using Primary and Secondary alone. People can vary hugely in how they embody their Houses; in this system, Aang, the heroic pacifist protagonist from Avatar the Last Airbender, shares most of his Houses with HP’s Lord Voldemort.

The way you decide which Houses are yours is not necessarily by looking at what you do, but at what would make you proudest and most content if you were strong enough to do it. Your sorting is what you want to be and what you believe you should do, whether or not you actually live up to it. That’s how people like Peter Pettigrew can end up in Gryffindor.


Your Primary is your why. It’s your motivations, your values, and the way you frame the world around you. It’s how and what you prioritize, and what you weigh most heavily when making your decisions. People often also assume that others share those priorities. A common response to our system is “but you must oversort into Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff–everyone has that type of morality, deep down!”

Gryffindor Primaries trust their moral intuitions and have a need and a drive to live by them. They feel what’s right in their gut, and that matters and guides them. If they don’t listen to and act on that, it feels immoral.

We call Gryffindor morality “felt” but that doesn’t mean they’re all impetuous, emotional hellions. Gryffindors can still be intelligent, deliberate creatures who weigh their decisions and moralities carefully. Reasoning, intellectualizing and debate can be support for a Gryffindor’s felt morality– but those things can never make a fully satisfying morality in themselves. Some things are just wrong, no matter what pretty words you use to explain them.

Ravenclaw Primaries have a constructed system that they test their decisions against before they feel comfortable calling something right. This system might be constructed by them, or it might have been taught to them as children, or it might have been discovered by them some point later in life. But it gives them a way to frame the world and a confidence in their ability to interact with it morally.

Ravenclaws do not lack an intuitive sense of morality or gut feeling about things, but they distrust those instincts and have a need to ignore or to dig down deep and dissect those internal moral impulses. Living within their built moral system is as important to a Ravenclaw as to a Gryffindor; it’s the source of the morality that differs between them–what they trust.

Hufflepuff Primaries value people–all people. They value community, they bond to groups (rather than solely individuals), and they make their decisions off of who is in the most need and who is the most vulnerable and who they can help. They value fairness because every person is a person and feel best when they give everyone that fair chance. Even directly wronged, a Hufflepuff will often give someone a second (or fifth) chance.

This doesn’t mean all Hufflepuffs are inherently tolerant human beings, any more than all Gryffindors are inherently good, moral creatures. Hufflepuffs tend to believe that all people deserve some type of kindness, decency, or consideration from them–but they can define “person” however they want, excluding individuals or even whole groups.

Slytherin Primaries are fiercely loyal to the people they care for most. Slytherin is the place where “you’ll make your real friends”– they prioritize individual loyalties and find their moral core in protecting and caring for the people they are closest to.

Slytherin’s reputation for ambition comes from the visibility of this promotion of the self and their important people– ambition is something you can find in all four Houses; Slytherin’s is just the one that looks most obviously selfish.

Because their morality system of “me and mine first” is fairly narrow in scope, Slytherins often construct a secondary morality system to deal with situations that are not addressed by their loyalty system.


Your Secondary is your how. It’s how you approach the world as a person interacting with it, and how you make your way. It’s how you problem-solve. It’s not necessarily what you’re best at, or even what’s the most useful to you, but about what skills and methods you value as being intrinsic to you. Do you improvise, do you plan? Do you work on something a little bit every day? Do you charge into the fray and tell people exactly what’s on your mind? What do you do? How would you describe the way you meet the world?

Note: the term “Secondary” is not meant to imply that how you do things is any less important than why (the Primary House). It’s simply the way our terminology fell out and we’re too lazy to change it. The importance of motivations v. methods is a personal sliding scale– it’s perfectly valid for a person to identify with their Secondary House over their Primary. (When drawing from canonical sources, we assumed each character likely was in a House that matched to either their Primary or their Secondary. For instance, Harry is in Gryffindor for his heroic Gryffindor Primary, but Ginny Weasley is there for her brash and bold Gryffindor Secondary.)

Gryffindor Secondaries charge. They meet the world head-on and challenge it to do its worst. Gryffindor Secondaries are honest, brash, and bold in pursuit of things they care about. Known for their bravery, it is almost a moral matter to stay true to themselves in any situation that they’re in.

Ravenclaw Secondaries plan. They collect information, they strategize. They have tools. They run hypotheticals and try to plan ahead for things that might come up. They build things (of varying degrees of practicality and actual usefulness) that they can use later– whether that’s an emergency supply pack, a vast knowledge of Renaissance artistic techniques and supplies, or a series of lists and contingency plans. They feel less at home in improvisation and more comfortable planning ahead and taking the time to be prepared.

Hufflepuff Secondaries toil. Their strength comes from their consistency and the integrity of their method. They’re our hard workers. They build habits and systems for themselves and accomplish things by keeping at them. They have a steadiness that can make them the lynchpin (though not usually the leader) of a community. While stereotyped as liking people and being kind (and this version is perhaps a common reality), a Hufflepuff secondary can also easily be a caustic, introverted misanthrope who runs on hard work alone.

Slytherin Secondaries improvise. They are the most adaptive secondary, finding their strength in responding quickly to whatever a situation throws at them. They improvise differently than the Gryffindor Secondary, far more likely to try coming at situations from different angles than to try strong-arming them. They might describe themselves as having different “faces” for different people and different situations, dropping them and being just themselves only when they’re relaxing or feel safe.

But the Journey Continues…

These four basic Primary and Secondary houses are summarized starting places that we use as a basis for further discussion. What are some ways this gets complicated?

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Chapter 93 Thoughts

This chapter scores the winning combo of being info heavy but not slow. Saying that there are a lot of points to mull over is an understatement. Long post incoming.

Main plot things:

  • Everyone in the world considers the titan powers to no longer be absolute. 
  • Zeke is definitely up to something that does NOT have Marley’s best interest in mind.
  • Armin & Eren have (supposedly) been destroying and/or confiscating Marleyan ships over the course of 3 years. 
  • Ackermans are titan-related science experiments gone horribly right.
  • Ymir’s fate confirmed.
  • There’s a 9th shifter out there yet to be introduced.
  • Memory inheritance is iffy and not exclusive to the coordinate.
  • Reiner’s suffering goes above and beyond near death experiences.
  • Falco isn’t disillusioned by life as a shifter, but is now a contender for inheriting the Armored Titan…as a way to protect Gabi. 

If the first two chapters of this volume served to lay the groundwork, then this chapter is the one that really starts creating something. Whatever this is shaping up to be, I know one thing for certain. 

I am hyped

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Why I feel raising awareness is important and why I appreciate the existence of a community

I am from an earlier generation than the majority of tumblr, so I wanted to share some of my experiences as an asexual and the reason why I’m so grateful that blogs like yours exist today.

Like many people in my environment I was brought up to believe that being perceived as desirable and/or marriage material is a strong criterion for defining my worth as a person. Even now, much later, this is hard to shake off.

Being of a curious nature and assured that romantic love is the thing to aspire to, I developed a fascination and curiosity about it. Later I would realise that my perception of the subject was not shared by my peers. The connection, the fascination between two (or more) people that I perceived as “romantic” was nowhere near what my friends were interested in. On one side, this was very pleasing to my very conservative family, on the other side, my lack of interest for the “hunt” was considered weird by my schoolmates.  

I had no label for it. There was no name and no community because the internet and all its possibilities and social networks were yet to come. I thought I was a “late bloomer”. The problem with this was - I felt it put me somewhere behind my peers. Like they were all in a club I was not allowed to join and it was the only existing club. Like they were developing into “proper people” faster than me.  I couldn’t have that. So I pretended to be interested in people in the same way as they were. Because, surely, it was only a matter of time until my slow self would also become “right”. As an avid reader and researcher I had no trouble finding the proper language to appear on the same level or even further “in the game” than my peers. My sexual persona was sufficiently convincing and as the years went by, the lie became so comfortable I almost forgot I was lying. An “I’m currently not looking for a relationship” here, a “yes, there was someone, but it was nothing serious” there, or implying I’m in unrequited love did the trick. Some of you might know the insistent nature of questions about marriage and relationships you start getting at a certain point.

I accumulated some experience with flirting, kissing, role play and various kinks that, in theory, seemed interesting, to give my constructs more credibility and substance. I read more erotic literature than anyone in my social circle and tried to recreate the feelings the various authors were describing. I tried to be heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual…anything. I overanalysed my gender identity and even tried tantric meditation courses to “awaken my sexual energy”. There was always the hope, that this time I would feel the spark everyone was talking about, this time I wouldn’t be “wrong”.

You would have been tested to find anyone more involved in or better informed about anything concerning sex than myself back in those days. I was an asexual obsessed with sex! What a waste of energy this must look like to everyone! It wasn’t entirely bad, though. Some areas focused heavily on psychological interaction and deep trust, rather than physical stimulation. Those were nice to discover.

As my time at university progressed, the latent anxiety about my “wrongness”  grew. It got worse every time I, for lack of a better term, fell in love with someone. For me it meant intensely craving regular interpersonal exchange, making them understand they were special, beautiful, luminous and incredibly precious to me, maybe kissing and certainly hugging, nuzzling and snuggling the living daylights out of them! And yet…I could never truly approach them, because what could I offer?? The eventual goal for anyone would be a “rich and healthy sex life” and despite all my theoretical knowledge, me deriving no pleasure whatsoever in the actual deed would have put a damper on the whole thing. Even the idea of actually doing the things I knew I was expected to do filled me with dread. So I was left heartbroken and convinced that, really, I had no right to feel heartbroken.

I was never afraid of ending up alone. Being alone was fine, even pleasant! My fear only centred on what I thought of as my “disability” being found out. And that was never going to happen, was it?

It was. You can imagine how it went - I met a person, we became close friends and were compatible on a level that I’d never experienced before. And the perk - they were in a romantic/sexual relationship. So no danger for me, right? Wrong. I found out that being asexual does not stop you from wanting emotional commitment. And here my true agony began. I desired something while not being able to give anything worthwhile in return.  This is how I perceived it. Any story I knew that featured a person unable to give their partner sexual pleasure claimed they “had it coming” when they were cheated on, dumped or ended up living in a broken relationship (or, of course, finally finding Mr./Ms. Right to cure them). I didn’t want that for the person I cared for or for myself.

