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For the ppl freaking out about the team being stuck on the island all hiatus, here's an excerpt from an interview with MG from Access Hollywood- MG:"The season premiere of S6 will have a flashback". Access: "To the island? Or just a flashback?". MG [hesitantly]:"To the island. If you take me literally at my word, yes. Back to the island". There you go. They'll flashback to 5x23 and show how Felicity and TA survived + Oliver finding them right after the explosion. Olicity is together all hiatus.

Yeah, I posted that interview earlier today, Nonnie, but it’s good to have a recap. TA isn’t going to be stuck on the island for 5 months because one, it’s hard to come up with a reason why they would be stranded, and two, it doesn’t fit the narrative, Oh, and three, they’ve confirmed that doesn’t happen. lol

Bucky Barnes Masterlist

Forever and ever

Don’t touch me.

Take my pain away

Just Relax !

I am not worth your tears

Show me Kindness

New York

Good Grief

Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time


I want to be a daddy

“Who did this to you?”

The Perfect Bucket List (Au)

I need to talk to you

Fake it



A day in the Barnes Family

It was just lunch (Smut)

4 am Showers

Animals Know Best  

Rooftop Talks (Smut)

Anything You Want Baby Girl

Something Crazy ( Au) Masterlist

Why you love me?

Too many feelings masterlist

My Fake Boyfriend Masterlist

Soulmate au (Masterlist) hiatus.


Dinner Party (Smut)

The Anchor

Coffee, Cuddles, and Bucky

Friends Part 1

Friends Part 2

#ThisIsRumbelle Twitter Event

My Very Dear Rumbelle Fandom,

It’s time for another positivity event. Let’s show Twitter what Rumbelle means to us, how important it is. We are all anticipating (in one way or another) the end of hiatus and the arrival of MOAR RUMBELLE!!!! It seems like a good time to celebrate our favorite dorks.

The details:

Date: 26 Feb 2017

Time: When Once airs for YOUR OWN TIMEZONE!! For example I would be tweeting at 8pm PST. Let’s show them we’re a global community!

How to tag: use #ThisIsRumbelle AND #YourCountry My tweet would look like: geez I REALLY LUV RUMBELLE #ThisIsRumbelle #UnitedStates “awesome pic”

Tweet content: anything nice you have to say! Pics, thank you’s, why you think Rumbelle is the bestest, what Rumbelle is for you.I think it’d be nice to include “see u next week” so they know we’re watching, but what you tweet is up to you!

What not to tweet: I just want to be clear so no one is confused. This is not the event for your salty shade. If it’s critical of the show, the writers, the actors, Rumbelle, please don’t use this event or this tag for your missive. I won’t tell you how to feel, but I will ask you to respect this as a positivity event. This is not a sly attempt to get them to do what we want. That’s not what positivity is.

Spam: please do not send 50 gagillion tweets to the writers/actors etc. If you want to tweet more than once that’s AWESOME, but let’s not annoy the people we’re trying to thank. If you want to send A SINGLE tweet @someone that’s pretty reasonable, but don’t dump your whole load in someone’s lap. That said, tagging @OnceABC is much more reasonable because that person is PAID to mind their Twitter on the clock and make fans happy. (at least I think that’s a paid job)

Trending: We’re not aiming for a trend here. I think letting them know what a huge and diverse global community is more important than trying to get everyone to tweet at the same time. Besides, if we all tag our countries, the tag is going to look AMAZING!!!

Who’s with me?

Please signal boost even if you’re not on Twitter or this isn’t your thing. We need to reach the entire fandom by next week! We totally can, btw.

Hugs to you all!

The Bird.

Special thanks to @golden-rumbelle for the lovely banner and @violetfaust whom I apparently cannot tag… uh oh, why? for helping me with this! Somebody tag them for me?

