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Camren in #7/27TourUK Summary

They first arrived at Dublin (which is not part of UK by the way) I just want to include them here. 

October 3 - Dublin Ireland

You all got so hyped upon seeing this. Lauren wearing the top, Camila the bottoms. And at the same day people. Way to feed your delusional mind right?

Yes, she did that. We all know that’s Camila’s iconic funny face since the very beginning of time. And now, that’s Lauren’s favorite funny face to pull. Want more receipts? Video

Here they were leaving their hotel the next day, apparently Lauren didn’t change her outfit. She took a shower or even just a bath right? 

Camila posted her charity tee, she was the one who designed it by the way. If you have time and want the shirt for yourself, go check her Instagram. Lauren also liked per post. This was not an accident.

Lauren sang If I we’re a boy during soundcheck in which, if there will be next time, we have to remind Camila that she can really blink while staring at Lauren the whole time. Video

October 5 & 6 - Glasgow

They arrived at Glasgow and rest day for the girls, but apparently it was not a very good day for Lauren. She received lots of hate from Twitter. 

This one is fake. Please don’t trust believe anything you’ve found in the internet. @CamilasSpotify verified it.

What can I say, we stan two lovely dorks. They were wearing some traditional Scottish hat from the audience.

October 7 - Manchester

Whole day timeline of the girls. Imagine your everyday life like this, it’s tiring right? So please stop with all your dramas and immature thinking.

Camila rapping Look at Me Now by Chris Brown  during sound check and Lauren just being Lauren. Laughing and staring and can’t contain her happiness while looking at her Camila. This is a good video by the way. OT5 is alive. Video

Also, Lauren left the crowd in awe by embracing this flag proudly.

October 8 - Cardiff

Before Camila, Ally and Dinah started singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, Lauren can’t get enough of Camila that Mani nudged her to start a conversation with her. Whipped right? Video

October 9 & 10 - London

Rest day of the girls, Camila was spotted with fans and watched the debate after while Lauren was with friends. Also, Lauren blocked a Camren Shipper who won’t stop tagging her in sexual manips. WHY CAN’T SOME OF YOU BEHAVE AND ACT AS AN ADULT AND STOP TAGGING THEM WITH ALL SEXUAL CAMREN PICTURES?

Camila saw a fan using this and told her it’s cute. (She later then said she thought it’s her with the fan and not Lauren) I’m not so sure with that Camilita, it’s very obvious that you’re with Lauren. Video

London Sound Check. The girls were live at Capital FM’s Facebook. This was the time Mani kissed Lauren in the cheek. Video

M&G London, Lauren being Lauren and well, Camila being Camila.

October 11 - Nottingham

Lauren sang Can’t Feel My Face while Camila sang Don’t Let Me Down. Indirects? Maybe. Video

These two lovely ladies during Meet and Greet. 

October 12 - Birmingham

Camila announced her new song with Machine Gun Kelly entitled Bad Things. Immature people who obviously don’t know the whole truth pretty much created drama everywhere and was very quick to judge. About their parents, let them be. They’re just being parents. Stop harassing everyone!

The girls are obviously fine during sound check and yes, they really look tired. 

Camila was talking about the moon, how she love the moon, how beautiful the moon was, how she wants to personify the moon to be with her, to be her friend and so on. As you can see, Lauren was definitely smiling in the end. If you’re confused, Camila - Sun. Lauren - Moon. Video

Lauren with all the side glance she made for Camila was definitely on point. Not just once or twice but three times. Video

Next stop Barcelona Spain! 

P.S: Honestly, you can have your opinion about Camren and I can have mine. But please, don’t ever tell me that Camren is dead just because you based it to all of the drama that just happened recently. They are not their parents. And certainly the girls already knew about the song even before Camila announced it yesterday. So stop with all the hate. And let’s just enjoy our precious ship.

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Can you recommend other good hockey tumblrs? I don't care what team they affiliate most with, I just want hockey content! Why is October so far away *crying emoji*

All of them? Lol No ok so let’s seeeeeee….