I won’t bore you with the details. I started distancing myself. My beloved wouldn’t have that. Their relationship was terminated and I got a declaration of love I was overjoyed to hear. Would I try to make the one I adored happy? Of course I would. Alas, at some point the “wrongness” had to be addressed. Although I trusted this person very much, I was prepared to being laughed at or told I was repressed, damaged or insufficient. Instead I got understanding and the promise that whatever physical contact I was comfortable with would be enough. I was too shocked to process it at the moment. I was always worried that it was just pity speaking, or the expectation that eventually I would “come around”. This worry haunted me. I couldn’t believe anyone could possibly tolerate an “incomplete” relationship. My instincts pushed me towards withdrawal and keeping silent, letting us drift apart as friends. Again, I found an unexpected patience combined with a fierce insistence on making it work. Sentences like “With you I found a greater intimacy then physical contact could ever give me” and “I want to be a part of your life, and I want this relationship more than anything” along with many “I love you"s  made me come out of my shell again. There was even some joking about it - "In the near future I’ll be too old for that kind of thing anyway, so don’t worry”. I can’t describe the amount of understanding and love I got in this relationship.

Still, it was constantly on my mind that I was unable to fulfil an important task. My partner seemed reasonably happy, though. So happy, in fact, that the “issue” was no issue at all and in a conversation with a close friend who was devastated about not being able to get “a normal relationship” my partner’s tongue slipped - “What’s a ‘normal’ relationship even supposed to be?? There are no rules for happiness! Look at us! We’re not having sex and we’re still very happy!” When I found out about it, the shame crushed me. I was unable to do something so basic! I was “wrong”! Not one of the “proper people”! And now an outsider knew about it! The thing I spent a big part of my life covering up! All my effort now seemed pointless. I felt incredibly betrayed and devastated. I asked for distance and said I needed a break until I gathered myself.

This may seem ridiculous and you might say - “There’s nothing wrong with being who you are! Own up to it! Just be yourself!"  And, of course, you are right. And this mentality is more recent than you might think. I spent many years of my life in an environment where "be yourself” was little more than a pretty phrase from movies about teenagers who went through a makeover to become more attractive for their love interest. “Being yourself” just meant adapting to the environment, or at least covering up your “insufficiencies”. And this is hard to shake off. Even today I struggle with it.

The story has a happy continuation, though. My partner was devastated about the mistake and tearfully apologised countless times and again - understood why I was upset. There was no judging, no “get over it already” or anything like that. And that’s what made me realise (after I had some time to gather myself) that what we have is more important to me than hanging on to my carefully crafted mask.

We are still together and as happy as any couple could ever be. We have loads of fun and grow together as people. In case it matters to anyone - I’m a woman, my partner is a man.

I am so grateful that blogs like yours exist and that you are raising awareness and giving a community to people who are going through the same things I was going through, showing them they are “proper people” and “right”. With the onslaught of sexual expectation thrown at people every day it’s easy to lose oneself if what you are is deemed “inexistent”. The community gave me a new term to describe “the wrongness” and for that I’m truly grateful.

Make Me

A/N: it wouldn’t surprise me if the person who sent this prompt in has forgotten they’ve sent it in given it was so long ago but it was too cute to pass up alright

it’s funny cause these are pretty much my own thoughts at night lazily fashioned into a semi-romantic duologue

prompt: college au, d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss 

words: 2,440


It’s like sharing a room with an eight year old, to be honest.



“Phil…?” Dan nibbles his lip, stirring in his bed to face his roommate’s bed.

Followed by another expected silence.

“Are you awake?” Dan whispers again, his voice penetrating the heavy quietness between the two beds in the dimly-lit room, with only Dan’s laptop screen with Netflix as an effective enough nightlight, although Inception had finished hours ago.

“I am now.” Phil hisses, and Dan doesn’t need the light to sense Phil’s glaring the shit out of him.

“You went to sleep ten minutes ago.” Dan narrows his eyes. “No-one can fall asleep that quickly, surely.”

“When you’re tired as fuck, it’s surprisingly possible.” Phil replies through gritted teeth, his sleep deprivation due to having to go through this every fucking night finallygetting the better of him. In all honesty, he can’t remember the last time he’d slept solidly for longer than half an hour the nights Dan’s in the room, and he aches with the memory of how heavenly his bed had felt when Dan visited home for a weekend. “Anyway, seeing as it has only been ten minutes, you’ve barely given me any chance. ”

Dan gives him a tentative smirk, although he’s unsure if Phil’s looking at him or not. “What’s the time?”

“Late enough for you to go the fuck to sleep.” Phil mutters, followed by a brief, obedient pause, and a quiet shuffling and moment of a glowing phone screen. “Two forty-five.” He sighs, horror flooding his voice as he remembers it’s only four hours until his lecture and the only attempts at sleeping he’s made are undeniably very pathetic ones.

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So skimming through my asks (which I haven’t answered for far too long, I’m so sorry guys) I stumbled over a Dadzawa-request.

And that got me thinking. Because, mostly when someone mentions Dadzawa, it is in combination with Bakugou – but this anon asked for Dadzawa and Izuku interaction. And I was like “That actually would make a lot of sense.”

Because, sure, All Might (or Dad Might) is probably the biggest influence as an almost father-figure Izuku has in his life. All Might was the first to believe in his dream, and the first teacher who really tried to make him better than he is. And they share a lot of things – their story, their personality, the reason for them to become a hero. They are very similar, and thinking of them as a sort of father and son is very easy.

Aizawa, on the other hand, seems to have nothing in common with Izuku. Their drive, habits, and dreams are completely different, as far as we know. Sometimes, Aizawa seems to be annoyed or stressed by Izuku’s habits of hurting himself or mumbling under his breath. Sometimes, Izuku seems to be a bit afraid of Aizawa, startling and sweating when the man appears next to him all of a sudden.

But you know what?

Apart from All Might, Aizawa was the very first superior and teacher who acknowledged Izuku.

The moment Aizawa stops Izuku from throwing that ball in the entrance test? That was really important.

Sure, Aizawa threatened to expel Izuku in that test if he couldn’t come up with a way to work with his quirk without breaking his limbs. But that is exactly what is so important about this – Aizawa didn’t want to expel Izuku because he is too weak or not determined enough.

He wanted to expel Izuku because he thought the boy couldn’t become a hero without endangering himself. He didn’t want to let Izuku become a hero if that meant that Izuku had to break his limbs over and over again.

Aizawa cared about Izuku’s well-being.

As far as we have seen, Izuku didn’t have the best teachers before meeting All Might (and Aizawa). Remember the first chapter / episode? Bakugou and the rest of Izuku’s classmates bullied Izuku, laughed at him and his dream, and straight out threatened him physically while their teacher was still in the classroom.

The teacher did nothing to stop the bullying. He just watched. No, more than that – he, too, laughed at Izuku’s dream of getting into U.A. And judging from Izuku’s reaction, I dare believe that was not the first time this happened.

Izuku’s former teacher(s) did not care about Izuku. Did not care about his well-being, his dreams, nothing. Didn’t support him at all.

Aizawa did, in a way. He didn’t laugh. He just gave Izuku a reprimand why he couldn’t be a hero when he kept breaking his limbs.

While All Might was the first one to believe in Izuku, telling him that he could reach his dream, Aizawa was the first one to tell Izuku “That doesn’t mean you can just throw your well-being and life away for it.”

All Might may have taught Izuku to believe and fight for his dream, but Aizawa taught Izuku to be careful with himself while doing so.

And it doesn’t stop there. Right after Izuku passed the test (with Aizawa being shown as seemingly positively surprised and also somewhat proud – look at that smile of his, guys), Bakugou wanted to attack Izuku, right?

But Aizawa stopped Bakugou.

We can clearly see how perplexed and annoyed Bakugou is at being stopped – because it has never happened before. Nobody has ever told him to stop bullying Izuku, not even their teachers. But there is Aizawa, stopping him, telling him to cut it off (even wrapping him in bandages in a very funny looking way, which must have been a little humiliating for Bakugou.)

Aizawa was the first person to stop the bullying, stepping up and saying “Not under my watch.”

I can only fathom how relieved Izuku must have been after that knowledge had sunken in. I mean the knowledge that from now on, with this teacher, there would be no more bullying in the middle of the classroom, perhaps not even during the whole school time at all – because Aizawa would not allow it.

While the relationship between Aizawa and Izuku doesn’t get much spotlight, I noticed two other important moments between them.

At USJ, Izuku was worried about Aizawa when the man made to stop all the villains by himself until help arrived. Aizawa didn’t just tell him off, saying that he is a pro after all and Izuku just a student – no, he basically reassures Izuku and gives him another very important lesson: “No good hero is one-trick phony.”

I sincerely believe that Izuku, who is a very strategical and smart boy, took that advice to heart and learned from it. Shortly after, Izuku does not try to fight the villains in the water directly, or jump at them without a care for the limbs he could break – no, he uses just his fingers and the quirks of his friends to capture all of them. He came up with a new trick and didn’t break more than a few fingers – just like Aizawa taught him.

The second very important moment is at the boot camp. Remember when Aizawa sent Izuku off again – hesitantly so – and carried Kouta back to safety? Back then, he told Kouta to apologize for his earlier behavior towards Izuku, and to thank him. And he also said that he would have to scold Izuku later for being reckless.

Remember who also said that he would have to live on and scold Izuku for being reckless?

All Might, during his fight against All for One.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but I like to think that Horikoshi came up with this parallel on purpose. It shows us that All Might and Aizawa both acknowledge and respect Izuku in their own way, care for him, even – but are also ready to show him what he did wrong and scold him for it.

Because that’s what a teacher should do. A teacher supports, cares, teaches and also scolds the student if necessary.

And Aizawa does that for Izuku, too.

The longer I think about this, the more I believe that Aizawa and Izuku have a complex yet deep relationship. Aizawa cares for Izuku in that unique way of his (just like he cares for the rest of his students), and Izuku looks up to Aizawa. It’s not the same strong, familiar relationship Izuku has with All Might, but it is there, and it is stronger than one could think.

Basically – Dadzawa all the way. ;)

NDRV3 Transcripts: Momota Kaito’s FTE#3

Here’s Momota’s third FTE! I remember there were a few people a while back wondering if it was true that Momota is fluent in multiple languages–this is the FTE that confirms it!

