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You will miss me one day.
When you’re going through a rough time and no one can comfort you the way I did. When you go on a roadtrip and realize your shirt still has the tag on and you can’t borrow my swiss army knife and make fun of how prepared I always am. When you get sick and I’m not there to go running to the pharmacy to buy you meds and make you soup. When you get off of work late and I’m not there to tell you to call me while you drive back home so I make sure you don’t fall asleep. When you go kayaking and accidentally get all wet and I’m not there to give you an extra pair of clothes because I brought more just in case. When I’m not there to sleep on the phone when you’re home alone because I know how much you hate that. When I’m not there to kill the bugs for you, even though I always thought it was adorable how much you’d freak out whenever you’d see one. How I’d look at you, like no one else existed on this planet. How I was your biggest fan and supporter. 
You will miss me one day. Not today, not tomorrow, not the next month or the month after that. But one day, when you’re studying for a big test on a nice coffee shop like the ones I know you love, it will hit you, and you will think of me. You will think of me, and for a second you will wonder how I am. For a second you will miss how warm I made your heart. Because my God, did I give you my whole heart.
—  At least I think you will, but then again I’m probably wrong.

I have this friend, she’s Russian and an extremely good artist. Now, one of her posts has gone (comparatively) viral - and while she’s happy about it, she’s also scared.

She usually gets very few notes (most of my text posts get more tbh) - partly due to the way she tags her art (=not in the most popular tags of the fandom).


Because it’s safer, she says. Because people have repeatedly taken her art, erased her signature and watermark and claimed it to be their own.


I mean, re-posting without permission is one thing. I dont like that people do it. They could have the fucking decency to google the art and find the correct source and reblog it from there (or ask for permission to re-post).

It’s not okay to just repost whatever you like. Someone has worked really hard on that picture / edit / fic. Why do you think it’s fair to take people’s attention from them?



So I tend to feel immensely grateful towards things such as tagging/mentions/anything of the sort that lets me know someone likes my stuff or my blog. (Don’t know why, it’s just the way I am) : )

Naturally, my day brightened significantly when I saw my avatar included in @plaidshirtjimkirk‘s ‘Tumblr Crushes’ post and my first thought was WUT, HOW???? (Because by default I typically regard myself as unworthy, especially considering that I, too, am crushing big time on their blog as well)~

Therefore, to show my mutual affection, I could think of no other way to reflect my feels than by doing one of the few things I’m generally good at: drawing~ And so I decided to settle on drawing @plaidshirtjimkirk a chibi Spock, which I wish I could’ve worked on a little more than I was able to but despite that I think he still came out fine (please pardon the awkward handwriting and anything else that may look off)~ 

Here’s me hoping that little Spock gets the message across~ ! ;) <3 <3

Leaving off with the reaction I gave when I saw that post:

tfw one of your own tumblr crushes lists you as one of their tumblr crushes

One year ago a few blogs were tagged in a post asking about interest in a group chat.
One year ago today that group chat was created as we all downloaded kik and tentatively introduced ourselves to one another.
One year ago today I met some of my best friends.
This group chat has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I cannot fully express how thankful I am for every single one of these ladies.
Not everyone has been here since the very beginning but that doesn’t matter. We added along the way, letting this little group of idiots (I say affectionately) grow.
I honestly don’t know where I would be without these people, they helped me through some tough things this year, gave me a creative outlet, served as my go to art critics for my fan art, encouraged me when I was down, provided support (obviously, it’s called a support group), and have become some of my best friends in the world.
This collage is meant to commemorate the chat! We built from a solid corner stone (Stydia) and branched out to include others.
The OG members: @stydiot @theystayalive @hollandroden and myself.
The additions along the way: @babes-with-fangs @stydiaforfvckinlife @stilinskislyds @iwanttosavestiles and @rongasm
I love all of you so so much and can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us!


To be continued…

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Ren gives Rey a shitty offer, but also kinda calls her out on her homicidal tendencies.

I realize my last comic post was longer than two weeks ago. I have lots of story ideas, but I am not always sure about what way to go with them. That’s usually what causes the delays (besides illness or me forgetting how to draw).

