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Okay guys… Grimm!Velvet was something that I wanted to draw in a long while. I’m not necessarily sure where this idea came from, but when the thought struck me—I was like: “…wow, Grimm!Velvet sounds so cool to me. I wanna draw her.”

But then I got stuck… (obviously with Velvet’s hair color) which is why I posted three different versions.

I also placed Coco into the mix for fun and because Crosshares is great.

… I need more Crosshares in my life.


Dirty Laundry Looks Good on You - Victuur, part one

Summary: Yuuri is scared Victor doesn’t love him anymore, so he takes the Internets advice and indulges in his kink.  

It’s almost four AM and I have a midterm in three hours so I should’ve slept but I did this instead.

It’s gonna be about eight chapters, i think, and shouldn’t take me all that long to finish. 

It’s a lot more plot than kink at the moment tho, so just a heads up. 

Also, it’s from Yuuri’s POV so  there’s a few anxious and self-hatred type thoughts, just so be aware!!!

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] 

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Today at 5:43 pm, I FINALLY finished writing The Price of Paradise. I can’t believe it took me a whole month to write it. I thought it would take me half that time at most. But of course, I didn’t count on how long it is!! The final word count (which probably will increase after I edit this thing) is 6530, according to Scrivener. Because, according to Word is 20 words shorter, i don’t why, it always does that.

Anyway, it’s finally done!!!!! Now comes the awful part, which is editing. Thank God I’ve been editing passages all month, so it’s mostly as good as it gets, except what I wrote recently…

To celebrate the occasion, let me show you the absolutely gorgeous cover art that my talented dearie friend @mel-loves-all did for me

Isn’t it spectacular?!!! I love it so much! Mel, thank you, again. *blows kisses*

One more thing….For everybody out there – you know you Olicity avid fic reader–, if you want to be tagged in this (and all) my fics, let me know!!! (If you already did, just ignore this) This fic comes out on Tuesday as part of @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon, so you got until tomorrow to message me ;)

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anonymous asked:

MORE BABIES but way more sad :( I am sorry for this.. But another scenarioish thing with : law luffy kid killer zoro Sanji and ace holding their child for the first time after their s/o dies in childbirth :=0 angsty anon is sorry

(W-why did you do this to me, Anon? I got really sad writing this one ;A; Anyway, here you go. Due to it being childbirth, I will be using female pronouns.

I am so, so sorry for my in-activity lately and I’m really sorry for taking so long on this one. I hope you enjoy it now that I finished it.)

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Why I Haven't Written Much + Break Time

Hey guys… So I owe y'all a good explanation for why I haven’t been writing.

Before that though, I just wanted to say thank you guys for some very sweet messages! I’m going to answer them personally but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate how you guys care about me~

But now, onto the why. As most of you know, I am still in High School. I’m currently in my second to last year, meaning my grades need to be perfect. And a big part of my grades is a presentation this Saturday for a national competition. I have been trying to finish my project, ergo why I’m so stressed and busy.

And also, sadly, I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from tumblr. It’s not gonna be long, mind you! It’ll just be a weeklong period where I won’t be on tumblr. I’m just warning you now in case you send something and I don’t reply.

Surely you guys can understand why I’m doing this. And hopefully, I’ll be back in a week, less stressed and ready to write! Thanks for listening and keep being you.

Love, Admin Fiction

So I haven’t posted something personal in a long time. I’m not sure why but what are you going to do. 
I finished whole 30 and then kinda fell off the wagon a bit. HOWEVER, I did start taking yoga classes at this place that is literally twenty steps from my front door. Its great. I love the convenience of  it and I’ve actually been going several times a week. So after a month we’ll see where I am. As of now I still love it. There’s meditation classes as well which are always a treat. 

I really think it’s helping me both mentally and physically and I’m excited that I’m actually committing to something like this. It’s been a while since I’ve been this motivated.

