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2016: The Return To Anime

I used to watch a lot of anime before, but when I moved away from my friends whom were fellow fans of Japanese animation, I became really bad at taking any initiative to sit down and watch anything new. So my New Years resolution was to simply watch more anime during 2016 (for inspiration and entertainment)! ;D And in order to prove to said friends that I am indeed keeping my promise, as well as to take the opportunity to recommend good shows to others, I will be sharing my progress list and general opinions.

OBS: Some of these shows are not appropriate for an younger audience!! Before viewing, please check out  the recommended age restrictions, genre and potential trigger warnings!  

END OF YEAR UPDATE: 25 shows in total! Not bad at all considering that I maybe watched 2-3 shows the year before. But I still have a lot of series that I want to see, so don´t be surprised if I make a new post for 2017. ;) 

My personal top 3? I would say Death Parade, Re:Zero and Madoka Magica. 


Mushishi (S1) - Not a single cliffhanger in the whole show, so it makes for  perfect bedtime stories for teens/adults. The english dub was really good and the landscape art is 10/10.

Kino No Tabi/Kino´s Journey (S1) - Do not let the simple and cute style fool you! This show contains murder, cannibalism, suicide and war!! And it asks the hard questions in life!! RUN if you do not want to contemplate the meaning of existence!!

One Punch Man (S1+3OVA) - OK, now I know why this is in 4th place on IMDB´s “Best TV-series” list. The animation is some of the best I have ever seen in an action anime! It is simply stunning to look at and it is fun ride all the way to the out of this world (literally) finale. 

Sakurako-san No Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (S1) - Pretty much like an anime version of the TV-show Bones. I love mysteries where you have to follow clues in order to solve a murder so a second season is strongly desired.

Owari No Seraph/Seraph Of The End (S1+S2+10OVA) - Pretty predictable, but the the bloody fight scenes are fabulous. Needs even more angst thou (…she said even though a bunch of children are butchered in the very first episode….). >:3 

Death Parade (S1) - And there is all the angst!!! Do not watch if you do not like pain in your soul!! Heart cannot be repaired!! AHRUM!! Excuse me. The show is really well written and the artists really knew how to create the perfect atmosphere to tell this dark story.  

Free! (S1+S2+4OVA) - It feels like everyone and their grandmother has seen this show, so of course I fell on the bandwagon. For the first 11 episodes thou I was very neutral to it… But goddammit the first season finale had me sheering, squealing and tearing up!! (Let Rin be happy!!) Sadly only the S2 OVA had me laughing; apart from that episode, the humor was not at all up my alley.

Zankyou No Terror/Terror In Resonance (S1) - I really like the style and the smooth animation in this one. And DANG, THAT ENDING! If you like thrillers that are completely based on reality and science (like Beautiful Bones) then this could be perfect for you.

Wolf’s Rain (S1+4OVA) - I remember trying to watch this when I was like 15, but I never got past episode 3 for some reason. Which is a real shame because I think that I would really, really liked it then. Perfectly angsty and tragic for little wannabe-emo-teen-me. Do you like dark fantasies with pretty people/wolves? Then do not miss out on this one! 

Mahon Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica (S1+1 movie) - Oh shit. Oh holy shit. I would never have guessed that this show, this thing that looks so darn innocent and cute in design and summary, would have me in so much emotional turmoil (very much like Steven Universe in that way). But seriously; amoungst all of the animes on this list, this is in my opinion the one with the most captivating story-line, plot development and characters (I simply had to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting). Some people hate the ending, but I think it worked really well (even though all the tears could have clouded my judgement). And if you liked the show, then you MUST watch the movie Rebellion! Also: One of the the best English dubs I have ever heard in my life!! UPDATE: I have now seen everything twice… I cry every times I see Homura on screen. (O_Q)

Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish (S1) - I watched this before when it first came out but I had a hard time remembering anything from it apart from the characters. Glad I gave it a re-watch because it´s super cute and silly; perfect for when you just want to give your feels a break from all the angst and suffering other shows come with (*stares at the one above*). I also highly recommend the live-action movie based on this! :D 

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/Erased (S1) - This show is both intriguing and stunning! I love how modern animation uses lightning and this show is a good example of that (same goes for Death Parade). Downside: Stress, stress and even more stress!! Please, just let the small children live!!! My heart cannot take this torture!! D,,X But the stress aside, it was all worth it at the end. 

Jigoku Shojo/Hell Girl (S1) - My Golb, the young girls in this look exactly like the characters I would draw at 14-16. X,D The animation is just okay, and it takes a long time before we learn anything worthwhile about the main characters. But what made me watch a whole season (26 ep) was because of the interesting stories in each episode. It was fascinating to see how little/much it was required for people to give up their souls for eternal damnation in return for the death of a person they hated. 

Steins;Gate (S1+1OVA) - It took me a while to get into the story, but by the half way point, when shit got really intense, I was waaay hooked. I usually do not like stories that involve time-traveling because it makes my head hurt, but this (Like Madoka Magica) was really well written. I have very little to fault the show on ((apart from how the harassment of a trans girl is used for comedy in at least 2 episodes…)) and would recommend!

Love Live! School Idol Project (S1+S2+1 movie) - Decided to watch something really cute with sis again and this is what we ended up with. And oh darn it, it is cute alright! Everything is so sugary sweet and lovely, and good music too that you will hum on for weeks. Apart form the occasional funky looking CGI (which actually looks really good in the movie), the animation is top notch. A simple story about a bunch of girls and their lives and friendships when guys are not in the picture.

Makura No Danshi/Pillow Boys (S1) - Finally met up with my anime loving friends and this was one of the things we saw. The episodes in this are very short, all of which are about different types of guys talking to YOU before you go to sleep. It´s… different to say the least. Who was my favourites? Hmmm… I guess the guy from Ep 2, since I recall him the clearest. He also felt like someone who had known me for a while and I appreciated that. WARNING: Ep 10 did give me some extreme rapist vibes! BAD TOUCH!! (O_O)

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri/Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (S1) - If you like bloody action of high quality with humans fighting against superhuman enemies then this is most surely something for you. Many parallels can be pulled to Attack on Titian, but I would never call this a rip-off. All the animation is in the A+ class and there is this wonderful colouring/lighting effect they sometimes use for close ups which makes the characters look absolutely stunning. The level of details on the character designs also stuck out to me (A+ there too).

Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (S1+S2+1OVA) - Also known as food porn. I had never heard of this until Dan and Phil mentioned it in a video and when I understood that it was about food I had to check it out. I love shows/stories that are centered around cooking (Hell´s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Princess, etc) so I really got hooked on this. Not only is the food animated beautifully, but you learn a lot at the same time. And the absurd (dirty) humor is so redicoulus that I cannot help but laugh.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu / Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World (S1) - When I first saw posters for this show they never caught my interest. It looked so much like the generic fantasy harem anime that I just ignored it. But then a friend forced me to actually see it and BOY was I wrong. Let me put it this way: Imagine Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but with a higher budget and set in a fantasy land. So if you enjoy blood, gore and mind games, check this baby out!

Ghost Hunt (S1) - I know that I had seen this anime when it was new, but apparently I never saw the final episodes of the season since I had no idea what was going to happen. But glad that I saw this again! Not the scariest or goriest show out there, but it is fun and entertaining. My favorite part is how all the characters get along even though they have different beliefs and ways of dealing with the unknown. 

Psycho-Pass (S1 + S2 + 1 movie) - Everybody were recommending this show to me and I understand why. There is detective work, blood/gore, and some kick-ass action; just right for me. However, I am not into all the tech porn (you know - when the put so much time and focus on weapons and other technology when they open up, charge, fire, etc. Not my thing!), but it was still a good anime. The only downside was that I felt very little when characters died, which was strange since I usually get attached very easily and morn fictional characters on a regular basis.  

Mayoiga / The Lost Village (S1) - Oh maaan. I was expecting something along the lines of Battle Royale, but this was nothing but a big disappointment. There was so much potential in the first episodes for this to become the next Another or Corpse Party, but nooo. Lack of death aside, I guess it had it´s creepy moments, but the finale was not worth the wait in my opinion. I was actually so upset by the final twist that I sat down and basically created an alternative version of the story. Same basic structure, characters, feel and pitch, but with a more classic psychological horror plot. I would also have put the focus on other characters over the two basic cardboard cutouts (I vote for Valkana and Nanko!).

