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THE FESTIVAL BLURB WTF BABES but can I also add this bc I love the photo kink: The final picture that Harry snaps is of you settled between his bare legs, pink lips wrapped around this cock, wide eyes looking up at him and his hand rested on the back of your head to keep the flower crown in its place.

FUCK oh my god YES and maybe Harry’s like a legit photographer like that’s what he does so that’s why he was obsessed w taking pictures of you the whole time???? But he really hasn’t done anything with the pictures since he got home earlier that week, so when you go over to his flat to spend the weekend with him, the pictures are just sitting haphazardly on his bedside table (which isn’t a big deal, because he lives alone and he’s got the more scandalous photos at the bottom of the stack). The raunchier photos aren’t even what catch your attention, you’re just looking through the ones he’s got of you and of the two of you doing the most innocent of things while you’re curled up against his chest – one of his band t-shirts and a pair of panties being the only things you’ve got left on, and he’s running his fingers through your hair as he looks at the photos over your shoulder.

“‘S one f’my favorites,” he says, pointing to one of you wearing one of his hoodies as a dress and dancing around towards the back of the crowd at one of the later sets, lights shining and bodies moving all behind you, but you’re twirling and laughing, and looking at him, and if Harry didn’t think it was completely insane, he’d say he was head over heels in love with you already (he does think it, he just doesn’t say it – it’s been a week). You grin up at him, pressing a kiss to his chest before you’re flicking to the next photo and you feel your entire body flush, and he moves his hand down to your hip to slip his fingers beneath the waistband of your panties, just letting his fingertips drag against your side.

“Love that one,” he whispers, and it sends chills all over your body, and you can feel where you dampen between your legs at his touch, at his words, at the fucking photo – because it’s you with your lips stretched around his cock, your eyes wide as you look up at him, tears brimming them, and the flower crown in your hair adds a certain sort of innocence to it all, still, but it’s fucking filthy, because you see where his hand is at the back of your head, guiding you a bit as his hips rocked up into your mouth. You remember how he’d told you that you were being ‘such a good girl,’ the way he’d tugged your hair and called you ‘angel’ all at the same time, and you press your thighs together at the thought of it all.

Harry must notice when you do, because he drags his hand so that he can cup your cunt, the tips of his fingers dragging around your folds, and you gasp in response. You’ve been laying between his outstretched legs for god only knows how long, and you whine and let your head fall back against his shoulder, your legs spreading wider when he presses calloused fingers against your clit. “Can’t even tease y’for gettin’ wet lookin’ at that,” he murmurs, rubbing against your button in tight, slow circles. “Got hard when I first looked at it, too – had t’get m’self off,” he whispers, and his lips are right up against your ear, and you grab his free hand by his wrist, bringing it up to cup one of your breasts, and he squeezes just once before he slips the same hand beneath the cotton of the shirt, thumbing over your nipple. “Harry, please,” you breathe, and you feel his smirk against your neck as you finally set the pile of pictures off to the side.

“Think y’should lemme’ take a few ‘f ya’ when ‘m fuckin’ y’proper, yeah? Make y’ a proper model f’me,” he whispers, and you let out a soft moan when he presses two fingers against your entrance, fucking them into you slowly while pressing wet kisses along your neck and jaw, behind your ear. “Look so pretty when y’cum, too. ‘Ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you, love, I swear it,” he continues, and you can feel where he’s hard against you himself, and you clench around his fingers at the realization, and he hums in your ear. “So tight, too. Feel so good on m’cock – gonna’ be the fuckin’ death ‘f me,” he murmurs, and he presses his thumb against your clit, rubbing in quick patterns while he fucks you with his skilled fingers, and it only takes a few moments more of that combined with a bit more dirty talk (even though it’s really not dirty talk, per se, despite how filthy it is – Harry means every bit of it and isn’t just saying it to get you off) before you’re cumming around him.

He makes sure that he gets a photo of you licking his fingers clean before he fucks you into his mattress (and it’s definitely too hard and desperate for either of you to be focusing on taking a picture).

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I have an unusual request: Do you have any character death fics where stiles or derek die and then the other dies and they find each other in the afterlife? I'm quite fond of those

obviously, a major character death warning but like all of these have a happy ending

Your Name, Forever On My Lips by stilinski23 (1/1 | 1,270 | PG13)

For a while it seemed they could a make it, Derek and him. Maybe one day, after somebody found a cure, they could rebuild their lives together. Mend and heal together. But he should have known this was coming. Why would he live when everyone else didn’t?

