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I had about a half dozen 'requests' as I go through your archive, but I saw you mention the Tripods and sat bolt upright in my chair. I was going to ask about them after I hit your posts about the War of the Worlds! Anyway, I read those books as a teen in the mid-to-late 90s and I STILL have the anthology on my shelf, in the mid-to-late-2010s when I'm in my early 30s after about a dozen or so moves. I never saw the tv show or nuthin' but here I am. Witness me.

The John Christopher Tripods novels were great fun. I once heard the greatest definition of young adult literature ever: “a YA book is a book for adults that people actually read.”

I have wondered why Tripods haven’t been revived in some form or other, because this should be their moment of supreme pop cultural relevance: they’re dystopian post-apocalypse novels aimed at young adults with boy and teenage main characters rebelling against the system. 

After thinking about it some more, I think the tragedy here is that the taste for the young adult dystopia novel in the modern form is based around things that the Tripods doesn’t have, like girl heroes and love triangles.

In other words, because Tripods is a “boys’ series,” it could be a casualty of what librarians and educators call the “reading gap,” where girls are more likely to read novels than boys, and read for pleasure in general. This is a tragedy that goes way beyond one fandom for one novel series. I’m very worried about the “angry young man” in society, especially when it comes to how our educational system often fails boys who are labeled difficult or troublemakers.

  • me: are they ever going to make a bee movie 2? i ran out of material 1 month after starting this blog and have just been pulling shit out of my ass, biding time until jerry seinfeld gets his fucking affairs in order, calls up stevie spielgerb, and says "ready player one? more like ready player none, it's time to make our dream happen" spielberg: "you mean--" seinfeld: "you know it" they both go to their bookshelves and each pulls out the other's biography; their bookshelves spin and they wind up in the same room. they acknowledge each other's presence with slight head nods and walk towards a huge desk with flashing lights and glowing buttons and they each go to one side (seinfeld on the right [facing him] and spielberg on the left) and they each open a plastic case above a lock, and they each insert a key, and they each nod at each other again, and seinfeld turns his key, but spielberg is hesitant--he's sweating like a fucking pig--but seinfeld yells "COME ON, YOU FUCKING COWARD" and spielberg does it, lets out a huge, wet sob, clutches the sides of his head, and jerry seinfeld laughs in truimph as steven spielberg kneels to the floor and screams out in physical pain, tears running off chin and wetting his jacket, and a screen arises from the desk and shows screen capture of a computer buried some 2.5 miles underneath mount shasta sending an email to a reporter at USA Today or something about how there's gonna be a bee movie 2, along with some character descriptions, perhaps a poster, and a bit of trivia that they'd appreciate if it could be in it. why jerry doesn't announce it on a late night show is beyond me, but he doesn't for whatever reason. but that would obviously be the better way to go, right? am i right? anyway. once that happens I'll be able to post some screencaps from that and my url will make sense again

Oh my god, guys. I worked it out.

So, tumblr only actually includes the first five tags on a post when you search tags on tumblr. No problem, right? Just tag the things you want searchable first.

Wrong. If you edit a post, tumblr’s algorithm seems to re-sort your tags alphabetically - only it doesn’t tell you about it. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to work out why nothing I posted seemed to show in the reyes vidal tag. Turns out it is because of the quick oh-shit-I’m-sleep-deprived-and-made-a-spelling-error edits. If I hit that edit button, “reyes vidal” got shuffled right to the end - and was no longer included in my ‘first’ five tags.

Mystery. Solved.

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GO BLOCK @xxloopsyluluxx

please go block @xxloopsyluluxx for purposefully triggering me!!!!!!! they have just remade in an attempt to hide their shipping, too bad i have screenshots :’)

i originally spoke to this person kindly. they asked a simple question on my nsfw blog and then i went to check their blog to see if i would be interested in following them to find blmatsu. I kindly informed them of the fact that blmatsu makes me uncomfortable and asked them to unfollow my nsfw blog. I have since blocked them, so I don’t have the beginning of the conversation, but I do have enough proof without it. 

I nearly had a breakdown because of this person, so please, just hear me out.

I told this person I am very uncomfortable around incest. In response, they immediately made a vague-post about me, WHILST STILL TALKING TO ME. The post showed up on my feed and I told them it was impolite to make vague posts about people - if you’re going to denounce someone, at least do it to their face. They then told me I should ship it anyway if I like “osomatsu-san porn” (since apparently anyone who likes porn should like incest). This ensued.

