why am i so ugly lol


Before I knew it, I had forgotten… you don’t have to be a prisoner of your blood. It’s ok for you to become who you want to be.


I was just passing through. I said to myself, “I wonder if my brother remembers his brother.” Did I do wrong? It doesn’t matter–I’m very happy.

It’s fall so I had an uncontrollable urge to draw the Barbershop Quartet in ugly sweaters!

I also threw in the flags for my personal headcanons for everyone’s sexualities because why not!

Bucky: pansexual
Nat: gray asexual
Sam: bisexual
Steve: demisexual

I had to bs the demisexual flag a lot because I Am Bad at Planning Ahead and the grid I worked out for the sweater pattern didn’t work with the triangle oops
Jealousy !
  • <p> <b>Hermione:</b> Baby are you jealous?<p/><b>Draco:</b> No.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Baby are you jealous?<p/><b>Draco:</b> No.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> So you are really not jealous?<p/><b>Draco:</b> I already told you,no.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Okay. Give me a kiss then.<p/><b>Draco:</b> WHY DON'T YOU GO GET A KISS FROM THAT UGLY MCLAGGEN WHO KEEPS MAKING MOONY EYES AT YOU. THAT STUPID UGLY ARSE!YOU ARE MY GIRLFRIEND FOR MERLIN'S SAKE.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Awww, baby come here.<p/><b>Draco:</b> I am not jealous.<p/></p>

hello lovely people! It’s moe here and can you believe I am… actually finally doing that follow forever I’ve been meaning to do for… like over a year now? anyways I thought, since it was my blog’s 3th anniversary and also the 10 year anniversary of queens Girls’ Generation AND Jessica recently (even though it didn’t really go the way we wanted it unfortunately) and everyone (including me ofc lol) was dying and crying, I’d finally sit down and do it!

And as you can probably see, I also changed my URL from girlsgenerachen to 17wishes, you know I felt like it was time for a change again, while still staying true to my tash self lol, I thought it was easier to let everyone know of the change like this (we’ll see if I actually keep it tho lol) 

so first of all I’d like to thank my dear Chell @kim-taeyeon for making this cute header for me because I suck lol, you’re the reason this thing is finally happening after so long!

and of course a big thank you to everyone else as well! to everyone I follow, thank you for filling my dashboard with great content, I really enjoy seeing all of you on there every day and also to everyone of my followers, thank your for putting up with me. to everyone, thank you so so so much for making the past 3 years on this blog as wonderful and memorable as you did! here’s to many more!

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and now some cheesy messages for 3 very special people I haven’t included yet

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Me: I honestly don’t care if people don’t like Taylor Swift I like Taylor Swift and that’s all that matters like haters gonna hate lol

Me at 2 AM as sleep deprivation begins to set in: I JUST. DON’T. GET. why people can hate on someone so kind and caring and genuine like why are people SO. DAMN. UGLY. and RUDE what did she ever do to you she is just trying to make SONGS ABOUT HER LIFE AND MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY why is this such a problem why do you care how does this effect you in the slightest and whEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU VISITED A DAMN CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL PATRICIA

akurotori  asked:

Hon, you can reply in private in you want. I have a question; apparently Kit said Jon was manipulative in an interview, do you know in which one? Should I believe what he said, because I may have an idea why the crazy people go around with that ugly theory lol.

I am happy to answer this publicly in case anyone else is worried. It is mentioned in this interview. 

Exact quote:

“But this year, I think he becomes a politician… He starts manipulating people in a Jon Snow way - in a kind way, but he has a job to do.”

This interview took place before the first episode of season 7 aired and so I think it was trying to tease Targ Bowl. Remember that the GA didn’t read the leaks in most cases so they didn’t know what to expect. 

They didn’t know for sure Jon and Dany would meet. They didn’t know how that meeting would play out and how their relationship this season would leave off. 

So comments like that from Kit add to the suspense and the idea that Jon and Dany might have fought and Jon might have done something underhanded to get Dany’s help. But after watching the season we know this isn’t the case.

So, reasons this doesn’t worry me:

1. We know after watching the season that Jon was able to do this “job” Kit mentions without any manipulation or subterfuge. Dany agreed to help him before Jon swore fealty. So Jon didn’t have to lie or pretend to be loyal only to get Dany’s help. He doesn’t need to manipulate her because she offers her aid willingly. Anything that happens after that is Jon’s own choice that doesn’t come with personal reward. He gets closer to Dany after she gives him what he wants–not before. So their relationship following that moment is mutual, consensual, loving, and has nothing to do with deception or manipulation. 

Even long before the post-wight hunt scene, Dany allows Jon to mine the dragonglass with no convincing from Jon. The first part of his “job” is done from the first day or two of their meeting. He doesn’t need to be sneaky because from the outset Dany is willing to negotiate with him.

2. Again, Kit says nonsense to troll the audience and throw them off. He says things to add interest to interviews. What’s funny is that all along the season 7 interview circuit, Kit said horrible things about Jon’s relationship with Sansa. He said that Sansa is “annoying” and “intensely irritating,” that their conflict goes beyond “squabbling” and is a “power struggle,” and that Sansa is “the most irritating character” on the show. In “betray, marry, kill,” Kit chose to “kill” Sansa.

