why are all my ships so tragic

Y'all ready for me to scream about Rythian stuff.

Y'all best be ready.

So first of all Rythian is so tragic, I love him even more than I did before.

My idea about the scars weren’t even close, but god.. self mutilation of a bab rythian who doesn’t understand why he’s different is so fucking sad.

Casually evil general/warlord rythian is a very hot idea and confirm that I love it. And if someone wants to draw some rythian in a uniform, I will love you forever. (Maybe I can do something myself, but hey, if you needed something to draw, feel free.)

I was wayyyy off with wanting to ship rythian and the queen, since she’s probably more like a mother figure than a romantic interest.

I love that would be general of the end and the princess of the realm of twilight ended up together.

I love that Rythian’s PARENTS are the ones that caused him to have a distaste for Science.


I am super late to this party, but for @savetimeless and any other interested people re: why people (including me…especially me…) ship Lucy and Flynn:

Disclaimer: This may be rambly and not at all organized like @prairiepirate‘s wonderful response to this question here. But here we go!

First of all, I am a sucker for tragic men with tragic pasts (see my other favs: Matt Murdock, Tony Stark, James Flint, Bucky Barnes, Killian Jones, etc, etc) so there was no way I was not going to love Flynn immediately. I am also a sucker for brilliant and capable women who don’t take any shit even when they’re terrified and stuck in situations out of their control (see: Elektra, Emma Swan, Karen Page, Max, Miranda Barlow, Claire Temple, Jessica Jones, Peggy Carter, etc, etc) so I was also always going to love Lucy right off the bat. 

(Note: this isn’t a reason why I ship them, rather why I love them individually, but it is tangentially related so)

Anyway, yes. So let’s start with the first episode. 

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“You were safe” Or, why Karen x Frank Castle is the greatest thing ever.

okay kids, sit down and strap in because i’m about to hit you with some meta.

there’s an ancient tumblr adage that says that the greatest ships are the ones that you don’t see coming, that jump out of nowhere and slap you in the face.

my friends, i give you: Karen Page and the Punisher.

This was not a ship i was expecting, but boyyyyyy it had me at the get-go.

so let’s break down why it’s amazing.

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rwby fans: aw arkos is so tragic :( oh this song on the ost is ALL ABOUT renora my ship is confirmed <3 and all these blacksun, arctic ocean, and glynda/ironwood hints too! and don’t winter and qrow TOTALLY have so much chemistry together

other fans: hey it’d be cool if a guy mentioned he liked guys or something offhandedly one time maybe

rwby fans, with no concept of lgbt+ people not being in a relationship: why… does it have to be about romance… i’m here for the fight scenes not the ships…. ugh… shippers, am i right

The Unfortunate Hyung Complex

Disclaimer: out of all these ships I like only ship Yoonseok and Jihope lol. I’m not trying to force these ships on you guys. Remember everyone’s entitled to their own ship.

This is a story about the unfortunate hyung complex in BTS.

You see Yoongi, the second oldest hyung of the group had a great soft spot for his dongsaeng Jhope. He would always feel energised around the literal sun of a man. He treated him with care and always smiled his cute gummy smile around him. But Jhope didn’t seem to reciprocate these feelings. In fact Hoseok had his own dongsaeng.

Namely Jimin. He always tried to get Chimchim’s attention. Being even louder and weirder around the boy. He loved to hear Jimin’s cute laugh as he would make a fool out of himself. He would also grab at any opportunity to hug him or touch him in any way. He was very big on skinship and Jimin didn’t mind it. But unfortunately Jimin had his eyes set on someone else.

Jungkook. Jimin was stuck in a very one sided love with this dongsaeng. Always trying to grab his attention, not hiding the fact he was mad at Jungkook for ignoring him. Unlike the other hyungs he wasn’t subtle with his love, he practically screamed it out. But the sad truth was that Jungkook wasn’t interested and therefore liked to tease him instead. Not taking his hyung seriously at all.

Too bad Jungkook’s too preoccupied with his frenemie of a lover Taehyung.

And that my friends is the unfortunate hyung complex. A one sided love with one’s dongsaeng. Always trying to grab attention but never fully keeping it. A tragic cycle that keeps repeating. 1 dollar a day can keep the dongsaengs away. Please donate to help these poor boys.

[i’m so sorry for this. I don’t even know why I did this. But lowkey it’s so true. Like I don’t even ship Jikook or Vkook. But like you can tell how they want their dongsaeng’s attention.]