There are spoilers for Chapter 1 in this FTE, so please be careful!

Thanks again to @kaibutsushidousha and @ne0dym for the actual transcript! And @shinjiroaragaki provided all the icons as usual! I wouldn’t be able to do this without all the help! The Google doc’s been updated for anyone who wants to read there instead for convenience.

Google doc link.

More translated transcripts.

Anyway, please enjoy! And please feel free to reblog and spread this around if possible, so that more people can see Momota’s FTEs!

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Could Shiro be a clone? Or could he have been revived from the dead? And is he a unknowing Mole?

I know this is an odd question to ask but I’m going to put this out there. There’s a possibility that Shiro may be a clone of himself and he’s not the real Shiro, or at least he might not be. There’s also the other possibility that he may not actually be alive, or at least alive in the strictest term.

You see I’ve been mulling over this for months and the thing is I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out exactly what it is about Shiro that is rubbing me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong I love the character he’s awesome, but there are a few things that just don’t add up for me in the right way.

For all intents and appearances, according to the cast of characters, Shiro is acting like himself –or at least according to Keith and Pidge who know him the best. However small things keep cropping up that make me think there’s more to this situation than meets the eye. To begin with let’s rule a few things out:

For starters we know that he’s not an alien in disguise for the pure fact that we’ve seen enough of him being in a situation where the ability to shift would have been removed, such as the first episode where he was rendered unconscious. In the last half of the series we saw that when Allura got knocked out her form reverted back to her original self, which probably means that a shifter alien would need to stay awake to keep his or her disguise going.

We can also rule out that he’s not someone else because of the fact that Keith and Pidge would have seen though that right away.

So then what exactly is he? Is he even the Shiro that we meet in the first episode? Well I’m starting to think there’s a possibility that he’s not exactly what we think he is. Oh he’s Shiro alright, just a Shiro that probably was either dead and is now alive or is a Clone of the original. Even if he is the “real” Shiro there’s still a high chance that he’s an unknowing mole, but we’ll get to that at the end.

Shiro as a Clone.

This one is more of a stretch then the other two but there are some hints that this could be real.

When we first meet Shiro in the first episode we learn that he’s a decent guy and someone that wants to protect the other two members of his crew. We also learn that he was taken to the cells and later was part of the gladiatorial games held by the Emperor. We also see he has no scar on his nose and that he’s got a black tuff of hair. This is kind of important to at least two of these theories.

When we later meet him after his “escape” we learn that he now has a mechanical arm which uses energy that shows the same pink color as the Galra Empire, proving that the arm was made by them, something that is confirmed by Hagar and indicated by Commander Sendak, who has the upgraded version of the arm. During Sendak’s fight with Shiro he mentions that they’re alike alluding to the fact that they both have arms. But what if it’s more than that? We know that Shiro blasted him off into space when he had his freak out later, but exactly what was the connection? Were they both Gladiators, or could they both be clones of the originals?

The thing about Shiro that makes me think we’re not looking at the original isn’t just the hair or the scar it’s the strange behavior. He recalls Keith but doesn’t know Pidge, even though you would think that he would figure that it has to be her since he was probably there when they took that picture. It’s only after he’s told by the prisoners about his past that he “recalls” Katie. Which is kind of strange. If it’s just a case of amnesia how is it that he’s able to recall Keith so easily but not Katie, the sister of one of his crew mates?

Now one of the other factors that does make me think that there’s the probability of cloning is the fact that he knows what the Galra are up to. You could argue that it’s just obvious but how? If he’s just being used in the fights, how is he getting that info? Thrace? Another character? However if part of his programming of the clone was to act as a decoy and it went off the programming then it would have firsthand knowledge about what the Galran was up to and would want to warn people.

There’s also the fact that he got the heck out of dodge so easily, and that his escape is so vague. If what Hagar says about him being built to be the ultimate weapon is true, then there’s a huge chance that his escape wasn’t an escape but rather a premeditated action to put a mole into the group early on. The fact that he doesn’t remember how he got out is weird enough, the fact that he does remember things that only have to do with the Galra is a bit suspect.

Later we see the inside of his suit glowing with that same pink energy that we saw with his arm, connecting it to the Galran. If he is human as we think, then why is that color there? Could his body be running on that energy and he doesn’t know it? Does he even sleep at all? We know that he was working out when the alert came in from Allura for the test but the fact remains that we’ve never seen him sleep, and only get knocked out.

The one thing that I keep coming back to though in regard to the possible clone option here is the fact that we know the Druids can put life into other forms. The Robeasts as we’ve seen were once aliens that attack the Voltron group as giant monsters. However, and this is important, their souls or minds are placed in the creatures by Haggar and allowed to attack. We know she can put the life of one being into such a creature over and over again. What’s to stop her from doing the same to a built clone body? We also know that the form she took as Shiro had the dark hair from when we first meet him, and the white tuff might be her way of distinguishing between the two.

We also have some other proof of the possibility of mind switching or body swapping. Emperor Zarkon is mentioned by Allura, who doesn’t recognize him and is shocked that he’s still alive. In the original series we know he lives on with yellow flowers and it gives him a longer life. However, because we know that Haggar can switch the souls of the aliens into robotic beasts then is it such a stretch to believe she could do the same for Zarkon, or any other person that she wants to, namely Shiro.

Shiro was dead and now brought back to life.

Again somewhat of a stretch but there’s some proof of this as a possibility.

We know that Shiro has memory loss and we know that physically his body was changed. We see the arm and know that there’s more to it as his side shows that there’s the pink energy on his torso. This could be indicating that more of his body was stripped away by Hagar, though we don’t know how much exactly.  Another indication that something’s up is the change in his hair color. Now this might seem odd, but how does hair indicates anything; well in some cases it does.

Some of you may or may not have heard of Jason Todd, the second Robin and all around jerk with the heart of Gold in DC comics. During the 80s he was killed off by the Joker and the character vanished for some time from the public mind. However a comic writer who was a fan decided to bring him back and resurrect him through the use of a mechanic that was in cannon, the Lazurus pit. This mystical pit was made by Ra’s Al Gul, one of Batman’s villains to allow himself to never die. His daughter used this on Jason Todd and brought him back from the dead.

What becomes interesting here is that when Jason took a dip in the pit, the front part of his hair turned white and he’s not the only one that has had something like this happen to him. Several characters are brought back from the dead with subtle differences to their appearance.

So could this be what happened to Shiro? He failed in a fight and rather than dispose of the body Hagar “fixed” him and brought him back with the additional arm? It would explain the memory loss as he lost time being dead and would actually keep true to the whole “Shiro is dead” thing from the original series.

We also saw that the Quintessence seems to be a life force, and Allura proved that you can revive a dead planet then could it very well be that pumping a body with the same stuff except corrupted could have brought Shiro back?

Shiro as the Unknown mole.

Simply put there’s a lot of clues that either Keith or Shiro is the mole without knowing it. Keith’s knife and his strange past, and Shiro’s arm.

I’m focusing on the arm right now because it’s the most likely culprit in this. Shiro’s arm starts off being a weapon, we know it’s been given to him by the Galra and that Haggar had intentions to turn him into a weapon of some sort. We also know that it’s probably got tech in there that they haven’t analyzed yet. More than likely that arm, given what it does and how it seems to be running on the corrupted energy of the Galra Empire probably is going to turn out to be a tracking device making Shiro an Unknown Mole among the troupe.

This would mean that the scene where Keith is shouting at him, or his vanishing act is him not dying but rather Shiro trying to get away from the group so that Zarkon can’t track them.

So there you have it. My short version of these theories. Hopefully Season two will give me more to digest.

Edit: Somewhere I think I mentioned that when Hagar attacked Shiro she looked like the original version of him. I was wrong, she had the tuft of white hair there. However I still maintain that if this is a clone that the hair color was done so that the Galra could know it’s not the real Shiro and that it’s a clone. 

he may be my teacher but....

type: fan fiction

smut: no

warnings: someone gets a little too handsy

pov: you

“heeeeeeeey y/n” I heard my best friend, Jenna, call my name down the hallway. I stopped and turned around to see her running to me. She received many many glances. She loved making a scene. She finally caught up to me. “thank God I finally caught up to you. Jesus Christ” she said with a pant. I smiled weakly at her. I was the quiet one between us. She was loud and embarrassing and I was the one who stayed quiet. We began walking to science class and she was talking about her day. I actually wasn’t listening. I was dreading chemistry class. Mr.Malik decided to seat me with a very popular boy. Actually the most popular boy at my school. Michael Howard, Varsity Qb. I have always crushed on him. I’ve admired him from a far since freshmen year. And now as juniors, one glace can still make me crumble.

