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Harry Potter characters on Public Transport

Hermione. Listens to podcasts and reads The Observer on her phone at the same time. Has extra bag containing her heels which she puts on when gets to office; keeps it neatly under her feet freeing up the seat beside her.

Ron. Has no idea how to get off. Has no idea how he got on for that matter. Also why does this bus take so long? Why didn’t they take the Knight Bus? Although there is always the chance someone has taken their Hippogriff on the Knight Bus, and they do shit a lot, and Hippogriffs aren’t allowed on London Buses.. That said, something does smell like Hippogriff shit.

Draco. Casting disinfectant charms with no regard for the Statute of Secrecy. Knows how to swipe his oyster card thank you very much Pansy it’s not his fault the gates slammed shut early.

Pansy. Unapologetically does her makeup. Always misses the last train home. Spends a fortune on mini-cabs.

Cormac McLaggen. Manspreads.

Hagrid. Can’t fit through turnstile for the Tube. Sad that he can’t bring Buckbeak.

Harry. Stands always. Even when tube isn’t crowded. Can’t stop staring at the pale blond head in front of him. Is it? Could it be? Why is he here? It wasn’t him yesterday, or the day before, or the week before that .. But it might be today. Very suspicious. Is always late and blaming train delays because he keeps getting off at random stops and following random blonds to make sure that they are not a certain person getting Up-To-No-Good™ 

Luna. Has never seen such a concentration of Wrackspurts in her life as when she surveys the commuters on the 7.18 Northern Line Tuesday morning.

When you can’t find a reference that suits you so you make a shot of @danisnotonfire from Pastel Edit /video/ even more pastel. Whoops

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Worth The Risk {Part 11}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 2376
Warnings: angst

A/N: Look who finally finished part 11! But also real talk though, seeing a professional doesn’t make you weak or lesser as a person. BUT not all types of help work for everyone and I strongly encourage anyone going through stuff to find a way of support and recovery that works for them. Take care of yourself, you guys <3

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You’d been hunched over your desk, absorbed in your work when a knock at the door pulled you out of your thoughts. Leaning back in your chair, you set down your pen and listened. The knock sounded again and you called out to FRIDAY, letting Sam in.

He’d been visiting you regularly over the past few days and as he entered the room you noticed the disapproving look he threw you. You weren’t surprised; you knew exactly why he was upset. He hated it when you buried yourself in work, yet there you were doing just that: anything to distract yourself.

You let out a small sigh and closed the binder in front of you, turning to face the older man.

“Hey.” You greeted, voice hoarse from lack of use.

“Hey,” he replied. “How are you doing?”

Sam took a seat on the edge of your bed and you shrugged. There was a pause and you opened your mouth to speak, but Sam beat you to it.

“I brought you something.”

You hadn’t expected that.

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can we just take a moment to imagine what it would be like if B squad and Girl squad are at another party together and every time Yousef tries to speak to Sana she redirects the conversation to talk about Noora and then finally Yousef gets so flustered and frustrated he blurts out, “I don’t want Noora, I want–” and then he stops himself but it’s too late bc she realises that he’s talking about her and it just hurts them both more because they know what they’d have to sacrifice to be able to be together and i just think you should all leave me alone to die

I’ve seen this picture a million times. I know everyone said Lili is sat on Cole’s knee, but I always kind of thought “hmmm she’s probably just sat really close to him so it looks like that”. Only today, after coming across it again, have I noticed the height of her shoulders compared to the others. She’s DEFINITELY sat on his knee!! I am once again shooketh. This was way back in January too!

Baby Face

Request:  Hi!! I don’t know why am obsessed with this idea right now but Bucky having a crush on a new recruit but the team are always picking on her and calling her ‘baby face’ cuz she’s short and adorable so 1 day Bucky gets embarrassed and calls her that too (which kills her cuz she likes him) so she decides to show up to an avenger party wearing a really sexy outfit and heels and Bucky and her end up doing all the dirty things😂

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: I did NOT add smut in this one, as it’s SUPER fucking late, and I’m just really tired and didn’t feel like it. However, if you WANT to see it still, I may make a part 2 if it’s requested.

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“I don’t know, Nat. I’m just so tired of people calling me ‘baby face’ or ‘munchkin’ God it bothers me so much” Natasha rolls her eyes, standing next to me and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“What do you care what everyone says babe? You’re fucking badass and everyone in this tower knows it, they just like to push your buttons because they know it works. But you’re better than that.” I sigh, running my fingers through my hair.

“Yeah, I know…” Natasha is the one person in this godforsaken testosterone infested tower that I can talk to when I get frustrated. Ever since I got her 6 months ago all I’ve heard is ‘baby face’ this and ‘baby face’ that and I’m so fucking sick of them. I’m only 5’0” and I weigh 120lbs soaking wet. I’m not tall, I’m not wide, and I am fucking aware of it. I didn’t come to this damn tower to be badgered about it. Tony has a party planned in the next 2 days, and it’s a requirement that the Avengers show up, it ‘makes us look good’ he says. I myself, would prefer to stay up in my room, on my shared floor with Steve, Sam, and Bucky. My Bucky. Well, he’s not MY Bucky. Unfortunately. He’s the only one who hasn’t called me names, or picked on me. He could though, the man is giant compared to me.

“Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go find you a killer outfit for the party, we’ll show these men that you’re not a baby faced nothing.” I laugh, and follow her out of the bedroom.


“I don’t know, don’t you think this one is a little….showy?” Nat comes to stand next to me in the mirror, running her eyes over my figure, clad in a purple, almost princess gown. It just wasn’t me, I don’t like this much attention.

“You’re right. This one isn’t you at all.” She runs off to find me a dress suitable to catch the eye of a certain super soldier…

“Here, (Y/N) This one is PERFECT. Bucky will fall apart when he sees you in this tight little number.”

“Shhhhh Nat, you never know who could be listening.” She hands me the dress, and I don’t have to even put it on to know it’s a stunning piece. It’s a bright red, and sleeveless, except for a small piece coming around the shoulder, it has two silver pieces of sparkly fabric around the back, and has a small train.

Slipping it on, I know it’ll be a piece to draw attention. I, however, only want the attention of one man.


The night of the party has arrived, everyone has been trying to get the main party area prepared accordingly, including me. Ladders were never my friend, and I stick by that to this day. Does that stop me from climbing one to put up decorations? Nope. Nope it doesn’t.

“You better be careful baby face, don’t want you to fall and scrape your knee now do we!” Sam pinches my cheek as he walks by me, making baby noises as he goes.

“I swear on me mums grave, Wilson. If you and Stark don’t fuck off with that bullshit I will cut your balls off!” For good measure, I chuck the bottle of water in my hand in his direction. He ducks just in time, and unfortunately, Bucky rounds the corner right at that exact moment. I gasp, preparing for the offending object to smack him right in his perfect face. However, this is Bucky we’re talking about right?

He catches it with his metal hand right out of the air. He brings it up to his mouth, unscrewing the top and taking a big drink. I’m sure if I kept my mouth open any longer I’da caught flies. He walks up to me, handing me the water.

“Better be careful, Wilson. We don’t like to see baby face pissed off here, do we? Might tucker her little self out.” He grabs my chin with his flesh hand, listing my head to look into his eyes. He winks.

“Can’t have that can we?” He laughs as I swat his hand away, my face bright pink by now, and my ears are on fire.

“Oh my God Barnes, not you too!” I throw my hands up in frustration, taking my water bottle with me and leaving the area. I’ll show him ‘baby face’. Motherfucker.


“Oh damn, (Y/N) You look fucking gorgeous. The boys won’t know what hit them.” Nat fluffs up my hair one last time, finishing it up with hairspray. I stand, sighing and making my way to the door.

“I hope you’re right, Nat.” I’m still not over Bucky calling me that offending nickname.

However, I’m determined not to let it bother me! It’s not going to ruin my night.

As we leave the comfort of my room, I can feel my nerves sneaking up on me.

“Maybe this isn’t a great idea, Nat. I’m nervous…” She grabs my arm, pulling me with her.

“No no no, you’re not allowed to chicken out on me. You look sexy as hell and I didn’t spend 3 hours working on you for nothing, you’re going down there, and you’re going to flaunt what your mama gave you or I’ll do it for you.” I roll my eyes, chuckling and following her.

When the elevator dings, and the doors open, the lobby is packed with people, famous and not, wearing the most expensive gowns and suits they owned, trying to impress people, or just having a good time.

“Guess who’s at the bar?” Nat whispers in my ear. I peak my head to the left, seeing Bucky sitting at the bar with Steve on his right. I smile, only for my smile to be wiped away from my face when I see a blonde woman, dressed in a tight black dress, with the V-line way down past her breasts, so much so that they’re practically falling out of her dress, jump up and sit on his lap, and his left hand goes around her waist. My heart leaps into my throat, and my eyes well with tears. Any confidence I may have had all but washed away with watching them together. Natasha watches them, anger evident on her face. She stands up, stalking towards them.

