why are any of you still following me

hello all!! it’s a new year which means i’ve had this blog for about half a year which is insane bc i don’t know what i did before this 😂 anyway i am still amazed by the kindness, sweetness and general loveliness of everyone and i can’t believe i have any followers at all let alone over 200 💕 thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome and the few that talked to me despite my awkwardness (thats something i wanna work on in 2017) and to everyone that still tags me in things bc i can never tire of tag games. emosh rant aside here’s everyone that brightens my dash and pulls me further into the kpop trash can i honestly love you all 😘😘 (ps sorry in advance if i missed ppl out or got stuff wrong im not a technology whizz so this took me ages)

mutuals - bold, faves - ❤️

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To sum it up

I don’t want to spam the wall with answers so i’ll just say here:
Thank you to everyone who that messaged me with words of support - i really appreciate that.

Hopefully this fandom will stay reasonable from now on.
That said this is my last eddsworld related post ever. I want to fully close this chapter and never look back.
That’s why if you still wanna follow me online - please don’t start any topics related to eddsworld, thank you. This doesn’t just count for me but for the other previously mentioned people as well. Everyone just wants to move on.
Right now I just gotta work harder on my own projects in order to overwrite and overshadow what that whole situation has made.


*Note to New Followers

- ICYMI, there are guidelines for submitting questions, so please follow them. I get more messages than I can respond to, so I automatically omit the ones that are repetitive, irrelevant, or easily searchable.

- If you want my help in typing, first read the 3 study guides on my website and provide details that compare all 4 functions of the types you are stuck between side by side, then I will help you interpret the details or clear up misconceptions. It is useless to describe random things to me without any direct reference to the functions and their position. Without giving the right details, typing becomes pure guesswork.

- To type yourself as accurately as possible, you must understand:

  1. the conceptual differences between the 8 cognitive functions,
  2. function dynamics: how functions interact and work together,
  3. type dynamics: the role of each function in the stack,
  4. type development: how to identify unhealthy/underdeveloped functions,
  5. which functional stack best describes the patterns of your mental processes and psychological motivations (via introspection and observation in real-life situations)

Many people only get through step 1 and then want to jump directly to step 5, which is insufficient for really understanding yourself. You won’t benefit much from typology if you haven’t learned enough type theory.

- Mental illness does not fundamentally change the method of typing because it does not change your type nor your underlying cognitive motivations. An unhealthy personality usually means: 1) you are likely to have low self-awareness and therefore low self-control, so you might have difficulty seeing yourself accurately and knowing why you do things, and 2) you are likely to use and express your functions in an unconscious and unhealthy manner. Therefore, steps 2-4 above become very important, which means you must dig deeper and learn type theory in more detail in order to get the answers you want. You are, in effect, starting from a more difficult place. However, many many people have reported to me that the process of learning function theory has helped them sort out their mental issues when other methods have failed, so it seems worth the effort.

hello!! you probably know my blog if you’re tagged and you probably also have no idea what my name is or what i’m about so here: i’m bee, i’m a brown muslim girl who grew up in dubai but my parents are indian, also i’m pretty gay

so i’ve been on tumbler.org for about four or five years, and left, but i came back in early summer 2016 after i read throam. i didn’t really do anything with it besides make shitposts and ramble about my life which is why i was so surprised when i found out im getting closer to 1k, and i decided to do this thing (that literally no one asked for now that im at one thousand followers wtf??)

anyway here’s a little thank you to every single mutual that has tried and failed to be proper friends with me and still stuck around even though i couldn’t really be friends with any of them bc my offline social handicap decided to follow me here as well, and to every mutual who’s been so incredibly nice to me, and every mutual who i see in my notifs and every other blog that doesn’t follow me back but has inspired me to keep this up (keep what up lmao) alright im gonna stop rambling

fav blogs are bolded <3 (i’m sorry for annoying your notifs lmao this is probably a one time thing don’t worry)(also think of this like a blog rec since i maybe only really talk to four or five of these but all of these blogs are 10/10)(also there’s A LOT of blogs because i follow like 4000 people wtf how did that happen lmao this is gonna look messy idk how to tunmgler)

