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why don't you guys like... post all the other asks? i sent in a shit ton of asks and they haven't been published and like... why not? considering that the fandom is dying, and i really wanted to get your thoughts on some things regarding the fic and the fandom, but you mods seem kind of picky assholes. seriously, what gives?

Honestly I saw this and just… had to put it off until today to answer this. I don’t do well with this kind of thing.

Right now, I (D-mod) am mostly the one answering asks, reblogging from the tag, and doing other little things (updating/fixing theme, checking sporadically on sbj’s ask.fm and livejournal to update, etc.), and that’s okay with me because Blog-mod is now working a very demanding job and does not have the time for tumblr at all. However, I’m also in university (I actually go to a horrifically stressful and stick-up-the-ass ivy league) and so of the little free time I have, I dedicate to other things as well.

It’s not really the best excuse nor reason, but the asks I’ve answered are done either because they’re simple (like, say, the ‘which one do you ship?’) or because I have enough time to sit and thoroughly dedicate a good answer to some of them. I don’t want to do it half-assed because I also want to treasure your (you, personally, and in general those who send in asks) enthusiasm by answering with as much if not at least enough excitement as well. 

I feel really bad about this, so I’m sorry. Some of them I put off, like the “greens fanfiction recommendations?” because I wanted to hunt around for some since I don’t read a lot of ppg fanfic, and others I put off because I just didn’t have the inspiration and enthusiasm to answer in kind to a clearly excited message.

I actually think the fandom has been picking up recently, for whatever reason? In the last month or so there have been more things in the tag that I’ve caught (since I’m tracking it and the posts show up on my dash) than have been in the last few months combined. I’m guessing someone with a lot of followers gushed about MTH and started a little surge of appreciation. 

Regardless, I’m sorry to have put off the other asks. I’ll get through most of them (since we have quite a bit) and go through the tag properly soon, since I owe you and the rest of you all at least that much. It wasn’t done as particular favoritism towards a type of ask, but rather just convenience on my part, but that was disrespectful to you and to those who send in asks, so I’m sorry

  • Literally Anyone:*knows marginally less about any musical than I do*
  • Me:I am a theatre god. I should be publishing encyclopedias on this shit. I am the greatest Thespian mind ever to grace a stage. Truly there are no limits to my knowledge.
  • Literally Anyone:*knows marginally more about any musical than I do*
  • Me:Why did I pick this career? I barely know more than a handful of shows. I'm embarrassing myself even talking about this stuff. Everyone knows I'm a con. There is nothing for it but ot get a job at Burger King cleaning bathrooms and listening to children scream about chicken fries for the rest of my life.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: the more i think about cursed child, the more i am confused like on what drug JK Rowling must have been when she agreed to publish a script of her almost flawless series where voldemort had a child, where her hero orphan selfless boy tells his son that sometimes, he wished he was not his dad, where the child of hermione SPEW granger allows her daughter to bully the son of her best friend for some mysterious reasons, where draco malfoy has the same haircut as his father while he apparently dispises him very much, where ron weasley gave a love potion to the son of his best friend while he has himself been traumatized by a love potion he consumed during his sixth year, where apparently ron’s love for hermione was only due to viktor krum, where the purest hufflepuff boy turned to the dark side because he was humiliated, where lucius/draco malfoy had the possibilty to change the time and the fate of his family the whole time and they didn’t while they had th ebest redemption arc in the whole series, where hermione would have became cold/angry/mean person because she did not marry ron?????????????? i mean what kind of fanfiction did i read 

Double Agent Vader fic: The Unstolen Child

@tendokage asked what Double Agent Vader thinks of the Inquisitors, which gave me the kick I needed to finally finish this fic.

This one is set between ANH and ESB, so follows almost all of the fics I’ve published in this ‘verse so far, except for Apology Accepted.

