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Hi! I know you're a big fan of Deacon and I love him as well (and miss him a lot since the amount of original content is not as large as at was), so I'd love to hear your thoughts about him? What do you think about all the theories on his backstory? If you don't want to post it, I can write you off anon<3

Thanks for the ask!! I’m flattered you wanna know my thoughts on Deacon!! Honestly, the first thing that came to mind when I think of Deacon is that he is my comfort character. Mostly cause I was really sad a moment ago but the thought of Deacon after seeing this ask kinda cheered me up lmao. One time, one of my friends wrote me a comfort fic where Deacon was helping me go through some tough times and it made me feel so much better during a period of time when I was super depressed. So ever since, whenever I feel really down, I like to imagine that Deacon is there beside me giving me some words of encouragement. aaanywayyyy I’m sure that not really what you wanted to hear when you asked this question haha

About Deacon’s backstory, I definitely believe that he telling the truth in the last affinity talk. Though, I am always open to all the speculations and theories about him being from pre-war/survivor from some vault. I don’t really have one specific theory I consider The Official Headcanon for me. I honestly like how mysterious his backstory and his character in general is. The one headcanon that I have about Deacon is that he is ace/aro. Maybe what makes Deacon a wonderful character is that any information about him is so vague and may or may not be a lie so anyone can have their own theories and headcanons about him.

  • me when writing poetry/prose: wow I like this ! it's semi profound and i am proud of the self.
  • me when writing original fiction: .... could be better. I'm disappointed in myself

A few years ago my dad (who’s a prof) did the convocation address for new students and had a silly gimmick where he took off his teaching robes to reveal a wetsuit underneath. Something about the suit you’ll actually wear idk. My brother and I were so embarrassed and only hoped everybody would forget about this.

But my town was small, so it became like a city-wide meme where ppl would show up to HS and college graduation ceremonies and pull off their robes onstage to reveal increasingly terrible wetsuits underneath. Like they sent out emails about this warning people to stop doing it. The uni eventually took down the original youtube video of it. Thank God.

But I was sitting in class today (I go to a completely different school far away from my hometown) about to take my final and our professor said he had something funny to show us that would lift our spirits. AND HE PULLED UP THE VIDEO THAT WAS SAVED TO HIS COMPUTER OF MY DAD TALKING TO 6,000 STUDENTS IN A WETSUIT.


I was already silently dying bc this was Awful™ but THEN a girl next to me, who I’ve never spoken to before in my life, leaned forward in her chair and said to me “Honestly, I think he’s kind of hot. Would you hit it?”

A lot of people have misunderstood me – I still allow FB & IG reposts (with proper credit) of my fanarts

FEW exceptions on artworks where I request ‘no reposts’  in the captions (mostly Taemin Han Kid Photo Sets – MM RP accounts however may still use them as long as there is credit; so many people just seem confused with the AU and I don’t really want to cause any more trouble with the fandom ;;v;; ). Please don’t say that I don’t allow reposts at all – there are just a select few that I would rather not have circulated (if you would kindly give me that right).

Side note: Please do not repost on tumblr at all – reblog instead ♥

Anyway, people can still view my tumblr and IG even if they don’t have accounts so idk what the problem was… ((it’s not like it’s on patreon where you have to pay to see them…))

Thank you!