why am i posting wips and doodles


*LawLu Post Card Artwork* 

The LawLu art I posted yesterday initially was for Post card printing but I decided to redraw a layout like this. 

Why am I posted WIP draft is because…I saw @wordsdear ‘s tag and feels that : Oh my the tag wordings definitely will brighten up the description of ‘Best Alliance’..therefore I added it into the draft. I love it so much thank you for the tags..! >//////<

“The best Alliance is the one that makes you wanna live, the one that refuses to let you die.”

I likely will publish my post cards (Crossover, Trafalgar Law, LawLu, Zosan, ASL, Cats etc) on Tumblr end of September, so…stay tune! XD


so um all you folks asking if I’m gonna do another mp100 doodle comic well


working on it