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Who’s to Blame? (Part One)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is the most eligible bachelor in New York, a ladies’ man, and a dick. But he’s also your best friend. However, he gets into a car accident and he ends up losing his left arm. His confidence is shattered, and it’s up to you to show him that he is still the man he was before the accident. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe, Possible Series)

Warning: car accident

Author’s Note: Let me know if you’re interested in this becoming a series! Based on ‘Me Before You’. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,090

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  • Client: We are calling to cancel our 2pm appointment. Sniffles is better.
  • Receptionist: Oh, good to hear! Are you sure you don't a doctor to take a look just in case? We close at 4 today.
  • Client: No. He's better.
  • 5 PM
  • Client: HELLO?! We are on our way now. Sniffles has been vomiting all day.
  • Me: I'm so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we closed at 4 today, I'm alone finishing up paperwork, we aren't seeing appointments. Let me get you the info for the emergency clinic-
  • Client: We have been coming to you for years! I am coming down now.
  • Me: Ma'am. I understand you are worried but there is no staff here. You had an appointment and cancelled and now you need to go to the emergency hospital.
  • Client: I'm in the parking lot. You have to see me!
  • 7 PM
  • Me: ok. The radiographs are done. Everything looks normal.
  • Client: Why did that take so long?!
  • Me: I'm sorry you had to wait, I told you I am here alone so it takes a bit longer.
  • Client: So. Your saying I came for nothing?
  • Me: No ma'am. I'm saying based on my exam, the blood work, and the x-rays Sniffles appears fine. I can give him an anti-emetic and some fluids and-
  • Client: Unreal. Unreal! We came all this way and you can't find anything. He's sick! We're done. Let's go Sniffles.
  • Me: The good news there appears not to be a problem. I'll walk you up to the front and you can pay.
  • Client: 600 dollars?!
  • Me: That is exactly what was on the estimate. I had to charge you an after hours emergency fee plus x-rays and lab work. You signed for it all, see?
  • Client: I didn't know what I was signing! You took advantage of my grief! I refuse to pay. You knew how upset I was. I would have signed anything! You can bill my lawyer!
Under The Table

 REQUEST(anon) - Could u plz write a “one-shot” about touching Steve’s erection during an important dinner(than him coming into ur hand) if that makes any sense plz and ty❤

WARNINGS - Handjob under a table  ,a little teasing . 

A/N - Thank you so much Taw @supersoldierslover for your help . 

Also , I am so sorry nonny that this took so long to write . I hope you like it  

WORDS - 1836

“Hmmm, Steve….”, you moan breathlessly as he pins you against the wall , and squeezes your ass harshly .

“Fuuuck , do you feel that baby.”, he asks his head resting against yours as he looks into your eyes lustfully . He pushes his hard covered cock onto your pussy and starts grinding his hips up and down .

One of his hand reaches your breast and he pulls your dress down exposing your taut nipples to him . He bends his head forward and takes your nipple between his teeth and pulls it . Your head falls back on the wall in pleasure .

He pushes you tight against the wall to stop any movement and folds his arms holding your thighs in position as he starts rubbing his cock and adding pressure over your clit .

“Oh god , Don’t stop babe.”, you moan as you take his lips  in a bruising kiss . Your swirl your tongue around his and bite his lip .

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Split - Kai Scenario. Part 2

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 2574

A/N: the “strong women aren’t feminine” defenders probably won’t like this chapter either, just saying.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Parking in his usual space - well, what used to be usual - Jongin gets out of the car and tightly wraps his coat around his body. It has gotten so cold lately and he can’t wait until he’s let inside the house.

Quickly running up a few steps leading to the front door, he knocks on it three times and jumps around trying to get warm. No one answers him so he tries knocking a little louder, but no sound comes from the other side of the door.

An uneasy feeling grows in his stomach and Jongin decides to do something he had decided not to do again. He punches in the code of the house and quickly opens the door to get in.

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watching this and i want to scream????? 