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii No Jukyou (5OVA) - I had seen this before when it first came out, but since I am still in a Halloween mood I decided to give it a re-watch. Totally one of those shows that I cannot look away from (not only because I need the subs, but you know what I mean). Spooky details all over the place blended with intestines and body horror. I may not be a big fan of the Elfen Lied-wannabe character designs, but I would totally watch it a third time when I once again forget the ending. I was so shocked that all I could do was to stare at the screen while the credits passed by. 

Mira Nikki / The Future Diary (S1) - That moment you like the premise and concept of a show, but dislike the main characters. Damn that moment. It could be that the English dub makes the protagonists seem more douchey than what they actually are in the oringal Japanese version, or it´s just that they are both written poorly (IMO). But I like the background characters and there is some genuine tension throughout the show, so I watched it all.

Yuri!!! On ICE (S1) - I had been looking forward to this since the first trailer, so it was really really hard for me to wait until all episodes had aired before I had a marathon. But gah! It was worth it! There are no cliffhangers no, but the show just makes you feel so warm and fluffy that you want to see more right away. It is a sports anime, but the characters and relationships are so well developed that I would say to give it a chance even if sports isn’t for you. You will still fall in love with everybody and you just want them all to win gold and be happy!!

PS: Oh dear brother of mine, if you are reading this, be prepared for an anime night next time we meet. You and Jorge will love this! ;D


Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name (movie) - Hands down one of the best MOVIES I have seen this year. Well made, a story that pulls you in, heart-wrenching and beautiful music. This is totally up there amongst Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and I will definitely be showing this to all my friends, no matter if they are into anime or not. 

kinkfactory  asked:

Hello there! I've come with a follow - because this blog is really great - and a question. I want to write a character with ADHD, do you have any advice on how to properly go about that?

Be mindful. ADHD is a real thing—real people are affected by it. Thus, be careful on how you portray your character. Don’t use it to make a character “different.” Don’t ignore facts because they “don’t fit” your character. Don’t give in the stereotypes seen in popular media and dramatize those.

ADHD should not be the defining factor of your character. I suggest to build your character without the label “they have ADHD.” Get their background thought out (at least the general story of it). Give them relationships—what do they think of their parents? Are they romantically involved? Do they make friends easily? Give them an education; give them interests and hobbies and skills; give them a personality with quirks and faults. After that, research on ADHD and look at how ADHD can affect your already developed character. If there are some facts about ADHD that might go against your character’s traits, understand why and think of how to handle them. Don’t ignore these conflicts. Yes, ADHD affects people differently, so it’s possible some symptoms or traits won’t be apparent in your character, but never ignore these facts. Address them. Understand why these symptoms aren’t there. 

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Overall thoughts on the finale: part 2

*Read part 1 here*

Me being dragged through the last half of this episode:

Do you ever just want to take back 41 minutes of your life?

  • Lmao why did Peter do that little half-jog to run over and push Malia towards Lydia? Like?? Why couldn’t she move on her own, it’s just her arm that’s hurt? No reason she should be immobile? And I know she pushed Lydia out of the way, but in the last shot, Lydia was still right next to her? And what was the point, even? Like Lydia can do shit to protect her? 
  • And Peter just roundhouse kicked a ghost riders and now suddenly it does have a corporeal form. What the fuck.
  • Did he just put a ghost rider into a headlock?
  • And now he’s yelling for Malia to go. Jesus fucking Christ. And only after that do Malia and Lydia think to move? K haha. 
  • Who fucking choreographed this scene? I want a name. 
  • And now Malia is hesitating. Because of fucking course she is. You’ll never get me to buy into the daddy/daughter bond, Teen Wolf, these two don’t even fucking know each other.
  • Oh, great, we get this shot again: 

Twice in one episode. That makes how many times this season? Are we supposed to be impressed with Shelley’s weird whine/grunt coupled with Facial Expression #2 of 2?

  • And Lydia kept running. Ah, so this was all a ploy to set stydia up and get Malia out of the way. Go figure.
  • And Lydia definitely just sensed something. I’m gonna need some hard rules on how this banshee thing is supposed to work because they literally just make up her abilities as they go and they change it like every other episode.
  • And now Scott is trapped between the ghost riders. So he can’t be with Stiles. Boy, they’ve had to go some lengths to separate the characters just so Stiles and Lydia can be alone. You’d think they would realize that if you have to force a moment so hard, maybe it doesn’t fit, but apparently not…
  • Posey has some real wild arm movements when he runs haha. That right arm looked like it was trying to fly off his body just to escape this scene. I don’t blame it. 
  • Man, they don’t even try to be subtle with shoving Mason into Stiles’ role haha.
  • Y’know, I’d rather be watching the forced stydia and the utter lack of romantic chemistry between Holland and Dylan than watching any of these three characters:
  • Oh my god: 

What the fuck are you even doing, Teen Wolf?

  • Why does Stiles keep ending up in the locker room? Like, I get that they’re being spit out other places, but why does he keep ending up in the same one? Unless he’s just trying to use the same door over and over again like a moron, this doesn’t make sense. And I cannot be the only one thinking of that episode of Spongebob where they keep trying to jump off the Dutchman’s ship and it doesn’t work? 
  • Always:

How do we always end up here?

  •  …did…did he just walk into the barrel of that gun?
  • And Lydia magically saves him. 

And if she has this power, why not whip it out, say, 2 minutes ago when her, Malia, and Peter were being attacked? 

  • These effects: 
  • Holland is always doing this thing with her lip: 

And it just


fucking bothers me. 

  • Here come the stydia. 
  • “LYDIA: I didn’t say it back.”
  • Well, that happened a lot quicker than I anticipated haha. There wasn’t even any build-up to that kiss? They just automatically slammed their faces together and I can’t stop laughing
  • I feel ya:
  • I cannot be the only one finding this scene uncomfortable. The lack of romantic chemistry is actually making this physically hard to watch. 
  • How am I supposed to even focus on this kiss and not the fact that Stiles just straight up tried to die like 15 seconds ago??????? Like what is up with teen wolf and terrible romantic timing???? First kiss: Lydia stops his panic attack. Second kiss: she saves him from literally WALKING INTO A GUN?????
  • This part was cute, though:
  • I am laughing so fucking hard at this Chris/Melissa scene. Chris tells her to get back, he barely touches her 

and she just


lmao where’d she go

  • Did he just shoot the ghost rider with his own gun? What.
  • I suppose it was only a matter of time before this season involved a full-on duel: 

complete with spur sounds, music, and twitchy trigger fingers and everything. Teen Wolf, you really don’t do shit by halves do you haha


I mean, I knew it was coming because it’s not like Teen Wolf was at all subtle in the way they forced these two together this season, but yo…no. This is weird, isn’t it? I’m not the only one who thinks this is weird? Like her son was in love with his daughter? His dead daughter? Has Allison even been mentioned this season?

  • CHRIS: What was the for?” “MELISSA: That was so hot.” 

I feel like I’m watching my parents make-out. 

  • “SCOTT: Step back from the diverter - or I’ll make you step back.” How did Posey say that with a straight fucking face
  • “NAZI: Now that’s a German way of doing things.” Who wrote that haha.
  • “NAZI: You would have made an excellent nazi youth.” 

How to Destroy Your Main Character in 10 Words or Less: A Lesson Brought to you by Teen Wolf

  • I had to pause the fucking episode. I can’t believe they actually said that.
  • Hahahahaha:
  • Wow, I feel like we haven’t seen Scott shift fully in a long time. When was the last time?
  • If there are so many ghost riders, why was there always only 1 to 3 when they did something important? Like every time they went up against the pack, suddenly only a couple of them existed? 
  • Oh my god, so now Stiles is hearing his mom’s voice? Teen Wolf really does love their fanfiction, huh? I swear they just went on ao3, found the most prevalent tropes, and attempted to cram them all into ten episodes. 
  • Oh, they’re actually showing Claudia. Why? Gotta show off that A+ casting haha?
  • What the fuck?

They really can’t leave well enough alone, can they?