And I have some specific thank-yous I owe people:

To @shinyumbreon98 and @shinynightmarefest Thank you both for recommending my art blog as awesome. :3 And also @applesith (I don’t know why it’s not letting me properly tag you here) thank you for also for the mention of Erstwhile Kickstarter!

@monsterscavenger My allergies are getting better. Thank you so much. I hope you are also feeling better. I have heard ragweed was very bad this year.

@starwarsnonsense Thank you for the kind words about this comic. It was an honour to have you speak highly of it. I love your blog! Been following it for months now.

I know there are more people than this that have said super nice things about this comic, too. I do thank you all very much.

Annual Writing Self-Evaluation 2016

Disclaimer: I am extremely tired but @karamelised wanted to creep on me about my writing without needing to outright ask, and @turtlekz tagged me yesterday too, so. Here I am. My brain is extremely scattered at the moment, so I will screw up. Apologies.

1. List of works published this year:

It’s A Long Way Down

bright lights (she’s fading)

Ache To Know The Song He Sung

Captive In A Kiss

I had planned on publishing at least four more but, well. Life happened. Some drabbles have been posted here on my blog as well, at least.

2. Work you are most proud of (and why):

Out of those four? Or in general? Because… Oh, wait. There’s a reason this is called the Annual Writing Self-Evaluation 2016 rip. Never mind. In that case. I think bright lights took me by surprise with how easily it was written, I literally wrote 8k in one long sitting. Which is extreme, even for me. Because of that, though, I also kinda feel like I could have done even better had I taken the time? Does that make sense? But it was received extremely well, especially for a girl direction fic, and it took me by surprise to know that girl direction was something I could write. F/F had always been an impossible task in my mind.

Also, even though it’s not my most read one by far, I am extremely happy with Captive In A Kiss, because I want to live in the Harry Potter universe and to put my favourite characters to write into a world that I can see with my eyes closed was extremely satisfying. Finding magic spells and bending them to make them work for sex turned out to be my calling and I love it.

3. Work you are least proud of (and why):

I am proud that Ache To Know got finished in the end, because fuck knows that I struggled through it with all that I had, but I am not entirely happy with the end result. I never am, but sometimes I read things where I’m like ‘yes, ah, I did good’ and with this fic it has a bit of an aftertaste in my brain, but I don’t know what it is. I did love the puns and cocktail names, though, and Jack/Louis/ Harry is still something I want to explore, so it’s mixed. Happy, but not the most proud, does that make sense?

4. A favorite excerpt of your writing:

Zayn bursts in, followed on his heels by Liam, who looks a lot more disheveled than he ought to after a simple celebratory dinner. Either way, he stops in his tracks as he sees Harry and Louis snuggled under the blanket on the sofa.

“Oh, thank fuck, you’re done. Feared that we might get an eyeful,” Zayn breathes in relief.

“Impossible,” Harry pipes up from Louis’ chest, “Put up a charm that made the common room impenetrable until we were done.”

“Kind of wish you were impenetrable,” Zayn mutters darkly.

It’s not my best work, or my most beautiful paragraph, or even something particurly meaningful, but that joke wrote itself and it came so naturally and it is still one of the favourite things that my brain has ever come up with.

5. Share or describe a favorite review you received:

When they quote paragraphs or sentences they loved and then tell me why they loved it. I have a few people who have done that, and it fuels me, I need the ego boost. Us writers are selfish human beings who need validation hahaha. FEED US.

6. A time when writing was really, really hard:

The last few months. I am so stressed that writing just isn’t happening, there is no room in my brain to be creative because anxiety and stress has just taken over. I remember making a post before I went back to uni that I was afraid this would happen, and it’s exactly what did happen. I’m sad about it, but I know it’s temporary. Also, writing was hard when the atmosphere here was particularly negative, it was not a stimulating place to come up with ideas for a short while there. But yes. This too shall pass.

7. A scene or character you wrote that surprised you

Writing Zayn always surprises me. I always throw parts of myself in there that I never expected to happen, which is why writing him is also very confronting for me. Oh, and Louis’ personality (and kinks, rip) always takes on a more complex note every time I start writing, and I dig myself deeper with him every time, but that’s what I love about writing him, as well.

