why are animals so funny


  • What people say: "My niece's nephew's grandson was attacked and mauled by a dog without warning!"
  • What people mean: "I am ignorant of dog body language and uneducated on dog behavior and I don't know how to read a dog's stress signals to see the subtle warnings that a dog is getting uncomfortable and reaching its threshold and about to lash out aggressively."


if you don’t think pitbulls are VICIOUS, CARNIVOROUS animals you are wrong, look at THESE PICS that PROVE IT

this VICIOUS animal ATTACKED a squirrel and is WEARING the squirrel now as a BODY SUIT

while this BEAST is ATTACKING a group of DUCKS


and here we see a pitbull hiding before it’s ATTACK in the WILDERNESS

and this DELINQUENT is TASTING a small RABIT

we can see here that this pitbull is CHEWING AND EATING THE FINGER OF SOMEONE how DANGEROUS

and this PITBULL doesn’t even eat his daily serving of FRUITS and VEGETABLES

how COMPLETELY and UTTERLY terrifying these animals truly are.  

These be my own experiences with people I met that I just so happen to know their signs

Aries: Sassy, like where do u keep ur attitude? Up ur ass?
Taurus: Literal puppies. Smoll, adorable, and birb-like when provoked.
Gemini: I hate everything about u and hope u die in the burning fires of hell (but the actually good ones deserve eternal happiness and 17,000 animals)
Cancer: Why so salt.
Leo: Very funny and friendly, too dramatic at times and keeps a closed mind. 3 out of 5. Would come again.
Virgo: There’s literally only two kinds; elegant, refined, and regal, then there’s the walking shitposts.
Libra: The most annoying little shits and I’d love to strangle them but then there’s these random bursts of actual humor in which they seem bearable. I have mixed feelings.
Scorpio: U scary and cool, 10/10. Would join a gang with.
Sagitarius: …Why?
Capricorn: The gay cousin in every scenario.
Aquarius: A good mix of the sun and Harry Potter.
Pisces: All the posts make you seem so cute and innocent and you go up to me and ?? Whyyyy would u DO THAT?!??