why are fire trucks red

random [U.A. students] hcs #1
  • Monoma Neito was bullied in middle school, hence his inferiority complex. He has unconsciously copied some of the social cues of those who have bullied him.
  • Kendo Itsuka watches satisfying videos on youtube whenever she needs balance in life.
  • Hatsume Mei makes gadgets that help her cheat on exams. The teachers have caught her before, but do not expel her because of her talent.
  • Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu does not wet his toothbrush before he puts toothpaste on it. Also believes toilet paper should be hung under, not over.
  • Shinsou Hitoshi probably has a relative who is/was a villain in his family. 
  • Togata Mirio dressed up as the Michelin Man for a Halloween party once. Regrets it when his classmates urge him to change his hero name to Michelin Man.
  • Hadou Nejire looks up random questions on google, like “Why do humans die?” and “Why are fire trucks red?
  • Amajiki Tamaki avoids stepping on the cracks on sidewalks. Also gets compared to Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh regularly from his third year classmates.
why are firetrucks red?

well newspapers are read, and magazines are read too, and two and two make four, and there are three fours in a ruler, and queen Elizabeth was a ruler, and Queen Elizabeth was a ship, and ships sail the sea, and fish swim in the sea, and fish have fins, and the Fins fought the Russians, and fire trucks are always rushen’ around, so that’s why they’re red.