“No Natasha, don’t. It’s not worth it.” She turns to me, her eyes hot with fire.

“Not worth it?! This man is crazy about you, he’s TOLD me so! And he has the NERVE to do this to you, when he KNOWS you’re going to be here.”

“W-wait…wait he likes me?” The sheer shock that rocks my body almost makes me black out. She doesn’t answer me, she just walks up to Bucky. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can plainly see Bucky’s eyes softening. He starts looking around, probably looking for me. I turn back to my drink, alcohol free tonight. I wanted to be completely sober to watch Bucky fall apart…however, I think I’m gonna have to change my mind.

I’m not alone for long, as a stranger comes up, taking Natasha’s place next to me.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” My eyes rolled so hard in the back of my head that I think they might not come back. Sitting next to me, he puts his arm around my shoulder.

“Woah, Mister. I don’t know what you’re aiming for but I’m not interested.” He rolls his eyes, standing up.

“You need to loosen the fuck up, no wonder no one likes you.”

I don’t know what it is about it, but it just upset me and I’m just done.

“No, you prick. YOU need to stop approaching women who clearly aren’t interested in you then making them feel like shit when they turn you down! And for the record, you smell like sweat.” Stomping away from him and towards the elevator, I press the call button. I am so done with the night and I haven’t even been here for 15 minutes. I knew this would be a disaster. Should have listened to myself, I’m never wrong anyway.

As I wait on the elevator to come, I feel someone come and stand next to me.

“Look, mister, I said I wasn’t interested..” I turn to look at him, just to realize it isn’t the stranger, but Bucky.

‘Fuckin’ hell.’

“Hello to you too, (Y/N)” He stares at me, his eyes wandering the length of my body. His tongue darts out and licks his bottom lip, before his eyes travel back up to lock with mine.

“You look beautiful tonight….wow…” My face heats up.

“What are you doing here Bucky? I thought you had a date.” He sighs, running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah…look I’m sorry about that, doll. I heard you were bringing a guy and I didn’t want to look lame sitting in the corner, alone, admiring the one woman I can’t have….” I smile, my ears starting to burn.

“You’re blushing, doll.” I laugh, looking up into his eyes.

“Well, your flattery will do that to a girl. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you’re quite the looker.” His cheeks turn red, and he bites the inside of his cheek.

“I used to be, back in the day.”

“You still are, Buck.” He smirks, glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes. The door finally opens, and a load of people get off, just now getting to the party. Buck and I get on, and press the floor to his room.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the party, doll?”

“Fuck the party, Barnes. I have some new information I want to make use of.” He groans, backing me up against the wall of the elevator, pressing his lips to mine in desperate need.

“God you are stunningly beautiful…and I need you…” My arms go around his neck, and my legs go around his waist.

“Buck wait! We have to get to the bedroom first!” He chuckles deep in his throat.

“Alright, doll. I’ll behave.”

He didn’t.

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I’m am in love with this storyline. Sorry for the wait and the lack of work lately, school is just anightmare at the moment. I am so busy and sorry, hope you won’t mind. Love ya xx

Y/N knew it wasn’t the best idea but she couldn’t say no to her best friend. And he had been very persuasive and determined to bring her as his plus one to the party. But now as they were about to join the rest of the guests, she was surprisingly getting nervous. “Why do you look so worried?” Jack asked, nudging his shoulder with hers playfully, a smirk plastered on his face. And Y/N simply looked up to meet his gaze. “Come on, you’ve seen him yesterday. Why would it be different today, huh?” Jack questioned, giving her a warming smile. “Yeah, you’re right.” She replied, smiling back at her friend as they waved at the people standing by the pool. And as Y/N was starting to relax, her eyes suddenly fell on him. Her heartbeat was suddenly increasing as all of the memories were clearly imprinted in her mind. It did hurt more than expected.

Y/N was excited to go to this party but she knew she would have to face it. To face him. She had to face all of the people’s questions about them. About their relationship. About why it ended. And she felt her heart flinch at the thought of what had happened to Joe and her. People were so used to see them all over each other that half of them were sending them looks and Y/N felt her chest tighten. Joe and her had been the best of friends for ages. They had spent their whole teenage years together and had seen each other grow into the mature adults that they now were. And at some point, they realized that this wasn’t just a strong friendship, there was more than that. Love got in the way and at first, it was amazing and thrilling but after the couple had had a few arguments and their own personal lives had got busy, they had decided to break it off. Only for a short while. They weren’t sure if it was a break or something else or maybe just a break up but it was in fact killing the both of them. The hardest part of it all? It was the fact that they had thought they would be able to still hang out as the best friends they had used to be, as if nothing happened and that it would just wave off as the time went by but it was the complete opposite. Because whenever they were around each other, they couldn’t help it. They looked at each other a little too long to be just friends. And everyone around them could see how the distance they had put between them was suffocating their own being. And they had to face the weight of their confusing relationship tonight.

As the people were now dancing to the loud music in the crowded room, the alcohol filling their bodies, Y/N was doing her best to enjoy her night but her thoughts were somewhere else. Joe, on the other hand, couldn’t find any reason to have fun. She wasn’t there with him, in his arms and somehow, it saddened him. This whole situation saddened him. The dark blonde boy was outside, leaning on a wall, a drink in hand as he was slowly sipping on it, barely wanting to get the alcoholic beverage in his system. The heavy summer heat felt unavailing to him, his eyes were stuck to the floor, his mind wandering through the moments spent with her.

Joe was suddenly shook back to reality when a familiar silhouette appeared in front of him. “Are you alright?” His older sister asked, concern evident in her voice. Joe simply smiled up at her, trying his best to hide the fake expression his face. “Yeah. What’s up?” He asked, sipping on his drink again, the liquid burning as it slid through his throat. “Joe.” Zoe said, her glare serious on him. It went silent for a long minute until Joe’s eyes fell to the ground again and Zoe instantly knew. “You need to go find her. Or move on.” She said, softening her stare as she wasn’t used to see him like this. Joe let out a deep breath, still avoiding his sister’s glance. “Sometimes, the only reason why you won’t let go of what’s making you sad is because it was the only thing that made you happy.” Joe admitted, looking up to meet her worried look. “Don’t be silly. Joe, she’s not gonna be someone’s second choice. It’s either you choose her or you lose her.” Zoe affirmed, her tone harsh on him but she knew it was the only way to push him to react and do something. Joe sighed, emptying his drink before speaking. “I’m afraid to lose her to someone else. I’d be mad at myself forever if that happened.” He started, passing a hand through his hair. “I don’t even remember what this break was all about. I just know that I can’t take it.” He explained, sighing once again as Zoe put a reassuring hand on his arm. “Just go find her.” Zoe said, smiling up at him before leaving him to himself again.

Despite his sister’s advices, he decided to go to his room to simply take some time for himself before searching for her. He walked tiredly through the halls, checking for his room number, which he quickly found. He passed a hand over his face before sliding the card key through the lock, allowing the door to open and to his surprise, the lights were all on. Joe was still not aware of the person he was sharing his room with and his frown grew as he stepped closer. Joe instantly froze as his eyes fell on the person sitting on the double bed, knees bought to her chest, arms around herself. “Oh.” Was all that she said as she looked up to meet his blue eyes.

A heavy silence fell over the room.

“I can leave and get another room if you want.” Joe offered, glancing over his shoulder as he was about to walk back out. “No, stay.” Y/N blurred out, quickly grabbing hold of his wrist and Joe felt his body tingle at the touch. He smiled down at her before sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her. “What are you doing here on your own?” He asked, eyes full of concern as he analysed her face. “Just needed some space to think properly.” She answered, letting out a weak sigh. The silence was back again but a lot less tense as before. Some unspoken words were still hanging through their minds as they stood there, looking at each other. After a few minutes, Joe shifted enough to face her properly. “Y/N, there is one thing you need to know. “ Joe started, his hand traveling up to her face, putting a piece of her hair behind her ear as he brushed his thumb against her cheek. “I love you. I love you in a way I’ve never loved anyone before. And it is scary. I’m terrified of what my love for you can do to me. I love you in a way that consumes me.” He explained as she simply leaned in onto his touch, putting her own hand over his. “And I can’t see myself with anyone else than you.” He admitted, smiling over at her. And without saying a word, she pressed their lips together, finally tasting his soft lips again. “I love you so much.” She mumbled against his lips as she couldn’t hide the smile forming on her lips. Joe smiled back before connecting their lips again, the both of them falling backwards onto the bed as he lifted himself up to be on top, his hands gripping on her waist carefully. “Should we get back there?” Y/N asked, watching her lover for a few seconds as he grinned at her. “I’d rather be with you, love. We have a lot to catch up.” He smirked before trailing kisses all over her face, earning a chuckle from her.

