why are people so awful sometimes

(DON’T REBLOG THIS) ya ya a little salty post but i just love how i can’t jokingly say dan is loud and annoying without someone jumpin on my ass but people can turn these projects that dan spent so much time on into a meme so much so that dan feels like it didn’t even matter and that we don’t care about it haha it’s ok tho

honestly? people need to stop portraying bambam as a person full of kinks who knows and makes everything about sex just because he throws jokes like “how do you know i am not big” sometimes. he truly didn’t know what the term “daddy” could mean and now he’s probably feeling really bad because people literally did something as awful as sexualize his tweets about papa tuan, when he’s clearly a father figure to him, thinking that he would laugh about it instead of being upset bc “hey!!! thats bambam!!! he makes sex jokes all the time so i can @ him and say all the gross i want cause he wont care!!”

Something I love (and hate) about each MBTI Type

INTJ Love: The amazing to ability to 180 and completely change your opinion once proven wrong.

INTJ Hate: Severe lack of investing in your relationships with other people.

INTP Love: Chillness, lack of shame

INTP Hate: Lack of social skills

INFJ Love: So sweet like aw! how! are! you! alive!

INFJ Hate: Not very bold, much like deer

INFP Love: Genuinely good-hearted

INFP Hate: I hate not being your favorite :(

ISTJ Love: actually intelligent, like I can TALK to you about psychophysics and you’re not lost.

ISTJ Hate: Too rigid sometimes, not very innovative

ISTP Love: FUN af

ISTP Hate: won’t judge people with me

ISFJ Love: Can set your mind and get crap done

ISFJ Hate: waaaaayyy low self-esteem. It’s terrible! Why must I always coddle you? And you actually get sad when I insult you like what?! Our relationship is super high-maintenance.

ISFP Love: loyalty yaaas

ISFP Hate: Kinda shortsighted

ENTJ Love:  You move mountains

ENTJ Hate: But you also crush people

ENTP Love: so, so, so cool. Easy. Can talk to you about random crap, or just hold eye contact for five minutes and end up laughing.

ENTP Hate: Not super outgoing or even approachable when I don’t know you

ENFJ Love: so. sugar. so sweet omfg how that’s gotta be fake but okay

ENFJ Hate: stand up for yourself okay?! You don’t always have to please other people…thanks :)

ENFP Love: Silly, funny, brightens my day plus actually smart sometimes!

ENFP Hate: Not open to my suggestions/logic

ESTJ Love: outgoing! Always meets new people

ESTJ Hate: Kinda proud, and also not as cool as you think you are

ESTP Love: so much fun, we can be loud and OBNOXIOUS together

ESTP Hate: kinda cliquey. Hard to get close to, a bit superficial

ESFJ Love: Good listener

ESFJ Hate: care waaay too much about stuff that doesn’t matter (read: popularity) and also, kinda stupid.

ESFP Love: sweet, cool, fun, crazy

ESFP Hate: too sensitive

This website leaves me feeling so incredibly frustrated sometimes. When did discussing things like adults become null and void? Why is everyones first reactions to the smallest hint of anything a drone of hateful retorts and sarcasm?

Being cynical and inflexible and unforgiving is awful. Believe me I’ve wasted too many years being like that.

This is not an arguement against protest, many things in the world need to change.
But just try to have faith in the majority of people. Have some flexibility, love and trust.

Without it we will all drift so far apart that the wounds will never heal.

I am really repulsed by male genitals tho and I hate it. Like people always tell me ‘maybe you’re a lesbian’ and I know I’m not because I love men! I’m so goddamn attracted to them all the time, but their genitals make me sick.
Sometimes I wonder if my ex made me this way. He was so fucking disgusting. The way he always touched himself and the emotionless approach he had towards sex or constantly cheating on me. Maybe that’s why I’m repulsed by it now, because it’s a constant reminder of why some men can be so fucking awful.

Can we talk about Briller?

We don’t get to see much background story for them but we assume they had a beautiful and loving relationship since Miller was willing to disobey direct orders to save Bryan. And well, they wanted to grow old together and raise chickens.  This is some beautiful stuff in The 100 world.

But this world is not beautiful. Everyday there’s someone doing something awful to survive, to make a loved one survive. This world is harsh and changes people. It got to the point where Bryan couldn’t recognize the guy he’d fallen in love with.