  • … 
  • Bro, the acting level between these four…
  • So, wait, Corey is cognizant enough to tell them to save everyone, but seemed totally mindless while on the PA sytem? 
  • “NAZI: Unbelievable. Even in the face of insurmountable odds. I don’t know if it’s suicide or stupidity.” “SCOTT: Maybe both.” Is this episode going to end with a sciles suicide pact? What is happening
  • “NAZI: You of all people, Scott, should know what happens to a lone wolf.” And a wild Theo appears
  • I have so many questions: 
    • Is this really the time for Theo’s redemption arc? Really? 
    • How did Theo find him? Did he see him at the school and follow him? Like, was he just hanging out on that balcony this whole time, waiting for Scott to stroll on by lmao? 
    • How long was Theo there before he piped up? Was he just hiding behind a tree whispering to himself like, ‘not yet, Theo, not yet. You need to wait for the appropriate dramatic moment to jump in here. Wait for it…wait for it…lone wolf?…THUNDERCATS GO!” 
    • Lone wolf? That term has never meant a wolf that happens to be alone, it meant a wolf without a pack and that’s not Scott. 
    • How would Scott know what happens to lone wolves? I mean, he saw one get bisected early on in the series, but he was never an omega? He was never really close with omegas? Unless they’re taking about his semi-packless state in part of 5a? 
    • Even if we consider that brief time in 5a as some huge less in being a lone wolf, how would lion nazi fuck know anything about this?
    • Nazi knows the rest of the pack, doesn’t he? Like, he knows Corey, Hayden, Mason, and Liam at the very least? He presumably knows they are Scott’s pack? 
  • “MALIA: And Theo’s not in it. But I am.” 

She is forever showing up just when I don’t think a scene can possibly get any dumber. 

And, again, I have so many problems with this:

  1.  If I didn’t understand how Theo found Scott, I really don’t understand how Malia did? 
  2. Is this implying she defeated the ghost riders in the library? How? Why is she alone stronger than like an entire pack? 
  3. Shelley really doesn’t understand inflection, does she? I have never heard a line delivered in such a deadpanned manner when it….wasn’t supposed to be…And why does she literally have 1 facial expression? Looks like we’re playing ‘Guess That Emotion’ round #374894 with her. 
  4. Can Scott never get a moment to shine that isn’t handed over to fucking ?alia? He’s the goddamn alpha, why do they always make him useless just to boost her up? Like it is the last season, let the titular character have a fucking moment to himself and stop forcing her mary sue ass in everywhere? Why are they still trying so hard to make her special? Unless they’re angling for a spin-off or they’re writing him off the show and keeping her around. 
  5. Most importantly, where the fuck did she get this hideous coat and how the fuck did she have the time?

The only way this scene could get worse is if Peter shows up.

  • Yep: 
  • “PETER: I’m not in the pack, but no one likes a nazi.” How in the everloving fuck is that a line that made it onto the screen
  • “NAZI: There are too many of us and too few of you.” Please, do not bring the rest of the pack into this fight scene. I cannot handle it.
  • What is this show doing: 

Having Stiles have to pry Lydia from his undead not-mother’s chokehold? What the fuck? And I love that this show is so hellbent of forcing stydia that even a moment with such potential for drama and Stilinski family angst gets reduced to utter ridiculousness.

  • Every fucking time I convince myself that this show cannot possibly make Malia any fucking worse than she already is, they go and pull this shit:
  • Oh and way to halt this scene for a glamour shot of Shelley
  • How is this episode still fucking going? I feel like I’ve been watching it hours. 
  • Oh my good fucking god: 

this little shift in the tracks might be the most anticlimactic thing this show has ever done.

  • And…like…where is the train going? 40 miles east? Did they just fuck the next town over? Are they even gonna touch on this?
  • “MALIA: You missed your train.” 
  • How long has Claudia been choking him haha? How is he still alive?
  • Ah sheriff did show up! Maybe we will actually be getting a touching family moment.
  • …nope. Lydia saves the day instead. Because god fucking forbid this one moment is not about stydia.
  • Also, Lydia’s “fire again” comment?

What the fuck was up with Holland’s delivery?

  • And the whole building starts shaking and sheriff just puts his arm around Lydia. Never mind his kid that’s four feet away. 
  • Bruh, I don’t even speak german and I know this dude’s fucking it up haha.
  • All right: 

That was even dumber than I thought it was going to be.

  • Literally me as I watch watch each passing scene:
  • Yep, me too lmao:
  • And time for another segment of ‘Mason is suddenly a genius because we could no longer afford Dylan O’Brien’ 
  • I think what drives me so crazy about this is that Stiles was always treated like an idiot or like he was crazy or paranoid, but Mason is the exact same way (except how he acquired any of the knowledge is never explained and completely illogical, but whatever) and he’s actually getting recognized as smart? Like he’s actually getting the credit and respect that you would have thought Stiles would have received by this point but never did?
  • I was wandering when the Toyota ad would happen:

And it’s a 3-in-1 this time. Oh boy. 

  •  …

Sometimes little things just make me really hate this show. 

  • Uh-oh we just hit the 5-minute countdown mark.
  • “Have a great summer, everyone.” How the fuck is it summer? Did a time-jump just happen without being acknowledged? Did they fuck up their timeline again? Have the writers been out of high school for so many years that they don’t realize a semester isn’t only 3 months long?
  • Oh my good motherfucking god: 

This outfit is a fucking mess:

  1. She already wore that damn shirt this season. Only 6 episodes ago. You really can’t afford another shirt, Teen Wolf?
  2. I really want the name of the person over there in the wardrobe department who is singlehandedly trying to bring back denim jackets and vests. Let it die.
  3. If I ever see those ugly-ass camouflage distressed American flag shorts again, it will be much too soon. Why does she live in these? How many times have we seen them just this season? If you’re going to insist on putting her in these ridiculous shorts, maybe invest in a few more pairs? 
  4. If it’s cold enough to be layering two jackets, why the fuck is she in those tiny shorts?
  5. Why is that denim jacket sleeve rolled up to reveal that striped hoodie sleeve? What kind of look is that? 
  6. And these colors? Pinkish shirt under red striped hoodie under denim vest over green camouflage shorts with black boots? @whoever made this choice:

I mean, this is quite possibly her worst look yet and that is really saying something considering there has been no end of terrible looks for her.

  • And Teen Wolf, don’t you dare for one second fucking think that you got away with giving Malia another one of Stiles’ jackets:
  • One more question: who in the fuck thought Shelley sitting like this:

was okay? I mean, if the goal of this scene was to get a vulgar crotch-shot that made her thighs like huge and gave her a cameltoe, then mission success. 

  • “STILES: It feels so anticlimactic.” – Could not have phrased it better myself, Teen Wolf.
  • “MALIA: I’ve gotta go to summer school or I can’t do the whole graduation thing.” 

They couldn’t just leave her ass out of this one fucking scene? 

  • And good luck to those fuckers watching 6b because y’all know that’s how they’re keeping her ass around lmao
  • Those shorts are so not dresscode:

And she so has a wedgie in this scene lmao. 

  • Yeah, buddy, me too:

Me. Fucking. Too.

  • “SCOTT: It kinda feels like nothing really changed.” Except now:
  • Haha

Way to stay completely noncommittal right to the bitter end, Teen Wolf. 

