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WIP Summer Palace piece. I have not drawn properly in so freaking long, please forgive my sloppiness. D; 

I’ve also not done fanart in nearly a year??? Or something??? Who knows??? ??????????? >.> it’s been a while because i suck also yes I see my anatomical errors why is Laurent’s ear that low down. I am too lazy to fix it right now but SOON. 😱


* You’re not sure what an “AU” is, but…

* It reminds you of… something… important

(sorry for the long wait, y’all! thank you for your patience <3)

yknow i respect the batim fandom bc i havent once seen any reposts of art, art being used without it not being credited, and how everyone is friendly with one another’s headcanons. no fights had broke out between if bendy has a neck or not and a tail or not, all of those au writers have been respected greatly, and themeatly is just a genuinely great guy, especially since he includes fan’s work in his game (and credits the sources), and gives us the opportunity to be involved. like damn. BATIM is a great game and fandom and I hope no one ruins that. And there’s more in the tags on why I love this fandom. 


hi its now 2am and my mind is currently not in my body anymore but i have such a huge bulk of text below that im gna post these screencaps of old edits of mine alongside their readmes (since i found my Goldmine of 2011-12 PRIME IAB/pre-jjinomu era) as smth actually mmd to end the night with and to embarass my future self when i wake up (as opposed to having another certain someone @maydaymmd embarassing me instead im just gna do it mySELF)

im glad i learnt how to properly spell

bonus funfact: the lat RK meltdown rin or w/e was the first model i ever used meta on and u can tell- bc i double-sided her hairpins hehe,,,,,

I’m just laying in bed scrolling through my ship tags and all these antis have me like.

Who hurt you?

What level of PETTY do you have to be to act like that?

I am just confused lol like how about doing something productive with your life, like reading a book, going outside, exercising, riding a bike, idk NOT BITCH ABOUT A SHIP THAT YOU DONT LIKE?

Why are you wasting all of your pettiness and insults on something as small as a ship?And something that you claim you don’t like..? Why are you paying so much attention to a ship you hate and the people who ship it. Use that anger for something that actually matters in life. Or maybe learn how to tag your posts properly.

Sincerely, someone who has lost their shit because they can’t peacefully scroll through their ship tags.

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To me, being a part of a largely Polytheist religion is like gaining a whole new extended family. No matter how much anyone says to respect and love all of your family, it’s practically impossible. You’ll always like some of them much more than others and you may not respect some of them for their actions, but that doesn’t make you a bad family member.

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This is gonna seem wierd but what anime do you keep reblogging it looks really good?😊


Let me show you:

Yuri!!! On Ice

I’d say it’s the hottest(by means of popularity but i guess viktor dumbassforov is hot too lol) anime this season if we exclude sequels like haikyuu’s s3 and bungou’s s2

Without giving away too much it’s about a guy who feels like a failure because he fell last place in the ice skating grand prix finals and humiliated himself in front of his idol. He’s starting to doubt himself and the future of his ice skating career. Well, at least something happened and the rest is just too good to tell 

I think it’s the most realistic sports anime ever released, dare I say the realest anime ever released; ranging from incredible animation (they actually look like actual human ice skaters it’s almost terrifying) to the most human and well developed characters to a realistic plot that gives you a taste of something like this is what a real relationship is or humans are so flawed.

So the first main guy is named Katsuki Yuuri (often spelt as yuri but yuuri is more correct)

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He’s Japan’s top skater but he fell sixth in the grand prix series due to recent events that caused him stress and pressure. He’s not as pure as you think.looking at you, eros yuuri

Next is:

Trashbag Nikiforov

Viktor Nikifohoe

Victor Viktor Nikiforov !!!

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He looks like a handsome flirty man and he’s considered as Russia’s living legend and he’s yuuri’s idol ever since he was like, a fetus; but he is actually a big dork and kind of an airhead and he loves dogs!!

But - he’s just as flawed as any other human being.

One day he decides to do smth incredible unexpected > ??????? > profit!

(i love him so much you dont’ understand he’s so beautiful i started crying in ten languages do you see how flawed he is he looks so beautiful even in his derpiest screenshots i lvoe him so much i lvoe viktor nikiforov so mcuh)

the next main character is Tsukishima Kei Yurio Plisetsky

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I never signed an adoption paper so fast. Yurio is ur very typical flawed teenager. Moodiness, often grumpy, very aggressive when it comes to winning. but he’s exceptionally talented and skilled, to the point where he became the junior world championship’s gold medalist. 

now for the main character.


