why anyone can look so beautiful

Let’s start a new superstition

On my walk in the woods today I came across this beech tree and I almost cried.

It’s such a gorgeous old tree, with such a smooth and elegant bark.  I don’t understand why anyone would carve their fucking name into it. First of all, it;’s bad for the tree - it’s the tree’s skin, and it can introduce infection and fungus into the flesh of the tree and give destructive insects a foothold.

It’s so beautiful, and I want to see it whole. Why the actual fuck would anyone find a beautiful tree like this and think, “Carving my name into it would look nice”? No. Fuck no.

I’m angry.

So I think we should start a new superstition: Carving your name into a tree will incur loads of bad luck. Or, alternatively, the forest spirits will follow you around and torment you. Or earth witches will copy your name down and perform a mega-curse on you.

Can I just have a girlfriend already?

*watches all the notes this doesn’t get*

Blackwatch Genji x Mercy NSFW

A little side-note… feel free to scroll past all this if you want. This is my first publication on this blog, I am very shy about my work but figured I should give it a try. This story is just a small excerpt, if people like it maybe I’ll look into writing longer stories. I really hope whoever is reading this gets some kind of joy out of it… my blog is quite new but a follow or share would REALLY help. Thank you so much.


Backstory:(Time-Period: Uprising in King’s Row) A few days ago Genji had pleasured Mercy in secret in the locker room after a training session with Tracer, this was a random act and Mercy had no idea Genji had such feelings for her. 

It had been two days since the incident with Genji in the locker room… It plagued Angela’s thoughts every waking- and sleeping moment. She could hardly focus at work, and while adrift in sleep she could only think of those glowing red eyes and expertly skilled fingers. She had admittedly tried to touch herself in the privacy of her own room several times, but they could never satisfy her or bring her to the climax like Genji could. Her inner devil begged her to go back and satisfy her wild fantasies.

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If you have time, could you do an imagine with Fred and the reader being one of his friends. The reader has a lot of guy friends and is pretty blunt/oblivious so she can’t tell if he likes her or not. I hope that’s enough to work with, thank you! And your writing is lovely.


(Y/n) POV:
I stroll into the Great Hall starving and ready to stuff my face with food. I plop down between Fred and George. “Hey there bed head!” George says and bumps me causing me to shew him away. “Why didn’t you wake me up? You left me on the common room couch! Now I’ve got back problems you jerk!” George laughs and shakes his head.

I feel a hand rub my back slightly. “Good morning love.” I smile at Fred and eat my food. Fred’s always been the one to make me laugh the hardest and smile the most, but that of course didn’t mean anything. Right? “Ugh shoot! I forgot my books in my dorm! I’ll meet you guys in class.”
I get up and hurry to get my things.

Fred POV:
I watch her leave the Great Hall with eyes following her. The eyes of several other boys. I huff and continue to eat. “You’re pathetic mate.” “Shove off!” George laughs. “You better hurry and tell her. Seems like Woods got an eye for her too. Heard him talking in the lockers after yesterday’s match.” I drop my fork and stand up rushing out of the room not hungry anymore.

As first period starts professor Lupin has me go up to the black wardrobe first witch withheld the bogget. He opens the door and (y/n) struts out with narrowed eyes and a smirk. “Honestly! You really think I’d be with you? You’re nothing but a poor red haired Weasley! Wood is tall handsome and so smart. Why would anyone want to be with you?” She says laughing.

“Ridiculous!” I scream and the beautiful maiden turns into a jumble of fireworks spreading across the room. I retreat back to my spot in the room and see (y/n) looking at me with wondering eyes. She motions her head to the cracked door and makes her way out easily.

I sigh and follow her. Nothing I can do to save myself now. I follow her to our secret passage and slip into the space with her; my heart beating a million times faster.

She looks at me and tilts her head. “I’m your boggot?” She asks almost hurt. “It’s not you. It’s your rejection.” She looks at me for a second then a smile spreads over her beautiful face. “Do you have feelings for me Freddie?” She asks in a playful voice.

I scratch the back of my neck and revert my eyes to anywhere but her. She then places her small hand on my cheek; turning my face to her. “Ask me.” “What?” “See if your fear is true. I promise you’ll be surprised.” She trails her hand to my tie and plays with it.

I swallow the lump in my throat. “Would you like to go on a date with me (y/n)?” She smiles and pulls. my face to her by my tie; attaching our lips. “What do you think?” She says and kisses me again.

You Deserve Happiness

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader, God!Chuck

Word Count: 956

Warnings: angst/fluff

Requested by anon: Fic where Luci and reader are together, and a rogue angel stabs her with an angel blade so Luci tries to save her but he couldn’t because it’s an angelical injury kind of thing. Reader is brought back by Chuck bc he thinks Luci deserves better?

It was almost dark out and you and Lucifer were walking through the park.  As an angel you found the night sky to be one of the most beautiful things about Earth, next to the humans that populated it.  It was fair to say that you weren’t like the rest of the angels in heaven.  Not only because you actually liked humans, but because you were in love with Lucifer.  It was one thing every other angel in heaven couldn’t understand, and never would.

“[Y/N] why do you like it here,” Lucifer asked impatiently.  “These humans…  They don’t care about you or I.  They hardly care about each other.  Not to mention they’re incredibly flawed.”

“I find beauty in flaw,” you answered simply.  “Humans can change and so can we.  No one is perfect, not you, not I, not anyone.”  You laced your fingers with Lucifer’s, nodding up at the sky.  “Look at all those beautiful stars.  There are too many to count.  Not even I could count them all.”

“Why would you want to,” Lucifer scoffed.  “They’re just gaseous blobs.”

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Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).