  • I almost feel bad for the shippers who legitimately thought they were going to get some magical stydia ending, but:
  • And time for the official passing of the torch scene (take number like 5 because I swear to fucking god they’ve been doing a version of this every goddamn finale since season 4). 
  • “STILES: The most important thing you can remember is that Mason is always gonna be the one who’s there to save your ass all the time.”
  • I will never understand why Teen Wolf seems to think it’s a good thing that Liam and Mason are literally ripoffs of Scott and Stiles? Like? Why are they proud of the fact that they are incapable of creating unique characters so they have to settle for shitty carbon copies of the original characters?
  • And he gave Mason his bat.
  • Did…did Stiles just fucking give Roscoe to Scott? 
  • DC? What the fuck is in DC?
  • And Lydia is starting MIT as a junior…Teen Wolf, that might have made sense before you repeatedly SHOVED HER ASS INTO THE SAME MATH CLASS AS MALIA STOPPED-GOING-TOO-SCHOOL-IN-THE-FOURTH-FUCKING-GRADE TATE
  • And Scott’s going to UC Davis. How close is that to Beacon Hills? 
  • Is 6b going to take place over the summer? So, Scott, Malia, Lydia, and the 2.0s are around? Because why would Stiles be the only one who had to leave right when the school year ends? Or is it going to be during the school year and Lydia and Scott are still inexplicably there but Stiles isn’t?
  • FBI? Stiles is going fed? And I like how McCall wasn’t mentioned for like 3 seasons just to randomly be brought up now as if this makes any sort of sense.
  •  I get that this is supposed to be some emotional moment where Stiles gives the jeep to Scott, but I am just confused:
    • Isn’t he still gonna need a car in college?
    • Lydia’s the one driving him? How about his fucking father? Or his best friend? Nope, gotta keep the vague and noncommittal stydia bullshit up to the last second.
    • It doesn’t seem in character for him to give this away and it’s obvious they’re only doing it as an excuse to have the damn thing in 6b so it’s kinda just pissing me off.
    • I feel like Stiles has already given so much to Scott. We’ve already seen Stiles sacrifice a lot and this moment would have been more powerful if Scott was the one doing the giving this time around.
    • And if Stiles drives off in a Toyota, I swear to fucking god…
  • I know this key bit is supposed to be funny, but again I’m too distracted to laugh:
    • A key to Scott’s house? Yeah, that one is a nice call back. I’ll give them that one.
    • The key to Scott’s room? Why does Scott have a lock that take a key on his door? Also, no he doesn’t. He does, though, inexplicably have a slidelock as of season 5.
    • The master key to the school? As if this school isn’t perpetually unlocked haha? And we’ve really only seen them have to unlock anything in the school like once and it was when Stiles unlocked them chem room during 3b and realized he put the hit out on Kira. And it was this whole big plot about him not knowing where the key came from? Remember that, Teen Wolf?
    • And key to sheriff station? They used cards, not physical keys. Again, that was a pretty important part of an episode in 3b.
    • Lastly, if Scott is leaving too, why is he the one being given the keys?
  • “STILES: I need you. You know that.” “SCOTT: I need you too.” 

My sciles heart is a sucker for this shit, but there have been a lot of times now where Stiles has expressed this sort of sentiment to Scott. We got that whole speech in 3x06 about Stiles needing Scott. It might have been nice to see the roles reversed this time? Why can’t Scott ever be the emotional instigator?

  • “RADIO: You’re telling me there’s a body in the woods?” Okay, fine, that’s actually funny. It’s entirely too coincidental, but I’ll let it slide because I like it haha
  • …that’s it? No send off with the sheriff? We got a fucking scene of Stiles weirdly telling the new fucks he loves them, but NOTHING WITH HIS OWN GODDAMN FATHER?
  • I just…is that seriously how they’re ending this? 
  • wait..wait a second..

…is that…



Did Jeff Davis need a cameo that badly?

Y’know, in a tragic sense, I am kind of impressed: they managed to fuck up in the actual last second

Why are so many people assuming that Ian’s success in s6+7 is due to Mickey’s absence?

I’m so confused as to why I keep seeing that Ian is better off without Mickey and the only argument I can assume people have for this is because Ian achieves some socially accepted position of success (which is wonderful and I am super proud of him for it, don’t get me wrong). HOWEVER, why do people automatically assume that Ian’s success is in response to Mickey’s departure? I’m sorry that Mickey was trying to focus on one thing at a fucking time and was trying to get Ian’s meds balanced before moving on to any other subject, but I do honestly believe that they both were on that road anyway. I’m also sorry that Mickey didn’t have a problem with or judge Ian’s job at the Fairytale but since it seemed to make Ian happy and was a relatively harmless job (coked out state of being before Mickey found him besides) I personally am glad that Mickey supported him in being there.

Quit trying to imply that Mickey’s presence was holding Ian back when all he ever did was support Ian in whatever career decision he made and held Ian’s health and happiness of higher value than the social acceptance of his job.

Let Me Touch Your Fire (4)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 911

Warnings: Aaaaaaaangst.

Summary: You’re a mutant who was experimented on by Stryker. He changed your mutation so instead of feeling others’ emotions and transferring emotions to them, you can now only transfer emotions and you feel nothing.

A/N: I GRADUATED Y’ALL! More fics to come. This fic is getting out of hand but oh well.  Let me know if you want to be tagged!

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anonymous asked:

What happened with josh keaton? Also everytime a fan asks the crew abt ships... I feel so EMBARRASSED i want to puke, pls leave them alone and enjoy the show,,,

Basically, Josh Keaton, the purest man in the world, who just wants to entertain the fans, is being harassed on Twitter by unbelievably rude-ass people (anti-shaladins, but also other fans) who are saying that shipping the other Paladins with Shiro is pedophilic and they’re calling him a pedophile! Honestly, what the fuck? And what’s worse is that they’re bringing his family into the situation! That is so embarrassing! I am so angry because of this!

I’ve been in a fandom that has gone through this same exact problem before and I’ve constantly had to deal with ship hate until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I was so done with the bullshit. I hate ship wars. So. Much. I am so tired of this. Josh doesn’t deserve this.

The man said it himself: “Don’t ruin the fans’ creativity.”

He made it absolutely clear, too! He knows the difference between right and wrong! He’s an adult, you assholes! Leave him alone! Josh speaks on behalf of all those shippers who feel attacked, and I am absolutely grateful. Josh Keaton is an absolute treasure.

Literally, the only way to NOT start fandom discourse is to keep your fucking mouth shut. I just wish that the voice actors didn’t have to get involved, because I feel so sorry for them.

And honestly, why are ships the main focus anyway? Like, come on! I have high hopes for season three because of the cliffhanger from season two! Lance is going to have his own arc! Keith is possibly becoming leader! PRINCE LOTOR!!! HAGGAR BEING ALTEAN??? THESE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO CONSIDER PEOPLE!!! SO LET’S DISCUSS THESE TOPICS INSTEAD!

[Positivity Day] Gen Fic Recs

In honor of Voltron Positivity Day, I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite Voltron fics with you! This batch is all platonic. If you’re looking for something shippy, I have a list of shippy fic recs right here.

Note: Please read the tags and descriptions before reading any of these. Some of them contain important trigger warnings.

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Your Choice

Erik x Reader 

Prompt : 2. When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for. No matter what the odds. - @silverwingedfox 


Originally posted by harlieco

Erik had lost so much through out his life. His parents, his childhood, his wife and daughter. He had been cursed with such a tragic loss, that whenever he grew close to anyone, he did the only thing he could. 

Walked away. 

But you wouldn’t allow him too. You couldn’t. 

“Erik, you can’t just leave!” You exclaimed, feeling the anger and hurt wash over you. 

He turned on his heels to face you, his lips pursing. “And why not? You are in full control of your powers now, you don’t need me anymore.” 

You rolled your eyes and let out a dry chuckle. “You really think I don’t need you anymore?” You exhaled. “Erik, I am in love with you. And every time we are apart, I can’t breathe, I can’t focus. But having you with me, I feel whole. I feel alive.” 

As your words fell from your lips, Erik felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach. He knew how you felt because he felt the same way for you. His eyes began to well as he knew now more than ever he had to go. He couldn’t go through the pain again. 

“And I know that you love me too.” You stated. 

Erik furrowed his brows, as he swallowed hard. “W-What makes you so s-sure?” He hesitated.

Taking a step toward him, you flashed a soft smile. “I know what you’re feeling, I know what everyone feels.” 

He quickly glanced down at his feet, as a tear escaped his eye. “You’re wrong.” 

“Why are you pushing me away?” You asked. 

Erik turned his back to you, trying to control every desire to go and kiss you. “Goodbye Y/N.” He whispered. 

Suddenly, the anger took over, consuming you as you watched him make his way to the door. You couldn’t help but snap. “When you love someone, it’s worth fighting for. No matter what the odds.” You roared. “I know you’ve lost so much in your life, and I understand why you fear of getting too close. But–”

“But what?!” He cut you off, shooting his gaze back to you. “You can’t understand what I feel because you have never lost anyone close to you! You don’t know the pain you feel when you watch the love of your life die right before your eyes! You don’t know what its like to bury them deep in to the ground.” 

“But I do know what it feels like to let fear control you. To feel so lonely and empty in this world, and trust me Erik, no one can survive that.” 

His tears were now streaming, flowing down his cheeks. 

“Do you love me?” You asked, walking over to him. 

Erik stared intently at you, his jaw clenching tightly as you grew closer to him. Every ounce felt heavy. “Yes.” He whispered. 

