why am i unattractive

‘why am i alive’

‘why is life so complicated’

‘why am i painfully unattractive’

‘why am i still awake at 3:32 am’

‘why are cats bitchy’

‘why are my legs hairy’

‘why is it easier to handle a wet soap than a good conversation’

‘why is everything so pointless’

‘why do people say express yourself and then judge you afterwards’

‘why am i not good enough’

‘why are responsibilities not responsible enough to take care of themselves’

‘why is it so hard to be normal’

‘why is friday so close to monday but not monday to friday’

‘why are kids real’


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I plan to focus on accepting my body this month. I want to meditate on my feelings towards my body and understand why I trick myself into believing I am overweight or unattractive (which are not synonymous in my mind). Do you have any tips? It's very confusing for me.

The body is. The body is simply here with you and for you, it supports you and it carries you; honor that. Feel the aliveness that lives in the body and sit with it. Yes, meditate on it, but not on your feelings or thoughts about, just sit with it and bring your attention to it. Meditate with honor and respect for the body, regardless of its size, big or small. Separate out the noise, the societal views and opinions about how you should be physically and how you should feel about yourself from your actual body. It is just there, the thoughts and the beliefs can just hang and you can just be; just be with your body.

The body is a powerful helper and aide for us, for you, it craves your attention. Breathe and follow your breathe to your chest and feel, give that your attention. Feel all the parts of your body from the inside, feel the aliveness and the warmth that resides there.

There is an intelligence to the body that is unmatched, honor that. The body beats your heart and breaths for you, it does an uncountable amount of things, while you are just going about your life. Digestion, cell division, heat regulation, pH regulation these things are all going on in the fascinating space that is your body. Trillions of things simultaneously happening in the body; without you even knowing or controlling. Respect that and sit with the body and give it your attention. Give it your love. Feel. That is enough. Pull the labels off and notice how the mind is always criticizing the body, and simply sit and respect.

Take care and I hope this helps,


Ugly-Jeno Angst/Fluff

Hallucinations continuation featuring Jeno! :)

Song: The bold words are lyrics from the song

Everyone had just woken up after the first rainy night at the camp site. Charlotte woke up to voices outside and some sunlight streaming through her tent. She went outside to hear giggling. Charlotte saw Lisa, Ten, and Johnny standing over the tent she (reader from hallucinations) was in. It looked like they were taking pictures or something. Charlotte figured she was sleeping in a funny position so she went to go see for herself. As she approached the open tent she really wished she hadn’t. That this was the beginning of a bad dream.

*Reader’s POV aka Charlotte (but I’m going to change it to Y/N at some point)*

No. I’m too late!

I looked into the tent and saw Mark, the boy I liked, with his arms wrapped around her loosely. Her head was tucked into his neck and they were cuddling, both breathing softly. Then Mark let out a loud snore causing her to jerk awake.

Lisa and the two boys next to her let out loud laughs at her sleepy and confused face causing Mark to stir awake until they both were sitting up looking at them in confusion trying to shake themselves awake. I wanted to walk away from the scene but I needed to know why they were sleeping so closely. Luckily, the question was asked by Lisa, her best friend.

“HAHAHA I KNEW IT! You guys are dating, right,“ Lisa asked the two figures still sitting in the tent.

Sly smiles grew on both of their faces, her looking down at her hands in her lap and Mark looking at her in adornment. By now the others had woken up too and were watching with us waiting for an answer from the two.

Mark grabbed her hand shyly and looked at all of us before confirming that they were definitely dating.

That’s it…she has him now…

You didn’t want to let the others know that you felt betrayed and hurt over the new couple so you tried your best to keep a straight face, although you were unable to wipe the sad expression off for a moment. In that moment another figure was silently watching your reaction.

*Fast-forward three weeks*

The camping trip done in a surprisingly successful manner. The new couple decided to come apologize to you the same day their relationship was announced since they both knew of your feelings for Mark. You weren’t mad for long since you couldn’t really blame her for liking him even though she knew you liked him, too. She was his friend longer and you never actually asked about her feelings for him even though you knew she had them. Also, even before you had really begun to like Mark you knew you really weren’t his type so felt as though you could only blame yourself for developing your one-sided crush. During the rest of the trip you realized it would be better if you and Mark had a more sibling like relationship. You let the couple know you weren’t mad and you were fine with them dating, which they took with great thankfulness.