I Just Want You To Know Who I Am by GobsmackApplejack (1/1 | 2,372 | PG13)

The City of Angels!AU that I wanted someone to write, but accidentally started writing myself. This one has a happy ending.

Derek is a doctor. Stiles is an angel of death. He escorts souls as they pass from earth to the afterlife.

Heartbeat by EnchantedEvil (1/1 | 683 | NR)

It was more than a heartbeat. 

The Final Crescendo (1)

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“Baekhyun-ah” You whispered as the tears rolled down your pale cheek.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you managed to say “ I love you”.

(A/N) : This is Baekhyun x reader. Enjoy ! 

I don’t own any of the characters nor companies mentioned and it is purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. I only own the plot.

10 years ago

“Daddy ! Take me with you.” you said extending your arms towards him wanting to be carried. 

“(Y/n) not today honey, I have an important meeting.” He saw the frown on my face “ How about next week? and we’ll even get ice cream.” He put his fingers on the corner of your lips and pushed them up turning the frown upside down. 

 You gave him the large toothy grin you had been holding in.  

7 years ago 

“Dad, why are we moving ? I like our house” you pouted 

“Baby girl, I’m a boss now and I need to be as close to the office as possible in case of an emergency. Don’t worry ! it means you can come visit daddy more often.” He flashed the same tired smile, he’s been giving you for the past few months. 

After he became CEO of SMtown. 

3 years ago

You heard the faint sounds of someone singing echo through the empty hallway, while you were taking your usual stroll waiting for father to finish his meeting. Unintentionally you followed the trail, your heart beating louder as you got closer to the source, you placed your hand on the doorknob, however the singing stopped and so did your heart for a second there, the door flung opened. Standing before you was a boy no older than yourself in a hoodie that reached his mid thighs, fluffy black hair and crescent eyes as he gave you a smile. 

“I’m Baekhyun, nice to meet you. “ He said reaching his hand out for a handshake “I’m new here” he added. 

“I’m (y/n).” you felt butterflies in your stomach. 

2 years ago 

“(y/n) I’m going to debut next year !! Can you believ-” he started coughing “believe it?” 

“Yea…that’s great Baek!” Trying to sound as genuinely happy as I possible could for the sake of not hurting your best friend’s feelings. “Are you alright ?” concerned of the seriousness of the cough. 

“I’m fine (y/n), why aren’t you excited ? it’s only been a year and I’m going to debut that’s like insane! ” He could read you like an open book and you hated it. 

“I am excited!” You tried convincing yourself, but you knew this just meant less time to spend with Baekhyun who’ll be so busy and broken from the amount of work and pressure there is, you saw this with many idols during your time in SM (basically your whole pre-adult years) 

He pursed his lips into a thin line, then continued by running his fingers through his now champaign pink hair. You couldn’t take your eyes off him, well you never were able to, honestly. He looked drained already and it hurt you that you had to see him that way, maybe you should have a word to your father about Baekhyun, maybe not. 

“Let’s go for some food (y/n).” He fingers wrapped around your wrist, you could see the small mole on his thumb, it made your heart flutter, goosebumps forming on your forearm. He was your kryptonite, his touch drove you crazy, your name rolling off his tongue made your knees weak, you didn’t want to admit it, you suppressed your feelings since the first day he opened that door. 

You had already fallen in love with Byun Baekhyun. 

“(y/n)?” Baekhyun snapped his finger infront of your face until you came back to reality. “Ah sorry let’s go Baek!” you apologised for your sudden trance, but like a broken record the word ‘love’ repeated in your head and you sighed as you realised there were no brakes on this ‘feelings train’ . 

1.5 years ago

You two had decided to have a Hunger Games marathon at Baekhyun’s house, because the boy had apparently never heard of the trilogy before, outrageous! 

You sat at one end of the couch while he sat at the other, the bowl of popcorn acting as a barrier between you two. You were grateful at how distracted he was, allowing you to steal glances of his through the corner of your eye, and how he was unphased when your hands had bumped when reaching for the popcorn, while you felt the blush creep up your cheeks. 