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he is viktor’s dog and he is the

most important character in this show

these three people are connected to each other in a way and it shows how dynamic one’s relation with someone can be

it’s also um

gay kinda gay really gay sO FUCKING GAY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND it also shows an extremely natural and realistic portrayal of a homosexual relationship (i wouldnt say whose but it should be pretty obvious lol) that it broke barriers and expectations 

the homesexual themes might put people off but it’s portrayed properly you can almost feel like it’s natural (and it is. any kind of relationship whether it’s wlw or mlm or what, it’s natural ok and it’s perfectly fine) and it actually makes the show tastier.


it’s not queerbait.

all jokes aside

this anime is worth watching by animations and story alone, but the music is phenomenal as well.


(my uncle loves it as well so as my father and tbh almost my whole fam watches it)

Samurai vs. Samurai

Episode 42 of Samurai Jack is one that I’ll admit I never saw before, but man am I glad I saw it now! Without saying too much, this bitch-ass poser comes along and challenges Jack, trying to say he’s the copycat, and…well you can guess where it goes from there. Some serious Mr. Miyagi shit in this episode, dude it made me laugh so hard watching Jack straight up take this jerk to school. The character himself is pretty…fresh, for lack of a better word. Not a bad character, just one of those guys you love to hate. Definitely recommend this ep. As usual, watch out for flashing lights and colors.

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not sure if/when i’ll ever finish these but, i have a thing planned and heres your preview

Is Hide dead? (Tokyo Ghoul √A)

Ok, I’ve been completely distracted today and already messed up twice. Thing is, I don’t know who sent the first message because I deleted the Ask before checking who sent it. I truly apologize to whoever sent this. If you happen to read this, reblog or send me a message so that I can tag you properly.

(just finished watching the anime for the first time.) *SNNNIIIFF* ISS HIDE deaaaad??? And and *CRIES* I JUST CANT I JUSSST aaaahh. I am…*huff* *huff* (grunting) GANA SITT OVER THUR. (Points to the fandom. All broken and lost.) Ahhhhwahh……. *twump* (Please welcome a new poor broken soul to the fandom) (still emotional) *audible inhale* WHY DID I GET INTO THIS TRASH!!!! (As in, what is this emotional butt fuckery!?) 

Anon said: It’s pretty clear that in the manga Hide is likely alive while in the manga he seems deceased. I rewatched Hide’s death scene in rootA however and Hide actually seems alive. In the fire, Kaneki cries and a drop falls on Hide but Hide stirs and smiles, causing Ken to smile. It’s possible that he put a tarp over Hide to protect him from the smoke and brought the seemingly dead body to Arima so that Hide could be saved. Arima may have spared Kaneki seeing his sincerity in wanting to save his friend

urgo said: hey, first of all, you have a great blog ^^ i would like u to ask, that hide may not die in tg: root a or is his death confirmed ?

So, whether Hide is alive or dead in the end of Tokyo Ghoul √A is something that has haunted us for the longest time. I’ve had to re-watch the whole episode about 10 times just to be sure that what I’m saying is correct (which is hard everytime). After all that, I’ve reached a conclusion: Hide is alive.

Before getting into episode 12, let’s look back a bit. Hide was there, in the Anteiku Raid, because he knew the people in the shop, not because he was supposed to be there. He knew about this because, snooping around, he happened to see some CCG Investigators talk about it:

As deductive as he is, he figured out what was going on:

So, he went without a weapon of any sort, with an allegedly stolen CCG battle armour, not wanting to fight ghouls, rather find out what happened to the Anteiku crew and with the hopes that Kaneki would show up (the reason he began working at the CCG was to find Kaneki):

Wandering around, hoping to find Kaneki, he stumbled across Noro chopping off Takizawa’s left arm:

Meanwhile, Kaneki was fighting Amon:

Both of them were injured badly, but kept walking nonetheless. However, Kaneki passed out in an alley, and Hide found him. Then, he took them both to Anteiku and prepared some coffee.

Both of them were bleeding out, but in Hide’s case it was a lot worse because he couldn’t heal like Kaneki.

  • Kaneki’s blood
  • Hide’s blood

After that, Hide began talking about how he knew, how he felt lonely, but, more importantly, he wanted Kaneki to smile. In a scene that didn’t get animated but was meant to happen then, he even recreated a scene from the play he and Kaneki were part of during their childhood (read makyun’s translation here). This all to make Kaneki smile before “dying”; he wanted Kaneki’s smile to be the last thing he saw:

But he didn’t die. When Kaneki begins crying in the middle of the fire (either Yomo started it or it was Kaneki and Hide just read the little draft of the play scene and you’ll understand), Hide smiles when a tear falls on his cheek. He was alive at the moment, thus why Kaneki covers him with a sheet (to protect him from the smoke) and carries him out of the shop, to the CCG’s “camp”:

He walks slowly, both because he was hurt and because if he scared the CCG’s soldiers, they would shoot them and hurt Hide.

