why are childrens songs so catchy

reasons why we need to appreciate “everyone hates his parents” more
  • it’s so funny???? possibly one of the funniest songs in falsettos???? let me tell you
  • “it’s a ceeeeeelebration!!! where iiii get presents! but everybody’s yelling and everybody’s ruining it!” rip jason
  • the applebaums dilemma™
  • “she just likes the way you dress” “well, who wouldn’t?” (bless mendel omg)
  • perhaps the most iconic line: “you have paintings of dicks! don’t talk to me about taste”
  • marvin and trina literally acting like children then being surprised when jason gets annoyed
  • mendel doing his best to express his feelings in italian/spanish/english and how it turns into him singing dayenu (he is the cutest)
  • the “everyone hates his parents” melody itself is so catchy (especially when mendel and jason switch off lines near the end of the song pls)
  • that’s in the torah!”
  • mendel’s god voice (pls)
  • trina and marvin trying guilt jason (again) into having a bar mitzvah and mendel’s “…….oh my god…”
  • “everyone hates his parents… now i see why!”
  • this turned into a mendel appreciation post
  • but anyway this song is the best

// this was really fun!! I love cartoons! I wish i had more energy to sit down and finish most of the ones i start though :’)


- He really doesn’t mind; don’t lie this man loves himself some disney movies.

- Does not understand Steven Universe. How is Steven alive MC. Are the diamonds evil or justified. What would happen if you took out his gem. Would Rose come back? Is she dead? This man deserves answers.

- Honestly, he’s not super into the shows themselves. They’re cute yes, but he mainly watches them to make you happy. He knows how much you love them, and so he’ll totally binge watch stuff like that with you.

- Plus he can sing like there’s no tomorrow so be prepared for there to be daily concerts in the house for the next few weeks. Why are songs in cartoons so catchy?


- He doesn’t get cartoons nor disney movies. They’re to keep children entertained so adults wont have to deal with them for a few hours. Is that not the purpose?

- You show him so many shows and movies that he has zero interest in. They don’t make any sense. Cats cannot sing. If they can, Elizabeth the 3rd must be quite insecure about her voice. He’ll have to give her a confidence boost about it later.

- The only movie he’ll watch is The Aristocats even though he doesn’t understand at all. It’s okay, he can see why you find these so entertaining. You must have a very innocent mindset to watch them like you do, how cute.

- For gifts he notes the shows you enjoy and gets you pendants or clothing related to them as gifts. He likes to see you so happy about tiny things such as that.



- Yoosung reminds me of Pidge so much they’re both so smart and cute and pure

- That’s his favorite show to watch with you! It’s like.. space power rangers meets avatar the last airbender. quality stuff right there

- He loves so many cartoons, Gravity falls, Star vs the forces of evil, Steven Universe, so much more. He’s finally met his soul mate.

- He likes disney movies too, Especially lady and the tramp since he always watched that as a kid. He’s so excited to show you all his favorites, be prepared for a binge watching session.


- She doesn’t have time to watch stuff like that, so she’s never seen a disney movie. Ever. How has she survived this long.

- If you show her one, she really likes Mulan. Any disney movie with a strong independent female lead? She’s down to watch. It’s her favorite, since it makes her feel empowered watching things like that. Especially Beauty and the Beast; she loves Belle so much!

- She will roll over at 3 am and start storming up Conspiracy Theories ™

- “ Why did Belle give up all her dreams of travel and aspirations suddenly in the ending like they never existed. They ruined such a beautiful character by turning it into another stereotypical boy meets girl scenario. Why– ”

jaehee go to bed


- He loves cartoons and ‘kids’ movies. He never had the chance to experience them as a child so now he wants to, it’s fun!

- Favorite movie? Cars. fuck planes though that was trash he will breathe heavily and type fast on his keyboard while bashing that movie online to a twelve year old

- Probably cries during the new trailer for Cars 3 they killed lightning mcqueen

- Binge watches stuff like that constantly with you, he really likes Over the garden wall since it’s a hint of spoop and a bit of mystery yet the characters and art is really pretty. He’s a man who can appreciate Quality Content ™ when he sees it.


- It’s not that he doesn’t like them, He just doesn’t watch movies or shows very often besides documentaries. A total nerd for things like that.

- A favorite disney movie has to be alice in wonderland, the art is pretty and he likes the characters. He watched it a lot as a kid!