They had managed to watch the first part of the movie in silence since you didn’t want to spoil anything for baekhyun, however it reached the scene were ‘Katniss had kissed Peeta in the cave, while they were both hiding and treating Peeta’s wounds’ and somewhere deep within you, without even thinking, your conscious deciding to momentarily abandon you, 

“I like you.” you blurted out softly. 

You shut your eyes so hard, that your face was so scrunched up, praying that Baekhyun had not heard your unplanned confession. There was no sound from the other side of the couch, therefore you gather every ounce of courage you had left and decided to peak at Baekhyun.

Wrong move. 

His dark orbs were staring at you in disbelief, his mouth slightly hung open. “You like me ?” He asked still in shock and you nodded sheepishly avoiding eye contact with him. You were met with another silence. 

“Do you like me in a friend way-” Baekhyun had spoke again. 

“Please just forget about it Baek, pretend I didn’t say anything okay? Your my best friend and that’s enough for-” Before you could finish your sentence, you felt a pair of soft lips pressing against yours, “or like this?” Baekhyun finishing the question you had previously interrupted. 

Your brain was shutting off, it couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened, until it happened again. Those lips somehow ended up against yours again, releasing those feelings you had tried so hard to keep deep within yourself. 

Screw it, it’s now or never. You thought to yourself.

You kissed back, tilting your head to find a better angle, deepening the kiss as your right hand snaked around his nape while your left hand gripping onto his sleeves. There was a loud crash, you pulled away frightened by the sound, eyeing the bowl of popcorn now spilled on the floor. 

The room was filled with the sounds of short breaths and soft panting, his lips were now plump and pink, while his shirt was almost pulled off his shoulder (your fault by the way).

“When?W-When did you feel like this towards me?” You managed to stutter the question. 

“Since the day you shook my hand.” The corners of his lips were pulled up slightly. 

“Why didn’t you say anything about it?!” Baffled by his confession. 

“I was waiting for you to say it, I didn’t want you thinking I liked you because of your connections (her father) .” He admitted, his hand scratching the back of his head. 

You felt so happy, he was the first one who had not liked you in order to abuse your connections, it’d happened so many times over the years that you’ve learned to tread lightly around love. 

You got up from your seat and stepped over the bowl, standing between Baekhyun’s stretched out legs. 

Throwing away every last drop of dignity, you sat yourself on his lap, wrapping your arm around his broad shoulder before leaning in, forehead touching his, for the long, passionate kiss you imagined and longed for every night before you slept, but this time you had the hardness of Baekhyun’s chest under your palm instead of your soft pillow. 

To be continued… 

Part 1 || Part 2 


at the coffee shop/bar
between cigarettes
porter sips
I see so many winking eyes
thirsty lips
I keep writing

I see short skirts
tattooed thighs
my eyes may wander
I keep writing

they ask me for lighters
they ask me for cigarettes
they ask why I’m alone
I smile
I keep writing

I keep writing
because they aren’t you
because they don’t know me
maybe they could
not like you
I keep writing

It’s crazy
any man would
jump on the chance
with any of them
I keep writing

Maybe one day
you’ll look in-between
these words
like I’m begging you to
at this point
I will keep writing


BTS Aesthetic Ship ~> Taehyung 👽

Requested by  cyber-al1en 💕

Your Aesthetic :

Kisses filled with burning desire. 

Ice Cubes Melting on soft skin.

Messy handwriting squeezed into the corners of pages. 

The feeling of bare feet on a cold tile floor. 

A slow drive through a small town. 

Ears tinged red at the tips. 

Hosting barbecues for the neighborhood. 

Yellow cat eyes glowing in the dark. 

Unmade beds. 

Numbed lips.

Gold Accessories as gifts for loved ones. 

Your Song : Critical Beauty (예뻐죽겠네) by Pentagon. 

