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Name: I care for you
Pairing: Severus Snape x reader
Summary: the reader is one of the students that get back to Hogwarts after the war, and she asks Snape (for a few months) to teach her Legilimency until he agrees. So, during one of the classes, she accidentally enters his mind and ends up learning that the love for Lily Evans was not as eternal as everyone was told.
A/N: And it is a little drama, but I promise a happy end. And I may do series. But I have no idea if I should.

“Miss Y/L/N,” Snape greets you in the evening, once you enter the classroom with the heavy bag on your shoulder. “I see you still haven’t given up on the idea of studying Legilimency.”

“Why would I, sir? It is exciting to spend every evening here.”

“Now, I am doing you a favor, miss, but that is not a reason to keep cajoling me,” Snape smiles with a corner of his mouth, then takes his wand out. “If we are done with the courtesy, shall we begin?”

“Yes, sir,” you stand up and take your wand out, ready to have him rush through your thoughts again and again. Luckily, Snape didn’t mean to hurt you, so he never went deep enough to touch on the painful memories of the war and the tortures, but he does go through your dreams. Quite embarrassing every once in a while.

Legilimens!” and once again, you recent nightmare appears in front of you, and you feel that your legs start shaking from the repeating Crucio breaking your nerves. For some reason, recalling the Crucio does not hurt any less. A second later, Snape catches you, when you are about to fall on the floor, and helps you sit down. “Y/N? It is fine, I got you. I am sorry,” you breathe in, hissing something. Snape sits down next to you, looking at your face, frowning. “You still have this nightmare…”

“How did you guess?” you grumble, and momentarily regret it. “Excuse me, professor.”

“Y/N, I am not your Dean, but… Maybe you should see a professional to help you deal with these memories,” he hands you a glass of water, as you keep shaking your head, almost aggressively. “Y/N, you have same nightmare every night. Yet you keep coming here, so I keep making you live through it again. Do you care to explain why?”

“I want to be able to defend my mind,” you say dryly, standing up and taking your wand again. “Can we continue?” Snape raises his eyebrow, then stands up and points his wand at you.


Protego!” you cast your spell, unconsciously using same spell as the one Harry said he used, even though he never said what happened after that. And he should have - a second later, you slip into Snape’s mind and regret it even too much. You try to pull back, but get totally stuck in his mind. You look around, trying to manage to get out of a dream. It is a dream - they feel more detached than usual memories, you’ve already memorized it from your own mind. The picture is mostly blurry, except for the two people, standing in front of you and holding hands. Before you see the faces of the people, you get pushed out of Snape’s mind and end up on the floor. Before Snape manages to murder you, you start apologizing. “Merlin, I am so, so sorry! Professor, I really didn’t mean to do that.”

“It is alright,” he helps you up, keeping his eyes away. “When you tried to pull out, you started panicing, instead of slowly slipping out. That is why you got stuck. If I didn’t push you out, you would lose yourself… Don’t use Protego when defending yourself in this situation.”

“I am still sorry…” you realize that he is not mad for some reason, so you allow yourself to go further. “Your dream… it felt lonely.”

“Because I am,” he answers calmly, either too tired or too deep in his thoughts to respond as usually.

“Aren’t you married?” Snape smiles, as if you said a funny joke. “What?”

“Discussing personal life of teachers, aren’t we, miss Y/L/N?”

“Sorry…” you look away, and he sighs before explaining.

“I am not a man that a girl would want to marry,” he sits on the table, the hands crossed on his chest. “My scars, my past… It is quite a burden.”

“Oh, I am sure a lot of girls would love to put up with it,” you grin, thinking of your classmates that have developed a crush on him. “And I know what I am talking about,” Snape hums, and you smile. “One more time?”

“I think you’ve had enough for today,” Snape declines the offer, putting his wand away and suddenly turning to you. “Would you like a cup of tea? It does help after going through the nightmares again… I would hate to disturb your mind and then abandon you for Peeves to annoy,” you smile and nod, as Snape leads you into his room, not magically turns the pot on, and puts the herbs in the teapot. You look around, realizing that it may be the one and only time when a student is allowed in Snape’s chambers. It’s usual - ordered, calm, no fried frogs on the walls or burnt human faces. “Surprised that it doesn’t look like a monster’s cave?” you realize that he is laughing at you. Funny, Severus Snape is laughing at a student for expecting his chambers to be so human.

“No, not at all,” you lie, as he pours the tea in two cup and puts one on the table in front of you.

“No poison whatsoever,” he says momentarily. “Only valerian. You have to calm down,” you nod and take a sip, then look at the table, understanding why you are here.

“I won’t talk about it,” everyone’s been convincing you to talk about how you felt, tortured with Cruciatus for hours. Neville was the only one who understood probably - he simply sat by your side, holding your shoulders when you were trying to breathe after a nightmare. At some point, you just started meeting on the Astronomy Tower every night, as you couldn’t sleep, and he was just there for you.

“I know,” Snape answers calmly, drinking his tea. “But I don’t want you sitting with Longbottom on the cold stones every night. You will get sick.”

“Neville helps me.”

“No,” Snape states coldly. “He supports you. You need a safe place. Definitely not your own room in Gryffindor tower, the exact place where you’ve been tortured,” you flinch, and Snape frowns. “It’s been a year and a half. It is time for you to be able to trust someone.”

“I trust…”

“Neville, I know,” he nods. “Is that why you never let go of your wand?”

“You’re stalking me,” you murmur.

“I care for you, you little idiot!” he exclaims finally. “You don’t sleep, you don’t eat… I wonder how you still function.”

“I am functioning fine,” you stand up, attempting to leave, but Snape sighs and locks the door in front of your face. “Professor?”

“Y/N, stop being a child. Sit down,” you obediently sit down, your fist holding onto the wand, as if it’s your only escape. Snape notices it. “Girl, I am saving you. You have to let it go. Your nightmares get more and more intense, I find you outside, freezing in the winter, almost every night,” he sighs again, looking you straight in the eye. “I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? It’s my blood, not yours.”

“I was the headmaster, I had to know that they were doing that to you. I was my responsibility. One of.”

“You saved everyone else,” you murmur. “Someone had to be… the spare.”

“You are not the spare,” Snape confronts you quietly. “Not one child in this school is,” you don’t say anything, finishing your tea. “I don’t want you to stay in the Gryffindor Tower,” you raise your eyebrow. “I have contacted your Dean, and she said that you can stay in my chambers until we find a room for you.”

“Your… chambers?”

“Yes. I have two spare rooms, as the chambers are always prepared for the married teachers that may want their families to live with them. You literally will have your own room,” you still stare at him, and Snape snaps. “For Merlin’s sake! Let me fix the mistake I made!”

“Oh… You think that this,” you point at your head. “Is because of you?”

“I was the headmaster, trusted by Dumbledore to take care of the children. Yet here is one that not only I couldn’t save, but the one that is still unable to have a normal life because of it,” Snape’s face becomes deadly serious, as he stares at you. “I will help you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know,” he nods and stands up, handing you a key. A usual key, just like ones in the muggle world. “The left door is yours. Lock it, make it your own place. No one can enter this room without your permission, but you should feel safe.”

“I… I don’t know what to say,” you murmur.

