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a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

some of the reasons why i lov seijou
  • third year dynamics
  • iwaizumi hajime
  • kyoutani can’t throw away a certain box of chicken “because it’s too cute" 
  • kindaichi’s massive crush on iwaizumi
  • shinji watari receiver of my heart libero of my soul 
  • iwaizumi hajime’s arms
  • ok but honestly oikawa tooru is one of the most well rounded and deep characters i have ever seen 
  • creampuff head yahaba shigeru 
  • third year dynamics again
  • entire team dynamic really
  • "if you miss this serve you’re buying us ramen" 
  • iwaizumi hajime wanting desperately to be just 1cm taller 
  • gay icon oikawa 
  • matsukawa’ eyebrows 
  • hanamaki’s distinct lack of eyebrows 
  • good senpai iwaizumi hajime 
  • even better senpai oikawa tooru cause he’s not always an asshole he’s captain for a reason and he only says "its britney bitch” with good reason
  • kyoutani’s emo eyeliner
  • training camp truth or dare at 3am cause that totally happens 
  • matsukawa-kunimi senpai dynamic
  • my daddy iwaizumi hajime 
  • hanamaki/iwaizumi/kyoutani arm wrestling competitions 
  • watari-yahaba best friends dynamic
  • Where Is My Seijou OVA

In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

She’s too cute.

this is not a FF (i dont actually follow all the blogs listed) but a list of accounts i find myself reblogging often. only focusing on NHL content. hopefully it will help some of you xx (2013-2014 edition)


captainfantoewstic [devs, hawks] || crosberle [jets, oilers, pens] || crosschecked [leafs] || devsbhawks [devs, hawks] || essouffle [hawks] || hartfrdwhalers [canucks, leafs] || luciefers [caps] || modanos [bolts, leafs, stars] || tylersexguin [canucks]


alexgoligoski [wild] E, G: wild, others 

alzner [caps] E, G: multi-team

ameriqueen [pens] E, G: pens 

anders-lee [isles] G: isles, others

barca-penguins [pens] E,G: pens 

beaunitabennett [bruins, pens, stars] E, G: multi-team 

bennyandthestars [stars] E, G: stars, others 

bieksler [canucks] E, G: canucks

bollig25 [caps, rangers] E: multi-team

brianboyler [pens, rangers] E, G: pens, rangers

captainjonathantoews [habs, hawks, stars] E, G: hawks

copperbooom [wings] E, G: wings

crosbye [pens] E, G: canes, canucks, pens

dallas41chicago88 [leafs] E, G: leafs, hawks, others

danhammerhuis [canucks, pens] E, G: canucks, pens

darthtulip [hawks] E, G: hawks, habs, others

ekholms [pens, preds] E, G: pens, preds

elqiao [?] G: multi-team

evgeniemalkin [habs, hawks, oilers] E, G: multi-team

eternityinalake [hawks, pens] G: hawks, pens

fleurys [pens] E, G: pens

fourthline [sens] E, G: multi-team

franson [flyers, leafs, preds] E, G: leafs, preds, others

fucale [canucks, habs, leafs] E, G: multi-team

gauncer [canucks] E, Gcanucks, others

glovehand [pens, stars] G: habs, pens, stars

goalieelove [habs, hawks, stars] E. G: hawks, others

isengard [avs, hawks, stars] G: multi-team

jamessreimer [leafs] E, G: leafs

jeffskinnr [canes, hawks, kings, stars]  E, G: kings, others

jordanschroeders [canucks] E, G: canucks

jordanstaal [hawks, pens] E, G: hawks, pens, others

juicepls [canucks] E, G: canucks

letangs [pens] E, G: pens 

maljic [pens] G: pens, others

markstroem [habs, panthers] G: habs, panthers, others

martybiron [rangers] E, G: rangers

mattduchenne [avs, habs, rangers] E, G: avs, others

mcandrefleury  [canucks, pens]  E, G: canucks, pens, others

michaellatta [avs, caps, hawks] E, G: hawks, stars,  others

myregularface [bruins] G: multi-team

nlidstrom [wings] E: wings

ollimaattas [pens] G: hawks, pens

paulmartinamericanhero [pens] E, G: pens

~** peeksandtoews **~ [canucks, hawks] G: canucks, hawks

pittsburghpengwins [pens] G: pens

prustytute​ [habs] E,G: habs

pyatts [canucks] E, G: canucks, others

quebuenoooo [?] E, G: multi-team

raantasauruses [hawks, stars] G: hawks, stars

rawrzuhlind [canucks] E, G: canucks

sedintwins [canucks} E, G: canucks, others

shawzerz [hawks] E, G [hawks]