Don’t look at me like that
Don’t keep asking
Where did you learn that kind of smiling?
Suddenly I feel hot
I don’t know why but it’s getting hot

It’s obvious, don’t need to say again 
It’s obvious, why do you keep asking?
My mind is obvious

It’s obvious, don’t need to say again
It’s written all over your face
Why are you upset without any reason?
You have a critical beauty

My eyes are on others, Bright signs
Don’t try to find the differences between me and others
I don’t want you to meet silly guys
Just let’s reduce the gap between you and me

Hi there, feel the height
Dive to the sky
As I always do, I’m cold outside and warm inside, Vibe
Every day, I live for you

I’ll gather everything and give you
Everywhere can be Hollywood if I’m with you

It’s annoying
Something shiny one is in my pocket
well, you can try this on your finger
Oh, unbelievable, it just fits perfectly
Oh wait, the same thing is on my finger too

Don’t look at me like that
What do you want to ask me?
How come do you make that voice?
Suddenly I feel hot
I don’t know why but it’s getting hot
I can’t control myself, because of you

~Admins #GEL

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TsukkiYama and 61?

this is perfect for them ahahah

61. “Wow, you really are blind!” “Thanks for the update, can I have my glasses back now?”

They had just been lounging around, doing homework or not doing homework in Yamaguchi’s case. Yamaguchi was trying to see how long he could hold a pencil between his nose and lips. Yamaguchi would do his work eventually he was just taking a break.

“Hey, Tsukki?” Yamaguchi rolled over onto his stomach, the pencil dropping to the ground.

“Mm?” Tsukishima hummed, his back still turned to Yamaguchi and still hunched over his book.

“Can I wear your glasses?”


Yamaguchi ran his fingers through his hair. He was letting it grow out and it was long enough to put into a little ponytail now.

“I wanna see what it’s like to wear glasses.”

“You say that every time you ask for my glasses.” Tsukishima handed them over anyway. Yamaguchi beamed and perched them on his nose, gasping.

Wow, you really are blind!” Yamaguchi could barely see out of the frames and was always surprised when he put them on. He looked around and squinted.

Thanks for the update, can I have my glasses back now?”

I dunno, do I look good in them?” Yamaguchi fumbled with his phone, trying to take a selfie.

“I can’t see you, Tadashi.” Tsukishima sounded tired,

Yamaguchi giggled and took a selfie before placing the glasses back on Tsukishima’s face. “There you go!”

“Thanks.” Tsukishima looked at the selfie that Yamaguchi had taken. “You look cute.”

Yamaguchi kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Tsukki.”

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"but I'll miss you" for Luz/Lip??

I love that you fuel my rare pairs.


The dentist had warned George that Lip was going to be out of it. 

“Normally he should have had those molars out years ago.” The dentist had shook his head. “We really had to drug him. He just wouldn’t go down.”

“That’s my boy.” George had replied with the true joy only he could bring to that kind of statement.

The dentist was clearly really good at low balling his estimates on how much drugs they had given Lip. 

“Who are you?” Lip asks in the car after spending nearly five whole minutes staring at his hands like he has never seen hands before. 

“The King of Spain.” George answers back because this is gonna be hilarious later. He regrets not putting the gopro on the dash board to film this. 

“Why is the King of Spain driving me?” Lip’s voice. Jesus George needs this taped.

“Well you see, your majesty we are married.” George is so completely proud that he does this with total sincerity. Lip gasps like a little old lady at church clutching her pearls. 

“You are too good looking to be my husband.” Lip says after a moment. Ah, shit. Now George wants to kiss the big idiot and he can’t because Lip is swollen up like a chipmunk and clearly high off his ass. 

George parks the car in the driveway and turns off the car. He is just reaching for the door when Lip reaches over and grabs his hand.

“Where are you going?”

“I was just going around the car to get your door.” George really needs a picture of Lip right now. Too cute for words.

“But I’ll miss you.” Lip’s bottom lip actually trembles. 

“Carwood, I am going to be visible through the windows the entire time and then we are going to go in side and watch all the shows you never let me watch while we cuddle. Okay?”

Lip appears to consider this for a moment.

“Whatever you say, your Majesty.”

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🐝, 🦄, 🦋,🌼

🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them! 

Okay uh-
@imhereforbvcky - her skills, her humor, and her nicknames
@spideytrxsh - her mood boards, her face, and her love for her friends
@beccaanne814-blog - her thoughtfulness, her organization for writing and when she comments on a fic she spends a bit on it

🦄- List your three favorite things about yourself! 

My eye
My lips
My hair

🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!

~que anxiety~uhh

@denialanderror because I see her like crazy on my dash
@buckyywiththegoodhair because I admire her
@hymnofthevalkyries because we talked once and that’s it

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?

