why are guys even upset

i think if you want yousef acar to stop being villainized, you have to stop calling him “trash” and a piece of crap for what he did to sana. YES if you like someone you shouldn’t hook up with their best friend, but he isn’t in a relationship with sana. he doesn’t necessarily owe her an explanation about noora. however, he does owe her an explanation about how he left her to break up a fight between SEVEN boys that are physically stronger than her, hell yeah she deserves to know why he did that, but that’s it.

There’s this guy I know who makes me feel and seem very aggressive and insecure.
There are actually a few of those 
And I hate being that way because that’s not who I am as a person 
But with them somehow every time I get mad, I argue. 
But I can’t help it, I can’t just let the things they say pass. 
They aren’t bad people but they are people with strong foundations. 
Strong foundations of ideas about people based on things way back in the past
I might now be on the 15th floor they don’t realize,
They still go back to the 3rd floor they met me at and built an image of me in their mind. 

There are some who say things even though I have asked them a dozen times to not like ‘calm down’ or ‘relax’
Like somehow when I am being assertive or specific in my opinions and expressing something clearly I am being aggressive and ‘need to chill’.
Why can’t people have a conversation and not get threatened when 
the reply is more than a few words or when the opinions don’t match?

Then there are those who seem to think they know better about me than I know myself
And I agree I don’t know myself all that well but that how much ever I know is more than anyone else 
They insist on making me agree to their opinions of me, of saying yes to feelings I don’t even feel. 

They aren’t bad people, they are my friends.
And I haven’t honestly, sadly, come across many who would pass this test. 

Why MBTI type not change???

Hey, charity, I had a brother who appeared to be quite Fi-dom as a teenager - sensitive, isolated, serious, liked to be alone with his drawings and movies - but after he got some psychological upsets and did therapy he started going out more And act as a stereotype of the ENFP - funny, lively, communicating, smiling and hyperactive. He said he felt his mind open to thousands of ideas after therapy and said he can not be any more like he used to be. So why do you think the guy can not change? Not even with upsets and traumas? Do you trust so much in something that is not absolute?

I tend to go by the official MBTI theory that we simply develop and strengthen our lower functions as we progress through life, although since they’re now discovering we can alter our DNA sequencing and strands, perhaps altering your brain pattern function isn’t such a radical idea after all.

I also invite everyone to remember that BEHAVIOR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TYPE. That ENFPs are the most introverted of the extroverts. That a person can be acting abnormally for any number of reasons (in the grip, in the loop, neglecting one function in favor of developing another, or something as simple or complex as mental illness, depression, autistic traits, etc, etc), that extroverts can be shy or socially awkward and that the healthier you are, the better able you are to socialize and enjoy life in general.

(NP types are always striving toward betterment and change, so it’s not surprising he’d look back on how he used to be without interest in going back; going back is toxic for an NP, they want to move forward. Stagnation is death to them. I’m much less judgmental than I used to be, among other things, but I don’t think it had to do with me “changing a type,” it’s just that I grew up.)



Mfw I need to calm myself down when somebody is telling me they hate Steven Universe and I didn’t even ask

there’s a special place in hell for people who ‘jokingly’ tag sebastian stan as “romanian trash”, “actual slut” or the like and i hope it’s full of justin bieber, annoying little children and bad wifi

  • tumblr users: *Complain about having to scroll all the way back up on posts to reblog
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  • tumblr users: Omfg wtf how could they do this yahoo you motherfuckers jfc i hate this website fucking staff how could they do this to me i s2g maybe they should fix a real problem like the video fuck

The new episode of Boueibu looked promising. Then we get to the fight and-

Yumoto kicking ass….

But wait-


Oh man-


Are these guys finally going to do something?!

They are going to have to do something! I can’t wait-


Whoohoo! You finally get to hear our Tikki, Chloe, and Sabrina!
Also screaming sucks because I do it so genuinely that my mic ALWAYS peaks no matter the setting lol sorry about that guys! This also isn’t even the upsetting script why am I crying lol
Also the conversation at the end with Alya and Mari, and Nino and Adrien are being done separately, but both pairs are so in sync that their conversations lined up!

LOTS of music this time! In order, they are:
Last Strobe by Miku Hatsune, Human (a Android Works) by Hashiyan, Mari’s ringtone is an 8-bit version of the Miraculous theme, Bliss by Yuyoyuppe, Background-sample, Title-goodend, and dolphin-dead are all from this RPG Maker game called UTOPIA, Woods Darker than Night by Coeur de Pirate, Softly from the Homestuck vol. 5 album, and finally Memories For the Future and then A Brief Respite are both by Masashi Hamauzu!

Now if you’ll excuse me, finals are a thing I should have been working on. lol

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Can you give an example of when Maya challenged Lucas to be at his best? I believe she was a bad influence on him on GM Rules because it's the cool thing to do. Not saying she's completely bad, but there's that one scene that just comes to mind.