“Promise me to sleep well tonight,” he asks you. “Just sleep. Drink tea if you must. Read or do whatever you do to fall asleep, but I have to know that you will get better,” you nod obediently.

“Thank you, sir.”

“It is my responsibility, miss,” he smiles slightly. “Good night now.”

“Good night, sir.”

How it all started

Being raised in the country, my neighbors were all relatives - aunts, uncles and cousins- even at a young age I do not remember having to tell our parents where we were going or when we were coming home - you could only be with one of your families house.

My favorite hang out was my the house right next to me - my Uncle Paul, my Uncle Paul was divorced - two boys around my age but lived with there mother kinda far away- he never really saw his own boys so he kinda treated me like his son.

Uncle Paul is about 6'2 205lbs really nice body - he’s worked construction all his life.

Since we live in the country - in the winter when it would snow and my parents would have to work and school was closed - Uncle Paul was always home from work so my parents would tell me" as soon as you get up - go over to your uncles house until we get home from work - you can shower and eat breakfast over there" i would always say ok - I love my Uncle Paul he’s cool ad I have always felt closer to him - I was about to find out why..

This time before mom and dad left for work….
Along with my little back of games to take over my uncles - I was told to take the bottle of “Jack Daniel’s ” “ my uncle loves to drink when he’s off work”. My dad joked “he’s probably had a bottle last night and passed out lol”

It’s the country we are all family - we don’t knock or lock doors,so I walk in and shake the snow off - take off my coat and boots - down to my pajamas- I figure I’ll take a shower later - it was still dark outside.
I call for my Uncle - he did not respond- so I walk down the hallway to his room - there he was like my dad said, passed out naked on the bed, bottle of something on the night stand.

Wow my Uncles body was so nice - I felt myself getting hard - why am I getting hard it’s my uncle - stop getting hard I think to myself

Just then Uncle Paul opened one eye and said-“I’m to drunk to get up and it’s too damn early - come lay down boy”………

“I love you” -Taehyung Scenario

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Everything happened so fast, like in the blink of an eye, one moment I was hand in hand with her while walking through a peaceful park and the next I’m holding her cold limp hand with the incessant monotone beeping of hospital machines. It’s hard to decipher whether or not the beeping was in my head or not. Maybe, I’m just worked up, emotional, I mean my girlfriend had been shot. Although right now I feel like I was the one who had gotten shot, the pain in my heart I feel for her is overwhelming sending my body into random spasms of longing and regret for not protecting her.

By now the unbearable shine of the dull white walls were causing my head to spin round and round the small room jam packed with expensive hospital equipment. “Taehyung” A cute quiet voice called out as a gentle but forceful tug followed closely after it. I turned and was greeted by a smiling Y/N. This isn’t possible she’ asleep after her surgery. How are we outside? Why are we at the park? The park she got shot at! At this point it had all finally fallen into place. She hasn’t been shot yet and in fact she will very soon, any second now. I want to move, to guard and to protect her but I can’t. Instead I bounce happily next to her oblivious to everything happening and what will happen. “What am I doing?! Please do something! Please!” I try to shout but my voice doesn’t leave my locked lips, it just echoes helplessly around my head. Yet I still walk next to her listening to her passionately ramble on about a puppy we had past. “Why is this happening?!” I try once again to shout but just as I had expected my lips stayed shut and I was stuck listening to the echo of my voice but once it had disappeared the thing was much worst, the inevitable deafening silence.

Then it happened, the ear piercing sound echoed and bounced around every inch of my body leaving a trail of goosebumps right behind it. Endless waves of shock and sorrow was sent down my bloodstream. Tears stung on my skin as she fell hopelessly fell into my unsuspecting arms her blood staining not only our clothes but my eyes and every nano inch of my brain, every crack and curve. My retinas must have it burnt onto them as the image does not leave my vision.

Yet now everything was white again and my eyes were wiped clean by the extremity of the familiar white room. “Tae” Jungkook says from above me. “Is everything okay?” He asks carefully. “Is everything okay?! No Jungkook nothing is okay! My girlfriend was shot!” I answer snappily turning my head to look away from the younger ma. Is everything okay?! How could he be so insensitive?! What did he expect?! “Yes Jungkook everything is absolutely splendid I’m so happy that the love of my life is currently in a coma after being shot. Thanks for asking mate!” I scoff, rolling my eyes at myself.

Slowly his footsteps disappear out of the room and I take this opportunity to take in my surroundings to check if anything had changed since my out of body experience but as I expected everything was the same. Y/N was still… there. A gentle sigh left my lips again as I carefully picked up her hand and let it rest softly in my own. My thumb rubbed small careful circles in the back of a hand and I’m not sure whether or not it is too calm her or myself. I chocked back tears as the coldness of her hand broke through the barriers of the warmth of my own.

“Y/N” I whisper. “Y/N, don’t, don’t leave me please. I need you. I need you alive. I need you awake and I need you healthy. I don’t know what I would do without you.” A small sniffle releases as a quiet sob leaves my throat leading my voice to begin to break. “God, Y/N, you mean the world to me. Without you I would be nothing and everything I have done will be for useless and pointless. Do you remember the time when you thought I was away on tour but I had came home earlier just to surprise you. Your face was priceless. Gosh I still can’t get over how beautiful you looked that day. You were in my shirt and just a pair of shorts dancing around the front room. Your were glowing, I swear you had this orange glow radiating off of you, I know you’ll say that it must’ve been the lights like you do every time I tell this story but I’ll still deny it just like I always do when you say that. You’re special, maybe not to everyone but to me you are and that is all that matters right? I don’t really know what I’m saying anymore and that must be pretty obvious. I’m just hoping that the silly romantic films you always make me watch are right and that you’ll wake up because of the sound of my voice. I don’t know how statistically proven it is but for you I will try everything possible just to keep you here, alive, with me. Because Y/N I love you, I really do! I love you so much!” I closed my eyes and lowered my head down to her hand staying quiet waiting for something, anything.

“I love you too” a quiet voice breathed out. My heart bounced as my head shot up tears leaving my eyes as they connected with her dry dull ones just about open. Her hand grasped mine with all the strength she had. I gently leaned down and hugged her trying not to hurt her in anyway, gently hovering my hand over the new scar on her stomach while mumbling strings of I love you’s.

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So sorry for the lack of posts and how long it took me to actually write this.

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It may be hard to express how you feel, you may fear how others may react when you try to reach out to them; but never, ever, try to dismiss your feelings as unimportant because they say you are a robot.


You can’t be perfect at everything, sometimes you may feel as though you can’t keep up or you aren’t enough. You are strong, smart, and capable. You have a different way of doing these things, never forget that.


We don’t know everyone’s story, and we should not invest our lives with hate - it is far too short for that. Live in the moment, and make new memories. As long as you are happy and not causing anyone harm, who’s to say you are on the wrong path?


It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to take a break. You are enough and so much more; you are important and loved, never feel as though you do not have the right to speak up.


Sometimes we get sad, and sometimes we don’t know why, and that’s okay. But when your friends try to reach out to you, hold out your hand, and give them a chance. Even if you lock them out, they will still be waiting outside your door.


We all have secrets. It’s okay. Just don’t leave your friends in the dark always. You are loved, even if you don’t think it, and you deserve so much more, so much more, and I am sorry. You are loved, and I will always love you no matter what happens.