A good sense of humor, honesty, love for their family

As a kid, I used to think love was when you thought someone was pretty and they let you hold their hand. I would send out the letters to every girl that caught my eye and I would wait anxiously for a reply. I carried that trend into my adult life–pairing myself with any pretty girl that didn’t find me repulsive.

So when you asked me when I knew I loved you. I was tempted to say it was when we held hands for the first time and I felt it in my gut, but it was seven months later, a week after I met your family, that double date with your best friend and her loud boyfriend. During one of his many stories, you reached for my hand under the table and smiled at me because you knew how irritated I was getting. I tried to master a smile back at you but my lips turned to concrete. I felt it like I had never in my life: butterflies.

All my life I’ve been building walls and towers so high you couldn’t see what was behind; my fears and insecurities. Perhaps that’s why I always looked for battles and challenges, even when there wasn’t any. I always looked for ghosts to fight and demons to shoot so I would keep myself busy. Then, you came along and you made it easy for me. You laughed at all my jokes, especially the terrible ones and made me special, safe. I couldn’t fight this and I didn’t want to because it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I knew instantly that you didn’t want to change that part of me which always looked for the hard path but you would encourage it, standing by my side. So that’s what love is, not the absence of a battle, but fighting together.

—  A collab between my immensely talented friend @writingbykawelwa & @giulswrites

hard times 💗💜💙
gonna make you wonder why you even try ✨

Between Us And Infinity

Originally posted by theseoks

Genre: Angst/fluff || soulmate!au / street performer!tae

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Length: 35.7k

Summary: Place two strangers together and give them seven days to fall in love, and they will be soulmates for the rest of eternity, otherwise, neither of the two will come to love anyone ever again; The Seven Days Countdown has always been an old wives tale to you and nothing more, but all of that changes once you meet Kim Taehyung in the midst of a crowd of thousands. From then on, your life is thrown into a race against time, not only on a mission to beat the clock in falling in love with the renowned heartthrob, but also on a quest to make him fall in love with you.

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Mind Reader

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst adjacent, smut, dirty talk, LOTS of language

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: I was looking through some REALLY old requests and I came across an idea from @jennalyncarrigan1230 from who knows how long ago. She pitched an idea that I have twisted and LOVE the outcome. I doubt she even remembers sending the ask, but her initial idea sparked this smutty goodness. This took on a life of its own. I haven’t wrote Dean smut or ANY smut in quite some time. This is officially DIRTY. Or at least by my standards it is. Hope you enjoy. ;) Italics & Bold indicate reader’s thoughts.  This has very little plot. Just the poor reader thinking her secret dirty thoughts about Dean only to have them be not so secret anymore.

Feedback Appreciated

Tags at the bottom

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Sweet Creature (M)

*I have no words*

Request: Can I get a Sub Jungkook smut where their on the couch and he cums in his pants while the reader is grinding on him on his lap and dirty talks to him in his ear??? Thanks☺️☺️☺️

Word Count: 6.9k words (heh heh)

Let me ruin you goddammit

Let’s get one thing straight. You never claimed to be a good person, never did charity work, never been the perfect daughter for your parents. And you sure as hell wasn’t someone’s little girlfriend.

You did what you want, who you wanted and slipped out of their sheets before they murmur good morning in your ear. You were a ‘no strings attached’ girl, making sure that you would never become someone’s puppet. Of course, you weren’t immune to the disease called ‘love’, your innocent high school days plagued with your naive mindset of finding the ‘one’. It still haunts you, one of the reasons your night doesn’t end with a shot of whisky and half a pack of beer. The only person who was willing to put up with you was your best friend, Jungkook.

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Inexorable (1)

So I thought, why not combine that shit and make it a mini-series or something? I really hope you two anons enjoy it! No idea how many parts there will be. We shall see. Gif isn’t mine, cred goes to the owners! 1,560 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, a little crack, (Eventual) Smut, Mafia au!

Part 1 | Part 2

Everyone’s heard of blind dates – never of blind marriages, not even in the mafia world. Yet, here you were, walking down the aisle, your hand latched onto your father’s arm, towards a young man you had never seen before. 

You hadn’t even gotten the chance to speak to him, let alone this being the first time you actually got to see his face. There was so much rage bubbling inside you at the moment, but it was all hidden behind a small smile.