January, 25 2016 Yes, you see a messy desk here. There is no shame in it. I had the most peculiar day today. To cut a long story short: I wasn’t allowed to take the exam I wanted to take (I studied so much for it) to finish my module and now I need to take the exam on Thursday and now I need to study for it (the binder you can see on the left). Wish me luck! I sometimes hate this university.


I SPENT…. ENTIRELY TOO LONG ON THIS…. LOL….. was it worth it? (no)

I guess if there’s anything at all to take from this it would be to take your time and play around with stuff and don’t be afraid to try things, honestly. But hey, I am only a screaming speck of dust in college so whatever I need to finish my hw.

Me @ myself: My dude, you gotta finish editing this mammoth fuckin’ chapter already! You got people waiting on an update!

Me editing and accidentally adding an additional two thousand words: Why am I like this?

The things we do in Dark Hollow

Request: Can you please make a fiction were the reader is like a lost species to never land but Peter finds out they’re real and maybe just a hint of smut?

Fluff/smut:  Fluff with a hint of smut

A/N: I AM SO SORRY! This took me way too long to write. First I had no idea what to do with this request and then I had to many but this was the one I could kinda live with but then I had to write it 4 times. Two times since I didn’t like what I wrote and one time I was almost finished and then my laptop crashed. I was also very busy with school, testweeks and essasy we had to make. I still have to make some so tha might also be why the other request will also take a little longer but here is finally your request and I hope you like it.


Peter P.o.v

I was walking around Dark Hollow , just to see if everything was okay here and mainly to be away from the Lost Boys and Wendy. She really started to annoy me. She kept thinking that she could change me.  That I wasn’t really evil, that something changed me and made me into the way I am, but really did she now that this is me.

The boys seemed to love her but they couldn’t know any better. There just kids but I did know better. Wendy probably also didn’t notice how sexual she was being. Just sitting down right on my crotch, moving her hips to find a comfortable position, basically grinding down on me.

So I left camp and went for a walk, trying to calm down my little friend but it’s not really helping, my cock throbbing against my pants making walking very uncomfortable. ‘This girl will be the death of me one day.’ Peter muttered.

‘Do you need some help with that?’ I suddenly heard somebody say. I turned around and I saw a girl and I must say she was so much more prettier than Wendy. She had (H/L) (H/C) hair and was wearing a (F/C) shirt with a (F/C) jacket over it. She wore simple (F/C) jeans and was bare feet and she had the most beautiful (E/C) eyes.

‘Who are you?’ I asked. The girl grinned and walked away from the tree, then from her back came two wings, fairy wings. They weren’t strong looking, they hung down almost to the ground. I don’t think she would be able to fly with them anymore.

‘You are a fairy.’ Peter said looking at her with awe. He hasn’t seen a fairy for a really long time. I had only seen a fairy a little bit after I turned in Peter Pan. But it was really quick and I haven’t seen het after. Then Tink came here but she lost her wings so she wasn’t really a fairy anymore. But this is a fairy who does have her wings.

‘Yeah, before you ask I can’t make Pixiedust.’ The girl said. ‘I’m (Y/N), by the way.’ The girl, (Y/N), said. ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked her. ‘I live here. I lived here even before you came along. I lived here before this became Dark Hollow. This used to be Pixie Hollow. You thinking tree was just were the stored the dust Peter.’ Wow, she was really old then, but still cute.

‘How do you know my name?’ I folded my arms together and looked at her. ‘I know everything about you Peter.  How you came here, what you did to become the way you are, your search for the heart.’ (Y/N) said.

‘I thought fairies weren’t on Neverland anymore.’ I stated. ‘The normal ones don’t. I was banned from Pixie Hollow.’ She said and then looked at the ground. ‘Just for liking hawks.’ She muttered. ‘What?’ I asked rising one eye brow. ‘Hawks, they eat fairies when were small. I like them so when I accidently send to a hawk to kill them all I was banished.’ (Y/N) said making “ ” with her fingers.  