Yes, because painting your face and running around the halls is such a TERRRRRIBLE thing to do! Boogity boogity! He’s gonna end up in JAIL at this rate! Face painting and running in the halls leads to bar fights and worse! Goodness gracious, even Cory was totally fine with Maya painting Riley’s face one day. Sorry for the sarcasm, BUT: There’s a big difference between relatively mild cutting up and someone’s actual WORST. Especially when it comes to Lucas.

Let’s talk about who has ACTUALLY brought out “the worst” in Lucas over the course of the series (aka his temper): Farkle’s bully, Zay’s bully, Riley’s bully, Charlie in GMNY, aaaaand Riley herself (SoL, GMHS1, and in tandem with Maya in GMT1). Although in the case of Zay’s bully, Lucas had himself completely under control—to the point where Cory didn’t even feel the need to stop or punish him.

As far as Maya encouraging Lucas to be his best, remember when she jumped his back during Flaws? “Lucas! No! Don’t do it! He wants you to be like him!” Or what about in Secret of Life and in GMT1, when she basically said “you’re great the way you are” in so many words? (Because newsflash: he is. Lucas is as good a guy as Alan Matthews. Having a temper when people hurt those you care about—or when someone is tearing you down the way Riley did in SoL, or when your friends sign you up for a dangerous sport without telling you—does not a “bad” person make.)

Maya may tease Lucas for the whole “Moral Compass” thing, but ya gotta remember: she teases him because she LIKES him. She actually likes the cowboy stuff and the moral compass stuff. The moral compass stuff is part of why she asked him about his beliefs, most likely. She actually *listens* to him. And of course what’s interesting about that is how proud Lucas is of himself whenever he manages to contain Maya, either verbally or physically. That’s a big part of the reason he’s good for her. Hell, in Rules, even when he was “among the bad” Lucas stepped up and tried to contain Maya.

Just about the ONLY solid (ish) canon argument for “Maya brings out the ‘worst’ in Lucas” is that he painted his face and ran around the hallways. And honestly: that’s some pretty mild cutting up, as far as cutting up goes. You’ll note that Cory only gave MAYA any further detention, and it was clearly because she was the ringleader who broke the other kids out of the room, not because of the face painting and running. If the latter had been the case, ALL of Mayaville would’ve gotten extended detention.

You could MAYBE argue that she inspired him to pin Billy to the mats in Flaws, but the thing is: she also physically STOPPED HIM. And subsequent episodes have shown that Lucas probably would’ve lost his temper at Billy regardless of what Maya said in the Bay Window earlier.

So yeah: this whole “Maya brings out the WORST” in Lucas crap really needs to die, yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing in canon to support it. And there’s a solid argument to be made that one of the things Lucas likes about Maya is how she’s generally calm and “always okay.” (“How are you so calm?!” - GM Rileytown). Maya may cut up and act out at times, but she doesn’t have *nearly* the temper on her that Lucas and Riley do. (Yeah, Riley’s got a big old temper too, it’s just less dangerous with her because she couldn’t beat anyone up even if she wanted to. 😂) Even in Mr. Squirrels when Maya was SUPER pissed she was relatively collected, for the most part.

Like, I reallllly don’t think Lucas picked up that “most likely to be okay with anything that happens” attitude from Riley. They’ve ALL changed him, and it’s honestly more likely he picked up that “okay” attitude from Miss Always-Okay-Even-When-she-Has-Every-Reason-to-be-Upset rather than Miss Gets-Righteously-Pissed-When-the-World-Doesn’t-Conform-to-her-Expectations. (And I’m not dogging either girl, being “always okay” can be a bad thing just like Riley’s penchant for righteous crusading can be a good thing.)

That said though, even if he picked up the “always okay” attitude from Maya, Riley is totally a “good kid” for both Lucas and Maya the way Cory was a “good kid” for Shawn and Harley, or Richie was for Alan. Lucas was at a point where he could’ve gone either way when he arrived in New York. Meeting Riley and becoming friends with her set Lucas on that “Moral Compass” path, which was always inside him to begin with, it would seem. But just because Riley was an important tipping point for Lucas (people change people!) doesn’t mean they have to date and get married anymore than it does for Cory & Harley.