Being only a few inches away, you looked up, studying his eyes as neither of you broke contact. You slowly lifter a hand up to cup the back of his neck. Trying not to frighten him too much. He slightly winced, feeling his stomach churn as he felt your touch. 

Propping on your tip toes, you ever so lightly pressed your lips to his. You kept things light, until you felt his hands cup your cheeks, and pulled you in closer. Deepening the kiss as if he hungered for you. 

“It’s your choice Erik.” You mumbled. “Stay with me, or let fear control you.” 

Our Love In Fine Print

Request: “I really love your writing and if it wouldn’t be a bother I would really appreciate an imagine using drabble prompts 18 and 94. Thank you so much!!! ❤︎”

Summary: Draco has a terrible nightmare, and you comfort as best as you can, assuring him of how much you love him.

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,380

Warnings: Light smut (mostly kissing and feeling) - fluff. ;)

A/N: I really liked this request, and I hope you all liked it too! I hope it lived up to your expectations, love! Thank you for requesting! xx

Originally posted by carpelunam

Draco couldn’t see a thing, it was pitch black. Icy, cold air seeped through his bones, goosebumps blanketing his skin. His hands reached around him, immediately coming in contact with freezing water.

The only sound that was heard was Draco’s ragged, harsh breaths and rapid heartbeat. His toes curled as he wrapped his arms around himself, cowering backwards into an inconspicuous corner.

“Why are you here?!” A voice ripped through the tense air, startling Draco. He froze in his spot, whimpering slightly.

“I-I don’t know where I am.” He explained to the voice, trying his hardest to focus his eyes through the dark. His efforts were to no avail, however, as the dark that surrounded him had not settled.

“We don’t want you here! Nobody wants you here! You’re a disgrace!” Yelled the unknown voice.

A sob threatened to release itself from Draco’s chest, his body shaking violently. The harsh words echoed in his ears, haunting him terribly, clouding his thoughts. He believed them, even agreed with them.

“NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE! NOBODY LOVED YOU! NOBODY LOVES YOU! NOT EVEN YOU’RE OWN MOTHER! NO ONE!” The painful scream screeched through the silence, deafening Draco.

He yelped, whipping his arms up to his ears and pushing in. He tried to steady his breathing, putting all his effort into pushing the hurtful words from his mind. Dead silence enveloped Draco in a cloud of dreadful thoughts. However, after a treacherous minute of utter torture, the voice had returned.

“SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU!” It screeched, suddenly close to Draco’s face. The breeze from its shout had sent painful chills down Draco’s spine, a sob escaping his mouth.

“STOP!” He begged, tightening his hands on his ear. The pressure he aided his ear had provided nothing to silencing out the screams, the words echoing in his mind, his sobs escalating. “PLEASE STOP!”




A vicious gasp released itself from Draco’s chest as he abruptly sat up from the bed he shared with you. His breathing was ragged, deep – broken. Sweat drenched his entire body as his chest heaved and sputtered. Draco whimpered slightly. It was just a nightmare.

 “Draco?” You wheezed, sleep tainting your voice. You sat up next to Draco’s side a soon as saw him, reaching your hand up to thread your fingers through his damp hair and to his scalp, massaging it.

 Draco leaned into your touch with a crippled sigh, closing his eyes. His body relaxed only slightly under your touch, the vivid visions from the nightmare that he had just dreamt still itching its way through his thoughts. He opened his eyes again, twisting his head to look over at your sleep-ridden expression. Years of pain and despair swam in his deep blue eyes as he studied every inch of your face, memorizing every crease and crevice and stamping it into his mind for the thousandth time that he’s looked at you.

 “What the matter, sweetie?” You cooed, your voice surrounding him in a cloud of comfort and assurance. He had stayed silent, pulling your hand from his hair and to his lips, placing a light kiss upon your knuckles.

 You smiled lightly at him, suddenly standing up from the bed and walking over to his side. He watched you in confusion as you grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the bathroom. You yanked open the door, tiptoeing over to the tub and bending down to reach for the handle.

You twisted your hand to the right, letting the hot water run as you turned around to face Draco, who stood before you. His eyes watched you curiously as you reaching down to the edge of your shirt and pulled it over your head. You did the same to your trousers, and soon you were standing naked in front of Draco.

Usually a smirk would lace his lips by now, but he had just stared at you, tracing every inch of your body with numerous amounts of adoration sparkling in his eyes. He watched you as you walked up to him, your hands gripping the ends of his shirt. He knew what you wanted without even speaking, and in just one blink of the eye, you and Draco were standing bare in front of each other in no time.

 You bent your head up, connecting your lips to his. Occasionally, the kisses you two shared were full of passion and hunger, but this time was different. The passion was still there, but the kiss was sweet and gentle, comforting. Draco whined against your lips, wrapping an arm around your waist. The kiss went on for another couple of seconds before you pulled away. A groan escaped Draco’s lips, his grip tightening against your waist, keeping your body flat against his. Two pairs of lips brushed upon one another as you placed your forehead against Draco’s.

“Please.” He begged, his voice cracking. He brushed his hands across your back and down to your bum, squeezing gently, causing a gasp to escape your lips. Draco took that opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth, tracing every crack and crevice. His hand cupped your cheek, deepening the kiss. His other hand had tapped the back of your thigh, signalling for you to jump, which you had done willingly.

You moaned as you felt his cock slap against your bum, tightening your legs around his waist, hands tangling themselves in his hair instinctively. You pulled, emitting a groan from the back of Draco’s throat, the hold on your waist increasing. He dragged his lips to your cheek, tracing needy kisses passed your chin, to your jawline and down to your neck. He sucked and licked at your pulse, forcing a gasp from your lips. His arms started to shake, his kisses becoming sloppy.

You drew yourself back to the matter at hand, releasing your legs from his waist and dropping yourself to the floor. Draco whimpered against your neck, having no intentions of letting go of you. However, you gently pulled him away, against his own will, and tugged him towards the now full bath.

The sound of your rapid breathing filled the room as you and Draco climbed into the bath, tears pricking at the edges of his eyes.

You pulled his shaking figure down to sit in front of you, his back leaning against your chest. You sighed, running your hands through his hair, massaging it to comfort him.

“Just let it go, baby. Let it all go.” You whispered against his ear, causing him to finally fall apart in your arms.

He shook and quivered in your hold, sobs breaking from his mouth. You rocked him back and forth, whispering sweet nothings into his ear, assuring him that everything was going to be alright.

“I had a bad dream again.” He broke through his weeping, his hand going up the arm that was around his chest, his fingers curling around the limb.
He leaned more into your touch, needy and desperate.

He just wanted to be with you. He just wanted to love you. His nightmare had resurfaced to his brain, the words “she will never love you” floating to the top of his mind, echoing silently in his ears.

However, your voice had contradicted his thoughts, immediately reaching through to him.

“I love you.” You had whispered, the words meaning more to him than you had thought they did. He cried against your chest, cuddling closer to you in the water that enveloped you both in a soothing cloud of warmth.

“I love you.” He echoed, moving his head up to place a deep, passionate kiss upon your lips. You leaned into the gesture, returning the amount of feeling and compassion as he was giving you.

Soon after, he had pulled away from you, closing his eyes and leaning his head in the crook of your neck and staying there for a few minutes. Although sleep had almost coursed through his veins, he heard you whisper one last thing, thinking he couldn’t hear you.

“And I will always love you.”

That was all he needed before sleep finally overtook him, his body relaxing in your arms.

Phrases that don't help the depressed
  • “It’s just a phase, you’ll get over it" 
  • "Just focus on the positive things and you’ll be fine" 
  • "You don’t look depressed though" 
  • "Try eating healthier" 
  • "Feeling sad is all part of growing up”
  • “Why is it so hard to keep your feelings to yourself?" 
  • "Am I not enough to make you happy?" 
  • "There’s no reason for you to feel sad" 
  • "Do you think (insert famous person’s name) let their emotions bother them? No!" 
  • "You should go out more" 
  • "You’re only saying this for attention" 
  • "Try not to think about it too much" 
  • "You’re so selfish" 
  • "Stop ruining the mood/you’re making me feel depressed, stop" 
  • "Quit being so dramatic" 
  • "You’d feel better if you prayed every night" 
  • "Depression is a choice, just don’t let it get to you" 
  • "You brought this on yourself/it’s your fault you’re not feeling well" 
  • "I don’t care" 
  • "You look bad/terrible/ugly/fat/tired" 
  • "You’re still depressed!? I thought you took meds…" 
  • "It’s okay, I get depressed sometimes" 
  • "You tried to kill yourself? Shame on you." 
  • "Have you tried smiling more?" 
  • "Depression isn’t an excuse for…" 
  • "But you seem so happy all the time?" 
  • "Are you on your period/PMSing?" 
  • "Stop pitying yourself" 
  • "You’re not trying hard enough" 
  • "I heard exercising gives you endorphins" 
  • "It’s all in your head" 
  • "I felt sad once too, but I am fine now, so you will be too" 
  • "Just cheer up/chill out/relax" 
  • "You think you’re feeling bad? Think about everyone else who has it worse than you. Be grateful!" 

