why am i so behind on trends

okay last thoughts then I’m not dealing with this anymore:

  • how come when that one popular guy who everyone likes made fun of all your favorite bands, people thought it was funny but it’s not funny when someone not hip in the scene does it? 
  • how can you tell me to grow up when there are people literally throwing temper tantrums because I made fun of their fav trendy band?
  • how can you say you don’t care when you’re sitting on my blog furiously refreshing so you can make jabs?
  • how many of you have not heard of Flipper, No Trend, Drunks With Guns, and other noise bands; and how many of you who have heard them don’t understand that they’re literally making fun of you?
  • why does it matter if I’m in a famous band you like or not I still don’t get that how does that make my observations any less valid can someone explain the logic behind this please use small words because I am stupid and an idiot 
  • I guess sorry my band doesn’t fit your narrow parameters for what punk should be maybe I should try recycling some Sham69 and GBH riffs idk sorry u don’t like noise where have you been the past 40 years lmao
  • childish insults like “u have no friends u suk nobody cares about u and ur trying 2 hard 2 be edgy” are still funny, I missed middle school thanks for that
  • final final one: I put about 30 seconds into that post, I spend hours actually writing about things I love. sorry you’re all big babies jerking each other off, can’t wait to see what trend you hop on next. especially can’t wait to see you in a year or two making fun of the same bands that you so valiantly defended (since I’ve seen many of you do just that before)