8. How did you grow as a writer this year:

I learned to trust myself and my talents more, and I learned that I can write dialogue and actually turn out to be quite good at interweaving dialogue with dialogue tags! Who would’ve thought I’d ever end up here. Lowkey very proud of that, because for years I couldn’t write dialogue to save my life.

9. How do you hope to grow next year:

I hope to finish things, to see a plotline and actually work through it rather than getting so scared of my own ideas and expectations that I have of myself that I abandon it in fear of disappointing myself (The Holiday AU, anyone? The Amsterdam coffeeshop fic? Sigh…)

10. Who was your greatest positive influence this year as a writer (could be another writer or beta or cheerleader or muse etc etc):

Listen, I can’t say that. We have an amazing community of fic writers here that I really enjoy talking to and who inspire me just by being who they are or when they talk about writing, betaing for me, or any of those things. I will forget people for sure. But @intenselouis   gives me prompts and kicks my ass into gear by getting me hyped and confident, @ivegotfirefouraheart holds my hand through it when I want to give up, Kara and Heidi read my docs and call me out on my grammatical nonsense and then there’s the group of people ( @alicedoesntsharefood , @slytherkinq , @lit–anon@rogueaway etc…) who always let me yell about fic ideas or push me to write or beg me to let them read my stuff early, or, you know - all of the above. Just being in this fandom was an amazingly positive influence and I am so thankful for the friends I’ve made, because I definitely would not have believed in my writing as much as I do now without all these people. (also, the horse squad in general, as a great sounding board for anything and everything and loving me.)

As a rule, Kara, @infinitelymint , sunsetmog, zarah and sarcasticfluentry really shaped my writing, though, and I’m immensely grateful.

11. Anything from your real life show up in your writing this year:

Kara said ‘I’m a sarcastic shit and don’t trust people easily, does that count?’ and I completely agree with this, because, yes. Hi. I am fic Louis, and fic Louis is me. I was also supposed to write (and have started) a girl direction fic that was literally my experience as a female in a fic, but I got scared. And if you read an unnecessarily deep analysis of Zayn in my fic it is probably not entirely fictional.

12. Any new wisdom you can share with other writers:

Don’t get discouraged by your brain telling you you can’t. Just do it anyway and prove it wrong.

13. Any projects you’re looking forward to starting (or finishing) in the new year:

Hoping to maybe finally write a book. Also, I need to finish the big edging fic (it’s a goldmine, I’m telling you) and that girl direction fic I was talking about at the very least, but there’s also a tomlinshaw coming, AND a sequel to the H&L Hogwarts Humping Series. If I ever get anxiety free enough to write, that is.

14. Tag three writers whose answers you’d like to read. ;)

Who hasn’t done this yet? Heidi, I tagged you, do it, also, @clairdeloune because you’re brilliant, and I agree, @sunshineloueeh FUCKING DO THIS

*All answers should be about works published in 2016. Also, you can skip any questions you hate or don’t want to answer, but please leave them on the list so that others can do them if they want. :)

💫Letter giveaway 2💫

Hi peaches!
It’s been a while since I did a letter giveaway and last time lots of you seemed to like it.
So I decided to create a new one. But this time I decided to let you guys be more artsy. Here are the rules:
• draw me or something related to me ( like my cats or rabbit). You can find inspiration on my tumblr by looking through #me #my face #my post. Or by looking on my instagram: lola.tara
• you must be following me
• post the drawing on tumblr/instagram and tag me in it so I can find it! (On tumblr by using #vangoghspeach)
• higher chance if you follow me on insta and like this post

Why am I asking you guys to draw me?
I find its very important to stimulate people to create more art. I find it a very helpful way to relax and I enjoy it. This way I hope you guys can improve your art or find a new love for drawing💖

What will you get?
• a letter (obviously)
• a poem written by me
• a post card
• a note with my thoughts on your blog & drawing
• probably some extra things :)

You must be willing to give me your address though!

Good luck loves, but most important: Have fun.

