why are other peoples ocs more fun to draw then my own


I asked that because I love replying to asks even if they are one per day but I realized that using my sona (Ravi) to reply to these asks almost made them a separate OC or an entity seperate from the mod or something like that which I do not intend to.

Ravi is just my way through talking to people and an easy character to draw for others. It’s not a character who I have deep stuff planned for, like back stories and stuff like that. I realized so after people starting asking more deep stuff wanting to know about Ravi which is really flattering! But I felt bad cause I didn’t have anything thought for them as a character because that’s not the intention I made them for.

Which is why I was wondering about daily blogs which you may have seen around as pokemon daily blogs which are super fun<3 And also wonder if the same thing can be enjoyed but with their own OCs ^w^