  • apparently sanha bleaches his hair every three days ??? fantagio this can’t be healthy 
  • bin’s wearing a shirt that has ‘merman’ on it asdfjlKJAHSDLK time to cry
  • bin wanted to be a swordsman but then after that he wanTED TO BE AN ASTRONAUT BECAUSE HE LOVES SPACE I’M YELLING
  • lmao bin saying that he wants to go to space maybe when it’s possible when he’s 70-80 and the mc telling him to earn enough money first lmAOOOO
  • apparently there are three point dances to baby:
    • ‘gentlemen’ actions like spraying perfume (the first part) and cuffing their shirts (the last part)
    • ‘saying hello’ in the slidey chorus part (‘a butterfly,’ rocky says, ‘but also like, don’t come near my face’)
    • the ‘butterfly dance’ because rocky made it (i assume this is in reference to the ‘the floor is lava’ jump)
  • mj describing i’ll be there as a ‘goodnight goodnight’ song and everyone cackling and correcting him & bin: “it’s every minute u bitch” and everyone laughing again becaUSE IT’S DREAM NIGHT SON
  • mj choosing because it’s you as his fave song
  • eunwoo picking i’ll be there and lie 
  • mj interrupting to ask if he could eat the watermelon LOL
  • eunwoo telling him to go ‘goodnight goodnight’ after eating i live for savage eunwoo
  • IM CRYIGN everyone singing i’ll be there acapella 
    • but rocky just snorting to himself instead of singing and jinjin slapping rocky on the neck 
    • mc: ????
    • rocky: ‘everyone’s singing but then i’m hearing jinjin sing and he goT THE MELODY WRONG’
    • jinjin: ‘i’m a rapper!!’ :D
  • now they have games 
  • eunwoo not being able to rip the sticker off the board properly LOL
  • they’re singing baby in different styles 
    • mj about 2 sing baby in the style of troT!!! members complimenting that he’s good at singing trot
    • mj slapping him on the neck sAme
    • mj slAYING HIS TROT
    • jinjin saying it just sounds like a 變熊 version (?? idk what this is)
    • rip vivi 2k17
    • eunwoo doing an idiot version (do u remember donggu from that one astro play where dongmin put on those weird glasses and acted like an idiot)
    • astro dying of laughter 
    • rip astro 2k17
    • jinjin clearing his throat because someone suggested a nursery song style and he’s abouT TO FALSETTO IT 
    • jinjin’s voice cracking i’m cryign
    • he’s not falsettoing it he’s just screaming i’mlauggh i love jinjin
    • saucy wink
    • rocky about 2 drop a saTOORI VERSION I’M !!
  • sanha has to act something out and everyone has to guess
    • sanha flopping around 
      • everyone guessing different types of birds
      • mj: “pufferfish???”
      • sanha: yEs
    • seal sanha + doggo sanha 
    • cat sanha
      • everyone guessing ‘cat’
      • eunwoo: ‘aoa sunbaenims????’ ibtch whAt
    • sanha being a gorilla
      • everyone saying ‘gorilla’
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’
    • sanha being another type of monkey (?)
      • everyone guessing different types of monkeys
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’ 
      • sanha acting out a third different kind of monkey (i think orang utan???)
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!!’ 
      • mc: whY IS EVERYONE ROCKY
      • also mj: ‘SANHA’ asdfasjdf
    • sanha being another bird (?)
    • bunny sanha + lion sanha + koala sanha
    • caption: “go to the zoo, you’ll fit right in” HAHAHHAHAHAHA
  • next game: astro has to pick 2 members and say 5 sentences that will move the viewer’s heart (??? flirting w the camera?)
    • bin volunteering mj
    • mj, reciting the chorus of baby while rubbing his lip
    • astro: ‘stoP RECITING BABY LYICS’
    • mj: godMAMA
      • “you believe in oppa, right?”
      • “you should only look at me”
      • mj stopping becauSE EVERYONE KEEPS LAUGHING AT HIM
      • “sunbae, i love you”
      • “noona, daTE ME PLS”
      • “aunty, you’re really pretty!!”
      • conclusion: i love mj
    • mj volunteerING JINJIN I’M CRYIGN 
    • jinjin taking deep breaths
      • jinjin: ‘darling…’, smirking then bursting out laughing a,dfjhasadh
      • bin: ‘IM GON PUKE’
      • jinjin: ‘let’s go out & get coffee!!’
      • jinjin, grabbing rocky’s neck: “do u want 2 kiss me”
      • everyone begging him to redo it 
      • jinjin: ‘next time i’ll be better to you’
      • everYONE BEGGING HIM TO REDO EVERYTHING & jinjin pretending not to hear
      • jinjin, sending a heart kiss: i love u!! and everyone finally acknowledging it as the first sentence
      • jinjin: what do you meAN I FINISHED ALL 5
    • them volunteering eunwoo instead 
    • ‘manhwa version!!’ and astro singing the shalalala~ backing track
    • eunwoo: ‘actually… i’ve liked you for a long time from afar… date me?’
    • astro clapping in defeat nobody can beat the king of flirting
    • also astro: ‘why am i uncomfortable suddenly’ saMe
  • last one: who’s the best at taking selfies?
    • nearly everyone pointing at sanha 
    • bin pointing at himself then sanha LMAOOOO
    • eunwoo pointing at himself LOL
    • eunwoo changing his vote to rocky
    • sanha getting 4 votes and rocky getting 2 becauSE HE VOTED FOR HIMSELF
    • baby sanha demonstrating his 4 cut fairy i’m so !!!!! my heart is !!!!!! he’s so pure!!!!!!
    • everyone posing for a photo and mj beaming and bin doing the three claw baby bear thing my heart is weeping i love that pose so much
    • eunwoo winking and jinjin being cute!!
  • this is singularly the most ~astro~ video i’ve watched this week i’m crying i love it 

