why are all videos of him terrible quality


Yeah, I love [goaltending]. Sometimes, hate it. It depends. Like a few weeks ago, they broke my chest protector during the practice. Like guys continue to start hitting me in same spot. You like "Why is like… Why so painful, you know?” Man. I don’t wanna be goalie no more. Can I sit at a office and accept calls like “Yeah? 1-800… Let me transfer to different department”.

aaah thank you for your lovely asks and nice words ₍•͈//ᴗ//•͈₎ ₍•͈//ᴗ//•͈₎ ₍•͈//ᴗ//•͈₎
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I’ve answered some of these questions in this tutorial post thing before, but I’m happy to go over them again ♡ ! So incoming long post ❁ ~with pictures~ ❁ xD 

Anon 1 and 4: Here are the materials I use, but feel free to try out lots of things because that’s fun! \(^-^)/

I use Muji paper! It seems thin at first, but as long at you don’t put too much water on it, it holds paint well! I think it’s around 200gsm.

I only use paint tubes (just preference really. I’m not sure if tubes are more pigmented, but I guess they might be since you’d have to add water to the dried stuff?)

I use from left to right:
- Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolours (really intense super vibrant watercolours)
- Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache (the flesh tint is great for skin)
- Winsor and Newton: Artists’ Water Colour brands (various colours and good quality)
- Winsor and Newton: Professional (same as above)
- Winsor and Newton: Cotman (basic colours and good quality)
- WHSmith watercolours: (student grade (cheap) and not very vibrant in colour, but has some colours that are good)

Apart from the WHSmith ones, I’d say they’re all good brands.

Anon 2: I outline my watercolours with the paints themselves, with a thin brush. Before outlining it’d look undefined like Chrom below, and Lissa next to him is when I outline someone! 💖 

Anon 3: Not sure what you meant exactly, but if you meant like a snowflakey effect - I made a video for you here (the quality is TERRIBLE im really sorry, this is why i don’t do videos) ta daa:

A video posted by Nikki Kidura (@kidurarara) on May 6, 2016 at 8:25am PDT

So basically when the paint is damp and just about to dry, drop in droplets of water and watch your painting either ruin itself or make really neat effects xD Here’s what Levi looked like after drying:

There you go! I hope this was helpful a little. If you’re still unsure, feel free to ask me again ^^ or look at the other tutorial I made

Thank you!