why anyone can look so beautiful

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).


*anyone who falls or arrives at the ruins will always be greeted with open arms by the caretaker themselves.

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can we just point out that Myos looks so pretty?

can we also point out the angered face of Tulips?

why? its a mystery~~~~(guess)


Painting turtles and torts ruffles my shell! It’s so bad for them and why would anyone want to make our already beautiful shells look like a tacky Kardashian?! Here are some reasons why painting a shell is bad us:

1) It blocks essential uv from being absorbed. Without that uv, we can’t properly absorb nutrients vital to our health.

2) Paints and nailpolish can be toxic. Those toxins absorb into our shell and can poison us.

3) If the turtle or tort gets released back into the wild, the paint makes it easier for predators to find them.

Now that you have a “painted” tort, there are a couple of options to help your shelled friend. If the tort is native to your area, you can bring it to a wildlife rehab center or animal shelter and they can treat it an hopefully re release it into the wild. If it isn’t a native species, you can try to clean it off yourself. Nailpolish can be removed with nailpolish remover but try to use as gentle a brand as you can. The tort might not like the scrubbing but you are helping him so he’ll forgive you. Try to rinse him with warm water as you go along to try and dilute and rinse off any remaining remover and polish. It may take a few tries but over time your tort friend will have a beautiful shell again.

If you want bonus points from me, maybe ask the girls to help clean the tort and educate them as to why it’s healthier to leave the shell natural. Hopefully they will never paint one again :)

they say i haven’t weighed so little in two years. not like that’s an achievement since i’m fucking fat, fat, fat, fat!! goddamnit, this isn’t funny. i need to fucking loose weight. 

fifteen pounds in the last fourteen days, haven’t eaten in two. 

suppressing my appetite, chewing gum and iced tea basically. i need to fucking get out of my house so i can just stop being forced to eat!!

 they need to fucking leave me alone, why do my friends care? why does my family force me to eat? 

i’m not even fucking underweight goddamnit. 

i wanna look like all the pretty girls. 

i want to be beautiful. 

don’t tell me i already am, cause oh my fucking god i’m not. i gonna throw a fit if anyone tries to tell me i’m pretty and i don’t need to loose weight. i am fucking fat and the most hideous person in the world. 

i mean we were born to die, right? why does it matter how i do it? why should i want to live forever?

nobody needs an ugly, fat bitch. i’m an ugly, fat bitch. nobody needs me.

Tbh anyone who reduces Rouge to her “sexy” design is falling right into her trap.

Why tf do you think Rouge dresses the way she does? Two reasons: 1, she enjoys beauty, and 2, she wants people to underestimate her. Pretty much every time she starts working for someone new she says some variation of “I may not look the part, but I’m a real treasure hunter.” She deliberately does not look the part. She wants people to dismiss her as just some shallow bat girl so that they stop paying attention to her, and she can easily sneak behind their backs and take what she wants.

I mean at least twice I’ve seen her pull out the “I can’t believe you’d attack a lady!” card. She is not surprised in the slightest that someone would attack a lady. You think she can’t hold her own in a stand-up fight? She kicks down doors on the regular, dude. She is strong as hell. She just wants to persuade her attackers to stop, which would make her job that much easier.

Basically, she wants her first impression on people to be “Shallow, ditzy girl who flirts with everyone” because that means they’ll miss her cunning, ruthless side, and she can do as she pleases. It’s a win-win for her - everyone underestimates her, and she gets to wear the pretty clothes that she likes with no drawbacks. Hell, she’s pretty much the only female character for whom wearing heels makes sense - most people are gonna dismiss someone in heels as not being able to fight properly, but she can fly, man. She will fly up and kick you right in the face with those heels, and they’re gonna do more damage than flat shoes because there’s the same amount of force but a smaller surface area.

Rouge is one of the most intelligent characters in the cast, and it makes me sad that so many people reduce her entire character to “sexy bat girl” without realizing that that’s just a front.

RP-Sentence Starters

“Here, have some water.”

“I don’t want to see it.”

“I think I smell smoke.”

“Someone broke all the windows!”

“That was cold.”

“How can you even sleep in here?”

“Okay, whose idea was that?”

“It doesn’t look that bad.”

“Quick, catch it!”

“Shit, sorry about that.”

“Have you seen anyone wearing a neon green shirt running past here?”

“I’m not here to be your friend.”

“I’m pretty sure we forgot something…”

“You seriously need a haircut.

“Your hair smells great! New shampoo?”

“I’m not crying, it’s the allergies.”

“Why would anyone set a trap here of all places?!”

“They took my wallet and phone!”

“I never thought I would have to do something like this.”

“Look, the sky is so beautiful tonight.”

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Would you get female circumcision for your labia

No, I would not. I fail to see the point in putting myself through that. Sure, sometimes I battle with the insecurity of, “Is it supposed to look like that?” or “Why can’t it look like her’s?” But then I just tell myself that all vaginas are different, like they were meant to be, and all vaginas are beautiful. Honestly, I guess it boils down to personal preference, which also means it’s a personal decision. So, if you’re considering undergoing this procedure, make sure you’re doing it because you want to and not because another person thinks you should. Your body belongs to you before anyone else. Never forget that and fuck anyone who tries to shame your “imperfections.” The human body and the female form are remarkable things, and for that alone you are beautiful.