there’ll probably be subs out there somewhere but meanwhile this is what i can do rip i wish i had translating software and time because this is the funniest shit everyone needs to watch it


It is finished!
Man, why do scarves always take so long? I set out thinking this would be a fast excuse to use up leftover yarn. Instead it took close to three months to get to binding off.
Nevertheless the endless toil was worth it! I have a beautiful linen lace scarf, that I am very, very happy with.

Someone suggested I should start adding more information to my posts, like yarn and needle size. I think that’s a wonderful idea. I know that most of my posts are not seen in succession, but instead through reblogs. So to help you all out, I will try to add everything at the end of the post.

Yarn: Knit Picks “Lindy Chain” in Harbor
Needles: Size US 3
Pattern: Twin Leaf Panel pg 235, A Second Treasury by Barbara G. Walker.

[ sneak preview of skinny dipping, or: the first of arguably too many summer camp fics ]

He snags lifeguard duty for that whole first week.

“Are you even certified?” Hermione demands when she sees him sitting in the second deck chair. She’s wearing a bright red one-piece and a pair of white denim cut-offs, a gleaming silver whistle around her neck and a hilariously oversized first-aid kit in her arms.  

“Like, for lifeguarding?” Cormac asks.

“Like, for anything,” she retorts, producing a tube of SPF 150 from an interior pocket in her bag. He tells himself he’s not going to watch her put it on, but that’s probably a lie.  

“Dunno,” he says innocently, spreading his legs and slouching farther down in his seat, “why don’t you test me?”

“Test you on what? Keg stands?”

“Babe, you don’t have to get me drunk to—”

“Do not finish that sentence,” she interjects, reaching up to tie her hair into a surprisingly messy bun.

Cormac winks. “Not in front of the kids, I get it.”

She sighs. “I really don’t think you do.”

“Anyway,” he goes on, undeterred, “of course I’m certified for—stuff. Like CPR. I’m certified for that.”

She turns—very, very slowly—to look at him. “CPR,” she repeats, something like disbelief coloring her voice. “Is that what you wanted me to test you on?”

He smirks. “You know it.”

Hermione clenches and unclenches her jaw, a dollop of sunscreen streaking the length of her right arm, and he can’t help but notice that her skin is already a deep, dark bronze in the late morning light. Smooth. Silky.  

“Look,” she snaps, “I don't—I’m not here to hook up, okay?”

Cormac considers that for a second. “So, like…you want me to take you to dinner first?”

Her eyes narrow. “I want you to leave me alone.”

“Oh,” he says, kind of nonplussed. “Okay. But—just to be, like, clear or whatever—you’re not playing hard to get?”

In hindsight, he doesn’t know why he’s so shocked when she pushes him into the lake.

Wrong Boyfriend

Request: 14.22.31. w remus?

Word Count: 1,454

Warnings: Sad Remus (something that breaks all of our hearts)

Note: I would like to thank you all for the requests I keep getting, don’t be afraid to say hello though, I don’t bite

14. “You said my name in your sleep.”

22. “Are you even listening to me?”

31. “Why do you always do this?”

Prompt List

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Lately your life seemed to be completely dominated by boys. Your time had to be shared between spending time with your new boyfriend Ethan, pranking with the Marauders, and spending quality alone time with your best friend Remus.