A more personal story under the cut, and why this action affected me so badly to the point of tears. Trigger warnings: vomiting, cutting, suicidal thoughts, isolation, emotional abuse. I highly suggest you read it.

Firstly, though, you might go to her new page and say “but there’s no proof of BLmatsu shipping!” Well, in order to keep up on my blocklist, I send myself proof of the shipping in a private group chat in which I am the only member on Skype. Skype now shows the images in a post, and the first bit of text. Despite them having deleted the posts, I still have the beginning of the posts and the previews of the posts.

So, please. Go block this person who purposefully triggers people.

(also, from posts on her old account about how her mother would not like her reblogging sexual posts and her censoring words like hell, i’m pretty sure she’s like, 11. so i’m not sure why she messaged my nsfw-matsu blog asking if i had nsfw audio anyway.)

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if antis started cross tagging you guys would literally lose your shit and claim that you were being abused so (as you have claimed in the past, even when you guys were the ones coming into the anti tag)... also anti tags are anti tags for a reason. saying that you have to right to harass someone else because of their opinion is nonsense. also, most of the times you guys don't come into the tag to defend tony, but just to leave hateful messages about how dumb and "ableist" anti tony people are.

Okay, first of all you do realize that posts tagged Anti Tony Stark, show up in the Tony Stark tag. Constantly. I personally have never lost my shit over it. Is it annoying? Sure. Is it world war 3? No. So I don’t know why you decided I was the voice for all Tony fans, but newsflash, I am not. I do not control how other people react to things in anyway. 

Also again, I have never gone into the anti tag to leave messages about how ableist antis are, and I still don’t speak for any other Tony fans.

Anti tags are literally focused on hatred. It’s a hate tag. If you don’t like Tony, or you like Steve more that’s fine. Not everyone has to like the things I like, my best friend thinks super hero movies are boring, that’s fine, that’s her opinion. (It’s silly, super hero movies are great. But it’s her opinion.) 

However is she started talking to somebody else about how “Super hero movies are stupid and they should stop making them, and just kill off all the heroes because nobody likes them anyways.” Well I’m going to argue with her, because that’s RUDE AS FUCK. 

You don’t have to like Tony, but what on earth motivated you to dedicate a tag to hating him in peace? Some people find unnecessary hatred obnoxious, rude, abrasive, etc. They might come into your tags and argue with you in defense of a character they care about and identify with. 

More importantly I STILL DONT MESSAGE PEOPLE RUDE SHIT. I have never called anyone ableist for disliking Tony Stark, although an argument can be made that it shows the lack of respect for mental disabilities on parts of Tumblr. I go onto posts when they appear on my dash, I don’t scroll the anti tags looking for fights. I’ve tagged a total of 3/2320 posts as anti Tony Stark, and that was in direct response to actual comments I had gotten on some of my posts. 

I don’t know who elected me speaker of Tony fans, but I am not responsible for anyones participation in fandom outside of my own. 

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you say your post is pedantic and strange but if it makes you feel less strange I wrote a similar post about the book kisses.

we are like ….. living on the same mental plane and i feel like i am your … prodigal son carrying on the family business ….  i like that, that’s good!! anyway i have never read the books because reading is hard and boring but i have heard less than favourable things about them as a whole. i had #drama with a Previous Acquaintance who told me not to watch the show cause it was homophobic apparently but they were a very big fan of the books .. but luckily for me and for all of you who have to put up with my terrible Blogging i SHUNNED THIS ADVICE and did not read the books and did watch the show and the world is better for that. … anyway idk why i’ve said all this, i have not seen your post but i am sure it was a great post thank you for doing it - stats and data are good and i like posts that are sort of pseudo-academic about fandom because it makes me feel like a smart person when i read thm njfer!!! i hope you hav a great day sorry for the fact u had to read this reply it makes no sense !!! xx

I don’t call myself trans anymore or anything but a woman but there was a time when I had very strongly disidentified and measures of physical transition are still not totally off the table for me and might never be, although I’m more cautious about even considering it than I used to be. But where this is going is that I definitely feel weird showing people pictures of myself pre-butch as it were and think of myself as having not transitioned into butchness in the trans sense but having transformed into, or uncovered butchness, or something? I am very comfortable in this little half liminal half very solid space but. Anyway what spurred this post is really just that my mom understands some things about my butchness like why I wear the clothes I do but doesn’t understand why it extends to stuff like colognes, my mannerisms, the fact that I only wear men’s underwear and feel deeply dysphoric when I don’t. She’s super cool and accepts what she doesn’t get but it’s like. How do I explain to a straight woman what dysphoria even is in this sense? I think most women feel a deep discomfort with being seen as women that they have difficulty understanding that is different from dysphoria in gnc and trans people but they are so different it is hard to explain.