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  • So, they gave us a terrible island, on a corner of Remnant, to try and shut us up?” my baby boy is only just now catching on to (and being made indignant by) his own history and like actually that’s really realistic and I love it
  • I saw it coming but OF COURSE HER HOUSE IS THE BIG ONE
  • “She’s got some moves” Sun pls
  • her mom seemed so Knowing™ when Blake was like 'yeah he just sort of followed me home’
  • I’d be like “Dad why are you so mean to Sun” but he’s been Weird™ since he got here and he hasn’t had time to endear himself to dad yet
  • Ehhhh I’m still iffy on the concept of Blake having parents because it Feels Weird but some things make sense now, like how they were comfortable with her joining the WF (they clearly didn’t even know how bad things were getting since they had representatives whispering lies in their ears all this time), and I guess how Blake could afford tuition.

Sometimes I get emotional thinking about Alex and Kara’s relationship.

Kara carries the weight of the world on her shoulders like this heavy backpack that only fits on her. There have been so many obstacles we have seen and over and over again everyone in her life tries to take that weight, but they can’t. It was only meant for her. Everyone except Alex. Alex knows she can’t carry the world like Kara. unlike everyone else, she doesn’t try to take it away. Instead, she follows her sister as she treks up these impossible hills, catching the things that sometimes fall out of that back pack.

The moments that really gets me are the times where Kara has nothing left to give. The God from another world collapses on her Knees and can’t go any further. It’s these moments when you find out why Alex can do for Kara what no one else can. Even though she would give anything to take away all of this pain, she still knows she can’t carry the world like Kara. She can’t carry that backpack and that responsibility that Kara is faced with….But she can carry Kara. And she does. She squares her shoulders and lifts her sister through those low moments until Kara can walk on her own again.

Those moments are what shake me.

There’s a line in the season one finale that sums it up perfectly where Alex says something akin to “You saved the world, and I saved you.” Kara literally gave all she could give, flinging herself into space to save everyone and Alex came up behind her and carried her back to earth.

anonymous asked:

BITCH THIS IS LOLO I MISS YOU. i'm new on tumblr, but too shy to get off of anon. any fic author recs? and why do you love them?

lauren, you need to calm down. this is the worst question that i could get at the moment, because i’m so wired on pain meds right now. also i’m still trying to find more authors to follow as i’m a tumblr newb.


disclaimer: pain meds make me weird, so i can’t think straight because i’m all loopy. i might forget a few people, but i’m going to try my best.
in no particular order:

literal queen b. badass, sassy, talented as fuck. i love her.
fucking legend. every time i see a hot man + alex skarsgard, i think of her.
queen of my planet. i love her and admire her genuine passion.
angst queen who slays. i adore her. “sweet dreams” makes me cry time to time.
my sœur in fluff. we fan girl about chris evans a lot.
her stories are hot, sexy, and damn good.
i admire her from the side because i’m chicken to reach out, but she’s a queen.
made of stardust and magic. and “chamber of secrets” omfg
i’m chicken to reach out to her too. but whoa i love everything she does.
mrs. lance the fucker tucker. she’s a babe.
she just surpassed 700 followers, and her writing proves why. yees girl.
becca makes my heart melt with her sincerity in and out of her stories.
nsfw, makes me blush, i want to be friends with her.
her fluff makes me cry, and it’s pure goals. i want to write like her one day.
the poetry that she does post makes me cry.

okay there are so much more, but i literally just looked at a clock and went “what is that swirly pendulum on the wall?” this is a sign for me to get off the computer because the pain meds are taking over.

hope this helps. and i miss you too, lolo. message me with your real account.
love, a heavily medicated jinah xx

ps. the pain meds aren’t illegal or something. i’m in a hospital and need it for legitimate reasons


So my mom raided through my entire phone 2 days ago, went into tumblr, and deleted my account. I’ve recreated this one under the same url, so please, please, follow me again if you followed my old account. I was so close to 1k followers, but the most disappointing part is that i lost all connections with a lot of mutuals that I care about. Being part of the pp and bechloe fandom has been a part of my life since 2013, so in a sense I kinda felt lost without my tumblr…wow I really have no life. Anyways, tumblr was also one of the only ways i could talk to my long distance gf @babytadpoles16 which was one of the other reasons why I decided to create (recreate??) this new account. 

