why am i still pursuing information

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I'm glad to see the other fbs standing up to that toxic person plaguing bp rania. I always wondered why past companies who "they" bothered never fully pursued legal action. But on a more positive note, I love you guys and A1stSherlock (+other fbs) you guys keep us fans all informed and are very interactive.

Yeah. She’s finally getting the attention that she craves only this time it’s biting her in butt. And thank you. I am by no means very good at this whole “running a fanbase” thing, but I’m trying. The other admins here (who you may not see as often but are still there) are doing a wonderful job aswell. The admins at A1STSherlock are lovely and they try their hardest too. There’s a bunch of other fanbases out there that I want to mention, but then this post would paragraphs long. lel

(I know I’m not really supposed to do this, but can you guys ask for what you want to see more of? If you want frequent sns post, qna type things, or like fanbase recommendations just ask and I’ll try)