sidmalkin [pens] E, G: pens, others

sidneyc [leafs, pens, stars] E, Gmulti-team

so-hockey-eh [?] G: multi-team

staalskinner [canes]: E, G: canes, others

szabadosed [?] E, G: multi-team

theyslayedthedragon [canucks] E: canucks, others

toewscrosby [hawks] E, G: hawks, others

troubaa [hawks] G: hawks 

vincecarters [leafs] E: leafs, others

wbspens [pens, stars]: E, G: pens, stars

wintermonthnovelty [?] E: multi-team

withglowinghearts- [?] E: multi-team

yourmomsfavouriteplayer [habs] G: habs

yzermanwingedwheel [wings] E, G: wings

this is a constant wip, if you’d like to suggest other accounts, just give me a shout! I’m also listing focused teams ( “[team]” & “E/G: team”) based on the impression their tumblr gives me, but feel free to point out any errors!

valid reasons to criticise the guardians of the galaxy movie:

  • only choosing to use one of the female characters for the film when the 2008 team that they’re using as the basis for the movie team had at least two ladies!!! why is mantis not on this team
  • not choosing to include phyla-vell and heather because SPACE GIRLFRIENDS ONE OF WHOM TURNS INTO A DRAGON ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME
  • all major non-white actors in this film are either covered in body paint, cgi’d, or playing villains. while this is one of marvel’s more diverse casts, that still is problematic.

reasons NOT to criticise the guardians of the galaxy movie:

  • it looks too funny!!!! jokes!!!! I hate jokes
  • the talking raccoon

From now on I’m going to be eating with you.


top 6 selfies of 2014! some are blurry or low quality or cosplay photos but lets be honest i look super cute

i’d like to thank all of my followers for helping me reach the self-confidence i have - all the anonymous messages, comments, and being yelled at by friends has genuinely improved my outlook on my appearance, and i love each and every one of you <3 thank you so much!!

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kimheenim:someone is giving me bad vibes since morning..in the past i deactivated my facebook account already..when lee donghae got hacked,i made fun of him saying “your password is that easy that’s why you got hacked,stupid ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ” but…auntie ~add the king of stupid here!!since i am not me from my younger days..i won’t curse anymore!!shaking…my LOL account got hacked too..shaking ..#pleaserecommendmeadifficultpassword ㅅㅈㄴㄷ늗ᆞ짓ㄱㅈㅂㅊㅁㄷ@-:^□ cant tag the kids (members)!!kanginie is kanginnim,donghae is leedonghae1015,gunhee is gunheenim ,hyukjae is eunhyuk0404..is that right?? 

Heechul commented on his photo: Yah. What are the kids’ IDs? (members)

Leeteul left a comment on heechul’s IG:I am special_JS1004 (c)

Blink and you’ll miss it.

It’s an old phrase. It’s been around for as long as Leonard can remember.

It’s used when something happens so fast, you blink and that’s it, you missed it.

It’s used for races, for magic tricks, for miracles.

It’s only when Leonard finds himself sat in a therapist’s office, a lonely silver band on his finger and the sound of phaser shots still ringing in his ears months later, that he even realizes it can be used for people too.

It can be used for life, death, and everything in between.

“What happened?”

It can be used for Jim Kirk.

“I blinked.”

why st/dia is problematic

I will mention lots of stuff that maybe triggering for u, if it is then pls don’t read. I’m giving u a warning now. 