So done with this makeup shaming bullshit. I like wearing makeup, and I wear a lot of it. No, I’m not ugly, no, I’m not insecure, no, I’m not “lying” about my appearance. It’s like wearing jewelry. I wear it because I like the way it looks, and what? Your problem is? I’m so sick of seeing articles called shit like “why women are more beautiful without makeup”, and seeing posts that say shit like “guy’s don’t even find makeup hot” and “no guy wants to date a girl who wears a ton of makeup”. So what? I have priorities that are far more important than impressing men, or anyone for that matter. I can guarantee that women do not wear makeup for you, or for anyone but themselves. The way that I make my face up is for me, I do it because I like to, and I couldn’t really give less of a shit what you think about it. If I want to go through a stick of eyeliner every two weeks, I’m absolutely going to do that. You don’t like the way makeup looks? Don’t wear makeup. But don’t fucking rag on someone for wearing it, because it’s their face and their choice. You are not doing women a favour by telling them “21 reasons why men like you better without makeup”. Some people wear makeup, some don’t, but, Jesus Christ, it is not your damn job to tell me what to do with my appearance. I will wear whatever makeup I want, and I will do it for myself, without giving a single thought to what you think my face should look like.

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I'm sick and tired of all of this. Can't anyone let him like the post he wants and actually have is own life? Do people really think he read her full bio? She tagged him so of course he looked at his pictures and if he find her attractive despite who she is, let him live. I can understand why you want to log off and take a real hiatus but it hurts me to see that only the true Sehun's stans who are beautiful human beings all slowly go away like this. A real shame those nasties brag everyone down.

I know, I’m so tired? Like people really think they’re being funny and who knows what else, but I hope they know what they’re really doing when they do all this and that’s to keep adding to this image of Sehun being some vapid, vacuous, immature, bratty kid who has no depth to who he is at all and simply is a good looking fella with no talents or brains who “likes white girls.” The reason why Sehun’s image hardly ever evolves is because Sehun stans and nonstans alike just like poking fun at him for every little thing he does, and when he does something sweet they turn it into a joke, and they hardly ever really bring proper attention to how intelligent, mature, kind, and considerate he is. I mean they talk about it occasionally, and usually in memes that kinda diminish what they’re saying, but most of the time it’s shit like this, or taking something he said and making it dramatic (”I like male fans” anyone?) that gets all the focus and it’s just really sad. And that’s honestly what I mean by I felt lonely on here because I really want to do my best to bring attention to all those things about Sehun, even if I come off lengthy at times, but it just all gets drowned out or people think I’m being weird somehow, and it’s just an unpleasant feeling.

You can tell me I should be able to take a joke, but how about you make jokes that are actually funny, idk? Just an idea I’m throwing out here.

And like you said, she tagged him? What else is he gonna do but be the sweetheart that he is and like her posts because she clearly wanted him to? Do people really think he knows the nitty gritty details of everything that happens in this side of the world’s entertainment industry? That he’s kept tabs on every single celebrity and what they’ve said and all that? Because I sure hope everyone involved in this knows every tiny detail of every single celebrity that’s even the tiniest bit relevant in Korea, because that’s what they’re expecting out of Sehun.

Also if you legit are going to write off Sehun for this tiny, tiny, insignificant thing that he’s done that really has no meaning behind it other than the ones you’ve attached to it based on zero real information, then that kinda proves that you don’t take Sehun seriously to begin with.

But orz ;; I’m not sure if I deserve all those kind praises, but I really am tired. Being on Tumblr for even as little of a time as I have has made me really negative about everything because that’s what people on here are like. When I first came on here people were a lot more positive and softer and kinder but that’s really changed and it’s really getting to me.

SU AU where instead of gems they are flowers

They would be:

  • Rose quartz= Pink Rose (duh)
  • Pearl= white Nenuphar (both pearlly white water thingies)
  • Amythest = Thistle (both are sharp but pretty)
  • Garnet = dark red dahlias (both look badass)
  • Ruby = poppy (both red)
  • Saphire = Blue bell (both are amazingly pretty)
  • Lapis = Blue water lily
  • Peridot =  Green chrysanthemum (dunno why but both annoy me in their own way but look nice)
  • Jasper =  Kniphofia rooperi (both look like big buff cheeto puffs)
  • Malachite = venus fly trap (can potential hurt itself)
  • Rainbow quartz = Rainbow rose ( aparently possible and both very pretty)
  • Opal = Orchid (so beautiful so pure)
  • Sugalite = Purple pitcher plant (both will fuck up anyone too close)
  • Alexandrite = snapdragon (comes in lots of different colors and sounds cool)
  • Sardonyx- gladiolus black jack (kinda looks like she would work in a cool casino) 
Why Big Hero 6 is Such a Great Movie