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Hello, I've been thinking about this whole ship wars going on in the SG fandom for a while, and I know you made a list of respectful Supercorp/Katie fans, but I think we should do something positive/make more noise than the few ppl who aren't as respectful, spend their time trolling others and are really vocal/popular. I don't post regularly, but I do visit the Supercorp tag everyday and sometimes I feel embarrassed of being part of this fandom. (1/3)

I know every fandom has ppl with no boundaries, but I’ve seen too many posts during our short existence of people calling Supercorp the worst/most toxic fandom since s*perwholock… I don’t care if that’s true or not, but I want us to do something to change that. I don’t like K*ramel, bc esp the beginning of that relationship triggered me a lot, but I don’t think it’s ok to send hate to anyone (even if some of us receive it too), but I don’t give a damn about that ship at this point (2/3)

bc Supercorp friendship is awesome and I just wanna enjoy my ship in peace, without getting anxious. So, do you (or your followers) have some suggestions about what can we do to fill the fandom with more positivity? Like some special weeks or something? (3/3)

Hello love, first I would like to thank you for coming to me to share your thoughts. You are one of quite a few that I know feel this way and I have also expressed my feelings in the past for how I would like people to recognize the good side of our fandom.

It is unfortunate that we do have a bad reputation due to the behavior of certain blogs. It is even more unfortunate that they are persistent and seem to have no intention of stopping regardless of who they hurt or offend. Of course we know that Supercorp shippers are not solely responsible for the practices in question nor is our side of the fandom completely victimless.

I do agree that we can do better. The positive side of our fandom is full of so many wonderful, kind and beautifully talented people. Some are vocal about their likes and dislikes, some are happy just being in their niche and contributing their work, and of course there are those that are quiet and are perfectly happy just enjoying the show and reblogging all the content.

SO! After reading your thoughts, I threw some ideas around with my fellow Light Side™ leaders @kara-danvers-lena-luthor and @supercorptrashed

Yesterday, we all encouraged our followers to message us with one positive thing that happened to them this week. It turned out very well with several people reaching out all day to celebrate something that made them happy. We would like to do that same exact thing, but with the show. Next week, we will be encouraging our followers to spread some positivity about the show that has brought us all together. Because let’s face it, there would be no Supercorp without Supergirl. We are planning on doing various things like this during the hiatus to keep positive contribution and open, interactive forums for all of us.

That’s just a general example of what we have been thinking and I would love to see some ideas that anyone else may have. So if you share this sentiment and have some ideas of your own, feel free to comment or reblog. I think it could be very good for the fandom. 

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So I'm not up to date with Supernatural, I'm trying to catch up at the moment, but I'm not against Spoilers which is why I look up stuff on tumblr from time to time and WHAT THE HELL is going on with Destiel these days?? What is the show doing???

Hii! :D

Hmm, well the Destiel is pretty gay this season so that’s the good part, but this week in the season finale (you probably heard that tho?) THEY KILLED OFF CAS. :’((( So we’re all hella upset right now, but it does look like Misha will be back for season 13, so there’s that. It’s going to be a looooong hiatus for the Cas fans though. D:

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Your theory about Jen's departure being a PR stunt is totally plausible in my opinion! Not sure if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, but during the hiatus between seasons 5 and 6 they made the audience believe Jon Snow-one of the core characters-was dead and his actor had left the show for good. Then they resurrected him. Anyways I'm still a believer in your metas :) keep slaying shady

Thanks, Anon!

It’s definitely been done before, I don’t see why it isn’t at least a possibility for Once. Even if for example they know she does three or five or any small number of episodes instead of just one, it already changes the game. The way she’s talked about it, if they’re in the second part of the season, it wouldn’t even look like a lie. She said that she’d ‘have to check if she’s set to be in the Premiere or another episode’… which was a little strange, because with her agenda, that’s something she’d already know. Secondly they all left room for her being back for more episodes. She said she was open to doing more, but she couldn’t predict her schedule, A&E said it didn’t mean we wouldn’t be seeing the Savior again. If she comes back sooner, they can all just claim things worked out with her schedule and we get that Resurrection effect on an emotional level far more than without the current statements.

So AoS season 5 won’t air until 2018. I’m a little conflicted about that.

Depending on how brutal the cliffhanger will be tonight, I will either use that extra time to recover from the monumental stress of this season, or I will spend an even longer hiatus stressing about the next. This also indicates to me that season 5 is likely going to be the last. But that’s 22 episodes to wrap up everything which is more than enough time.

So the 2018 airing doesn’t bother me too much as long as tonight ends on a good, hopeful note. While the show will have less competition on Friday, it will also be in a death slot. There’s a good reason why dying shows are sent to Friday. Nonetheless, we’ll have like seven months to prepare for the end. ;)

So bring it on. As long as the cliffhanger isn’t that bad, I’ll be patient.


