why am i tagging all of these people


You have one occupation. Far be it from me to tell you that your code is rubbish…

But it is. Mobile decides to intermittently allow corrections, not show me website posts even though I have been tagged in the notifications (saying “This post does not exist”), not sending me my notifications, randomly shifting between my side blogs though it still indicates by heading I am in my main blog, and forcing me to move from message inbox to Dash in order to see new messages. What sense does that make? Who are you people? What are you doing with all your time?

And why can I not post images from my phone when in mobile? I think, like most of us, I no longer carry a camera. My primary means of Photography is my phone! So how long will it take you to develop the ability to use a picture from my phone in the Tumblr mobile app?

This is ridiculous.

And then you update, don’t correct these problems, but instead make it impossible for me to find anything.



guess who has no impulse control and watched the leaks it’s me!!!! I love the pearls so much I’m going to marry them ALL

I have to get this off my chest

I’m genuinely curious why people have such an issue with people shipping Tarjei and Henrik.

Shipping is not stalking. I do not spam their social media asking about it (I have never even asked once) I respect their privacy.

All I am doing is simply appreciating their chemistry and thinking they’d make a cute couple, what’s wrong with that!?

I’m seriously wondering. The only argument I’ve seen is that they’re real people; NEWSFLASH! People fall in love literally every single day. Why does them being actors make it any different for them!? Do you know how many co-stars have fallen in love for real? Thousands. If not hundreds of thousands. Hell, it might even be millions! They are not robots. They are capable of love, why is me thinking they are in love such a horrible thing to some of you? I truly don’t understand…

hey, i just wanna say sorry for putting tags that have nothing to do with tøp. People who like MCR, P!ATD, etc most likely like tøp aswell so thats why i put them. p.s. i am also slightly a note-whore

For all he threatens to hit Oikawa (or actually does), his hands can be quite gentle.  (❛▿❛✿)

Because I can not imagine why people would think Iwaizumi is 24/7 angry. He’s not. Just a bit grumpy


introducing snailpals on etsy !!!


this shop is run by two disabled, mentally ill, jewish lesbians trying to make things that make people happy !!

i am one of those people and i cant get a job due to disabilities so this is my job and i want to get money for us to move out in july !!

our shop will feature jewelry, stickers, stuffed animals, and crayon sculptures, all handmade ! there isnt currently that much stuff up but we have a lot made that we will be steadily adding so keep looking out for all of it !!

Nico Robin from One Piece, Happy Birthday

I missed her birthday by a few days but better late than never I guess.


I have serious insecurities about my image which is why I never post selfies for years but I promised myself I’d be more confident about my body and my face this year uwu sorry to all those people who keep tagging me in those selfie thingies and I never answer to them. Hope it’s not too late ;;;

on a side note, hi I’m single and hella gay pls talk to mebecauseidontknowhowtodotheflirtingthingreesesinpieces

Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

@destieldrabblesdaily Shirley this is all your fault (I guess you could say happy really late birthday I don’t know)

NDRV3 characters but as shit I've said

Yonaga Angie: *in response to being asked why I like tomato juice* “It looks like blood!”

Ouma Kokichi: “I talk down to people, It’s my style of speech”

Gonta Gokuhara: “I am the antlord”

Yumeno Himiko: “But I had a chip buttie with chicken nuggets in it so I feel tired as all hell so that’s good.”

Kiibo: “The start of those sentences are missing capital letters.”

Saihara Shuuichi: “A 1000 degree knife couldn’t cut through my disappointment.”

Akamatsu Kaede: “Oh fuck my hair has a spiky bit am i doomed to deal with bears forever?”

Shinguuji Korekiyo: “Humans- So dumb it’s fascinating.”

Rantarou Amami: “All people know about me is that I’m mysterious, and that is all they need to know because I am stupid once you get to know me.”

Shirogane Tsumigi: “It’s anime time you fuckers, lets go.”