A little insight into what Ahsoka’s been up to in the Rebellion, as well as why the Empire seems to be mysteriously short on candidates for the Inquisitor Program…

The Unstolen Child

Ahsoka crouched low in the musty darkness of the cramped closet and focused all her thought on disappearing. Emptiness, she thought. I am nothing. We are nothing. We are air and shadow and there is no presence here.

Behind her, Aneeya Adu was shaking soundlessly in the dark, one hand clasped over her daughter Oholi’s mouth. Ahsoka knew they were there because she could feel the air they displaced, the solidity of other bodies in a close space. But she couldn’t sense them in the Force.

She had to make certain that remained the case.

Keep reading

what do you think will happen when dnp quit youtube or something? will we all continue stalking them n posting old pictures? delete our accounts and cry for the rest of our lives? both? i mean that’s why they published two books,so that we can have something to remember them by and think “oh yeah,dan and phil, that was a thing”
whatever it is, i don’t think i will be able to let go of this fandom so easily. i will always remember how happy they made me and all the friends i met through them and i’m very thankful for that.

10 reasons why Outlander fans should be TWD fans

Although my blog is Outlander-focused, I’m also a *huge* fan of The Walking Dead.

Having just binged on the first half of Season 2 of the spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead, I am convinced more than ever that there needs to be some kind of cross-over between these two series. There are more similarities between them than you may realize:

1. Both series are based on best-selling novels - which are still being published!

Outlander series: 25+ million books sold (and counting) since 1991

Walking Dead graphic novels: Couldn’t find sales, but there have been over 140 issues of the comics since 2003

2. Diana Gabaldon and Robert Kirkman are known to troll their fans every once in a while

…and they’re both not afraid to radically change locations, kill off main characters, or introduce somewhat absurd yet riveting plot twists. And rather than alienate the fanbase, somehow it draws them in deeper!

3. Both series take place in a fantastical world

Whether it’s 18th-century Scotland/France/North Carolina or post-apocalyptic Georgia - both settings are pretty far removed from our modern world

4. We have strong, fierce, independent, fully-formed female characters…

…in Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser

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…and, of course, Carol and Michonne

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…in a male-dominated world full of violence, they maintain their sense of self and aren’t afraid to be ruthless or violent - as well as extremely compassionate.

They have lost loved ones along the way (we see Claire, Carol, and Michonne all lose children over the course of their respective stories) - but the loss doesn’t make them brittle. It makes them more appreciative of what they have. It makes them so much stronger.

5. These women develop close relationships with - and fall in love with - male characters who cherish them for their strength and individuality, and know better than to change them

Claire and Jamie - perhaps the most epic couple ever. A true marriage of equals. Nuff said.

Originally posted by bonnyandbraw

And Carol and Daryl - two broken souls who flourish in the apocalypse, who truly bring out the best in each other and are never afraid to challenge each other. They are the source of each other’s strength, time and time again - helping each other withstand the most profound tragedies in a scary new world

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And, of course, Rick Grimes and Michonne. The alpha male and the alpha female - an unlikely couple who love each other for the intelligence and strength each provides, and who respect each other’s skills and abilities above all else.

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6. Sons/son figures feature prominently in both series

In Outlander we have Fergus - a French orphan and pickpocket who Claire and Jamie take in as their own. Who grows to become a truly special man.

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Not to mention Roger MacKenzie, of course!

Originally posted by outlanderamerica

And in TWD we have Carl Grimes, of course - who begins as a kind of annoying kid, but who has grown to become a fully fledged badass.

Originally posted by carlxandxronxtrash

7. Daughters also feature prominently - and their parents do literally everything to keep them safe

In Outlander we have Brianna Randall Fraser MacKenzie - the child for whom Jamie and Claire sacrificed just about everything, to keep her safe from the world.

Originally posted by mametupa

And in TWD, we have wee Judith Grimes - the child for whom her mother gave her life, and for whom her brother, father, and adopted family have done just about everything to protect, to keep her safe from the world.