Fringe Rewatch: 77/∞

↳ 2.09 Snakehead

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So how are the ratings after last two episodes ? Plus, do we have a trailer for the next episode yet ? I'm so hyped I cannot wait

Pretty good, especially considering the 1 month hiatus with barely any promo. 19 and 20 both got a 1.0 rating, which is way batter than the #2 and #3 highest CW show ratings (Supergirl and LOT). For the season:

I find it pretty cool that Flash is actually on par with the comicbook shows of the big networks.

3X21 trailer. It’s Kreisberg’s “hilarious” episode and now I can see why, Barry lost his memory… Honestly I’ll never understand Team Flash’s thoughts process. “Savitar has already lived my life and knows everything” -> “I MUST stop myself from making any new memory to stop him” …. ?????? he already lived that life, it’s done, he has the memories, wth. It reminds me of Barry’s plan to defeat Zoom. “Barry if you race Zoom the multiverse will collapse while you’re both running” -> “Ok… Then I shall race him and WIN!” 

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Hi! Love your blog and your theories are so incredibly thought out! Next week we are finally going to get some answers , starting with who killed mrs d? It could be Mary but how about if it was veronica, she did have a motive🤔 and who do u think killed mrs d and why

I’m kind of done theorising! I’m just here to chat with everyone regarding feelings/thoughts towards the show ending, but in terms of accurately predicting the answers, I finished that back when the show was on hiatus! I have done theories on who killed Jessica, just check out my theories tab :)

Thanks so much. Hope that doesn’t change because of what I just said haha I just think that trying to predict the show now, so close to the end, is not going to do me any good. I want to enjoy it, I want to be shocked. All the in depth guess work was done months ago - the homework is complete, now I just want want to sit back and relax while the teacher (Marlene) marks my homework ;)

Remember how I planned to keep O, Em and Rae? I love them all but yeah no way I’m gonna keep them because I start to feel bad about spending so much time thinking, doing things w show that’s full of poop 💩. So I’ll archive Emori and Raven too.

Octavia will be on HIATUS. I need a good break and a chance to figure out why I should continue writing about this show at all. So you’ll see me come back or you won’t.

For anyone who wants to contact me, you can ask for my Skype. But in case I’m not lurking all the time you’ll find me on my lesbian blog @tinygaylady.

I hope you all everything good! 😘

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And this is why I rarely unfollow due to inactivity. They don't clog up my dash with their notness and you never know when someone will show back up. Heck I started following post hiatus because I liked your stuff, just in case you came back! Welcome back, I hope things stay nice, and good luck with your portfolio~

Omg thank you! I’m so glad you decided to stick around and I’m hoping that I’ll be here to stay this time. I’m glad you enjoy my stuff too! Knowing that people enjoy my work is great motivation for me to keep going! The portfolio is off to a good start too :D

~ Careless Chippo

So I finally got to actually see it.

Just…holy shit wtf is even this shows damn budget?

I want to know if Oswald dies and is then ressurected or if he survives that somehow. Because obvs like the penguin can’t die (at least not for good) and Oswald being gone for more than one episode wouldn’t feel like Gotham.

This was the meatiest nygmobblepot episode yet, so much angst but not like…in a despair angst but in like…a bittersweet angst. I am really pleased with the conclusion to this arc but also


Bruce and Jerome gave me chills all throughout.

I love how David changes the inflection and depth of his voice while alternating between Bruce and Deuce Wayne. It’s subtle but just a nice touch.


Jerome’s face peeling off was GROSS AND AMAZING

What if Katherine is Jim’s mom? Probably not but that’d be cool.

I am so proud of Oswald in this episode this is exactly the kind if shit I wanted for him. Except getting shot but I mean in terms of growth.

Robin Lord Taylor is the best damn actor holy hell.

Very good batman references and establishment of Bruce and Jerome and archenemies.

Very good climax to the love story subplot. Angsty and bittersweet and so much growth.

Bruce and Alfred get me right in the feels every time uwu

Ed if you wanted to wear green you couldve just worn green this is Gotham no one cares.

friends. Romans. countrymen. I come to you today breaking my frantic pre-move semi-hiatus from this website to speak to you about an important matter. the MOST important matter I have ever discussed. you see, a show has just been added to Netflix Instant.