I’ll end this giveaway February 17th💖

About Me Tag

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star sign: Taurus

height: 5'4

time right now: 7am idk why I’m up 

last thing googled: different ways how to pop someones tire lol 

favorite music artist(s): i listen to almost everything so theres a lot but R&B i think comes first so Rihanna Beyonce The Weekend  Childish Gambino the list is to much 

last tv show watched: Celia netflix is life

what am I wearing right now: a t-shirt 

when did I create my blog: lool uhh 4months ago?!?

what kind of stuff do I post: i post everything!!! 

do I have any other blogs: i do but i can’t keep up with what i got now

do I get asks regularly: No how? (newbie)

why did I choose my url: cuz its my name for almost everything

gender: alien

Pokémon team: team me *throws a ball at a thot gotcha bitch

favorite color: green

average hours of sleep: 8 nut i want more!!!

lucky number: idk i see 7 a lot so 7 it is :D

favorite characters: i don’t have favorite characters wait …thinking….naa I’m having a brain fart

how many blankets I sleep with: 2!!!

Dreams job(s): i want to make one badass painting and get rich off it fucka job

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ok thats not 20 but I’m lazy lol

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Hey! This is not supposed to be read as rude or anything, I am just curious: Do you really believe that Johnlock is endgame?

This seems like a weird question to ask me, a Johnlock blog, who tags literally every post with “tjlc”. The answer is “Yes, absolutely.” but I’m genuinely curious as to why you had to ask.  Maybe I need to put it in my description?? Is it that ambiguous??

anonymous asked:

I love your posts about autism and neurodiversity. It's really comforting to see that people can be supportive. I very recently got diagnosed with Aspbergers and Attachment Disorder but can't bring myself to tell anyone. Thank you for the positivity!

Omg! *hugs you*

I don’t know about you, but finally having a diagnosis, and understanding why I am the way I am, made me feel so much better.

I think one of the worst things is that there are so many negative stereotypes surrounding not just autism, but other neurodivergent syndromes, making thinking you have them impossible!

I had so many dumb ideas about autism in my head, thinking I could never have it… If I can do something to combat those stereotypes, and inform people at the same time, I’ll consider it a job well done :)

I’m glad you enjoy my blog, and posts! I’m trying to tag everything under #autism or #autistic whenever I make posts, so that tag should be full of cool stuff :)

Courage and Kindness: Part 10

PAIRING: au reader x bucky barnes 



Finally we have reached the ball!! (I had to watch the dance scene so many times and pause it every so often so I could translate it as accurately as I could! I am now confident I could do that routine in my sleep)  And chapter 10 wow this has kinda become a monster whoops.  I think I’ve decided that I will post a new chapter each Monday I don’t know why but mondays have been the days I’ve been uploading on and I’m a sucker for routine, it gives me a deadline in a odd way! Anyway enjoy xx 

Tag list (inbox me if you’d like to be tagged. 

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Part 9


Originally posted by windfallx

You felt Bucky lead you, swaying gently before turning you both in a spin. You snuck a glance at the guests forming a circle around the dance floor.

“They’re all looking at you” you’re eyes were wide never had you experienced anything like this before.

“Believe me, they’re all looking at you” Bucky said, his eyes never leaving yours as he leaned you out of his hold guiding you along the dance floor.

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Was tagged by @rush-wing so here we go. 

Rule: Answer all the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to know better

1) Nickname: Chrissy, Mouse, Mousey, Cricket 

2) Star sign: Leo

3) Height: 5′1″ I think? It’s been a while since I last checked my heights, but I do know for a fact that I’m pretty short compared to most of my family/friends. wHY ARE ALL OF YOU SO TALL?? 

4) Time right now: 11:57 am

5) Favorite music artist: Aw crud I’m not sure tbh. I have way too many favorites’s to choose. 

6) Song stuck in your head: Linkin Park’s Lost In The Echo is what I have stuck in my head right now. 

7) Last movie watched: The Christmas Story

8) Last tv show watched: I really haven’t watched any tv shows recently tbh. 

9) What are you wearing right now: Black tank top, blue shorts and my white throw over. Basically, my pajama’s because I slept in late and I want to do my assignments in my pajamas. 

10) When did you create your blog: That’s a good question. 

11) What kind of stuff do you post: Whatever I feel like tbh. Since this is a whatever I like blog/personal sort of thing. 

12) Do you have any other blogs: Yes! I have an animal crossing side blog and a Voltron: LD side blog where I mostly shitpost/ramble as to not drown everyone on my main blog. 

13) Do you get asks regularly: Nope! If it’s an ask or anything it’s probably from the squad. 

