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why wont larries leave Danielle and Briana alone tho? If they hate them so much why give them attention? like i follow 300+ 1d blogs, mostly harries and i swear i do not see anyone blog about these girls unless they are pictured with Louis or Freddie. I do not follow Briana on IG, i have no clue what her daily activity is like b/c i am not interested. I dont get it why they find that hard to do. like i wish i could do that to larries as well, just ignore them but they are plastered all over 1/2

the boys and family and loved ones social media making it impossible to ignore them. they bring obnoxious signs to concerts affecting my experience. they pollute the boys tags with nonesense again affecting my enjoyment, hence i am forced to pay attention to them and ward them off in hopes of cleaning this up. but they have no such problem with D & B. if you dont seek them out, i swear to god those girls are almost invisible. so why not just leave them alone ?? tone down the misogyny ? 2/2

I get so many asks from Larries pretending to be indifferent neutral outsiders who ask me why I care about the Larries, why do I blog about them, blah blah.

If you’re in this fandom you’re forced into experiencing the toxic effect they have on the boy’s and everyone in their lives and on the fandom itself.

If you want to follow Louis and Harry’s lives you have to deal with witnessing these fans behaving like this. We know it has a direct impact on them because they have said so. You see the younger fans talking about the anxiety and even depression and suicidal thoughts they have because of what they go through as Larries. Young fans told that their idol’s are in an enforced closet and require their obsession to free them and then experiencing constant anxiety because none of their predictions ever comes true and instead everything grows further and further away from that reality. But throughout this continually told that if they leave they’re hurting the boys, that they’re “weak”, that if they believe he’s a father they’re not really his fans anymore and that Louis hates them and his baby. This constant abusive mindset. It’s horrible. 

They need to talk about Briana and Danielle because they believe deconstructing them helps prove Larrie is real and a baby is fake. They also know that cultivating the hate for these women helps with the harassment they receive online, which in turn can be used to either silence them or make them want to try and be as low key as possible. All of which fuels their Larrie theories.

I agree though - it’s amazing how often I’ll see Big Larries talking about something that someone around Briana tweeted or liked and I’ll come and see that no Anti has mentioned it because we just don’t follow these people like that. Like a few weeks back Briana’s mother responded denying that Briana was refusing to let Louis spend time with Freddie over Christmas on twitter and I haven’t seen a single Anti mention that yet. The only people I saw discussing this was Larries. I wouldn’t even know what Tammi’s twitter handle is. 

They claim to not be obsessed by them, but they have to be. They believe obsessing over them helps keep an eye on them for clues and signs and as Briana/Danielle are Louis’s ever present reality, there’s no way for Larries to avoid them. Deconstructing them keeps them busy and keeps them from wondering why Babygate hasn’t ended yet, why Danielle is necessary, why Louis is doing all these things. Bitching about them is their stress release ball.

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                                                         –why do you fight?
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I fight because I didn’t fight. Because I let words beneath my skin and anger in my veins. I fight because I never want to be that girl again, the one who let others bury her so deep that she couldn’t blossom. I fight so that no one else will ever again feel that worthless and dismantled by the people that pretend to love them. I love too much and I can’t let go. My shoulders weigh heavy with the troubled thoughts of those dear to me. I fight to soothe those aches, to drive back the shadows drawn to the light. For days filled with sun instead of storms, and hearts that heal instead of hate.”

Tag game

I was tagged by wonderful @im-peter-man to do this, thank you again for the tag!


A) Always post the rules, answer the questions asked then write 11 new.

B) Tag 11 people and link them to the post. Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their questions.