‘But back to business, want some help with that?’ She asked while pointing to my little friend who had somewhat calmed down. ‘No thanks. It’s fine now. I can take care of it myself.’ I said and then she stood in front of me. ‘I’ll be gentle. It gets quite lonely after a while on your own.’

Then she starts palming my cock through my pants making me hard again. When I’m fully hard she pulls my pants down together with my underwear. She takes my cock in her hand and starts stroking. I start to let out some moans.

‘Just enjoy.’


Pink Floyd, »Time« (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)

“Don’t waste your ‘good years’…you blink, and half of your life goes by”

If you work with seniors or are around older adults a lot, a constant topic of conversation is the idea of time – the time of day it is, “Why is this taking so long?”, how it feels like the year just started and now we’re about to start a new one, etc. And if you’re a relatively young adult like I am, you are constantly advised things such as the quote above, which was said to me by a senior unrelated to this project not even a week before I finished writing this piece.

Old or young, time always seems to be something we’re fighting against: for some, we feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, while for others there is a struggle to figure out how to occupy oneself during the countless minutes of each hour that seem to drag out. As a child, a day can seem like a millennium if you’re waiting for a specific occasion or event; as an adult, a conversation I often seem to have with my friends and family is something along the lines of “I don’t know where the past month has gone – it just flew by”.

When it was announced that this year’s theme week was lyrics, I immediately knew what I wanted to tackle: Pink Floyd’s “Time” from their iconic 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. I can’t remember when exactly I first became aware of the lyrics of this song; like most people I was mainly familiar with the instantly recognizable clock intro during my childhood and my teen years. But I do remember being completely awestruck when I realized how powerful and brutally honest of an idea the Pink Floyd bassist, lyricist, and seemingly eternal pessimist Roger Waters tackled in the verses of this song. As a young adult who didn’t follow the cultural and societal expectation of immediately completing a university or college education right after high school, I had many days where I felt like I was “behind” and that I had missed my chance to “start my life” the way many of my peers had. Perhaps that’s why the final few lines of the first verse really resonated with me at the time, and are the focus of this piece today.

As I’m sure some of the other amazing contributors to this year’s theme week have mentioned in their pieces, lyrics are generally a subjective experience; what I might get from a set of lyrics may be nothing like what you draw from it. And there are so many factors that influence this: gender, country of origin, personal experiences…the list goes on. But age (or, to put it another way, the amount of time you’ve lived and experienced things on this planet) is arguably one of the biggest influences of how you perceive song lyrics and, perhaps, even how much you can relate to the message interwoven in the words.

With this in mind, I’ve opted to not babble on about this lyrical prose for 2000+ words. Instead, I asked friends, coworkers, friends of friends, and strangers what they take away from this block quote of lyrics. With the ages of the participants ranging from 9 to 90 you can really see how much the passage of time in one’s life changes one’s perception of “Time”. All quotes, names, and ages are real and have not been fabricated.

“This is [about] somebody young, and probably sad, because ten years have got behind he or she…the person missed all of the chances…it’s not a great feeling.”

- Tyler, 9

“Somebody is sad, because somebody missed out on an opportunity or something they wanted to do…No one told them what they were supposed to do, so they screwed up, probably.”

- Corey, 12

“This is what I hear all the time…‘you’re young, you have lots of time to figure out what you want to do with your life’, 'Stop being lazy and get your life sorted! Grow up already!’ Seriously, adults stress me the fuck out with these constant mixed messages! Just let us teenagers live our lives and stay the fuck out with your stories of 'time goes quickly’!”

- Francine, 17

“…although I am young now and it seems like I have the rest of my life to live, that life catches up to you faster than you think. It makes me think of the seniors I work with and how they are always telling me to be thankful for my youth and that it seems like just yesterday that they were my age. It makes me think of how they all tell me there would haves and could haves and wishes and how if they had of only done something when they were my age that maybe they would be in a better spot now. These lyrics also make me reflect on the past 4 years of my life…I have never been happier… but it turn it seems like just yesterday i was living in Nova Scotia [Canada] partying every night. These lyrics to me are a symbol of the past and the future. They mean to me to not take the present for granted and to really live life.”

