why am i still on your friends list

152. I am not allowed to bring my dog to school.

I don’t see why I’m not allowed. - JP

Dogs aren’t on the approved list of animals allowed at Hogwarts. - RL

Neither are rats, yet I don’t hear people complaining about that. - JP

Don’t bring rats into this. - PP

It’s a shame. I guess you’ll have to find some other wing man than your ruggedly handsome majestic friend. - SB

Are you still talking about the dog? - RL

dafidol  asked:

28, 3, 4, 16, 18 and 11 :))))))

Ahh thank u Didi!! 💖🌷🌈

On a scale from 1 to 10, how hard is it for someone to get under your skin?

I think it depends on what it is and who that someone is and why …. If I’m honest I’m easily angered, I am just really patient and good at being still so even if something gets under my skin, I’ll most likely be calm at the same time or react accordingly. Obviously I have instances where I blow up but rarely. Also thankful I have good friends to confide in esp in cases where I am leaning towards anger but may not know how to respond or feel altogether

List your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

Omg I don’t know why this question is funny to me but…. Grey’s Anatomy is my fav TV show and even tho I have other obsessions I’ll just speak on this I don’t think I have a character I connect with entirely or like feel they are #me. Some things characters do will remind me of traits I have or something I would say but there hasn’t been that one character for me. Sorry this was a bad answer!!

Do you like your name? Is there another name you think would fit you better?

Idk I am conflicted! I think my name is nice but would not have minded another. People always think I’m Spanish bc of it despite many Samoan women having it too. Like one time someone from an activist organization stopped me to talk to me and I’ve been asked if I’m Spanish so many times that when he asked me I just said “yes” and went with it. Which is prolly why I like being called Sita a lot. I do like my name tho. Idk. Another bad answer

If you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same?

This is a tough question hmmmmmm……… I think it would depend on what that different environment would be but I think I’ll say no bc everything in my life that I’ve experienced is literally a result of who I am today so yeah maybe a different environment could affect that. Maybe I’d b a bigot n think I’m straight til I die? Maybe I’d have less anxiety and not feel tired everyday? Maybe I’d have graduated n be successful by now? I think the events in my life have definitely influenced how I am today so any slight change in that and for past me could result in a slight change for present me too

What’s your Patronus?

Ok I had to take a quiz for this and in that quiz I had to find out what house I’d be sorted into so I had to take a quiz for that too and it was all quite time-consuming but I’m back n I got a fox! I got a bat tho when I first took it last year. Rest in peace bat

Describe your ideal day

The night before I would have gotten loads of rest for me to wake up at 7.30am to go out for a walk with a friend that I meet on the streets and from there we go and take a long stroll and then we separate and return to our homes to shower and get changed and then I eat the most beautiful and delicious breakfast I can have with my younger brothers and everyone else is out or away and then I’m cleaning for a while and blasting music and will maybe watch a movie if there’s time before going to the beach with people I love n we jump off the wharf heaps and swim and eat a variety of sandwiches then we head home and then I prepare myself and pack my things ready to go stay at a hotel with some good friends I love n trust and we use the swimming pool and sauna that are both surprisingly vacant before we retreat to our rooms to eat dinner and get silly drunk and take photos and funny videos and if we are up to it we visit a club or two and uber safely back to our hotel then we all shower and then do facemasks while talking sober if we r still alive by then and then we all sleep til noon the next day :+)

Anti-Semitic Tumblr Threats

Trigger warnings: anti-Semitism (as well as use of k-word), rape, Holocaust, and speak of gore.

As you all know, I like to keep you informed about hazardous activities occurring on Tumblr, and now I’ll give you another reason to close your submission box. Anti-Semitic users, referred to as “neo-nazis,” have started a new trend of submitting gory images to users, mostly Jewish users, in a threatening manner. The images are mostly pictures of “mutilated dogs” and some “dead bodies.” Regardless, that is not something any user wants to see. That’s why I am here to warn you of this! And not anyone is safe, even if you are not Jewish, they will still target allies/friends/communicators as victims. Here is a list of some of the URLs submitting these horrendous images:

  • deadkikes
  • dead-kikes
  • freedomofspeachsaysrapeallkikes
  • gas-the-kikes
  • kick-the-kike
  • kike-decapitator
  • kike-massacre
  • kike-torture-time
  • kill-all-the-kikes
  • kill-the-kike
  • more-dead-kikes
  • roasted-kikes

If you want to take the cautious approach, you can also block (and report) these users, but that won’t be necessary if you close your submission box. Please, don’t ever say the k-word. I apologise for offending anybody, but I had to give the warning somehow. 

This all might sound familiar to you. That’s because mid-2014, 4chan took a similar approach at intimidating Tumblr. However, because their attack was planned, most of their blogs were taken down before any real threats occurred. This recent attack was unplanned, and is certainly effective. We do not know where the attackers are from, but that’s not important. Be cautious and stay safe!

hi dolls!

so this is my first christmas on tumblr and so far i’ve had the time of my life. ive met incredible people, made loads of friends and just overall found people with my same interests, which is very precious to me.

so… why not give a special thank you to all of you who have made this year very special?

btw i’ve added all of my mutuals (because i am thankful for you all) and some non mutuals, so if i you are on this list and we dont really talk that means i still enjoy your tumblr and i hope to talk to you more in the future :)

special mention to my loves who i feel i talked to the most this year @fcsuho @jonginsheart @princehsa

and now all the blogs i love and enjoy very much as well @chicharitoaf  @neys-princess @neymarjrswife @jonginsamor @exosnovia @danialvse @maschessii @oficialmuller @baernat @neyizzle @mimorenademicorazon @fyeahneymessi @yoongismainhoe @yoongiahh @reyerin @afneymarjr  @robertlewansnowski @princesarafinha @neymarjrarmy @lewandioski @vogueandfootball @capitaniniesta @anderherrerafc @bartrastagram @jurgendam @cutieneymar @cutieoscar @nikeneymar @gerardpiqashian @yuigyeom @barcakris @culemein @blaugr4na @femalecule @vivamadrid @alejandios @mexicanwag @mylovethiago @chichagol @anderherrerafc @choripans @fcbarcelunya @bat-boywonder @jordialbs @jongintaem @ederhazard @healthyplanbyann @cescfabregas @reymarrjr @suhociable @relatable-kpop @culemein @happyfeetiniesta @jonapapi @rleyblu @relatable-kpop @bigmoneysuho @sooyyoung 

if i missed any of my mutuals i apologize, i really tried to make sure everyone was here and its probably a mistake of mine

happy holidays!