14) Why did you choose your URL: I really liked how it sounded and sort of went with it. 

15) Gender: Female.

16) Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff! 

17) Pokemon team: Team Instinct! 

18) Favourite colour: I like pastels and blue/greens. 

19) Average hours of sleep: 4-5 hours if I’m lucky and not freaking out over something, but I do love the feeling of getting a full 8 hours of sleep. 

20) Lucky number: I don’t really have one. 

21) Favorite characters: tOO MANY FAVS. 

22) How many blankets do you sleep with: I usually sleep with one all year round.It’s a comfort that’s seen better days

23) Dream job: This is a good question. My major is Civil Engineering Technology, so naturally, I want to work somewhere in that field, but where I’m not sure yet. 

24) Following: 300 something. 

Tagging: Tagging the squad and a few tumblr users who I think might enjoy doing something like this. Though if it makes you uncomfortable feel free to sweep this under the rug and go aboud your day. 

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「 02 08 16  | mood: meh | whispers baek’s abs why he such an inspiration 」

it’s been a while since my last original post but I kinda like the way this “cheatsheet” looks just colourwise though (it’s not as neat as it could be but who has time for that :’( ). gonna try and be more active starting next week~! (also I kinda want to make a tag but would anyone use it–)

instagram: @xiotetudes ✨ 


Part 1 of 4
Kuroko Tetsuya and fluorite
Kagami Taiga and realgar
Kise Ryouta and wulfenite/mimetite
Kasamatsu Yukio and snowflake obsidian (obsidian/cristobalite)

Saw some “things that look like KnB” posts floating around, thought I’d try my hand at it, too. So there you go. KnB characters and unusual lookalike minerals! Why minerals? Because they’re way pretty and I am a geek.

(Btw, anyone know how to make longer/multiple photosets in one post?)

One thing I love about Janine is the level of confidence she has in Runner Five.

The way she speaks when she’s directing missions makes it clear that she has no doubt that they can accomplish what she’s asking. She sends them out on errands without hesitation, whereas sometimes Sam or Maxine sound almost apologetic, as if they’re inconveniencing Five, as if the runner has something better or more important to do. Janine treats them just like she would any other member of the township, with all the responsibilities of that position. The tasks she asks them to undertake may be life-threatening, but facing dangerous situations for the good of the community is Runner Five’s job, and she trusts that they know that and will act accordingly.

And while it’s very gratifying to hear Sam say, “Five, you’re amazing!” Janine’s matter-of-fact attitude that they are performing at exactly the level she would expect from an Abel runner demonstrates that she’s not at all surprised at what Five is capable of, and that’s nice to know, too.

nakaharachuyaa  asked:

I've now been all the way through your fyodor salt tag and I can't stop laughing omg I 300% agree with a lot of what your saying (he really annoyed me but I couldn't figure out why??? why do people find him cute am I missing something) hnnghh I just feel like he's so omniscient and he's not even using his powers for good like he can even beat ranpo at his own game???? Not to mention what he did to fukuzawa my pure grandfather either :(((

if i do not make at least 1 post about how much i hate that fucker every day someone needs to come and kick my ass tbh

But yeah omg okay Fyodor is one of those villains that I really hate bc he always seems to have the upper hand… It’s like so far it seems impossible to win against him. Similar villains are like… Umbridge from Harry Potter or Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time… In different ways of course, but like I mentioned before Fyodor is just so overpowered right now and he’s breaking down all of the characters, he’d put the Port Mafia and the ADA in an impossible situation where both teams will do anything to keep their Chiefs safe which ultimately I think means that either Mori AND Fukuzawa will die or it will only be Fukuzawa, I really don’t see a way for both of them to live but hey I guess we’ll find out

He’s clearly shaken Ranpo and has shaken Kunikida to his very CORE, he’s taken Dazai out of commission, there are SO many theories about how he’s going to target Chuuya next, he’s taking too many victories and the heroes keep getting beaten down and so there’s so much tension in the story right now and it seems hopeless

Which is a good way to keep readers interested!!! Bc look at how much discussion we’re having and how much meta the fandom is writing about what they think of Fyodor, he’s a popular character bc he’s a good villain and I admire him as a villain but I just hate his character so much he makes me so anxious and angry