The couple stayed in their shared room for the rest of the night, enjoying their presence whilst they could. They were in fact more than best friends and had probably always been but deep down, they knew that their love for each other would only bring them closer, with the ups and downs that a relationship could have, for the best and the worst.

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Hi there!!! (*waves*) Sorry to bother you b/c I know you're super busy, but I sent an ask a while back inquiring as to if you could go into detail on why the red string scene in galvanize is your favorite stiles x lydia scene. It's my favorite too and I'd love to hear from my favorite tumblr (aka YOU) why she likes it so much. Thanks. Hope you have a fantabulous day :) xoxo

OKAY I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO ANSWER! It’s not personal, you are super super sweet, I’ve just had a hard time getting myself to answer asks lately. 

Okay. So. Galvanize. 

This scene, to me, epitomizes everything that I love about Stydia. It’s every piece of what makes Stydia Stydia but packed into one single scene. We’ve got Stiles helping Lydia with her powers, Lydia helping Stiles solve the mystery. We’ve got banter, vulnerable Lydia, affection, trust, touching– from both parties. Like, this scene is fucking insane. I am still so, so messed up by it. 

Like, first I feel like we need to talk about that opening shot. Lydia is deadass just laying on Stiles’ bed on her stomach with her shoes kicked off. Now, I know this isn’t the first time she’s been on his bed, but also this is deeeefinitely the first time she’s been on it since they kissed. And, furthermore, like… this is the bed that Stiles sleeps in every night. The bed that he beats off in while thinking about her. And both of them totally know that but also Stiles isn’t even on the bed with her, he’s across the room, and Lydia just… makes herself comfortable. Just sits her cute little ass down on that bed and watches him. 

The thing that really gets me about that is that the shoes being kicked off is symbolic of Lydia taking herself apart for Stiles. She doesn’t look perfect right now. She’s stressed, and worried, and her outfit isn’t complete. But it doesn’t matter, because she’s in the bedroom of the boy she kissed a few weeks ago, watching him putter around and try to unravel how to make their town safe, and she feels SAFE ENOUGH WITH HIM TO SHOW HIM THAT SHE’S VULNERABLE. Like, think about all the times Lydia has been able to hide what she’s feeling? She deadass can’t do that in front of Stiles. 

And, okay, Stiles would have been freaking out about Lydia on his bed a few months ago, but now it’s just… what it is. Yeah, she’s back there staring at his ass in red jeans as he taps that pen against his bottom lip. Sure. Cool cool cool cool cool cool. Fine. He’s not gonna get weird on her, okay? He’s not gonna flip out and scare her away, not when he values her friendship so much. He’s gonna be normal. 

And then, KA-BOOM, it’s not Stiles who doesn’t act normal, it’s Lydia by not being able to meet his eyes– like, strong, confident Lydia cannot meet his eyes because she feels guilty for getting him in trouble with her stupid powers that she still can’t understand. And Stiles just fucking throws all of his self-preservation instincts out the fucking door and kneels in front of her (??!!!??!?!?!) and immediately wraps his fingers around her wrist for the SECOND TIME THAT DAY and drums his fingers against her wrist. Then, and only then, does he give her all the fucking trust in the whole world. He tells her that she felt it, and that’s all he needs to believe her. And, okay, how many people actually have ever given that to Lydia?

When she chose to put on her facade, she made a choice to play a part. But this part also lead to people doubting and questioning Lydia all the time– like, she is so used to people not bothering to listen to her, you know? Because she’s just vapid, silly little Lydia Martin, and all she cares about is clothes and shoes and heels. Nobody listens to Lydia Martin. BUT GUESS WHAT? Stiles does. Like, wow does he. Like he superubermega trusts her, and he shows her that, he gives her that faith. And this is a guy who used to love her from afar and has now gotten to know her in every incarnation– queen bee, broken-hearted ex-girlfriend, confused member of a supernatural town, crazy girl who wanders through the woods, patchily repaired fake-confident girl, uncertain, confused girl who doesn’t understand what’s happening to her body and mind, smart girl who knows the archaic latin word for fly and has the periodic table memorized . He’s seen every single one of these versions of Lydia and he’s still down on his knees on the floor in front of her, giving her all his love and trust and faith. 

Except, how hard must that be for Stiles? Because, like, he’s had to pull back soooo hard on how much he likes her, but in that moment, he actively chooses to open that back up. He didn’t have to. He could have turned off the affection, the heart-eyes. He didn’t have to establish intimacy by touching her. He didn’t have to smile at her like that. He didn’t have to symbolically unwind her stress by undoing the yarn that’s wrapped around her fingers. He doesn’t have to do any of this, he could easily self-preserve like Stiles Stilinski so often does, but he lITERALLY DOESN’T. He opens himself up to her instead, and this is where we get to see how unabashedly selfless Lydia makes him. She makes him the best version of himself, just as Stiles helps make Lydia the best version of herself. 

The roots of their friendship, I think, can actually be found in that part of Stiles meeting that part of Lydia– the two of them drawing out the best in each other and feeling the most at ease in their minds when they’re around each other. That explains how natural they are, and the casual touching, and the way it all seems to click with them. It’s like, when they’re around each other, they suddenly fit into their skins better. And the more they both realize it, the more they react in opposite ways. Stiles tries harder to preserve the friendship. Lydia falls in love with him. 

I think this is the first moment, after the kiss, where Lydia fully, completely admits to herself that she wants to kiss him again. I think that if Stiles had kissed her in that moment, she would have let him, just because it would have felt right, and Lydia was so in the moment, so in the rightness of it, that she wouldn’t have had time to me scared of the fact that Stiles wouldn’t be kissing the pretend version of her. He wouldn’t be kissing any of the archetypes that Lydia fits into. Instead, he would actually be kissing her. And, during s3b, that was probably the scariest part of having a crush on him for Lydia. 

If he liked her back, and they started going out and she was to lose him, she was going to lose a boy who knew who she actually was. Not only would her facade be rejected– it was more than that. The real Lydia would be rejected, and that’s terrifying to her. But in this scene, Stiles is effectively telling her that she’s not crazy, that she’s brilliant and important and trustworthy, while simultaneously beaming up at her like she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. 

Lydia is everything she is, and she’s able to safely be that person in front of Stiles, she doesn’t have to pretend anything. The red string scene, for me, really epitomizes that. 

Casa de Alvez

 A/N So a while back @sassygeek7 and @madamredwrites and I were discussing about the lack of Luke Alvez fics and drooling over the gif shown below. The lovely sassy suggested I write a fic revolving said gif

I turned it into a series, cause I am trash and do not realize that if i start multiple projects at the same time along with school I might die.

But hey its fine its cool

Premise : A series of oneshots revolving around Luke Alvez, the reader his partner at the BAU and his house also Roxy.

Word Count : 1636


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There is only one thing all federal agents have in common : alcohol . When one is a federal agent, picking the right bar takes skill. It’s art that takes years to be perfected. An easy way is to look for the three identification markers, if any of the following were present it was taken of the list of possibilities.

  • Is it near a police station
  • High risk crime area
  • Amount of perps that live there

By using this you and Garcia and come with a list of bars and clubs that you could visit. But tonight had been a long day and long days meant finding the nearest bar with the loudest music. After about an hours worth of walking later you caved in and asked a taxi driver for the best bar in town he then proceeded to smile and dropped you of 20 minutes away . It was small but damn was it loud and sweaty and crowded.

AKA the best place for an annoyed exhausted adult who wants to forget the world.

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Ease - Part 5




SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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A couple of weeks passed, and before you knew it, lectures were starting and you had to make the daily commute to the university. It was strange to see so many people in different years interacting, as you had become accustomed to your high school never mixing class levels. However, you were looking forward to not having to intensely study or take extra classes like you used to, as the pressure from your parents was now gone, and freedom was beckoning.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who’s taking advantage of the independence, you thought to yourself, as you spied a group of girls standing in a huddle, all wearing heels and makeup. Eventually, after wandering around one of the buildings you found the right classroom for your last lecture of the day. You scanned the crowds, slightly thankful that Taehyung had decided to go for orange hair, as it meant that you didn’t have to stand there long looking for him amongst the other students.

Both majoring in the same subject, it was nice to have your best friend with you in such a foreign setting, although you were doing different minors, yours about the Korean language. Although you were quite confident with your current ability, you wanted proof on paper that you were more than capable of speaking Korean. The last thing you wanted was a repeat of that one job interview you had a few years back.

Sitting down next to Taehyung, you gave him a small smile before pulling out your books, ignoring his questioning glances.

Unfortunately, Taehyung doesn’t like to be ignored. “Yah, Y/N! Why haven’t you been answering my texts? There’s a new film out which I really wanted to see with you, but you didn’t reply. We haven’t spoken in weeks!  Are you annoyed with me?”