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Your head was pounding, but this was nothing new. Headaches came with hunger, lack of sleep, and stress, and you fell under all three categories. You had been on the run for weeks with only the clothes on your back, literally. You had no weapons, no money, no food. You weren’t proud of yourself, but for the past few weeks you had been stealing fruit from the market that was near the safe house.

The safe house.

The safe house that wasn’t safe anymore.

Your eyes snapped open, muscles tense and ready to run.

“Ah-ah, no!” Someone chastised, pushing your upper body back down.

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i’ll always be down for you.

word count: 1,112 words and 5,924 characters

scenerio: reader is in bed sleeping next to harry who is having a hard time sleeping. eventually he wakes the reader up and they begin speaking about their future together.

author’s note: hello, this is my first read for you. i’ll try my best to be active but school and work comes first. this isn’t something i plan on doing forever. feel free to request.

 “sleepless nights tend to continue on forever”

that’s how this one night felt. the clock read 3:07am and it seemed like the night had been purposely dragging to torture the male. starring at the ceiling eventually got boring and the sounds of the city weren’t the most calming noises in the world. it seemed to be getting colder quicker. warmth was what the male wanted.

harry was beyond caught up in his thoughts about, well everything. how did he get to this very moment. how his life has just been a big huge surprise. tour life never got boring. in fact, there seemed to be a big shock everyday. he wouldn’t trade it for the world. however, falling in love was the last thing he expected in his chaotic life. being introduced to a beautiful girl by a mutual friend was the last thing he ever thought would happen.

yet, here he is. laying in bed next to one of the most gorgeous girls he’s ever laid his eyes on. he turned around to face her. a small smile creeped upon his face as he kept his eyes on the girl while she slept. as weird as it sounds he wasn’t bothered by the fact that he probably seemed like a creep. the female was wrapped in the light blue blankets sleeping as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

harry reached over brushing his thumb against the girl’s bottom lip. she stayed silently sleeping. harry had so many thoughts in his head trying to describe her. breathtaking? no, not enough. mesmerizing? she’s more than that. insanely beautiful? insane isn’t even the correct word nor is beautiful. what was the right words then?

“you’re so… gorgeous.” harry whispered, smiling at the girl laying next to him. thats’s when she fluttered her eyes open at the soft familar voice. he frowned feeling guilty at the fact that he woke her up. he didn’t mean to. he just wanted to speak about her beauty in silence. she gripped tighter to the blankets keeping her eyes open. the only light coming into the room was coming from the windows which came from the city. 

“i didn’t mean to wake you.” he admitted, reacing over to her hair running his fingers through it. he liked the feeling of his fingers through her hair. that’s when a small smile spreaded across her face. and that’s when a smile spreaded across his. 

“what time is it?” she spoke, in a tired voice starring at him. he grabbed his phone from the nightstand before speaking. “3:16am” he answered before sitting his phone back down and starring at her. he wasn’t proud of himself for waking up his girlfriend just because he couldn’t sleep. 

“love, why on earth are you awake right now?” she asked, keeping his eyes on him still holding onto the blankets. he shrugged, before shaking his head. “another sleepless night i suppose.” he spoke, keeping her eyes locked with his girlfriend.

“and i am awake because?” she joked, making them both slightly laugh. he then spoke up. “i don’t know. i was admiring your beauty. starring at the ceiling got boring and i suppose the noises coming from outside of cars driving past wasn’t the most soothing noise in the world.”

she smiled before shaking her head. “what were you thinking about this time?” she asked, keeping her eyes on the male infront of him. she knew when harry didn’t sleep it was mainly because there was something on his mind that he couldn’t get rid of. 

“i was thinking about you. and how we first met. you know y/n i got pretty lucky.” he admitted, running his fingers through her hair. “i guess you’re the only thing that’s going on in my mind.” he spoke, causing the smile across her face to spread wider. 

“you tell me this all the time. you’re too good to me. i appreciate it more than you think. but it’s something about hearing it at three in the morning that makes me truly believe you mean every inch of it.” she spoke, causing a small laugh to escape from harry’s lips. “you know me too well. it’s all about you up here.” he spoke, pointing to his head with his index finger. 

“you’re a charmer. but being charmed at 3am. not my thing harry.” she spoke before scooting over closer to him wrapping his arms around him holding him. being in y/n’s arms was harry’s safe space and she knew that. he wrapped his arms around the girl before speaking up.

“i want to picture a future with you. you and i against the world.” he spoke, starring up at the ceiling. the fact that he had a girl by his side willing to talk about their future together at three in the morning only meant that she was a keeper in his mind.

“picture it. go for it.” she spoke quietly laying her head on harry’s chest also starring at the ceiling. it almost felt like starring at the ceiling put you in a whole different reality. under the stars. but they weren’t really under the stars. they were in their shared apartment in the city of london.

“i want to spend it all with you. just you. you only. i see nobody else. im just- i’m scared. i don’t want anybody else to take you from me.” he admitted, which caused her to shake her head. “it’s just an internal fear i have y/n. i don’t want anybody to take you from me.” 

it took her a second to gather up what she was going to say until it finally came to her. “you know i would never leave you. and no guy will ever take me from you. they’ll have to blindfold me, tie me up and take me away if they want to steal me away from you harry.” 

in a way that made him feel a lot better about himself and also boosted his self confidence. knowing she didn’t want to leave was one of the best feelings in the world.

“besides, you know i’m always going to be down for you.”

and those were the words he needed to hear. that was something that y/n and harry had together. one day when they were both worried about being split up while he was on tour they both at the same time somehow said “i’ll always be down for you, and since then that was their thing. and they only said that to each other when they were serious. so he finally spoke up.

”i’m always going to be down for you y/n.”

Hey Taylor! taylorswift

this, I guess, will be really random, but sorta my story on how I became a swiftie and how it has changed my life for the better.

I was in 7th or 8th grade when my best friend, at the time, Abigail was in our usual spot on the bus listening to a new song called Tim McGraw on her mp3 player and when I sat down next to her she gave me one of her head phones and just told me to listen. Immediately i fell in love with that song and instead of spending my time studying or something like that I spent my time in the computer lab getting to know you. I totally lurked you for the longest time. and I still do to this day, but now you do the same thing which I never dreamed of when I was 13.

The first time I ever saw you, you were opening up for Brad Paisley in Rockford, IL. I was seriously so close to you, I felt like I could reach out and touch you but even then you were like a dream and I couldn’t believe I was actually watching you in real life. You even did some back up vocals for him that night with another singer, I want to say it was Kelly Pickler… but don’t quote me on that, I’m not quite sure. But that night was amazing and soon after that Fearless came out right around the end of freshman year beginning of sophomore year for me, and it was everything I needed to hear and more.