Please follow me again if you still have any interest in my blog, I’m in the process of rebuilding my dash and will be posting the same gay trash.

(hey, that rhymed)

Also, it would be awesome if some of you pitches reblog this post so i can follow back the ppl that I used to follow? Thanks

Hey everyone!!!!!

Today I reached a HUGE amount of followers! I still can’t believe it!!
Thank u all so much for following and reblogging/liking the posts on my blog!
I created this blog back in June 2015 as a side blog (I follow from my main blog: d-agust) and i never though that i would reach 10.000 followers. I don’t make any gifs or high quality posts so i have literally no idea why you guys are following me lmao. No but seriously im so thankful for it!!

(btw excuse my shitty gif, i have no experience of whatsoever when it comes to gifs lmao)

ALSO shout-out to the amazing, talented boys from Got7 for making me create this blog. Especially Mark ♡

Here are some of the blogs that I love seeing on my dashboard. Got7 related & non Got7 related. Some of them make the best gif sets and edits so I highly recommend you to check out their blogs. I don’t talk to many of you but know that if you’ve ever tagged me into something or messaged me, I literally think about it for days :’)

If you’re not in my follow forever list, don’t worry I still love u!!!
Bold blogs are my favorite blogs.

Hope you have an amazing day!

Isabelle ♡

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Heather’s “Do It Like Dean” Challenge!!

Holy shit yall!! I absolutely cannot believe you awesome people have me up to 500 followers!!!

Since I’m still way behind, more than any normal person should be…oops! I decided to do a challenge for my 500 followers celebration.

We’re gonna Do It Like Dean!! Since my URL is based off of a Dean-ism I figured why the hell not!!

I am pulling a few of the man’s best quotes, one liners, and where-the-fuck-did-they-come-up-with-that’s all into one sweet little challenge!

Originally posted by soluscheese

I only have a few rules….just because I don’t want things to become any more chaotic than they have to…

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ok so i’ll update you about this person who stole my art:

I guess the account was taken down, since it doesn’t have any post now and the name was changed to “.” ,but i’m not sure since it still has all the followers and following:

See? I don’t know if this is a bug or something like that, because you know, when an account is banned it normally starts doing weird things. But the point is,that this person hasn’t given me an appropriate apology, actually, they didn’t give me any apology, and I know they won’t, but i’m really hoping if you are reading this you talk to me.I want to know why you did this. My intention’s not to make you feel bad, it’s to know why, and to see that you’re sorry for real, so pls do it, send me a message. And also, you know what?, you should be glad that I am acting so calm, because i had two anxiety attacks in less than 3 hours last night, the first one wasn’t your fault but the second one was and also i slept from 7:30 am to 10 am so….

To everyone who has helped me, seriusly thank you specially to @xthatoneweirdperson​ for telling me bc if it weren’t for you i would had never known since i didn’t know about that app.

And the last thing, plis tell me if you see someone doing this ever again (and if it is to another artist do just the same) this people are doing the worst , stealing someone’s art, that is like if they were stealing part of them since art is part of the artist’s soul and mind…. 

This are my accounts so if yu see someone posting my art somewhere else tell me pls: 


Follow up about reaper and the mariachi!

I spoke with my dad a bit more and asked him why there wasn’t any applause for the mariachi we saw. He told me that in Mexican culture, when you’re a mariachi you need to have a specific style and skill with how you play for it to be considered worth applauding. The mariachi we saw played well technically, but didn’t play the right way and it was clear to everyone there (except me hahaha) that they weren’t worth applauding.

I still think the comparison fits with reaper, since he does a good job TECHNICALLY, but the morality of what he does isn’t worth any praise. I could always be stretching it a little or something though, haha!