The short answer was yes, you were annoyed with Taehyung. With his happy-go-lucky persona, he sometimes failed to notice when you were ticked off. Sometimes it wasn’t all bad, as all you needed was time to cool off and sort out your head, and you could return to Taehyung with no feelings hurt. However, sitting next to him before the lecturer arrived, you found it hard to pretend that you weren’t upset. Taehyung had been sucking as a friend ever since he met Yeji, but until that point, he hadn’t noticed that anything was wrong.

“Y/N? Please talk to me,” he asked quietly, his voice growing more serious. “You’re not being your usual self, and you’re only like this when you’re annoyed.”

“I’m frustrated,” you replied, through gritted teeth, finally turning to face his way but keeping your expression blank. “You’re struggling to keep your promises recently. It just… gets to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung said straightaway, his eyes full of remorse as he hunched his shoulders. “If this is about Yeji…”

“We’ll talk after class.” The lecturer tapped on her desk, signalling that she wanted to begin, so you opened your books and pretended to be extremely interested on the word she was writing on the chalkboard.

You could feel Taehyung shifting beside you, clearly uncomfortable at how the conversation had ended. Your heart was beating a little faster than usual, since you hated making Taehyung worried. He was still your best friend, after all, and seeing him bite the inside of his mouth and jiggle his leg out of the corner of your eye reaffirmed the fact that he was getting upset, too.

While your teacher was still talking, Taehyung leaned closer and whispered in your ear, tickling the hairs on the back of your neck and sending warm shivers down your spine. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

Swallowing painfully at the distress behind his words, you nodded in reply, still focusing on the board in front of you. Looking at Taehyung would only make you want to reach out and hug him close, but you needed to sort this problem through with him first. Although to others it may have seemed like a small misunderstanding, you felt like it was important to do something before your friendship was damaged.

After a while, you became fully immersed in the lecture, scribbling down notes as the teacher, Ms. Han, rambled on seemingly without breath. So immersed, that you barely noticed the hand that lay around your wrist, until Taehyung began rubbing his thumb against the material of your jumper. Suddenly, you could barely hear what Ms. Han was saying, and instead you became very aware of how Taehyung kept his head over his paper, his left-hand scrawling across the page and his right hand continuing to hold the top of your hand in comfort. It was a simple action, something that shouldn’t have made you feel weak and shaken. Taehyung had done this many times before, either sat on the sofa during your film nights, or falling asleep at the back of a car on a long trip.

But it was different now. Taehyung was with Yeji, and you were supposed to be ignoring him. So, you withdrew your hand, shoving it into your pocket. You saw Taehyung pause for a second, his pale orange hair flopping over his eyes with his tongue peeping out in concentration, but then he continued to write again.

After that, you found it impossible to think of anything else.

It was the day of the Suneung – the exam you had been working towards through all of high school. If you did well, you would be accepted into your chosen university in Seoul. Although your parents weren’t too fussed about which university you got in to, you knew Taehyung’s parents were keen for their son to do well.

However, despite this, you felt the pressure of the big exam hanging over you as you and Taehyung walked towards the exam hall, watching the rows and rows of desks get ever closer. Your friend’s face was pale, and you were aware of your dark eyebags that had formed from the sleepless nights due to stress.

“Good luck, Tae,” you muttered, trying to calm yourself down.

“Good luck,” Taehyung echoed. “We’ve got this.”

You felt Taehyung’s hand wrap around yours, and without hesitation you held his hand back, gripping each other’s fingers as if your lives depended on it. Although it was more of a terrified reaction, you couldn’t help feeling reassured from Taehyung’s touch. Knowing that the both of you were in this together made a lot of difference to your nerves. You were a team, and you were going to give that exam your best shot.

Other students brushed by, but you fixated on Taehyung’s even breathing as he stood beside you, trying to mimic the steady rise and fall of his chest to calm yourself down. Despite only being a few inches shorter than him, Taehyung turned your head and lifted your chin so you were looking at him, his eyes flickering between yours.

“No matter what happens, you worked hard,” he said sincerely, voice deep.

He looked at you as if you were alone together, with all the students around you invisible – and you stared back, unintentionally doing the same. “You too, Taehyung. I’m proud of us.”

Taehyung smiled toothlessly, his lips stretching across his cheeks. Simultaneously, you both turned back to look at the exam hall, your hands still locked together. He rubbed his thumb along the back of your hand as the invigilators called the students in, reminding everyone that no mobile phones were allowed inside the hall. You held on to Taehyung until you stepped through the door, right up until the last second.

Filing out of the classroom, you waited for Taehyung to catch up in the corridor. The hallway was almost empty by the time Taehyung appeared, still stuffing books in his bag. There was a definite tension hanging over the both of you, which was presumably the reason why Taehyung cut straight to the chase, approaching you with a subdued posture.

“What’s wrong? Why are you annoyed with me?” There was a distress behind his words, causing to guilt rip through your heart like slashes. However, you were unable to form your words, not wanting to hurt Taehyung or be rude.

“Because…” you said eventually, “you haven’t spent much time with me since we got here.” Realising how childish that must have sounded, you rambled on. “Every time we hang out, you leave me to be with Yeji. I know she’s your girlfriend now, but I thought we were going to try to keep in contact? We’ve been through a lot, Tae, so I don’t understand why things have to change.”

“What do you mean, leaving you?”

“At the park, the party, the cupcake shop? I even came to your house to talk to you and you went upstairs.” Was he really that clueless?

“Why didn’t you say anything? I thought you were happy for me.”

You sighed, exasperated. “Of course I am, Taehyung. But lately I never get to see you. It annoyed me, so I needed some space before I spoke to you again.”

Taehyung’s nostrils flared, a sign that he was getting upset. He turned his head away, eyes down and his Adam’s apple bobbing. It accentuated his jawline, which did not help the situation.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise,” he said quietly, his deep-toned voice unwavering. “I guess I was getting caught up. It’s all happening so quickly that I barely had time to think. I was planning to ring you that day, because I felt bad for leaving you at the cake shop by yourself, but Yeji asked me out when we were at the park and I completely forgot about everything else.”

The news that Yeji asked Taehyung out came as a shock, but you kept your expression indifferent and stayed silent.

“I get why you’re frustrated,” he continued, finally turning to meet your eyes, his dark brown irises captivating your attention. “I’ll try harder to be a better friend to you, I swear.”

“You’re an idiot, Kim Taehyung,” you said, only half-seriously.

Although his mouth didn’t move, you could see his eyes smiling as he knew his grovelling was working. “Do you want to hang out? I’m free for the rest of today.”

“I can’t. I’m meeting Jungkook.”

There was a flash of surprise across Taehyung’s face, blinking rapidly at this new information with his mouth agape. “Jungkook?” he asked, slightly astounded.

“Mmm,” you hummed, deliberately not expanding further as you enjoyed watching the dumbfounded boy.

“So… this meeting with Jungkook… you can’t even squeeze in a coffee beforehand?”

You thought for a moment. “I guess I could…”

“I want to talk this through properly. You’re right, we haven’t seen much of each other-”


Both of you swivelled round to the source of the question, but the sinking feeling in your chest already told you who had come down the corridor. As Yeji strode forward, Taehyung jumped back, putting more distance between you. It was a subtle move, but it made you wonder if Yeji got jealous about Taehyung hanging out with you, just like you got jealous of Yeji.

“Tae, where were you? You were supposed to meet us out front.” She reached Taehyung’s side and linked her arm through his. When he stared at her blankly, she raised her eyebrows. “My friend’s birthday party? Did you not remember?”

You weren’t listening. She called him Tae. It smarted you slightly, hearing the nickname leave her red lips. It’s not like you gave him that nickname, but apart from yours and his family, you were the only one that didn’t call him Taehyung.

“Come on, we’re going to be late. Sorry again, Y/N. I don’t mean to be rude.” Arm in arm, Yeji pulled Taehyung away.

“Tae, what about-”

“Next time, Y/N,” he called over his shoulder.

If there was one word to describe how you felt, it would be livid. Just as you were about to sort out your problems, Taehyung left. He glanced back at you as he went through double doors, his eyes full of regret, and full of apologies that you didn’t want to hear.

“1, 2, 3, 4,” counted Jungkook, watching you do a complicated spin jump and landing neatly to move straight into another position. You spun your arms round and kicked your feet out to the rhythm, ending on a dramatic pose.

“Nice,” said Jungkook chirpily, while you panted from the effort. “You’ve got a lot of power in your moves, although you tend to be a bit stompy. I know it’s an active routine, but you’ve got to maintain fluidity throughout. Once more?”

Nodding in reply, Jungkook reset the music to the beginning and this time he joined in. You’d been at this for hours now, learning the first part of the dance routine Jungkook had choreographed. The shirt you wore was damp with sweat and your chest heaved, but you kept up the fast pace that Jungkook managed to set, despite him looking hot and tired himself. He seemed to have endless energy as he rolled his body and slid his feet across the floor, which wasn’t surprising as the tank top he wore displayed defined muscles up his arms and across his back.

