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school days maizawa headcanons (cause why not)

• When aizawa first discovers hizashi is scared of insects, he buys a fake cockroach and leaves it on hizashi’s desk the next morning. It backfires pretty badly ‘cause hizashi activates his quirk and screams his lungs out.

• During their first months at UA they have to fight each other (hizashi on the hero team and aizawa on the villain one) and aizawa surrenders two minutes into the battle 'cause he thinks hizashi is too loud and doesn’t want anything to do with that.

• Hizashi really wants to be friends with aizawa from the very beginning but the battle discourages him because he thinks aizawa can’t stand him and his quirk but then one day he proves to be wrong when aizawa approaches him on his free will during lunch break. hizashi almost screams in surprise and happiness (he manages to stay fairly quiet tho) and before he can say anything, aizawa speaks first “i’m not here for you… it’s just that this is the best spot to catch sight of cats” “uh he likes cats” it’s the first thing hizashi thinks “cute…” he says nothing in response because he does know aizawa told half the truth. How can he tell? He catches aizawa eye him every now and then and he’s fairly sure that’s a little smile right there on his face. He mentally thanks all the cats in the world.

• During UA’s school festival aizawa ends up being dress up as a maid 'cause the girls are low on personal (don’t ask the details here i’m just spoiling myself let me spoil you all too) and “aizawa-kun is cuter than me in a skirt, that’s not even fair”. He can’t really say no even though he wants to run away with all his usually inexistent might. When he first sees him, hizashi laughs his ass off, mocking him with not so quiet “cuuute too cute, aizawa-chaaan~"s. hizashi is not going to admit out loud he finds aizawa cute in a skirt simply because he thinks he’s cute all the time… When aizawa ends up being pretty popular with his male upperclassmen, hizashi can’t stop glaring at them even though they can’t see him. He loses it when this guy tries to peek under aizawa’s skirt: he runs across the room and plants himself in front of aizawa and with a fluent movement rises his skirt to reveal the other’s not a girl at all. Silence falls across the cafè and the molesters (according to hizashi) flee, ashamed. Hizashi leaves right after without even looking at aizawa. When later on the day hizashi meets aizawa, he quickly says he’s sorry, "no, don’t be” aizawa replies “that thing you did gave me the chance to run, the costumers were kind of unsettled and the girls sent me away” “still… i feel bad” “why did you do that?” “they thought you were a girl” “yeah… so what.” “…nothing just–” he hesitates but then again, fuck it “-i don’t want anyone else thinking you’re cute, that’s all”. whether aizawa thinks he’s joking or not, he doesn’t know but since the other says nothing about it, he guesses he’s safe for now.

BURY ME IN MAIZAWA (i finally discovered the ship name thank you pixiv)

Hi people!! I need your help, there’s a person on pixiv who’s fakin to be me, two days ago she/he deleted her account when I sent a message,but today she/he opened it again and still submitting my stuff as hers, also deleting my signature and url (As put my pixiv’s icon as her/him…wth ).

Today this person answered the message…AND WAS USELESS SHE/HE (idk) SAID “NO”, reported that person but didnt work, so…PLEASE HELP ME. sadly i dont want to submit my art anymore because this is really affecting me, please report this person! And also share/reblog this post because it’s really unfair, I’m really happy share my art but…now I’m afraid to do it, I apologize…but please help me! I’d love and thank you soooo much! If you ever find this person/user again or other user upload my art on pixiv or deviantart ,please report !!!!!!!.


PLEASE I really am too scared to upload my art, if I put my signature or url… they delete it??!!, if I put watermark write…. they delete it???!! , I am very sad and scared,! WHY??!!! STOP !!! really I love people who like what I do, but I is not right and good to do these things to me! 

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I have to thank him.
Yes, thank him because when I finished the high school my brain was confused about university choices. I was undecided whether to continue studying or find a decent job for me…
When I was 8 I met the mother’s cousin who works in a hospital as a cardiologist and he described the work in the hospital and every detail. I heard a little what he said and I fell in love with the medicine.
When I was in fourth grade I made a request to participate in a week by registered future of medicine, they have accepted. While this frequency I’m still in love medicine: respiratory functions, the brain the most important organ, disease, etc …
I did the entrance exam. I thought I had it made, but no. I failed.
I said: “Okay, I’m in fourth. Next year I will give my best. ”
This year, in September, I did it for the second time the test of Medicine. Yet I failed.
I gave up but I never stopped loving Medicine.
Only a month ago when I had another chance to sustain it again, two weeks after the test I studied hard, day and night, in order to obtain the admission.
In the end I did it. And I entered the university of my dreams.
But why “Thank you” to him?
Yes, because the first time I saw him, Sabaody Archipelago, I didn’t even know that he was a doctor. He gave me the courage to carry on and face the entrance test.
When I saw him again at Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, still he gave me the courage to retake the entrance test without fear. And thanks to him that I am frequenting the University of Medicine.
Thank you, Trafalgar Law!  ♥♥
Without you I wouldn’t have done.

ARTIST:  マツバキ
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