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Okay so it's the whale rider person again so all of my white friends were making fun of maori culture and this kid in my class said something like "at least they have culture unlike you whites" and I s2g even my teacher was shocked

Maori culture is beautiful tho why are ppl like this yikes. But that kid is completely right lmao 

So it’s been a year.

A year of me posting mindless nonsense about my love of books. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing with this blog, but it seems to be working. I now have a grand total of 1,839 followers (and counting!).

I love every single minute I spend here in this wonderful community, and everyone accepted me as a new member almost straight away which is amazing.

So I want to thank some people.

First of all, to my fantastic friends:

Kelly @adarlansassasssin

Jordyn @throne-of-feels

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Grizzly @countesscybear you’re not part of this thing but HEY why not buddy

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Secondly, to the beautiful people who inspired me to even create this blog:

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Thank you. THANK YOU for being so dedicated to books- because if you weren’t, I might not be typing this right now. Heck, this blog might never exist. (what a scary thought!)

Here’s to another wonderfully bookish year!

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Why is it so important for you that Snow and Regina are mother and daughter? You seem to understand why it's problematic, but you still act like just because Lana said it it means it's all great and ok and we should all interpret it that way.

Why do you think it being “problematic” means it’s not realistic?

The kind of parental relationship that is ugly and terrible and nasty and where both people end up hurting and comes out the other side beautiful and strong and healing is something that happens in real life all the fucking time.  I’m sorry you think my family is problematic.  I’m sorry you think my friends families are problematic.  

You think I should not talk about how beautiful that mother and daughter relationship is because you don’t relate to it?  I do.  It’s my family.  And I see more gay people on tv than I see relationships like I have with my mother and like my sister has with my mother.

And damn right I’m going to stand up for my representation when there aren’t a billion people demanding it.

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'So nobody is there to see it, four hours later, when the long-dried glue that held up for thirty-two years finally fails and a paper banner, carefully lettered in green and blue, falls loose and flutters to the floor like a white flag of surrender. All For One, and One For All. But it doesn’t matter. Nobody ever goes in there again.' Seriously? WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS TRY TO KILL ME WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORDS? I'll be over here drowning in my own tears. (1/2)


All I’m going to be doing all day is apologizing for this fic.


So..why has Oliver never told Felicity she’s beautiful? (A conversation with Stephen Amell)

Not sure if I’m gonna do a full HVFF write up this time around. But I will tell you all about my crowning achievement this weekend.

Those who follow me on Twitter know that it DRIVES ME UP THE FUCKING WALL that Oliver has never (onscreen) told Felicity she is/looks beautiful. I post it to SA’s q&a’s all the time, I’ve asked Marc more than once….this is like - my cause.

So cut to this weekend. I went up to get my Stephen autograph (which in and of itself is a great story, for another time.) He chatted with me and my two friends for a while. As we’re chatting, I lean forward and I go: “OK. I need to ask you a question. It’s really been bugging me.”

Me: Why has Oliver never told Felicity she’s beautiful? At least not on screen?
SA: *pauses* *stares at me* *looks away, brow furrowed*
SA: He hasn’t, has he?
Me: NO! And it drives me crazy. Like, it doesn’t make sense. (friends make sounds of agreement)
SA: Yeah. Yeah. That’s….that’s actually a really great idea. OK. *nods*
Me: Yeah, you just need to like…slip it in there or something. (*sidenote: I KNOW WHAT I SAID GUYS.)
SA: *nods* Yeah. 
Me: I mean, when they’re back together, of course. Because we know they aren’t together in whatever ep you’re filming now.
SA: Whatever do you mean, not together?
Friend: We know things, okay?
SA: *smirks*

And that’s how I finally asked my question. And got an answer. 

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The original pair. A relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect. Chat Noir has serious feelings for his partner, but Ladybug does not return those feelings, but sees him as only a friend. Even so, this does affect their partnership, even though can be a big flirt and a pun-spewing dork. Ladybug respects Chat as her friend, but her feelings for Adrien keeps her from seeing Chat as anymore than that. Chat would also love to know who Ladybug really is, but she sees that as dangerous and something that should be avoided. Chat agrees because nothing is more important to him than her trust; he loves her that much. Conclusion: the eye-rolling and respectful ship


The “too pure for the world” pair. As of recently, Adrien and Marinette have been spending more and more time together outside of school for one reason or another. Adrien likes Mari as a friend (or maybe as something more according to recent developments), but Mari is over the moon for him, but he doesn’t know that. They are very innocent together, which is why it is a popular pairing. And the two of them not knowing that the other is their crime-fighting partner makes it even worse (better). Conclusion: the very cute and fluffy ship