Kaito Momota: “I wanna be an alien they aren’t killing their fucking planets.”

Tenko Chabashira: “Someone in class annoyed me once, I threw a chair at them.”

Hoshi Ryouma: “I’m short but I can and will kill a man.”

Harukawa Maki: “I’m more likely to run from a six year old than a serial killer.”

Iruma Miu: “That’s what she said!”

Kirumu Toujo: “Where’s a broom I have to clean this mess of a group chat.”

Kitten Play

I know for a fact that I am a kitten… Well a big baby feline I should say because I am not a normal house cat. I’ll tell you that much at least. I have something that has been on my mind for quite awhile and it has to do with kitten play. 

I just want to be able to understand why all of the kitten play tag is about Little’s (which I have nothing against I am one as well) or controversy. Seriously why? The rest of the pet play tags don’t have this stuff. This might be because many people in kitten play are just following the trend or maybe some people are just so ignorant that they don’t know the difference.

I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. Or maybe I do. It’s too late at night for me to decide right now, but all I want to do is be able to look at the kitten play tag and see KITTEN PLAY STUFF! I DON’T WANT TO NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING, BUT KITTEN PLAY! 

I looked at it just now and found minors stating that kitten play is in the sigil tag. I am a witch as well, so why the hell is there kitten play in the sigil tag! Like seriously MINORS can be WITCHES too! Why are you sharing this KINK with them! You can’t blame them for seeing it! You are sharing it with them! 


Person: This bad thing just happened! *goes on to explain how scared, angry, and abhorrent of the thing that happened they are*

INTJ (me): *shrugs*

Person: Aren’t you scared, though?! This is a terrible world we live in!

INTJ (me): I am not at all scared. In fact, I do not have any feelings upon the subject. I learned a long time ago through personal experience that this world is not fair. The sooner you embrace the void the happier you’ll be. Have a nice day.

You know how people muck up Benediction Cantaloupe’s name for the ridiculousness of it and people still know exactly who you’re talking about? I bet Slytherin had exactly the same thing happen to him. Imagine the possibilities. Just think of Godric rocking up and addressing Salazar as any/all of the following every time they met:

  • Snazzledong Sluffington
  • Sansiban Sybilthon
  • Saffron Sneethilmug
  • Saladan Smimmylow
  • Salamander Slathering
Please shut up with the hate

Guys! Please! I am so tired of seeing unjustified hate here in Tumblr!

So very, very, VERY, very tired. I can’t even search fandom/character/ship tags anymore, so can y’all please just shut up with the “this is disgusting” and “please kill yourself” when the things have nothing wrong with them??

- Liking an evil/villain/anti-hero character doesn’t make their fans bad people in real life, it just means they might find said characters interesting and important to their respective fandoms, and writing redemption stories or made-up backgrounds/explanations for why they are evil doesn’t mean their fans justify or ignore what said characters did wrong

- Bringing a character dead in canon “back to life” in fanon doesn’t make the fans crazy or mentally ill (I feel like this one is so dumb that I shouldn’t put it here, but trust me when I say that I’ve seen hate messages sent to people merely because they make AUs where character live or they just refuse to believe they died in canon and make theories on how they are alive)

- Shipping enemies/previous enemies doesn’t mean people approve of abusive relationships (unless the stories/fan art they make is strictly abusive, which in some cases can serve to bring awareness to said issues or have shock value, as long as it’s not romanticizing abuse it’s ok) no matter how much the characters hate eachother in canon, sometimes people like to make their own AUS where characters were not enemies to begin with or maybe they grow to like eachother and forgive eachother in a healthy way

- Shipping characters with an age difference is not automatically pedophilia, no matter what age they have in canon or if one met the other whilst they were adults and the others children (even if that freaks you out, as long as they are all portrayed as adults, be the age difference 1 year or 90 years, it’s still legal)