Combining two mafia organizations together was a huge deal; something bosses usually agreed on with the exchange of girls, but considering Red Python was one of the most powerful organizations in the country, they wouldn’t want just any girl. They wanted a suitable bride for the heir of said organization.

And your father, being the great, generous man he was, suggested you.

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Writing Prompts

Send me a number and any specific details you might like to see included.

1. Can you just back off?
2. I’m right here, okay? You’re all right.
3. Lock the door.
4. Keep it up and see what happens.
5. Don’t touch me right now.
6. That lipstick’s not gonna stay put for long.
7. Baby, just breathe.
8. This is a terrible idea.
9. For fuck’s sake, just shut up.
10. It’s too early for this.
11. If you keep squeezing that hard, you’ll break my hand.
12. I’m just stressed.
13. What did you break?
14. It’s four A.M.
15. I don’t need you anymore.
16. What an interesting conclusion.
17. And now you’re naked. Okay.
18. What are you wearing?
19. You’re overreacting.
20. I can’t believe you don’t even know my eye color.
21. And you thought I’d be okay with that?
22. You can’t keep doing this.
23. I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.
24. Why do you smell like smoke?
25. Why do you smell like a walking liquor bar?
26. Why do you smell like perfume?
27. Is there someone else? Don’t lie.
28. You took advantage of me.
29. If you think you’re getting out of this that easily, you’re sadly mistaken.
30. You put us both in danger.
31. I don’t understand you.
32. You’re just asking for it.
33. I could just choke you right now.
34. You are everything to me.
35. This is gonna hurt.
36. I don’t deserve this.
37. You can’t just fix everything with a kiss. This isn’t a booboo.
38. Can you slow down?
39. It feels deeper this way.
40. Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?
41. Your family is in the other room!
42. I’m begging you.
43. Hey, you’re safe now. It’s over.
44. Where is all of my underwear?
45. I almost died.
46. This isn’t just one of your little jokes.
47. What did you do to your hair?
48. You’re scaring me.
49. I think I drank too much.
50. Well, this was unexpected.
51. It’s too late for that.
52. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
53. It’s your birthday. It is your birthday, right?
54. You’re just gonna leave me here?
55. That’s mine. You’re not taking it.
56. You made that more sexual than it should have been.
57. I’m not just gonna wait around for you.
58. That’s my only clean shirt.
59. Did you use my cologne? You smell like me.
60. I feel like I might be sick.
61. I can’t believe you would do this.
62. Don’t underestimate me. I’m a seasoned pro.
63. Your mom says differently.
64. Did you steal this?
65. I thought I lost you.
66. I think you need a shower.
67. Call an ambulance.
68. I can’t talk about this anymore.
69. Can you put your mouth here?
70. You taste like toothpaste.
71. A little manky-panky.
72. I’m going to absolutely wreck you.
73. Don’t ever say that again.
74. I don’t really care what you think.
75. I can’t do that.
76. This is a train wreck.
77. Do you need some tissues?
78. You can fuck right off.
79. You’re still gonna go, aren’t you?
80. I cannot believe you forgot. This was important to me.
81. If you buy that, I’m leaving you.
82. Can we just start fresh?
83. Don’t forget the condoms!
84. I feel like I’ve been split in two.
85. I’ve never felt anything like that.
86. You’re driving me mad.
87. This is completely different.
88. Can you believe the moon tonight?
89. Wait, why are you crying?
90. You’re making this hard for me.
91. I hope you rot in hell.
92. I think you’re an angel.
93. Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.
94. I’m gonna take good care of you.
95. Let’s see what you’ve got.
96. I went easy on you.
97. I’m getting better, right?
98. Read my fucking lips.
99. You make me happy.
100. I can feel your heart beating.

Angel in the Darkness pt.5

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

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The bright sunlight behind the curtains, stirs you awake from your deep sleep. There’s a faint smile stretched upon your lips, as you feel as if you’ve had one of the best naps in the longest of times. Your eyes are still closed shut as you try to flex your stiff muscles; only you can’t.

As soon as you tried to lift your arms, you hit something very hard and muscular. Huh? That’s weird. You can also feel that your legs are entangled, and something wrapped around your waist.

You didn’t mind the feeling, as you were still too tired to process things, and because it brought great warmth, but then you heard it; a faint grunt. Your eyes instantly shoot open, and you blush hard when you realize you’re wrapped up into Jungkook.