Out of all the Marauders, you gave Remus the most attention due to him being your closest friend – even closer than Lily, but you would never tell her that – and because you had known him since you were about five. He was a huge part of your life, so by now it seemed weird not to spend time with him; it was like something was missing.

Lately it had been hard to get the both of you available at the same time, therefore when you managed to get some quality time it would be even more special. So today had been great, since you both had a free afternoon, and had promised to spend it together.

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Hey guys, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but I’ve finally decided on it and it’s definite - I’m going on a hiatus from writing.

It’s only for a little while so that I can figure out where I am with my works, because lately I’ve been so in my own head that my stories aren’t coming out the way that I want them to. Not to mention, that I don’t get much motivation to finish things lately, and I don’t really know why. It might be because there’s so much happening in real life for me right now - hence why it’s taken me so long to do all the tags I’ve been tagged in (I will do them, I promise!!) I’ve just been weighed down with a lot of bullshit lately that I won’t talk about but, I’m going to take a little break from writing to try and alleviate some of that stress. 

That’s not to say that I won’t keep writing - hopefully when I come off of my hiatus, I’ll have a bunch of pre-written things to publish. 
I’ll also still be active, I just won’t be publishing my writing for a while. So I’ll still be chatting, reblogging, liking, answering inboxes and such! 

Sovereign will still be updated regularly, as it was prewritten.

I won’t be accepting requests from now on either - I’ve found they just add pressure that I’m terrible at dealing with to m workload, especially when I don’t feel like writing what someone has requested. 

I hope you guys understand. 

~ Bee

Fic Prompt/Request: The Other Other Talk

Anonymous said: 

Heii, your stories are amazing and you are such an inspiring writer! Since you are taking fanfic requests for Friday, can I ask a drabble or a short part.2 of “the other talk”? Sakura and Sasuke inviting Boruto (perhaps hinata and naruto along with him) for dinner or sarada and boruto deciding to formalize their relationship or anything you are inspired to write on the matter! thanks you :)

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Furihata gets the flu and Akashi doesn't really know what to do (I really love the series and how the characters are written! Thank you for making such an amazing series!)

“Shintarou-kun, your…friend is here to see you,” Dr. Kishitani says from his doorway.

“Takao?” Midorima says, confused, since surely Kishitani would not be so hesitant to say Takao’s name, but he can’t think of anyone else who would be suddenly visiting him.

“No,” Kishitani says, and he seems equally confused. “Seijuurou-kun.”

Midorima is seconds away from saying, “I don’t know anyone by that name,” because he doesn’t know any Seijuurous in Shutoku, before his brain processes things. “Akashi?” Kishitani nods. “Here?” Kishitani nods again.

He has the distinct feeling that absolutely nothing good can come from the fact that Akashi Seijuurou is suddenly at his house.


They sit in the living room. Dr. Kishitani brought them tea, but it just sits between them, untouched. Naoko poked her head out to say hello but retreated back to her bedroom when confronted with the tense atmosphere.

“Why are you in Tokyo, Akashi?” Midorima asks finally, even though the real question is, Why are you in my house?

Akashi looks stiff and withdrawn, which in turn only frightens Midorima, because surely something terrible must have happened (again) for Akashi to look like that. Finally, Akashi speaks. “Furihata has the flu.”

After a beat, Midorima says, “…Ah.”

Because, strangely, he knows exactly what the problem is, and actually sympathizes quite a bit. Although, Akashi’s presence in his house still remains a mystery. “And… why are you not with him, then?”

Akashi sighs, long and suffering. He takes out his cellphone and presses a few buttons, then a loud and heavily congested voice starts speaking, “AKASHI SEIJUUROU I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GOING TO BE SO PISSED IF YOU SHOW UP AT MY HOUSE. I AM SNOTTY AND GROSS AND SUPER DISGUSTING AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME HERE FROM KYOTO TO STARE AT ME WHEN I AM SNOTTY AND GROSS AND DISGUSTING.”

“…Ah,” Midorima says again, after the message finishes playing.

“I was already on the plane,” Akashi says, and if he were any other person Midorima would think he was sulking.

“Had he told you before not to come?”

“Yes. Repeatedly.”

Midorima stops himself from saying “ah” again. “All things considered, if he is capable of being that loud, he is probably fine,” he offers, but Akashi doesn’t look like he takes consolation in this. There is a long silence and then finally Midorima says, “Would you like to play shogi?”

