why are my friends always like this u u

  • Gray: I don't like Juvia like that
  • Laxus: My relationship with Freed is entirely platonic
  • Gajeel: I'd never say sappy shit like that to Levy
  • Natsu: Lucy and I are just friends
  • Elfman: Evergreen isn't manly enough for me
  • Zeref: I don't love Mavis anymore
  • Loke: *appears* why tf u lion
  • Loke: why u always lion
  • Loke: emmmohmagahd
  • Loke: stop fuckin lion

i feel as if i always have to act like the ‘cool vegan’ and it really bothers me. why should i brush off the exploitation and slaughter of billions of animals like it’s no big deal?
why should i silence myself to make you feel comfortable? those are my friends. please don’t eat them.

tbh i kind of want a plot based around two celebs whose characters are a ship in the show they’re on and the’ve always been really close friends, always goofing off behind the scenes and having a grand old time, and are crazy comfortable aroud each other but then the time comes where they have to do a sex scene and it’s like a revelation of “wow they’re really good looking… their hands feel so nice on my skin like this…their lips are so warm and soft… they’re good at kissing….i wonder what this would be like if it were real” and it gets really awkward/cute and they always get flustered around each other because they can’t stop thinking about it and PLEASE


Well well King Oikawa humans aren’t as durable as you thought after all, huh? Now your favourite toy is broken.

Questions I'd ask the companions
  • Cait: where the fook did yar accent cohm frohm?
  • Codsworth: why r u shaped like a metal friend?
  • Curie: Does this mole look weird to you?
  • Danse: why ya wanna look like a metal garbage can all the time?
  • Deacon: why u always lyinnn
  • Dogmeat: WHO'S A GOOD BOY
  • Hancock: why do you just wanna fucking cosplay all the time? Don't you get bored???
  • MacCready: how the fuck dare you call someone someone a mungo??????!?!?!
  • Nick: if ur such a good detective, how many fingers am I holding up behind my back??
  • Piper: where you get all these sweet treats?
  • Preston: will there ever be an end to these missions. ... asking for a friend.
  • Strong: big guy, what u see up there???
  • X6-88: so, like, are you Into fancy lads snack cakes?
Ten's pick up line
  • Ten : you kept saying you're a trash.
  • You : ......
  • Ten : if you are indeed a trash,i'll be your trash can then.
  • You : ........i don't like where this is going but i hope its not....
  • Ten : so that no matter whAAT
  • You : no ..... don'tTT
  • Friends : noOOOO
  • NCT: tEn Don'TTT.......
  • Ten : you'd always end up with me. *smiles brightly that the sun even put on sunnies*
  • You : ...............

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im watching nct's night night, the one with mark guesting. Mark said "dude its so hard to read in korean" and johnny replied "dude tell me about it" and idk why i like IT SO MCUH WHEN THEY TALK USING ENGLISH PHRASES/EVERYDAY SLANG WOW. AMAZING. GUESS WHO'S MAKING JOHNNY'S "tell me about it" A RINGTONE??? MY WHOLE EXTENDED FAMILY BICTH. ok ionno y im telling u this random shit but i feel like ur the only nonjudgmental person ok like u talk abt toes nd stuff

kfkfkdjdjffk i saw that video it was the cutestttt and purest thing ive ever seen seriously u could have so much fun w johnny he would be the relatable aquarius dad of ur friend group like i love how he always speaks english its great hes such a loser ahhh bfjdjdjdjjf. i love him and also JDJDJDJSJ SHUT UP yeah im actually super nonjudgmental yall could send me anything and i wouldnt mind like at all . ive seen it all

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❤ ~ @viktuuri-pork (well belbelurachelrach here we are 💓)


okay so sarahsarsysarsmydearinternetfriend you

1) are always so positive and your snaps always brighten up my day

2) seem to like horses more than me

3) always support me on everything i do wether it’s on sports, an edit or whatever, you just do it 


5) you also try to get better at what you do, always trying to give your best and of course always succeeding because everything you do is beautiful

6) you have an ig account which is like,,,,, my aesthetic

7) are friends with me even after i sent u some DRUNK SNAPS AND THEN CRYING LIKE WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH ME AGAIN

8) are gorgeous and sosososososososoosooooooo nice

9) listen to me when i need it

10) freak out with me when i need it

11) you answer every random question i ask 

12) and just so it wasn’t clear, you are gorgeous and nice and talented and incredible and deserve everything because you just do, you are sarah the incredible human being that’s better than jessica saging

mutuals leave a “❤️️” in my inbox and i’ll tell you what i love about you!