- Obviously he cant really see what’s going on, But he’ll still cuddle with you while you watch your cartoons. He’s a fast learner so he usually catches onto the plot pretty fast, actually ends up getting into a lot of the stuff you put on. Really loves Gravity Falls.


- He says he hates them. They’re disgusting. Disgraceful. Hideous what a drama queen

- But on the inside he’s full of shit because he loves them. So much.

- He’ll grumble and “ leave ” when you put on a cartoon, But leaving in his book actually means just sitting in the corner out of your view while watching intently. His secret cant be known.

- Or he’ll lay in your lap while you’re watching claiming he’s bored but he’s really just here for the free head scratches and cartoons. Shouldn’t be a surprise by now.

Amar Pelos Dois

means: “To Love For The Both Of Us” and is the portuguese song for the ESC 2017 (Eurovision Song Contest)   

not a catchy song,  said many,    but these incredible  kids catched it … how you can see in this wonderfull video made by a spanish school

I found the music, the lyrics, the singer and the children more than beautiful and that’s why I would like to share them with you. 

On the end the children say:  “Felicidades Salvador” and that’s is just what I would like to do. 

Good luck Salvador.  Have a great time in Kiev. 

Not in the Mood for Love - Part 4

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Epilogue|

Member: Park Jimin

Genre: Angst and fluff

Word Count: 1778

Summary: 1 argument is all it took to break off a 3 year relationship. Everything was a lie, nothing mattered anymore. Staying in your town was only killing you more and more each day so you decided to move to a new town and to a new life. You knew you wouldn’t be ready for a new relationship, you wouldn’t be able to handle any more emotional trauma.

A/N: Part 4 c’est ici!! Honestly, I feel like this was all over the place so I apologize if this fic is starting to get really disorganized or rushed. I’m just trying to move the plot along and have some character development. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading this! xx 

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You’re not enough

I don’t know why I every thought that I loved you

You weren’t worth my time

I should have broken up with you earlier; my time is too precious

Sometimes I wish we never met.

You weren’t worth my time and you never will be Y/N

You were so stupid for believing that I ever loved you. This was all just an act, can’t you see?”

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mcnsterxinside  asked:

Okay, this has been bothering me for quite a while, but why does Shrek the Musical get so much hate? It's such a beautiful show (my favorite honestly) not to mention the songs are super catchy, but why so much negativity towards it? I'm very curious.

I think the main thing is that it’s yet another expansion to the already huge Shrek franchise, as well as the fact that it’s marketed towards children, so it gives a bit of a commercial, “cash cow” impression.

I’ve also heard some people saying the film doesn’t translate particularly well to theatre, especially due to the type of humour, but that’s really a matter of opinion! Because of its style, everything is on the surface, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does mean it tends to be unfairly slammed by those comparing it to deeper musicals out there.

(I’m not actually that familiar with the show, so if anyone would like to add anything constructive they’re most welcome)

Are You Gonna Stop That?

Okay, for a while now, I’ve seen a number of people making slandering comments about rhettandlink’s “Are You Gonna Eat That?” song and music video. These comments run along the lines of: “We’ve waited over 6 months for this?” or “Wow, you must have worked really hard to come up with those lyrics.”

To that I say, please stop.

Their videos not only hold artistic touch and humor, but they are well-made and the production value is extraordinary. So, incorporating all of those aspects into a video will -yes- take time. We all know that it’s been a while since they uploaded a video, but why over-scrutinize? Be aware that these men are busy. Extremely busy. With wives, children, a daily talk show, Song Biscuits, a podcast, etc.

They learned Spanish in the process of lyric making and even adopted a new genre to keep up with the trend of today’s music. Dubstep is hard to make. Not to mention the song itself was not bad at all. It was catchy, clever, and upbeat. 

Be understanding of the time they took.

μ's: The Next Generation [Ch.1]

Parings: KotoUmi, NozoEli, NicoMaki, OC children.

Summary: Kotori and Umi have a child named Takara. Nozomi and Eli have a child named Fumiko. Nico and Maki have a child named Kaori. This is their story in collaboration with @rezulution. (No Star Trek pun intended)

Words: ~1,800

                                       Chapter 1: Halloween

Kotori and Umi were the first couple of the group to marry and have a child. They named her Takara which meant treasure to always remind her how much she meant to her two parents. Takara bore a resemblance majorily towards Kotori, but Umi’s dark midnight blue hair mixed in with the ashened gray color of Kotori’s. She was born on July 7th, the day of Tanabata, the fireworks festival that celebrated the summer triangle.

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