I’m speaking, of course, about

if you’ve already seen Galavant: good. excellent. a+++++, gold star, employee of the month, 10293842/10 for your good taste. in fact, why don’t you rewatch Galavant right now, seeing as it’s now easily available on Netflix Instant?? what a great time you’ll have rewatching this gem of a show!!!

if you’ve not yet seen Galavant: it’s on Netflix Instant RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND oh my god what are you DOING, you can start watching it RIGHT NOW, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AT THIS VERY MOMENT AND ALL THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!! SEIZE YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you’ve never seen Galavant and you have no idea what it is: it’s basically an American take on the medieval musical comedy ala Spamalot/Monty Python and the Holy Grail! there is music! dancing!! jokes mocking Disney!!! jokes mocking American involvement in the war in Iraq!!! jokes mocking its own cancellation!!! YES, GALAVANT JOKES ABOUT ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE, AND ALSO A MAN SINGS A LOVE SONG TO A PLASTIC IGUANA AS HE SKIPS THROUGH A FIELD OF FLOWERS WHILE THE CAMERA IS VEILED IN SOFT SHOUJO LIGHTING!!!!!!! does this sound like something you would enjoy? of course it does because I have yet to meet someone who isn’t intrigued by the plastic iguana.. I think that scene is possibly one the greatest ever aired on television. I love it and I’ll love it until the day I die. 

here is the opening number for a lil taste of the great things to come in the show, and if you like what you see here’s even more incentives: a poc princess! Weird Al gueststarring as a monk! a lady knight! music and lyrics by Alan Menken! the greatest evil queen in Disney history! a hysterical running joke about a wizard running a wedding planning business as a side venture! I literally can’t explain the last one that much because it’s intimately related to the plot but just trust me!!!

and the most important fact of all: if it does well on Netflix, they might step in where ABC has failed and pick up the show for a 3rd season, which I desperately need because I won the shipping game in the show so hard I was literally skipping down the street at one point. that’s true. ask @spockishot.

CONCLUSION: i love you. i miss blogging. moving across the country is very hard and tiring. please watch Galavant. xoxo mj

Hey, Stitchers fandom!

Seeing as we’re about six days from the finale and the imminent (but hopefully not permanent) hiatus, I figured I’d give everyone a recommendation to get you through to the next season of Stitchers. 

You want a well-written, hilarious, heartbreaking sci fi show that has incredible plotlines and characters so well-developed you’d think they were real? Then definitely check out Warehouse 13. It’s got the same “ragtag group of nobodies come together to make a family” vibe, lots of banter and sass, and some moments even more sad than Cameron’s death (yes, that’s actually possible - Warehouse 13 does not mess around when it comes to sad episodes). 

The premise of the show: A secret government organization (sound familiar yet?) has a warehouse in South Dakota that houses dangerous artifacts that have incredible abilities. Agents at the warehouse are tasked with finding these artifacts and bringing them to the Warehouse before they can hurt anyone. Every episode is an adventure, and there are always little jokes, lines, or sarcastic comments that are bound to make you smile. 

A quick list of reasons to watch Warehouse 13: 

  • has two POC female characters that are badass and essentially run everything (ones runs the warehouse and one owns the B&B that houses the agents
  • has a mentally ill teen that was in foster care and abused in the past but gets a redemption arc and ends up being part of the agents/the warehouse’s resident tech person
  • has a Russian Jew as the head agents of the warehouse 
  • has a gay Buddist who defies the stereotypes of both what gay men are like and what Buddists are like
  • there’s so much friendship and family bonding it’s unreal (and so heartwarming to see)
  • each character gets their own development arcs and plotlines, whether they’re side characters or one of the two leads
  • the show touches on all sorts of important things, like mental illness, discrimination, the foster care system and abuse, different religions, disabilities, sexism, and so much more
  • it’s such a good mix of seriousness and lighthearted jokes, sometimes all at once
  • there are five decent sized seasons, and the show was cancelled but given a chance to wrap up all the loose plotlines in a way that’s actually satisfying
  • there are more female characters than male, and they’re all in lead or supporting roles (such a rare things even now) 

Not convinced? Below the cut are lots of gifs, quotes, and even more reasons why Warehouse 13 should definitely be a show you all try out during hiatus. 