- Sara, 22

“To me, these lyrics say: don’t focus so hard on the endpoint that you miss out on what’s happening right now. I’ve been in school working towards various degrees my whole life and always looking forward to the point when I finally get the degree. But I feel like I’ve missed things along the way. I feel like society is always pushing us to reach the end goal, but then we somehow lose ourselves and forget to 'Live in the now!’, as Garth Algar would say. These lyrics make me think of the Aerosmith line 'Life’s a journey, not a destination’. I think it’s very easy to forget that. I don’t want to look back on my life ten years from now sitting around with my various degrees and thinking 'Wow, all I did was study’ and wishing I had taken more chances and opportunities to have fun with my family and friends. People are always waiting for their “adult life” to start, when they get the perfect job, etc…but your life has already begun and you need to start enjoying it!”

- Rachel, 23

“It reminds me of when I first starting working at my new job, how three years ago I was living in a house with 3 friends and we were partying every night having fun. Now suddenly I’m 26 and have a career and responsibilities. I feel like if I didn’t go back to school I’d be stuck at bars every night wasting my life away wishing I’d done something with it. I’m glad I chose the path I did. It’s amazing how much you can grow in only three years.”

- Cassie, 26

“… I think the feeling is encouraging, maybe to be ambitious and risk taking. Is telling me about making the most of every moment. I think at this time in my life [the song] is telling me to take chances, and be willing to make mistakes because there’s always time to work through it all.”

- Ryan, 27

“…thinking about where I am in life right now, and I’ve thought about where I should, or could be if I’d made different choices. I’ve also been thinking back to when I was 17 and 18 and how limitless my opportunities seemed back then, and it felt like I had all the time in the world. Now I feel like I’m accelerating towards 30 at a million miles per hour.”

- Andy, 29

“[The lyrics] could mean anything, but…I’d say: life doesn’t hold anyone’s hand. There’s no guideline to what you want or should do [with] it.”

- Mike, 32

“When my son was born, I kept saying I couldn’t wait for him to grow up so we could start playing catch and hockey together…next thing I know he’s turning 11 and I realized I was so wanting him to grow up that I didn’t sit back and enjoy him being a young, mischievous little boy playing games and wanting to do stuff with me. Now he’s 'too cool’ to hang with dad.”

- Casey, 36

“…a reflection on life. Live in the now, and do it now, because you might miss out on it, whatever it is. Taking chances, or your bucket list, whatever.”

- Paula, 37

“These words, reading them, is very bittersweet to me with my 40th birthday coming up. It feels like yesterday I turned 30 and had many things I planned to do as [a] 30-something. If I look back on what I wanted…I can’t. Many opportunities carelessly wasted. But I’m not dead yet. There’s things you can still strive for even when you think you’re too old.”

- Gabrielle, 39

“…don’t waste time in your life…do it now, don’t wait…and don’t settle in your life…I look back at my last marriage. I’m easily the happiest I’ve ever been now, but there was all of that time wasted where I wasn’t.”

- Becky, 42

“'You are young and life is long, and there is time to kill today’. Man, haven’t we all said that at some point?…It sounds like someone who is my age and they aren’t where they want to be in life, and they’re looking back realizing just how much time they’ve wasted, and their friends are productive…it sounds like they aren’t where they want to be, but they’re making up a shit excuse how no one ever pushed them to get there.”

- Shawn, 42

“These words couldn’t be more true. When you’re young, you never think about this age…this age that your parents were at when you were a teenager or [in your] 20s. Being a mom to 20-somethings, I look at them and think how great it would be to be that age again, with the potential to make your life whatever you want it to. But then I remember how stupid and naive I was in my 20s and I’m okay being almost 50 and way smarter [laughs].”