Saying They Love You (Suicide Squad x Reader)

Summary: Members of the Squad express their love for you.

Floyd Lawton (Deadshot):
It’s when you’re agonising over something, probably. Whether you’re lacking in confidence on that particular day, or Zoe’s mother makes you feel inferior, Floyd won’t stand for someone he loves thinking badly of themselves.

He’ll tell you flat out that he loves you in the middle of one of your self-hating rants, and catches you by surprise. All you can do is grin. 

Rick Flag:
It’ll be first thing in the morning, when you get up and haven’t really awoken to the day.

You’ll be doing something trivial, like brushing your hair or pouring orange juice, and he’ll just be leaning against the counter or door-frame staring at you.

You’ll laugh at him and ask is there something wrong, and then you notice he’s a bit teary. Genuinely worried you stop whatever you’re doing when the “God I love you” kinda falls out of his mouth.

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Kiss Me Instead. [m]

smut // Junmyeon thinks there are much better and worthwhile things to do that going to dinner.

Junmyeon is a charming man, and you are not a resilient woman.

“Let’s say here, mh?” His voice bounces against your neck, sending chills down your body.

“Why?” You ask boring your eyes into the mirror, his lips were marking their spot against your neck.

“Because we’d end up doing this anyway,” he said. “Let’s not wait”

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Sentence Meme - Fluff Version
  • “You can kiss me as much as your heart desires."
  • “I just want to get away with you.”
  • "Put down that cupcake... you're sweet enough already."
  • "Now come cuddle with me."
  • "I think you're beautiful."
  • "I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?"
  • “I’m so happy I have you.”
  • "Someday I'll pick up the courage to ask you on a real date."
  • “You know, sometimes I wonder why you like me.”
  • "You're as cute as a button."
  • "Hey, don't frown. You never know who could be falling in love with your smile."
  • "Was this meant to be a date?"
  • “How am I supposed to concentrate when you’re kissing me?"
  • "Can you just hold me?"
  • "You look beautiful today, just like every other day."
  • "I have no desire to run away with anyone else in this whole world than you.”
  • “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
  • "Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?"
  • "I want everything with you."
  • "I will stop loving you when an apple grows from a mango tree on the 30th of February."

anonymous asked:

THAT GIF YOU USED. i'm always so weak about it. there's just so much intense passion and love into it and you're able to see the change from when zayn's not looking at liam to when he is looking at liam. that's one of my favorite ziam moments because it's so telling what kind of love zayn has in his heart for liam. he turned all soft and smiley. i miss seeing that kind of zayn because well. we both know why we rarely see it. but bless for you putting that gif

This is my favourite Ziam gif:

Originally posted by dramaqueen88

The thirst, the fond, the intense love, all through this look that anyone who’s ever been in love can easily identify. Subtle, yet not subtle at all.

And that’s the beautiful thing about Ziam, they don’t need words (though they’ve also publicly declared their love cause they can’t hide how they feel) but it’s obvious the love and care for each other has only intensified since X-Factor:

100 Years - Warren Worthington III X Reader

Word count: 2.1k
Requested: no.
A/N: I kinda really want a review on this and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry while writing this. I honestly don’t know how I came up with this.
WARNINGS; Smut, death mention

‘I’m 15 for a moment

Caught in between 10 and 20

And I’m just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are’

Warren never had it easy, his life had been hell since he was nine years old. he discovered he was a mutant and his father disowned him. He reverted to running away to anywhere, his father had been responsible for many mutant deaths and he was certain he would kill his own son too, if given the chance. Years later, at fifteen ( six years to be exact), Warren was standing inside of a closed cage used for mutant fighting. He had nothing really, just his dream of being free and able to run away with the white wings spanning out of his back. They had to be useful for something else than violence, he knew it. But he couldn’t leave. This messed up place was his home and all he really wanted was to feel loved for who he was and not be a center of attention for entertainment. The blond boy found himself staying up late just to dream up a better place than here. There had to be some one out there who would love him as he was, there was someone for everyone wasn’t there?

'I’m 22 for a moment

And she feels better than ever

And we’re on fire

Making our way back from Mars’

He had give up a lot of his dreams since he was fifteen, Warren no longer believed in love. He was a lone wolf, he had many one night stands, many nights drunk and many fights. He had stopped dreaming of this freedom he craved for so long.
Warren’s twenty second birthday was different, he hadn’t seen interest in anyone until he looked out into the crowd of the people who were watching him fight. His eyes landed on her and his body froze for a moment. She wasn’t visibly interested in the fighting yet somehow her whole body had him captured. He watched her throughout that night, he had to speak to her.
He had never been nervous, except when he was hiding away from his father and sneaking behind his back to cut off his wings, but now he was nervous to even look in this girl’s way.
Once he caught up to be behind this woman, Warren froze again. He wondered if she would even want to speak to a freak like him. Probably not but he wanted this so bad, he had to speak to her and he wondered why. Gently, the angels hand landed on the shoulder of the unnamed lady. She spun around to reveal her y/e/c eyes and a bright smile. She paused, unsure why he wanted to seek her attention as Warren mentally prepared himself for a rejection. “Hello, I’m y/n. You are?” her voice was soft as Warren swallowed down his fear. “I’m Warren, and I must say you look very, very lovely” his thick British accent came out.

Neither of them knew how it happened, but the two woke up the next morning together in a pile of limbs, wings draped over y/n’s soft y/s/c skin. Their clothes were in a pile next to them as y/n rubbed her eyes and focused in the white wings around her body. She took time to caress him and love him. Warren had never felt any kind of affection, not for a long time. Then it all came back into her mind. The soft sounds he made as she praised him and pressed her fingers in the spot between his wings. His moans were soft and muffled as he buried his face in her neck, thrusting himself in and out of her body at a relatively calm pace. He had always been rough but he could swear his body was on fire when he was inside her. Or the way he groaned loudly when her fingers tangled into his blond mess of curls as his thrusting sped up, her tugging the roots as a way of appreciation during their hook up. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he rocked himself fluidly. Warren took it all in as he remembered the night before, a heavy blush falling to his cheeks as he was on a high that was love.