“Alright,” Akashi says.


For the first time in his life, Midorima is thoroughly beating Akashi at shogi and he can’t even enjoy it.

“Takao was sick once,” Midorima offers. Because he understand what Akashi is going through, and he feels the least he can do is sympathize. “It happens to humans. Fairly regularly, I am given to understand.”

“I know,” Akashi says, his lips tightening. “Humans are incredibly poorly designed. I somewhat understand the impulse to build a better one.”

It is just as well that Akashi came here and not to his boyfriend’s, Midorima thinks. He would not be a very comforting presence at the moment. “That is not a train of thought we should follow, Akashi,” Midorima says, as gently as he can while still being firm. Because Akashi might actually decide… and well, it’s better in the long run if Akashi doesn’t look into genetic engineering.

“Sometimes they just die,” Akashi says. “You understand that, don’t you? They just die. For no reason at all.”

“I do understand that.” Midorima says. Dr. Kishitani’s wife had died from cancer. It terrified Midorima to think that could happen without warning and there was nothing that could be done. He feels the need to point out, “But, to be fair, Projects did not have a very high life expectancy either,” because it’s not like death was something new to them. People died all the time.

“It’s different,” Akashi says.

And that’s true. It is different. Because they were Successes, and Successes did not break down. (Like White. He tries hard not to bring up White, since surely that will not help matters now.)

“Perhaps it would be best if you spent the night here,” Midorima says. He is a little worried about what Akashi might do, if left to his own devices.

Akashi must be worried about that too, because he just nods and says, “Thank you, Midorima. I appreciate it.”

A/N: ahahaha, sorry, anon-friend. Having written a couple renditions of sickfic in Designation: Miracle, I wanted to do something slightly different this time and it sorta ended up with way more angst than anticipated. Sorryhopeyouenjoyedanyway!!

Healing (Gabriel x Reader)

Request: Reader is Dean’s daughter, a hunter herself and has a huge crush on Gabriel, who she is very close with, but doesn’t think he see’s her that way. During a hunt, she get’s hurt, nearly dies (Maybe?) and Gabriel saves her and tells her how he feels. The reason I suggested that the reader is Dean’s daughter is because I know Dean doesn’t like Gabe very much so he’d probably have some kind of issue with his daughter and Gabriel being together.

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Assassin: Chapter 2

A/N: SOOOOO, for some reason this series takes me forever to right. I think it’s because I have nothing to go but the books, so I have to come up with certain details on my own ! But in any case, here’s the very long awaited ‘part 2′. I am writing a Dylan O’Brien smut and a Dave Hodgeman smut before I post the finally part to Workspace. Okay, that’s it. LOVE YA BABEZ !

WARNING: Mention and use of guns, Strong suggestive language. 

Parts:  [1]

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I’m in a small white room. The floors are white, the walls are white, the long slender buzzing lights above my head are white. I’m seated at a metal table with matching metal chairs and I’m not sure how long I’ve been there. They’re hard and cold, making it difficult for me to get comfortable. In front of me is a large square mirror with a puffy red eyed girl staring back at me. She sad, very sad in fact. I don’t recognize her at first. I want to take the girl in my arms and tell her everything will be okay. Even though I’d be lying. But I know this sad girl…

It’s me.

There’s a tall black door behind me and it opens quietly and then shut again. A man with thickly rimmed glasses and blonde hair strides past me, setting a large file down before me. He takes his seat across from mine lacing his fingers over one another and resting them on the table. I don’t know this man but his eyes are kind eyes.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you?” I don’t know why he’s asking such a mundane question. Of course I do, does he think I’m stupid?

I only nod in response.

“You’ll have to use words for your responses, dear.” This angers me. He’s talking to me like I’m a small insolent child, which only does the opposite of what I know he’s trying to do which is sooth me.

“Yes.” I grunt, clenching my jaw hard.

“You’ll have to disappear.” He says as if the statement is a casual one. “No one can know you exist.”

He has a faint sympathetic smile on his lips and I have half a mind to smack it off of him. My father did not raise a princess. He raised a soldier, and I am not the weak little girl this man thinks I am. There’s a strong pang in my stomach that almost physically knocks me back at the sudden thought of my father. I hang my head to hide the emotion. Not forty eight hours after my father dies, and the agency’s jumping down my throat to recruit me. I meet the man’s eyes again and his lips are parted like he’s going to say something but I don’t give him the chance.