We made our way into the class room. Jenna noticed the look on my face. “hey, chill. you’re just sitting with him” she whispered to me. She made her way to her seat and I made my way to my seat. I was kind of relieved that Michael wasn’t in class yet. I hoped he didn’t come to school. I had a feeling I would embarrass myself some how. The bell was about to ring but my luck was horrid and Michael and his juice head friends made their way in class. I looked at Jenna and she nodded at me to help assure me that I was going to be okay. “Alright lads, please take your seats” Mr.Malik said to them. It’s kind of funny to me how Mr.Malik is British and is teaching in America. If I was him, I would stay in England. The late bell rang and Michael began to walk towards our table. I avoided eye contact and looked down and my hands. My palms became sweaty. “God, I need to breathe”I thought to myself. Michael took his seat and I didn’t dare to look up. Afraid that he might be staring at me weirdly. “Good afternoon class” Mr.Malik started. I looked up at Mr.Malik. I didn’t want to stare at my fingers all day. Mr.Malik started to talk about the lesson today. I wasn’t listening I was having a war in my mind. “should I glance at him. I wonder if he is staring at me. y/n just FUCKING look at him. No he might glace back and it becomes awkward. FUCKING do it. Just look at him from the corner of our eye. No that’s weird. what if he sees me? he won’t just do it” I fought with my conscious. “Ms. y/l/n” I snapped my head in Mr.Malik’s direction. “You know the dress code, Jumpers are prohibited. Please take it off. “By jumper I knew he ment my pullover. I looked down and remember I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “Do I have to repeat myself again, Ms.y/l/n?” Mr.Malik questioned me. “umm, I-I kinda c-c-can’t ” I said. I felt my cheeks become heated. “and why is that?” Mr.Malik questioned me once again. I looked down onto my lap,knowing that everyone’s eyes are piercing into me. I opened my mouth to say something but Jenna beat me to it. “She’s naked underneath.” She said very frankly. The class laughed. And I smiled a little bit. It was funny.”Okay then, I will let that slide” Mr.Malik stated. I smiled weakly at him. Of ducking course, I have managed to embarrass my self once again. Well that’s my luck. Mr.Malik proceeded with the lesson. I was listening intently. Until I was startled “Damn, I didn’t know you were a freak” Michael whispered into my ear. I jumped a little. That came out of no where. “excuse me?” I said quietly.”You aren’t wearing anything underneath that sweatshirt. That’s pretty bad ass” he said explaining himself. At a seductive whisper, I might add. I bit my lip. I have absolutely no idea how to reply to that. Michael leaned in to whisper something in my ear. “Mr.Howard, what could possibly be so important that you have to disrupt my class to tell ms.y/l/n about?” Mr.Malik asked Michael, with a testing face. Michael pulled away and leaned back into his chair. “Alright, PLEASE. No more disruptions ” Mr.Malik said eyeing me. He proceeded with the lesson. I looked back at Jenna . She was grinning at me. I turned back at Mr.Malik, who was describing the periodic table. I was actually paying attention until I felt a hand on my thigh. I widened my eyes and Mr.Malik noticed. I played it off as if I was surprised about whatever he was saying. Michael was rubbing my inner thigh. I slapped his hand and glared at him. He smirked at me but then moved his hand. He is still leant back in his chair and now he put his arm around my shoulder. On the top back of my chair. He started playing with my hair. He twirled it with his finger. I was confused, am I supposed to be turned on ? Mr.Malik glanced at us but quickly brought his attention back to the lesson. Michael stopped playing with my hair and started gently rubbing/tickling my shoulder. “This is good” I thought to myself, “I’ve always wanted to have his attention and now I do.” I smiled to myself. “Now you guys will be divided up in pairs for our experiment, you may choose freely.” Mr.Malik said. Jenna stood up and walked towards me. We always pair up together. When she got to my table, I began to stand up but Michael grabbed my hand. “Sorry, toots, she’s mine” Michael said to Jenna. I opened my mouth about to protest. But Jenna  said “it’s fine, TOOTS. just remember to use protection ” she winked at me. Michael chuckled. She made her way to back to her seat to pair up with the person sitting beside her. You were embarrassed by Jenna’s comment. “no need to be embarrassed, y/n, just chill baby girl” Michael said. I smiled at him. That was sweet. “These are the guidelines to the experiment we will be doing next class. Scan over it to get a feel of the expectations.” Mr.Malik said passing out the rubrics. I read over what we will be graded on. Michael grabbed the paper from your hands. “hey!” you protested. “well, you were hogging it” Michael said with a grin. “oh look it says partner cooperation, which means we have work with one another. ” Michael said wiggling his eyebrows. I blushed. “you’re pretty cheesy, ya know.” I told him. He laughed and so did you. The bell rung and you gathered your things. And headed for the door. Michael put his arm around your shoulders and was walking you out. But Mr.Malik’s bitch ass stopped you guys. “May I have a word with you y/n?” he asked me. I nodded my head. “I’ll see you around, I guess” Michael said and left the class room.

I stood there and waited for all the kids to leave the classroom. Jenna gave you a look of confusion. You just shrugged your shoulders. When the class was empty and the hallways died down, Mr.Malik finally spoke up. “Please take a seat ms.y/l/n ” He said. I sat on top of one of the tables. “I meant in a chair, dear” He said. I hopped of the table and sat in the seat. Mr.Malik than leaned back on his desk. “You were being very disruptive this evening, which you never do. May I ask why?” he questioned me. “it wasn’t me, Michael was continuously talking to me. I didn’t even-” Mr.Malik cut me off. “Don’t blame a boy for your actions. You could’ve had ignored him. But you didn’t. Y/n , you are a very wise student if mine. It would be sad to see a boy get in the way of that.” He said. I put my head down, feeling slightly bad. Mr.Malik walked to me and leaned on the table I was seated at. He put his hand on my knee. “you are smart and I sat you with Mr.Howard so you can pass off a little of your knowledge to him. I know you are smart enough not to be distracted. ” Mr.Malik said and tightened his grip on my knee a little bit. I nodded your head and looked up at him. “I’m sorry Mr.Malik. I won’t let it happen again.” I told him. “I know you won’t. y/n. If you do I would be forced to discipline you.” He said. Which sounded a little odd.

I nodded my head in understatement. Mr.Malik then pulled a chair and sat it diagonally from me. He than sat in it. He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and said, “y/n, you are a very intelligent student,” he said and put his hand in my knee again. “Your test scores are high and I am proud to call you my student. Very Very proud.” Mr.Malik stated and moved his hand a more upwards. His hand was now on my thigh. I chose not to acknowledge it because that would make it awkward. So I smiled at him. “Well, I do think you are an excellent teacher, Mr.Malik.” I told him. I lied. I actually thought he was being a dick right now. I wasn’t even disrupting the class he just payed a little too much attention on me and Michael. Dick head. “You know,y/n, I’ve actually favor you above most of my students. I think it’s because the way of your wording. You don’t use as much slang as the other student.” Mr.Malik said and moved his hand up my thigh once again. His hand was now on the middle of my thigh. Mr.Malik had quite large hand so he probably doesn’t notice. I minded the position of his hand a little more now. “Well, I am certainly not the average student.” I laughed. “True, you are far more as wise and beautiful ” Mr.Malik said. I became more uncomfortable at this point. “Oh, I’m flatter Mr.Malik, but I have to disagree with you on that statement.” I told him. He moved his hand up again. This time it was dangerously close to my vagina. Mr.Malik should notice where his hand is now. I looked at his hand and back at him. I became a lot more uncomfortable. “Is Mr.Malik flirting with me?” I thought to myself. “Well you shouldn’t, Y/n. ” He stated lowly and with sympathy and lust mixed within his voice. He looked into my eyes genuinely. “Mr.Malik has really nice eyes. Why haven’t noticed yet?” I thought. I became mesmerized. Mr.Malik is actually quite handsome. “Well, you should be going now. I don’t want you to miss your bus.” He stated as he removed his hand and stood up. I stood up too. ” oh it’s fine, I actually drive.” I told him. “That’s good. This talk was very nice. We should talk more often.” Mr.Malik stated. I nodded my head and smiled at him. “That was an odd thing to say to a student” I thought to myself. I walked out of his classroom and into the hallway. I was stunned. Did Mr.Malik just flirt with me?

(A/n I hope you enjoyed. Be Fab, Stay Rad)

Question: How do Muslims respond to Bruce Jenner?

Update: in case it wasn’t clear, this post is about the theory of morality (what is right vs. what is not) and how it’s applied. This is not a conflation of homosexuality and transgender theory - the analogy was made to show how morality shifts when it’s subjective, but is still limited with things, like perhaps incest (which some consider marrying a cousin is an example of). K, read on.

Assalamu Alaykum,

Really glad that you asked this.

1. First, to preface this, as someone who is has training in mental health counseling at a graduate level, I understand the nuances between gender identity vs. sexual orientation. In one of my lifespan courses, we covered gender-based psychological concepts such as the Kinsey scale (which I don’t fully agree with), and other theories on sexuality and gender. What is important to note is that in academia, there is no codified, singular, universally-accepted theory on gender and/or sexuality. Some are more popular than others (funding can come into play here), but be aware that, from a secular perspective, nothing is “scientifically proven.” There is data for almost each respective theory. Humanity is nuanced.

2. Second preface: when I write this, I am speaking in theory, not practically. I am not alleging or indicting anyone of anything. God is the ultimate judge of the heart, I am just analyzing what I observe from the apparent, but only as a phenomenon.

3. The question on gender identity and/or sexual orientation ultimately boils down to morality - namely, moral ontology. Where do morals - the guiding principles that teach us what is right and wrong - come from? Do they change? Or do they adapt over time?

4. As a Muslim, it’s part of our belief-system that morality is defined by Divine revelation: God, and revelation to/through His Prophet Muhammad [p]. This might sound arrogant (towards others) at first, but that’s an incorrect reading; it’s actually sourced in humility (towards God). As a believer, I submit that God is The Most Knowledgeable and Most Wise, thus I humbly submit my understanding of morality to him, realizing that if I were in charge of deciding what was wrong and what was right, those decisions would change possibly every single day of my life.

5. Besides constantly changing principles, the primary flaw with human-defined morality in the post-modern era is that if you take any human-defined moral principle to its logical conclusion, it will not stand. And, it will possibly evoke the same border that is felt with Divine morality - the only difference being that the border will be socially defined, not religiously. So what does this mean?

6. Let’s take the principle/slogan for marriage equality, “two people who love one another should be able to marry one another.”

In the United States, if you show support for this logic, you’re seen as modern, progressive, enlightened, compassionate, etc. If you don’t agree in the universality of this statement, you’re seen as bigoted, backwards, old-fashioned, hateful, etc. Generally, this statement refers to two consenting adults from the same gender being able to marry each other without obstacle, in the same way that two consenting adults from opposite genders can marry one another.

7. The problem arises when you take this (or any) human-defined morality and extend it to its logical conclusion; that is, why don’t we allow siblings to get married? Or a parent and their child? What if a person wanted to marry a corpse of a person who previously loved them? When you make an argument for incest, as it technically can qualify under the moral principle, people begin to squirm in disgust. Why?

8. Because they’ve drawn an arbitrary line saying that “for now, this moral truth is bordered at same-sex couples.” The question then begs to be asked: who made you/us the controllers of where morality stops vs. what it includes/extends to? And why is that a better option than God? It is, in fact, just as allegedly “limiting” and the morality that we define. It just depends on how society feels about something at that given time/place - look at homosexuality in the USA in 1915 vs 2015.

