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Imagine Chris asking your dad for your hand.

A/N: Part 4 is a little longer, but we’re nearing the end! Hope you enjoy this! X (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.)

Olive and Sebastian sat at one of the snow covered tables in the coffee house, chatting and playing with Dodger while you rang your dad; he was apparently your next clue. You listened to the phone ring and shook your head, chuckling softly to yourself. If your father picked up and was part of the scavenger hunt, you had to tip your hat off to Chris; that man was a workaholic who spent majority of his time in scrubs, he barely had time for anything let alone your boyfriend’s way of keeping the romance alive. The longer the phone rang, the more you started to doubt. Perhaps your dad wasn’t the clue, but what else could Chris have meant when he said “there won’t be a day where he’ll stop worrying about you, but he can rest easy knowing you’ve got me in your life now.” It had to be your dad, there was no one else.

The call unsurprisingly went to his voicemail, but it wasn’t his usual voicemail. “This is Richard. If you’ve reached my voicemail, it means I’ve ignored your call. I apologize, but I’m too busy running errands with Captain America to come to your aid. If you need anything, there are plenty of other doctors available at Alexander Van Heusen Memorial.”

You were about to redial or ask Olive for the walkie-talkie when you heard a soft tap on the glass. You turned around and chuckled in absolute amazement when you saw your dad; he smiled and waved. “I’ll be damned,” you made your way outside with the others following behind.

Sebastian took the leash from Olive so she could run over to your dad, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head, “I see you’re having a ball with Y/N.” Olive looked up at him and nodded with a wide grin. “Hi sweetheart,” he smiled at you.

“Dad,” you chuckled softly, “what are you doing here? And what’s with the new voicemail? Is Chris’ scavenger hunt really more important than saving lives?” You quizzed teasingly with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Today it is,” he nodded and your eyes narrowed slightly in confusion. “I’m meant to give you this,” he passed you a single key on a Captain America shield keychain. “And this,” he passed you an white envelope. “There’s a cab waiting for you to take you to the next location.” He said and beckoned at the yellow cab behind him.

“You’re not driving me?”

“My days of driving you around are over, kid.” He chuckled softly as he wrapped you into a tight hug. “That’s Chris’ job now, as is worrying about you and taking care of you and loving you unconditionally. You are his responsibility now,” he pulled away and cupped your face in his hand, “my precious baby girl. I am so proud of you and so happy for you, there was nothing I wanted more for you than true love.”

“Dad,” you laughed. “You’re talking like you’ve just sold me to Chris and will never see me again.” You joked and he chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ve still got a million milestones to get through with my family before I disappear with a family of my own. Olive’s only eight and I plan to be on her beck and call at least until she’s twenty-one,” you looked down at your sister and winked; she smiled. “You’re not going to lose me, and I’m never going to stop being your responsibility.” You told your dad and hugged him.

“He’s a good guy, you know that right?”

“Yeah,” you smiled when your boyfriend’s face- and apparently soon to be fiancé- came to mind. “If he weren’t, you wouldn’t have let this relationship last as long as it has.” You chuckled softly as you pulled away. “And you definitely wouldn’t have given him your approval when he asked if he could marry me.”

“I told him I’d give it away.”

“I kind of figured it out after the first clue,” you admitted with a smile. “Marriage has always been on the table, we just- haven’t found the right time. Plus, I know Chris. He is not the kind of guy who would do something this big if he didn’t have something bigger planned. He’s an actor who dabbles in directing, he likes his theatrics.”

“That he does,” your dad agreed. “You should probably get going, that boy has been waiting all day to slip a ring on your finger.” He told you and you chuckled as he steered you towards the cab. “Let’s not keep your future waiting any longer, shall we?”

“Of course not,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Good luck, Sissy.” Olive called as you got into the cab.

“Catch you on the flip side, Mrs. Evans,” Sebastian waved.
• • • • • • • •
The drive to the undisclosed location looked rather familiar, you couldn’t quite put your finger on why but you knew you’d been there before. You asked the driver how long the drive was going to take only to have him ignore you. You figured it was ‘cause Chris told him not to speak to you so you left it, diverting your attention to the key and envelope in your hand instead. There wasn’t much to the key, it was just a key; you slipped that into your pocket and opened the envelope, pulling out the letter Chris wrote when he started planning the scavenger hunt.

My dearest Y/N,

As I’m writing this letter, you’re five feet away from me fast asleep in my bed. You look breathtakingly beautiful, as always, with your makeup free face and disheveled hair. Dodger’s awake; he’s on the floor next to you ready to pounce on anyone- including me- to protect your beauty sleep. It’s nice knowing he loves you as much as I do, and I hope that he’ll replicate that same great love for our future children. (Or child, if you only want one. But whenever you’re ready and whatever you want, so no pressure.)

Now I know you must be wondering by now why I’m writing this letter to you, chances are that when you’re reading this- you’re on your way to meet me so I can propose to you. (I’d say ‘don’t freak out’, but I’m sure your smart brain already figured out what was happening before you got this letter.) I’m writing this letter because I want to say a few things that I know I won’t get through in person- without crying anyway. (And I also want to waste no time when you’re in front of me. I’m just going to drop to one knee and ask you to marry me without making a big speech first, ‘cause I’ve waited long enough and I am not going to wait another second for you to be my fiancée.) So let’s get to you, shall we?