  1. Choose two superpowers: 1. ability to use 100% brain capacity, 2. regenerative factor
  2. Least favorite music genre (BESIDES country) and why: well in my country there’s a music genre called turbo-folk and it’s absolutely, mindblowingly stupid and it’s something like country music in america
  3. Favorite subject (when you were) in school? : I am that person who can’t decide which one is the favorite, but I can say that my least favorite is history
  4. What’s something you’re really dang good at? (answer honestly, everyone’s great at something.) : writing creative essays 
  5.  A hobby you want to pick up amy why? : (i guess that ‘amy’ here is actually ‘and’?) I want to start collecting vinyls once I buy a turntable (which i hope is going to be quite soon)
  6. Three songs you dance to while you’re cleaning: 1. The 1975 - The Sound, 2. The King Blues - I Got Love and 3. Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
  7. Pick a fictional character to bring to life: I refuse to do that because there are at least 10 of them on that list and I want every single one of them
  8. Pick the celeb you’d take a selfie with: Matthew Gray Gubler
  9. You’re waiting on your final meal, what is it?: I would like just one glass of milk, nothing else
  10. Fav movie/tv show to watch/video game to play with friends any why?: The movie is NYSM (bc Jesse Eisenberg), tv show is Criminal Minds (bc Paget Brewster and MGG) and video game is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (bc I kick my friends’ asses every time and like to see my guy friends crying over a girl beating them in a video game and Naruto is my fav manga)
  11. Hogwarts House you identify with (not necessarily the one Pottermore placed u in) and why: Ravenclaw (as the sorting hat says: 
     "Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
    If you’ve a ready mind,
    Where those of wit and learning,
    Will always find their kind.“ )

Whoah, this was hard, man

And now even harder - my questions:

  1. Who is the person that inspires you the most and why?
  2. Is there a song that reminds you of some happy days, if so which one?
  3. Is there a scent that reminds you of a particular day, event or person, if so which one?
  4. (here comes a cliché) What is your favorite book and why?
  5. Which season do you hate and why?
  6. Do you have a favorite number, if so which one is it and why?
  7. Are you more of an ‘a lot of but not-so-close friends’ or ‘only a few of very close friends’ type of person?
  8. What is your biggest fear and why?
  9. When you’re eating pizza, do you eat the crust?(this one’s very important)
  10. What is your dream job?
  11. How are you feeling today?

Aaaand that’s it, now to tag some people(I don’t have much friends over here, so I’ll probably tag less than 11 and if you don’t like doing these, it’s ok, I won’t mind if you don’t do it):

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Connections are really annoying tbh like when you lose the enjoyment of good things just cause they took place during a bad time/place. Like I was listening to this song while this bitch was trying to argue with me and I ended up ditching her. I no longer enjoy listening to this song cause it reminds me of that moment. I was watching some vines while I was in school and during the time where I was getting nightmares on the daily and in hell deep depression. When I go through my vid tag ans watch them again I don’t enjoy watching them anymore like it just sucks tbh cause ppl are like “ this stuff helped me go through a bad time ” but I wanna bleach that shit out from memory? That’s the main reason why I remade to mark this néw beginning because I left everyone of my old friends (irl) and i am now homeschooling

Sorry for making another fitness post, will be tagging them all fitblr so you can blacklist if you like…

But I am super proud of myself today because I made it through a 5km run without stopping 😁 a big achievement for me, the person who said they hated running and would never do it again!

I’m starting to really enjoy it actually, I’ve been going into my “running zone” or something. Also muesli is an amazing after workout meal omg why have I never tried it before?!

11 TAG

So here am I again! Why? Because she, her highness wanted me to answer these! @clevergirlstudying  here you have them! :)

-1. Do you prefer showering or bathing? And why?

Umm let’s say bathing because it’s nicer, I guess? Like you can relax and it’s peaceful because the water is already in the bathtub and there is no noise. Showering is for days when you happy AF and you want to sing and blah. So as that rarely happens to me, I’ll take bathing.

-2. How do you do your hair?

Well, I don’t do anything fancy. I just tie my hair in a ponytail and then I pull it up in a top bun because my hair is really thick and feels real hot if I keep it in a ponytail.

-3. Favorite quote?

aa that’s hard. I love quotes and I can’t really choose, but I’ll take three-

a)      It always seems impossible until it is done.

     –nelson Mandela

b)      Because apparently, the world is not a wish-granting factory.

-From fault in our stars by John Green

c) Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to put on the light.

     - J.K.Rowling

-4. Describe the last thing you want to see (before you die)?

Wow, that’s one question where I’m like blank.

So after a lot of thinking and trying to find a smart answer,

Here’s my response- the last thing I want to see is my mother having complete that is 200% trust in me and believing that I can and I will.

-5. What do you think of the studyblr community?