'15 there’s still time for you

Time to buy and time to lose

15, there’s never a better wish than this

When you only got a hundred years to live’

It hurt when he watched y/n get dressed and press her lips to his cheek as she left. The thought of him never having that kind of high, that kind of touch, that kind of love again had actually hurt him. Part of him wanted to chase after her but he was physically drained and had another fight today. No time for love. He hung his head and sighed to himself. But he noticed the small slip of torn paper later with her number. Maybe this angel with a broken heart had a chance after all. Hr had never stuck with a one night stand, he had never even tried by now, things had to be different. For the first time in his life, he prayed.

'I’m 33 for a moment

Still the man, but you see I’m a “they”

A kid on the way, babe.

A family on my mind’

Some how, this boy got the girl and now in their mid thirties, he was asking to start a family with his wife of four years. She wasn’t a mutant and he didn’t think she would want a mutant child. He wondered why anyone would want someone who was a freak of nature like he was. He paused for a moment and took in her beauty. “Can I ask you something?” he swallowed as his lover looked up with soft eyes. “Of course”. Warren ran a hand through his hair, “Do you… want to start a family with me?” Warren’s voice came out so soft that y/n had barely heard it. Her lips pulled into a smile, “of course I do”.

Warren had fallen into the wrong when he joined Apocalypse when he was only 24 years old, and somehow, she loved him even then. Y/n loved him with the permanent tattoos on his face and his permanent metal wings, which ached so horrible. He had cut her with them during the simple task of cuddling and was so terrified to touch her, but her response was only “we’ll learn”. He considered himself beyond lucky to have her.

“Angel…” y/n started as Warren blinked back to reality. 'hm?’ “We’ve already started our family… I’m pregnant”. Warren’s eyes widened, “really?! Aren’t you afraid they’ll be a mutant like me and-” Y/n cut him off. “That’s what I’m hoping for, actually. I’ll have two angels in my life and more reasons to stay strong”.

'I’m 45 for a moment

The sea is high

And I’m heading into a crisis

Chasing the years of my life’

Their son was twelve now and Warren swore he was going to be the death of him. He watched his son grow his used to be white wings and comforted him when the pain was unbearable. He valued a lot in life now, his family was his everything. Warren wondered how his life had passed by so much and was open to his son, telling him he had been in the wrongs more than once. On one night, when the only child of them was sick, Warren was sitting with his twelve year old, telling him that he would always love him and the moat important thing was to be proud of who he was. “dad, I know… I’m proud of who I am because you’re my dad. I’m like you and I’m me”. His heart swelled, here he was, chasing after another dream. He wanted another child, and he was impatient.

'15 there’s still time for you

Time to buy and time to lose yourself

Within a morning star’

Warren held his little girl when his son was almost thirteen. His eyes were glossy as his wife had given everything she could, he had a new person to care and love, but he no longer had the woman who had given this to him. He felt pain, and of course, he was losing his mind. She had given her life for a new life that was rowing inside of her, suddenly Warren felt sick, like it was his fault.
His son turned fifteen, his daughter two. That was the day he seen her again, this time, she was real. “How?” he asked as his wife, who was long dead, now held his cheek in her palm. “Mutants are able to vary, aren’t they? I’m a mutant as well… I gave myself a second chance, for you. I’m nor immortal. Just able to heal” she cooed softly. “but why did you leave me all alone?” he asked with a more than broken heart. “I never left you, I would never leave you. Do you know why? Because you’re in my heart”.

'15, I’m right with you

15, there’s never a better wish than this

when you’ve only got a hundred years to live’

For the first time in a long time, Warren felt at ease as he watched his children grow and his wife grow old with him. “Pretty soon he’ll be going away to college” Warren sighed as he watched the seventeen year old boy who resembled him so much play with his four year old sister. “That just means we have to watch and care for our daughter just as much as we did him when he was an only child” y/n sounded softly. Warren nodded, “maybe we could get a dog”. Y/n felt her lips pull into a smile, “that sounds wonderful”.

'Half time goes by

Suddenly you’re wise

Another blink of an eye

67 is gone

The sun is getting high

We’re moving on…’

The house had grown quiet and empty, the once young and blond angel was now aged and gray haired. His children had given him grand children. His son was now thirty four years old with a wife and two little boys. His daughter, a bright young girl who resembled her mother and had his white wings, was twenty two years old and expecting her first baby. She had grown up to be a nurse. His grandchildren found it wonderful that he knew so much, “Grandpa has to know! He always knows!” they’d cheer. It warmed Warren’s heart.
Warren sat down uncomfortably, his back aching. His wings had the tendency to schedule and he’d sit up crying most nights now. Y/n looked up, “pretty soon the house will always be empty…” it wasn’t a thought the two adored, they feared it more than anything. The angel smiled, “We’ll be alright”. And they would.

'I’m 99 for a moment

And dying for just another moment

And I’m just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are’

Warren had become ill and was on bed rest. He was sick, he knew this. He lost her for the final time. His son was Sixty six and aging, his daughter was fifty four and by his side. “It will all be okay” they assured, he knew this, he was an angel. He counted down the moments until he’d be knocking on heaven’s door. He didn’t want to leave his family behind but it’s a part life played.