You had come to accept their relationship but you still couldn’t shake the feeling of rejection away even though three weeks had passed. It had caused a bit of an insecure feeling to settle in your head. You were keeping this feeling to yourself mostly because everyone was to busy spending their summers with their significant others, which included Lisa, Ten, and even the older boys that usually hung out with you all, to really pay attention to you. Well, there was actually one person who was visiting quiet frequently.

It was Jeno. Lee Jeno. Ever since the camping trip ended it seemed like he had made it his own personal mission to become closer to you. It wasn’t that you disliked him, you just couldn’t understand why he wanted to spend his precious time with you. You two weren’t exactly close to begin with despite being in the same group of friends. He was nice but barely talked even while doing activities with you on the camping trip. Now that it was over, it seemed like you couldn’t remove him from your side. You wanted to ask him why he was suddenly so interested in being your friend but you figured it was because his best friend, Mark, was too busy with his new girlfriend to entertain Jeno like he wanted to. So you thought you were just his replacement for the time being and you couldn’t exactly complain since Jeno was really fun to be around. He was also a good distraction from your thoughts whenever you started to feel yourself giving in to your insecurities. You had come to accept the new friend and even found yourself thinking about him occasionally whenever he wasn’t around pestering you to hang out with him.

That was actually what you were currently doing right now. The afternoon had just rolled in and you getting ready for a day out with Jeno. You remember him telling you he would call you to make plans for today before he left your house last night. You had woken up early to pick out a good outfit and do your hair and makeup to perfection. You normally wouldn’t care about all that but lately since you had been spending so much time with someone as handsome as Jeno, you thought it wouldn’t hurt to put in more effort towards your appearance. He was born so good-looking and you…well you were working with what you had. You were currently  giving yourself a once over in the mirror to make sure that you looked decent. Eh, this is my favorite shirt! How can I not look pretty in this? I complain again looking at my ugly-self through the broken mirror

You kept criticizing your appearance until you heard your phone ringing on your bed. You picked it up and saw that the caller was Jeno. You were about to answer but you kept thinking about how you weren’t satisfied with how you looked. Maybe I can just reschedule or something…yeah, I’ll just say I’m sick.

You took a deep sigh before finally answering the call.

“Hellooo~? Y/N, are you there?”

“Oh uh yeah. Hey, listen Jeno. I don’t think I can go out today…”

“What? But there’s this movie I really wanted to go see with you! Why can’t you go?”

“I uh-I just don’t feel too well today so…think I’m just gonna stay in and rest for today! I’ll call you later, bye,” you said before abruptly hanging up on him.

We can go out after I fix my appearance a bit…whenever that will be…Why am I this unattractive?

You went to your living room to watch TV when you heard your phone chime signaling that you got a text.

From: Jeno

I’m coming over! I’ll bring your favorite snacks since you seem really sick (^_^)

You didn’t really want him to come over but you figured it was better than you going out where more people had to see you so you simply replied with an OK and waited.

You were still watching TV when you heard a loud knock at your door with small yelling from Jeno telling you to come open the door. You quickly got up and let him in.

“Hey Y/N! Do you still feel sick? Here’s the snacks,” he said giving you a bag full of snacks along with his famous eye smile.

Ugh, how can I smile beautifully like you? You thought as he entered the house.

“Hey Jeno,” you said while trying to give him a warm smile back. I put a big smile on, but I don’t like how I look. “I was just watching some TV while I waited for you.”

“Oh, well do you feel any better? We can still catch that movie if you do!”

“Uh, actually, I was hoping we could just stay in today…I’m just not feeling up to the whole going out thing, sorry.”

“What? But there’s so much to see in this beautiful world on this beautiful day! C’mon, let’s go. Pleaseee~?”

You couldn’t resist his cute pleading so you decided to give in.

“Ok, we might as well go since I’m up and dressed anyway. Let’s go!”