9. With regards to gender reassignment, I’m not certain the exact circumstances of Jenner’s case, but clients that I’ve had who expressed gender confusion said that they were one gender on the outside but felt totally and completely the other gender internally. Essentially, they felt the need to make the two parts of their existence congruent, by altering their external to match what they felt they were internally. From a physical and mental health science capacity, there are numerous complications and long-term treatments that go into changing this.

10. Islam views this procedure as being morally wrong, as it is changing an essentially core component of what God created the person as - in God’s Ultimate Wisdom and Knowledge, blessing and testing that person with certain things, etc. Islam doesn’t necessarily deny the feelings that people have, and doesn’t shame them for having those feelings, even - Islam would simply say that not everything that we feel is good for us, and could be sourced in desire of the self (nafs) or even a manifestation of illness in the spiritual heart (qalb).This is why spiritual legal parameters exist, going back to the first preface: to guide us, like a lighthouse, in the storm of our emotions.

Conclusion: I am comfortable in my moral belief that I do not agree with practicing homosexuality or gender reassignment. At the same time, I fully understand the capacity of liberty and pluralism in the United States (and other places), and would support others to be afforded the same right to live and practice their lives the way they feel fit, the same way that I am able to live and practice my life and faith the way that I feel fit. It’s important to realize that we don’t have to agree with others’ choices, or support them, but we should support their right to make whatever choice they want, just like we expect the liberty to do so, ourselves. Note: disagreement is not license for bullying or terrorizing someone emotionally or even physically for making choices that go against your beliefs, as you should also not be bullied emotionally or physically for holding your beliefs. Learn to agree to disagree, live and let live.

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine if Anakin brought balance to the Force if he merges the Jedi and Sith into one Order? A future generation of Jedi and Sith Padawans working together in groups to help balance each other as a team?

Anon, I love this idea you are gold

Okay, so in the EU there’s this thing called the Je’daii Order, the precursors and spiritual ancestors to the Jedi, who do pretty much exactly what you’re suggesting. From the page quote:  “In the light, there is a darkness and in the darkness, a light. It is the way with us all. Be a prisoner of neither Bogan[the dark side] nor Ashla[the light side]. Strive to live in balance.”

Think that sounds good? The definition of the Order makes it better:

“The Je'daii Order was an ancient organization unified by its belief and observance of the Force on the planet Tython, in the galaxy’s Deep Core. Focusing on maintaining a balance in the Force, a state at which Tython was itself hospitable, the Je'daii saw the Force as two aspects of a whole; the Ashla and the Bogan. They saw this duality in the Force represented in the night sky of Tython in the form of two natural satellites; one bathed in light, another shrouded in darkness. In keeping with their ideal balance, Je'daii who fell too far to either the light or darkness were exiled to one of the moons to meditate until they returned to balance.”

(Read the whole page here)

Now, we know Anakin is troubled by what he sees as his inability to be ‘a proper/good Jedi’. He expresses this to Padmé, saying he wants more than he knows he should, and he goes to Yoda to seek help, which ends in no help at all as we know. What if he then decides his best route forward is to look at spiritual texts in the Archive? We know he feels uncomfortable opening up to anyone one-to-one, and books can’t give him judge-y looks and tell him he’s a bad Jedi. 

So say he finds himself reading about the Je’daii Order. Here are people who weren’t afraid of the dark side; who blended dark and light together, who allowed themselves to feel and master both light and dark emotions, and who (I’m guessing anyway) weren’t afraid of love. This philosophy is like an epiphany to Anakin; the thought that you don’t have to reject dark side emotions, that it’s possible to balance them. And that word ‘balance’ keeps coming up, time and time again, and y’know where else the word ‘balance’ is important? The Prophecy of the Chosen One, bringing ‘balance’ to the Force. 

Aaaaaand you know who else balanced the light and the dark side, and used them both? Yep, (Darth) Revan herself. Possibly one of the most powerful Jedi/Sith ever, vanquisher of Mandalorians, defeater of Malak, asskicker extraordinare. Now, it says in Revan that she (or he I guess but let’s be real Revan is always gonna be a woman for me) was prohibited by the Jedi Council from sharing this knowledge in return for being allowed to marry, but say she does put the information into the Archives somehow. I’d bet anything there was a junior librarian somewhere, obsessed with the importance of recording everything, that Revan could have convinced to secretly add her philosophy ideas to the Archive, to be made searchable after her death so she didn’t get in trouble. And now Anakin has access to that…well, even Obi-Wan thinks Revan is cool. She can’t be wrong, right?

And y’know what I really want? Forceghost!Revan turning up to talk to Anakin. They have a lot in common and she’d have a lot to teach him, and not just in this AU either. Maybe he finds a text on how to summon Force ghosts in the Archives, I mean who knows what’s hanging around at the back of the stacks in there. So he summons Force ghost Revan and she teaches him like he’s her posthumous padawan, and Anakin learns about the actual techniques for mixing the dark and light sides. (Why is Revan allowed to come back, you say? Maybe because this is what the Force wanted all along, to go back to that original balanced state. Maybe it’s just because Revan is awesome. Who knows?)

(Meanwhile Madame Nu is getting worried, Skywalker has never spent this much time in the Archives before, and now he hangs around alone and late at night and…is he talking to himself back there? Maybe she ought to warn Master Kenobi…)

Then Anakin (with no small amount of encouragement from Revan probably we all know she doesn’t like the Council) decides he’s going to re-find Tython and rebuild the Order, but they’re going to be a balanced Order now, and he’s going to teach everyone what Revan taught him, and that’s how he’ll bring balance to the Force. So he kidnaps Obi-Wan (because if he leaves him behind he’ll just chase him anyway, and it’s safer for them to brave the dangers of the Deep Core together) and they go find Tython together (Obi-Wan is not happy, but Anakin figures it’s better to ask for forgiveness and all that). 

So they find Tython and message the Jedi Order like, ‘anyone who thinks the Jedi need to change and want to go back to your roots, come on over’ and Obi-Wan fully expects them to be alone on this crazy world trying to rebuild an old Jedi Temple with their bare hands, but Anakin has faith. (And of course he sends the safe, tested co-ordinates to Padmé, inviting her to come along). 

And people come. There’s lots of different sects and divisions of opinion in the Order, and lots of Jedi disillusioned with the war. Going back to what made them Jedi, setting themselves free from the dominion of the Senate and the Republic - this is a fresh start, and it appeals to a lot of people. And most surprising and encouraging for Jedi who want to go - Yoda and Windu approve. (They’re not blind, they know the Order needs to change. If we take Mace’s thoughts at the end of Shatterpoint to be accurate, he believes in the Chosen One prophecy, so I think he might see this new Order as Anakin fulfilling that. He might even want to go, though I think he’d feel tied to helping the Republic end the war first. And Yoda has known change is coming, but I think he might see himself as a relic, the symbol almost, of the old Order, and feel that his presence would make it harder for the new Order to move forward cleanly, so he stays on Coruscant and simply wishes them well. He feels his time is over).

And then there’s Sidious of course. His apprentice-to-be has taken off into the unknown and started spouting some nonsense about balance in the Force? This is bad. I think Sidious might try to find Tython himself, to try and get to Anakin while he’s more vulnerable, since he’s not surrounded by so many people and the Force can be shifted in mysterious ways on Tython, it might be easier to turn him there. Maybe he even goes to the dark side moon, Bogan, and lures Anakin there in the hope that the dark power will turn him. 

But Anakin understands the dark side now. From Revan, he understands the lure of the darkness, and how it seems all powerful but is really hollow at its core. How it makes you forget what you were, corrupts you. And from Revan he’s learnt how to fight it, and how to use it without being taken by it. He can fill himself with the power, the calm of the light, but he can take Sidious’ Force-lightning and turn it back on him. He is balanced in the Force; he’s the fully realized Chosen One. Sidious doesn’t stand a chance.

So then the war ends and stuff, Bail and Padmé and their allies start a campaign to rebuild the Republic better, and Padmé comes and kicks Anakin’s ass for disappearing into the unknown without warning her first. Unfettered by the war I think Windu would come join the new Order, and, feeling like the time of the old Order is over and probably feeling guilty for the bad choices he can now see he made, Yoda probably potters off into self-exile somewhere. With these two figureheads gone I reckon a lot more of the old Order Jedi would join the new Order, perhaps almost to the point that the old Order is made up only of a few staunch believers and stragglers (if that’s the case then possession of the Jedi Order’s assets would probably revert to the new Order, since they’re the bigger/more needy party, and hell probably the whole old Council are over there, so that’s probably legal. I mean, who even owns the Jedi Order’s wealth? The Order as an organisation I guess? Therefore the new Order is technically the ‘Jedi Order’ as well, so…) 

So Anakin founds the new Order, defeats the Sith, balances the Force. Prophecy fulfilled. (He makes sure Obi-Wan is the new Grand Master, though. He hasn’t got the time or the patience for that). Padmé has Luke and Leia on Tython and they grow up learning to be new Order Jedi, as a happy family. 

Force ghost Revan pats Anakin on the head and says ‘good job buddy’ and then disappears back into the Force. After all that crap, she deserves a rest god dammit. 

Viktuuri continues to amaze me. Even if you don’t think of it in a romantic sense (whoever you are), the two characters Yuuri and Viktor have such a great relationship, with every episode I’m impressed.

I’ve mentioned before how I adore that when Yuuri goes through moments of great character development and growth, Viktor’s is there too. It may not be as grand or as obvious– especially considering that we’re only slowly starting to understand him– but it’s there and that’s something I just love about Viktuuri, romantic or platonic. Portrayed in every episode, their relationship is symbiotic. They grow together. Their growth feeds off each other.

I said a whole thing on the beach scene in ep 4, but I cannot resist getting into ep 5. The entire ep, seriously.

In an interesting twist to how things have normally gone in the series so far, where Viktor the 5-time-winner is the one with the knowledge and experience, now we have a situation that Yuuri is familiar with, and where Viktor is out of bounds. 

It’s brought to attention early on in the ep

It’s subtle but it’s evident that Viktor himself is totally nervous. Not using the fact that he dressed for the occasion as an example of this (it may seem a bit overkill compared to Minami’s coach, but this is Viktor Nikiforov). 

If you’d look at his moments of ‘confidence’:

It’s actually evidence of his confidence in Yuuri and his abilities, and less in himself and his coaching. He’s a proud!coach, but an uncertain one.