You watched yourselves in the mirrors of the dance room that Hoseok and Yoongi had showed you, a small sense of pride setting in as you remained perfectly in sync. However, you noticed that once you reached the jump-spin, Jungkook moved more swiftly and naturally into the next position, whereas you looked jerky and unclean.

“That was good,” he said, once you both finished.

“Don’t lie,” you puffed, “I fell behind on the timing on the last bit.”

Jungkook threw you a towel from a pile by the wall, wrapping one round his neck. “Don’t worry, it’s just because I know the dance better than you.” It was supposed to be words of comfort, but instead you found yourself getting upset.

“I wasn’t doing it right,” you insisted. “Let’s do it again.”

Jungkook frowned, walking up to you and placing a hand on your shoulder. His chocolate-brown hair was plastered to his forehead and his chest gleamed with sweat, but he must’ve still had energy as he pulled you down against one of the walls until you were sitting side-by-side.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently. It was the same thing Taehyung had asked earlier after your lecture, but Jungkook’s voice was less deep and had a certain mystic quality about it.

You shook your head, but Jungkook pressed on. “Is it to do with Taehyung?”

Hugging your legs, you tried to find the best way to explain the situation without making you want to burst out in tears. “It’s not that exciting,” you smiled ruefully. “He’s got… another friend that he prioritises, and I’m being pushed away as a result.”

“You’re angry with him,” Jungkook stated. When you frowned in confusion, he added, “You’ve been distracted this whole time. When you dance, you’re acting like you’re trying to fight something rather than just letting go and moving to the music. Aish, I’m sounding like Namjoon,” he laughed. “Speaking of whom, is it true that you like Taehyung?”

“What?” you gasped, whipping your head round so fast that your neck almost cramped. “How did Namjoon-?”

“Jin and Namjoon could apparently ‘just tell’, and when I knew they were keeping a secret, I forced them to tell me. I can be pretty persuasive.” He wiggled his eyebrows, earning a small smile from you. “So, go on. When did you start liking Taehyung? How long have you been friends again?”

There was something about Jungkook that you knew you could trust. Perhaps it was his age, as after being nosey, you’d found out that Jungkook was also in his first year of college, whereas Namjoon and Jin were in their second. Hoseok and Yoongi, too, were a year older, so talking to Jungkook about your thoughts felt more natural.

“I moved to Korea when I was 12,” you began, starting to reminisce, “which meant that I was starting middle school. Back home, I’d already been in middle school for a year, so I didn’t expect there to be much difference between here and there. But the schools here are unbelievably stricter and education is practically cherished, so I didn’t know how much I would struggle. To help me fit in, my parents placed me in mixed-gender school, and that’s where I met Taehyung.

“My Korean was bad at this point, and I could only just understand what people were saying. But Tae… he didn’t care about my lack of communication. He did more than enough talking, for the both of us, actually. He looked after me, helped me with my homework, and when we reached high school and we worked from the early hours of the morning to late at night, he made sure I ate well and took sufficient breaks.” Sighing, you looked down at your lap. “He was always more than a best friend to me. He’s… special.”

It felt good to let it out. After so long of suppressing your feelings, sharing your thoughts to Jungkook made your body feel ten times lighter, despite the annoyance that still resonated in you from Taehyung’s sudden departure earlier on.

“He’s special all right,” Jungkook chuckled, resting his head on the wall. “But the Taehyung I know wouldn’t push you away. Granted, I haven’t known him long, but he worships you. It’s always ‘Y/N loves this’ or ‘I did this with Y/N’. Even now he’s dating Yeji, you’re still talked about every five seconds.”

You and Jungkook continued to talk for a while, discussing anything and everything. Usually you would never talk this long to anybody except Taehyung, but once Jungkook got started, he didn’t stop. The conversation was only interrupted by a beep from Jungkook’s phone.

“Aish, I almost forgot,” he said, standing up hurriedly. “We’re supposed to be helping Jin cook tonight.”

“Oh, okay. Sorry we didn’t practice that much.”

“No, no, it was my fault. I’d better go.” He started shoving his spare clothes into his bag, but he paused while holding aloft his sport shoes. “Hey, Y/N? Why don’t you join us for dinner? It’s seafood night.”

You thought about it for a moment. “Will Taehyung be there?” you asked nonchalantly, but it was obvious why you brought him up.

“He said something a few days back about a party, so I don’t think so.”

“Seafood sounds great.”

It had begun to rain by the time you reached Taehyung’s house, going from a clear night to a heavy downpour in just a few minutes. Bursting through the door, you and Jungkook stood in the entrance, soaking wet and noses dripping. Although you were sodden to the bone, you both laughed at your misfortune and began stripping off your jumpers and shoes.

“Did you have a nice swim?” Namjoon called from the sofa, where he was curled under a blanket.

“Rub it in, why don’t you,” laughed Jungkook, throwing a wet sock at Namjoon and causing the older boy to yell. “Jin, Y/N’s having dinner with us.”

Jin appeared in the doorway to the kitchen, drying up a glass. “That’s cool. Okay, everyone to the kitchen!”

As you did as you were told, Jungkook decided to chase Namjoon around the room, holding his arms open to give Namjoon a very wet hug.

“Stay away from me you animal!” he cried, looking slightly terrified as Jungkook effortlessly ran him down and jumped on his back. Entering the kitchen laughing, you rolled up your sleeves ready to get stuck in.

However, your smile faded as you saw your best friend seated at the island in the middle, chopping vegetables absentmindedly. Taehyung looked up and made eye contact with you, your bodies freezing simultaneously. The laughter from Jungkook also died as he saw Taehyung, sliding off Namjoon’s back and pulling his shirt straight.

You didn’t know how to react. There was still the anger inside you from earlier, which was further fuelled by Taehyung looking back down at the chopping board and continuing to slice onions, not even saying hello. However, Jin, unaware that there was anything wrong, gave out instructions to the remaining three of you.

“… Finally, Y/N, I want you cut up the fish,” said Jin, handing you a chopping board and a knife. “Sit next to Taehyung and keep out the way of the cooker. It’s going to get hot.”

Jin pulled out the chair next to Taehyung, so you had no choice but to plonk yourself down, your body heavy. Taehyung’s eyes were darting between your hands and his, as if he was scared how you were going to react.

Clearing your throat to break the silence, you asked, “So, what happened to that party?”

“Didn’t feel like going,” Taehyung replied, sniffing from the fumes of the onions.

“Ah,” was all you could manage. You didn’t know what to say to him. Although you still wanted to sort out your issues, you weren’t sure how to bring up the subject with Taehyung avoiding eye contact and Namjoon, Jin, and Jungkook standing nearby.

Looking at Jungkook for help was no use, as he only gave you an apologetic smile in return, leaving you even more unsure as to how to handle the situation. Sighing, you turned to cut the fillets of fish laid out in front of you, but as you reached for the knife, Taehyung lay his hand on top of yours.

His eyes were watering from the onions, but the look he gave you was sincere. “I know saying sorry isn’t enough anymore,” he explained quietly, just about audible above the sizzling of the pans. “Which is why I didn’t go to the party. I was planning to come see you after dinner and prove to you that I do care for you, and I really didn’t mean to push you away like that. It was wrong of me, I see that. Can we try again? I promise I’ll make it up to you – I really promise. My promises have been pretty empty recently, but can you trust me on this one?”

There was a silence following his words in which you both stared at each other, trying to figure out what the other was thinking with only the sounds of the other boys talking and laughing to keep you company. It didn’t really take much for you to forgive Taehyung; more than anything, you just wanted things to return to how they were before moving to Seoul. But was it enough?

Sure, you could forgive Taehyung, but it would mean that more lies would be told just so that you wouldn’t ruin the relationship he had with Yeji. It would mean hiding your feelings for a little while longer. Ignoring Taehyung meant that you weren’t in danger of revealing too much, but it also meant that you felt incredibly lonely. And you missed him.

“I think-”

There was a loud yell and a burst of orange from behind Taehyung, cutting off your words. Namjoon had somehow managed to create a burst of fire on the gas hob, causing him to scream and jump backwards, sending the pan he was holding clattering to the floor. Although it seemed quite dramatic in Namjoon’s eyes, the rest of you burst into floods of laughter as he stared at the cooker with wide eyes, clearly traumatised.

“Namjoon,” Jin said, wiping a tear from his eye after you’d all calmed down, “go sit this one out. You’re a fire hazard.”

After Namjoon had meekly left the kitchen, you all returned to your jobs, but you noticed how the tension between you and Taehyung had lifted, despite not openly stating your acceptance of his apology. Instead, you smiled at him to show that no grudges were being held, and Taehyung’s face split into his usual rectangular grin.

“Let’s pretend this never happened,” you muttered, unable to keep yourself from looking pleased.