A few minutes later you two arrived at the movie theater, which was luckily within walking distance from your house. Jeno offered to buy your ticket and since you knew he could be stubborn you decided to let him. Off to the side of you two, you saw a group of girls that kept looking towards you and Jeno while you waited in line to buy your tickets. You saw them giggle and point your way, causing the self conscious feeling from earlier to return. You looked down at your outfit and didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Oh right, I can’t see my face….

You looked back towards the girls, accidentally making eye contact with one. She threw you a sickeningly sweet smile before turning back around towards her friends.

Your cold fakeness behind your arrogant eyes suffocate me.

This was a bad idea.  I want to hide somewhere, I want to get out.

“Jeno. I want to leave…I’m starting to feel sick again…”

“What? But we just got here…maybe if you sit down while we’re watching the movie you’ll feel better.”

I wanna leave for somewhere and shout.

“No, Jeno…I really want to leave. I’m sorry. You can stay and watch the movie, I’ll see you later,” you said before starting to walk off.

“Wait Y/N!”

You heard Jeno’s footsteps following you so you decided to walk faster until you unknowingly began running. You kept running until you couldn’t hear his shouts or footsteps behind you anymore.

You ended up at the park that you and Jeno would visit often. You went to sit under a tree that the both of you would often rest under to watch the sunset after hanging out together all day.

You hated this feeling. This feeling of imperfection. Compared to Jeno, you felt worthless in terms of appearance and it was making you angry. I get mad again, why am I never perfect? You couldn’t blame Jeno but you were starting to hate the feeling of being around him.

“Maybe I should just tell him we can’t be friends anymore…at least until I figure this whole issue out…”

“You don’t want to be friends anymore?”

You jumped up and turned around to see Jeno crouched over the spot you were just sitting in. He stood up, too so that the both of you were face to face, only a few feet between you two.

“J-Jeno…What are you doing here? What about the movie?”

“Forget the movie Y/N! What about you, running off like that! You’ve been acting strange all day and now you’re even saying you don’t want to be friends anymore! Did you-ugh! Did you find out?”

“Find out? Find out what, what are you talking about?”

Jeno got quiet as you looked at him with a confused face before avoiding the question and asking one of his own.

“Why don’t you want to be friends anymore Y/N? What did I do,” he said speaking in a more hushed town while slowly walking closer to you.

Although the world is full of lies, I can’t lie to him.

You let out a soft sigh before beginning to let your feelings out to Jeno about your current insecurities. By the end of it, tears were falling just like the sun was slowly falling in the distance. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes and just stood there staring at you while you tried to recollect yourself. You felt pathetic but in a way you were glad he wasn’t pretending like he knew what to say.

Don’t tell me that easily that you understand how I feel…I might resent you with my ugly and crooked heart.

After while you had finally calmed down and decided to look up at Jeno. He was looking at the ground and you could have sworn you saw a small smile on his face. You were getting angry again when he confirmed that he was smiling when he looked up towards you.

“Why are you smiling?! I just let out all my feelings towards you and you’re-you’re smiling!! What is the matter with you!!!”

Your sudden outburst caused Jeno to quickly lose the smile that seemed to be plastered on his face a moment ago.

“No, no Y/N, it’s not like that! I’m smiling because…I thought you figured out something else and I’m glad you didn’t. But not because you’re sad! I would never be happy about your unhappiness!”

You looked at Jeno in disbelief before rolling your eyes and starting to stomp away, only to be pulled back into a warm hug.

“Y/N, I almost didn’t want to comfort you. You know why?”

“What? Let go of me! Why wouldn’t you want to comfort your friend, you jerk!” Don’t come near me, I hate your attention.

You were struggling to remove yourself from the hug for a few seconds before deciding to just give in since you felt exhausted after crying. Once Jeno noticed that you were calming down he began talking again.

“I didn’t want to comfort you because I believe that deep down inside, you should know by now just how beautiful you are. Honestly! You’re one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. I was even too shy to talk to you at first, especially on that camping trip! But you’re so charming and so pretty, and so smart I couldn’t help but try to get closer to you. Please, understand me when I say this,” he said, pulling away from the hug to look into your eyes.  “I truly believe that you are beautiful inside and out.”

“….Don’t lie to my face cause I know I’m ugly.”