@brandoncarlo @pavszacha @hockeyobsessedloser @artturi-lehky are some of my tops though… Im sure there’s more but I’m tired XD

My suggestion is search the tags that’s how I found a lot of my first followers… found the Carey Price tag or the Washington Capitals tag and just scrolled…

Also… youtube videos are the greatest. If you’ve not watched them… the Habs Duel videos or Bruins Behind the B vids are some of my favorites!

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Can I, uh, ask for Yandere Swap Sans? Reader is trying to run away but fail somehow and end up get punished for it, and they were so close too (so sorry if it's stupid, feel free to ignore it)

sure. sorry for the wait, my life caught up with me and gahhh. anyway, you probs don’t care so…

triggers: trickery, abusive relationship. and nothing is okay in the end. plus capital letters.

(also, @skelltales, i know your affection for yanderes,so i tagged you. ^_^)


You run, Your bare feet slapping on the ground as you push yourself to go faster, to not stop. You have to get to safety…
Until you hear him crying out, running after you. Why would you leave him? He loves you, after all. Oh, but he loves you too much. You’ve tried and failed to get away before, and this is the furthest you’ve gotten. You’re so close.. you can practically see the river that would lead you to safety.
But then, A blunt force hits you from behind, sending you tumbling foreward. When the rolling stops, you find yourself looking up into the hurt face of…
Tears rolled down his skull softly. He honestly looked hurt.. abandoned. It made you question once again if having someone this devoted to you was really such a bad thing… but of course it was! Blue had gone insane… You focus on not squirming, simply looking up at him in defiance.
He got off of you, lifting you onto his sholder gently and bringing you back to the shed.
No one stopped him- they had learned that lesson the first time, when Blue had killed the ones who tried to stop him, all the while keeping you captive in a cage of bones.
He opened the door and settled you gently down on the bed, quickly closing the door.
“Why won’t you let me go?” You try, with a shake to your voice that you curse yourself for.
“Because I love you.” Blue replied, as he always did. He leaned foreward and kissed you. You pushed him away, and he blinked. “Is there anything you need?”
You need your freedom. You need to get away, get out of this shed. But of course. Those are the things he won’t allow. “…Water.” You request quietly. He nods and leaves you to your thoughts.
Which of course are running wild. If you had just played it cool, not have tried to leave him. But then you would be stuck in a more metaphorical version of this trap you found yourself in, which… in ways would be worse.
You knew Blue loves you. You know that, And you wish he didn’t, because then you could get out. See your family… who you missed. Blue didn’t allow visitors. His was the only face you saw.
He returned a short while later, offering you a glass of water gently. You took it, looking away from him and he sighed. “I.. I really wish you still loved me.” Blue murmered sadly, as you took a sip. Seeing nothing wrong with the drink, you swallowed the rest.
“How could I?” You question, “you took my freedom. You took my life… You took everything from me.”
He lowered his skull. “I knew you would say that.” A quiet sniff. “But if I can’t have you… no one can.” And here he stood. “I loved you.”
He walked out.
What was with the past tense? Why was your vision… suddenly blackening at the edges? What was…
Blue… had he drugged you? You stare at the empty glass as it falls from your numbing hand, shattering on the ground.
You had thought you could trust him at least for drink… but…. slowly your thoughts were ending. You wanted to look at the sun one last time… that’s all you wanted.

Blue returned to the shed, late at night. He saw your body, and he felt the tears welling up again. He hadn’t wanted to do that. You had forced him to. He gently picked you up and settled you under the soft blankets, closing your blank eyes and placing one last kiss on your head. It almost looked like you were sleeping… and then he went home, as though what he had just done… was normal.


i identify with russell here because that’s basically how i handle getting that type of information, too.

WHY does tumblr keep capitalizing my tags for me like binch i mean #category: tag name not #Category: Tag Name, you are messing up my Aesthetic™ 

and it’s not even consistent about what gets random caps like? this the kind of shit i’m talking about!

three chrises, two lowercase, one title case. what the fuck!

stoppit! who do you think you are!