The night we met wasn’t as big of a coincidence as you’d like to believe, the whole thing was actually the result of my puppeteering. I could credit Sebastian, who you’ve known for a while now, but he had no idea what he was doing when he answered my very innocent question “that actress Kevin just casted, um- what’s her name? Y/N Y/L/N? Isn’t she a friend of yours, why don’t you invite her too?” He thought I was just being nice, that I had no idea who you were and wanted to get to know you before we started work together; he was very wrong. Hearing you got casted in The Winter Soldier was possibly one of the best days of my life, I’d been a fan for so long that- I didn’t see it as an opportunity to work with an amazing actress, I saw it as an opportunity to make you fall in-love with me. I thought it would be hard, but then again, I didn’t expect the beautiful and talented Y/N Y/L/N to be a fan of mine.

So yes, I’ve loved you for a while now. A long while, actually. I would’ve chased after you earlier but I was a little afraid you weren’t what I’d imagined you to, and a little afraid I wasn’t going to meet your standard of the perfect man. (After I read that interview you had with Cosmopolitan, I honestly thought being with you was a pipe dream.) But meeting you and getting to know you and seeing how you were with your parents and your little sister, I realized that you were exactly the person I thought you to be. And dating you made me realize that while I may not be perfect, I could be for you. In our four years of dating, you’d never failed to make me feel like I was enough. Even when we fought, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the one for me and I could do this for the rest of my life.

Flash forward to the present day, right? I’m hoping as you’re reading this, you’re smiling and thinking about our future together. I’m hoping that you don’t have a doubt in your mind about me, that you will say yes when I ask because you love me and you want to grow old with me. I know it’s not always easy because we’re constantly away from each other, and that sometimes phone calls and FaceTime sessions aren’t enough. I know we get tired and heartbroken when the other is on the other side of the world for months on end, but I also know what we have is special enough to hold on to. It’s not all bad. We’ve managed for four years, I think we can manage for the rest of our lives- or at least until we become irrelevant. (Doubt you will, my shining star.) Until then, we can visit, make full use of our hiatus/breaks, and of course- there’s always auditioning for the same film so even on the other side of the world, we’ll be together. There are a million loopholes and I am willing to find them with you, if you’ll have me.

Oh, and one final thing.

I know we’ve always talked about Boston being our home base because that’s my hometown and that’s why my heart is, but I’ve changed my mind. You are where my heart is now, wherever you go- that’s where I’ll go, that’s where my home is. Now I know you love me and I am your home too, but so is Olive. I know we talked about moving to Boston because I have a house there, but I can’t knowing that moving means making you start a long distance relationship with your baby sister. She’s eight and she needs you, so Boston can wait at least until she’s eighteen and ready for university. (She’s going to attend university at my alma mater, by the way.) Until then, we can just stay in our home in California which you should be arriving at at any moment now.


You looked out the window as the cab slowed to a stop. Your smile reached your eyes when you saw Chris standing next to a real estate sign, he smiled at you then slapped a big sold sticker on the sign. You got out of the cab then realized why you found the drive here so familiar, this was the open house Chris dragged you before he left for Houston. You loved it upon seeing it because it checked off every box in your criteria, you thought it was fate but you had no idea that Chris had actually spent the last year and a half looking for it and fixing it up. It didn’t occur to you that the questions he asked- “if you could change one thing about your kitchen, what would it be?”, “don’t you think a pool would be great?”, “how beautiful would a rose garden be?”, “if you could choose, hardwood or carpet?- was used to refine his search with his real estate agent. You didn’t know that the open house wasn’t actually an open house and you’d laughed when he said he was going to buy it, thinking he was joking because of the plans to move to Boston eventually. Boy, were you wrong about everything.

“Is this a joke?” You chuckled breathily as you made your way over to him.

“Nope,” he shook his head and took your hand in his, entwining his fingers with yours. “Welcome home, Y/N.”

Part 5


Catch up on Number 6 here!

Negan x wife Number 6 (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Y/E/C  ~ your eye color

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

Warnings ~ Negan’s glorious language, smutty smut, fluffy fluff fluffiness

I apologize for the lack of fics lately, and for my less than stellar writing.

2000 words

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  Negan’s POV

  I pulled on my pants, but fuck, I couldn’t zip or button those fuckers. I was so hard from doll’s little tease.

 I glanced over to see her pulling a tee over her head. “Uh, baby girl, I could use a bit of help over here, please.”

 She finished pulling the tee on, turning towards me. “What’s up Ne?” As she began walking my way I noticed she didn’t have any pants on. Or any panties. Jesus fuck girl.

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Can we talk about the magnitude of this statement.

Barry just told Iris he wants to spend his life with her. It’s not a marriage proposal but he basically told her that’s where he sees them going.