“Y/N, ugly where!? All I see is a beauty. You could see that too if you just had a bit more confidence in yourself…I know the whole Mark thing and him dating must have hurt your feelings bu-“

“Wait, how did you know that?! Only Mark and his girlfriend knew about how I felt.”

“I saw how disappointed you were once they told all of us back at the campsite…it was written all over your face that you liked him…”

“Oh…yeah. I guess it was…”

Jeno let out a sigh before looking in your eyes again.

“Y/N, I have some small advice for you. If you have confidence and you believe you’re pretty, then soon, everyone else will believe it too and see what you see when you look in the mirror. A beautiful and intelligent lady.”

You looked up at Jeno in awe for a second before looking away shyly.

“Wow, I didn’t know someone so young could sound so smart,” you said in a teasing manner.

“Haha, wow me either. I guess I put in the effort for people who are worth it. Now, c’mon. I know the movie is long over but we can still go back to your house and pig out on those snacks I bought earlier,” he said before grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the park. You put on small smile and followed him, this time with more confidence in your step.

On the way to your house you saw some figures walking up the street. As you got closer you noticed it was the group of girls earlier from the movie theater. You tried to hide yourself behind Jeno but it was no use, they already saw you.

“Hey! It’s that couple from earlier!”

You were bracing yourself for a rude comment when you heard the girl that you made eye contact look at you and Jeno before giving you that same sweet smile from earlier.

“Hi! Oh my gosh, sorry if we seem weird but honestly, you and your boyfriend are couple goals! You seem so cute,” she said looking directly at you, catching you off guard by her kindness.

“Oh! Tha-thanks but we’re uh, we’re no-“

“Thank you!”

You looked up at Jeno to see him looking down at you with a wide smile on his face before he turned towards the girl again.

“My girlfriend sure is pretty isn’t she?”

“Yeah! Your girlfriend has great fashion sense, too! Well, we have to go now, but enjoy the rest of your day,” the girl said before turning back to her friends and walking off.

You were stunned at Jeno’s boldness so you just continued to let him drag you to your home until you ended up at your doorstep to let the both of you in. You two sat in the living room and were enjoying the snacks and watching TV when you remembered something.

“Hey, Jeno. Remember earlier when you said you said you were happy that I didn’t figure something out? What was that thing that I didn’t figure out?”

You must have caught him off guard because he began choking on a chip causing you to look at him curiously. After he gathered himself he answered you.

“Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/N.”

“No! I remember clearly, you even asked me if I figured it out when I said I didn’t want to be your friend anymore! What was it that I shouldn’t figure out?”

He looked hesitant to answer you before finally letting out a sigh and beginning to tell you.

“I was hoping that you didn’t figure out my plan to..my plan to confess to you later.”

You looked at Jeno stunned for the third time today before finally replying to him.

“Well, I’m glad that you didn’t figure out my plan either then,” you said slyly, a small smirk tugging at your lips.

“Your plan? What plan Y/N?”

“My plan to accept your confession, stupid.”

Jeno looked at you in shock before breaking out into a wide smile and pulling you closer, his arm around your shoulder.

“Oh, well I guess we shouldn’t procrastinate on those plans, right Y/N?”

You both let out shy laughs before you nodded your head in agreement, confirming your new relationship.

This was pretty bad and a little boring but I hope you all enjoy it! thanks for reading. (wow didn’t upload this at like midnight this time!)

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If you want an imagine request for MM the what about a blind MC seeing for the first time? (W/ RFA)

Omg!!!!! I did Jaehee and Yoosungs and was in the middle of Zens and it just froze and restarted the app and omfg FFS WHYyy… I’m so heartbroken 😢 So I decided to do this on my laptop and thats why I am delayed, sorry!!!!