I think that it is a great idea and we are like this huge family, but it does have some kinks in its armour. Like all these studyblrs (I won’t take names) who think that they are far above than interacting with new studyblrs. This maybe because of a particular reason but still, it kind of bothered me.

Still on an overall, it is a wonderful place to be as it helped me find my true potential and passion. I love it because it gave me a new house to find shelter in, a new family to love and a new reason to live my life for. (Too cheesy, ikr)

-6. What do you say to encourage yourself in a worrisome time?

Like an anxiety attack do you mean? This is what I do-

1. For about 10 minutes, I let myself be engulfed by it. If I want to cry, I cry. I don’t hold it inside.

2. After that, I shake myself up, and this is what I tell myself.

Look Taylor, c’mon on. You’re amazing and no one can change that.

Then, if it’s because of a person, I say, you do not deserve him/her. They are below you. If they dared hurt you, it means they do not care and so shouldn’t you. Taylor, you were named after a singer who found the potential to rise above her haters, and this is also what you must tell yourself. They do not care, nor do you do. Got it?

And if I is because of an event or anything out of the blues, I say, c’mon that was a challenge. You survived that didn’t you? You are still alive, aren’t you? Now that it’s over, get up, rise your head and go out in the tough, cruel yet wonderful world.

3. Then I wash my face and get back to work. Done.

-7. What do you hope to achieve from life? What do you expect from it?

I expect to become a trustable, honest young lady who isn’t afraid to do what she wants and hopes to serve for the greater good.

-8. Favorite mythological creature(s)?

Unicorns, obviously.

-9. What elective have you chosen/plan to choose?

…not decided yet maybe a medical course or something like that.

-10. How often do you think of the far future?

Every single moment.

-11. What’s that one question you want everyone to ask you?

Why don’t you make some more friends? (Because, that’ll give me a chance to tell them about my miserable life. Also they’ll get to know that not everyone has experienced so much at such a young age as I have. )

And now for the tags,

I tag: @academla (if you want to do it, i know you’re busy! :) ) , @bandaidsdontfixbulletjournals, @etudiance, @academiix, @clevergirlstudying(yes, you too, idc), @briellestudies, @ballpenned, @studying-hbu, @study-studymore-studyhard, @ennui-for-me, @highlightcrs !!

Also the questions that you have to answer are-

1. Do you have a worry at the back of your mind about something at every single moment? (just an yes or no. I don’t want to invade your privacy, but you can always tell me if you want)

2. Do you care about anyone (maybe a pet or a person alike) more than yourself?

3. Do you think that our world is a pretty place?

4. Do you want to live to an old age or die a short yet memorable death? Why?

5.  Have you ever procrastinated so much that you didn’t even study the entire day?

6. Do like the dreams that you have? Why?
7. Do you think there’s is a reason behind everything that happens even if it is quite unreasonable?

8. Have you ever feel depressed and felt as shit? What was the reason?

9. Do you want a new start (like a memory erase or something) or are you perfectly happy with what you have at the moment?

10. Do you love your parents as much as you love yourself? (You should though…)

11. What makes you keep on fighting and who is your inspiration behind that?

Hope you all like my questions, they are a bit weird because I was down on that day… Also, everyone can do this because remember, it doesn’t matter if I tag you or not as I’d love to hear your answers!  :)

short tag game

Rules: Repost and tag 10 mutuals you’d like to get to know better 
I was tagged by the absolute sweetheart @jasperjazzhandsjordan <333

Favourite fictional character(s): okay no but how am I supposed do choose??? nope, not possible sorry DON’T FORCE ME
Favourite book: the song of achilles has ripped my heart in pieces and has thereby dethroned the book thief; and the graceling trilogy
Favourite game: I don’t really play video games, so lemme just say rummikub
Favourite sport: dance!! at least, jazz-modern and contemporary dance (?) (idk if that’s the correct translation) (pls bear with me English isn’t my native language how am I supposed to know)
Last song I listened to: ehhhhblblbl idk? again listening to the got score (THE PIANO PART GAHHH WHY IS IT SO GOOD)
First language: Dutch (Flemish)

I tag: I don’t knooooow sorry too many tag games lately (but keep tagging me in them I like them :p )