Not only that but the audience hears why Barry has been so calm. Iris West is his happy ending and he won’t let anything stand in the way of that. Simple as that. So he’s not going to wally in self pity over not being fast enough to save her. He’s not going to break down or resign himself to fate. Nope he’s going to do whatever is necessary to save her.

Frankly it’s been a pleasure watching this Barry. S2 Barry would’ve broke down by now.

Gif Credit: @valeriemperez

You and your boyfriend were going out tonight after he finally had one day off. You were excited because you haven’t seen him in a long time because he was so busy with practice and recording.

Right when you open the door you see Jungkook holding a bouquet of roses at your doorstep.

“Hey Jimin” you smiled, looking at the shy boy in front of you.

“Hey Y/N,” He was happy to see you .

“So you’re not going to give me a hug, it’s been like a million years since we we’ve seen each other.”

He gave you a short nod and opened his arms to give you a warm hug. You missed your bestfriend so much. You have been bestfriends since you were both freshman in highschool. He also introduced to your current boyfriend, Jungkook.

You hugged him back, after the hug you pulled away looking at the bouquet of red roses he had in his hand. You raised an eyebrow, pointing a finger at the object in his hand.

“Oh, these are for you. I know roses are your favorite and these are to make up all the calls I’ve missed from you ” He gives the bouquet to you while running his other hand through his hair.

“They’re really pretty Jimin, thank you,” lifting the bouquet up to get a better view you you glanced at your watch, reminding you of your date tonight.

“Hey I’m going to be late Jimin I have to go right now, do you want to come with me to eat?” walking away after locking the door.

“Why? Where are you going Y/N?” Running to catch up to your fast pace.

“I have a date with jungkook tonight but I’m running late and it’s too late to drop you off, so let’s just eat together”.

“Are you sure it’s okay Y/N? Wouldn’t He get ma-”

“No he wouldnt, he understands that your my best friend and that I’m his girlfriend”.

“Well ok..” He said, feeling uneasy about this.


Once you got at the restaurant you see your boyfriend waiting in the back with a big bouquet of red roses. He turns around and gives you a long hug kissing your cheek.

“Hey Y/-” He freezes when he sees Jimin behind you, holding a bouquet like his.

“Hey I’m sorry I’m late, I was about to leave when I found Jimin standing in front of my door”.

“Why was he there?” Jungkook asked in a serious tone.

Jimin answered for you
“I just wanted to stop by and say hello to Y/N, since I haven’t seen her in a long time”.

“I also didn’t see Y/N in a very long time ,Jimin. That is why I’m on a date with her tonight,” He put his hand around your waist bringing you closer to him.

“Well then I should leav-”

“No Jimin don’t go, I haven’t seen you in a long time and we need to catch up. Also, it’s time to eat dinner and who’s going to pick you up?” You interrupted him.

“OK I guess i’ll stay,” you clapped your hands of joy. You grabbed a chair and sat down. Jungkook and Jimin sat next to each other, giving each other looks. When the waiter finally came to attend you were ordering your food and the boys food, since they were not talking.

You realize the boys not talking to each other, only giving you quick glances once in a while. The awkward silence ended when you hear Jimins phone ring. He got up from his chair and took the call.

“Why did you bring him Y/N?” Jungkook asked once he sees Jimin gone.

“I couldn’t just leave him there Jungkook , he didn’t know I was going to see you. He just wanted to say hello.” You took a sip our your glass.

“He didn’t have to give you roses Y/N.” He pouted.

“You’re right he didn’t have too but he did. He cares about me as friend, Jungkook .”

“It seems like your always talking about him, hanging out with him,” He paused.

“Do you like me or Jimin?” He finally asked.

You choke on your drink.

“Wha-, What did you just ask?”

“Nevermind Y/N, just forget it.” You see him picking up the flowers and walking away, you went after him.

“What is wrong with you Jungkook?, why are you mad at me?” You asked him once you were outside of the restaurant.

He turned around “I’m jealous Y/N, im jealous of how you treat me and him the same. I’m your boyfriend Y/N, he isn’t. He shouldn’t be the one giving you flowers, that is my job. I should be the one seeing you, taking care of you not Jimin”.

“You are my boyfriend Jungkook, don’t ever doubt that”.

“How can I believe that Y/N?”

“Because you’re the one I would drive 5 hours for, the only one that would cuddle with you when you’re stressed. You’re the only one I would come to see at 3 in the morning and listen to all problems and your insecurities. You’re the one that I love Jeon Jungkook .” You kissed his cheek, feeling his cheeks heat up beneath your lips.

“By the way, Jimin isn’t as cute as you Jungkook ,” He turns his face towards you.

He smiles “Are you-” He clears his throat, trying to have a serious moment. “Serious Y/N?“

“Yes Jungkook ” you pinched his adorable cheeks.

“yah, stop Y/N, not on the street” he complained to you.

you smiled happy that he wasn’t mad at you or Jimin anymore. “Let’s go inside I’m hungry and I’m freezing Jungkook ”.

“Wait let me do something first Y/N,” you were confused.

“What is I-” you were suddenly stopped by his lips. You melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. He pulled away, laying his forehead against yours.

“I love you Y/N”.

“I love you too Jungkook ”.