My mom moved me from Rockford to DeKalb my freshman year of high school so I literally didn’t know anyone at my high school and even though my mom raised me to be confident and outgoing, I still felt like I had a hard time fitting in with the cliques. Freshman year wasn’t the best for me; I joined the swim team which is still my favorite sport to do, but I met a girl who really messed with my mind. I started to eat less, then binge and throw up, and hate myself for all the terrible things i consumed. My friend and I wouldn’t eat all day during school, it was easy when we had each other to distract ourselves, and after practice she would drive to a gas station and we would get either a blue or a red Icey so when we went home and ate food in front of our families we could throw up later that evening and once we saw one of those colors we would know that we got everything out of our system. I lost a bunch of weight and I knew my mom and my grandmother were both worried but I told them it was just stress from high school and swimming all the time. I started Track in the spring with my good friend and even when she wasn’t around… it was like I could hear her in my head telling me not to eat the cookie, telling me that if I binge on twinkies again i’ll have to compensate in exercising. She became a voice that ate at me through day and night but one day she didn’t show up to practice… and then two weeks went by and she didn’t show up to school and no one really knew why. So, I had my mom drop me off at her house one day but her mother said she wasn’t home and won’t be for a really long time, then she slammed the door in my face. Turns out her mother found out about her problems and sent her to rehab, but she was still with me. It was easier to try to tell myself to be better now that she wasn’t around, but I could still hear her voice, sometime I still hear it to this day, but my grandmother found me on the bathroom floor one day after dinner and threatened to take me to rehab as well. It took a long time, and sometimes I still fight to keep things down. I have a weak stomach and some foods still trigger me, like movie popcorn.

But sophomore year was probably one of the best years of my life. Right before it began I met this girl named Lauren at a pool party. She had long blonde hair like goldielocks and green eyes that sparkled like emeralds. I tried so hard to become her friend, she was so pretty, she was so smart, I wanted to be a part of her life. It took the rest of the summer, but she finally gave me a chance and we have been inseparable ever since. We are actually getting an apartment together and finishing our last two years of college at U of I starting this August. Your kind words and songs full of hope, dreams, and love helped me surround myself with good people who love and support me.

My grandmother rewarded me with tickets to your Speak Now tour for doing a good job at recovering, and also because she knew how crazy I was about you. It seriously was the best show of my life (Until 1989). I cried. I cried. I cried. You always seemed to know just how to put my feelings into words, to put everyones feelings into words. I felt like I could relate to you on so many levels. I felt like you understood me, you understood my problems, and your songs made me understand that I could get through them. I could rise above my problems and come out being a better person. And to this day, I just want to thank you for all the support you have given me.

Junior year my mother moved me and my little brother to the middle of no where, she got remarried to my amazing step father, and they had my youngest brother soon after. It was really hard going from a big city and living next to heavy traffic to help lull me to sleep at night to a place where they don’t even have a gas station 15 minutes away from you. The school was small and everyone had grown up with each other, so no one was really looking to meet new friends. But I did make some eventually. I met one of my best friends on the bus, I sort of forced my friend ship on her like I did Lauren. I just feel like if you really want something in life, you shouldn’t stop trying. Your devotion to play music for everyone taught me that. Delaney was on the same bus route as I was, she lived a few houses down from me and one day I wasn’t having a good day and for some reason i just got off at her bus stop and followed her to her house. She made me ice cream and we sat on her porch while I sobbed about my problems. She has always been good at listening to anything I have to say. Junior and senior year was around the time Red came out. It was around the time I was 16 probably, maybe a little younger, but it was definitely around the time I started to chase boys. A lot of nights I would spend driving in my beat up car, hitting the steering wheel as I listened to your Red album, knowing that someone else has felt this heart break, someone else has felt what I was feeling and survived it. So, I could, too. I am currently still going through my Red Era with my current ex-boyfriend who i will not name. But I’m hoping to feel okay, and get better, and feel freedom soon.

I met him when I was 17, crazy running wild, wild. I told him I wanted to wait to start dating until I was of age because he was 21 and I also wanted to wait until I graduated from school. He asked me out on my 18th birthday, and i really did feel like I was flying. My birthday is in May and by October he had some trouble where he was living so I stepped up and found him an apartment, I moved in shortly after to help him pay the bills. It wasn’t a fairy tale, and I knew it wouldn’t be. There was this girl, she constantly jumped out to haunt us. She was very very underage and he had gotten in trouble with her in the past, but he swore to me that that was in the past and that I was his future. I found out on our three months that he had been cheating on me with her. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, he said if he didn’t talk to her she threatened to call the cops and get him in trouble. It was bullshit of course, and now I can see that as clearly as everyone else did back then. But I just wanted to believe him. I wanted to believe him so honestly I let this cloak go over my eyes of what he was really doing to me.

He became abusive. First it was verbally. I was never allowed to hang out with friends, I wasn’t allowed to wear certain clothing, I wasn’t allowed to have a voice on certain subjects or else he’d get angry if he disagreed with my opinion. But my mother raised me to be independent and outgoing so I stood up for myself… until it became physical. And you would think I would run after the first hit… But, and I know this sounds so cliche, i know it sounds like every other story. But they seem so trustworthy and pure of heart when they say they will never do it again. They promise. And I was so beaten down by him, I thought I deserved what he was doing. I got to the point where when I was driving I was reckless because I was so depressed. I wanted to get into an accident. I would see a semi truck coming my way and a part of me wanted to be like a deer caught in the head lights. I thought it would be easier if I just wasn’t around anymore. I mean, the relationship wasn’t all bad. I learned a lot of lessons from it and I know he really did love me, in some sort of way. And I loved him too… I still love him. But two and  half years went by and even though some days we didn’t hear from his demons, sometimes even weeks went by when they didn’t show up, I still wasn’t happy because the days that he did show his true colors always outweighed the good days. and I tried to get him to go to anger management or couples therapy with me but he refused.

The girl I mentioned before, the girl he cheated on me with, well she also had a order of protection on him. From her mother, not her. And once she turned 17 this year the OP was up and she was back in his arms not a week later. I thought after almost three years of being with me would keep her away, would make him want to stay with me, after everything I went through… but he still chose her… right in front of me. He locked me out of our apartment. I had to push in the AC just to try to find out what was going on. And when I did and I saw her,… i just…. my heart sunk to my stomach and I was hurting all over. I just kept asking him why… And he couldn’t say anything to me. She wrapped in my blanket and came to the window and said “Because i am the only girl he will ever love” and she shut the window on me and he left me outside in the pouring rain.

A few days after the incident he got a hold of me and I told him i couldn’t forgive him. I had White Horse on repeat for days and I wasn’t going to just let him walk back into my life. But, he is still in it. I, unfortunately, still live in a small town and the word ‘no’ doesn’t really seem to get through to my ex. We still talk. we have our good days and bad. But I refuse to get back with him and he resents me for that. This August we are going to two different colleges, away from each other, and I think that will finally drift us apart. It kills me to think he won’t be in my life anymore but Wildest Dreams has been playing in my ears since October when your CD first came out and it really is helping me get to my 1989 era. Your clean speech is the first thing I listen to every day, its set as my back ground on my phone for when I need motivation to keep going. One day I am hoping I can say I survived this thunderstorm too and that I am cleaner and wiser than before.

I have met so many amazing people on this site and others because of you. You have brought a community of happy, free, confused, young people together to love and support each other and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you. I just recently went to your 1989 tour with my mom in Chicago and I haven’t cried so much in my life. Honestly, hearing your speeches in real life hit you 10x harder than they do when you see them over the internet. You are so devoted to your fans, you are so kind to your fans, you see us as friends and I am forever devoted to you Taylor. I love you so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this, anyone who has stuck with me through this story. I apologize for how blotchy it is, a lot happens over 8 years and I really just tried to pick out the important stepping stones in my life so far. Thank you for everything Taylor. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I can’t wait to update you on more of my life to come and I can’t wait to see what your life has in store for you and all the memories we can make together! I love you Taylor.