In the minutes after a fight is over and you and your partner survey the damage around you. Their eyes fall on you and quickly look down at your stomach. Why does your partner look so scared? We won. A small bloody patch on your lower right abdomen blossoms, and becomes bigger and bigger, your eyes follow the steam as it soaks its way down your shirt. There’s still so much adrenaline flowing that there’s hardly any pain until panicked hands are pressing hard on your abdomen trying to staunch the flow. Every expelled breath accompanied by pained groans as the sharp, hot, agony spreads from your stomach to the rest of your body. Their shaking hands, dyed red, are the last thing you see before you lose consciousness

anonymous asked:

Hm, maybe those people pressuring you don't know why you stopped? They must be new, because your followers (based on asks I've seen) are kind and understanding people. Tbh, I don't those people are annoying you on purpose. But I'm not 100% sure

back then i’d already explicitly stated time and again why i stopped the series on both this and the newgen blog as well as my FAQs and EVEN NOW i get asks every week to continue the series even though i’ve completely disassociated my blog from FT for what, 2 years? you’re right about them probably being new followers, but it still makes it very irritating to deal with when you just wanna rid yourself of it and people just seem to keep finding you for some reason

anonymous asked:

I think that account you posted about on your insta story took everything down soon after you called them out because I saw it 20 minutes after you posted it and they didn't have any posts when I checked the account. Still blocked them though because I never want to follow scummy accounts like those. It's sad that good artists like yourself have to deal with this crap all the time.

yea its pretty annoying.. i had commented asking for them to give credit but they blocked me right after which is why i asked people to help me report them. they seem to have deleted everything and changed their username so i guess its ok now but hopefully they understand its wrong :/

Hey you guys!

Listen, if you follow @queerholtzmann, you might want to start following this blog instead. I’ve decided to leave it up, but I won’t be updating it anymore. I just… I want a clean slate, but I want it to still be there, if that makes sense? 

I’m just super done with fandom to be honest, specifically Marvel. I wanna move on to doing stuff that doesn’t make me so sad I lay awake wondering why I have just had the last three years of my devotion to one ship and character flushed down the fucking swannie.

I’ll mostly be doing writing stuff, art and aesthetics. If you fancy any of that, please follow me?

Not to sound desperate or anything.

See you on the other side!

(tagging: @shinyopals @stardustandstrawberries  @distractionactivated @shatterpath @janieshammond @underthebluerain - please reblog to let others know!)

sorathe replied to your postdo you still like exo?? im not trying to be rude i…

i agree it’s really your choice what you like and don’t like. i don’t rly follow your other social media so i don’t know if you left a message when your main fandom changed and i can kinda get why people would be curious if they didn’t know but you’re absolutely right in that you don’t owe anybody a justification for which fandom you want to engage in at any given time.

oh gosh thank you for this. this has been really weighing me down for some time now but i guess that’s the thing i didn’t really leave a message when i left. that was probably an uncool thing to do but am i really obligated to?? sighs this is why i left hahaha

You Make Me Smile...

Okay Kiddos, this is my first Imagine/Fanfic on Tumblr. 

This is a Spider-Man(Tom Holland) imagine and the reader is a young black girl. And in all my stories the reader or character will be black so…. I think we need more representation even in Fanfics. Don’t get offended tho, if you aren’t black or a POC you can still read and enjoy. 

And if you want more or have any request just hit me up!

The reader and Peter have been best friends since the 6th grade. After Peter gets his powers he ignores her and she follows him.

Warnings: Attempted Robbery, Cursing, fluff, and other stuff!

You had called Peter on his phone more than 3 times, and still no answer. It had been 6 months ago when had started acting weird and in those 6 months he had been ignoring you. You had seen him around school, always with a hoodie. He hates hoodies, why the sudden interest in them now, you thought to yourself. Then one day you had gotten a peek one day during lunch when he had accidentally took his hood off. 

You gasped and ran over to him. “Peter, what the hell happened?”

He looked away from you as you pressed him for answers. “Just drop it, Y/N!” he yelled. 

He had never yelled at you like that and his little outburst caused the whole cafeteria and Flash and his gang to stare at you two.