His face is mere centimeters away from yours, and his eyes are still closed shut, indicating he’s still asleep. You can feel his hot breath, gently tickling your red face, as his hair is all over. You peer downwards and see that his left arm is securely wrapped around your waist, as both of you were laying down on your sides. His long, thick legs were clumsily tangled with yours, and you were finding it hard to breathe since you were so close to him.


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His || Jungkook || 0.19

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Why Do You Hate Me?

Bucky x Reader Smut Fic

Warnings: pure smutty teasing

“What’s up, Steve?” You glanced around the interrogation room in the Tower. “Why’d you want to meet up so early?”

“Just wanted to go over our tactic for this guy coming in.” Steve eyed you carefully. “Make sure we’re on the same page.”

“Punch him if he doesn’t talk.” You sat down in what was to be his chair. “Tighten the restraints if he refuses.” Steve nodded, hands behind his back. “Then do whatever we need to get the information out of him.”

“That’s correct.” Steve pulled a switch out of his pocket and flipped it on. “I’m sorry to have to do this.”

Metal restraints folded over your wrists and ankles and held you in place. Your eyes shifted to Steve as you squirmed in the uncomfortable chair. Steve sat the switch on the table and gave you his best apologetic smile. 

“You can’t keep running out of the room when Bucky enters, (Y/N).” Steve bit his lip and smiled wearily. “And when you two are in a room together, you turn your inner air conditioner down and become ice cold.”

“Steve…” You growled and yanked on the restraints. “Let me go.”

“Not until you two talk.” Steve turned on his heels and swung the door open.

Bucky walked, a smirk plastered on his face, and you froze. Your face went dark and your stare hardened; butterflies fluttered in your stomach. Steve left you alone with Bucky. You hated him.

He fiddled with the switch in silence while leaning up against the table. He eyed you carefully, taking in every inch of your body. His smirk grew as he noticed your hardened nipples through your tank top; you were braless. He kept his mouth shut.

“Let me go, Barnes.” You grumbled the words. “Now.”

“No.” He spoke calmly. “I want to know why you hate me.”

“There are a lot of reasons why I hate you.” Your stare didn’t waver. “We would be here all day if I listed them all.”

“Then just summarize.” He continued smiling. “The more we bicker, doll, the longer you’re stuck alone in a room with me.”

“You’re a womanizing, arrogant, old ass, murdering, son of a bitch who walks around like he owns the place.” You spat the words at him. “You get to do whatever the fuck you want because you’re Steve’s best friend and Steve’s word is the highest. You don’t have to fill out paperwork, go on missions you don’t want to, hell, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“So, what I’m hearing is…” Bucky sat the switch down and walked towards you. He rested his hands onto of the metal restraints and leaned down to eye level. “You’re jealous?”

“I’m not jealous.” Your heart rate increased at the close proximity. “I’m angry.”

“See…” His eyes searched yours tentatively. “I don’t think you’re angry, doll. I think you’re confused.”

“About what?” You cocked an eyebrow at him and pouted your lips. “What could I possibly be confused about?”

“I think…” He leaned forward and brought his lips to your ear, just close enough to feel the warmth of his breath and nothing else. “That you might just like me.”

“What the fuck would make you think that?” You squirmed in your seat instinctively. 

“Two nights ago…” He spoke slowly, drawing out each word with precision. “I took a nice midnight stroll around the halls…” You were sure he could hear the rapid pace of your heart in your chest. “And I came to your room.” You gulped, you knew damn well what he was leading up to. “Behind your door, I could hear the almost inaudible sounds of you moaning, whimpering, and begging, something I never thought I’d hear from you.” His lips brushed your ear. “At first, I thought you had a guy over and I started to walk away. I got about two steps passed your door when I heard my name sneak out of those beautiful lips of yours.” You bit your lip and closed your eyes. “You were moaning, whimpering, begging, and chanting my name while you were touching yourself.” He pulled away and stood up straight. “That’s why I think you might just like me.”

You were at a loss for words. Your eyes dropped to the ground and you remained silent. You thought over possible snarky responses, but your mind was blank. He was right, you liked him.

“And what if I did just happen to like you?” You refused to look up from the floor.

“I’d have to punish you for treating me so poorly because you couldn’t admit your feelings.” His words came out cold and you raised your eyes. The smirk was still there. “It’d only be fair, you know, given a number of times you brushed me off and treated me like shit.”