There’s a bit of psychology behind the notion of the ‘lucky item’, and how people can feel more confident taking a test or doing an activity they’re not certain of when they have that item with them. It’s the same idea with people, if you’re going to share your idea with a group of strangers at a meeting, it’s easier when there’s someone there who’s on your side. A security blanket in a sense.

I know I poked a bit of fun, but I feel like tissue-box!Makkachin was Viktor’s security blanket here, especially in replacement of actual!Makkachin. When Viktor gives coachly advice to Yuuri that he knows he won’t like, he’s almost hiding behind the Makkachin.

Despite this, he’s quick to understand (through the power of The Hug, I’m sure) that when it comes to Yuuri, it’s more personal.

Because Yuuri looks up to and respects him more than anyone (I mean, just look at his poor hurt face!!)

Yuuri learns a lot, as usual, in this ep. And touchingly, he manages to have fun doing what he loves. But thanks to Viktor’s disappointment, it leads to Yuuri looking at the competition and his competitors with new eyes. Which in turn leads to him giving his all and doing all the jumps he can! So in a way, it was Viktor’s own words of reverse-encouragement which essentially led to Yuuri disobeying his instructions on the jumps. 

And even though Viktor sighs in his little spectating point, clinging to tissue-box!Makkachin every time Yuuri does something “wrong”, he realises that in fact, he is giving a wonderful performance.

It’s the earnestness behind the skating, that Yuuri’s going a step beyond what Viktor wanted (that he act motivational to the younger skaters) by taking them super seriously as competitors. As a coach, it would definitely be a smart move to lower the difficulty of the jumps early on in the season. After all, Yuuri doesn’t need all his tricks to win, he’s clearly the best one there. Viktor was thinking as a ‘standard’ coach, maybe even as his own coach Yakov might have thought. But despite that meaning going against what Viktor had asked, Yuuri took a chance to skate hard (so hard he went right into the wall lol my poor child).  

The performance no doubt made Viktor realise how much like him Yuuri is. 

Because despite everything, he’s gutsy– going against the coach’s words for what he believes is right. 

Viktor states that if he were like his coach Yakov, then Yuuri should be lectured for not listening. But what does he do when Yuuri’s done?

That’s right. The Hug. (that only almost happened shhh the intent was there)

Because Viktor has his own ways of doing things, he always has. That’s why, opposingly, Yurio’s tutelage under Yakov and his ex-wife ballerina seems to focus more on technical aspects than emotional ones. Contrarily, what’s most important for Viktor’s way of skating are the emotions, considering he stressed that so much with Eros and Agape, but also because that was what drew him to Yuuri in the 1st place.

I feel that on his first try being a proper coach, Viktor may have fallen into Yakov’s style in uncertainty. But through Yuuri, he understands what kind of coach he wants to be. Because Yuuri is so much like him, and who better to coach him than Viktor? He made sure, with his open arms, that Yuuri knew that Viktor wasn’t unhappy with him, that Yuuri can be who he is with Viktor as his coach. 

This entire episode was Viktor teaching Yuuri teaching Viktor teaching Yuuri. And I loved every minute of it. 


I follow quite a few healthcare-related groups online, and they sometimes throw up interesting discussions, like this one. The OP says something like ‘My terminally ill dad’s GP said he has bugs in his urine but wouldn’t give antibiotics. I work in the NHS so I knew better…’

Now, it’s not possible to know everything about the case, and some of the commenters (a nurse among them) tried to work out or ask if the aforementioned person is actually symptomatic. Which is hugely important. Because best practice guidance tells us that the elderly should not be given antibiotics if their urine test is positive, if they have no actual symtoms of a urine infection. This is because in that particular age group, many people have bugs in their urine without having an infection, as part of their ageing physiology.  Giving them antibiotics would not benefit their health.

Now, if they were to get sick and become symptomatic of a urine infection, they may need antibiotics rapidly and things could get significantly worse. So why don’t we just give everyone antibiotics whenever they might have even the small possibility of getting an infection later? Because if we did, antibiotic resistance would eventually render all those medications useless for when we did need them.

Antibiotics are not a treatment without problems. Once you start a course, you have to keep going until you finish. They have to be taken regularly, sometimes on an empty stomach, and sometimes up to four times a day. They have side effects, particularly GI side effects like diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea. They can also affect the good bacteria (your own flora) which live on your body. Your good bactera are like your personal guard; they set the environment in places like your gut or vagina so that harmful bacteria (pathogens) can’t get a chance to take hold. If you wipe away the good bacteria, you run the very real risk of disturbing that balance. Which is bearable if the problem is something like thrush, but it can be far, far worse. This is how superbugs like Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infect patients. Bugs which are really, really hard to treat and can actually kill frail patients. Giving inappropriate antibiotics can kill people who would otherwise have been fine if you hadn’t treated them at all. And that’s not even counting that a tiny number of people can develop allergies to antibiotics.

What made the thread I mentioned worse, was the cries of “just give the dying man’s family what they want!!!” from well intentioned but completely clueless bystanders. No. I know you’re trying to do the right thing, but no. Feeling sorry for people is not a basis for treatment against all evidence. And distraught families with a limited understanding of the clinical science behind the rationale can make the job of getting the patient well a lot more difficult. It is absolutely amazing when friends and relatives advocate for their loved ones, and it usually leads to a well-made shared plan with the clinical team. But having a sick loved one is a difficult, exhausting experience, and everyone has different amounts of clinical knowledge. Sometimes people really are fighting the wrong battles in their desire to help.

Yes, if the clinician has any suspicion that the patient may be coming down with a UTI or other infection, they should treat. But if the person is sitting there perfectly happy and normal, it could be potentially very harmful to give antibiotics. Because treatments sometimes have risks that are almost as significant as the things we are treating, we have to truly be careful. This is one of those times when the rule to ‘do no harm’ is appropriate to invoke. Giving someone who doesn’t need treatment a medication with side effects and risks is potentially doing harm.

I feel that GPs often get the worst of this. They are constantly being pressured to prescribe less antibiotics, for good reason. We need to be careful with how we use our secret weapons against disease, before they lose all impact whatsoever. But it is no good to pressure GPs to stop giving antibiotics if we don’t also raise public campaigns asking people to consider whether they really do need antibiotics. We need more public health education about what antibiotics are used for. We still get patients coming in demanding antibiotics for ‘the flu’. (And by ‘the flu’ they mean ‘I have a runny nose and sore throat’). If someone didn’t get them once and came down with pneumonia 3 days later, they will probably come in every time they have a runny nose demanding antibiotics. Because nobody took the time to explain that their condition developed over that timeframe. And that nobody would have been able to tell if they needed antibiotics until the illness manifested.

Of course we can’t blame the public for not being medically trained, that’s what healthcare professionals are for. I think in some ways people are much more clued up than they used to be. But they are also much more demanding and less trusting of, or cooperative with, their healthcare staff. Whilst many people feel that it is their right to demand antibiotics, without fully understanding the limitations of their use, we will always struggle to control inappropriate prescription. Turning medicine into a consumer product yields consumer culture. What we need is to engage the public so they understand why we are sometimes holding off the antibiotics, and why medicine will never be a precise art without risk.

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I'm thinking about converting my blog into a studyblr. I kinda already reblog school related jokes and helpful studying stuff. Do you have any advice on how to make original posts for studyblrs?

Sure! I think original posts are very important to a successful studyblr. There a lot of reblog studyblrs out there, so if that is all you do, you will not stand out as unique amongst the crowd. That is simply the truth. There is nothing wrong with reblogging. Reblogging is good. That’s how we share all of this important information with each other. But if all you do is reblog… I might as well just search the #studyblr tag, because I’m going to see the exact same posts.

There are several types of original posts you can make (no particular order):

  • Study Tips
  • Journaling
  • Answering Asks
  • Printables
  • Studyspo Photos
  • Videos
  • Masterposts
  • (…and likely many more I didn’t mention!)

Study tips, in my opinion, are one of the most important types of posts you can make. They’re not necessarily the most viral type of studyblr post, but I think they carry the some of the most meaning and value of all studyblr posts out there. It is the core of what us students do, study. The point of studyblr is supposed to encourage studying. Without study tip posts the movement would be very fake and superficial.

There are a lot of study tip posts out there, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Try to approach it from a place no one has approached it before. Take that as you will. You can write study tip posts on tips that are common knowledge, if you want. People will probably still reblog them. But the more unique, the better. I try to encourage people to be more specific about study tips. There are way too many generalized study tips out there, which is why I created studyblrsubjects. So I encourage you to try writing tips for specific subjects, classes, or types of methods rather than in general. They might seem less useful to the general public, but it gives you more of an idea of what to do and will probably leave you with more posts to write anyway. It might even inspire you to write more general ones. You have to start somewhere!

Journaling is also something that sets you apart from the crowd. It makes you unique. No two people have the exact same journey. And I don’t know about you, but I follow blogs for the people behind the blog more than solely the content alone. You are a student, so write about your student life! Maybe you’re still in high school and think it would be boring because you’re not in college. I’ll tell you this much, it’s not! Not only will other high schoolers empathize with you, but college students and beyond still like to see that content. I follow some high schoolers. If you’re in an academic extra curricular like Science Olympiad, HOSA, Debate, Amnesty International, etc. then write about that, too! If you do research, write about your research (doesn’t have to be in a lot of detail). People like to see that content.

Answering asks is an original type of post. People want advice, so even if you don’t know what to write about, someone might ask! Granted, this is something you just have to sit around and wait for, but it’s a type of original post. There’s a studyblr out there whose blog is a load of reblogged posts and answered questions, and she is very popular because of her dedication to answering questions, theorganisedstudent. She also makes free printable pages to organize study time (something I’m trying to make more time for). That combination was enough for her!

Studyspo posts are the core of the studyblr community. The most viral of all studyblr posts. But I don’t think in a good way. They ought to have started out well-meaning, but it has evolved into something that focuses too much on aesthetic and not enough on actually learning. It’s often classist and supports pretty notes over functional notes much too often. I post studyspo type posts, but not for the sake of studyspo. I use it as a journaling tool or if I’m trying to explain something. For example, if I’ve been studying one subject really hard all day I can log my work by taking a picture of my setup. I might take a picture of my setup as a means of explaining to people a way they might consider setting up their desk space for maximum efficiency. People love studyspo posts, and exploiting that is going to get you more exposure in the beginning, but I implore you to do it for the right reasons. Always add captions, and never erase them.