Posting something a little different tonight..

So, I like to geek out working on computers once in a while. I have built all of my own PCs ever since the day of 486′s ;-) 

A few nights ago, after working 2 very long work days in a row (development deadlines, and working with vendor support - i was literally pulling my hair out and it looks it!), I finally brought back to life one of my first loves in computing (not my first mind you - that was the Commodore Vic-20). My Dad brought home an Atari 800XL in 1983 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_8-bit_family). I had already learned some BASIC (an acronym for Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming on the Vic-20 so I continued to mess with programming on this beauty too. Of course, my brother and I played games on it more than anything because it was basically like having a kick-ass souped up Atari 2600. Above you can see it fully functioning again and my over-worked makeup free happy face :) If my techie geeky fun at all interests you, please read on and find pics of what I tried the first night I brought it back out…

I have many disks for it still (5.25″ floppies of course!). It only took a basic cleaning to get the system up and running, but at first the disk drive was not reading any disks. I remembered that when I later shifted my focus to my Laser 128 Apple IIE clone it was because the Atari was getting flaky and not always loading disks. It turns out after all of these years it would not read them at all. At first I thought the option button might be bad on the Atari itself (you had to hold the option button to load most disks depending on the software), but I cleaned the inside of that and it seemed fine. I opened the disk drive and it was easy to see that the belt was way too loose. The rubber had not aged well. 

I cleaned the inside (above) with a little rubbing alcohol. This machine was stored in my parent’s basement for many years and it flooded 3 times during that period!

So, I searched online and found a place that sold replacements for only $8. I had to wait a while and they sent the wrong one at first :( They sent a replacement for free though. While I waited for it to arrive, I decided to key in a sample program from the old manual that came with it (since there was not much else to do with it until I had the drive belt)..

The sample program shows off an 8-bit graphics rainbow ;-)

Pretty cool huh? Anyway, the drive belt did of course arrive and that is why I posted the two pics at the top because I was so happy that even the disk drive worked perfectly once I put the new belt on.

Here is a snippet from the owners guide about the baby steps of the start of the internet.. and yes I used to be on Compuserve and Bulletin Board Systems with 2400 baud modems…

See.. so when I say “no, really I am 42! Here is more proof. ;-)

One last note.. if any of you actually read all of this and find it interesting, you should check out AMC’s show “Halt and Catch Fire” - it is about the personal computer boom in the 80′s and it is awesome. It is one of those dramas where the main characters are all a little nuts in their own way, but they are all incredible people too. It is well acted and the nostalgia and retro feel is awesome!

Let me know if you guys like this stuff. I will be posting occasional retro PC stuff like this once in a while just because it is fun for me :) In the next one I will show you some screenshots from a game that used to make me jump out of my seat because it could get so tense.


Why I think Harry and Louis are in a romantic relationship.....

So this is the third part of a little about why I think Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in a romantic relationship.

PART 1: Tattoos

PART 2: Tweets


PART 3: Touches

So in this part I thought I would focus on touches. Many of the gifs and pictures in this post are old because we have little contact between them these days. Therefore it is open to scrutiny because what I am showing is in some cases nearly four years old. But anyway, this is just some thoughts which add up to a picture of romance rather than just friendship.

It is a really difficult thing to analyse pictures and gifs as anything beside what you cans see. It is interpretation and I already come from the belief they are together. This will affect my analysis. However, I think these images are quite powerful when viewed in sequence and hard to assess in another way.



In this section I will focus on what I perceive as the ‘private’ touches, as in the touches which were supposed to have been just for them, not for anyone else to have seen.

Some people comment about how the interactions between Harry and Louis are 'stage gay’ or 'playing up to the cameras’…… But I think these touches were not meant to have been seen.  These are touches of comfort or reassurance between two people in a romantic relationship.


Source (11,07) - 9 March 2012 - definitely worth watching 

This whole interaction is supposed to be secret and hidden behind the table they were sat at. 


Source (from 3.40) - 13 March 2012

Harry leaves his hand there on purpose and Louis intentionally rests his arm on it. This is supposed to be a subtle private moment.