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Me: skinny | Best Friend: Fat | Me: also chronically ill, disabled, out of shape, eats like crap, never have my health questioned by people outside my family and friend circle | Best Friend: hardly ever sick, physically fit, eats great, ALWAYS has her health questioned by everyone except a select few friends and is constantly pressured by her family to lose weight /despite being perfectly healthy./ I'll never understand why people consistently think fat = unhealthy when that's just not true.

this is the only skinny opinion i care about thank u for sharing i love u skinny anon with good opinions

a girl a couple of my friends know (who I’ve only met once) who they constantly say reminds them of me got a tattoo by the same person who did mine in the same placement as mine and is v similar to mine (tho just a few sprigs not specific flowers) and even tho I know it’s a coincidence I’m still like……..irritated idk why


“tag ur best 11 friends (in no particular order) n reasons why u lov them, it can be any reason
idk if someone else has done this before but ya know
u can tag more than 11 if u want”

ya ok lets do it
@shogunott i care about you sm ur amazing and a great friend and care about everyone in the gc so much!! you are literally so good and nice to all of us ilysm!!!!

@tavr0ss oh my goodness i love u!!!! you are so smart and so incredibly talented (i cant even list everything this would be like an essay) and always have some good Memes for the gc

@cynicryptical MOLL ur the mom and we all love you and youre the best person ever. you are quite literally the best. ur always there for us and that it actually amazing

@alyssapavuk14 MY BEAUTIFUL GF you are actually super fabulous!! youre talented and smart and like hella pretty like come on girl ur great

@ phi’s blog?? i cant find that someone tag them for me cause THEYRE GREAT and so cool and smart!! you are so funny and smart and totally sweet to us all!

@ caroline’s blog i dont know that either but HEY YOURE GREAT TOO and ilysm and miss being in bio with you cause that was LIT. youre really talented and amazing and i miss u!!

@ other caroline what the heck i know no ones tumblr but girl u great. youre so funny and know a lot about tea (ill never forget that one convo) and HECK youre pretty great and talented too!!!

i hella hope im not forgetting anyone but I LOVE YOU GUYS so much and want you to know that which is why im doing this at 11PM. I LOVE AND MISS YALL <3 YOURE ALL GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL HUMANS


Imagine #46 Protective Neymar

You went out to have some fun with your friends, just a girl’s night like always. You decided not to drink and just enjoy the night in the club. It was all good and fun and you kept texting with your boyfriend Neymar who was at Rafinha’s house.

“How is at the club? Are u drinking?”

“It’s fun, no I’m not. What are u guys doing?”

“Why not? Well we might have drink a little bit :p  Rafa and Marc want to go out.”

“Didn’t really feel like it. There are some guy here that my friends met and I don’t really feel like having fun.”

“Okay we are so coming over…. who are they?”

“Ney nothing is happening, stop getting all mad.”

After that lest message you sent he didn’t replay which made you a little bit worried he might got mad or thought you were with someone else.

“Hey why don’t you drink?” a guy said as you were looking around a little bit annoyed.

“Oh, I’m not drinking tonight.” You said forcing a smile.

“Why not, c’mon I’ll buy you a drink.” He said as he winked at you. He was cute, but you already had the boy you fell in love with.

“No really, I’m fine like this, thanks anyway.”

“Sure?” He asked once again making you almost mad for insisting.

“Yeah she is sure.” You heard someone felling an arm around your shoulder. You looked around and noticed it was Neymar. He was looking at him with a serious face but still calm, it made you happy and you couldn’t help but smile for doing things like this for you.

“And you are?” The guy asked confused almost as he tried to get in a fight.

“Her boyfriend” He said as he pulled you closer.

The guy moved away and you turned around standing right in front of Neymar smiling, “Someone is being possessive?”