Videos are slowly gaining momentum in the studyblr community, but are not exactly viral material yet. They may never be because of the scrolling culture of tumblr. But they are very useful, and people who do take the moment to watch them usually do appreciate them. You can turn any study tip post into a video, and much more. For example, you can review pens and do bleed tests on videos, which you can’t do in text and is not as easy to see in photo form. It’s a growing area that could use more posts if you’re willing to make them. The bonus is that you can accrue follower from YouTube, as well!

Masterposts are borderline original. They are useful, and also quite viral, but I do hesitate to call them original. If you make a masterpost comprising of completely your own posts, then it is no doubt original. But it’s hard to say gathering up other peoples’ material is “original”. Nonetheless, it is useful, and people love it. I think it’s great that people take the time to search out these resources, organize them into comprehensive lists, and share them conveniently for others. It’s something that will get you exposure. It technically is original in that you literally have to make a new post on your blog to make one, but I don’t want to treat it with the same regard as true original posts. It’s just in a league of its own.

I hope that helps!

I Forgot Who I Was - Or, Blake Neely is a genius

It occurred to me last night that the instrumental score used during the final scenes of 4x08 – Oliver with William and then Oliver and Felicity at home – is entitled “I Forgot Who I Was” (Arrow S1 OST).

I don’t know whether this makes the whole thing better or worse…we know that Blake Neely is a master of choosing the perfect scores for pivotal moments. The fact that this is the track he chose, to my mind, speaks volumes. 

The first time we hear this track (to my knowledge – correct me if I am wrong!) is in 1x05′s Damaged. It comes towards the end of the episode, when Diggle is talking to Oliver after Oliver has engineered and passed his own polygraph test, set up Digg as the Arrow to take the heat off himself, and shown Laurel his scars. 

This episode is all about lies – Oliver lies to Thea, not only telling her that he is not the Hood, but also that the hōzen he brought back for her was bought from a gift shop. He lies to Quentin (and to Laurel) about his not being the Hood, about never stepping foot in Iron Heights. He first lies to Digg about why he let himself be caught by the police and put under house arrest, and then he sets up Digg as the Hood to make Quentin believe that Oliver is not the vigilante. Moira lies to Walter about the Gambit, and her role in it. 

In the Foundry at the end of the episode, Digg and Oliver have this conversation: 

Digg: So you lied to her. Or maybe you just…gave her a version of the truth.
Oliver: I told her what she needed to hear, Diggle. She was too close. 
Digg: The sad thing is, I think you actually believe that. 

The track then plays over a montage of Thea staring at the hōzen and Walter leaving to go on a business trip to Australia (really, wanting to distance himself from Moira).

Digg’s voiceover continues:

Digg: I think things didn’t go down exactly as you planned. You didn’t count on so many people having questions….doubting you. You didn’t think about what happens when you lie. Especially what happens when you lie to the ones you love the most [this over a scene of Walter leaving Moira]

When you were stuck on that island, plotting your grand plan to save the city, I don’t think you stopped to consider the effect that it would have on the people in your life. Or how it might hurt them

Oliver: You’re wrong. I think about it all the time. And just to be clear, not being able to tell my family the truth…it doesn’t hurt anyone worse than it hurts me.

Now, of course, the circumstances are completely different. Of course, this latest lie isn’t about saving the city and wanting to protect the people that he loves from danger. But the fact that Neely chooses this track, this track that conveys so much about the emotional toll of Oliver’s lies and how they affect the people that he loves…and how they affect him? That’s important. 

Like I said, I don’t know if this makes any difference to the way people feel about this development; if it soothes any pained hearts. For what it’s worth, I’m with everyone who says that this is a poor and lazy choice from the writers. But if I try to move past that and look in-show? This musical choice, along with Oliver’s obvious desperation (and the fact that he desperately wants to tell Felicity, plus the obvious fact that he loves her so damn much)…it makes it a little bit better for me. It makes me understand him just a smidge more. It definitely makes me love Blake Neely even more than I already did. 

And regression or not, poor writing choice or not, if this speech from Digg tells us anything – hell, if the last 3 seasons have taught us anything – is that no lie goes unpunished on this show. Oliver always, always pays for his mistakes (hell, he pays for other’s mistakes), and this will be no different. 

I’ll leave it to people like @austencello and @smoakmonster who are far better than me at dissecting the musical choices that Neely makes…but I found this an interesting choice, and very telling of what Neely – at the very least – makes of Oliver’s decision. 

                        Junko Enoshima Heroine or villain?

Another article about Dangan Ronpa and before I begin a big thank you to the Tumblr DR fan artists never stop doing what you do. Sorry for the caps but to avoid offense PLEASE ONLY READ THIS IF YOU HAVE FINISHED DR 1 AND 2 AS WELL AS DR ZERO THE LIGHT NOVEL.

Now I know what you are thinking that I must be off my rocker to even type such a thing and that Junko is clearly a villain and she revels in the misery that she causes others or could it be something deeper than that? Imagine if the villain you had painted all along wasn’t actually as bad as she appears to be. Let’s break it down what our Perfect, despair, loving, super human has achieved in the series so far.

1.Born into the world as the SHSL Analyst a talent that can take any talent and make it their own what Hope’s peak has been looking for all along the closest being to perfection and the greatest talent.

2.Possibly killed the previous/true SHSL model assumed the personality of a typical model and infiltrates Hope’s peak recruits the cast of DR 2 and many of her loyal fans to create the SHSL despair group and then laid waste to the modern world.

3. Assumes the role of possibly her original identity considering she is actually a SHSL analyst not a SHSL model. As Ryoko Otonashi she is tricked by a childhood friend who brainwashes her when Ryoko loses her memories and possibly returns to how Yasuke Matsuda thinks she really is or wants her to be. Ryoko finds out the truth and kills Matsuda revealing that he was nothing but a cog in the grand mechanism of her plan. She then proceeds with School Life of Mutual Killing by killing the former principle of Hope’s Peak.

4.The events of the first game take place and Junko Enoshima is supposedly killed at the end of her execution however later information could possibly indicate she is not dead.

5.The events of the spin off game take place???? We will have to wait to find out.

6.The events of the 2nd game takes place and AI Junko is deleted and some of the former SHSL despair members want to work hard to redeem the damage they have done to the world.

A very brief summary of everything Junko Enoshima has achieved now if we look at that at face value it can’t seem anything but the actions of a villain. If we look at it from another angle we might realise something else.

1.Okay there is a problem here Junko claims she was in despair from birth but why exactly is she in despair? Most fans would claim boredom and her actions do seem to verify this but what if she was in despair because the world was spiraling in the wrong direction? I will go on to explain with the next point.

2. Any fan who has played both games and read Zero would know something is seriously wrong with the Hope’s peak academy ideology the school council are just evil bigots that support the prejudice of those who lack talent. They are at the core of the problem now according to Junko she wanted to target Hope’s peak academy specifically because they are apparently the greatest beacon of Hope.

Or could it be that because they are the root cause of a poisonous ideology that we the fans are not too sure how far this mind frame has spread. Maybe by taking this out and Junko being the talent they were trying to cultivate this whole time would be the perfect thing to hammer home just how wrong they were. Not to mention she reached out to others who were already in despair because of this ideology impacting on their lives.

¾. Setting up the school life of mutual killings again might seem without question evil. Most would claim that Junko killing Mukuro near the start had no justification or it could be used to implicate how sick she is of the sheep like attitude of the masses that allowed the Hope’s peak ideology to take root. Mukuro often knew Junko was morally wrong but wanted to please her sister instead of calling her out on it.

Also any female viewers reading this must be able to relate to Ryoko killing Matsuda because he was an asshole that never really loved Junko only the aspect of her that appealed to him the most. This point applies to both genders you should love everything that your partner is not just parts of them because that is selfish and entitled. Not to mention the fact that Matsuda brain washed her which is a really cowardly thing to do.

Back to her classmates since she lived with them it assumed she did this to them in particular because she wanted them to feel despair as their friend. However considering her behaviour as the MonoKuma persona it would seem to indicate otherwise. Basically at the start of the game with Naegi he basically tells the players just how happy he is to go to Hope’s peak and how special he is forgetting the fact that his joy crushes the hopes and dreams of those without talent. Junko as Monokuma constantly mocks the so called superior talented beings and puts them in a situation where their moral high ground would truly be put to the test.

They failed completely at first not only did they kill for very typical reasons that even Junko was surprised that they did but they were completely pointless as well proving that the hope for the future were no better than anyone else. It also would make sense why Junko was so happy at the prospect of her ‘death’ because they finally defied the imposing insane regime she had created for her classmates and in some ways it could be her reaching out to them in a figurative sense.

5. My guess is that they reveal in the spin off game that Junko isn’t actually dead which would explain some things that don’t add up in the 2nd game.

6. Now this is where my point becomes a little more difficult to argue but it does tie in with what I said about Mukuro as once the 2nd cast were in despair they followed her blindly seeing her as a beacon of their own hope while not really questioning the morality of what they were doing at the time. However I would argue that AI Junko was once again being critical of humans still alive as Naegi and Future foundation ultimately wasted precious resources and electricity to try and rehabilitate the surviving members.

This is of course a noble cause at face value but it ignores the very important fact that they are currently in a post apocalyptic world where resources are crucial. Do a bunch of mass murderers really deserve this treatment after what they have done could you really believe that considering your own reactions to every murderer you read about in the news? I know the tumblr feminists certainly wouldn’t.

I think this point is reinforced by the fact that those who truly grew as characters and then became the most moral people as well as overcoming all obstacles that AI Junko threw at them. I believe this signifies her allowing those who had truly changed to leave and once more contribute to a world that desperately needs them right now.

Before I forget the points that seem like plot holes currently that I am referencing from the 2nd game is when the players are told what happened after Junko’s death the SHSL despair self destructs and members took parts of her body. This should be impossible because her body was crushed and it can’t be Mukuro because someone took an eyeball is this an indication that Junko can create actual clones and she isn’t dead?