Miller was willing to let innocent people die for a possibility. He didn’t even think they were worth saving. Bryan followed a merciless, avenger leader and used his own boyfriend to gather information. Miller can never understand why, no matter how he tries to.

Can we honestly say either of them is a bad person?

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yo yo can we have some hcs for keith and a v tol fem s/o ,,like taller than shiro

// this is actually me??? - mod chay //

- Keith feels v v oppressed sometimes by being the short one in the relationship against his female s/o

- Even if she is taller, he loves her way too much and will never start complaining (for real) about how short he is, and if he does- its usually just some stupid joke

- There was a time, not so long ago that his s/o probably picked him up when he was being an angry boi™ and it literally made everybody go into an awe-like state

- Keith stands on chairs or tables sometimes to kiss her, because he feels like when she needs to bend over, it’s just not “dominant” of him. Psh-psh whatever Keith.

- When people start asking why he’s with such a tall gal, he brushes it off and grabs her hand anyways. Height doesn’t matter- It’s her heart.

do you ever see a post so awful you want to wash your eyes out with soap? like. why did you make me see that. why did I have to look at that tomfoolery with my own two eyes

Someone in therapy started shouting at me and then this other girl threatens to ‘put me through a window’ and I’m like.. did u really just threaten to put me through a window???? And she’s like yeah, well you want to die don’t you? … what. the. fuck. Wtf is wrong with people. I’m so upset now. Low key fearful can’t stop crying. It was like 2 minutes before the end of the day so I held my shit together but now I’m just sobbing in my car.

I get why the first person shouted at me, my opinion offended her and I did apologise after she shouted because I am over-opinionated and sometimes it just comes out but this second girl. Wtf. That was awful. Like I can deal with being shouted at, obviously it’s not nice but it’s not a physical threat and a threat on my life. I don’t even know why I’m crying so much. Anger and fear and self hate????? I just want to feel safe at therapy. Nothing I’ve done justifies that level of aggression towards me.

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Man can I just say... 1 of the hardest things for me in this society has been coming off as highly sexual or alluring, & being judged as so, but actually being borderline asexual. I'm Scorpio rising, Pluto in 1st but libra Mars in 12th and square Neptune. I've literally had multiple guys say "wow how misleading, what a waste." Like isn't that fucking awful?! People disgust me sometimes, this is why I h8 the way I come off & hate sexuality in our culture...

Wow, I’m so sorry :( That’s so fucking awful. Sexuality is such a misunderstood subject, and people are so quick to be ignorant.

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ugh god this thing with pewdiepie i googled it and it's just so gross and awful. why do people think things like this are jokes? like "death to all jews" is just a cute little game? i'm just,,,,,i hate the thing the internet's become sometimes, you know?

I hate that things like that are considered to be humor, and that a person with such a wide influence uses that kind of imagery and phrases in large broadcast. That’s just disgusting. 

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I really don't know why I've gone anon on this but I just wanted to say that you are great. I just think you sometimes don't get feedback enough, definitely not as much as you deserve. I hate it when people just read, smile and continue to scroll. When we smile because of you, you need to know. And now you know I suppose. Be happy, keep writing and keep being great!

Aw thanks so much, I’m literally almost in tears this is so nice!

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honestly ty so much like. im trans and i have social dysphoria and physical dysphoria abt my chest but i have worked a very long time to get to the point where i dont have my body and hearing everyone assume that i hate myself and my body just because im trans sucks! and hearing that i cant be trans because i like the way i look sometimes is awful, just let trans people be happy ! thank you

omg you’re so welcome!!!! and thank you for the message, this is why I speak up about it. 

I hate when ppl assume just because I’m trans that means I’m in anguish all the time about my body and I can’t feel good about how I look ever. 

like, I’m very similar to you, I have hated my body in the past and while I still have dysphoria, I’ve moved past the hatred. like I want a flat chest and I don’t have one but that doesn’t mean that i’ve got to think my current chest is terrible and ugly. I just don’t have the time/energy to hate myself and tear myself down about things I’m stuck with for a while and can’t do anything about right now. like just because my body isn’t where I want it to be yet doesn’t mean I can’t love it right now in the mean time. 


I realized I barely like our car culture anymore.