Source (4.18) 7 Nov 2013

Harry and Louis are holding hands, again this is supposed to be private and they withdraw their hands when they think they will be spotted. I know people will say 'why would they hold hands in front of interviewers?’ - I don’t know, but they were holding and stopped once they were aware of the camera.



These are the touches which are just not thought about because they are instinct, they are the touches that lovers will share without thought, without care about the rest of the world. They are just what they do. These are hard to control if you are next to the person all the time which is may be why Harry and Louis have spent so much time separate. These really show of a couple in a romantic relationship


X Factor, 2010 Week 2 17 Oct 2010, Group Performance - source - except it has been cut, the end and is no longer there - at least I cannot find it anywhere…… but I have watched it before….. I think…..

But this moment is really special because Louis just has his hand there and Harry’s instinct is to reach up and hold it. Beautiful. And week 2.


Source (from 1.53) March 2012

They have their hands held and arms locked around each other. They are comfortable with this intimate type of touch. To me it seems like a position they adopt often, without thinking, without care. Just being close to one another.


Source - (about 2.37) 3 March 2012

Here we see Louis gently and ever so quietly run his finger down Harry’s wrist and over his hand. The reason this image is so strong is because this is actually an instinctive gesture. It is Louis saying ‘shit, this is a little more overwhelming than I thought, I feel anxious, you must too, but I am here, we are OK’

This would actually be a normal action between two people who are in an intimate relationship with one another. It might be inappropriate for someone to do this to someone who is a friend, you might be punched.


Again this is such an intimate move, that was not meant to be seen. They were may be going to hold hands but Louis remembered that they were on stage and can’t. This gif has been slowed down.


This gif is fantastic. They think they are being subtle because it’s such a fast gesture. But it is similar to the last because they were on stage and it was a little fun moment.


Source - (about 0.26) 9 March 2012

It seems like Louis tries to reach for Harry’s hand for a moment. Now this is only from observing but that’s how it could look. I think this is an instinctive reaction to get Harry to be in the right place.


Source - April 2013

This picture really sums up the 'Up all night Tour’. They were really conscious so much during the live shows, but here Louis’ face is completely frozen as soon as Harry touches his shoulder. Now this could be for other reasons, but it seems like when Harry touches him he becomes concerned and self conscious. Perhaps not the obvious reaction to someone you love touching you, unless perhaps this was something he wasn’t supposed to do.  

But yeah that touch meant more than anything in that moment!


Source - 7 May 2014

Now I can’t find a source for this, so I don’t know if this came from a video or whether it is a manipulation, or the angle of the picture. But it looks intimate and they are clearly touching or even holding hands…. They have changed their behaviour a lot to ensure that they often don’t get too close or interact too much when there are cameras around. But here it is like they allowed each other a small moment of contact when they were sharing this experience together. I think their instinct is to touch one another in these moments.


The rest:

Some other moments of touch between Harry and Louis which can be interpreted as romantic as opposed to to platonic:


Source - week 4 x factor 2010

There are just so many examples from x factor but this sums it up for me because of their faces. These are faces of two people who are falling for one another. The way your cheeks hurt in that first flourish of love. The way you just can’t stop smiling. It is all over them and it is so sweet.


External image

Source - x factor 2010

This is so cringe worthy, but Harry’s giggle is so wonderful. It feels really intimate and verges on feeling inappropriate to watch really. But this is 'play fighting’ and most definitely flirting. The sexual tension between these two is insane. I did a post about Larry and flirting and talk more about this there.


Source - (from about 0.20) March 2011

Louis has his hands around Harry behind him and Harry is touching Louis’ sides. This is a very intimate position for two people who are not at the very least attracted to each other. And that this is safe. People are normally frightened of rejection and there is non of that threatened in this interaction.


Source - 13 March 2012

Harry cannot resist demonstrating what happens with the love bites. It’s like he acts first then thinks after. He wanted to show everyone that Louis was his essentially. Although this is played for the camera, the context around the action and the fact that Harry didn’t appear to think before he reacted shows us there is more to their relationship. The more I watch it the more I can’t believe that the message to fans is that they are not together, this is crazy. The interviewer is completely shocked by it. It is shocking really.


This looks to me like they are holding or at least touching hands. Friends do not normally need to touch like this. People in a loving relationship enjoy and need touch from the other person. This helps the loving feeling and is comforting.

I did a post about how they were taking the piss because seriously last tour there were so many examples of them holding or touching in the meet and greets. I think it is really sweet but I suspect they knew people would spot them and they did it on purpose!