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Depression is real, and nobody should have to go through it alone, let alone be shamed for it. 

Please assist those who need professional help.

Kara Danvers Defence Squad!

After watching last night’s SG episode I feel like I should share my thoughts. I know a few people said that they thought Kara was OOC a lot in the episode but I actually feel like it’s the opposite. Now I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m just stating mine.

  • Kara brought Mon-Hell into battle with her. With the fact that she is known for wanting to help people and for supporting people this isn’t exactly a new thing. Plus she was training him meaning she would have thought he would be ready. (Also Kara gets excited when she trains people - remember her on his first day at CatCo?!)
  • Kara sticking up for Mon-El isn’t that hard to believe either, given that she wants to see the good in everyone. 
  • Asking Winn to help Mon-El out with a suit is due to the fact that Kara gets excited about new things. Plus he has ‘mad sewing skills’ so she figured why not ask her buddy Winn.

(Just for the note I think The Guardian reveal was shitty and Kara should not have found out that way!)

  • Kara being mad is NOT a flaw. She has every right to be mad: Winn, Alex and James all lied to her. James is putting himself into danger and he got Winn injured (and yes I blame him!) in the process. They acted like it was nothing.
  • Kara has a valid point: they are not aliens or meta-humans. Winn and James are humans. They naturally do not have the same level of strength that she does, that’s a canon fact. Plus James is reckless, he doesn’t think before he does things and just acts which yes is great when he has to act on instinct but more than once Guardian has gotten in Kara’s way and made her trying to save lives harder.
  • The DEO have so much technology and they have 3 aliens there if James would have told Kara about his identity weeks ago she may have been angry at first but then she could have trained him specifically in fighting people with abilities such as her own. The DEO could have modified his suit so that the likelihood of James getting shot decreases.
  • It is canon that when Kara gets scared for someone she cares about she gets mad and lashes out. She’s done it to Alex before. - this is natural and it’s what a lot of people do.
  • Kara could have reacted WAY worse than she did but she calmed herself down and tried to be rational about it. Plus she probably feels that she can’t feel angry given that the last time she did that James acted like a whiny bitch and made her feel even worse because of it.
  • Just going to point it out again that James got both Alex and Winn to lie for him. Yes it wasn’t their secret to tell but they both asked him to tell Kara and he refused over and over again. If someone had lied to me like that I’d be pretty pissed off too!
  • Then Winn purposely lied to her about LiveWire just so James could get an ego boost. What happened? oh yeah both James and Mon-El got captured and Kara had to save them. Seriously?!
  • This is called SUPERGIRL. When Livewire talks sense you know something must be wrong.
  • Mon-El didn’t listen to Kara who has been doing this for a lot longer. He left civilians defenceless. I get why he did it but it was still a risky move, especially given that they had no idea whether Guardian would show up or not.
  • The episode before Kara said she was in a funk and she’s been putting so much effort into being Supergirl and to saving everyone and doing everything, she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and no one takes it seriously. No one points out that she pushes herself too far, take when Alex tried and failed to calm her down about Livewire and the fact that it is canon that Kara is still learning about earth and humans. Kara doesn’t have anyone she can bond with currently. Alex has Maggie, James has Winn and yes she has Mon-El but then she also has to deal with yet another person crushing on her and feeling guilty that she doesn’t return their feelings. This is not healthy. Kara is lonely and she doesn’t have Clark to bond with over powers and really he’s one of the only ones that she can relate to so it makes sense she would want to spend time with Mon-El someone who can probably understand how she’s feeling (power wise) a bit better given that J’onn has personal things going on that she doesn’t want to intrude in.

  • Kara needs someone she can just be herself with, someone she can let loose with and focus on. This is why I am looking forward to Lena’s return because she provides the balance of Kara vs Supergirl, she gives Kara the ease and she doesn’t expect anything from her. I think one of the reasons why Kara is so insistent on helping Lena is the fact that she needs Lena, she needs her friendship, her care and she needs someone to focus her energy into - someone who didn’t lie to her and doesn’t make her feel bad for having feelings!

So in light of this episode and my protective feelings over Kara I did a little SuperDoodle.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 2 136

Kai falls in love with Reader who has no idea about his past.
Kai’s father kidnaps reader to hurt him.


Barely a few hours after the merge with Luke , Kai went to the Whitmore campus. He felt guilty for what he had done in the merge and wanted to see Liv and apologise. After all Luke was her twin and now because of him , Luke was gone.

Kai was on his way to the dorm rooms when suddenly bumped into someone.
“Oh God.” The girl muttered , her books spilling on the ground. She kneeled down to gather them , Kai who had walked right past her after bumping into her , stopped and turned around to help her. It wasn’t something he would’ve done a few days earlier but now he felt bad.
“Here , let me help you…” he said and started gathering some of the spilled papers. “I’m sorry for bumping into you.” Kai added , handing the girl the pages.
“It’s OK. It happens.” she said while picking up the last of the books , looking up at him. For a moment she just stared at him , a curious expression on her face.
“I’m Y/N.” she said smiling , outstretching her hand to shake his.
“Kai.” he said , shaking her hand , unable to take his eyes off her. Something inside him came to life but he had no idea what it was as emotions were still new to him.
“Are you new ? I haven’t seen you around before …”  she asked.
“No , actually..I’m just here visiting a friend.”
“Oh … ” Y/N said , suddenly the smile gone from her face. “Do you need help finding your friend?” Y/N said , a hint of disappointment in her voice.
Suddenly finding Liv was the last thing Kai wanted to do. All he wanted in that moment was to get to know the girl standing before him.
“Actually … it can wait. Do you want to go get some coffee?” he asked.
“I would love to!” A smile spread on her face.

                      _______  (continues under the cut)  ___________

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anonymous asked:

"Because all I want is you" with 2p Canada pretty please •w•

Matt sighed softly and held her close to himself. He needed her. He only wanted her. He could get many other girls if he would only wish for it, but he only wanted her. Her innocence was absolutely amazing. She was adorable, sweet, kind, beautiful. Everything he had ever asked for in a girl.

“W-Why are you doing this?”

He looked down on her and grinned slightly, kissing all of her tears away tenderly. Tasty. Everything about her was just so perfect.

“You. I am doing this for you. You’re all I want.”

She continued to cry and yell at him, while desperately trying to get out of her bindings. He blocked it all out. He wasn’t going to listen to the bad things and he was only going to focus on her perfection.

“Shhh. Quiet. If you keep on talking, then I’ll gag you. Or do something worse.”

She didn’t listen and continued to scream for help, even though he specifically told her that nobody would hear them. Foolish. So foolish.

He took out a ball gag and forced it in her mouth. He stood up from her bed and walked towards the door.

“I’ll be back tomorrow. See you later, maple.”

With that said he left the crying and screaming girl behind. Soon she would love him. It was only a matter of time.

Part 2/?: Amateur Music Analysis of Hanyu Yuzuru's Programs - Hope and Legacy

In response to the first music analysis on Yuzuru’s programs, PomeloPooh replied:

Wow that’s some amazing analysis! The analogy to literature narrative structure makes a lot of sense. For something to grab your attention and keep it for 4.5 minutes the first time you hear it, these patterns are needed. Might be why music like h&l are considered risky - when I listen to it later I recognize clear climax and low points, but the first time I heard it with the program the impression was a bit undifferentiated (tho for me it’s undifferentiated beauty!).

Thank you!  :grin:

I agree with you for Hope and Legacy, the structure is complicated.

Hope and Legacy

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b21DGNrMc88 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnDv873q5zs) On Dashboard the RISE, PLATEAU and FALL will be bolded but on the blog it is colour-coded.