“What do I have to do?”

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Girl's Night

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: I noticed that you don’t have any Kathryn x reader things and I was thinking about like her having a girls night sleepover thing with Amy where they gossip and do face masks and such but then male readers like “yo can I join?” Not in a weird way but like boys can enjoy that stuff too and you also haven’t written much with male readers so yeah sorry it’s not specific or just Kathryn x reader I just thought it’d be cute

Summary: Male!Reader wants to hang with Kathryn and Amy while they’re having a girls night.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m so sorry for my little hiatus I went on these past 2 weeks :( As you all probably know by now, my cousin got married! Then when I got back home I had finals! It was awful and I’m v sorry but I’m here now ready to not be a shitty person. Also I’m actually typing this all up on my phone in the tumblr app (yay for manually inputting the code 🙃) so pls bear with me if the formatting is a little off from how it usually is. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this v short fic!

Wordcount: 333, this is probably my shortest fic ever IM SORRY

Requests are closed for now, very sorry friends!

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Working for the Dauntless leader Eric Coulter // Chapter 2

Read Chapter one here 




A/N: Hey, here’s chapter 2. I hope you’ll like it because I had some difficulties writing it. I don’t know why but I always like to start a new fanfic but continuing it is difficult for me and takes so long. Btw I got inspired to do the bathtub part because Jai recently posted a photo of himself in a bath on Instagram. Anyway there you go…

I thought it would take me ages to finish the list he gave me but I am done with all things he wanted me to do. Except cleaning his place. It’s almost 6PM. Dinner will start soon. On the way to the cafeteria I meet my friend who works at the infirmary of Dauntless. We have food together and talk about our jobs. 

“If you ever get bored of working for Eric you can work with me at the infirmary. I really need someone who could help me, especially when the next initiation starts” she holds my hand “Please let me know if you’re interested. You’d be perfect”.“I’ll let you know” I smile back to her and leave the cafeteria. 

Eric’s apartment looks nice and clean. Why does he want it to be cleaned by me? I mean there are many cleaning ladies here. Anyway I make his bed and arrange all the pillows. It looks so comfy in there. Must be nice to be a leader. I’m quite jealous, his bedroom is as twice big as my room. The next thing I do is fold the clothes which are thrown on a chair. His black clothing is kinda heavy because there are still guns and weapons in the pockets. So the last task I have to do is clean the floor. He doesn’t seem to have any stuff to clean so I go outside to the storage room to get a bucket and detergent. I take a towel and a cloth with me because there’s nothing else I could use. 

Back in his apartment I kneel down to clean the floor. Why did I choose to wear this dress today? It would be fine if I just had to do some paperwork but I’ll definitely ruin it while cleaning. I scrub the cloth back in forth until the floor is shiny. My arms feel weak already and my knees start to hurt. Maybe I should think about what my friend said to me earlier. Working in the infirmary might not be this exhausting and tiring. 

I’m almost done with everything, there’s just a little bit of space left. I look down at the floor to make sure I didn’t miss any spots. “Done for today” I sigh and fall on my back. Everything is clean. Props to me!

“Who said you can lay in apartment like that?” I hear Eric’s voice and immediately stand up. “I have done everything you wanted me to do”. He walks around and examines everything. He even checks if there’s dust on a shelf. Never thought Eric is this picky.  

“Well done y/n, never seen my place so clean and tidy” he smirks and comes closer to me. “I still have one thing for you to do before I’ll let you go.” His hand is on my back again. He leads me to the bathroom and points at the bathtub “Please fill it with hot water and add some bath salts”. He leaves me in the bathroom and goes towards his bedroom. The bathtub is huge and therefore it takes bit of time until it is filled with water. It’s not hard so why doesn’t he do it? I add some of the things he wanted me to do and stick out my head out the door. 

He takes his shirt off and undoes his belt. I walk past him and try not to look at him while he’s almost naked. “Y/N, why don’t you stay here for awhile?”. He enters the bathroom with his boxers on and takes them off. I turn my head to the windows. This situation is so weird and could only get weirder. 

“C’mon, y/n. Sit down” he points his hand at the small chair next to the bathtub. 