“Well what is mine is mine.” He said as he kissed you passionately and you could feel the alcohol from the kiss. Then he said he will go back o his friends and you did the same.

Since you saw him, you were much happier and in the mood to have fun so you walked to your friends and started dancing in the middle of the dancefloor jumping and laughing having fun. You didn’t need alcohol to enjoy the music and dance.

Suddenly everyone came to dance and it was much more crowded. You were dancing until someone bumped in to you and started to dance all over you, making you uncomfortable. You tried to move away but he was pulling you closer almost hurting you, as much as you told him to leave you alone he was still insisting.

“Let go of me!” You screamed the second the music stopped because the DJ wanted to make an announcement. Everyone looked in your direction staring at what was going on. You moved away from him and almost cried, because he scared you.

You looked at your friends as the music was still silently playing in the background. Then you noticed Neymar and so did everyone else, they all took their phones out to take a picture of him, but he was walking really angry and mad.

“No, Neymar stop.” You said as he came closer and you put your hands on his chest stopping him from making things even worse.

“What did he do to you?” He said staring straight in to him with his anger in the eyes.

“Hey man, I’m sorry… I didn’t know she was taken.” The guy said as he walked slowly moving away from him.

“Taken or not, no means no you idiot!” Neymar yelled at him as he walked away. The music started to play again but people were staring at the two of you. Mostly, because no one knew Neymar had a girlfriend and because some people knew you from school.

“Did he hurt you?” Finally, Neymar moved looking at you concerned.

“I’m fine now.” You said as you wrapped your hands around his neck and he pulled you closer.

“I heard you scream and my heart stopped, you scared me.” He said as he kissed your cheek.

“I’m sorry,” you said resting your head on his chest.

“Please be careful, one day I might not be next to you to help you and if something will happen to you… I will not be able to forgive myself for leaving you alone. Never.”

His words were making you calm down and much better, you looked at him and kissed him, “Don’t worry, I can take care of me.”

“I know but just do it for me, okay (y/n)?”

“Te adoro” You said as you caressed his cheek with both hands.

“Eu amo você” he said and leaned closer to kiss you.

He did get jealous a lot and he was sometimes too protective, but you loved him. He was everything you ever asked for, he loved you and he took care of you.


This is why //I’m// the senpai!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BRO @projecttiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DREW UR NICONICO HUNTER I HOPE U LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THank u for being an amazing friend and always being there for me when i needed advise and always putting up with my bullshit and selfishness LMFAO i know i can be a handful sometimes ;//q//; and ofc for the fun times u’ve given me (which is like 94% of the time HAHA) and like im looking forward to more stupid shenanigans we can come up with hAHAHADAFHK AAAA IDK HOW TO WRITE SAPPY IM JUST REALLY REALLY GLAD UR MY FRIEND OK FEEL MY KIMOCHIS LOVE YA FULLHOMO XOXO HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

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🔥 Mutuals

i love all of them but i’m scared the feelings not mutual lmfao like i’m scared that they hate me which i know isn’t logical bc we’re mutuals but also like … i know plenty of people who are mutuals w/ people they don’t like and it always scares me im one of those ppl … 

also like every time they reblog the posts that are like “Come and talk to me!!! Become my friend!!!! I want to be friends with all of you!!!!” i’m always like hahahahhaahhaha yeah right u mean everyone BUT me lmfao like … why would u want to do that

also im always 90% terrified that im annoying them lmfao like i always like my mutuals personal posts bc i want them to see that someone saw it but like i’m terrified i come off creepy and that’s another why they don’t like me lmfao

but anyways i love my mutuals and if they don’t feel the same way then great

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Totally stalking my dashboard right now and also I don't want to team up with anybody because 1. I don't have any friends in my classes, 2. I don't like approaching people, and 3. Because I work better alone I feel because I'm able to say my opinion out loud instead of always being interrupted.

!!! hoLy smOKes tACo–sAME!!!
it’s like !!! why won’t you let me talk? and then it’s like even if they do let u talk, they don’t really listen rip orz anD thEN thER’S pEOPlE wHO dON’T dO aNythING and ur stuck finishing everything by urself and you dunno what to do either
aHH hang in there buddy ;w;; relish the sweet feeling of freedom when partner work is over