The truth of the matter is that ALL of Lucas’s new friends have changed him in the best possible ways. Riley may encourage Lucas to be a “hero” (although I’m still not sure how riding a bull is “heroic” unless said bull was about to stampede a bunch can of people…), but Maya encourages Lucas to just be what he IS. Because he’s a good guy even without all the “hero” crap. That’s why Maya was so upset in Texas: she thought it was RIDICULOUS for him to risk his life and limb just because a bunch of people called him a disgrace for falling off a sheep as a kid. You could even make the argument that Riley and the locals calling Lucas a “disgrace” brought out a version of Lucas’s “worst"—a version of him that was so torn down by what other people said that he believed he HAD to risk his life and his spinal cord. Luckily it worked out. But…😕

Dreamers like Lucas “World Peace” Friar and Riley “cancel Halloween to cure malaria” Matthews need pragmatists like Maya and Farkle to balance them out and keep them grounded. And pragmatists like Maya and Farkle need dreamers like Lucas and Riley to help inspire them. Regardless of the ships, that’s one major dynamic in how these kids all change and bring out the best in each other.

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Your tags on the fake married trope! I need that fic in my life.

The band was too loud, and for once in his life the clouds of smoke he was accustomed to were now an annoyance. He’d much rather be at home, hiding in the darkness of his flat, surrounded only by the low whir of the world outside, instead of the pounding of the drums. 

He should have known better than to forgo take out, but he craved the soup his Nan made when he was little and was too sick for anything but. It wouldn’t cure his mending heart but it would still be a comfort.

As soon as he heard his name he knew he should have kept on walking, but, he and Archie have been friend since forever and he couldn’t turn him away. So, after lots of catching up  and ‘we’ve missed you’s; and the all the sympathetic looks, and an introduction to the friend Archie had with him, Rae, Finn was agreeing to their outing just to get away and back to his lonely world.

So, now here he was a week later, wondering if he should walk over to Rae at the bar and make idle chit chat while waiting for everyone else to arrive, or just continue to sit by himself. With his hands stuffed into the pockets of his coat he sighed, now wondering if an hour was to short of a stay, or if maybe he could say he was at the wrong pub and next time for sure. He shook his head, none of that would work. 

The door swung open and in reaction he flinched, not entirely ready to deal with all the questions his friends would ask. Looking over he found a familiar face. His eyes grew wide and he looked away tucking his chin to his chest, feeling his cheeks go hot with embarrassment. Because of course she has some guy all over her. 

He doesn’t even know why he’s so upset, or why she let him break his heart so badly, they were only together for five short months, and he couldn’t ever say that he loved her. His dad has some idea but Finns not sure he agrees, yet, anyway. 

She hasn’t spotted him yet, and he really wants to duck out before she does. He slips out of the booth he’s saved and makes his way towards the exit. He keeps his head down so he misses it when someone scoots a chair back and he falls into them. 

“Sorry, sorry.” he mumbles, adjusting the person he fell into and then himself. 

When he looks up everyone on that side of the pub his looking at him, along with his ex, and her current male companion. 

His cheeks are on fire and his senses are over loading, the smell of the smoke makes his nose tingle and he can’t tell if its his heart pounding in his chest or the bass of the drums vibrating through him. He glances around quickly and his eyes land on Rae who is at the end of the bar looking at him curiously. He glances back at his ex who is still watching him along with several others. 

So, Finn, straightens up, squares his shoulders and struts towards Rae, he can feel eyes on him and he hopes he’s not about to get slapped for this very childish move. When he’s less than a foot in front of, Rae, she looks around and then back at him and its like she wants to speak but before she can he says, “I’m gonna kiss you while everyone’s looking.” 

Her eyebrows furrow but she looking at him with amusement, a hint of a smile playing at her lips, and so he takes this as his cue and kisses her.  

Its simple but awkward at first, but then she’s pulling him closer and he effortlessly rests his right hand on the dip of her waist, whilst his left moves to her cradle the back of her neck. 

She swipes her tongue along his lips and he opens willingly, a low growl escaping him as he nips at her soft and plump bottom lip. He naturally pulls her closer to him so their bodies are completely touching, and he’s enjoying the warmth and softness of her body pressing into him. Her hands slide over his shoulders and hook around his neck as the kiss heats up. And all he can think about is the hint of strawberry he is tasting. 

When they finally pull away, her cheeks are flushed and she’s panting lightly. 

“Sorry,” he mumbles sheepishly, taking a step back letting his hands fall to his side, and hers fall to her sides.  

She smiles brightly and says, “For what? That was the best kiss of my life.” 

He huffs out a laugh and bashfully rubs at the back of his neck, and when he glances around no one is paying him anymore attention, and it seems a bit lighter in the crowd as some people have left. When he looks back to Rae she smiles sweetly at him and he’s cheeks are now pink for an entirely different reason. 

“Can I buy you a drink, Rae?” 

The End! 



Hope you enjoyed!

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why does my ex who broke with me 2 months ago and ever since except for 2 weeks ago I've begged for him back 4 times and he's just rejected me, now I like this new guy and my friend tells me how angry my ex is about me posting a picture of this new guy. tell me, why is he even upset? and why would his friend update him about someone he broke up with?

boys are complicated. life is complicated. but since he rejected you, move on. dont ask him anything. be happy with someone else