Anyways! I’ll try to do it again, below was the message I wrote to you before. (I think)

Thanks for the request 💖 this seems like an emotional prompt so I shall try to do it justice with my writing! Also I am only on 4 hours sleep since I woke up at 5:30am and couldn’t fall back asleep. So have mercy ;;

Warning: I suck



• He was sweating as if he ran a whole marathon!!!
• he couldn’t stop fidgeting with his hands and shaking!
• All he could do was sit there on the chair outside MC’s hospital room and wait.
• MC had just had eye surgery and was recovering in her room.
• He didn’t know what would happen once she woke up. Today could be the day MC sees him for he first time… it could also be the day she doesn’t.
• Yoosung kept shaking his legs to try distract him from his anxious thoughts.
• He couldn’t help but anxiously ponder about what she would think when she sees him.
•Will he meet all her expectations? Or would she be disappointed?
• these thoughts were killing him. He wanted to run away. But he could'nt let his anxiety get to him. He had to keep his composure.
• He had to stay strong for his fiancé.
• When the nurse called him in, his stomach did a somersault. He almost felt nauseous.
• When MC heard Yoosung walk in, she sat up; instantly being hit with sudden dizziness from the anaesthetics.
“Yoosung? Is that you?”
• Yoosungs heart sank at the sight before him. MC looked so tired and half her face was wrapped in thick bandages, covering her eyes.
• he had to swallow a huge lump in his throat before he could answer.
• “Yeah, MC. It’s me.” He said as he grabbed her hand, standing beside her. “How are you feeling?”
• his voice was at the verge of cracking.
• “A bit dizzy. I think from the painkillers.”

“So you’re not in pain… right?”

• MC smiled, making Yoosungs heart skip a beat. How was she still able to be so strong?
• “No, I’m fine. How are you doing?”
Yoosung felt like his heart was ripping apart. How on earth was she able to worry about him in a situation like this???
• Yoosung squeezed her hand, but before he could reply, the doctor entered.
• When the bandages were off, Yoosung had to fist his hands to stop them from shaking.
• he was so afraid?!?
• and when MC opened her eyes, blinking, squinting and adjusting to the sudden exposure of light - his heart was drumming so fast, he could feel it banging against his rib cage.
• when the blur faded and her vision centred, MC was blinking against the sudden exposure to light.
• wait… light?!?!
• “I… I can see!” MC was stunned, taking in all the different shades of colours and shadows around her. “Yoosung… I can see?!?”
• When she turned to look at the man she loves for the first time ever, she found him in tears.
• Yoosung promised himself that he would keep his composure, but he just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
• He used his a hand to cover his mouth, and the other to squeeze MC’s.
“I am… sorry, MC… I am just so… so glad…”
• Before she knew it, there were tears streaming down MC’s face as well.
• “me too, Yoosung.” She sobbed.

JAEHEE: (a.n: I haven’t done her route yet so please bare with me!!)

• she was usually prepared for every situation imaginable.

But not for this.

•how does someone prepare themselves for something like this?
• when the bandages were coming off, Jaehee had to do everything in her power to keep herself calm.
• She didn’t know what to expect.
• She didn’t want MC to get her hopes up, just to have them crash down.
• so when MC blinked, and her eyes widened in utter disbelief - Jaehee could barely hold back her tears.
• “Jaehee… Jaehee is that you?”
• Jaehee let out a gasp, her heart thundering and her sticky palms shaking.
• “M-MC?”
“Jaehee, is that really you?!?” MC couldn’t believe her eyes.
• Jaehee had to take a deep breath. She didn’t know she was crying until she covered her face with her hands and found the wet tears.
• Jaehee rarely ever spoke to God, but at that moment, deep within her heart, she could not stop thanking Him repeatedly.
• “Jaehee, is that really you?”
“yes MC, it’s me.”


• this poor man could NoT STOP MOVINGg!
• he annoyed the nurses and doctors so much with his fidgeting actions.
• he felt bad for them but he just COULD NOT STOP PACING.
• whenever the nurses would pass by him in the hallway, they would look at him so irritably, as if to say ‘Sit the hell down, wolf boy.’
• when the doctor opened MC’s rooms door, Zen bolted into the room before the doctor even tell him she was awake.
• he only stopped when he saw the bandages around MC’s head and oh god he wanted to rip his heart right out of his chest.
• “Zen?” She turned to look in his direction.
“My princess.” He responded. His voice low to mask his sadness and anxiety.
• he never saw her so worn out, it was killing him.
• when he approached her, he took her hand gently in between his, and kept kissing it like it was some precious lifeline.
• the doctor declared that it was time to remove the bandages, but when Zen made no action to move out of the way, the doctor sighed and went around to the other side to cut the bandages off.
• Zen was SQUEEZING her hand so hard trying to reassure them BOTH at the same time.
• he was so nervous OHMYGOD.
• when MC started freaking out in shock that she could see, Zen couldn’t stop himself from freaking out with her.
“Oh my God, Zen! The sunlight is so pretty. I can’t believe it worked! I can’t believe this!”
“Neither can I!”
“Is this real?!?”
“I hope so.” His voice cracked. Zen wondered why his voice was so croaky. That is so unattractive. 