Now I guess this one could have gone in the 'private’ or 'instinctive’ section of this post, but actually I think this is them being drawn together through their magnetic pull of one another and their fingers have chanced upon each others. This is really not evidence on its own because it could be a mistake, but for me its another example of how these two are always drawn together.


So there are clearly more images and examples of their touch but these are my favourite ones. I think when they are lined up together like this they are so clearly romantically involved. There are numerous examples of private touches which are for them only, to ground, to reassure, to communicate….. Then there are the instinctive ones which are more in moments when they behave as they might do normally although the later examples show that there has been modernisation in their behaviour. They have become far more conscious.

I think their touches are similar to those shared by couples in long term relationships. They are grounding, comforting and intimate.

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(Keeping in mind that I am asking this very late, when very tired, but...) Why do you bother with the Game of Thrones television show? Reading your responses you seem to be entirely without joy about all of it. Hypercritical even. When you have the book, and that's clearly where your preference lies, and which will differ for the show a great deal anyway... Why bother?

Hey, no biggie, I’ve been expecting this question for a while. Guess it’s no surprise after I posted something on an emotional low.

First, I’m not entirely without joy about it. There are individual scenes or lines I enjoy, divorced of their context. There are other scenes that I find so bad they’re funny, and I get joy that way as well.

Second, I find critique in general fulfilling. I’ve learned far more about what I like and what I think is good from watching and reading stuff I don’t think is good. Believe me when I say this is true of me outside of fandom as well. I also get good writing practice out of this. Comparison pieces are relatively easy to structure, and the entire process forces me to identify themes I otherwise wouldn’t have given much thought to. Even if you as a reader don’t get much out of my writing, anon, I do as a writer, and I improve from posting it and interacting with other people’s ideas. It’s fun for me, even if what I write doesn’t always sound like it. For this fandom in particular, I’ve even learned a lot of actual history!

Finally, I think critique is important.

The fact that, say, Jorah’s stalking and abuse of Dany has been presented as romantic is really disturbing to me. So is Tyrell patriarchy being presented as feminist. So is the erasure of Sam Tarly’s trauma and Lannister war crime apologism. Yes, I know it’s fiction, but fiction is influential. Even if I’m just some person on the internet, I can still call it out. It’s just about the only way I can call it out, in fact.

Sometimes I get feedback from people grateful that I’ve mentioned some social justice point or another. (Love you, anons in question.) When I read those messages, it’s like - my work affected someone, you know? Someone felt better, even for a minute or two, for having read my criticism. Incredibly humbling, kind of mind-blowing actually. Absolutely worth it.

As for the writing stuff I criticise, that’s just me liking to see things done well. I can hope it benefits someone who reads my work, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a good reminder to me.

In short, I find criticising Game of Thrones to be an interesting, educational, and worthwhile use of my time, even if it doesn’t always make me happy. All the reason I need.

oh my god mr. medina

who writes a D so big that it covers the first three lines of the paper and then SAVAGELY CIRCLES IT

why are you even writing the grade on the first page of the paper for everyone to see

have you never heard of ferpa

did you go to the heartless monster school of teaching??

what kind of sick institution is chilton???

if i were lorelai i would have literally never dated him based on this cruel treatment alone, and dreamy fictional english teachers are my kryptonite

so a bunch of talk show hosts and media commentators have been talking recently about how kids are ruined by participation awards because of some diatribe posted online by an athlete i don’t know anything about except that apparently he’s a domestic abuser so idk why people care what he has to say anyway.

I’m not saying you have to care about what I’m saying either, but I do have to say that pretty much everything I’ve heard from anyone over thirty about this topic in the last few days has either sounded needlessly patronising or just plain blind.

So I am twenty-three years old, not really a kid anymore by most definitions—certainly by legal ones, but also by social expectations, and expectations I place upon myself. And yet, I don’t quite feel grown up yet. I wonder if anyone ever really does, but it’s especially hard to know when the roadmap to adulthood given to you by your parents no longer leads to the same destination they told you it did.

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im late but louis!!! is just out there existing and being his cute and very soft self letting the sun reflect on his cheekbones and being himself all comfy and beautiful and i missed him so so much and he’s just!! posting a selfie with a rose on his shirt and showing the dagger tattoo when it’s a tattoo day in the larry month and maybe warning us about something and showing us he’s there and still thinking of us and reminding me why i am here through everything, that im here for him so anyway louis tomlinson is my favourite person in the world

Hi everyone tomorrow I will try to answer the asks I've been getting the most.