The mutual pining pair. We don’y know a whole lot about this particular pairing of these two, since we’ve received very little screen time for these two. But of the what we did get, it was very strong. Both were in stunned silence as they stared at each other. Right now, all we can do is assume that if they ever have another interaction, one of two things will happen: they will both be be blubbering love-struck babies or Ladybug will have the confidence to flirt with the boy she loves because he doesn’t know who she really is. Either way, it will be adorable and everyone will cry. Conclusion: the nervous and double crushing ship


The sinning pair (according to fanfiction anyway). But in canon, Chat is a dumb flirt and Mari is just annoyed. But it’s a very popular pairing nonetheless. My reasoning behind this is because Chat can see Mari for who she really is and how she really acts, unlike how she is around Adrien. Since Adrien is very friendly with Marinette as Chat, we assume that Adrien may have some sort of feeling for Mari, which the fandom is very happy about. But Marinette knows how Chat acts, but plays him like a fiddle in order to keep him in the dark about who she really is. This makes for a very funny dynamic which the fandom ate up. Conclusion: the sinful and comical ship


honestly i have a crush on every single person in the cast of star wars

It’s Not All That Simple (Calum Hood Imagine)

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Requested: Yes

Warnings: Mentions of sex and swearing

A/N: This was a series that I did on my old blog and it’s been requested again. Don’t know if I should just leave it how it is or continue it. Tell me what you think! Bryana is gonna be Y/N’s best friend because why not??? Y/S/N = Your Schools Name. This is badboy!calum

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Do you think Dean ever tried to use angel-themed pick-up lines on Cas?

“Did it hurt?” 

“Did what hurt?” “When you fell from heaven?” 

…which normally just leave Cas left very confused, because yes, falling from heaven does hurt. 


“Am I dead? Because you look like an angel.” 

“Well you’ve known for a long time I’m an angel Dean, why would that mean you’re dead?”


“There are 20 angels in the world 11 are playing, 8 are sleeping and 1 of them is standing in front of me.” 

“There are many more than twenty, you of all people should know that, Dean.” 


“Would you touch me so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?” 

“Why would they – are you feeling ok Dean? You’ve been acting odd recently.” 


“I wasn’t sure if you were a beautiful angel or a sexy devil, but now I’m close all I can see is heaven in your eyes.”

 “…Do you have a fever, Dean? I’m going to get Sam, wait right here.” 

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I really liked your 'He who fights monsters post'! It's funny because every time a character is revealed as truly flawed, the more interest I take in them. I love BRA's guilt and how it destroys the three of them in such different ways. I love Erwin's guilt & selfishness, how he lies even to himself on multiple levels. I loved Historia being exposed to be fake & kinda manipulative. Kenny, Keith... I love complex characters. All shingekis are love, but only some are beautiful oily, murky goodness

marry me.

Every Muslim wattpad story pt 1
  • Ahmad (idk):I'm a bad Muslim. My friends smoke dope and I don't care haha. I only pray occasionally my family is ~liberal~. This is my beautiful fiancée Maria (why do all the 'bad' girls have more western passing names lol). We've known eachother for a longggg time!
  • Maya:*flips her long flowing black-brown hair while showing off her body and eye makeup*
  • Ahmad:what a beauty Mashallah! How sexy (how do these 2 phrases relate no clue)
  • *time skip to some random place, heck even the sidewalk*
  • Ahmad:omg mashallah who is this beautiful woman??? *sees hijabi girl with no makeup and dressed like some Inayah model* so gorgeous so much grace... Why can't Maria be like this?
  • *more time skip somehow the two meet*
  • Layla (why is everyone a Layla):assalamualaykum-
  • Ahmad:(wow so religious idk but she's sooo beautiful)hi
  • *time skip to where he breaks up with Maria*
  • Ahmad:Maria you dress like a slut, Layla is wayyy better. She doesn't wear skinny jeans or go against the sunnah!(Ahmad still doesn't pray and still has friends who smoke weed)
  • *maria does something/ is seen with another dude*
  • Ahmad:how outrageous! I don't deserve this *author paints Maria to be villain and make u feel sorry for Ahmad* maybe I should be with Layla!
  • *time skip Ahmad marries Layla and becomes amazing Muslim man*
  • And somehow all this time our heroine, Layla is in love with Ahmad, despite meeting each other twice.
  • Oh yeah in between time skips enter random hadiths and quranic ayahs.
  • Layla is so religious she basically has the whole Quran memorized
  • Layla is potentially abused by her parents, mainly dad
  • *insert Hadith it ayah about good men for good women somewhere*
  • Layla will most likely always be desi or Arab
  • Layla always prays for Allah (swt) to find the one for her. The A+ guy and it's Ahmad lmao.
  • *Layla will be portrayed to be shy and quiet even when she's married to Ahmad but even in her household she's always yelling to some siblings or whoever
  • Layla is always more submissive than Maria lolllll hmmmmm and half the time isn't allowed an opinion

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Have someone talk about your appearance or what's inside of you ❤ Reference to the whole blonde beauty compared to pretty Brunette no sacrifice too big for her friends... Because i would rather have someone like what's inside of me then my appearance

How about both? 😉

Why do people act like “blonde beauty” is the only thing Lucas has ever said about Maya?