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Could u link me to a bunch of f(x) stuff with eng subs so I can get to know them? Espesh with sulli I really want to get to know her (: x

yeah of course! these are just my faves im probably missing a lot of stuff

  • amazing f(x), modern masterpiece: they all go to new zealand, do lots of fun stuff, amber meets some llamas while we are family plays in the background. definitely my top recommendation if you want to get to know them all.
  • go! f(x): 40 whole minutes of f(x)s adventures in texas, thank you and god bless
  • happy together: luna, krystal & sulli. i actually still haven’t got round to watching this but ive seen a clip where sulli laughs for ten straight seconds at one guys hair so im sure its great.
  • their one and only weekly idol ep: this is from electric shock era, they havent had a weekly idol since electric shock, theres no justice. sulli wasn’t even there
  • a song for you: amber, luna & victoria answer requests from international fans. its shorter than most asfy eps because they edited sulli out and pretended she wasnt there. why? no one knows.
  • f(x) ultimate group: red light era, during sullis hiatus (i assume) so shes absent. i remember there were dogs at some point so. good shit.
  • f(x)=1cm: 4walls era hidden camera webshow. their most recent thing i think? very cute but sadly pretty short

solo stuff

  • running man: sulli was a guest (with minho from shinee, this fshinee content). its super long and super funny. hallelujah.
  • jessica & krystal: follows krystal and her sister, shows their daily lives w/ eachother its very cute. the rest of f(x) (mainly victoria and luna) show up for one or two episodes as it was filmed during red light era. 
  • blue night radio with krystal: krystals radio interview with shinees jonghyun. theyre close friends so this is really nice
  • asc shake that brass & bff special with amber: ambers really close with the asc hosts so these are pretty fun
  • amber & ailee one fine day: havent watched this (sorry) but ambers cool and ailees cool so this show is probably pretty cool
  • we got married with victoria & 2pms nichkun (im not sure if all these links work sorry). they get fake married and do married stuff together.

these are just the main ones i can think of, theres a lot more clips on youtube (iheartfxsubs & functionlove are the main channels i can think of) just search f(x) eng 

Seriously I don’t know how YG made it to the top 3. The only thing he did do right was Bigbang. But with all his other artists, he just destroyed them. He has the most talented artists in his company, but they don’t get the recognition they would deserve. [CONT] 2ne1 could literally be the queens of Kpop along with the Kings BB, but all he did after Bom’s scandal was to shut his mouth and let all the rumours and netizens destroy Bom. Then instead of speaking up for her or making a 2ne1 comeback he just throw in the CL America debut that just took too long. Seriously he destroyed 2ne1 with his own hands and I lost all the hope that they will have a comeback, which is really sad, cause I’m watching their performances and their MVs and they were just sooo good. And if we talk about the other artists. Akmu and Lee Hi both have amazing songs and amazing voices, they rot in the dungeon (3 years hiatus? seriously? and even after that it wasn’t YG that released Lee Hi out of the Dungeon, God bless Tablo) He made a total useless survival show with Winner and Ikon whose only purpose was the build up the Fanwars between the Fandoms. Why make a survival show when you wanted them to debut both, and it is clear that Winner would be the first one cause they are older than the Members of Ikon. It’s just such a stupid Idea. And now he destroys both Groups. Winner by not releasing Exit: X and leaving in the Dungeon, and Ikon by his favoritism which leads to hate towards them (and they  really don’t deserve the hate). And lastly BlackPink, I don’t know if the plan with the 8 MVs will work out, but I’m just soo sure after that we will never see those girls again.YHS and his methods are really old know, and he is lazy a** so he really should leave the business to professionals. (Sorry for the long post, but I’m just soo frustrated with him, cause I lovee all these artists but it really breaks my heart how they don’t get what they deserve) 


8x22 ”Clip Show”
“Saving the Demon, But Killing the Victim” or “Why This Is Important for Dean’s Demon/Mark of Cain Arc”

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

To me the whole deal about curing a demon and the introduction of it was always highly problematic as this procedure saves the demon possessing a living breathing human being - unless they inhabit a dead meatsuit, that’s of course something else - but kills the victim of the possession in the process. And how on earth could that be a good thing? It poses a dilemma that Dean picks on here as well and it is in so far important as this demon cure procedure in the end truly was only an option for curing Dean as Dean - and that was emphasized a handful of times - was a demon inside his own body. Meaning the whole problematic aspect about curing demons while they inhabit a human being doesn’t apply to the situation as nobody would be sacrificed for Dean. So in this regard I am almost inclined to believe that Dean’s arc and him needing to be cured further down in the narrative played a huge part in introducing this particular way of “saving/curing a demon” in the first place.