why are people so dense

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Have you noticed that any field that's historically been dominated by me and well respected instantly becomes devalued once women start working there in comparatively large numbers? Biology was once a highly revered area of study, but now a considerable amount of women work in the field it's viewed as 'science lite', as if it isn't as good as other STEM fields. Its the same with things like real estate too. If everyone could stop being cunts that would be great.

I’m not in a stem field so wasn’t aware of this happening but why are people so fucking dense.

Like seriously, shove that ego up your arse and get on with it.

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they mean: Christine and Raoul's relationship in the book is actually so developed and complex and OTP material but this isn't accurately portrayed in any of the big adaptions and their roles in it are always warped and cut down and the depth of the relationship they had as children is never shown and although Erik can be a pitiful character Phantom is actually a sadistic serial killer who spends much of the book being torturous and completely lacking empathy for Christine's suffering as he forces and grovels his way into trying to form a captor's relationship with her but the musical doesn't show much of Raoul and Christine's past or Phantom's crimes and romanticizes the relationship of Christine and Phantom so much and that is why so many people think Raoul is a dense, fickle or useless character and dislike their ship and ruthlessly ship Phantom and Christine I just want a meticulously accurate aesthetic crazy film adaption of the book I'm so mad
literally a conversation i just had
  • person: [ ... ] and your african american friend-
  • me: oh they're from jamaica. you can call her black, it's not a bad thing. not all black people are from the same country.
  • person: but she's dark and lives in america.
  • me: okay, european american.
  • person: actually i'm from canada.
  • me: but you're white and live in america.

Just backed away from a post on fb where someone was calling people upset with 50 Shades “too sensitive,” the female protagonist’s consent is “assumed because se keeps going back for more.” I had the perfect response and everything too.
I’m proud of myself but God damn. I guess not everyone can be critical enough to understand what an abusive relationship looks like when it is presented directly to them on paper.