“Peter, you’ve been ignoring me! What did I do?” You whispered, tears welling up in your eyes. You felt so upset, your best friend was being a complete dickhead. Not to mention you had a huge crush on the guy since you both entered High School. 

“You didn’t do anything, it’s just I-I need some space. Some time to think.” And just like that he walked away, leaving you in the middle of the cafeteria with tears running down your face. 

“You okay, Y/N” Michelle asked running up to you. “Yeah girl, I’m…okay.”

Michelle grabbed your arm and led you back to the table with Ned and your other friends. Peter used to sit at the table now he was always MIA.

“I mean, I don’t know what the hell Peter’s problem is!” Michelle said shoving a fry in her mouth. 

You sat there listening to the crew analyze every possible thing that could be wrong with Peter. Everyone was going over everything, well not everything. They had avoided the most recent Tragic Event. 

“Uncle Ben.” You whispered. The whole table looked at you and then looked down at the table.

You remember Peter running to your Townhouse, banging on your door crying!


It was 2 a.m. and you were sleeping soundly and then you heard a bang on your door. You woke up frightened, and tiptoed out of your room. “Mom, Dad!”

A series of bangs proceed on your door and you heard your father curse. “Y/N, stay right here.” Your dad got up with a bat in his hand. 

You peaked over the railing and saw him open the door. “It’s just Peter!” he yelled up at you. Your mom behind you sighing and headed back to bed until she heard cries coming from downstairs.

You run as fast as you could down the stairs without hurting yourself. 

“He’s-” Peter mumbled as you grabbed him and sat him on the couch. “What Peter, what happened?”

“Uncle Ben is dead!” he yelled and he placed his head on your chest. You couldn’t move, you just sat there. You were frozen, motionless. You didn’t even feel the tears rolling down your face. 

Flashback end

How could you forget? You were the first person Peter ran to when Ben was shoot. You and Peter didn’t go to school for the next few days. But after that he just disappeared! He disappeared from your life, without a warning.  

You called him every day, no literally everyday. He never responded or answered your texts. You called May and told her. She tried to get him to call you back but still nothing. 

After another depressing day at school without your Bestie to get you through the day, you walked to the train station. 

You looked up from your phone and saw a glimpse of Peter. You checked the time and sighed. Shit! You texted your parents that you would be getting home late and decided to follow Peter. 

You followed Peter around and tried to keep your distance. You felt like a spy or some shit. It was weird every time you stepped on something small or every time you moved Peter would look back like he could hear you, even though you were a good distance from him. 

10 minutes turned into 30 and Peter seemed to be going nowhere. Then your pone buzzed in your pocket and Peter looked back. You  hid from him and aswered the phone. 

“Y/N, where are you?”, Dad asked. “Ummm, just out.” You said while still keeping your eyes on Peter. You walked behind a couple and tried to get off the phone with your dad. 

“You with friends?” you roled your eyes, “Yes sir, we are just out, you know exchanging ideas for a group project.” You lied effortlessly. “Mhmmm, you’d better be home before the street lights come on.” he said and hung up.

After hanging up with Dad, you saw Peter head into an alley. You tip-toed and peaked around the corner. He wasn’t there. You rubbed your eyes and blinked a couple of times. I swear I just saw him. You shook your head and then sighed. 

That was freaking pointless! You headed back to the train station. It would be getting dark soon, so yo power walked back. You stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a Raspberry Milk Tea. And then the street lights cut on. You knew right then and there that you were so grounded. 

You rushed to the station and weren’t being aware of your surroundings. You hadn’t noticed the guy following you for 4 blocks. He caught up to you and grabbed you arm. “Scream and I’ll shoot you!” He whispered. 

He pulls you into an alley and hols the gun to your face. “Now give me what you got and I won’t hurt you.”

You were shaking and you took off your backpack. “Look, I d-don’t have anything. Just papers and you don’t look like the scholarly type.” Shit, why did I just say that.

“You tryna be funny bitch?” He yelled as he pressed the gun to your stomach. 

“Hey man, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to call a woman that? What would she say?” A voice said. 

Both you and the robber looked around, “Up here!” And then BOOM! a burst of blue and red swung in front of you, knocking the robber on his back. 