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🌙 Star sign: Cancer

🌈 Sexual orientation: bisexual

❤️ Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

🖌 Favourite colour: red&black

🐰 Favourite animal: cats, dogs, bears, capybaras

🕒 Average hours of sleep: 7-8 hours is my goal but it’s more like 3-4

🐾 Dog or cat person? i’m bisexual can’t you read

👥 Favourite fictional characters: The Bride, Scott Pilgrim, Usagi Tsukino

🎶 Favourite singer/band: Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Late of the Pier

🦄 Dream trip: seeing all the world’s capital cities, especially European/Asian

🖊 Dream job: full time musician/movie director

⭐️ Number of followers: 300… not yet tumblr famous

🍼 Why I decided to make this blog: the M E M E S™

I tag @piply13 and @homohaxan to do the same

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why wasn't martian manhunter in the lineup for the dceu adaption of the justice league? being one of the core original justice league members, as well as the only being alive that superman himself is afraid and feels can match or surpass him, he is an obvious, viable addition to the team. He would add an heir of the mentor character trope with comedic relief, there's even a chance for an Oreo product placement that dc could have capitalized on! he's the perfect addition to the main cast, and would add another person of color to the cast since he has often been portrayed as black when in an earthling form. j'onn is so powerful and loving and ready to be introduced into a big budget film already. the world is ready for martian manhunter.


So, a few days ago I reached my big, dreamy goal of 1,000 followers and I couldn’t be happier! But what does that mean for you? Yes, an annoying follow forever post! 

Not just that though, I’m planning on posting way more stuff (way more goalies) and I want my blog to lowkey turn into a special one, which keeping best success is based on interesting facts about players (like the 3 posts). Please tell me if you like the idea or not. 

Anyway, I have never done a follow forever, so I’m going to do something like that, more specifically mention my favorite blogs (people I consider my friends) and other mutuals :)

  • @habbygleek I still love you the most though we’re currently having a war
  • @megsforbreakfast (is it time for my trip to Venice yet?)
  • @blackwoodmackenzie (the AHL players deserve more love)
  • @johnnyhckey (JVR’s green mouthguard slut squad)
  • @capmcdavo I’m never gonna forget how we talked about Chychrun’s cheekbones till 2am
  • @benbitchops I’m still listening to Sweet Dreams when I think how hockey players have killed me
  • @savesavepeksibae we don’t talk much now, but don’t worry, I still remember some Finnish words and our Snapchat maratons
  • @crazymarner (there are a lot of gems in our chat but I still use the quote “I don’t know Panarin much, Russians are complicated”)

So I believe there are listed all my other not-sideblog mutuals down here. Why I’m tagging them? Because if you’re my mutual, I automatically consider you my fella :))

@1800-hotline-kling @42bozaks @auston-memethews @austonxmatthews @barca-penguins @book23worm @captain-brownie-for-the-win @captain-problematic @carey-pricemas @carey-price-stuck @catlady31 @crocby @crown-city-or-die @cuddlyauston @cupcake-toffoli @denisgodlas @dyllarkin @everythinghockey @explore-a-little @gingerbrownie @hockeyhockeyhockeyhockeyhockey @hockeynutruthie @holyholtby @howdy-doughty @jakegards-flow @jeff-flawless-carter @juicysaros @lalizzie88 @latta17 @lattsdoughty @martini-jones @martnjones @milan-lucic @mitch-marner @myfairestkings @nhl-capitals @nonstopburky @panic-at-the-goalline @pucksbeforefucks @seanahan @thebleedingman @the-sun-is-up-the-sky-is-blue @tyler-toffoli73 @wennbergbabe @yo-gabba-gaborik


♫ you say it's ugly i say it's comfy
when i wear mine i'm far less grumpy
feel like i scored an empty netter 
when i put on my holiday sweater