“What’s this? Why am I crying.” He didn’t even realise he was until tear drops stained MC’s blanket.

• When MC looked at him, she just stared at him frozen, her cheeks redding brightly.
• when Zen noticed, he gently put a hand on her cheek.
“Don’t worry, my princess! I’m only crying because I’m so happy. Haha.”
“That’s not it.”
“Then what is it? Are you in pain?!?”
“No…” MC replied shyly. “It’s just that… you’re more handsome than you said you were, Zen, you’re like an angel.”
• Zen felt like his chest would explode, his crimson eyes turning fiery as he pulled MC gently towards him and kissed her lips. They seperate after a few seconds.
• “This is the happiest day of my life.”
MC smiled. “It truely is!”
• Zen and MC just sat there staring into each other, their eyes searching the others irises. MC was so intrigued by his crimson orbs.
• Zen’s expression was so soft, despite tears streaming down his face.

“We can finally look at the stars together.”


• Jumin was FReakInG OUT!
• But being Jumin, he chose to keep it all inside since he only exposes his true feelings to MC.
• He was interrogating the FuCK out of the doctor. The poor doctor was so intimidated.
• “What do you mean I can’t see her?”

“She’s resting, sir.”

•After going through a similar situation with one of his closest friends, V, he just didn’t know what to think anymore.
Please, God. Let her see.
• He wouldn’t mind if he was the only one she could see after the surgery, but he just wanted her to see him.
I want her to see me
He should’ve brought Elizabeth 3rd along cause he did NOT know what to do with himself.
• He tried so hard to look composed. SO. DAMN. HARD.
• But his hands were shaking so much and his knees were about to fail him. Yet he refused to hold anything for support.
• He needed MC. 
• Jumin would’ve sat down, but he just couldn’t because he had to keep himself busy.
• “Sir?”

“What?!” Jumin growled as he turned around to face the poor nurse, his arms crossed and posture tensed.

“Sh-shes awake, sir. You may now see-”
•But she was unable to finish her sentence as Jumin bolted right passed her and into MC’s room.
• He nearly tripped on his foot entering the doorway.
• So much for being composed.
• “MC!” he stammered as he catches himself.
• “Jumin?” Jumins heart fell into his stomach when he heard her voice in such a weakened state. He was by her side within seconds.
• “How do you feel? Do your eyes hurt? Are you hungry?” 
• He isn’t usually a nervous wreck, but something about seeing MC all weakened and exhausted, laying on the hospital bed with bandages all around her head had his nerves on edge.
• MC smiled, bringing her husband at ease just a little bit.
“I am fine, Jumin. Please just stay besides me.”
• That got him sitting right down next to her bed.
“Of course.” He responded as his fingers gently examined the bandages on her face.
• When the doctor came in and began cutting off the bandages, Jumin was doing everything in his power internally to not rip fistfuls of his hair out.
• As soon as the bandages were of, Jumin wanted to just grab MC and hold her against him, but he held back so she could take in her surrounding.
• She was seeing the world for the first time ever…
• Jumin had his hands on his knees, trying to calm the burning rage of emotions within him.
• He turned to the doctor, “U-uh I will give you two a moment.”
• As soon as the dr was gone, Jumin turned into slime and ran over to MC, putting his arms around her and holding her against him tight.
• “Oh, thank God.”

“Jumin I can see you, I can finally see you.” MC exclaimed the paused. “Are you… crying?” 

• She searched his face like he was the most wonderful thing on this planet. And to her, he was.

• Jumin was taken aback. He never sheds tears. And yet here he was, holding his beloved and balling his eyes out.

“I suppose I am…” He said after a few moments of silence. “Only you do this to me, you know?”