At least in the drifting scene, (which is what I choose to enjoy) people either

1) Have a cool car, can’t drive, but get a few cool pictures of them in the 20 feet that they’re actually able to maintain a slide, get internet famous then talk about the “true spirit of drifting” to mask their elitism

2) Can actually drive but have a shitty car and the attitude of “I can drive, why do I need to care about the physical state of my car”

3) Have a cool car, and can drive worth a shit, but fall victim to the same symptoms of type of person #1; sometimes even more so. I wish I was surprised when at Final Bout I saw relatively well known teams talking only amongst each other and ignoring the dozens of people looking at their cars in awe with questions in their eyes. Its this attitude that leads to the development of people like #2. When people say don’t meet your heros, they have a point

4) Same as #3 but actually care about having fun instead of looking cool. Their cars look cool because they take pride in their work, not because they want to impress their peers. Their driving is refined and unique, because they developed a style all their own. Since they’re proud of their work they take genuine interest in anyone who cares to ask about their driving or car, their eyes light up and they love to talk about the niche parts of their cars and driving styles; they don’t just shrug off typical people and talk about “the spirit of Japan” or some other bullshit. Unfortunately, these people are the minority

Hopefully down the road this changes and we’ll get more #4s in our culture, less of everyone else. But in the meantime I’ll just keep building my car in my open garage and welcoming anyone who cares to take notice of my hard work. Maybe I can change some people’s hearts.

Sassy Andrew Minyard

  • A liar who practices occasional honesty. Clever. Keeps people guessing. Very effective.
  • Neil is a walking tragedy.
  • Look again, why don’t you? Neil’s at our room, which meant he brought the fight to us. Dan, your bias is cruel and unprofessional.
  • Hey, Neil. Honesty looks awful on you.
  • Sometimes you’re interesting enough to keep around. Other times you’re so astoundingly stupid I can barely stand the sight of you.
  • Sarcasm from Neil? Your repertoire of talents is ever-expanding.
  • Appealing to my nonexistent attention span is a cheap trick.
  • I’m remembering why I don’t like you.“
    "I’m surprised you forgot.”
    “I didn’t,” Andrew said. “I just got distracted for a moment there.
  • Oh, Neil. You are far too heavy to tread ice this thin.
  • Is your learning curve a horizontal line?
  • Andrew put a hand to his forehead dramatically. "I think I’m coming down with something. Cough, cough. Best I leave before I infect your team. There’s so few of them left. You can’t stand to lose anyone else.”
  • “I’m not here for your entertainment,” Neil said. “
    But, as expected, you are talented enough to multitask.”
  • "Jean, Hey, Jean. Jean Valjean. Hey. Hey. Hello.”
  • You have a pet and you never told us? Where do you keep it, Kevin?

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Why yuno let us submit to you??? :( Hope you'll activate it....

Aw hi anon! I’m sorry, but I have two reasons: 

1. If I opened submissions, people and bots could send porn / gore / disturbing content to my inbox and I’d have to go through each of them to sort the good submissions from the bad ones. 

2. Since I have a duty to my visitors to stay true to mostly canon content, I’m very picky about what I post on this blog - sometimes I even delete some of my old posts that I find a little off-topic - so I’d probably need to reject some submissions even though it wasn’t the author’s fault and I’d feel bad about it. ): I’d rather the author post their content on their own Tumblr so I can reblog it and they receive due credit for it. (;

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omg I was just reading your "about me" and I saw the little note about aro and ace people and I got happy! I recently realized I was asexual and sometimes it's hard to find positivity! And with figuring out I was asexual, i finally found a label I was comfortable with!!!! (Homoromantic Asexual. Aka Asexual Lesbian.) honestly I don't know why I wrote this message but it's rare for me to find people who support aro/ace people!! but anyway I love it and you're great!!!! -love, asexual anon

Aw, thanks! You’re great too <3 I’m sorry it’s so hard for you to find support, though… it’s always a disappointment to find out that someone isn’t inclusive

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Hey wanted to thank you for the valentine day card it's so sweet!!! (Also! Thanks for not making it sexual or smthn bc those make me uncomfortable sometimes ily thank you!!!

aw no problem char! (same they make me so uncomfortable! thats why i kept the ones i made pg in case there were other people that didnt like those too)