The reason I am making this post is not because I’m an anti-st/dia troll, I used to be one too before I got educated but it is because I don’t want anyone wanting a toxic ship like st/dia. It is not healthy and no “i’m not holier than thou” I’m not trying to act like a douche. Before u send me any anons read ALL of this, read the links, and rinse and repeat. THEN send me a message. Also, I tagged this post properly so don’t complain about seeing hate on ur dash because it isn’t hate, I am stating facts. I didn’t make this stuff up, these aren’t my opinions. This is shit that actually happened. Ok? If it is on ur dash, take the moment to read it and understand it not complain about it. Also not everything related to Lydia is about Stiles. She is her own person, with her own arc, her own story, her own development and there is more to her than fuckboy st!l!nsk!. 

If ur getting hate for not shipping stydia message me and i got u. Also here are some non problematic AWESOME blogs that dont ship stydia: me lol karasdanvr octaya biracialhalsey lydiasdeputy laurelances halsey

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So a long time ago I used to be a huge Moffat stan and I am reading through my old opinions on the subject and it is a hideously embarrassing, humbling experience, which despite giving me hope that I will continue to grow as a human being, also reminds me never to become too confident in my own righteousness ever again because years from now I could well read back some of my shit and think: oh dear god, WHY did I say THAT???

(I think a lot of Moffat critics were once fans and share this terrible reminder of the fickle nature of humanity and will now never ever do the whole ‘thoughtless mob-ish worshipping of a public figure and/or their work’ ever again) 

To give you an idea of quite how bad I was, I used to argue that Steven Moffat was THE best writer in NuWho (forgive me RTD for I have sinned), call him The Grand Moff unironically, think he was good at writing female characters (imagine the laugh from Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda here), and get involved in that general oddly joyous and appreciative fist shaking “Moffat!” thing that tends to go on when Moffat kills a character (and then swiftly brings them back, but I’m not here to talk about how death means nothing in Doctor Who anymore. Oops, I just did). 

My past is full of nightmares, my friends. My time as a Moffat stan was a dark, dark time for me…

I’m starting to really get worried about myself this is just a sampling of some of the tags I’ve used for the boys today:

  • “my little truffle piglet”
  • “king of the river otters”

  • “a gorgeous hunk of beef sprinkled with golden fair dust”

  • “A LITTLE BOOP! BOOP THE SNOOT!”“let me use [your nose] as a toast point”

  • “entirely too much tuna fish” (credit to Oh, Hello!)

  • “lil peepers and face of consternation”

  • “like a piece of molten shrapnel lodging itself in my heart”

  • “My sweet beef cake”

  • “this meme might be dead but niall’s ass in those pants sure as hell isn’t”

  • “a majestic baby puffin”

  • “He’s in a henley I want death. Let me go gently into that goodnight”
  • And my personal favorite which you can feel free to print on my grave “My mouth is full of turkey sandwich but I am still screaming”

{ ofmisconceptions }

Javier couldn’t do this anymore, definitely not over text. He wasn’t even sure why he was standing in front of the door of her flat now but he was. He wasn’t sure what to say or what this all meant, all he knew was that his feelings were were too much for him and he wasn’t sure how to deal with them in that moment. So maybe that’s why he was standing there now and, well, she said herself they shouldn’t be doing this over texts so he was biting down on his lower lip, knocking on the door of her flat and hoping she would open. 

Reasons why I've given up on  fandoms #39482093
  • Me:Oh, there's this character in this show that I really don't like. She's really horrible for various amounts of reasons in relation to other characters and with certain plot points in the story. But I won't post too much about it because it's just my opinion and I know there's quite a few people who actually like her.
  • .......I'm looking at you, Aldnoah.Zero fandom.

I’m terrified about opening my dash or scrolling down…

I saw a gif and I closed everything.
I also saw on instagram preview of videos, I understood what they were, and I am asking myself WHY they were already there.
Closing instagram too.
Please, everyone, be kind… tag and tag tag tag again everything twice and with a thousand way to mean “BOTFA SPOILERS" (I suggest "botfa” “bofa” “spoiler” “spoilers” “botfa spoiler” “botfa spoilers” “bofa spoiler” “botfa spoilers” etc…).

Please do it for us, poor people that can’t see the film in their country.