Spider-man! You didn’t know too much but he seemed pretty cool.He continued to fight the douche and web him to the wall. 

He picked the gun up and took it apart. “Huh, no bullets!” He laughed in the robber’s face and through the pieces at him. 

“Hey man, stop it!” The robber called out!

“Hey man, stop it!” Spidey mocked. You snickered. Spider-man had got so lost in taunting the criminal that he forgot you were behind him. 

He picked up your backpack and handed it to you. “I believe this is yours, beautiful!” 

You smiled and grabbed it from him. “You have a beautiful smile.” he sighed and titled his head. Your stomach tightened. His voice sounded so familiar, so warm. 

“Well, you- you make me smile.” You whispered looking down. His gloved hand lifted up your chin. And you both stared at each other. He broke the stare and scratched his head. “It’s late, and I’m pretty sure your parents are pretty worried. Do you need a lift?”

You titled your head, “How?”

He pointed his hand to the building and on command a web like substance shoot out of his hand. You gulped and shook your head. “No Thanks.”

“Come on Y/N/N!” He froze and cursed at himself. He called you by a nickname that only one person used. 

“Peter?” You whispered walking toward him. He shook his head, “UMm that is a name that I have never heard of!” He changed his voice. You heard the sirens and figured the police were coming to bag up the webbed up robber still behind you. 

“Do you need a lift o not ma’am” He said, still trying to hold his ridiculous voice. 


You almost threw up, but by the time you got home you were having a good time. He landed on your roof and you got off his back. He crouched down like in pain like you had weighed a thousand pounds. “Hey!”

“Just kidding! You were as light as a feather!” He was about to take off when you called his name. “Peter” He turned around and you walked toward him. You put your hand on his mask and slowly took it off. 

A pair of warm brown eyes stared back at you. “Why didn’t you tell me!” 

“I-I couldn’t! I didn’t want you to get hurt!” 

“You know you hurt me more by ignoring me. I thought I had did something wrong.” 

He grabbed your hands and kissed them. “I don’t want you to ever think that! You did NOTHING wrong. You were the perfect best friend. I was just being an-”

“Asshole,” You both said at the same time. You both laughed. “I miss that smile.” He whispered. You looked up at him and his cheeks got red. “I miss you,” You said, squeezing his hands. 

“So do you forgive me?” He asked. “I don’t know…” You smiled grabbing him in for a hug. Your arms around his neck and his arms around your waist. You both stayed like that for awhile. “I love you.” He whispered in your ear. You pulled away from his embrace. “What?”
“Y/N, I love you and-”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence before you pressed your lips to his. He was stuck but he caught on and kissed you back. You pulled away for air and laughed. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a long time!” He said breathlessly.

“Same!” That’s all you could say. You wnet in for another kiss and then your phone vibrated. “It’s your dad.” 

“How did you know that?” 

“I can hear him inside cursing and walking around the house.”

You looked at him weirdly. “I’ll explain it all to you later!” He smiled kissing you on the forehead and wrapping his hands around your waist, with your back on his chest. “Hi daddy-”

“Don’t you ‘Hi daddy’ me! Where the hell are you? Your mother and I are worried sick and-”

“You explained to him what happened- minus Peter being Spider-man and you guys making out on the roof. “You know your grounded right?”
“Yes sir.” You sighed. You could hear Peter laughing and you slapped him on the chest. 

He grabbed the phone and spoke. “Hello sir this Spider-man!”

You could hear your dad freaking out and fan-boying out over him. “I’ll have her in front of your door in less than a minute.

 He hung up, handed you the phone and put his mask back on. Without warning he grabbed you and jumped down onto your stoop. The door opened and your dad grabbed you and shook his hand. 

After your dad manged to talk Peter’s head off, Peter swung away. Your dad turned around and looked at you.

“So were does his webs come from?” He asked. 

Unbelievable! “Am I still grounded?”


Author’s Note: I hoped you guys enjoyed it! 

I know it was long, but I have this thing of typing EVERYTHING  in my head or the story won’t feel right to me!

Please feel free to ask me stuff or suggest stories!

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