'15 there’s still time for you

22 I feel her too

33 you’re on your way

Every day’s a new day’

In the end, it was believed the mind plays memories in a sequence for the last seven minutes of brain activity. His memories were jumbled as he found himself looking at a very young woman again, her beauty catching him off guard. She smiled her captivating smile and he was drawn in like she was a siren of the sea. Maybe this wasn’t the end, but was the very beginning.

'15 there’s still time for you

Time to buy and time to choose

Hey 15, there’s never a wish better than this

When you only got a hundred years to live’

He hadn’t moved, still staring at the unnamed stranger as he dreamt up his life with her. He paused, so many choices and so many things to say, he gently reached forward and touched her shoulder gently to grab her attention. She turned around with her y/e/c eyes shining, “yes?” she hummed out softly. Warren’s lips tugged into a smile, “I couldn’t help but be captured by your beauty, can I get you a drink?” he offered with a calmer tone than what was in his head. She smiled and nodded, “I’d like that, on two conditions”. He nodded, “yes?’ She paused, "Your name and a conversation”. “of course”.

Everyday like the one before [Beauty and the Beast AU]

[ prologue

pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

plot: Beauty and the Beast AU that incorporates elements of both the animated movie and life-action movie.

tags@snowpink39, @aworldwideapart, @saveatruckrideoptimusprime , @i-understand-mon-cher 

key: [Y/N] = your name, [L/N] = last name, [E/C] = eye colour, [H/C] = hair colour, [H/L] = hair length, [F/C] = favourite colour. 

warnings: none at the minute

words: 3,347

a/n: Please see this post to vote on what my next series should be.  

Originally posted by hhk915

Despite the curse placed on the castle, life in the village continued on with the villagers having no memory of the prince or his parties. In fact, the village moved along just fine with the prince’s absence, his tax and cruelty forgotten by all who lived there, and every day in the village was like the one before for all but one resident.

[Y/N] [L/N] and her father had moved to the village when [Y/N] was only a baby, her mother having passed in Paris soon after her birth, where her father continued to work as a painter and where [Y/N] was taught to read and write, pursuing inventing as a hobby, much to the dismay and hate of the other people in the village.

You see the village people did not like change, it scared them, and a woman known how to read and write was certainly knew as all the other women and girls in the village were simply housewives that cared for the children while their husband worked, or who helped teach other young women to be the perfect bride for their future husband. But [Y/N] was not like the others, she never had been.

The morning sun greeted [Y/N] has she took her [F/C] ribbon and tied her [H/L], [H/C] hair up in a ponytail as she watched the village begin to awaken with sounds of roosters crowing from her own front and from the distance within the village boundaries. Her father lay asleep on his bed, having been up late during the night painting and working on a music box [Y/N] had since she was a baby, fixing it up so that it was functioning once again.

Smiling at her father’s sleeping figure, [Y/N] lifted a small pouch filled with coins of the kitchen table, as well as another empty pouch that was larger in size, that she tied around her waist, they had as she was going to get their supplies for the day and for her father before he journeyed to the city to sell more of his art.  Leaving the small house that she called a home, [Y/N] let out a sigh, one that was slightly reluctant due to the way the people of the village treated her because she was different than them and she didn’t know if she wanted to face them.

Walking down the small pathway that guarded her vegetable garden, [Y/N] stepped through her gate and into the rest of the village.  It was quiet as she stepped through the archway into the main part of the village, where the markets and shops were, but the chimes of the bell tower awoke the town as windows and doors opened, revealing the village people as they began their day.  

[Y/N]s first stop was the bakery and as the baker emerged from his home, she took some coins from her pouch and placed them on his tray as she lifted a fresh baguette, the heat still radiating from it as she placed it in her empty pouch, “Bonjour.” Her voice was soft and sweet as she spoke, offering the Baker a smile as she walked away.   

A larger smile grew onto her face as she walked towards the carriage horse, lifting her hand to scratch between his eyes and down his nose while her other hand moved slowly down his neck, petting him.  

“Ah, good morning [Y/N]!” Turning away from the horse, [Y/N] greeted the voice with a smile as she spoke, “Good morning Monsieur Bruce.” Walking towards the tall man, who’s shoulders and buff physique made him look intimidating, “Have you lost something again?” [Y/N]’s [E/C] eyes reflected concern as she got closer to the Bruce, who offered her a confused look as he continued to search around him, “I’m afraid I have. The only problem is, I can’t remember what!”

It was the same every day, Monsieur Bruce was always looking for something but could never remember what and [Y/N] genuinely worried that he was going crazy as he could never seem to find what he was missing.  “Oh well, I’m sure it will come to me.” [Y/N] walked forward, pulling an apple from a bucket that was near Bruce and offering it to his mule, who gratefully took the treat as [Y/N] gave him a light scratch. “Where are you off to?”

Turning towards Bruce and walking backwards, [Y/N] offered an answer that she was sure to get judged about, “To a return, a book I borrowed from pére Sebastian, it’s about two lovers in fair Verona.” She continued to walk backwards, only turning when Bruce gave his reply, “Sounds boring.”

Rolling her eyes slightly, [Y/N] let a tiny and almost silent chuckle past her lips because she knew the people of the village would never understand.  Walking through the village, [Y/N] could feel the wandering eyes of the villagers as they stared after her and she could hear their voices as they talked in hushed whispers about her, but of course she took it all in her stride and ignored it but she could pick up on some of their words. Especially as she passed the women of the village doing their washing up and she could pick up words and phrase like ‘funny girl’ and ‘head in the clouds’, the woman of the village were not quiet in their disapproval of [Y/N] and it was not like them to speak in quiet tones or hushed voices.