Donald Pierce x Reader (Mutant) #6

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You wake up to what it seems like a normal room, but you know it’s not yours. You look at the window and it’s taped. The door must be locked from the outside too.
Donald enters to see you awake. He smiles and approaches you.

“How’d you sleep?”, he asks.

“Why am I here?”, you ask.

Logan, Laura and Charles are still out there and God knows what they’re doing to Caliban.

Donald kisses you, softly. “They’re not your concern now. Right now, it’s just us”, he says and silences you with another kiss. You try fighting, but your heart gives in to him.

You moan when his lips travel to your neck, sucking on that sweet spot that he knows it’ll make you weak. Your fingers are in his hair, tugging them. Donald loves that.

The two of you get rid of the clothes before he pushes the blanket and the sheets away.

“You have no idea how much I miss you”, you love his accent and his voice sends shivers down your spine. Donald continue to kiss you as his hands fondle around your breasts. Your legs are already around his hips, trying to bring the two of you closer.

“Easy, sweetheart. I wanna enjoy this”, he says, biting your earlobes.

You moan his name as Donald sucks and licks both of your nipples. He leaves his mark at random places all over your body, claiming you back to him.

“Donnie, please. I don’t think I can hold on much longer”, you whimper.

“Well, since you say please”, he chuckles. He likes it when you call him Donnie.

He moves between your legs, gently caressing your thighs as he admires your naked form. He pulls you up onto his and thrusts in. He helps you steady as you slowly ride him.

“That’s it baby”, he says, kissing your neck as you moan his name again. He couldn’t care less if people can hear him through the wall. Right now, you are his.

You lost track on time. The pleasure Donald is giving you makes you forget. A few more thrusts and you could feel the climax reaching. You scream his name as the two of you reach out for the end game.
Donald lays you down gently and kisses you.

“It’s alright baby. I’m here”, he pulls you into his arms. For once, he just want to stay like this.

An Ocean Away

Genre: Pure Fluff with a bit of sad Dan on the side

Summary: Phil is gone on holiday in Florida and Dan breaks down because he misses him, but Phil finds a way to make Dan feel better even if he is an ocean away (heh my title actually makes sense this time wow)

It’s been five days. Five whole days since Phil left for Florida and as humiliating as it was, Dan was going through withdrawal symptoms. It was this painful empty feeling in the pit of Dan’s stomach that settled in the moment Phil left for the airport. Their flat was scarily quiet and Dan on multiple occasions yelled Phil’s name to show him a funny gif on tumblr or ask for editing advice, only to hear the echoes of his own voice. 

Over the years, Dan had just gotten so used to having another human being there with him 24/7, so an absence of company was pretty noticeable.

Out of ideas and tv shows to divert his attention, Dan ended up going into the depths of his computer where all of his old pictures from his previous iPhone were stored.

Not quite sure of what he was searching for, Dan just ended up scrolling though the pictures and noticed that (with the exception of a few unexplainable pictures) they were all of him and Phil. Their previous VidCon shenanigans, pictures with other youtubers from multiple events and times, and just adorable selfies of Phil when he had taken Dan’s phone without him noticing. Each old picture was just another stab into Dan’s heart. Every picture had a story, a memory, and a tie to their relationship.

His eyes started to get tears built up as Dan continued to scroll through all the pictures of him and Phil experiencing wonderful things that were now some of Dan’s fondest memories. 

Slowly, tears slipped down his face. Why couldn’t Phil be there so they could make more memories instead of just looking at the pictures? As the tears started to blur his vision, he wiped them away shakily with the sleeve of Phil’s jacket (which he may or may not have borrowed) that was pulled over his hand.

Right as he was hitting the 2012 era pictures, Dan’s phone started buzzing in the waistband of his sweatpants. 

As soon as he glanced over the contact name his face broke into a smile. Without a second of hesitation, he slid the lock screen to accept a call from Phil. 

“Hey bear!” A slightly crackling voice said. The background was extremely noisy, but Dan could recognize the voice on the phone anywhere.

“Hey Phil!” Dan said, trying to return the same energy that Phil had given to him, but there was an issue. Dan had been so caught up in the pictures and emotions that came with them that he didn’t even realize how his voice would react from the tears and well, it sounded like he had been sobbing pretty hard. Obviously alarmed, Phil lost all interest in the conversation he had originally called Dan to talk about and just jumped in the matter at hand.

“Dan? Dan are you alright? Have you been crying? What’s wrong?” Phil said, his voice full of fear. There were few times when Phil couldn’t physically be there to consult Dan in real life, and this was one of those times. “I’m…. fine Phil. Don’t worry about it.” Dan replied, tears streaming down his face once again. Dan wasn’t sure whether he was trying to avoid the embarrassment of explaining why he was crying or just the fact that he didn’t want to speak the words out loud, therefore accepting them.

“Dan please stop bullshitting me. I know you’re not alright. It’s my job and my responsibility to help you as much as I can from across the ocean. Please, I don’t care what is it, just tell me what’s wrong.” Phil said, meaning every word.

“I just… miss you…. a lot.” Dan replied, his voice not any better. 

“I miss you too Bear. I really do. I wish I could be there to cuddle with you and to call you cute names that make you all embarrassed and I wish more than anything that I could just be there with you, but I can’t exactly do that right now,” Phil said, his words dragging out the emotions he was feeling right now. “I’m sorry Dan.”

“I understand.” Dan said defeatedly. 

“Would it help to just talk for a while? I can go back to the hotel so you can properly hear me.” Phil suggested. 

“Mhm.” Dan replied while sniffling, the aftermath of emotions crashing over him and draining all his energy.

A three hour phone call, an overly large order for chinese, and one plane ticket from Florida to London later, Dan was laying in Phil’s bed where he was completely cocooned in a mountain of blue and green blankets at an ungodly hour (4:30 am to be exact) when he heard the lock to his front door open. Terrified out of his mind, Dan stayed as still as he possibly could as he was convinced that the person trying to unlock the front door was a murderer. For a whole minute, Dan was motionless until he heard an all too familiar voice from outside the door. 

“Dan? I’m ah-”

“PHIL? PHIL HOW DID YOU- WHEN DID- WHY WOULD…” Dan questioned, not sure what to ask first. Hundreds of emotions ran through his head all at once, confusion, excitement, but more than anything, pure joy

“I can explain a lot better if you’d unlock the bloody door you idiot!” Phil jokingly as he knew that Dan was always terrified of sleeping alone and that was guaranteed to lock the door when Phil wasn’t there with him.

“Oh… sorry about that….” Dan said, getting up to unlock the door. He was immediately uncased in Phil’s comforting arms, and damn, Phil’s hugs hadn’t felt that good in a while. After holding each other for a minute, curiosity took over and Phil had to explain why he wasn’t on a different continent at that moment.

“i felt bad about leaving you here, so I took the first flight I could get to be here with you,” He said quickly.

Shocked, confused, and most of all grateful, Dan thanked Phil in the fastest way he could. Placing his hands on the back of Phil’s head, and pulled him into a kiss.