- Diverse cast and characters
- Shows three strong women, two of which are GENIUS SUPERHEROES WOW and one who is raising two boys on her own while running a successful business
- Proves anyone can be a superhero if you try hard enough
- C'mon, you can’t not love Baymax
- Some of the shots are beautiful???
- The colourfulness is wOW
- The plot twist!!!
- Even if you fail the first time, you can come back stronger!!
- Look for a new angle!
- No romantic subplots at ALL
- Hiro is 14 and a badass like what
- The characters are real and you can really relate to them
- Woman Up
- It’s just such a gOOD MOVIE OKAY

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You write so well... I love the way you write... Your words can be felt by anyone... And... It feels like you are an angle who is dancing in rain and enjoying and laughing... Then a water droplet falls from your hair on your cheek and you look at your wet hair with your deep, beautiful eyes and then you smile... OMG ! It feels wonderful imagining you in rain... I'm feeling like we have some connection...I don't know why...

I’m so glad you like my writing, that’s what I’m here for ☺ you’re very sweet thank you ✨✨✨✨

i think the reason why tabinof didnt flop is because its filled with love. it’s not fiction, it’s not a promo, it hasn’t been rushed, we know that dan and phil have spent their time, money and extreme effort to make a creation that all of their fans can look at and say, ‘you know what, it has its ups and downs but being a part of the phandom is a privilege’

and honestly, if anyone ever wanted me to describe what love means to me, i’d show them the video of dan and phil making the book, they put their hearts and soul into it and i’ve never felt so proud and happy for two people in my entire life

Can we talk about how beautiful it is to see Killian so supportive of Emma getting help from Archie? Like, he acknowledges that opening up to people about her problems is not easy for her, he knows this. Maybe better than anyone. 

But he just looks so damn proud of her, and he isn’t prying her, or asking why she’s going to Archie and not him, nope. He is being the super amazing, supportive boyfriend he is. 

And he loves her. And he just wants the best for her, whatever she decides that is. And it makes me just melt. <3

  • Lucy: Hey, boss.
  • Mashima: Yeah?
  • Lucy: How come Natsu is my implied love interest?
  • Mashima: Is there anything wrong with that?
  • Lucy: Well I'm the smart and beautiful main character. Why do I get the idiot hero of this series?
  • Mashima: I thought it works pretty well with the fans.
  • Lucy: I just think that I deserve so much better.
  • Natsu: Hey!
  • Mashima: Sounds fair, who do you want to be paired with then? Just name anyone you'd like.
  • Lucy: Mirajane!
  • Mashima: Sorry, no can do.
  • Lucy: Huh? Why not? You already had Kyouka and Seilah as a lesbian couple.
  • Mashima: I mean pairing her with you is the same as pairing her with Lisanna, that's just wrong.
  • Lucy: Stop comparing me to Lisanna! I bet that's how you got me stuck with Natsu in the first place. Anyway if not Mirajane then how about Erza?
  • Mashima: Well I can't do that either, I promised Jellal I'll make it up to him for what he had to go through in the beginning of the series.
  • Jellal: Also because you killed me off in Rave.
  • Lucy: Then Yukino.
  • Mashima: Believe me I thought of every possible lesbian pair you might fit into and the only one that works is you and Cana.
  • Lucy: The guild's alcoholic? I think I'll pass.
  • Cana: Well I didn't want you anyway, I only like you for your big boobies.
  • Lucy: OK, got it, no girls. Then how about...
  • Mashima: If it's a Guy then it's either Gray, Hibiki, or one of your Celestial Spirits.
  • Lucy: Wow, really? That's it? What, Warren wasn't available?
  • Warren: Hey I have feelings too you know!
  • Mashima: I could always make Dan Straight canon.
  • Lucy: Gotcha. Well then I guess Gray it is.
  • Juvia: LOVE RIVAL!!!
  • Lucy: What I meant is forget about Gray! I'll go with Ca...
  • Mashima: You can't choose Capricorn, he's like a family member.
  • Lucy: I wasn't gonna choose Capricorn I was gonna choose Cance.. Oh who am I kidding of course I was gonna choose Capricorn at least he's not a total weirdo like the rest of them.
  • Foxboy666: Pick someone already, this post is getting way out of hand!
  • Lucy: Fine, I pick Plue!
  • Elie: Plue isn't a guy, he's a bug, silly.
  • Mashima: To clarify you can choose either Taurus, Cancer, Loke, Scorpio, or Sagittarius.
  • Hibiki: Hey, what about me?!
  • Lucy: Yeah Right... Anyway, Taurus is a pervert, Cancer and Sagittarius are total weirdos and Aquarius thinking of me as her love rival is 100 times worse than Juvia. So I guess that leaves me with..
  • Loke: Yes! Finally!
  • Lucy: Natsu, he doesn't sound like such a bad pick after all.
Calum Hood: A Masterpost

since it’s clums birthday I thought I’d make a wee masterpost of the last year ok yeah let’s dO THIS 

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Prediction: someday Niall will disappear and then come back with a bunch of really beautiful tattoos and his bandmates will look at him in awe like “why do they look so good” and he’ll just go “dudes. We’re very rich and famous. We can work with ANYONE. I just googled it and went and got tattooed by like…the best tattoo artists in t world.”