I’m sorry if I have not been answering your asks both on and off anon. I am not avoiding you but as you may have noticed I only come on now for a few minutes a day. I have been extremely busy and that’s why I’ve been remiss. Anyways Tomorrow I will post answers to my most asked questions about Brittana and what I know about Heather’s future on the show. I WILL SAY THIS THOUGH. 100 PERCENT ENDGAME. 

See ya tomorrow and sweet dreams. Jesss <3 xoxo


For those of you who don’t know what this is about… it’s too long to explain, and I probably wouldn’t get it all right anyway. So just skip this then.

Thought for a little while about whether to post this or not (like an hour). With a little food in my stomach I decided… yes, I’m going to.

Why am I publishing this? Because this isn’t the first time this has happened. Because this woman tries to show herself as a victim while sending messages like this to people. Most people who won’t publish because it’s not worth it, and that is true. But because I stand for what I say, and believe in people doing the same, I think this message should see the light of day. I also posted the reply she chose to publish on her blog, which has a different tone.

Personally I don’t care what she says or thinks about me. I’ve heard way worse, and from people who are much scarier. So don’t feel bad for me, I feel bad for the people who was this woman’s friend and now get this treatment while being painted as the bad guy.

Take from this what you want. This is just the facts. This is what was said. It’s up to you to think if what I said was wrong to begin with or not. But this is indisputable.

I know Kat Graham’s announcement about leaving after season 8 is somehow some bit shocker for the media, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a no-brainer since I highly doubt the show is going to live past season 8…. And I honestly don’t think it should.

Main reasons:

  • Continued decline of views that, if following it’s trend, would have season 9 raking in under 1Mil views per episode
  • The loss of another main cast member
  • The rise in DC and superhero shows raking in around 4Mil views per episode
  • The lack of interest in vampires (let’s face it, the fad is OVER)
  • The show’s habit of recycling ideas over and over in obvious and often time tedious ways
  • Lack of compelling character growth (for reasons I can’t understand!)
  • The toxicity of parts of fandom (ie. attacks against actors personally, possibly leading to a lack of wanting to deal with said attacks)
  • It having been 8 SEASONS! Granted, while impressive, a show has to grow and mature to warrant this many seasons while having it not come off a dragging. And with the mini breaks sprinkled throughout seasons, making the show feel even longer, it’s only going to get harder and harder to maintain an audience’s interest. And for a show that seems to only be able to “pump up the dramu” or introduce a whole new set of characters that the audience knows they’re going to kill off, there really isn’t a reason for views to not only wait for another season, but stay invested as the show crawls its way through it.

The Vampire Diaries is not a good show. It isn’t. And it hasn’t been since, say, season 3. It has good spots throughout the past five seasons, and taking note of those spots could help the show in the long run by giving the writers things to consider while making a wrapping-up, final season; Season 8.

Things I personally feel is most important for this show:

*Focus on character development. Let Damon grow for himself, end the good brother/bad brother crap, give Caroline more opportunities to express her own agency, give Bonnie more room to shine and connect with all the characters, not just the baddies and Damon, have Matt and Alaric move away to never be seen or heard from again.

*Introduce a new baddie if you want, but don’t give us an army. However, I’d be more impressed if they can find a plotline that isn’t “defeat the baddie of the season!” mostly because while trying to top the last baddie, the writers have an issue with trying to retcon previously established show mythology. Bonnie becoming the Huntress would prove a great way to introduce a baddie while maintaining a character the audience is already familiar with, while giving the angle of not being able to kill this one because it’s a friend. Not only would they have to save themselves and eachother, they would have to save Bonnie too.

*Plan the season with an END in mind. This would be the time to make characters make lasting decisions, difficult decisions, and final decisions. There WON’T be a next time/second chance/way out. The characters would have to deal, honestly, with choices that are forever. This gives the season, and all of it’s parts, worth and weight. No more “dealing” with consequences that turn out decent in the end; this is the time to have choices the characters will have to live (or die) with.

*Make a final decision on romantic endgames! Enough is enough! Even if characters end up single, even if it’s unrequitted love, even if no one ends up with anyone, just decide and write the narrative to it! Stop the fandom baiting and coddling and make a lasting decision.


So yeah… I’m not really worried about Kat leaving, since I doubt the show will be continuing anyway. Of course, I could be wrong. But since I literally started and currently am watching this show just for Bamon, Kat’s last episode will simply be mine (unless the following episode has a lot of Damon wanting/missing Bonnie feels. Then I’d watch that episode, but that’s it.)