Walking through the village, an amused smile grew on [Y/N]’s face as she watched the usual exchanges in the village, the man who sold the eggs trying to flirt with the fishmongers wife and someone commenting on how his eggs were too expensive and in her mind her thoughts were of one simple thing, there must be more than this provincial life.

Looking away from the rest of the village, as she had now reached the church building that lay at the edge of the village, she pushed open the wooden door with a smile as pére Sebastian greeted her. “Ah, if it isn’t the only bookworm in town.” He had been up a latter, dusting at the windows and so as he looked to [Y/N] he began to climb down them so he could talk to her. “So, where did you run off to this week?”

Clutching the book to her chest, [Y/N] gave a reply to pére Sebastian. “Two cities in Northern Italy, I didn’t want to come back.”  Sebastian now stood in front of the girl, his duster in front of him as he leant on it for some extra support, a smile on his face as he listened to her talk and watched her move with ease in his domain. “Have you got any new places to go?”

Moving to look at the small collection of books, [Y/N] placed Romeo and Juliet back and turned to Sebastian as he gave his answer, “I’m afraid not. But you can reread any of the old ones if you like.”  Scanning the titles, [Y/N] reached for a favourite of hers ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and stood back up, once again clutching a book to her chest. “Thank you, your library makes out small corner of the world seem big.” As she walked through the door and back into the village, she heard the voice of pére Sebastian call out to her, “Bon Voyage.”

Opening the book as she stepped into the street, she started to read, ignoring the stares and whispers of ‘peculiar’ and ‘strange’ and of course the questions of ‘is she well’. [Y/N] pressed the open book against her chest as she reached the flower and jam stall ran by Ivy and Harley, two women who lived together after the passing of their husbands. Once again she reached into her coin pouch and lifted a jar of jam, handing the coins over to Harley with a smile before placing the jam in the pouch with her bread.

As she walked through the area where Ivy kept her flower, she kept her eyes on the book and skillfully avoided the various people looking over Ivy’s gorgeous bouquets, closing the book when she left the area in order to navigate the more difficult portion of the village where many people were walking. Of course, the three girls her age that were vying for husbands looked on and stared after her as she was said to be the more beautiful girl in the village and they were jealous of the fact that many believed that, including the man they all wanted as a husband, and so they whispered of how different she was to them.

As Belle wandered through the village, Lex Luthor looked on from the distance through a telescope and watched her as he spoke to his loyal and faithful companion, Oswald Cobblebot. “Look at her Oswald, my future wife.” Taking the telescope down from his eyes and handing it to his companion, he spoke in order to emphasise his point, “[Y/N] is the most beautiful girl in the village, that makes her the best.”

Oswald handed the telescope back to Lex with a questioning glance and his hand extended outward, moving over Lex’s body as he spoke, “But she’s so well-read and you’re so athletically inclined.”

Looking out toward the village, Gaston through over [Y/N] and why he wanted her as a bride before he voiced his thoughts. “I know. [Y/N] can be as argumentative as she is beautiful.” Before he could continue, Oswald managed to get a word in, “Exactly. Who needs her when you’ve got us?” He wasn’t going to admit it to anyone, but Oswald knew he would be lonely if Lex was to ever get married and left him alone, after all, Lex was the only friend he had.

Lex slouched in his saddle slightly before continuing, “But since the war, I’ve felt like I’ve been missing something. She’s the only girl that gives me that sense of…” trailing off, Lex raised his hand towards his face and rubbed his fingers together in an attempt to find the right word before Oswald offered a suggestion, “Je ne suis qu'à?”  Bringing his hand back down to the reign and kicking his horse into motion, Lex admitted, “I don’t know what that means.” As they descended onto the village, Lex described the moment he fell for [Y/N] to Oswald.

“Right from the moment that I meet her, saw her, I said ‘she’s gorgeous’ and I fell. In town, there is only she, as beautiful as me, so I’m making plans to woo and marry [Y/N]”. But of course, [Y/N] had no intention to marry anyone and she certainly had no intention of marrying Lex.

As she went about the village, [Y/N] made her way back to the back of Ivy and Harley’s stall, where she was spotted by Gaston who had dismounted his horse and started his search for her, and smiled thankfully as she was offered various goods from the people around her in a kind decline of their goods. As she got to the fountain, she leant her arms against and it gazed into the water for a moment, not noticing Lex standing only a few meters away from her with a bouquet of flowers for her.

Standing up from the fountain, [Y/N] stepped back and started making her way through the village square once again and once again, she ignored the stares of the people around her only to be called to attention by the voice of a man she would say she hated, if she had not been taught that hate is a word that should only be reserved for the most evil of people in the world.

“Good morning [Y/N]!” As he jogged up to her side, [Y/N] turned to look at Lex with a raised eyebrow. “Wonderful book you have there.” [Y/N] doubted he had read it, in fact, she doubted he had read anything! And her doubts were confirmed as she looked to her book and then back to Lex, “Have you read it?” Lex’s answer almost made her roll her eyes, but she simply stared at him with mundane disbelief.

“Well, not that one. But, you know, books…” As he trailed off, [Y/N] forced back a sign and jumped back slightly as Lex offered up the bouquet he had in his hands, “For your dinner table.” Pushing his luck, Lex asked a question [Y/N] thought he would know the answer too after trying to win her affections for so long, “Shall I join you this evening?”

Struggling to find words, [Y/N] almost let out a sound of exacerbation but she held back and decided to answer him, “Sorry, not this evening.”  

“Busy?” As he asked his question, Lex rose an eyebrow hoping for the answer to be yes but known that it would be

“No…” Lex looked at her in disbelief as she turned away from him and even walked away from him before he was joined once again by Oswald asking, “So, moving on?”  But of course, he wasn’t.