So if the antis are happy to use Kit’s vague comment about manipulation to back up their theory, implying they believe Kit’s comments in interviews, then they also need to accept that Kit hates Sansa’s character and asserts that Jon is very annoyed by her and sees her as someone he has to struggle against for power. 

In other words, Kit’s comments are fake garbage 99% of the time :) Before it was spoilery, Kit was open about liking Jon/Daenerys and that’s because I think that even then he knew it was coming.  

And besides, in Kit’s quote, he says Jon manipulates in a “kind” way, in a “Jon Snow way.” So even if this wasn’t total bullshit, even if we believed Jon was manipulating someone, manipulating a grieving woman with sex–as posited by the undercover Jon theory–is not “kind” in any sense of the word. It is certainly not the Jon Snow we all know and love. 

We probably won’t get a happy ending, but again–undercover Jon is not a thing.

No matter what ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘’Heyy! Would you’ve able to write an imagine about ethan dating a black girl? I dont really see too many of those stories floating around so it would be nice to actually have one lol thank you!’‘ and ‘‘Heyyyy! Would you be able to do an Ethan imagine where he is dating a girl of color & they get hate for it & ethan trys everything he can to comfort her? Thank you love!‘’

Response: Of course!! But I do have to mention that the girls in my imagines aren’t per se black or white, you can choose for yourself :) Also, I have nothing against black girls! I love all girls, we are amazing! I hope you enjoy xoxo

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘And this is my girlfriend, Y/N!’ Ethan grabs you with both of his strong arms and puts you gently between him and Grayson. You chuckle nervously, raising your hand to wave at the camera. ‘Hi, I’m Y/N,’ you say. Ethan was so happy that he  finally had been able to convince you to be in this week’s video. He was so proud that you were his girlfriend. Although you were a bit reservedly because there would be so many disappointed fans, you thought it was very cute of him.

‘Do I have to say something else, or…’ You look up to Ethan, who looks at with a goofy but admiring smile. ‘What?’ you ask nervously. ‘Nothing,’ he smirks and gives you a kiss on the lips. ‘Get a room!’ Grayson yells and gives Ethan and you a playful poke. Ethan and you giggle.

After filming the video you guys go back to the living room, where you also had filmed the intro. It had been a fun day and you felt very content. ‘Well, that’s it for this week’s video! Thanks for watching, and we see you next week…’ Ethan says while he puts an arm around you. ‘…on a Tuesday!’ Grayson adds, while he also puts an arm around you. You felt so warm and happy, sitting between these two idiots. You were so lucky to have these wonderful boys in your life.

It was a few days later and you were lying in bed, watching the video of Ethan and Grayson. Today it actually was Tuesday, the day that they had posted the video. You decided to watch it to see how it had turned out and of course, to see yourself. This week the twins and you had done a challenge; ‘‘Hat of dares part 3’’. Of course you had gotten the worst dares, but you didn’t really care since you could laugh about it now. And hopefully many others could also.

Your heart flutters at the way Ethan looks at you in the video. Normally you didn’t really notice it, but from a screen it was so obvious that he liked you. A lot. He was watching you during the entire process and touching you whenever he had the chance.

It made you so happy that he loved showing you off and let thousands of people know that you were his girlfriend. You couldn’t believe that he actually was your boyfriend, though. Not that you were very insecure about yourself or whatever, but sometimes you thought that you weren’t good enough for him. He was so kind, smart, funny, adventurous, creative and really, really handsome.

Of course there were another million amazing things about him that you could think of. But you? You were just so ordinary… so normal. Just like any other girl. What did you have to offer him? Sometimes it was hard to believe that he’d chosen you. But you were so glad he did. He made you the most happiest girl in the whole wide world.

After you watched the video you scroll through the comments with a big smile on your face. The first comments you read were very, very sweet:

‘’you guys are literally couple goals’’
‘’she looks so sweet! ethan’s one lucky guy’’
‘’so happy for the both of you! you are great together’’

But slowly your smile fades from your face. There were also a lot of very mean comments, and the more you read, the more you noticed that there were more rude than nice reactions.

‘’lol why is she black’’
‘’they can’t be a couple, it just doesn’t look right’’
‘’i don’t understand why he would date a black girl’’
‘’she is so ugly wtf’’
‘’she doesn’t deserve him’’
‘’am i the only one that thinks it’s weird he is dating a black girl?!’’

And there were so many more. Tears are welling up, and you angrily rub them away. You weren’t going to cry, you wouldn’t let yourself. Those girls could think what they want. But it did not help, you were just crying even harder now.

You wish you could delete all those mean comments. Or just unread them. Anything to erase them from your memory. But of course, that was impossible. You couldn’t stop reading, and with each comment you felt more sad.

As the day went by, you couldn’t stop thinking about all the comments. How could people say things like that? What had you ever done to deserve this? Maybe they were right, you thought. Maybe you weren’t good enough for him. Just thinking about this made you start crying again.