“What never happened?” butted in Jin, his eyes on stalks as he stuck his head between you, purposefully being nosey.

Thankfully, Taehyung leapt into telling you a story about Namjoon and the ‘shower incident’, disregarding Jin’s inquisitive looks, and gratefully, you listened. There was no better feeling than to makeup after an argument with your best friend.

The rest of the night continued the same way, Jungkook laughing at the retellings of Namjoon’s misfortunes while Namjoon tried, and failed, to defend his case. You and Taehyung joked around like old times, and soon the night flashed by. The meal, mainly cooked by Jin, was delicious, and afterwards you all sat on the sofas and chatted well into the evening, too full to do much else.

You only became aware of how close Taehyung was sitting when his head dropped onto your shoulder, eyes drooping shut and his breathing becoming deeper and steadier. Having his fragile body cradled so close to yours gave your heart a bitter-sweet relief from the constant string pulling it was used to. Namjoon wiggled his eyebrows when he saw how snuggled up Taehyung was, and you childishly stuck out your tongue in his direction.

“What? You two are cute,” he argued, feigning offence.

“He’s got a girlfriend,” you hissed, trying not to wake him. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

But you couldn’t help wishing it did.

It was peaceful, sitting there with your friends, both old and new. Jungkook was keeping everyone entertained by doing imitations, with Jin’s laugh making it harder for Namjoon to draw breath. Subconsciously, you stroked Taehyung’s hair as he slept deeper, his arm draped across your lap. After a long day, it was a calming atmosphere.

The rain continued to pour as you decided it was your time to leave. However, as you began shrugging on your coat, Jin appeared at your side, holding up his car keys.

The roads were dark and quiet, the rain making the city lights misty through the blurred windscreen. Jin tapped on the steering wheel as he drove, quietly singing a song to himself. He had good voice, you noticed. Strong, yet sweet.

“How are you keeping that a secret from him?” Jin asked suddenly, eyes still focused on the road.

“What do you mean?”

“That you like him. It can’t be easy for you, pretending.”

You laughed, but it sounded odd to your ears so you stopped quickly. Of course it wasn’t easy, but when it came to Taehyung, you were willing to put feelings aside to let him be happy.

“Do you love him?” Jin pressed, after you didn’t answer his last question.

“As a friend, yes.”

“But are you in love with him?”

Spinning your body round, you turned to face him, his handsome features outlined by the street lamps outside. “Why all the questions?”

Jin just smiled gently, slowly shrugging his broad shoulders. “I’m your sunbae, right? Therefore, as my hubae, you’re going to need my advice. But you need to answer my questions so I can actually give you advice.”

To humour him, you thought deeply about what your true feelings about Taehyung were. The butterfly nest in your stomach, the jelly legs, the heart rate increase – wasn’t that all just infatuation? Surely it was just a crush?

But then there were the daydreams about Taehyung, the urge to hold his hand, the content feeling in your chest whenever he sat slightly too close to you on the couch. The feeling of…


You opened your mouth to tell Jin just as he pulled up outside your house. “I’ll walk you up the steps,” he said, completely unaware of your reeling thoughts.

He used his coat as an umbrella for the both of you, splashing your way to the front door, but you hardly noticed the water seeping through your shoes.

“I know of the no boy rule in your house, so I’ll leave you here. Night, Y/N.”

Bowing in farewell, Jin turned to leave, heading back into the downpour. You watched him begin walking, but he stopped at the bottom of the stairs, wheeling round to look at you standing motionlessly under the shelter.

“I know you love him,” he said matter-of-factly, a cheeky grin on his lips. “Your expression when I mentioned the word ‘love’ was priceless. One bit of advice: if you don’t want Taehyung to find out, work on your acting skills.” Then, he was gone.

And you were left with that single realisation: you were in love.

One Night

Request: heyy so im basically a nobody but can you do an imgine where y/n is Rick’s little sister and she falls in love with the joker? btw i love your imagines 😍😍😍 - by @dani-leto

|Okay, so I’m soooo freaking sorry for being sooo late. But I’m back, with new ideas and new content!! My Tumblr will change a little. From now on I will write not only about Joker but about Jared Leto and whole 30 Seconds to Mars. BUT this blog will be based on Joker, while my Wattpad (@Emu_ki) will be based on Jared..  So feel free to go check my stories there.! Love you dolls!! Let me know what you think about this one ;)|

“Why you are so late??!” A loud man voice reached you from the living room just after you entered the house.

It was 2 am. You came back after a party. You took off your black high heels and checked pretty messy (h/c) hair. “Maybe I didn’t need to come back home huh!?” You replied getting pretty pissed off.

You were already 19 years old and still everybody acts like you are ‘the little girl’. “You MUST to get home!” The voice replied getting closer to you. Rick showed up. “But let’s be realistic, my little kid is sleeping and this kind of time is heaven for me and June and with your night life it can be ruined…” he said while leaning next to the wall. He was chewing a Pb&J sandwich. “Then why aren’t you sleeping too?” You narrowed your eyes and walked to your room.

Right after graduation you asked Rick for a place to live. He was your older brother. You weren’t sure about his answer.. He had wonderful family life with June and it was too much to ask, but you had to. For your surprise he agreed and now you had your own room in his house.

Yeah, life with a small kid wasn’t easy, but you had to help. For some time at least.. You loved to go out with friends, it was your addiction. You always had so much fun, the night vibes always pull your mood up, drinking and smoking got you relaxing, but it wasn’t very often just because it wasn’t the right way to spend your money. Every night there were new places, new faces.

Last nigh wasn’t an exception. You and couple of your other girl friends went to one of the ‘greatest’ club of all. And that was a huge mistake, after 1hr you had to leave that place, just because that place sucked at giving the great atmosphare. Well at least you had an opportunity to meet a guy. Rick would be go insane if he would know that you danced with The King of crime…

You lay down onto your bed with your clothes and smiled. You still could sense his aroma. You closed your eyes and once again you saw that wonderful man, a real gentleman. His green hair, pale skin, red lips, silver smile.

That night he gently approached you by the bar. He gently placed his hand around your waist after taking a shot of alchohol with you. He face structure and deep eyes just took over you. There was no big chit chats going, he just offered to dance together, you accepted not only from a fear about being dead, but from the curiosity of being so close to such infamous criminal. Your body was touching his  while you both took over the dance stage. Your friends were looking at you with fear but non of them were brave enough to free you from is grip.

After a dance he kissed your cheek super soft “We’ll meet again baby doll” he whispered before leaving. And now you are blushing as hell in your bed. You closed your eyes and it took only a few seconds to fall asleep.

Next morning you woke up when the sunlight touched your face. You sat on your bed and yawned while looking around the room. You quickly dressed up and opened your room’s  door and almost bumped into a Rick. “Good morning” He laughed at your sleepy face expression. “You got a single letter.” Your eyes got wider both of you knew, nobody sends you any kind of letters. “Morning morning” you quickly took your letter and without ceremonies opened the envelope. Rick was interested too but as soon as you saw the first word you quickly closed the bedroom’s door and sat on the carpet.

Morning, doll face…  I forgot to ask your name. 

Indeed… You are that military boy’s lil sis, huh?? This ain’t that fun, darling..

Now, let’s keep it in secret bunny, I will see you very soon…

Everything is planed, I know you want is as much as I do…”


Your jaw dropped, so many questions were in your head it started to hurt  little. “Very soon?” You whispered and looked at your window. What have you done, one single dance probably changed your whole life. Maybe he is faking it? No, it’s a lame joke for the Joker. Then you read it once again.. MINE. You read bolder letters.. His.. No, it wasn’t a joke. You took a deep breath and threw that envelope to a garbage bin and went downstairs. You ignored  Rick’s questions and nagging about a secret lover. You just continued to live a normal life, somehow..

- 1 week later -

One week without secret envelopes, messages or something different. Just before you leaving the house for some shopping with friends June stopped you. “Y/N?.. Look, I found it this morning in front of your bedroom door.” June held a purple rose. She said bedroom door?! No, how? “Bedroom?!” You repeated and took that rose from your hands. June fixed her glassed  “Maybe you dropped it somehow before bed time?” You tried to come up with logic reason, but sadly no ideas came up, so you continued with June’s idea. “Ah yeah, probably, thank you” You smiled and left the house. A rose, INSIDE?..  You head was spinning, he was inside.. It has to be Joker’s, obviously it’s his…

- 2 weeks later -

Another week without any mysterious gifts or letters. It was a Friday evening. You were sitting on your bed reading some sort of book about psychology. Every single type of different psychopathy made you more and more interested. You looked at the phone it was already 1am. You put the book on the night stand and got under the blanket. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes.

After some time a loud scream woke you up. For a second you thought it was just in your dream. But a woman screamed once again and her scream was followed with gun shots. You quickly stood up and slowly opened your bedroom door. You slightly peaked out and looked down the hallway.