“No Oswald. It is the ones who play hard to get who are always the sweetest prey. That’s what makes [Y/N] so appealing, she hasn’t made a fool of herself just to gain my favour. What would you call that?”

Oswald watched as [Y/N] walked away from the two of them, his eyes half amused with Lex’s pursuit of the, clearly, disinterested girl and replied to his friends question quite honestly. “Dignity?”

Turning towards his friend, a large grin was on Lex’s face as he spoke. “It’s outrageously attractive, isn’t it?” At the sound of his name being called by three women, he left his friend and joined them.

As she arrived back at her home, [Y/N] turned to see if Lex had followed her and at the appearance that he hadn’t she let out a relieved sigh before continuing to her door. It was here that the familiar sound of a music box filled her ears and brought a feeling of warmth to her, causing a smile to break out on her previously worried face.  

As she entered her small home, the sight of her father working on a music box styled sculpture of her parents and her as a baby greeted her, as did the sound of her father singing the lullaby that accompanied the music box.

How does a moment last forever

How can a story never die

It is love we must hold on to

Never easy but we try

Sometimes out happiness is captured

Somehow a time and place stand still

Love lives on inside out hearts

And always will

The sound of her father singing made [Y/N] happy as she made him some jam and bread from what she had just bought, with the sound of stopping as she approached him with it, startling the man as he finally noticed her presence for he wasn’t really one to sing with her around.

“Oh, [Y/N].” Setting the plate of food down beside her father, she lifted a small work tool  as her father lifted out the clockwork of the music box and asked her, “Could you hand me a…” Upon noticing she already had it, the two exchanged smiles as he let out an ‘ohh’ sound. While he was working with that tool, [Y/N] lifted another and extended her hand out toward him just as he turned to her once again, “I also need…”  He looked over the tool before claiming, “No. No.No.” As [Y/N] raised an eyebrow and gave him a questioning glance, he looked back to the clockwork before deciding, “Yes, that’s exactly what I need. Thank you.”

Sharing a smile with his daughter, he turned back to his work only to be pulled out be a question from [Y/N]. “Papa, do you think I’m odd?” [Y/N] lifted a trinket of the table and moved around the room a little, setting it down on a stool as she listened to her father talk, “Odd? My daughter odd? Wherever would you get an idea like that?”


With a gentle sigh, [Y/N] looked over the trinket she had set down before she continued, “Oh I don’t know. People talk.” Her father watched her, his eyes kind and filled with love, “This is a small village, you know. Small minded as well.”

Looking up to her father momentarily she listened to him, “But small also means safe.” She could understand what he meant, they had previously lived in the large and beautiful city of Paris but the death of her mother meant they had to leave and so, to a small and safe village they moved. Lifting a box from the ground, [Y/N] moved to put it where it belonged as her father continued to talk, “Even back in Paris, I knew a girl like you, who was so…” [Y/N] knew he was talking about her mother, he often commented that they were alike in many ways, “ahead of her time.So different.”

As she sat by the fire, [Y/N] continued to watch her father as he spoke of her mother,”People mocked her. Until the day they all found themselves imitating her.” With a gentle smile, [Y/N] rose from her position once again and walked towards her father, words that had been burning in her brain only coming out when she reached him, “Please, just tell me one more thing about her.”

Her father contemplated the idea, sitting back in the chair he was in and knitting his eyebrows together, “Your mother was…” He trailed off slightly and leant forward once again, looking over his music box once again, “Fearless.” This made [Y/N] smile and her eyes sparkled as her father nodded and looked at her, repeating “Fearless” once again before looking back and closing the music box.   

“I have to leave now.” Nodding, [Y/N] helped her father pack up the music box of the old windmill they lived in that depicted their family so he could show it and helped him out to the carriage, where their horse Phillipe was and she gave Philippe a treat while scratching his head and giving him a kiss between his two eyes. Walking back to her father, who was climbing onto the carriage, she had a melancholy smile on her face as she knew he had to leave but he was sad that he had to leave.  

[Y/N] handed her father the reigns that would allow him to control the carriage and Philippe her smile turning genuine.  Placing her hands on his knee, she looked to her father as he spoke, “So, what can I bring you from the market?”  She knew what she wanted, it was what she always wanted when he went to market.

“A rose. Like the one in the painting.” Her father chuckled and shook his head slightly, “You ask for that every year!” His voice was slightly disbelieving but he knew that she loved her roses.

“And every year you bring it.” She was always so happy getting the rose and her father certainly loved seeing the light in her eyes brighten when he gave it to her. “Then I shall bring you another.” Removing her hand from her knee as her father reached out and lightly gripped her chin, “You have my word.”

[Y/N] smiled at her father and stepped back away from the carriage, “Goodbye, Papa.” Moving towards the path that lead to her home, [Y/N]’s father lifted the reins, “Goodby, [Y/N].”  Watching from her door as her father lead Philippe away she shouted out to him, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Right, tomorrow. With the rose.”

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Oh gosh can I have 'Alive Hale Family' and/or 'Stiles went back to past to save the Hale' Steter fics????

Here’s Alive Hale Family and Steter. And here’s our time travel tag. - Anastasia

Originally posted by itsmsletsp

147 pounds by Rabid_X

(1/1 I 912 I General)

Peter Hale finds himself having another mate after the death of his first in the Hale Fire. Needless to say, he’s reluctant.

“Talia, he’s a child.”

“He’s a young man, Peter,” His sister, his Alpha, said, dark eyes flashing with amusement. “And he’s brilliant, opinionated and you love his scent.”

Adventures with werecoons by TriscuitsandSoup

(1/1 I 948 I Teen)

Laura didn’t believe Derek when he said Stiles wasn’t being abused. Her mean-spirited, cruel, dripping with sarcasm uncle could not love a weak, spastic human, like the one Derek described.