Oh, how could you fool yourself like this? It wasn’t going to take long before Ethan was going to break up with you. Soon or later he would get tired of you. You were so boring, of course this relationship wasn’t going to last.

As you slowly doze off to a restless sleep, you suddenly wake up at a sound nearby; it was your phone. You look at the screen and see to your surprise that Ethan was calling you. You sniff and wipe the already dried tears from your cheeks.

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‘H-Hello?’ you say, trying to speak normal. ‘Y/N?’ you hear Ethans voice. ‘Yeah?’ you say, but you already knew why he had called you.
‘Are you okay? Have you read, ehm, the comments? Of the video?’ His voice sounds soft, but also a little nervous. ‘Yes,’ is all you can say, before you start crying again.

‘I’m coming to your house,’ Ethan says with a deep voice, a little angry now. You immediately go sit straight up, wiping your hair that gotten all wet from the tears out of your face. You didn’t want him to see you like this. ‘No, no, it’s fine E. I’m fine.’ You hear keys rattling and doors slamming. ‘I’m on my way,’ was all he said before he hung up the phone.

As you’re lying in bed with a blanket up to your chin, you hear a soft knock on the door. It opens slowly and there is he is, the boy of your dreams: Ethan Dolan. His hair was all wet because of the rain outside, but you thought that it made him look even hotter.

He was just wearing sweatpants, nothing special, but he still looked so handsome that your heart starts beating faster when he walks up to you. In one hand he holds his phone and car keys and in his other one he was holding a big bouquet of flowers. Roses, your favourite.

You go sit straight up again and wipe the mascara away from under your eyes. You were still crying. Ethan comes sitting on the bed and he strokes his hands up and down your arms. ‘Baby, look at me,’ he demanded quietly. You look him in his beautiful dark eyes. ‘You don’t actually believe what those girls said, right? Do you? They’re just jealous.’

You close your eyes while another tear rolls down your cheek. Ethan wipes it away with his hand. Your skin feels cold under his warm touch. You don’t say anything, afraid that you start sobbing again. It was embarrassing to admit, but those comments really did hurt you. You grab his hand and place it back on his thigh. He looks hurt.

‘E… I think that we…’ you sigh, picking your words carefully. ‘Us together… It’s not right. I don’t think I’m good enough for you. You should date a girl that is just as awesome as you are.’ He grabs your hand again and squeezes it lightly. ‘I already am. You are awesome,’ he whispers, leaning closer to you. Your heart flutters at his words and you open your eyes.

‘Y/N… You really think that I care what people say about us? I am so in love with you and your skin tone has nothing to do with the feelings I have for you. I am crazy about you and I really hope you don’t want to give up on us. You’re an amazing girl and I don’t want to lose you,’ Ethan says with a sweet voice.

You grab his face and pull him closer to you. ‘Of course I don’t want to lose you…  God, I love you so much. I’m sorry for being such an emotional mess,’ you say, and before you know it Ethan leans in and puts his smirking lips to yours.

You feel a pleasant tingle running down your spine when his lips touch your skin, trailing down your jawline and neck. You let out a loud giggle as you fall back onto to the bed, your head between the pillows. Ethan pulls back with a wide smile and tenderly strokes his fingers through your hair. ‘I love you so much. No matter what.’

Yay I just finished swatching (is this even a word lol) my new brush markers together with my colouring markers… and my swatching (this word again lol what even) techniques are still the same as when I swatched (why am I using this word so much) my mildliners - terrible. My lettering has improved a tiny bit though (I think?)

Don’t mind the heading I know its really ugly haha (I tried tho)

Seeing that centipede on the last page, I honestly just wanted to burst into tears. I’m drained Ishida. d r a i n e d. Seriously I can’t take anymore tragic things happening to Kaneki. Especially right now where this is probably the happiest he’s ever been (not incl false happiness as haise) after a ridiculously long list of tragic things. Never have I wanted to rescue an MC from their own story more.

I just can’t do it. That friggin satanic gross centipede has appeared in the manga like some ugly omen every time something /seriously/ bad is about to happen to Kaneki. Like not the usual every day tragedy that gets thrown his way, but extremely serious life altering crap usually at the hands of torture. And I swear to god I SWEAR TO GOD if (lol why am I saying if, we all know it will) it involves Touka I might have to take a break from the manga to collect myself.


So, I was tagged by the sweetests @kookiescupcake and @whenjikookhappens who are so beautiful I stopped breathing for a moment.
I know I’m supposed to do 9 but I only have 4 in my phone and I really hate my face omfg why am I doing this ????
The last one is a bit old but I miss my long hair lol (in the first one, that’s my older sister)
I won’t tag anyone bc I’m too lazy but if anyone wanna do it, please do ~~

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i'm shooketh that people are pressed about adninis dryker being called ugly while being absolutely quiet about the racism towards john boyega. and honestly even if there wasn't any other co star of adobo deiver actually suffering for his image, am i suppose to feel sorry for a grown ass man whom went to war bc he wanted ~revENGE~? lol nope becky he is ugly inside and out

like!!!! and the real ki is that if you really think Adum Driveofacliff is attractive then why are you so pressed that one person thinks he’s ugly? LMFAO???