why am i writing at 5am such a bad idea


Dean had been wondering about the color of the sky at four in the morning, and what it was called. It was lighter than navy, but darker than azure. It wasn’t baby blue or cornfower blue. Federal blue and ultramarine were just wrong.

The closest Dean could find was cobalt blue, but even then, as he held the paint swatch up to the night sky, it just didn’t feel right. Cobalt didn’t have the depth, the simultaneous luminescence and darkness. Cobalt didn’t capture the feeling of impending sunrise, the way the sky looked like it was glowing in the dark.

Dean finally resigned himself to the fact that there was was no name for this color. He couldn’t imagine any name that could live up to that color, anyway. But then the door crashed open and the lamps popped and sparks flew and Dean looked right into the color of night sky at four in the morning, glowing from the face of an angel of the Lord. That color didn’t have a name, so Dean gave it one.

Castiel blue.