Maya cuts Zay off before he can say anything more about her specifically. He adds, “you were all full of fire” before moving on to Riley, but that may have been referring to the whole group rather than Maya alone. Either way, we don’t need Zay to say more, because Lucas himself already said more, right out of his own mouth, earlier in the same episode:

“You’re a great artist Maya. You have a real talent and I want you to be able to get better and share it with people.”

And we DO actually know more about what Lucas thinks of Maya beyond her looks and her art:

“Secretary of State is the President’s ambassador to the world. It means he thinks highly of you.” (granted this comes from the rebel, but he’s clearly meant to tell us something about Lucas—see the writers’ tweet regarding the episode. oh, and Lucas doesn’t dispute this explanation)

“You have a great life! Why would you change? You’re the most secure person in this room.”

“How are you so calm?” (he was clearly admiring her for it, which makes sense given his issues)

And, although these two are more about how she affects him than about Maya herself:

“You were always scary to me.” (in a Jacobs show, being scared of a girl usually means you’ve got some type of feelings for her)

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without either one of you. You’re both an important part of my growing up.” (includes both girls)


“We used to be so confident. Why aren’t you up here Maya? You would never put up with this.”

And personally? If we’re talking about romance, I’d rather be called a “beauty” than “pretty.” Those words have two distinct meanings, and “beautiful/beauty” is much stronger than “pretty.”

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so. tell me your thoughts on chelldos.

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First thing’s first: I know it’s not a healthy relationship in reality, let alone stable. But I am very into the idea of smol, mute, human beauty being good 

°*: ~ gal pals ~ :*・°☆ 

with deadly, sassy, semi-cyborg beauty.

Let me paint you my headcanon: Chell decides to stay in Aperture after all the drama with Wheatley because the world outside is barren and there’s nothing left for her there, and she’s already made some friends here anyway, so why leave that? (I know you’re thinking ‘who in their right mind would willingly stay there’, but there’s no way Chell doesn’t have a smidgen of brain damage so give me some credit here lol.)

GLaDOS didn’t delete Caroline and continued to learn what it means to be kinda sorta human again, but her sass and Negative Nancy attitude don’t entirely dissolve, because that’s why we love her. She simply doesn’t want to kill Chell anymore.

Over time, their bond grows. Chell gets to know Atlus and P-body and the other cores, and she’ll continue exploring parts of Aperture until she finds an area that’s sustainable for adequate human living (maybe a block of offices, or some apartments built for test subjects, or maybe she stays in GLaDOS’ chambers?) GLaDOS can provide food and water easily (SCIENCE), and she may even bring a pet deer down from the surface to go with her baby birds lol.

Now, take note that I don’t ship these two sexually at all. I feel like after a hundred-thousand years, Chell’s body wouldn’t be capable of certain functions anymore, one of them being reproduction, and any sex drive she might’ve had before this has been shorted out. And then there’s GLaDOS, who is 100% robot in body. I feel like their relationship would be of a respectable, quiet, and comfortably awkward nature; a friendship that would evolve into something more heedy and awe-inspiring over time.

Picture this:

  • Chell not even hesitating as she walks toward an acid pool because she knows GLaDOS will put up a walkway for her to cross.
  • GLaDOS asking how she’s doing every now and then because she knows Chell is a “frail human rag doll” and is so much more organic to everything else around her and 10x more susceptible to harm.
  • GLaDOS being extra careful with Chell because the Caroline within her knows that in a facility full of adaptable, long-lasting technology, Chell could never be replaced if something were to happen to her.
  • Chell teaching GLaDOS human things, like games she remembers (charades being the easiest obviously), or dancing, or viewing and appreciating art that’s NOT the painting of a mountain scene in the test subject cubicles. Bonus if GLaDOS doesn’t really GET any of it, but likes to see how much Chell enjoys sharing it with her.
  • Maybe further in their relationship when Chell visits GLaDOS’ chambers, and when trust between the two of them has reached 99.9%, she’ll sleep in the white, curved part of GLaDOS’ machinery, like a big metal sling, and although GLaDOS doesn’t need to sleep, she’ll play classical music and rock her until she wakes up again.
  • GLaDOS learning pickups lines from Adventure core in order to “woo” Chell and having no idea what they mean, but at least Chell smiles when she says them. *robot blush*
  • Chell getting a bad cold and GLaDOS is freaking out slightly, so in a haze of controlled panic, she dumps a shit load of potatoes out of the neurotoxin gas pumps and into their chambers just in case Chell needs some extra nutrients.