He took Hide there because it’s the only place that he can get help (that’s were all the injured were). When he leaves Hide in the ground in front of Arima, it symbolizes that he was willing to give his life to Arima in exchange of saving Hide.


Thank you to my new part-time therapist @hazzwatch for tagging me hours and hours ago! I think I’ve finally been able to string together a few semi-coherent thoughts.

If you get tagged, answer these questions and tag 10 other people

1. Describe SOTT in three words: Haunting, soaring, gorgeous

2. Where were you when you first heard it and what time was it? On my couch at 3:00 a.m.

3. What was your first reaction when the song started? I believe the only words I could type for about an hour were ‘holy shit’ and ‘I’m broken’ which sums up my initial reaction quite nicely.

4. If you were listening to Harry and Grimmy on the Breakfast Show, what was your favourite part? “He’s down to his last fifty million, rock hard abs, eyes you could drown in…” Harry was FLUSTERED lol - yes, you could actually hear Harry blushing! (And that en-ti-re interview was an absolute blessing.)

5. What is your favourite part of the song? This is like asking me to pick which of my vital organs are my favorite. (I seem to most reliably lose my shit when the song starts to really crescendo around 4:00.)

6. What are your favourite lyrics? Per the above – “We don’t talk enough, we should open up, before it’s all too much. Will we ever learn? We’ve been here before. It’s just what we know.”

7. General opinion: My expectations were sky-high and I’m still in shock at how entirely Harry surpassed them. The vocals are incredible, I notice something new to love every time I listen, and I can’t believe how the song already is just so completely perfectly Harry.

8. Expectations for the rest of the album: Complete and utter devastation. And I’d love at least one jam. 

I have absolutely no idea who did this while I was in my self-care tent at 6:30 a.m. this morning so I’ll tag @stockholmsstyles @anyonewitheyescanseeit @lollipop-popsx @citycrushed @styloff @teamlouistommo and anyone else who would like to demonstrate they are more articulate than I am currently!

Why am I surprised i’m getting hostile anons after having posted properly tagged anti-  Emma opinions?  It’s almost as if people troll the anti-  tags for opinions they don’t like.

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You guys: *posts something and tags it properly* // someone: "BUT WHAT ABOUT X PEOPLE WHY DIDNT YOU TAG IT WHY DO YOU HATE US" // you guys: *looks at camera like you're on the office*

I’d like to point out @anon who asked if I hated sex repulsed people.

I literally am sex repulsed.





To be continued…

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Ren gives Rey a shitty offer, but also kinda calls her out on her homicidal tendencies.

I realize my last comic post was longer than two weeks ago. I have lots of story ideas, but I am not always sure about what way to go with them. That’s usually what causes the delays (besides illness or me forgetting how to draw).

And I have some specific thank-yous I owe people:

To @shinyumbreon98 and @shinynightmarefest Thank you both for recommending my art blog as awesome. :3 And also @applesith (I don’t know why it’s not letting me properly tag you here) thank you for also for the mention of Erstwhile Kickstarter!

@monsterscavenger My allergies are getting better. Thank you so much. I hope you are also feeling better. I have heard ragweed was very bad this year.

@starwarsnonsense Thank you for the kind words about this comic. It was an honour to have you speak highly of it. I love your blog! Been following it for months now.

I know there are more people than this that have said super nice things about this comic, too. I do thank you all very much.

Okay, is there a way to search your blog for only the posts that you created?

I have not always been very good about tagging things properly. Hell, I still suck at it; but there are things that I posted like a year or two ago that I would like to find again, but I post so much in a day, that even going through the archive is super slow and pointless. So– is there a better way? Is there some hack to filter through this chaos, or am I just doomed to sift through it until I’m 80 years old and no longer capable of remembering why I started looking in the first place?

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Yours truly has been honored by your yesterday's troll visiting my humble blog&trolling one of my properly tagged (with every shade of anti&pro tags) post despite me talking about OUAT once in the blue moon now. This user does personify Regina&Rumple/anti-Hook fanbase overall: much like their favourites the majority of this contingent are entitled sociopaths who have no concept of personal space (hence the prolific post hijacking). At least unlike poor Milah, Belle&Graham WE can press "block".

Why am I not surprised? And truly sorry they did so…..I will say, normally, I see less of that in the OUaT fandumb, but a fair amount (cause it’s new) in the Riverdale fandom….lots of tag invasion, I yesterday received someone telling me to untag my bughead posts, because my dislike of Archie (despite the post being tagged “anti-archie”) “gave the wrong impression”….and then proceeded to personally insult me because I don’t like Bagel.

So yeahhhh….we ARE looking at a troll, here….but still, told them off and blocked them! I’ve also, per usual, had posts informing me of what I may or may not post on my own blog!