“And what kind of punishment would it be?” You couldn’t stop your words. “If I were to admit, you know, that I might just like you?”

Bucky watched you carefully, his blue eyes piercing your own. He stepped quietly behind you, hands resting in his pockets. He dropped his head and whispered in your ear, “May I touch you?” You nodded.

His hands rested firmly on your shoulders before he began massaging them. You sighed deeply at the contact and dropped your head back, hitting his stomach. Your eyes closed, not wanting to know if he could see the pleasure growing on your face just from a massage. A deep chuckle vibrated his body and his hands lowered to your clavicles. 

“Well, a naughty girl gets a naughty punishment.” His hands dipped lower, hovering over your breasts. “Maybe I’d trap you before a mission, when I know you’ll be stuck with the team.” His fingers brushed your hardened nipples through the fabric of your shirt. “Pin you up against the wall…” He lifted the front of your shirt behind your head, exposing your breasts. “Slip my hand down those tight pants of yours…” His thumbs circled your nipples. “Tease that needing cunt of yours with a few flicks and circles to your clit…”

“Bucky…” You bit your lip to silence yourself.

“What? You like it when I talk about punishing you?” He lowered himself down and buried his face in your neck, drawing hickeys to the surface of your skin. “When I talk about getting you all wet and needy with my fingers?” His hands slithered down to your shorts and unbuttoned them. “Would you like that? Not being able to touch yourself for weeks on end?” His flesh hand traced the waistband of your panties. “Or would you touch yourself? Sneak off and curl two of your delicate fingers inside of yourself? Would you do that with the team members there? Where you could easily get caught fucking yourself?” His hand slipped underneath your panties and grazed your clit. “Could you be quiet enough? Your moaning, the sounds of your fingers working your aching cunt, the scream you want to let loose when you cum…” 

“F-Fuck…” Your eyes opened and you saw Bucky looked at you; he was waiting. 

“Do you want me to touch you?” He spoke quietly. “To dip my fingers inside of you and abuse that throbbing g-spot of yours until you’re begging me to cum?”

“Yes.” You breathed out the word and licked your lips. “Please.” You sounded desperate and you hated it, but, fuck, you wanted him, you wanted him to touch you, to feel just how wet you were, to fuck you. You craved him.

“Then I guess you’re going to have to wait until after you get back from your next mission.” Bucky removed his hand and backed away, flipping the switch to your chair before leaving. 

You sat in a complete mess in the chair; your panties soaked, breasts exposed, hickey’s blatantly visible on your neck. You lowered your shirt and buttoned your shorts, disbelief taking over. No, that couldn’t have just happened. I just imagined the entire thing. I’m just laying in bed asleep right now and I’m going to wake up any second. Yeah, this is just a wet dream. I don’t even have any missions coming up, this has to be a dream. Come on, (Y/N), wake up. 

Sam popped his head in and eyed you carefully. “You ready?”

“For what?” You collected yourself and stood from your chair, praying he couldn’t see how much of a mess you were.

“Barnes cancelled and said you’d take his spot on today’s mission. We’ll only be gone for a few days, a week at the latest.” 

“What?” You furrowed your brows. 

“C’mon, we’re running late as it is.” Sam waved you on.

You stepped out of the room and followed Sam down the hallway. You passed Bucky and Steve standing together. Bucky pulled out his phone and caught your eye; he winked before turning his attention back to his friend. Your phone vibrated.

“I may not have pinned you up against the wall, but leaving you begging works just as well.”

A/N: Lots of people voted for Bucky in my most recent “Pick a Pairing” post and so here you guys go!

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The Package.

Pairing : Sam x Reader
Word count : 2,550
Author : Mel
Warnings : Knotting, Smut, Dom/Sub, A/B/O Roleplay, pinch of praise kink, mention of breeding kink
Square filled : Knotting
Written for @spnkinkbingo


“Hey, Y/N?” Your door opened and you panicked, slamming the laptop shut. “.. What are you up to?”

“Nothing.” You were quick to answer. Maybe too quick.

His eyes moved down to your lap, his eyebrow raising, and a smirk beginning to show. “Your hand says otherwise.” His eyes went back up to meet yours as you quickly pulled your hand out of your pants.

Your cheeks went bright red. “W-what do you need?”

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