1) PLATEAU to RISE. Music begins. Gentle running along 3 notes with its various variations. There is a slight increase in volume as he lands the 4Lo at 0:57 (he probably timed it as such).

2) PLATEAU. Music continues running as such, like a neverending stream, as if the 4Lo, the pebble which caused a ripple, never existed and never disturbed the ebb and flow at all.

3) RISE to FALL.1:09 Heavier piano notes (chords I think) begin. dun-dun-Dun-DUn-DUN as he sets up for the 4S, outright chords at 1:18 immediately before the 4S, before giving way as he leaves the ice to rotate, as if the 4S released the pressure building up, then he poses right before spin.

4) PLATEAU (the music is separable into layers with each spin).
Higher notes play as he enters camel spin
Strings enter midspin and he goes into donut spin
Piano re-enters and he does sit spin
As piano and string interweave he shifts and does biellman spin.
(aka any change of instruments = position/variation change)

5) PLATEAU to RISE. 1:44 Strings, he begins step sequence. First phase of step sequence.

6) RISE (HIGH PEAK). 1:56 A peak in the step sequence that attracts attention and during which he paused slightly. Interesting cos he tends to rest during the lower emotional arcs of music but in H&L he does it at peaks where its more emotional and his body (he puts his two palms facing him before opening them up and at point 10 where he grasps something) is narrating an enjoyment of music. It being a break also means those one or two seconds are drawn to his upper body, which he uses to narrate that and conduct the audience’s emotions to feel whatever he is conveying.

7) FALL to PLATEAU. (whatever goes up comes down) 1:57 Lighter strings. Second phase of step sequence.

8) RISE. 2:06 Strings pause, piano melody re-enters. Third phase of step sequence. Another short pose, very very short but this serves more as a border to mark out the boundaries between the 2nd phase and 3rd phase. Heavier piano, chords introduced. Music builds. Strings re-enter.

9) RISE to FALL (during 3F). Music builds and builds and builds, minute pause in music before shifting to piano and he does 3F during this. Lands 3F, strings play once more.

10) RISE (HIGH PEAK) to RISE. Strings, music is emotional, he pauses. Longest pause ever in the program 2:49 - 2:52, also please look back at 6) for more explanation. He just feels the music.

11) RISE. Heavy strings, music rises and suspense builds and heavy strings go heavier and heavier with each note before giving way into strings melody (ironically as effect as climax despite being more subtle than the buildup) as the 4S3T is unleashed. This is a huge climax and even the rotations match the notes.

12) RISE to FALL.3:20 Strings become heavier again + heavier piano chords, music rises and suspense builds rinse repeat 11), then music ceases suddenly and bam! 4T.

13) PLATEAU. 3:37 Quiet music, 3A2T.

14) RISE. 3:50 - 4:04. Strings, music becomes more emotional, music builds up quickly, 3A1Lo3S.

15) FALL. Music quietens and he does his spin.

16) RISE, RISE, RISE. 4:21 Intense music for the choreographic sequence.

17) RISE (HIGH PEAK). 4:33 - 4:35, in true Yuzu style, hydroblade at important point.

18) RISE (or you can say PLATEAU but at a higher emotional level than previous ones). 4:36 - 4:44. Continuation of choreographic sequence. Music builds.

19) RISE to RISE (HIGH PEAK). 4:45 - 4:50, in true Yuzu style, ina bauer at important point.

20) RISE. Setup of 3Lz, the landing of the 3Lz is a highlight, 4:55 emotional music and at the same time he does camel spin.

21) FALL. 5:04, simple piano, he changes position while matching the drop in music.

22) CLOSURE. Final note gives a sense of finality and closure that exudes a dignified air befitting the theme of Legacy.

Tbh the ending is pretty warhorsey cos it’s !intense! !dramatic! !RISE! and the old-fashioned happy ending ‘I’ll quiet down’ closure. It’s the front half that messes some people up, especially those who want things like RJ1.0 where the FALL is in the middle while H&L is rise-fall-rise-fall-rise-fall etc in the first half.

But we forget that this is about Hanyu Yuzuru, who’s life was exactly as such. He rose up quickly through novice, had a terrible first junior year, rose up to win everything in second junior year and debuted as senior at the ripe old age of 15, had a mediocre first senior season (cos mens field was deep in JP in those times) whereas he watched Kana shine in her debut season, had a huge FALL for 311, rose up to win bronze at first Worlds. This is the first half of the program. Then he rose to break SP WRs, rose to win Olys, fell non-stop for 14-15 season, rose for 15-16 season, fell for 16 Worlds FS, rose for 16-17 season, but whatever falls he had during his dominant years, those were, in the end, growing points for him so they were not counted as FALLs but as RISEs. Each one has served him well, like how his popping has actually made him more flexible in layout and resulted in a couple of firsts. With each season, his legend and legacy grows and evolves just like the RISEs in the second half of the program that just keep increasing with intensity without bounds. For this is a skater who knows no limits.

He actually has many breaks, but the breaks are very very short each time. It is interesting, because this program requires one to be the wind through the forest, the calm river and the dappled sunlight through the trees, and such small pauses make the breaks less noticeable and create the feeling of continuity. The structure of Hope and Legacy is complicated and has many highs and lows, just like that of Hanyu Yuzuru’s life, and just like how it is a worthy representation of it in spirit.

A great person will endure great tribulations. (Someone please translate, my translation abilities have not reached such a level yet.) 故天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其所为,所以动心忍性,曾益其所不能. Something along the lines of ‘When God wants to bestow a huge mission/responsibility/ etc upon someone, He will first temper your will and spirit, put you into physical trials, cause you to experience hunger, make you experience poverty, allow you to taste the bitterness of not having everything go smoothly, such that you may strengthen your heart and determination, and have renewed conviction and benefit and grow.’


That program needs more love! As I was doing the analysis, I was amazed at how artistically avant-garde it was in terms of narrative structure. The first half, I suspect, was probably what threw people off and made it “less appreciated”, and second half was (as mentioned in the post) much more similar to a typical ‘warhorse’ with the drama, yet the program never deviated from its purpose of representing Yuzu’s journey. It was about growth and taking flight and feeling hope, and then repeatedly seemingly losing hope but regaining it despite all odds, and then it was finally about his dominance and his legacy. Overall, it is a RISE, evident from the post. The overall big picture structure is still within the 6 traditional emotional arcs (see: https://www.google.com.sg/amp/s/www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/490733/) , but because Yuzu chose to embellish the growth part very much, it is so rich in content that people can’t see the forest for the trees (AHAH forest imagery) and get so hung up about ‘how hard to grasp’/‘how seemingly unstructured’ the first part was.

Tbh, I think he is actually doing a very intimate act by sharing his life and journey and all the bitterness and joys accompanying it. It may sound presumptuous and prolly I am overthinking it and assuming something that doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t only fans be able to appreciate it fully since we know deeply about his history? That might also be another reason why judges only see the surface and do not have the contextual knowledge for true enjoyment.

Good grief I can’t seem to shut up, can I? 


The only thing I can add further right now would be that he still sees himself as still growing (also because he is humble and self-critical), and I wonder if it might also have influenced the program and cause a heavy focus on the growth part? But idk how much his input and influence was in relation to Shae’s, though I know he has always been more involved in his FS. (he is one of the painters in FS, but he seems to also want to attempt to be the painted by Buttle for SP)

drop-of-moonlight  asked:

OH YES YOU HAVE FINALLLY MET PRINCESS SAILOR MOON. Any thoughts on her in the 4 minutes she spended blowin' shit up and being possesive and angry?

OKAY YOU ASKED FOR THOUGHTS YOU ARE GETTING THOUGHTS. (No spoilers please, I’m just going to talk for a little bit!) 

First of all, I love that this show makes it VERY CLEAR that Usagi and Serenity are completely different people. As far as I remember, the anime never really addressed this, and the two were functionally interchangeable. Here, they are distinct in looks and in personality. You can even see the moment when the switch happens: 

Usagi, her feathers ruffled, and then


Serenity takes over as soon as her possession of “Endymion” is threatened. She seems to have a single-minded focus of MIRACLE ROMANCE, while Usagi’s interests are slightly more varied (friends, food, cats, family, et cetera). And yet, her obsession doesn’t seem like love; it seems like control. She’s the dormant goddess of horrible all-consuming jealousy that was living in Usagi’s subconscious for millennia. 