My Boys: Better Days - Chapter 8

Hey Guys,

Since it took me a while to post the last chapter, I thought you guys deserved a faster update this time!

Here goes! thanks a lot @jia911 for the fantastic work!

My Boys: Better Days - Chapter 8

Owen slowly gained consciousness as he felt the soft touch of Amelia’s wet kisses on his jaw, waking him up from a deep sleep. Still with his eyes closed, he smiled lazily, enjoying the idle circles her fingers were drawing on his chest.

“Hey,” He turned his head to the side, finally opening his eyes to meet hers.

“Hi,” Amelia whispered when she moved her head closer to his, touching his nose with hers.

“How did you sleep?” Owen reached for her hair, gently pulling a lock off her wonderful face. He used his thumb to brush her skin gently, loving how delicate she felt to his touch.

“I had the best sleep I’ve had in weeks,” She confessed and moved one leg to the top of his hips, feeling Owen’s other hand immediately capture her naked thigh.

“You did?” He raised an eyebrow, too proud to hide it. Owen leaned in and kissed her gently, “You look beautiful,” He noticed the glow in her blue eyes.

Amelia smiled tenderly at him, hugging him with both her arms. Owen glanced over at the window, it was still dark outside. The clock on the nightstand confirmed his suspicion; it was barely past 6 am.

“Babe, why are you awake?” Owen chuckled, moaning in protest to the early hour “It’s six in the morning on a Saturday, go back to sleep,” He felt her entangle her arms on his neck and pulled her nearer, closing his eyes as he buried his face in her chest.

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Reunited - Luke Imagine

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y/b/n - your brother’s name

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“Ashley! Y/B/N! Are you ready yet? Liz and her kids are coming here soon!” You ran down the stairs, nearly tripping on the way as you entered the living room, embraced by the smell of roast beef and mashed potatoes. “Yeah, I’m ready. So, how many kids?” You mom smiled at you. “Well, technically they aren’t kids anymore. They have three, one is your age, and the other two are 24 and 22.” You nodded, pulling your phone out of your pocket as you heard it ding, signaling a text message arriving from someone. “Hey mom, can I go out tonight? Like after dinner? Ella’s having a party and I have to be there.” You mom nodded, making you silently high five yourself. “Oh they’re here!” Your mom clapped her hands as she heard the doorbell ring, squealing slightly as she saw her childhood best friend through the window. “Liz! Oh my god!” Your eyes widened as you saw one of Liz’s kids. The Luke Hemmings! His band was your favourite, Five Seconds Of Summer posters were stuck all over your room. “Ashley say hi to the kids and Liz!” You awkwardly walked over, waving sheepishly at them as you stared at them through the hair that had fallen onto your face. “Hi.” Your mom and Liz immediately continued talking as they made their way into the living room, a small yell of ‘Ashley take Luke to your room and become friends! Y/B/N talk to Ben and Jack!” You panicked, looking around the house as you instead took him into the game room. The two of you were awkwardly sat on the sofa, Luke looking annoyed. “Hey, I’m Y/ -” “I don’t care.” He rudely interrupted you as he pulled out his phone, presumably texting his friends. You couldn’t believe how rude one of your idols were towards you, you can’t believe that he was going to be staying with you guys for the weekend. 

Dinner was awkward, while Liz, your mom, Ben, Jack and Y/B/N, were all talking, the tension between Luke and you was thick. Luke glared at you from across the table constantly, making you wonder what you did wrong as you received the harsh glares and snide comments from him. “Ashley learn to get along with Luke!” Your mom whispered to you through her teeth as she leaned over to get the potatoes. You looked at the clock, noticing that the time was already 8:40, and the party starts at 9 o’clock. Ella’s house being around half an hour away, you had to leave now. “Mom, can I be excused? The party starts soon and I have to go to Ella’s.” Your mom apparently got some bright idea when she heard that, her eyes lighting up when she heard that. “Hey, take Luke with you! You guys’ll probably become better friends!” You froze when you heard it, but Luke looked fine. “Sure, let’s go.” He got up from his chair, it creaking as it moved backwards making you cringe. You awkwardly walked out of the house, waving at everyone at the table, seeing Luke leaning against his car waiting for you, continuing to text. “C’mon, let’s go. We got to pick up some of my friends.” You followed him, not wanting to offend him any farther than you already appeared to have. About forty minutes later, you pulled up at the party as the coolest person ever, stepping out of the black Range Rover with the four hottest boys on earth, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford. Ella ran out of the house, not believing the sight in front of her eyes. “Okay I was going to like yell at you for being late, but you brought 5 Seconds of Summer to my party so I’m chill.” You laughed, dragging her into her kitchen as the boys walked off to find someone to dance with.

“Everyone gather round! Dare or fucking dare time!” Someone yelled from the living room, the remaining members of the party scattered into the room itself. It was like 1 am, everyone being half way to passing out as drunk. “Alright, spin the bottle and see who is gonna get screwed over tonight!” Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Luke being grinded on by some girl that you had already decided you hated because of what she was doing at the moment. “Alright, our honorary guests go first!” Someone pointed at Calum, him spinning the bottle as it turned slowly towards your direction. He smirked slyly, staring at you lazily. “Oh Ashley! Okay, so, I dare you to go into that room and have seven minutes of heaven with Luke.” Luke shot up at his name, glaring at Calum as he shook his head. “Nope. This is her dare, why am I being dragged into this?” Everybody booed him, pushing you two into the room as you two protested. The door was locked and you could hear the game continuing outside. “So, do you -” Luke turned to you, interrupting you as you spoke, tripping over the carpet and spilling the cup of beer that he for some reason still had in his hand. “Luke! Fuck!” You stared at your wet shirt, sighing as you pulled it off and heading over to Ella’s closet. “What, what are you doing?” You leaned over, looking through her drawers. “Finding a shirt.” You could feel a hot breath against your neck, planning to turn around to ask him what he was doing. As you turned, his lips captured yours. You were shocked, your eyes shooting open, mumbling against his lips. “I thought you hated me.” Your eyes fluttered shut. “You’re just too hot, I don’t know how to talk to you.”


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new poem // fences

fences are evil, they trap me inside
they keep me enslaved from birth till i die.
i’m prisoner in it’s world of black and white
here i am told to be afraid of the night.

the shallow, the scared and the broken stay here
nothing to live for, only to fear.
strangers are dangerous, can’t let them near
the world is my oyster, but why am i still here?

wooden, picket, steel or barbed wire,
all fences lock arms in their evil desire.
keep it inside, through body and mind
you are only to know the world inside the lines.

but fences are good. they shield me inside.
they keep me protected from birth till i die.
keeping me safe from what lies outside,
hiding me from all the ghosts of the night.

ghosts fester, they linger, invading my mind,
my demons will chase me, at least they will try.
my fence is so tall that i can’t see the sky,
but nothing can break through a wall built so high.

i am alone, but i am not lonely.
i’ve got my fence up, i’m my own one and only.
this black and white world will never fall.
i will be safe inside of these walls.

anonymous asked:

can you do a scenario where jackson and you talk about each other's bucket list and when jackson gets to his last one, he says that he wants to marry you and he proposes

hello! so sorry for the extremely long delay! i had to think of a good idea for this and hopefully it’s okay! hehe thank you for requesting & enjoy~! (*´꒳`*)

“Bucket list number one: get a cute ass boyfriend,” you read out loud, holding your notebook up to cover your face. It was quite embarrassing since your boyfriend was just sitting beside you.