He was sitting outside MC’s room, praying to God for dear life.
• Honestly, he was clutching his cross so hard between his hands that they began to shake. With his head down, eyes closed, he just silently praying that everything would work out.
• That her eyes would be okay.
• The cross was the only lifeline he had that kept him sane during the most horrible times of his life, he was hoping it would keep him sane during this time too.
• He didn’t know whether to cry or compose himself or make himself laugh.
• Nothing he did was helping him deal with this situation.
• He just needed to see MC.
• So when the nurse came and out and told him he could see her, he jumped and ran into the room as fast as he was physically capable of.
• As soon as he saw her, all worn out and wrapped in bandages, sitting on her bed, he ran to her and embraced her.
• Just feeling her warmth calmed his nerves down.
• He didn’t care if the surgery was a success or not, he just wanted her to be with him. To laugh with him.
• MC leaned against him, her body relaxing.
• “Do… do you think it worked?” MC asked her fiancé, her voice croaky from the lack of use.
• Saeyoung squeezed her gently for reassurance. “Only one way to find out.”
• But the hospital was just so busy, it was taking forever for a doctor to come in and remove the bandages.
• MC sighed, she was exhausted physically and mentally. She was too scared to get her hopes up, but feeling Saeyoung’s arms around her, she wanted to see him so badly it was tearing her apart inside.
• “They’re taking forever.” MC mumbled.

“You know what this calls for?” Saeyoung asked, getting off the bed.

• MC recognised the mischief in his voice even through all the dizzying effects of the anaesthetics and frowned.
• “Saeyoung what are you-?”
• She wasn’t even able to finish her sentence when her fiancé exclaimed “Defender of Justice, 707!” and presumably ran out the room.
• All MC heard from the hallway was her husband yelling, “Quick, nurse, you have a dying patient!”
• MC sighed and in 30 seconds she heard footsteps entering and approaching her bed.
• “She isn’t dying!” the nurse exclaimed.

“Well you see nurse, my fiancé happens to be dying to see me.”

“What?” The nurse asked Saeyoung in utter confusion, “Oh my God, hasn’t anyone taken the bandages off yet? I will go get the doctor.”

Saeyoung returned a grin, “That would be great.”
• MC grinned despite her exhaustion.
• “I can’t believe you just did that.”

“Anything for you, my love.” she could just hear the cheeky grin in his voice.
• Oh how she longed to see it with her own eyes.
• Not long later, a doctor came and carefully removed the bandages, all Saeyoung could see was the back of the doctor, examining her eyes.
• Saeyoung had never felt so nervous in his life.
• How was he going to make it up to her if the surgery had failed? How can he possibly make up for the disappointment of this not working out?
• But then he heard MC gasp in surprise, she was looking around wildly like a child in a toyshop. 
• “Saeyoung…” She barely managed to whisper.
• He was by her side in a second, her hand in his. She locked her eyes with his and she searched his golden irises with such wonder.
• But he dared not voice it out. It was too good to be true. It was too hard to believe. His mind was still processing what was happening. He was frozen, just staring at her in disbelief.
• “Saeyoung.” MC’s voice cracked, her expression changing from wild confusion to one of complete relief as her eyes began to tear up. “Saeyoung… your hair is so bright and curly, and your eyes sparkle so much. Oh how I wanted to see them so much.” Tears dripped down her face, her brown eyes searching his entire being.
• Saeyoung lost it.
• This was when his frozen state dissipated and he lunged at the love of his life.
• He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace, tears falling down his own cheeks.
• Was this real?! Was this reality?! Was it okay to be happy?!
• Saeyoung was scared he would wake up any minute, but when MC returned his tight embrace, he knew… he knew  that this here was real… and she could finally see him.
• “Oh Saeyoung, I am so happy.”

“Mhmm” Saeyoung managed to get out in between silent sobs.


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I really hope I did the emotional scenes justice though…

I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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I’ve read and seen quite a few reviews of Psycho Pass, and one common complaint I see about it - especially when considering Makishima - is that it’s “overly pretentious” and too full of “hipster book references” or what have you. Which always seemed weird to me, because I always felt that the narrative portrayed this as a negative aspect of Makishima and a subtle jab at people too into the past.

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