Rick was holding his gun, pointing to the front door. “Daaaaarling!!! My sweet Y/N…” Voice came from outside “Please tell your sweet military boy to put down the gun!! I just missed my kitten” You recognised the voice after a long and loud laugh. It was Joker. At this point you felt weak and super confused. 

June looked at you “H-how does he know your name!?!” She was shocked but not as much as you were. Joker knocked at the door couple of times “excuse me.. but is it safe now??” He asked while giggling. “Sweetie, should I use my guns?!” He continued shouting from outside.

“N-no, he will kill you!” You walked out of the bedroom talking to June and Rick. You were coming closer to door when Rick grabbed your hand “Hell no you are NOT going to see him!” He shouted while gripping your hand harshly. “June, go get the baby and hide!” He commanded and looked directly into your e/c eyes. “I’m not letting you go with that psycho” he said loudly.

Then there was a knock once again “Sweet sweet Y/N, I will count to ten..” You got scared about the mind in your head seeing bloody Rick or June with a kid in her hands. “He. Will. Fucking. Kill. You” You said seriously. You weren’t sure about what was happening around. Heart was shouting to go and hug that monster while your brains told differently. You shook your head and hugged Rick tightly “I will come back” You whispered and reached the doors.

“I won’t let you go without a fight!” He shouted and he was right. It was stupid for him to let his younger sister simply leave his house in the middle of the night with this unstable serial killer. As soon as you opened the doors he started to shoot at Joker goons without a break. One of the goons shot into his hand and made him drop the gun. After that with a strong hit he knocked Rick down.

“10 seconds boss” a goon said and Joker quickly ran next to you. He moved his hand around your waist. “Let’s go princess” he purred and was about to leave with you. At some point you really wanted to go, have some different life but you knew it was stupid and insane to do this with the Joker himself. You looked at the Rick a little bit scared then looked into those icy blue eyes of Joker and let him lead you to his car. You made a choice by your heart.

Even if it was a mistake, you had to try it out. You followed the Joker and sat next to him. You had no other choice actually, he was probably planing to kill everyone if you were going to reject his offer. And now you are sitting next to the most dangerous man in the whole Gotham only in your pyjamas. His hand was around you. “Welcome darling.” He purred once again making you blush. 

Now you were in the new family. Untraditional family. But it was a new beginning. You looked back at the house. Your eyes got teary a little but Jared made you face him “I hope you liked my purple rose”…

He changed the subject…

He probably will change you too.. 

 "Sorry Rick, I fell for this monster…


❛  Who took you to the prom? ❜
❛ Do you want to go to prom with me? ❜
❛ I didn’t go to my prom. ❜
❛ What should I wear for prom? ❜
❛ Who do you think will win prom queen and king? ❜
❛ I can’t believe I own prom queen. ❜
❛ Do you know I am? I am this school’s prom queen. ❜
❛ I don’t want to go to the prom. ❜
❛ I got rented you a limo for your prom tonight. ❜
❛ It’s prom night, it’s very hectic. ❜
❛ I’m decorating the gym for prom tonight, want to help? ❜
❛ I’m sorry, I’ve already been asked to the prom. ❜
❛ Guess who just asked me to prom. ❜
❛ You’ll never believe who asked me to go to prom with them. ❜
❛ So, who are you going to the prom with? ❜
❛ I was finally asked to prom. ❜
❛ I didn’t get asked to prom. ❜
❛ Would you please do me the favor of going to the prom with me? ❜
❛ We’ll go to theprom together. ❜
❛ Are you going to the prom with anyone? ❜
❛ I can’t go to the prom without a date. ❜
❛ Christ, I’m like a pimple-faced schoolboy on prom night. ❜
❛ We separated when the prom was over, Mom. ❜
❛ Hey, are you going to that after party? ❜
❛ There’s a after party, after prom. ❜
❛ The roof was recently patched up for the prom. ❜
❛ First prom, then graduation and finally college. ❜
❛ It’s prom night, it has to be perfect. ❜
❛ Come on, nothing can ruin prom night. ❜
❛ This is going to be the best prom ever. ❜
❛ Well, junior prom is coming up, and I have a boy/girlfriend. ❜
❛ If everyone had their prom in a gym, the world would be happier. ❜
❛ Black tie at the school prom? ❜
❛ I was asked to prom but I said no. ❜
❛ I don’t see what the big deal is about prom anyway. ❜
❛ I would love to not attend prom, look forward to not going. ❜
❛ I wasn’t asked and I’m not asking anyone. ❜
❛ It’s almost time for prom, where’s your fancy outfit? ❜
❛ I did good to actually come to prom, why would I follow the after party? ❜
❛ How can you go through celebration without a little party afterwards? ❜
❛ I’m going dress shopping for prom later, want to come? ❜
❛ We should all just go to prom single. ❜
❛ I don’t want to go to prom because I be a know how to dance. ❜
❛ You don’t have to know how to dance to attend your prom. ❜
❛ I helped pick the songs for prom. ❜
❛ This is the soundtrack to my prom. ❜
❛ How are you feeling? Still sad about prom night? ❜
❛ Have you ever seen that movie prom night? It’s a horror flick? ❜
❛ I’ve got no time to do the after party once prom ends. ❜
❛ Prom was perfect. I wish it didn’t end. ❜
❛ You look just like a princess/prince. ❜
❛ I’m thirdwheeling at my prom, so no it’s not a good time. ❜
❛ Where is eveeyone? ❜
❛ Am I late or early for prom? Why is it empty? ❜
❛ They hired the DJ for prom tonight. ❜
❛ I know DJ who worked at our prom. ❜
❛ Help me set up the gym for prom, please. ❜
❛ I’m so happy prom is over. ❜

                      Markiplier Sentence Starters!: Rage Addition .

                                             (Some NSFW) 

                                     (Can be taken out of context.)                                      . 

The Level of Denial:

“Oh, come on, this is baloney!”
“What kind of malarkey is this?”
“I’m not doing it on purpose!”
“Don’t patronize me, I’m fine!”
“I’m a calm, little butterfly.”
‘I am calm and collected.“ 
“What the fuck am I talking about?”
“ Oh come on, what is with this thing?!”
 “If I fall into the fire I will eat my own eyeballs!”
“I should have been up that pipe ten ways to Sunday.“ 
"This is going to be a bitch and a half.”
“Oh my god, you tried to murder me!”
“I don’t handle frustrating things well.”
“I don’t know why I twirled…”
“Is it a little bit too early to loose my sanity?”
“Stop with the party, it’s not time for that yet!”
“Oh, this was useless…oh, there was no point to this!”
“Well, I didn’t run into a Hammer-Bro-Hammer…just something else.”
“Have I been cursing this whole time? I just said damn…I just said damn again!”
“I would never, ever, never, never, never ever say anything bad about him….or his mother.”
“You know how in Star Wars they say 'release your hatred?’ Yeah, Ross did that!”

 Levels of Rage:

“Frick you…screw your face!”
“It’s about god damn time, don’t you think you should be a little less of a douchebag?”
“Why did you DUCK?!”
“You think you can catch fireballs, bitch?!”
“Missed me, dickbag!”
“I can’t jump when I have something in my hand!”
“What the bullshit, fuck your mother!”
“What am I talking about?! Shut up, I don’t know!”
“Oh, right under your nose, bitch, right under your nose!”
“Thank you, thank you for being late to the party, assbag!”
“Oh shit, you’re fucking dead!”
“Just stop…just stop! JUST STOP!”
"I think she would be a little worried at my constant screaming.”
"That is such a piece of ass!”
“Fudge, come on!”
“Yes, I know this is gross, but I’m talking about it!”
“This is reality!" 
"Oh my god, why is this so hard?!”
“You know, at this point I’m not even surprised at your bullshit.”
“I wanna break it, but it’s not mine….”
“If I crack this open it’s going to be a horrible mess for everyone." 
"I Can’t do this, God damn…I can’t do- Oh…I can’t!”
“I’m sorry, I have nothing clever to say at this moment….I’M DYING!" 
"Would’ve been nice!”
“It might not look difficult, but my voice is cracking and I’m practically pubescent!”
“I am borderline in tears at the bullshit that’s in front of me." 
"When is this fucking things going to behave?!”
“I had it, I had the flower, it was in MY FUCKING HANDS!”
“I am so angry…I might not look it, I might just look tired.”
“That was bound to happen, because I didn’t have WHAT I FUCKING NEEDED!”
“Fuck them….fuck them all…FUCK THEM ALL!”
“That’s wrong…THAT’S WRONG!”
“God damn, give me your shoe!" 
"Just….OH MY GOD!”
“Just me, myself, and my internal rage.”
"Don’t ask me what that means, shut up!“  
"I have never, ever been so angry in my life!”
“You are going to slap me in the face with all your bullshit and then take everything I love.”
“Oh god, it’s my ride!”
“Oh, come on you bastard, you stole my ride!”
“Oh,____’s scary when he’s angry….yeah…yeah…" 
"Doesn't everybody know they’re not supposed to be original or individual?!" 