Originally posted by carlxoneeyedxgrimes

8. There is violence. But we see the characters debate the cost of participating in such violence, see the aftermath of having done terrible things, and witness the after-effects of such violence on the characters over a prolonged period

In Outlander - we know Jamie is a violent man, who has fought battles - but those battles haunt him for years afterwards.

In TWD - we see the characters gradually realize just what this new world is like, and come to understand that one must do whatever it takes in order to protect one’s family, even when it comes to violence. But that doesn’t mean that they regret having to make that choice, in order to provide that protection.

9. All the main characters are just BAMFs

I mean - Jamie Fraser?

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Claire Fraser?

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Daryl Dixon?

Originally posted by openinglogo

Rick Grimes?

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Carol Peletier?

Originally posted by thewalkinggifs

10. Both series are scored by the absolutely amazing (and adorkable) Bear McCreary!

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Hi, do you have any tips on self-studying with ADHD? I have SO SO SO many things I've wanted to learn for months if not years (Python, HTML/CSS, Japanese, Russian, and now R) and still haven't because I haven't had the chance to take a course on them in school. Every time I try to learn on my own through a MOOC or similar I drop it or fall behind and fail. Why? Why have I still not learned how to motivate myself outside of school? I'm at my wit's end here. (Sorry if this is a little open-ended!)

So I have been doing pretty well in my distance education courses for my Publishing Certificate.

First of all, they’re paid courses for grades that will lead to a qualification in my field, and that’s important for me as I am more likely to do stuff if I’ve paid for it.

Second, I treat them like I would an on-site class. I schedule a specific time to visit the class discussion forum every day, and I put all of my due dates into my planner at the start of the course.

For my assignments, I give myself mini-deadlines for each step along the way. This helps keep me on track.

I put my reading into my planner and on my to-do lists so that I get it done, too.

I would recommend trying to find a course — if not paid, then at least one with a schedule and expected participation — and trying that before giving up entirely!


Blog Update

I have some good news and bad news. :(

Bad News #1
I am unable to open asks on 8/15 as hoped. I’m thinking that at this point, it may be better to keep the ask box closed until 9/12. Why a full month? It is answered below–

Bad News #2
From 8/22 to 9/10 (3 weeks), only 3 asks will be published per week for a total of 9 asks. I will be juggling MCATs, full course load, and two jobs. I’m going to die. So until my MCAT exam is over on 9/9, Fancy Hat will be taking a huge hit activity-wise. 

For those three weeks, updates can be expected on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Regular activity (1-ask-per-day) will resume starting 9/12.

Good News!!
Yay :D

To (hopefully) make up for the lack of activity for those 3 weeks a little bit, I will be holding a livestream on 8/20 from 9pm to 11pm EST. I will be drawing various Fancy Hat asks.

Picarto channel: CheesyPotato

unit: you’re gonna have to do a research assignment which will lead to an essay that’s like. a huge chunk of your grade

me: okay

unit: you have to choose the topic :)

me: FUCK

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Do you have a reason why you started publishing "Just now"? I mean you said that you wanted to be a writer since age 6. Was it because you thought your writing wasnt good enough or because you didnt trust yourself in doing all that marketing alone or because you had a job or were in college or whatever? Because I also always wanted to be a writer and I am only sixteen and feel like I could publish my current manuscript when I am in university studying creative writing.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you weren’t intentionally being petty with this question.
I’ve been open about this in my vlogs: no one supported me, they said I would be a failure, and I believed them. So I pursued a more realistic career. I hated said realistic career and realized I couldn’t spend my life like that, so I started writing again and never stopped.
You’re very young so I don’t expect you to know this, but the writing industry changed dramatically in the last ten years. When I was 16, it was next to impossible for a teenager to just casually publish a book. Traditional publishing was way more intense, and self publishing essentially didn’t exist.
Never assume your experiences are a reflection of everyone else’s.