Sailor Moon also becomes WAY more powerful when under Serenity’s influence, just throwing around balls of flame and creating bolts of energy like it’s just another Tuesday morning. But this massive amount of power comes at the expense of a loss of control. Serenity only wants this one thing, and is willing to risk a lot to get it. Usagi wants many things (the aforementioned friends, food, cats and family). Things that Serenity would perhaps sacrifice if she needed to. 

Where I am a little lost is where the MIRACLE ROMANCE is involved. Serenity and Endymion fell in love, and their reincarnated souls found each other again in the bodies of Usagi and Mamoru. So why is Serenity’s portrayal so different from Usagi’s? Maybe Serenity and Usagi DO share a personality, but they choose to focus on different goals. Usagi has a part of her that is dangerously uncompromising, but she pushes it to the side because she wants everyone to be happy. Serenity loves her friends and family, but the bitterness of two young lives cut short turned her mind from love to revenge. 

I’m just throwing around words. I don’t really know what’s going on, but hopefully the story will take me where I want to go. 

beccabees  asked:

Hi I know you're super busy right now (I cried so hard at the end of In These Filthy Halls and I'm so ridiculously pumped for the MasaYou fic you have no idea) but I was wondering if there was anymore of the Muramuro fairy tale au fic in the works? Murasakaibara and children together is the best combination.

Himuro makes sure to put on a show when he cooks dinner—with very theatrical sauce pouring and stirring and detailed presentation of food. Both Murasakibara and Kyabetsu watch, wide-eyed and solemn, the entire time and they have matched ravenous appetites when they devour dinner. Clearly, table manners are not important in the demon’s household.

“Did you like it?” Himuro asks with a smile, after every crumb of food has disappeared.

“It was amazing!” Kyabetsu says enthusiastically, around the same time Murasakibara scowls and says, “It was fine.”

Kyabetsu takes her cue from her father and turns back to regard Himuro with more detached manner. “It was fine,” she says coolly. “And you will make it again tomorrow.”

“I would love to make it again tomorrow,” Himuro says, and his eyes rest on Murasakibara. “That is, if I am staying for another day.”

Kyabetsu whips her head towards her father, suddenly very alarmed at the thought that Himuro might not be staying, and while she doesn’t plead on Himuro’s behalf, her eyes are full of dismay and woe.

“Murochin can stay and cook,” Murasakibara grumbles, like he is bestowing a very great favor upon Himuro.

“Thank you, Atsushi, I’d be delighted,” Himuro says.


That is how they spend their nights. Himuro cooks, and Murasakibara allows him to stay for another day, and then another. Himuro makes a point to always confirm that his presence is wanted, largely because he likes hearing that Murasakibara does, in fact, want his presence.

Himuro senses, also, that it is fairly significant that Murasakibara allows him to stay. If Himuro had to guess, he would hazard that Murasakibara does not trust a lot of people, and he would not let someone stay near his daughter if he didn’t have a lot of faith in them.

It seems like a very momentous thing indeed when Murasakibara heads out of the tower and willingly leaves Himuro alone with Kyabetsu.

“Don’t you ever go with him?” Himuro inquires.

Kyabetsu sighs and looks down at her shoes. “I could. He said I could come if I wanted to. I’m not a prisoner, you know.”

“The thought never occurred to me,” Himuro says, although he is lying.

Kyabetsu scowls at him, like she knows he’s lying. “I’m not. I just don’t want to leave. I have everything I want, right here in my tower.”

Himuro tries to imagine this, and he can’t. When he was a child, all he ever wanted to do was escape.

It’s pretty much all he does now.

“Why don’t you want to leave the tower, Kyabetsu?”

She just tilts her head. “Why don’t you?

Himuro has to admit, he really doesn’t know.


When Kyabetsu sleeps, he spends his nights talking to Murasakibara. He tells himself it’s because he’s trying to discover the Beast’s secret to his intricate spellcraft, but after awhile he knows that can’t be true. (Murasakibara is not hiding anything from him: “I think of a spell, and I do it. It’s not hard, Murochin.” He just happens to be one of those rare geniuses that doesn’t need years of study or intense training for magic; it comes to him as easy as breathing).

After a few weeks in the tower he realizes it’s the longest he’s ever spent in one place, after he first set out away from his home town. He lives in a tower with a tall, attractive man, and a small child, and when that finally dawns on him he’s a little appalled by how domestic it all is.

“Atsushi, does it bother you that I am here?” he asks one night, perhaps because he wants Murasakibara to say yes, he is a bother. He wants the excuse to leave.

“Murochin isn’t a bother,” Murasakibara says. And Himuro is glad to hear that but also frustrated; there isn’t anything for him here, there’s no reason why he should stay.

Then Murasakibara reaches out and touches his hand, and Himuro meets his gaze, surprised. Murasakibara has never willingly touched him before.

“Murochin isn’t a bother,” Murasakibara says again, only his eyes are heavy with focus, and Himuro has never been looked at so intently before.

“Oh,” Himuro says. And then the only thing really for him to do is to lean in, closer to touch.

A/N: Aahhh, thank you friend, anon-friends! I am so sorry for how long this update has taken me. With each new request I truly meant to provide an update and then felt increasingly guilty when it didn’t happen. I still want to finish this story! I’m very glad there are still people who want to read the rest of this story!! There’s like, two more parts after this? Three at the most? I will try to be more prompt. Thanks again!! Parts OneTwo Three Four

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I have so many Elriel feelings... Like he's so big and strong and scary and she's physically delicate in comparison yet she wields a power over him. Also he hears things that no one else can hear which is why he recognized so quickly that she sees things that no one else can see. And they quietly sit in the garden and when she gets lost in her Sight he's the only one who can coax her back and gently get her to focus uuuuuugh

Friend I am not in an emotionally stable place to be talking about how patient and lovely and attentive and intuitive the love of my life Azriel is with those he cares about alright I will DIE

(Just kidding give me more)
About Streaming...

Hello everyone,

So far, all my streaming sessions were planned. Meaning I make the time when I know I won’t be distracted.

Streaming is a way to interact with you and a strong solution for me when I’m out of focus, so it’s win-win. I also get the impression from the streaming requests I get often is that some people are interested in only watching, too.

I want to do it more often, but given my current situation, my time is very limited.

That’s why I’d like to share something about my life outside my creative one, only for the sake of putting things in perspective, in regards of streaming.

My mum has a few health issues, mainly back problems, that were up until 2016 manageable and are now getting more challenging. I am putting 50% into Grey is…, the rest into whatever she needs; house chores, doctor appointments, shopping or just to socialize and chit-chat, rather intensely lol

So my time is totally out of any daily routine. Of course there are other things in life than my mother and Grey is… too. 

So in regards to streaming, I want to try and stream as much as possible when I’m not working on spoiler pages. But because I can’t always tell how long a session will be, I’ll just start streaming on twitch without posting across all accounts. You can sign up and follow my channel there to get a notification whenever I stream, if you’re interested.

Any planned long sessions will be, like before, announced here and on twitter, It’s only the random ones that won’t.

Also, when I have “sketching in silence” on the upper left corner on screen, means the stream is mostly on mute to sketch from scratch which needs focus.

This post is about streaming, but it should also shed some light on why I’m late in replying to messages, offering tutorials and other things that I’d love to do but can’t. 

I try to reply to older messages before the newer ones, but sometimes a newer one needs only a word, a gif, or a line as an answer, while older ones need detailed replies, or maybe a certain mood to be able to write. It might not be fair, but this is what I can offer right now.

Thank you for reading and for your understanding~

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I've been thinking for the past year that the things that upset me the most about the stunt/closet/bearding situation is (apart from Louis and Harry's happiness obviously) the reaction from antis, media and even my dash. We're just always in a circle of negativity. When something "bad" happen, the media does an het article, larries talk about it, antis say things about us or send us message, we talk about it. and it's always like that we let the media and antis entering our space --> ugliness

Agreed 100%. The fandom itself is the hardest part of fandom. It’s tearing itself apart. That’s why I had to reevaluate things and try to only focus on the good stuff. Or at least find SOME sort of joy in the bad. I can’t COMPLETELY ignore everything that’s happening because that’s just not the person I am, but I can at least try to find something good within a situation. Because to me the good still does outweigh the bad.