Come Out and Play by friend9810

(1/1 I 1,165 I Teen)

Stiles is a college freshman. Peter is his roommate. This couldn’t possibly end well.

(Un)Lucky by makingitwork

(1/1 I 1,596 I General)

Peter is both lucky and unlucky.

He’s lucky because he’s found his soul mate, and that’s one of the rarest things to do.

He’s unlucky because that soul mate is the five year old Stiles Stilinski- who is amazing and perfect, it’s only that he’s 22 years younger than him and

his father owns a gun.

Better than Pretzel Dogs by thehyacinthgirl

(1/1 I 2,538 I Mature)

Stiles works at a Pretzel shop in the mall and boasts a challenge to Peter.

Of Folklore, Comparative Literature, and The Good Old Days by scorchedpeter

(2/? I 3,539 I Mature)

He dropped the highlighter in his hand, fumbled his phone free of the pocket of his slacks, and almost cursed out loud at the number of Facebook notifications he had. They kept steadily climbing as Stiles shakily unlocked his phone to confirm what he had a feeling had happened. And yep, Erica had posted a suspiciously innocent and sweet comment on his wall about an hour ago, “Oh! Memories of the good old days when you still knew how to have fun. Can’t wait to see you and Lydia Martin when you come home for Christmas, Batman!”

She had included a link and Stiles couldn’t help but hold his breath as he clicked it. He was redirected to the YouTube app and the second that the video loaded, Stiles felt his shoulders sag in defeat, because he had always made it a point to accept friend requests from his students. Obviously, he would now have to rethink that policy because every one of them could see the video.

Every one of them now had the link to the old YouTube channel.


Growing Up, Growing Strong by cywscross

(1/1 I 9,947 I Teen)

Stiles is adopted by the Hales.

Handler Protocols and Other Related Things by WindyRein

(1/1 I 4,962 I Teen)

It starts with some really sketchy Craigslist ads and it ends with a coffee shop and his soulmate. Not bad if he says so himself.

The Best Kind of Hunger by oriolevent

(2/? I 5,005 I Teen)

An old friend of the Hale pack disappears. The Yukimura clan is enlisted to help. Peter discovers Stiles is much more interesting than a potential murder mystery.

At Least Taste the Fruit by BeyondtheKilljoy

(5/? I 6,149 I Mature)

Maybe Stiles wanted to dig into himself, pulling out until he had nothing. All he knew was his bones were too big, his body too tired, and he’s eating too much. All he knew was craving, and when that was gone, what was left?


Heretics and Bastards by JusticeBanana

(3/? I 7,517 I Mature)

Peter is sick of court and the drama it entails. His sister is creating a life for her and her children in a new and promising land that Peter finds cold and horrid. Soon he is dragged into something much bigger than himself and the usual royal court happenings. This boy he thinks he failed to keep from harm may not be safe but he is alive.

Spare the Details by wynnebat

(1/1 I 8,612 I Teen)

Admittedly, it hadn’t been the most precise plan, but this was a bit much.

my soul be still by sinequanon

(6/6 I 11,521 I Teen)

When the Sheriff loses his son, his calls his sister-in-law Ellen and the Winchesters to help him get Stiles back. Unfortunately, getting him home was the easy part.

Angel Baby by Dime6119

(8/8 I 14,189 I Mature)

Stiles glared down at the white stick in his hand shaking it hoping that the little pink plus would go away. He had done the same thing with the last eight test but they all still had that stupid plus sign on it.

Stiles has a one night stand when he turns eighteen, and now has to deal with having a baby.

Beautician and the Beast by MaroonDragon

(10/10 I 18,168 I Teen)

Peter likes to look good. He sells himself through his looks. So why shouldn’t he make sure that he’s as handsome as possible when he’s shifted? Why would anyone want to have a dry and coarse fur when it’s not needed? So he goes to a dog beauty parlour on a regular basis. When Stiles opens up a new shop in town, Peter finds way more than a new place to have his nails trimmed and his hair done. The only problem is, how can he seduce the guy when he’s on four paws and believed to be just a very large dog?

Sanctuary by DiscontentedWinter

(22/22 I 56,524 I Mature)

The Hale Wolf Sanctuary isn’t just for wolves.

It turns out it’s for Stilinskis as well.

Alpha&Omega by Mellow (SweetCandy)

(7/? I 65,828 I Explicit)

He didn’t miss the feeling of a warm body in his bed, he didn’t wish for someone who would greet him at the doorstep when he came home after a long day of work, or who would bid him goodbye with a soft kiss.

Peter didn’t want his home smelling like a mixture of his musky, dark alpha scent and a sweet, playful omega scent. He didn’t long to hear the sound of small feet running around the house, calling him Daddy or Papa and demanding to get ice cream for dinner or not having to go to kindergarten because it was stupid.

No, he didn’t want kids, he didn’t want a relationship and most importantly: he didn’t want a fucking omega.


Or: Peter Hale, successful businessman and Alpha werewolf, doesn’t want an Omega no matter how much his sister urges him to finally claim a mate. He has never been interested in an Omega.
At least until he runs into one Stiles Stilinski at his nephew’s birthday party, who falls for him in more than just one way.

Best Part

Note: Okay, so I really really really enjoyed writing this one. There seriously needs to be more Oak x Reader imagines out there. This one had me melting and squealing on the inside because flufffffffff.

Request: Hi:) you write cast fics right? I was wondering if you could write a really fluffy Oak fic where he asks the reader to marry him? Maybe with 12? Thank you!!

Word Count: 1360

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Warning: None, just fluffity fluff and a lot of it

“Okieriete Onaodowan!” Your voice echoed off of the walls to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend.

