why am i tagging everything with gif

Spending two hours planning a lesson that’s over in 20 minutes


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When Min Yoongi does that with his face.

do you feel despair now mr. krabs
         indie monokuma rp so koala tea join the mayhem 2day
           kill ur friends & fuck shit up hope is 4 bubble blowin babies

I realised the other day I never actually made a follow forever when I hit 1k or for the end of 2015. I’m a bad blog owner, okay? I’m a writer first, chocolate eater second then savvy blog owner is somewhere at the bottom of the list. But I guess it’s better late than never! I’m bound to have forgotten people since this is just who I follow, I’m guessing it’ll mostly be the followers who I adore with all of my being. Please forgive me and maybe drop me a message because my memory is terrible.


@littlebeanmichael is the reason I’m here bugging you guys with my existence. So any complaints, they can go to her. Kate, you’re my best friend. I really love saying that, I know I say it a lot. You’ve changed my life in so many positive ways. I’m so happy I met you because this year - fuck we’ve nearly been at this friendship for a year as well - has been one of the best because I got to actually meet you which was crazy. You’re so insanely talented in many aspects of your life. It’s been amazing to watch you go from a small blog to the 5sos sensation you are now. I love you and I tell you that a lot but I never ever want you to forget that because you’re fucking amazing.
@irrelevantpiratelaughter, Jessica (it’s sunday), you are simply incredible. You’re the embodiment of everything I ever thought happened in the South. Your stories are incredible and you’re always there for me like you know I am for you I hope. I want you to realise that you are a beautiful girl who isn’t as awful as you think you are. Let somebody stand in the rain with you for a while, okay? I love you, petal.
@pumktrash, why can I never tag stretched? Oh well. Hollie, you were our Cal girl to complete the lineup of Wifesos but you’ve become so much more. You make me laugh with your outbursts about your boy and you’re always there, usually to discuss our terrible life choices and tinder. You fit so well and I love that, you’re amazing. Cal’s a lucky guy.

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Lane wondered if it could always be like this. Just her and Harry, and London. But the shows he was playing were getting bigger and bigger, opening for bands people had heard of, and soon they would know Harry. She couldn’t seem to shake the idea that the days where they were just Lane and Harry were fading, and one day they would just disappear. Someone would come along and offer Harry the world and he would take it. It made Lane want to grab onto him, hold him tightly and hide away in their bedroom where it was safe. The world couldn’t touch them there. But Lane knew she wouldn’t do that, she wouldn’t stop him.

Because that wasn’t how love worked.

A short tale about a girl who drinks too much coffee and a boy who writes love songs

written for the autumn fic exchange and now on tumblr! (oh an I added an extra flashback scene because *harry voice* I love pain)