That level of DONE:

"I am full of lies and stupidity.”
“I am not happy inside…”
“I have no soul…”
“I hate this…and everyone.”
“It’s the little things…it’s the little things.”
“It’s the little, itty, bitty things that make me think dark thoughts….about Ross,”
“That’s what I get for thinking…”
“That is so stupid, I hate this.”
“And yeah,  haha, it’s fun for you guys, but guess who it’s not fun for?!" 
"It’s not okay I have to do this…it’s not okay.”
“I don’t even want to yell anymore.”
“I am not okay right now…”
“…why did I even try?”
“That’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention, so why not take a little life from me?”
“They took from me….everything!”
“And they gave me nothing!" 
"The note just says; ‘Thanks guys, no I’m not your father.’”
“It’s like I can see death moments before it arrives in my face.”
“Oh, you think you are going to get me and the answer is- probably…" 
"I’m a loser, baby, I’m a loser…I forget the rest of the song.”
“This has been ____, I’m going to remove my name from my name, and call myself Dickbag McDicksucker.”

  • Archie: I want us to be together. We had something back at Jughead's party, didn't we?
  • Veronica: ✓ Read 2:52 PM
  • Archie: Oooh why are you pulling me into an empty classroom, do u wanna make out??
  • Veronica: ✓ Read 8:36 AM
  • Archie, after running all the way from his house late at night to the Pembrooke just to tell Veronica he's up for investigating FP's trailer: I'm not saying this is a booty call but if you're up for it I'm down
  • Veronica: ✓ Read 12:13 AM
  • Archie, after searching FP's trailer: Okay we found nothing so can we make out now
Unexpected -Wonwoo Scenario

Wonwoo: Fluff? I guess?

Word count: 1096

You and Wonwoo became best friends during your teenage years, you both loved spending time in the library and quietly read books to each other. Sometimes, the two of you would sit in the grass under the bright sun, enjoying the warmth, doing nothing. During his trainee days, he would bring you to his company and meet his fellow teammates. That is why all the members in Seventeen know you fairly well. The member you liked the most, except for Wonwoo, is Mingyu. That tall guy has the exact opposite personality to Wonwoo, which you find very interesting. He was always over excited whenever Wonwoo brought you there. He used to tell you lame jokes literally all the time, when Wonwoo would put a disgusted face. He also used to watch all sorts of drama and variety shows with you, Korean or English, he didn’t mind. No matter how close you and Mingyu became, Wonwoo didn’t mind, because both of you are his best friends. But ‘that’ was long ago…

You were walking back home when another day of your university life ended, it was near the end of October, and it was becoming chilly, so you tucked your hands inside your sleeves. Suddenly, your phone rang, it was from your best friend Wonwoo. “Hey Y/N! Guess who?” There was no need to guess actually, firstly, Wonwoo would never greet someone so energetically, and secondly, he would never call you by your real name, always nickname. “Yes, Mr Kim. What’s up?” Mingyu chuckled a bit, and said “Well, what are doing now?” “I’m walking back home. Oh, why are you using Wonwoo’s phone?” “I just felt like it, he’s practicing our new choreography, so I decided to steal his phone.” “Okay…” “So, Seventeen will have a small Halloween party, do you want to join? I am only going to invite you, not anybody else.” Thinking of not having much time with Wonwoo lately, you accepted. “Sure, any details about it? And does Wonwoo know that I will be coming?” “Yes he does, I told him I would invite you. I will send you the details from my phone later, okay? Safe trip back home! I’m off to practice! Bye!”

Both you and Wonwoo were so busy lately you barely texted each other. So you hadn’t a chance to talk to him about the Halloween party next week. Even though there was not much need to do so. Mingyu told you that the 13 of them had a draw to see what they would dress up as. And unfortunately, Wonwoo drew out the zombie, and Mingyu, Prince Charming. So he asked you to be his princess, which you found a bit weird due to the coincidence of needing a female partner. But you didn’t care. At the weekend, you went to shop for a princess-like dress and finally, after hours of hesitation, bought a white lace dress with delicate patterns.

The party starts at 6pm, and you left around 5 because it takes nearly an hour to get to their company. You knocked the door and cautiously pushed it open. “Hi, I’m here!” Mingyu was the only one present and his eyes nearly popped out seeing you so stunning. You could see his mouth doing a silent ‘wow’. “Oh hey, um.. the others are changing. You look amazing.” “Thank you, you too.” You replied whilst blushing and trying to examine his look, he really looked like a prince. “There will be a haunted house session, Wonwoo and some others, will be in charge of scaring us and the rest later. I will protect you, don’t worry.” You bushed even more and nodded silently.

You finally saw some other members walking in, and you greeted them one by one. Their manager then walked in and said “Is everybody ready? The members in the haunted house are ready, you can go in at anytime.” “Okay lets go!” Mingyu yelled as he puts his arms around your shoulders, you found it slightly awkward.

You followed Mingyu into the dark room, with creepy music playing. You saw fake blood stains everywhere and skeletons. You continued to follow Mingyu, and out of a sudden, you stepped on something and a huge head with terribly long hair fell down from the ceiling. You screamed as loud as possible whilst your hands trembled in fear. Mingyu turned back immediately and hugged you. “Its okay Y/N, calm down.” He stroked your back gently and said “Lets go, I’ll hold your hand.”

Not long after, DK leaped out in this devil outfit and fake blood splashed out, luckily not on you and Mingyu. You grasped his hand tightly with your body facing him and he chuckled. You walked pass a bunch of skeletons again and out of nowhere, an extremely frightening guy pounced on you, and you both fell, with you beneath him. “Gotcha Kim Min Gyu!” The guy yelled with a sense of accomplishment, while you examined his face even though its partially covered with sfx make up. It didn’t take you long to realize that Jeon Wonwoo was that guy! “I’m here, thats Y/N” Mingyu said, laughing a bit. Still on top of you, Wonwoo brushed aside your long hair in confusion. “Why are you here?” “Mingyu, invited me, didn’t you know?” He looked at Mingyu, seeing him with one corner of his mouth slightly curved up. You became very confused, you thought Wonwoo knew that you were invited, was Mingyu lying to you?

Wonwoo’s face became cold, and he stood up right after. You didn’t know what to do, so you tried to talk to Wonwoo but Mingyu pulled you away, towards the exit. The rest of the party was very awkward for both you and Wonwoo. For some reason, he didn’t speak to you nor seat near you. You could see his disdain facial expression very far away from you and Mingyu, aggressively biting off the meat from a chicken wing. Mingyu noticed it and approached him. “Hyung, what’s wrong?” “Nothing! Everything’s absolutely fine!” Wonwoo replied sarcastically.

Wonwoo stomped towards his manager and complained whilst eyeing you. “Why can the prince have a princess and not a zombie? I could’ve had a zombie- girlfriend?!” He left his manager speechless and went towards you, pulling your hand and bringing you out.

“You don’t look nice at all in this dress, especially when you’re Mingyu’s princess.” Being hurt by his words, you asked “What’s wrong with you Wonwoo?” “You can’t be his princess, you can only be my zombie-girlfriend.“ I don’t want to be your zombie-girlfriend.” You said seriously. “I want to be your real girlfriend.” His cold expressions disappeared totally as his wide smile appeared.

I guess its not really a horror scenario but I tried by best!!! Hope its what you were looking for! 

Progress Post - Down 63 pounds

I have been working LCHF for 16 months now and I am down 63 pounds to date. I have not been perfect- at all- which is why my progress has been slow, but changing habits and behaviors takes so much trial, error, and practice. 

I’ve nearly mastered staying on-plan during social situations. Birthday parties, anniversaries, funerals, etc. I am good at staying on-plan. Eating at friends’ houses and during vacations, I am still having trouble. But I’m undoing 28 years of bad habits, and the fact that I’ve come so far in only 16 months is something I am proud of. I have a vacation coming up in late November, so this will be my first effort to stay completely on-plan during a vacation. We’ll see how it goes! :)

I was having trouble staying on-plan during the weekends (so much socializing!) so I have taken to staying zero-carb on the weekends. It’s greatly helped me to stay on-plan, and then during weekdays I’m still eating LCHF, 30g total carbs or less each day. This allows me the freedom of eating low-carb treats like peanut butter, 90% cocoa dark chocolate, avocados, etc. that can add up quickly, while still keeping it together during the weekends. The first weekend I tried this, I planned every single meal a couple of days ahead of time so I had time to mentally get ready for it, and then after I made it through my first weekend of zero-carb, the next weekend became easier.

THANK YOU for following this blog. While I’m off-and-on about posting on it, I am still working on making low carb a lifestyle rather than a diet. I’m still around, and I’m still always on my main Tumblr account. Feel free to message me.