the more i write of this book the more my confidence grows in it, i do truly believe that like i’m much more ready to write a publishable book than i ever was and all my previous work was getting ready for this…  like a lot of writers talk about all the books they have in drawers they’ll never publish (like tried and failed to publish and now they’ve found success they never will) and finally kind of feel it when they’ve Hit It with they’re book and i feel like i might finally be there as a writer. that’s why i’m stressed out about it and it’s hard to start sometimes, like i am really going out of my way to challenge myself and use the breadth of my knowledge.  hope it’s okay to be more open about the process lads

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♛-Formal Wear

Cynthia…doesn’t do formal wear. On occasion, she has been forced into it, and whenever she has she normally comes out feeling bitter or upset as it really just does not suit her in her opinion. Since coming back to the past, she’s started to enjoy it a bit more, going for more simple gowns than anything else, normally accompanied by a shawl or scarf.

Thankfully, this one has art to accompany it. The first is by @deintegro, the  second by @tacticallord

Fashion Information

At first I was just going to put this on Tumblr, where I post the most frivolous of my ramblings, but then I thought, no, why not blog. But, fair warning, this is pretty frivolous. So, I am at the stage of con recovery where I’m hoping the scritchy feeling in my throat is the…

Fashion Information was originally published on Ann Leckie

as a fanfic author, let me tell you guys why i would really, really appreciate your participation in Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

my most popular fanfic ever is Ghost Boy. It was posted on FFN in 2012 and currently has over 86,000 views. you know how many reviews it has?


yeah, that’s…a lot less than 86,000. in fact, that’s less than half a percent of 86,000. and don’t get me wrong, i am grateful for each and every one of those 340 reviews, but…yikes.

for a more recent example, I published Song Seekers just a couple weeks ago. on FFN, it has just under 1500 views and 18 reviews. on AO3, it has 491 hits and 47 kudos.

fanfic authors really are authors. Ghost Boy is literally the length of a novel, and it took me just as much time and effort to write it as it would have to write a novel (and I’ve written two non-fanfic novels so I have a pretty good idea of how that works). we put all this time and effort in, knowing we’re not going to get any kind of monetary reward, just hoping that people will enjoy it. your acknowledgement is the only payment we get.

if you’re reading on AO3, it literally takes half a second to click the kudos button. and i doubly appreciate it when someone takes the time to leave a review, even if it’s a short one. i’m grateful for everything i get and i just want to know if you’re enjoying my work or not!

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Every time you answer an ask I read it in smokeys voice AAAA why are you so cute!!!! Illegal!!! You are a pure Pancake,, I care for you with my life

Ohh woopsie doo accidentally published it without answering, omg, I am so sorry!

I am super glad you care about me, and oh gosh I am so flattered with that!!! Honestly I always read your posts and asks with Pearl’s voice! I hope thats okayo!

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Hey, kid. Come sit down in my office. So I heard you had a rough day, huh? *Hands you a cup of tea* Look, I know life stucks sometimes; it's confusing and damn you can't even take a shit in peace sometimes. Some days are harder than others and that's ok. You'll get through it, though. You just have to get up in the morning and do what you can to keep going. You're strong. I know you'll be okay, brat. *pats shoulder* (Feel better dear!! Message me if you need to!! *hugs*)

i am publishing this so i can keep it under my happy tag so i can find it in the future and not have it lost in my inbox because that thing has no organization and i’d probably never see this message again if i just left it in here so that is why this is going public and thank you again honestly

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2b4MfzA

by Goddess_of_the_Night

An unpublished account of the time Holmes and Watson investigated the murder of a gay couple, and it reminded them just how dangerous their own love is.

“I do not think it is any sort of secret that I am beyond elated by my life here with Holmes and the adventures it grants the both of us. But this particular story is not about that, and it will never be published for our readers to partake in.

It is a story about murder - because so many of our cases are – but above all, it is a story about love. That is why I am writing it here, in my personal journal that is always hidden below a false bottom in my desk. I must confess: I hope that one day someone will find this and read all of the wonderful aspects of my amazing life with Holmes that I dare not share with anyone at this time. It is also my hope that both Holmes and I are long since gone before that happens.”

Words: 1784, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2b4MfzA