CHAPTER 3 https://dauntl-ess.tumblr.com/post/164574645255/working-for-the-dauntless-leader-eric-coulter

CHAPTER 4 https://dauntl-ess.tumblr.com/post/164609461250/working-for-the-dauntless-leader-eric-coulter

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Imagine Mike meeting your Dad, Donald Cragen, for the first time

(A/N: I hope you enjoy! And to the Anon who requested this, I’m sorry about taking so long and the technical difficulties we encountered. Hopefully, this makes up for it!) 

Imagine Mike meeting your Dad, Donald Cragen, for the first time

“You really are nervous, aren’t you?” You commented, leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom as you watched Mike frantically get ready for dinner.

“Of course I am,” He confirmed, as he finished shaving the last part of his beard.

“Why?” You asked curiously.

“Because I’m meeting your Dad for the first time,” He stated before turning briefly and giving you look as if to suggest it was obvious.

“He’s a sweetheart,” You attempted to reassure.

“To you, his daughter but to me? The man dating his daughter. I know from experience that he isn’t going to be so sweet to me.” He explained.

“What sort of experience?” You asked tactfully.

“Can we have the discussion about my ex-girlfriends tomorrow?” He pleaded.

“Sure,” You giggled, folding your arms across your chest.

“Stop enjoying yourself, so much,” He complained.

“But you’re cute when you’re nervous,” You shrugged playfully.

“And unfortunately for me, you’re still cute when you’re smug,” He sighed.

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YOI drabble

I don’t know where i’m going with this. it came in a dream and then i woke up *sweats nervously* i kind of liked it so i decided to share?? here??

It had taken him six months of research, three weeks of travel, three tour guides, a sprained ankle, several temper tantrums from a certain blonde assistant, and a handful of technical malfunctions, but Victor had finally found it. Well, at least he believed he had.

They - himself, his current tour guide, and his assistant - were in the middle of a forest thousands of miles away from home. They were in the process of heaving themselves up rope ladders and tiptoeing across rickety bridges “that are perfectly safe,” or so their guide liked to mention every time Yuri stumbled, when Victor spotted their destination.

The ruins they were quickly approaching weren’t new discoveries by any means. Nor were they anything worth archeological or scientific attention. It was more of an abandoned estate than a ruin; the neglected home of a once wealthy and powerful family, whose good fortunes quickly turned sour at the flip of a coin and whose legacy was now as lost as the original name of the mansion. It was merely referred to as the ‘Giacometti Plot,’ after the Swiss backpacker who discovered the area.

Coincidentally, that same backpacker was their current guide through the heavily forested property.

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BATTLE OF THE BALLS - Dan vs. Phil: Golf With Friends

aka ball innuendos with Dan and Phil for 30 minutes

- Caddy Lads

- Tiger Lester

- Happy Golf Ball

- Golf Hats

- Customizing your balls

- “That’s arousing me”

- “Our two little balls, next to each other, pysching each other out”

- “Is Edward Cullen gonna climb out of the golf course and bite your ball?”

- “I can get behind this”

- “Get a room, balls”

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Sauron’s Battle Helm Concept (Worn since the War of Powers until the Downfall of Numenor):  Designed with a lot of wolf-like shapes, including wolf ears & muzzle, aka Sauron knew Dog Ears Are Cool before anybody else.

heyyy so I know I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been drawing tho and it’s taking a long time for me to post anything because I’ve been (and still am) working on a series of 8 pieces depicting Sauron/ Mairon’s transformations through the ages & somehow thought it would be a good idea???? (lmaoo i usually have a hard time finishing ONE piece and i’m working on EIGHT, mostly full-body, pieces?????@self why??!???) 

Good News: I’ve finished one piece to completion(color and backgrounds too!!! yeahhhhhhh!!!!), two ready to be colored, 1 sketch being cleaned up

Bad news: there still are 4(….) rough, very rough, sketches

So since it’s going to be a lil while till i finish that set, here’s a lil sneak peak-esque thing of a design that’s made for one of the pieces (in fact, as you might be able to tell, the top left is straight from the rough sketch of the piece)!

anonymous asked:

MORE BABIES but way more sad :( I am sorry for this.. But another scenarioish thing with : law luffy kid killer zoro Sanji and ace holding their child for the first time after their s/o dies in childbirth :=0 angsty anon is sorry

(W-why did you do this to me, Anon? I got really sad writing this one ;A; Anyway, here you go. Due to it being childbirth, I will be using female pronouns.

I am so, so sorry for my in-activity lately and I’m really sorry for taking so long on this one. I hope you enjoy it now that I finished it.)

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