Killian vs Rumple: Rap Battle
  • Rumple: You took my wife
  • So I took her life
  • You went to Neverland to stay young
  • But you've barely begun
  • I'm the man with the plan
  • The darkest dark one
  • I took the power back
  • And now I have a son
  • What do you have?
  • A sappy little blonde
  • All she ever does is cry
  • Why should I be jealous?
  • You know she's just gonna die
  • Killian: Your addiction to magic is just tragic
  • No wonder Belle left
  • I gave Milah her freedom
  • And you call that theft?
  • Here's a quip
  • Both your wives came to me
  • and lived on my ship
  • Why is that do you think?
  • My ship always sails
  • All yours does is sink
  • The ladies want me
  • Because I show them respect
  • Just ask your ex
  • Now you're nothing but a project
  • My love went to hell for me
  • What did yours do
  • Kicked you out of town
  • Left you on your knees?
  • A man who won't fight
  • Deserves what he gets
  • My Swan fought for me
  • Belle dated Will Scarlet
  • Our love is true
  • We have a house with a view
  • Your family rejects you
  • Makes you bitter and sad
  • In your own words
  • I'm Henry's dad
  • You can keep your little shop
  • It's got an old man's flavour
  • Share it with no one
  • while I date the savior
  • I rock this redemption arc
  • Gave Ursula back her voice
  • Stopped the dark ones from killing
  • Because we always have a choice
  • What did you do?
  • Helped the Snow Queen Ingrid?
  • Forced Belle into a coma
  • When you sold your second kid?
  • You think you're so hot
  • With your dark edgy knife?
  • Some curse gave you power
  • But it won't wake your wife
  • You're just old and senile
  • Never smile, crocodile
  • I don't need what you took
  • You're just a spinner, not a winner
  • I'm Captain Fucking Hook!


I AM VERY, VERY HAPPY WITH ALL THE POSITIVE COMMENTS AND FEELS U GUYS GAVE ME. They’re like beautiful sakura petals - wait no, better, TONS OF BURGERS dropping onto my face because you guys made me so happy like burgers do. They are so wonderful yet bad for my heart. Yeah. I love you Burgers! -hugs all u burgers- <3 Thank you so much guys, but also, you are welcome for all the feels! 

Now secondly, answers for some questions.

ele-nuska I have thought of drawing the Special Squad, maybe someday soon I will, but I don’t think I can do a funny one. Cos like, I don’t really know how to do funny ahaha I’m so sorry. -sobs-

alien-bill-483 I have been asking the same question since the day he died… personally I think after the ‘talk’ with Jean, Marco’s life mission was complete and that he was no longer needed in that life and was sent to heaven even thou his death was tragic. But, too soon thou, TOO SOON. WHY HAJIME WHY??!!

novedroid It doesn’t say that anymore but I shall tell to satisfy your curiosity. THE O.O1% straight stuff in my blog are either the non-gay jokes and drawings of Connie and Sasha. Yes. Cos Springle is my straightest ship. <3

monochromewriter If you still want to use my drawing for ur themes sidebars, U MAY! As long as no one is claiming my art as theirs, I don’t mind you all using my art alright. :D 


So it looks like Thomas won’t find love in season 6

Yes, the suspicions some of us had about the DA writers/producers being cowards who will show Thomas as an unhappy homosexual and have no problem showing kisses but won’t show him *gasp* happy and in love with someone returning his affections may have been confirmed. Because hey, the homophobes in the audience will be fine with a gay man suffering under his homosexuality but gay love, a gay relationship? Nope, that would be disturbing. That would mean gays can be like straight people. I can’t believe Jessica Fellowes confirmed EXACTELY that! She asked for questions for her new book:

@jessicafellowes Why is it no problem addressing Thomas’ sexuality but showing him in a loving relationship is? Homophobic audience?

@jessicafellowes And if so (unhappy gay okay, gay love not), why be cowards about it and give in to homophobic part of audience/countries?

@CharlieMarler No - the prob being that it would be unrealistic to show T in a loving gay r/ship as that was not a reality then. Tragically.

@jessicafellowes Lame cop-out. The show defies logic and realism all the time, not to mention there were loving gay relationships back then.

@CharlieMarler That T was shown passionately kissing the duke in first ep of s1 shows they were not at all afraid of homophobic audience.

@jessicafellowes You missed my point. Homophobes have no problem with suffering unhappy gays, they are disturbed by gay love/relationship.

First of all: *gags* Secondly: did she just spoil a main part of Thomas’ plot in season 6? Sure sounds like it. And frankly, I’m not sure if I’m going to watch it if the best we can hope for is for Thomas to get yet another painful reminder that love is not for him, most likely in the form of Andy, and resign himself to be the lonely butler. Loving gay relationships not a reality back then, give me a fucking break! But the chauffeur marries a lady and that’s realistic. *facepalm*

I don’t even care who it would be Thomas would end up with. But it looks like they are not even considering to have him end up with anyone, at all, not with a reformed Philip or an out of the closet Jimmy or a possibly gay or bi Andy or an entirely different character, and for reasons that are just ridiculous.

Okay, I am seriously considering to just ignore the whole thing until season 6 aired and then to decide if I’ll even watch it. It would save me a lot of time and nerves and if I can bring myself to not care anymore a bullshit ending for Thomas won’t bother me and I can only be positively surprised in case Miss Jessica didn’t really spoil one aspect of Thomas’ season 6 storyline. Actually that would be quite the relief. Just close tumblr and twitter and read ‘Not like the Other’ until season 6 is over. XD