“Check,” Jackson smiled heartily, pointing to himself. You took your pen and crossed the words out. You then gestured to Jackson, telling him to read his. “To finally debut,” he said, letting out a deep breath of relief. “Glad that’s done,” he crossed the line out, drawing a couple of stars to signify that this was a job well done, thankfully.

“Number two: attend a concert with VIP-tickets.” You smiled to yourself, crossing off that too. “Not just VIP-tickets, you got the person too,” Jackson smirked, teasing you a bit. You rolled your eyes but your smile not fading, what he said was true; you got VIP-tix to their concert, thanks to him, and apparently got him too.

“Mine next is: to be a better person.” He looked at you in concern, “babe, do you think I’m a better person? Why did I even write this?” You rested your arms on the table, “considering you are doing a great job cheering up thousands of people by what you are doing, I’ll say that’s a yes.”

Jackson tried to peek at your list before you smacked him at his shoulders, telling him to be patient so both of you can go through it together. You even made a deal by exchanging both your lists, so it’s faster and not that embarrassing but he rejected almost immediately, saying there is this really important and secretive one. You nodded your head, admitting defeat.

“Alright, next up: getting my dream job,” you read, facing towards Jackson. “But you’re still studying for your major,” Jackson explained, caressing your hair. “Leave it, you’ll get it soon enough,” he told you while motioning you to carry on. “It’s your turn, babe,” you reminded him.

“It’s my last one and I highly guarantee that you still have tons. Let’s just continue with yours, shall we?” he urged. He looked really restless, glancing left and right. “Oh and babe, I think the storeroom is locked,” you told him, scanning through your bucket list.

“Oh really? I’ll check it later, okay continue,” he gestured you to move on. You looked through your list and hesitated. You have no idea why you wrote the next one: to have a nice figure? “To have….a nice…figure.” Jackson turned to you, his eyes astonished, “babe no matter what figure you have, I’ll still love you, okay? Please, cross that out. I love what you have on the inside, not the outside.”

Obliviously, you heard an ‘ew’ coming out from the storeroom. “Jackson, I heard something from the locked room,” you yelped, eyeing it. He seemed nervous, “nah babe, I THINK THE NOISE DID NOT COME OUT FROM THE ROOM, AM I RIGHT?” he raised his voice, seemingly a little sarcastic?

Yugyeom, on the other hand was being punished by his hyungs. “Yah, you almost gave us out, control yourself!” Jinyoung mouthed, motioning him to zip his mouth. All the members, except BamBam, were cramped in the tiny room, with the banners, balloons and most importantly, the ring for the proposal. BamBam was supposed to prepare the roses but he was late. “Sorry, Jackson hyung was just really cheesy,” Yugyeom whispered, apologising.

You smiled, sedated with Jackson’s words. He knows how to use his words, this boy. “Next on the list: to get a-” The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” you volunteered, standing up. “Let me get it,” Jackson ushered you back to your seat.

Jackson opened the door to find BamBam holding the roses, his forehead sweating. “Am I late, hyung?” BamBam asked him, worried. “Who is it?” you queried, curious. Why was Jackson desperately blocking your view? “It’s BamBam babe, hold on.” “No but why are you late?” Jackson asked, gritting his teeth to keep his voice down. BamBam ignored him, questioning instead, “where are the members?” “The storeroom, go through the window, knock three times, got it?” Jackson insisted, pointing to the left. “Okay and good luck later!”

Jackson came back and sat down, this time sitting at a different place. “3 knocks, open!” he shouted, laughing it off at the end. “What is it you say?” you said half-heartedly, crossing out some of your ridiculous bucket list from years ago. “Oh nothing, go on.”

“Last two.” “Wait I thought I saw like sat least a million just now,” Jackson teased. “No, last two,” you persisted. “Okay I’ll say my last one after your second last.” “Deal.”

“Live with my other half,” you read, slightly blushing. “You’re doing it right now, cross it out,” he laughed, passing you the pencil. “Okay so, what’s your last?” Unsuspectingly, the members started moving out of the room, getting in position. They had practiced this thousands of times when you weren’t home, making sure it’s flawless. “Silently, kids,” Jaebum mouthed to them, before unlocking the door.

You were sat back facing them so nothing was out of space. “Stand up,” he instructed you, which made you really confused. “Why?” “Just do it babe, trust me.” You stood up with him and he suddenly went on one knee.

“My last and probably the best one is to marry my one true love which also means it’s you, my other half,” Jackson ruffled his hair. Out of nowhere, Youngjae goes to his side and passed him a red box and trotted back to his position. That was when you finally realised there were a bunch of boys behind you with balloons and banners written “marry that boy, please” or “say yes! say yes!”

You turned back, eyes flooding with tears. Your emotions had got hold of your heart and eyes. This was totally unexpected, you just woke up to a fully awake Jackson which doesn’t happen often. He made you breakfast and suddenly told you that both of you are going through your bucket list. You should’ve caught up sooner.

“I love you, since the day I laid my eyes on you. Figure or no figure, I fell for your smile, your precious kind heart, your bubbly personality. You trusted me with your phone number then you trusted me with your love life then you trusted me with your living life. Now, will you, once again, trust me with your heart and your life? Please, trust me, one last time, my princess. Will you marry me?” Jackson recited, opening the box. A ring that you liked when you saw it in the jewellery store.

This time, BamBam went to your side and handed you the roses and gave you a pat. Your lips were trembling, out of happiness. You couldn’t believe this, is this all really happening? This is in fact, the best way to surprise you when you didn’t even suspect a single thing. Gratitude filled your mind but on the outside, your expression was blank with overflowing tears.

“Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!” “Marry him! Marry him! Marry him!” the members chanted, louder and louder. You looked at them, your mind filled with gratefulness for their hardwork. Mark even shouted, “trust him!” You broke into a smile, looking at the roses.

Jackson, your lover. It is time to trust him, once again. You looked at him, his face full of anticipation and sincerity, hoping you’ll say the magic word. The magic word that will make you his wife, and so you did.

“Yes, Wang Jackson. Yes, I do.”

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Pref- He leaves you for your best friend part 2

Part One

Harry ; Its been a week and it seems that you’ve broken every picture frame that had a picture of you and harry in it. You were pissed; you were mad at Harry and at Y/BF/N. One night you found yourself sitting around for hours thinking of a way that you could hurt them like they hurt you. You were broken; you physically hurt. Harry received your heart and he broke it. He and Y/BF/N have both tried to contact you, one night you answered Harry’s call only to hang up right away; you then cried yourself to sleep. “Love.” Niall’s voice called from outside the spare bedroom. He let himself into the room and curled into the bed with you. “It hurts Niall.” You cried against his chest. He told you he knew but you didn’t think he knew just how bad it hurt. “You have to talk to him love. He’s a mess; he’s hurt because he knows your hurt. He’s been begging us to come over and talk to you. I don’t blame you if you never want to talk to him again but I think you should think about it. You two have a lot of history.” Niall was right; you should talk to him and tell him that you hate him and he needs to leave you alone. “I’m just afraid if I talk to him I’ll take him back.” Niall understood where you were coming from. As soon as he left you text Harry and told him to come over. That would give you enough time to take a shower. When you finished with your makeup and hair you managed to look like a functioning member of society. He walked into your house and he looked worse then you did. His eyes were all puffy, his hair up in a bun. “Listen to me before you say anything.” After you nodded he continued. “I love you, I fucking love you. I made a horrible mistake. I’m not asking you to forgive me right here and right now but let me work for it. Let me earn your trust. Please let me.” You were tired of being hurt and missing him. “I don’t want to be that girl that goes back to her cheating boyfriend. So were going to slowly work this out. Were not back together, I just don’t want to be without you anymore.” 