- Liz, 48

“…you think you have all the time in the world…for me, I guess I always thought I had more time to…get my singing career going, and you wake up all of these years later and go 'oh, I’m not quite where I wanted to be’. But I’m starting something new…and doing new things in the new year…you hope it will be the best part of your career. Or your life, whichever.”

- Maureen, 49

“All I’ll say is this: when you’re 25, you think you’re invincible and will be young forever. Then you wake up one day with bad knees, a beer gut, and a questionable liver because you’re 54 and made more bad decisions than good decisions at 25 because you thought you had all the time in the world to fix [bad] habits.”

- Frank, 54

“Is this [Pink] Floyd?” “They always had a way with words. And in the case of getting old, I wish I had known about these lyrics long ago because I would have quoted it all the time. 'And then one day you find ten years have got behind you’? More like 'And then you find one day you’ve got one foot in the grave and trying to tell yourself you’ve still got lots of time left’.”

- Greg, 62

“I think [the lyrics] are saying getting old is bad. Getting old is only bad if you have a bad attitude about it.”

- Marie, 68

“This is wrong: life isn’t a race. Life is for you to do what you want, when you want. Yes, you don’t know when it is your time, but don’t make rushed decisions or big mistakes you know you’ll regret later because you’re scared you’ll die and…miss a chance at something. You have no control over when you die…but, you have control over how you live.”

- Roland, 72

“While I agree, it was different for me…I’m of the generation where women didn’t get a say in what they did. Be a nurse, a teacher, or stay at home and be a housewife. I was a housewife. I didn’t have the pressure you young people have today of making something of your lives, which I do and don’t wish I had. I look at my granddaughter, struggling to find a job she is happy with and [people] around here telling her she’s taking too long to figure this out…she’s 21 for Christ’s sake! She has time. But I can’t completely sympathize [with] your generation. I had simpler times, but times where we women were not considered useful except in the home. That’s maddening.”

- L.N., 87

“…if you reach my age, and your body and mind haven’t turned on you, you cherish every day of your life. Does time go by fast? Absolutely it does! And what they say is true: it gets worse as you get older. But if you have your health, do something every day you enjoy, tell your family and friends every day that you love them, have a small glass of gin, have a laugh and don’t dwell on what was or what would have been.”

- Eve, 90

I’d like to thank everyone who graciously agreed to provide their opinion for this article. A very special thank you goes to B.P.M. Music and NYSC, both in Toronto, for generously allowing me to interview some of their staff and clients.

Katherine Spencer // @thevinylkat

This is Katherine’s fourth appearance on OWOB. Her first post covered Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides, Now” during our Songs of Love and Hate theme week. 

Someone asked Jared if he was going to be part of the Gilmore Girls if they do a reboot and Jensen if he’d ever do a guest spot on DOOL. Jared said he definitely would. Jensen said he wanted to but they work pretty hard on SPN so he hasn’t had time. Then he said “We’re not like Misha where we can shoot for 3 hours and be done for the week.” Later Misha came out to defend his honor. He said “I do more on an episode before 9:00 am than you guys do all week. That’s why I don’t have to be there.” And Jensen said “Yeah, you’re finished so early because you only have one scene an episode.” Then he high-fived Jared. And Jared said “Some episodes don’t even take you that long because you’re not in them.” Then they high-fived again. Misha said “I instantly regret coming out here.”

Slowly, he slides the mask on, pulling the elastic over the back of my head, and I’m blind. The elastic on the mask holds the ear buds in place. I can still hear him, though the sound is muffled as he rises from the bed. I’m deafened by my own breathing – it’s shallow and erratic, reflecting my excitement. Christian takes my left arm, stretches it gently to the left-hand corner, and attaches the leather cuff around my wrist. His long fingers stroke the length of my arm once he’s finished. Oh! His touch elicits a delicious, tickly shiver. I hear him move slowly round to the other side, where he takes my right arm and cuffs it. Again, his long fingers linger along my arm. Oh my… I am fit to burst already. Why is this so erotic?