You see what kind of ship I’m gunning for here? I could go on, but man this would be a longer post than it already is lol. Hope my thoughts on Chelldos were explained well enough. <3

I finally got some evidence regarding this whole Alewya Demmise story and I hope you guys can reblog this post. I fucking hate bullies and unfortunately she is one. She seriously let her white friends bully a black girl over some white dude. Man I can’t. And she & her friends are playing victims & acting like they didn’t do shit. I first heard about this story like months ago & Alewya was trying to play the victim in my inbox talking about how the girl harassed her & her parents first blablabla like no boo. You’re actually a cruel person. I don’t understand why a BLACK girl is letting her WHITE friends bully another black girl. I don’t understand why a beautiful girl like her is so ugly on the inside. And I don’t understand why she’s bullying this chick over her damn not-goodlooking ex boyfriend or whatever he is. Such a damn shame all of this. Especially for someone who is all about ‘feminism” lol. How are you all about girl power but you’re bullying this girl over a GUY? What a joke. And unfortunately just because she’s a model and well-known she can lie & say anything she wants to make her look like the victim. I won’t be posting Alewya no more. I was so excited to see a new black model & see new work from her but it’s sad to know that this is how she is. Also thank you again to the person who took the time to send me the evidence.

I DONT CARE WHO YOU SHIP, but If you femslash ship EVER AFTER HIGH….



Not sure why people get in shipping wars, I’m just happy to have femslashing fandom friends.

(I personally quite like…. Holly/Darling, Raven/Darling, RavenApple, CeriseRaven, BriarCerise, …… Let’s just say I ship a lot of things,… ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️ it’s an armada. )

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How do i cut ties with my transphobic best friend? I still love him to bits because we've been best friends for years but since i came out i feel really unconfortable around him because he makes me question and doubt myself and my gender constantly

Steps to Cutting Strong Ties:

1. Talk to some other friends, have them help you to realize you are valid and beautiful as a person (cause you are, no one should take that from you), this is like gathering strength for a boss fight.

2. Make a list, of reasons why you felt hurt.
(return to step one, all your reasons are valid no matter what)

3. This is obviously optional, and dependent on the situation. But educate them, find some sites to better explain some problem areas, or expand their perspective.
You can 100% break ties with them and educate them, or maybe have a friend help out with this.
Or if it’s more than your okay with doing ignore this step.

4. Explain to them the reasons you felt uncomfortable, why you believe you should either cut ties or keep some distance for a while.

5. Stay strong, ive lost many friends on my journey. And i promise that while it hurt, i always felt better in the end.
Remember. You are strong for this,
You are amazing for caring about your well being.
You are valid.
If they cant and didnt accept this you are a better person without them.

-Mod Blake

So I’m hosting a big Galentine’s Day brunch for my friends & so far I have 100% participation…. shit, I hope the restaurant can handle this many ladies! 

Also it hurts me so much that distance sucks and I can’t invite some of my faovrite ladies @barbelleisabeast @spoonfullofjam @jenlovinglife @2quads1snatch @imsav-age @micro-human @cultivatingcrystal 

@redlipsticklifting @ree-lives @boulders-and-cupcakes

ahh and @dan-i-ns @themarzipanvolta @ceeburr @thatsminethankyou @tankerbelll @joyfulpearl see this is why i never tag people bc i forget all the beautiful amazing ladies who are insanely wonderful.

I wish ALL of you could come to my brunch. There is no fellowship quite like eating waffles and drinking mimosas with a friend. 

so I like to look at houses that r for sale bc I like to delude myself into thinking that it’s an achievable dream. and I see these like $350k homes that have gorgeous kitchens and living rooms and foyers but the bathrooms all look like my grandmas best friends methhead-grandkids house on the corner of main nd armenia aka 5x5 and dirty as shit like how u gonna have an enormous beautiful home and the smallest shittiest bathrooms of all time literally why

A Stelena shipper was saying that Stefan and Caroline don’t even sleep in the same bed.  I argued that Stefan was only sleeping on the couch to keep an eye on Damon.  But then I realized that also in one of the flashbacks to when Stefan was hallucinating Damon, wasn’t Stefan also sleeping on the couch…?

I want to know why!  They’re not giving us all the normal couple-y stuff that every. single. other. ship. has gotten…

I’m not turning my nose up to the support that they give each other.  Obviously they love each other and they will always be best friends at heart and that is beautiful and it’s what makes them so special, but I think we deserve to see the romance too after how long we’ve waited for it.