Niall ; “Niall!” You ran outside in the rain to find Niall comforting Y/BF/N. She was crying and he was holding her. “Am I interrupting something?” Their hug broke and they looked at you. Niall looked at you like he didn’t want anything to do with you. “Niall why don’t you come back into the party.” You pleaded with him. When he follows you inside then you can explain what happened and everything will go back to normal. When you got into the house you noticed Niall wasn’t behind you. He was still outside with Y/BF/N. You locked yourself in Niall’s room and started to wonder if she was really your best friend. She did come into your life after you met Niall. She added you on Facebook, insisting that you had a mutual friend and was adamant on becoming your friend. By the time Niall was knocking at his door you were completely convinced that she was only using you to meet Niall. “Open up Y/N.” Niall’s voice boomed from the other side of the door. By his tone you were afraid to open the door but you couldn’t lock him out of his own room. “Hi.” You hoped that he wasn’t too mad at you. “What was that? She’s your best friend and you completely cussed her out.” “You don’t understand Niall. She’s using me to get to you. It all makes sense. She took all the credit for this party. It was my party for you. It was all my idea.” You were full on bawling at this point. Tonight was supposed to be a great night but it’s been everything but that. You didn’t want to fight with Niall anymore. “I hate that you went to comfort her, she’s trying to tear us apart and you’re letting her.” He took your hand in his and led you outside. Y/BF/N was in the bathroom, drying her hair off using a towel. “Y/BF/N, you and Y/N clearly need to talk but you’re not going to talk tonight. I need to make something clear. I’m with Y/N and I love her. I don’t know what you’re intentions are but you need to know, I’m with her.” With Niall’s comment you felt more secure in your relationship. 

Liam ; You wanted to go to your favorite restaurant, you really wanted to go but you couldn’t. Liam and Y/BF/N ruined that for you. They ruined your favorite restaurant for you. Now when ever you go into that restaurant the only thing you’re going to think of is Liam and Y/BF/N sitting there at a table holding hands like they weren’t doing anything wrong. You were shocked to see Y/BF/N sitting at your kitchen table the next day. Her bags were packed and sitting at her side. “I think you’d be happy to know Liam left me. He was gutted after talking to you, he was mad for doing that to you.” She was trying to make you feel bad but you should be the one making her feel bad. You didn’t do anything wrong, you simply confronted two people who hurt you. “I’m glad that Liam has a conscience. That makes one of you.” You snidely remarked but then took it back. You couldn’t be mad at her; you wanted to but it was no use. She is your best friend. "I just don’t understand. You know I love him, you know I thought he was it for me. Why would you do that to me?” Within an hour you both were on the floor crying, it was safe to say all was forgiven. “Go back to him.” She told me after we both finished a bottle of wine. “Liam, if he’s it for you then go back to him.” You text Liam and told him to come over. While Y/BF/N unpacked all of her stuff you and Liam sat on the sofa and talked. “So were good?” He didn’t have to ask, “of course you were good.” You replied as Liam pulled you onto his lap and rested your head on his chest. You were so glad to be here with Liam. You were happy that you got your best friend and your boyfriend back. 

 Louis ; Its been three months since you kicked Y/BF/N out and had someone else move in. Before you asked anyone you had to make sure that your friendship was really over. When you didn’t hear from her in a week you asked another one of your close friends to move in. "Did you hear that they already broke up?” Y/F/N asked you one night. You had heard, Louis called you after it happened to tell you but to be truthful you didn’t care about either of them anymore. Y/BF/N also reached out to you, she tried to tell you she was sorry but you didn’t listen. You’ve already moved on; you started hanging out with the group of friends Louis didn’t like and you’ve been seeing a new guy. Your heart still hurt when he would do something that reminded you of Louis. You told yourself that was normal; you cared about Louis and getting over him completely would be a process. “You okay?” Your date asked as he wrapped his hand around yours. “Mhm, just thinking.” He dropped the subject as your eyes traveled up his body, you admired how his blonde hair was in a perfect quiff, much like Louis used to do. His glasses fell slightly down his nose. “You ready to go?” He asked, ripping you from your thoughts of Louis. You simply grabbed your purse and got up. You followed him through the restaurant and climbed into his car. During the drive back to your flat neither of you spoke. He didn’t know what to say to you, he knew you were thinking about Louis; you always were. You didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t fair to him that he was with someone who was still in love with their ex. “I’m sorry, it’s not fair to you.” You felt like you owed it to him to apologize before you got out of the car. He didn’t say anything; he just nodded. You knew it was over. “I’m sorry.” You cried into Louis voicemail, you didn’t know what you were supposed to sorry for but you felt like that was the only way to make things better with Louis. As soon as you got up to your flat you called Louis. Thirty minutes after you left the voicemail Louis showed up at your door. “I was in a meeting. I came over as soon as I.” You cut him off, pressing you lips to his. He broke the kiss to ask if you were okay. You simply nodded and your lips found there way back to his. 

 Zayn ; “Oh my gosh!” Your maid of honor exclaimed. “This is so exciting.” She was going on about how excited she was that you were finally getting married. “After you and Zayn broke up I didn’t think wed be here. Especially since that was only happened a little over a year ago! Its crazy how things work out in the end.” You smiled at her, not letting her know you felt like crying just at the sound of his name. It’s been a year and a half since you found Zayn and Y/BF/N on the beach together. You may have over reacted, and maybe you pushed him away but Zayn didn’t bother to chase after you. Three months after you decided it was over you started dating someone else, you dated for a little less then a year when he proposed. Here you are, in the chapel getting ready for what should be the best day of your life. “Can I have a moment with the bride?” Harry asked, peaking his head through the door. You nodded and the bridal party left the room. “Don’t hate me.” Your best friend told you. After you and Zayn broke up, you and harry grew a lot closer. Even though Zayn was his best friend, Harry wanted to be there for you. "He wanted to see you.” You knew he was talking about Zayn and as soon as you registered what he said, Zayn was standing in front of you.  "Listen to me.“ He requested. "I just want to make sure you’re happy.” He told you but you wondered why. Why did he care? He was the one who didn’t fight for you but he wanted to give you the closure you deserved. “I was going to propose to you, that’s why I was at the beach with Y/BF/N, then when you ran off she told me that it was best if I didn’t follow you. She told me that leaving you was the best. I’d leave you alone for months on end and you deserved someone who could give a normal future, so that’s what I’ve done.” He told you he was happy you found someone but you didn’t believe him. “Do you love me?” He nodded yes and that’s all you needed. This is crazy, you were engaged but Zayn just told you he loved you and that was enough; even after the last year and a half you still wanted to be marrying him. 


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