“One sec!” Oak’s voice shouted down the hall.

A couple of beats later, his head popped into the doorway to your shared bedroom. He saw you standing in the middle of the room with your arms crossed, giving him a pointed look.

“What?” He asked, not knowing why you were acting like this.

You sighed, pointing to a pair of dirty socks that were thrown on the floor. Oak’s dirty socks that were thrown on the floor.

“How many times have I told you to not leave your dirty socks on the floor?” You asked, causing Oak to sigh. “I love you, but damn…pick up your dirty socks.”

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Kisses For Another

Wonwoo x Jun x Reader

Words: 2,074

Genre: Smut

Plot: Wonwoo didn’t like sharing. He liked keeping to himself, and keeping his things to him, even when it came to the members most of the time. Of course, he made an exception when it came to you, gladly sharing anything he had with you. He didn’t think that the exception meant this too.

Content: masturbation, voyeurism, female bodied reader, established relationship, extra people in the bedroom

Author’s Note: Big shoutout to @leejihxxn for getting me into the smut writing mood (and maybe giving me some of the ideas) and Wonwoo for making me unable to think about anything but him kissing me in a dream I had the other night, and tHE WINK. This is a smut of my frustrations, basically.

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He’ll Never Know (BTS fic)

This is my try at @ask-chimchim ‘s amazing and beautiful and sort of sad comic and made a fic for it! I hope you like it even when it’s not the best!

Name: He’ll Never Know

Pairing: One sided Jihope, Yoonseok, jikook (brotp of sorts)

Summary: Every word stuck more and more in Jimin’s heart. So loving and beautiful and full of feeling. But none of them belonged to her,and they never would. And one thing is for sure, is she’ll never let him know how much she yearns for them.

This will be sort of angsty with a happy ending and will include jihope, yooseok, and slight jikook

Long soft orange locks were being caressed by the wind, leaves of red, brown, and yellow hues drifting onto the ground as Jimin held onto a stripped red and green box in her arms. She was smiling brightly, brown eyes looking around trying to find sight of the person who she was looking forward to giving this gift. She became wary of her surroundings because no matter where she looked, she could not spot him. It was worrying because she’d usually find Hoseok sitting by one of the trees immersed in his books.

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4.5/5 Stars.

When Helen Moran learns of her adoptive brother’s suicide, she returns home to her adoptive parents for the first time in years and launches her own metaphysical investigation into his suicide.

What you need to understand here is that Helen is one of the oddest characters you will ever encounter. No amount of explanation could properly convey just how strange and quirky she is. To be inside her brain for 263 pages is an experience—an experience that I happened to love, though not all readers will.

But the thing is that beneath Helen’s amusing strangeness and her frankly inappropriate way of dealing with everything lies some extremely poignant truths.

When someone you know commits suicide there’s this underlying need to find out why. But the thing is that it’s not always that straightforward. And in situations where it’s unexpected, you find yourself feeling deeply distraught by a sudden realization that this person you cared about had been concealing an unfathomably deep well of despair unseen by those around them. It makes you stop and wonder about how much you can ever really know about anyone, and it’s a profoundly sad feeling in so many ways.

I’ve known this feeling, and Patty Yumi Cottrell addressed it so interestingly and accurately in this book, employing absurdity and bleak humor as a vehicle to confront such concrete sadness.

Helen, unlike many of us, does eventually found the “why” she’s looking for. And it adds a whole new layer of depth and melancholy beauty to this moving debut.

Always There

Jerome x Reader

Warnings: none

Sorry, it’s short


Slowly and reluctantly, you uncover your face. You blink, close your eyes, and blink again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blind you. You feel a strong arm grasped around your waist. You turn your head and there lies Jerome still fast asleep. You wiggle out of his embrace, and sat up, dragging your feet off the bed, and rubbed your knuckles onto your eyes. You stretched your arms above your head and yawn. You watch your legs dangle above the off-white polyester carpet. You got up and walked towards the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.

After brushing your teeth, you were looking at your reflection, you mumbled thinking you were saying it in your head,“Why can’t I be beautiful? What does Jerome see in me? Why does he think I’m pretty? He can do better than me. He can have anyone, well anyone that’s not afraid of him.”

What you didn’t know was Jerome was about to open the door when he heard you. He was appalled that you would think that. He stormed in, went up to you, and turned you so you were facing him.

“You are the most gorgeous person I have ever laid eyes on. Don’t ever think that your not good enough for me because babe I’m the one that’s not good enough. You are the brightest star in my sky. You’re my angel. When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. When we’re apart, days feel like years. I wasn’t planning on loving you, but I’m glad I did. So please don’t ever think otherwise. I love you y/n.”

You weren’t going to deny it but this made you a bit teary eyed. You grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. “I love you too Jerome, but I can’t say that I won’t think those things again.”

“Then every time you do, I’ll be there to tell you otherwise.”

Compliments and Complements

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Requests: (by anons)  Could you do a Sebastian imagine where he starts liking the shy, awkward, geeky reader (even though she’s a girl) and it really confuses him and one day he just kisses her and maybe she’ll tell him she likes him too?I love your blog! and Could you write a Sebastian imagine where he falls in love with the awkward, clumsy,shy, geeky reader and it really confuses him cause she’s a girl? And maybe he ends up confessing and they kiss or something? You’re writing is amazing!

Notes: So I realized these two requests were really similar, so I just combined them in one. Also, the entire story is told from Sebastian’s POV, a) because it’s fun, and b) I thought it’d be easier to write him falling in love that way. And the title is just a pun because he always compliments her, and a complement is like half of a whole, or things that go well together.

Y/H- your height

H/L- hair length

H/T- hair texture

H/C- hair color

E/C- eye color

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