- Shipping a character who did something really bad to another character, no mater how much you hate the ship, is ok to draw/write if it does not encourage violence or abuse (much similar to what I said above with the enemies one)

- Liking something that you don’t understand the appeal to or that is just not that popular (as long as it’s ok and not illegal) doesn’t mean fans are trying to convert you or shipping/liking things on purpose to get you, it means they want to be left alone in their own likings and that you should respect them and go do what you want instead of hating on them

Here’s what you should do if you still hate these things but they are completely legal and ok:

If it’s on one or few SPECIFIC artworks or artists and not the whole ship/fandom, you should:

- Use an anti tag so that it doesn’t flood the tags of people looking for artworks and stuff, or just adress the artists themselves

- If they haven’t shown signs of being rude or approving of actual illegal actions (rape, abuse, violence, murder, etc etc) don’t be disrespectful (for example if they draw something very violent that triggers you but they express that they find it wrong and that it’s meant to bring awareness to that issue, ask them/criticize them politely and don’t jump in attacking them straight away)

- Use clear arguments and organize them so that it’s easy to understand your points and so that people don’t confuse criticism with hate

- Judge the art, not the artist. Only judge the artist when the artist made their points of view and true beliefs extremely clear

If you want to rant on the whole ship/fandom:

- Use the ship/fandom tag but keep your opinion/rant polite and respectful to the people who also use the tag

- Don’t mistake one person’s headcanons or art for the whole fandom and every single fan, because of course there are bad apples in every tree, but that doesn’t make every single one bad

- Don’t accuse all fans of being rapists, pedophiles, abusive, etc without any motive, with your only “proof” being what they ship or what fandoms they are in or what characters they like

And now can y’all please shut the hell up and go easy on the “kill yourself”’s?

I’m gonna tag some ships here that I like or where I’ve seen this sort of hate lately, be free to tag more to stop this non-sense hate

New year who dis

Okay I have like a bottle of whine in me right now so hello yes I love you all, you have made this especially shitty year somewhat bearable and to that I am eternally grateful.

First off I’d like to tag @thespace-dragon (why did you let my chug a bottle of whine so fast I’m like crying) @atrailof-whispers (watermelon lord senpai notice me in 2017 pls) @margherine (when da wedding) @cosmicloveoftheages (srsly when da wedding) and @xternel (don’t forget our kiss at midnight okay) for making this year especially bearable. You guys have been there for my ups and downs and idk what is do without you 💕

Second there are more people who have been my sunshine on a cloudy day, the milk to my shakes, a perfectly crispy chicken nugget to me:

@illustraice @doginshoe @firedragonroaring @natsu-dragmeme @buberryz @cosmiczero115 @kitcat3114 @arkarii @georgiepuff @lillitheamazingotaku3393 @doublepasse @moonlustelara @peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy
Ily all okay

Thirdly more banging ass mutuals/friends okay you’re all so cute ily

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I know I'm all to blame
  • Me: nobody likes me
  • Me: *doesn't go out*
  • Me: why should I try...
  • Me: *doesn't talk to people*
  • Me: socializing is hard
  • Me: *doesn't make an effort to stay in contact with friends*
  • Me: everything is too much of an effort
  • Me: *stops doing activities I love*
  • Me: I bet they secretly hate me I mean I hate me so why shouldn't they
  • Me: *pushes people away*
  • Me: *stays locked up in room*
  • Me: *spends free time staring into space*
  • Me: *starts self loathing*
  • Me: *realizes I'm all alone now*
  • Me: *regretting everything*
  • Me: I know I'm to blame...for lost friends wasted time....I can't get out its too far gone how do I fix myself ?
  • Me: How do I make friends ?
  • Me: Where did it all go wrong?
  • Me: *gives up*
  • Source: anx-skinnygirl-94

“You are an independent mind in this universe that can do everything and anything you have ever dreamed of.” - Dan Howell ( danisnotonfire )

Please do not repost OR remove the caption or I will hunt you down :)

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