A lot of what I have written above makes me feel that Junko is what I refer to as a martyr type heroine where she has changed a corrupted world full of prejudice and segregation to one where people can be freed from that. She has lost family and friends and those closest to her but they along with the many that admired her never understood her. Murder is never a good stance to take and in some ways I feel she is punishing herself for taking this path and the fact the world can become a better place if she becomes a scapegoat for all the world’s anger allowing a much more hopeful world to emerge.

Unfortunately a hopeful world doesn’t suit Junko Enoshima who was born in despair but she will have been the one to bring it not Naegi. As much as Naegi has helped the rest the cast there is one problem he is still clearly favouring the talented over the average person which is root of all the problems of DR in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Naegi is an unintentional villain by the end of it.

Of course a lot of what is written above depends on how the rest of the world behaved towards the Hope’s peak ideology this is just a theory based on the knowledge of the Dangan Ronpa series so far. While it may seem a stretch and reading pretty deep into things I feel that Dangan Ronpa has a knack for turning common perception on its head and while I think its unlikely I wouldn’t be surprised if Junko was a heroine at the end of it.

Thanks to everyone that actually read this miniature essay regarding Junko I tried to keep it simple and avoid ramblings so more people can read it so sorry if I went on too long. This is just a conclusion I reached by talking to multiple fans about the series and I did rush over a few things to keep it simple and easy to read.

The Other Space Opera, or Requiem for Space Rollerblades

As is evident from my blog title, I adore Jupiter Ascending. However, I also love Star Wars: The Force Awakens (say ‘hi’ @starwarsnonsense!). I felt it important to clarify this because I want to be clear that this is not about pitting the films against each other. Instead, it’s a question of reminding people that there was another space opera movie out this year, and exploring the reasons why The Force Awakens was embraced while Jupiter Ascending was rejected.

Jupiter Ascending came out in February and was, suffice to say, met with widespread derision. It has frequently been named checked as one of the worst films of 2015, and you’ll find people on various quarters of the internet comparing it to infamous disasters such as Battlefield Earth and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

The Force Awakens, meanwhile, has been lauded. With overwhelmingly positive reviews and an ever-mounting pile of broken box office records, it has been embraced as a return to everything people love about the Star Wars saga - a zippy plot, loveable characters, and a tactile fantastical world.

This is interesting to me because if you were to pluck both movies out of their respective contexts and consider them in a vacuum, they’re both rather similar. They’re both full of weird shit, hokey dialogue, hysterical performances (I’m dead serious when I say I need General Hux and Balem Abrasax to have a speech off), and fraught family dynamics familiar from Greek tragedies and Shakespeare plays. They’re both space movies stuffed to the gills with CGI and absurdly contrived scenarios, and they both demand massive suspensions of belief. Fundamentally, they’re more similar than they are dissimilar. 

So, what’s up? Why have there been radically different responses to such essentially similar movies?

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anonymous asked:

I was going to order from Orchard corset, but saw that you really dislike them. I really respect your opinion and wanted to ask you why before I choose to place an order or not. I love your blog, thank you <3

Hi, are you sure you want this rant? :P
I appreciate that you respect what I have to say about this as a corsetier, but I want to emphasize that it’s just my personal opinion and experience. I’m not going to judge someone for what they choose to wear, wether it’s because they’re saving up for something better or because it suits their needs just fine. My only concern is ever that people make these choices armed with information and with their comfort/safety at the forefront.
I’ve sat back and kept pretty quiet about my growing dislike of orchard for a long time, because I don’t want to insult anyone, start conflict, or worse yet funnel malice towards my brand as I’ve seen happen to other people. So please just take this as one perspective.
My number one biggest issue is their sizing:
Every single day in various communities I see photos of beginners wearing corsets with huge lacing gaps, sometimes up to 8 inches wide, often digging into their hips or not parallel. They’ll post about how they’re beginning the seasoning process and are going to lace down tighter, and I can clearly see that they won’t be able to lace it down more without putting severe pressure on their hips and underbust, potentially causing numbness and nerve damage. This is easy to chalk up to a beginner’s mistake, I know that sizing is confusing for some people. But Orchard DELIBERATELY breeds this kind of misinformation to feed egos and sell corsets no matter what. Over and over again, their representatives recommend corsets at least three sizes too small with no concern for the client. Often they will recommend 6-10" reductions for first time wearers. Everything would indicate their ‘fitting specialists’ don’t even understand the basic concepts of what makes a corset the right size. Worse yet, the clients aren’t going to know any better if they don’t already, because there is no helpful sizing information on their site. Not a number to be seen outside of the waist size, so a customer has no way of knowing if a corset is going to fit their hips, underbust, and body shape without consulting an outside source (something beginners often don’t know to do).
Pricing: I understand that quality vs. Quantity is a heated debate in some parts of the community. And I really really get not being able to afford something more expensive, or not wanting to shell out big bucks for a custom before you even know if you like corsets. Personally, If money is that tight I don’t understand amassing a small hoard of just okay or ill fitting shitty corsets, instead of using a similar amount of money to get one or two perfect fitting and more durable customs. I know that debate has been hashed out, and I’m going to just try to understand that people have different priorities when it comes to spending their money on corsets. Putting that aside, I believe orchard blatantly EXPLOITS those same budget customers who pinched their pennies to save for an orchard by giving them bad information, bad corsets, and often bad customer service. For those people, putting the money together to buy one constituted a real sacrifice, and for that they are given a corset that doesn’t fit, doesn’t look good, and won’t last a year.
Not only that but the pricing shows it to be a deeply unethical product and brand. They exploit human labor to gobble up as much of your money as they can. Because of that money you spent on the orchard that didn’t fit or fell apart, you only had enough left to afford another orchard and so it continues.
I really understand testing the waters, and for a lot of people that might be good choice for a first corset. But why do we pretend there aren’t other corset brands available at a similar or slightly higher price with a better value? Corsetry and romance is custom and it’s only a pittance more than 1 or 2 orchards. WKD is the same look but done better. Mcc is barely more at all , and it is much more suitable for waist training, stronger, and curvier. But no, we refuse to forgive MCC for manufacturing issues from what, 2 years ago now? Even though they switched factories ages ago, and even replaced a TON of corsets people bought from old stock. They did everything they could to rectify their mistake and improve as a brand (although I agree their customer service needs a huge step up), and who do we listen to? People who have a publicly known VESTED INTEREST in orchard corsets, who recieve free product from them for promoting orchard and bashing other companies. Including rehashing old complaints about perfectly good companies until they burn them to the ground, while turning a blind eye and forgiving every shitty thing about orchard.
Quality: first, and this is just my opinion, they are UGLY. UGLYYYY. Their satin is so wrinkly and vomiticious, I’ve seen nicer looking stuff at costume shops. But that’s beside the point, I know as a maker what’s important to me might not be important to a customer.
Second, why do we pretend that they are waist training quality? Their cheapest cinchers are stretchy floppy twill and unbacked satin that the bones and grommets tear right through, have about 4 panels, and a laughably small amount of bones. How in the world is that any different than a shitty bustier? Steel is not the only ingredient that qualifies a corset, and I am hesitant to call some of their products authentically corsets at all. And the worst ones are the corsets I seem to see the most.
So why when I go into almost any waist training thread, no matter the person’s size or budget, does a flock of people insist on recommending orchard styles? Even for someone that clearly needs a different sizing or custom, people will fudge the facts and insist that the person make do with something that isn’t going to fit.
Because we’ve been spoonfed biases and bullshit and false praise. We’ve parroted the enthusiasm of people who sponsor the brand. Of people who own collections of nothing but orchard, and claim to be knowledgeable. Of people who build their own reputation on discrediting respectable brands they haven’t tried. Of people who aim hypocritical complaints at people who are just trying to make a living from a challenging skill they don’t themselves possess.
If you like orchard, that’s great. If it suits your body or your budget, I totally understand and wouldn’t judge you. But I think it’s time we actually be honest with ourselves about what their product is. They’re going downhill fast and taking your money with them, on the basis of praise that hasn’t been true for a long time. I do believe they used to be a better brand, and they could be again if they gave a shit. But there are people out there whose livelihoods are suffering as a result of their fast fashion marketing, both the people that make orchards in factories and the people at home trying to make a go at supporting themselves with corsetry.
Trying a higher quality OTR or a custom is a worlds different experience, and we should be open to it instead of limiting ourselves.

pasmanger  asked:

Hi lazyyogi, do you agree that learning is an inevitable process in life ? And I find that the process of learning can sometimes be difficult because there is conflict between one's value and knowledge with the incoming information, your views ? Thks

Here’s a cool perspective. Regardless of how I state it, it is neither true nor false. 

The thing we call “reality” is a certain set of dimensions. We have the three dimensions of space: length, width, and height. Then we have the fourth dimension of time. 

What is the purpose of time? Without time, nothing grows or dies. Without death, nothing changes. Thus we might surmise the “purpose” of time to be growth and change. Learning, in other words.

If life as we know it is a phenomenon occurring within those four dimensions, then the very process called “life” is actually cosmic “learning.” 

In a way, then, life in four-dimensional reality is like a farm. We live out countless incarnations, wind and unwind numberless karmas, and unfurl as a single luminous Universe layer by layer, life by life. 

Some then talk of the “fifth dimension” with is beyond time and space. It contains everything. Some call it the akashic record. But it is also infertile. No time, no growth. This is a linear, dualistic perspective but I find it interesting and useful in some ways. 

To switch gears to some hard science, there is a cognitive basis for what you are addressing. The brain has many jobs but when it comes to information it has two main roles: maintaining old information and assimilating new information. 

This is a delicate system. You see, if the brain is given information that doesn’t fit as well with existing information, an unpleasant reaction can occur. The brain can actually activate as if the body’s life were being threatened. This is why many people are threatened by new ideas, different people, and the like. At the same time, if we do not adapt to new information, we preclude the possibility for growth. 

Here are a few meaningful quotes I have kept in mind over the years:

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~ Hemingway

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” ~ The Dalai Lama

“Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing.” ~ Tilopa

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ~ Einstein

To follow up on that last quote, think of the difference between knowledge and imagination. Knowledge can feel threatened by new information. Imagination thrives on newness. True genius, therefore, is knowledge infused with imagination. 

Just some food for thought. 

Namaste :)